There will never, ever be another Adolf Hitler.

History doesn’t repeat itself. Human behavior patterns repeat themselves, because humans are deeply conditioned animals, but history doesn’t repeat itself. Anyone who says it does is confused about how time works.

Consumers of mainstream culture have been trained to watch out for the next Hitler the way evangelical Christians are trained to watch for the second coming of Jesus. References to Hitler are ubiquitous in movies, television, literature, and of course in political discourse, and understandably so; he is the clearest, purest example of evil in living memory. A genocidal dictator leading humanity into world war with the explicit agenda of totalitarian global domination is indeed as stark an example of an evil human being as you could possibly imagine, and serves as a philosophically unassailable “NOT THIS WAY” sign for our species. The saturation of our culture with that sign is why Godwin’s law (“As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1”) is a thing; any time you want to tell a stranger that their ideas could lead in an undesirable direction, it becomes increasingly tempting to throw up the “NOT THIS WAY” symbol that Adolf Hitler has come to represent.

But history doesn’t repeat itself. No one will ever show up acting like the thing we’ve all been taught all our lives to never, ever act like and saying the things we’ve all been taught to never, ever say and be elevated by the masses the way Hitler was. It will not happen. The next enemy of humanity would have the good sense to present as completely different from the way Adolf Hitler presented in order to seize power, and, since we’ve all been trained to bristle at anything resembling him, would actually do well to present as his diametric opposite.

If you are watching out for the next powerful enemy of humanity who presents the way Adolf Hitler presented, you will be waiting the rest of your life. And you will have missed the fact that we already let the next enemy of humanity in through the front door.

Despite all the warnings that we were given in the lead-up to the 2016 election about the Nazi dystopian future America would quickly find itself in should Queen Hillary fail to be properly coronated, what we have actually seen since Trump’s election is a foreign policy that is in practice almost indistinguishable from that of his globalist predecessors, and a domestic policy which sees George W Bush campaigning for Trump’s virulently pro-establishment Supreme Court nominee. When you strip away the blind, fawning hero worship of his supporters and the shrieking, garment-rending hysteria of his opponents, instead examining the actual behavior of this administration, the sitting president looks an awful lot like a fairly conventional Republican scumbag with about as many differences from Obama as Obama had from Bush.

And, to be clear, that is a bad thing. Both Trump supporters and Trump haters get upset whenever I say that this president is not significantly different from his predecessors in any meaningful way outside of rhetoric and narrative, Trump supporters because they believe he is a populist hero and Democrats because I’m disputing the narrative that he’s Literally Hitler. But I don’t say this because I like upsetting everyone, I say it because it’s extremely important to be absolutely clear about what is happening here if we ever want to turn things around for the fate of our species. Trump’s election did not represent the arrival of a new Hitler-like monster, the monster was already here. The call is coming from inside the house.

Trump, like all US presidents, is entirely beholden to an alliance of plutocrats and secretive government agencies which comprises the “steady state” and ensures the continuation of policies and agendas throughout the coming and going of America’s official elected government. This alliance spans far outside America’s borders to any government, agency, oligarch or faction it can absorb into its blob, and the agendas and policies it protects and advances are not geared toward the interests of any nation or its people. It is an alliance of the powerful geared exclusively toward amassing more power for the powerful.

While so-called antifascists run around punching impotent racists to prevent the rise of fascism, this extremely powerful alliance of plutocrats and secretive government agencies is advancing totalitarian oppression and global domination on a scale Mussolini only dreamed of. While Democrats scream “Orange Hitler” at the top of their lungs at a passing deep state lackey, Hitler’s sitting in the driver’s seat dressed in drag.

The monster who looks like a monster is always far less dangerous than the monster who looks like a nice guy. If this isn’t obvious to you then you simply haven’t lived enough. There is an ecocidal, omnicidal Orwellian power establishment which is driving our species toward extinction via climate chaos or nuclear holocaust, which will lock us down into a pasteurized, homogenized mind control dystopia of servitude even if we manage to survive those threats. While everyone’s flailing their weapons around attacking anything that looks like it might maybe be the next Hitler, these bastards are tightening the noose further and further every day. Wake up.


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74 responses to “The Enemy Of Humanity Will Never, Ever Look Like This Again”

  1. Hitler was not ‘raised up by the people’ and he did not ‘seize power’ he was made chancellor by The President in a patently illegal act at the behest of the rich and powerful who feared a leftist revolution. He later power grabs were made in a similar fashion. And his policies were mostly a continuation of German leaders that came before him.

    1. Best backgrounder I know: Guido Preparata : Conjuring Hitler. Downloadable from internet as free pdf. The first section on origins of WWI superb and could stand alone as major contribution to revisionist history of WWI. Please note that Hitler became Chancellor after the Reichstage Fire, he then passed the Empowering Act which gave him dictatorial powers to savage Jews, Communists, Trade Unionists etc. The USA = United States of Amnesia is unable to see the similarity between Reichstag Fire and 9/11 > Patriot Act > Open season on Muslims and dissenters generally. The introduction of fascist police state in the USA has been slower but more systematic than was the case of Germany late 1930s. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

  2. Another Obama was just as bad as Trump screed… If only the world was as simple as Johnstone makes it out to be..

  3. Another Obama was just as bad as Trump screed… If only the world was as simple as Johnstone makes it out to be…

  4. Reply for inforebelscum

    I cannot escape the messed up “narrow box” problem on Katlins page. I don’t know if you will even see this.
    There is however massive evidence supporting the holocaust & the death of not just 6 million Jews but millions of Poles, Russians, gypsies, old people, crippled people, twins & anyone the Nazis didn’t want, “useless eaters” for example.

    Now will this too end up in a narrow, unreadable box??

    1. Hi Sheila, “There is however massive evidence supporting the holocaust & the death of not just 6 million Jews but millions of Poles, Russians, gypsies, old people, crippled people, twins & anyone the Nazis didn’t want, ‘useless eaters’ for example.’

      Actually there is no such evidence. Now it is true that the nazis put “undesirables” into work camps and that they probably killed the “useless eaters” but there is no evidence of industrial killing in “Death Camps”.

      Not being confrontational here but I put this challenge out to you and any other readers: name me the book which you have personally read that lays out in clear terms the “facts” and “evidence” that prove that six million – 6, not 5 or 5.5 or 6.5, but 6 million – Jews were gassed to death. I have tried to find such a book but I have yet to do so. So anyone out there that can answer my challenge I would love to have a copy of that book. My mind is wide open for whatever evidence, if any either way, is there.

      1. Check Hoess’ book for a start, since he admits to killing millions. I hope this helps.

  5. This comment is for Sheila on 7 Oct.

    Sheila, I am not sure about fossil fuels being a one time gift from nature. The truth is we still do not know exactly the real nature of “fossil fuels”. The claimants of “peak oil” keep having to move their goal post every time new oil fields are found. In fact new oil is being found in old oil fields that were abandoned years ago because they were thought to be dried out. I think it is safe to say that these fuels are not actually coming from fossils.
    And I have been hearing this the-sky-is-falling climate con for over fifty years. First it was global cooling was going to kill us all in ten years then they changed it 180 degrees to global warming is going to kill us all in ten years. “Climate change” is just another of a long line of weather fearmongering scams designed for a power grab by TPTB.
    Same for “over population”. It is also all about control.
    Controlling resources has been the game ever since man began to organize. I think that there is already a replacement for fossil fuels. Tesla wanted to give humanity the gift of free energy. If he figured it – out or at least got very close to it – back then then I would bet the knowledge is there somewhere. But think of the implications of that. Overnight whole sectors and balances of power would collapse. Change must be done smartly.
    Not being confrontational but are you a prepper? I agree a collapse will happen and it will be painful. But that pain can be greatly reduced if we are able to manage the collapse to limit the damage. And, most importantly, what will be built on the ashes? And by who?

    1. inforebelscum , I think you need to do some research.

      I have been researching this for years, we are overpopulated given our numbers & the resources available to us. 7.6 BILLION humans is not sustainable by anyones estimate & without fossil resources, most of us will not exist.
      Climate change is happening & yes, climate change is nothing new, the difference now is that we are causing it to heat up much faster than at any other time in the past 50 million years. It’s already causing great damage to our agriculture & climate, the storms are more intense & last longer, the arctic ice is melting & in a few years, the ice cap could be gone & that will have profound effect upon our climate.

      Oil is a FOSSIL resource, we KNOW how it was produced, the fossil in the strata with the oil tell us what was cooked by the earth & pressed by the weight of that strata into oil & natural gas & millions of years of TIME.

      In a few hundred years we have burned through millions of years of accumulated ancient sunlight, it will soon become too expensive & difficult to extract, THAT is “peak oil” not running out but becoming too expensive.

      “Peak oil” is not a lie by the PTW, it has been proven by scientific EVIDENCE. The “goal posts” are moved as new technologies made it possible & affordable for us to access oil that was once unextractable & when the price was high enough to pay for the cost of that extraction.

      When the price of OIL went over $100. a barrel, it became profitable for oil extractors to extract shale oil, tar sands & other tight “oils” but when the price went below $50. a barrel, those same extractors lost money & they have been losing money ever since.
      I suppose you believe those lies that claim that Venenzualia collapsed because of “socialism”, no that was not why they collapsed, it was because they depended upon OIL for 97% of their income, when the price of oil dropped below $30. a barrel, they could no longer afford to support their economy, buy food & pay for social programs, the same would happen here if we were that dependent upon oil for most of our income.

      Like it or not, there are LIMITS to resources & it is “safe to say” that OIL is produce from ancient FOSSIL life, this we KNOW!

      We know this as surely as we know that the earth orbits the sun & NOT vice versa as so many uneducated people still believe even in the USA where IGNORANCE & SUPERSTITION reigns supreme!

      Speaking about CONTROL, the most effective control tool is RELIGION!

      They actually have people BELIEVING that there is an invisible guy in the sky & he watches everything we do day & night & if we don’t do what some self proclaimed “god” man says, & there are millions of these lying guys & millions of “gods”, this invisible guy in the sky will burn our “essence” in a lake of FIRE for ever & ever & ever, but he loves you!
      What a load of crap! Only a ignorant, gullible dupe of a fool could believe such total nonsense!
      No I am not a “prepper” at 78 yo, I’m too old to prep, with any luck, I will be dead before TSHTF but the economy could collapse before 2020 & I do not expect the population to even reach 8 billion, we will collapse before then.

      1. Sheila, “inforebelscum , I think you need to do some research.”

        Why do you assume I have not? I have, on both sides of the issue, and it has led me to my conclusions. It is like Christians who think anyone who disagrees with them has not read the bible.

        Self proclaimed experts have been saying all of those same points for decades about how the world’s population is unsustainable and we are all going to burn up or freeze all within “the next ten years”. And yet we are all still here. Yes, there are some populations that are at risk of being unsustainable but that is due mostly to some peoples’ inability to produce and provide for themselves rather than a case of the Sky is Falling. Africa for example.

        The origin of “fossil fuels” is not certain. There are various theories about it but no real certainty.

        But I do agree that most resources are limited by Nature. But humanity has not and could not have advanced without Man using those resources. And I am glad they did. Would anyone prefer we all still live in caves? Good resource management is essential but advancement through technology must be pursued so that, hopefully, we can find a breakthrough in new/renewable energy discoveries. (I think it is already there.)

        As for religion, I do not care one iota what others believe whether it is religious or Political Correctness or any other nonsense. I only care whether or not they a have the power to force their insanity onto me. Power is the enemy, not weird ideas IMHO.

        Being 78 (bless you) prepping might not be a great option for you, certainly. I asked because I am a prepper to a certain extent simply because being prepared is wise. When the economy collapses – and it surely will – and the wars start (and the US will not be left unscathed in said wars) those who are foolishly not prepared will be doomed to suffer.

        But I appreciate the conversation and I apologize if I sometimes come across as rude or snotty. Such is not my intent. I am a much better conversationalist in person than I am a poster.

        1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
          Sheila Chambers

          I think the problem we are having is which “experts” do we believe?

          Those who are in the business of extracting oil who also have an interest of keeping what they have left a secret or those who compile the data about world extraction rates of oil & the estimated reserves?
          Are they getting truthful data?
          I don’t think we know.

          From what I have read, most of the worlds oil plays are in decline, fracked wells are finished in 3-5 years, our conventional oil “production” was shown to have peaked in 1970 & except for a temporary upwards blip from Prudo bay, it’s been down hill ever since.

          Sure we have seen a huge increase in “production” from fracked wells but I see oil fields as simular to a barrel full of oil, the more spigots you punch into that barrel, the faster it will be emptied, the faster we extract resources from any source, the sooner & faster that source will become exhausted.

          A scientific theory is not just a guess, it’s supported by HARD EVIDENCE like fossils, biology, anatomy, medicine, chemistry, geology, molecular biology etc etc etc, that’s also why scientific theories are not fixed like religious beliefs are, they, change with time as more EVIDENCE is discovered. That’s also why our reserves keep changing with advances in technology, as the price goes up, more “reserves” are added, as the price goes down, some “reserves” are removed.

          Our mistake was not in using fossil resources but allowing our population to grow to such an extent that we are now totally DEPENDENT upon that resource, most of us will DIE when we no longer have enough fossil resources to support our agricultural system & the electric grid.
          Africa may be rich in some resources but it’s also riddled with many, debilitating & even lethal diseases, that & European colonial occupation & exploitation has also kept Africa “dark” & backwards. Africa has long been called “the white mans grave” because of this.

          You cannot “help yourself” if you don’t have the RESOURCES to do so, a person without land cannot feed themselves no matter how motivated by hunger they might be.

          Some of us may be enjoying a high energy, high consumption life style now but when the fossil resources are no longer affordable, it will be “back to the caves” in a way as this way of life would not exist without those fossil resources & that is a fact!

          Like you, I would miss having a fossil resource fueled way of life but this way of life is temporary & it will go away as we know of nothing that can replace the energy density & raw materials we now get from fossil resources.

          Use your imagination to figure out just what might happen if OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS were no longer available.
          How would you & your neighbors cope without fuel, clean water, electricity, no more delivery of food, clothing, hardware, shoes, etc etc & with all the grocery shops empty?

          I did not think you came across as “rude & snotty” we merely disagree on some points, time will tell won’t it.

          Good luck with your prepping!
          But will it be worth it IF this planet is dead because of radiation or excessive heat?

          1. Sheila, good morning. You are spot on about which expert we all choose to believe. I operate off of the idea that generally one is not knowledgeable about a topic unless he/she has read at least two books from each side of the issue.

            I argue that peak oil is disproved by the price of oil itself. Economics 101 teaches that the scarcity of an item/resource increases its value.
            Fully agree that the modern world is run on oil fuels. And before that it was coal. And before that wood, wind, manpower. Man has advanced thus far. I am hopeful that Man will continue to advance rather than go backwards.

            Population growth is not coming from White Western Civ. It is coming from non-White countries. Many of these same Non-White countries cannot provide for their own people now.

            Africa is a basket case today for the same reason it was a basket case before Western imperialism. Although colonialism was brutal and devastating it lasted only 80 years. And since then the Western world (and others) has dumped hundreds of billions of dollars into Africa. But no dollar amount can change a leopard’s spots.

            “But will it be worth it IF this planet is dead because of radiation or excessive heat?”

            War can be prevented. But Nature is gonna do what Nature wants to do. If the world dies and we all become extinct then so what? Who is going to know?

            1. Todays low price is not necessarilly an indicator of abundant oil, it could be an indicator of people not being able to afford the higher prices, they call this “peak DEMAND”.

              But if oil extractors cannot get enough money from extraction, will will extract less or go out of business & I expect more frackers to fold as they have been losing money for years, barowing money to pay dividends & CAPEX to keep going but for how much longer can they barowe or find investors?

              It’s not just “man” who works, so do FEMALES, there is more than one gender at work here & females are too often IGNORED when they contribute to scientific advancements.

              Take for example the troubles Marie Curie had, she was DENIED a place at Kraków University because she was FEMALE, she was DENIED the right to speak about radioactivity at the Royal institute in London because she was FEMALE, only her HUSBAND was allowed to speak, at every turn, FEMALES are denied an education, to speak, to write, or to get recognition for their work, this discrimination has NOT ended!

              I’m afraid homo will be forced to go “backwards” without electricity & access to energy dense fossil resources, this civilization & most of our advancements will be lost.

              Of what use will be a computer, X-ray machine, radio, MRI, TV or the grid be without electricity?
              Of what use will it be to learn how to repair an ICE if there is no fuel for it?

              Virtually EVERYTHING we have, use, wear, eat or drink would not exist now without fossil resources.
              Africa is indeed a basket case, way too many people and has climate heating worsens, they will MIGRATE in even greater numbers then they do now, they have no other option but we cannot take them in, same goes for the hundreds of millions of Asians who will be forced to migrate because of a changing, hostile climate.

              Those in the “rich” nations will not escape collapse, we are too dependent upon a temporary resource, as that declines, so will we decline. It will get ugly!

              Europe will have to force those NGO ships to return their cargo of migrants to where they disenbarked from or get sunk.

              Later those trying to force their way into other countries might simply get shot at the border & left to rot where they fell as a disinsentive for others , they cannot be “assimilated”, there are just too many of them.

              “Nature” will indeed do what nature must do & we are forcing nature to heat up the planet much faster than any time in the past.

              Without enough OIL to support our agricultural system, our agricultural system will fail.
              Heat, drought, ice storms, freezing & flooding kills crops & we will not be able to grow enough food to feed the masses of humanity, billions will die of starvation, disease & in resource wars.

              Sadly, this way of life & our advancements will mostly be lost, no more advanced medical system, no more planes, cars, trains or rocket ships to the moon, no more central heating or cooling, no more computers, the grid, freeways, mass manufacturing, no more printing press & color printing, most of what we take for granted now will be lost.

              If we survive environmental destruction, climate heating, the melt down of 427 nuclear reactors & the loss of fossil resources, it will indeed be “back to the caves” & a hard, difficult, short & dangerous way of life will return.

  6. I think it behooves us on the left to remember Marx’s dictum that in the modern world, nation-states function chiefly as agents of international capital. After the war, in 1953, Churchill told Conservative MP Lord Boothby, “Germany’s most unforgivable crime before the Second World War was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.”

    Germany’s nationalist socialism was the polar opposite of the global capitalism that is plundering our world without restraint today. But Hitler’s catastrophic mistake was his horrific embrace of the American pseudo-science of eugenics, and for this he is the exemplar in our time of Shakespeare’s observation, “the good that men do is oft interred with their bones.”

    The Founders warned us again and again against taking sides in Europe’s endless power struggles. The failure of our leaders to follow their advice –not once, but twice- has resulted in just what they feared most, the takeover of their republic by a massively bloated military establishment.

    1. Historicus, you are on to it. Germany’s WWI “crime” was creating an economy that threatened England’s economy. Not through violence but through better productivity and technology.

      Germany’s WWII “crime” was exactly as the Warpig Churchill stated. The nazi economic model was to be based on productivity rather than the standard model of debt. That is why Germany was again forced into war by the banksters.

      This is part of the reason why the Globalists banksters insist on a war with Iran – because Iran does not have a Rothschild controlled central bank and Iran wants to sell its resources in an open bourse rather than in soon-to-be worthless petrodollars. It ain’t about nukes…

  7. Let me suggest that the name Caitlin in America started when my wife and I named our daughter Caitlin in 1972. We had read Caitlin Thomas’ Leftover Life To Kill, and my wife thought it such a pretty name. In 1972 there were no Caitlins in America, and I doubt that many Americans read Leftover Life. But starting in the mid to late ’80’s lots of baby girls were being name Caitlin, and I think the name spread because our daughter went to several schools, in Calif. and NJ and every year her name and pretty face would appear in yearbooks. These yearbooks would be passed around, prospective mothers saw the name and face, and it spread. Probably, Caitlin Johnstone’s mother was one of them.

  8. The enemy of humanity are people that vote Dem or Rep and honor our military for bringing freedom and democracy to people by killing them.

    1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
      Sheila Chambers

      Thank you for being brief & to the point. You are so right!
      “Both” of those corporate parties are destroying us, our ecosystem & this so called “democracy”.
      We don’t bring “freedom & democracy” to anyone, we bring DEATH & DESTRUCTION to innocent people all over the world if they are too weak to prevent us from stealing their resources.

      I have given up on our dam fake “votes”, these corporate parties will not allow any other parties to be heard or allowed to “win” in our fake “elections”.
      It’s a waste of time & effort to try to “vote” for a third party as they will not be allowed to “win” in any post with influence.
      Protests just get you beaten, kicked, shot, gassed & arrested, protest is futile.

      I hope the dollar loses it’s statis as the worlds currency & loses its value, I hope this plutocratic, fascist, unelected, government fails & collapses like the USSR has.

      Then perhaps, we can start over again & get it right this time but capitalisms era is ending, growth is not sustainable & will fail, we must not allow capatilism to rise again.

      1. Sheila, the current system is not Capitalism, it is Corporatism; they are two different systems.

        I agree Corporatism has to go but what do you propose should replace it?

          1. Max, Kindness is a wonderful virtue but it is not an economic system. Not saying that kindness should not be a part of everything including economics just saying that it is not itself a system. Wonderful sentiment though.

        1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
          Sheila Chambers

          Currently, with our massive overpopulation with so few people in charge, it will be virtually impossible to change this system as those in power will use the energy in fossil resources & technology to force obedience.

          There are too many “male animals” who will use violence to force others to obey the leader, that cannot happen in small tribal groups.
          I think we will have to collapse before another system can be put in place.
          Small groups/tribes seem to have a more just system of leadership.

          For example the Iroquois ‘great law of peace of the longhouse people.’ It was published in 1975 by AKWESASNE NOTES.

          Those who try to bully or force obedience, can be removed by the people & another chosen to replace him or her.

          In some tribal peoples, violent criminals were not taken care of for life as we do today, they were killed to protect the other members of the group.

          When the “masses” have the same weapons as their rulers, the rulers tend to be less oppressive lest they be overpowered & killed.

          The larger the population, the greater the oppression used to keep them under control & fossil resources has made it possible for a few rulers to control millions of people.
          This will end with the end of the fossil RESOURCE age.

          1. Sheila, very strongly agree with you.

            “I think we will have to collapse before another system can be put in place.
            Small groups/tribes seem to have a more just system of leadership.”

            “The larger the population, the greater the oppression used to keep them under control…”

            Nailed it! This is why I say the only real solution is to peaceably dismantle the US. Being tribal is more in tune with Nature and Man’s Nature than is the false and ridicules notion of being a “global” person.

            “When the masses’ have the same weapons as their rulers, the rulers tend to be less oppressive lest they be overpowered & killed.”

            Exactly! Hence the absolute necessity for individual gun ownership.

            I must ask though, what if anything, do you think will replace fossil fuels?

            1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
              Sheila Chambers

              Good grief, what is this narrow little box? Ah ha, it can be widened! ( Notice the lower right hand corner with the little dots inside, put your cursor over that & drag the box off down & to the left.)
              Fossil RESOURCES were a one time gift of nature, earth & TIME, lots & lots of TIME, heat & pressure.
              We cannot replicate this with plant oils, it would take far more land & energy than we have, there is nothing known that can replace fossil resources & we need to stop calling them fossil “fuels” they are far more than that, they are ESSENTIAL RESOURCES for this civilization.
              There is no way that fossil resource dependent “renewables” can even begin to replace the work that energy dense, fossil resources made possible.
              IMHO, this civilization is doomed to fail & collapse, I expect the economy will be the first to collapse & as climate change, global heating continue to worsen & more crops fail, population collapse will soon follow reducing our numbers to what can be sustained, about 500 million to 1 billion max poorly fed humans.
              Our RULERS were incredabley short sighted, stupid & GREEDY to feed us religion, false promises & lies to feed growth that enriched them while exploiting us.
              “They” have made our “bed” & we will all have to lie in it, “they” will not escape as they believe, even “they” cannot eat MONEY or survive on a dead planet!
              Now when I post this, I hope this post will stay W I D E & not revert to that narrow little box!

              1. Something is wrong with this page, the window is too dam NARROW! It will not stay wide enough to read.
                Please fix this!
                I cannot fill out the name & address either!

              2. Brilliant article by Caitlin which triggered intelligent commentary. Two authors who IMHO write insightful things about nature of coming collapse of western civilisation are Dmitry Orlov and James Howard Kunstler. Definitely worth a google IMHO.
                Preparata in ‘Conjuring Hitler’ shows the history of the scheme to maintain the rule of the British Empire against the rise of Germany in the late 19C. Led to WW I and subsequently to WWII. Since then there has been a lower intensity WWIII, still mainly about control of oil and preventing the economic union of Europe and Russia. Engelhart on oil : A Hundred Years of War is very good and can be downloaded free as pdf from internet. The rise of China and the New Silk Road part of the scenario and note the intensification of war threats by the USA / Brits to counter this development.
                Another excellent commentator is James Corbett of Corbett Report on the web. His two longish videos ‘How Big Oil Conquered the World’ and ‘Why Big Oil Conquered the World’ are superb and help make sense of what is going down.

              3. Sheila, sending a reply on a new thread.

                1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
                  Sheila Chambers

                  “Sheila, sending a reply on a new thread.”
                  OK, I have problems escaping the “narrow box”syndrome here. I made it wide when I was posting but it reverted to one letter at a time in a long long narrow vertical row. WTF!
                  But where is the “new thread”?

                2. “Sheila, sending a reply on a new thread.”
                  OK, I have problems escaping the “narrow box”syndrome here. I made it wide when I was posting but it reverted to one letter at a time in a long long narrow vertical row. WTF!
                  But where is the “new thread”?
                  Now, “captcha” is claiming I’ve already posted this if so WHERE IS IT?

  9. Caitlin’s spot on as usual especially about Trumps’ true role and where the danger really lies. My one quibble is about history not repeating itself. I’m sure it does in a general sense. The fact that civilizations and empires keep rising and falling is the clearest example. It’s happening right now. But then again I may be ‘ confused about how time works ‘. It might be a good idea for Caitlin to expand on that.

  10. **he is the clearest, purest example of evil in living memory. A genocidal dictator leading humanity into world war with the explicit agenda of totalitarian global domination is indeed as stark an example of an evil human being as you could possibly imagine, and serves as a philosophically unassailable “NOT THIS WAY” sign for our species**

    Very disappointing that you have to repeat this tired, old propaganda canard.

    Hitler was a politician – the only thing that makes him more “evil” than Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman, Stalin, Mao is the fact that Germany lost the war.

    To criticize him for ” the explicit agenda of totalitarian global domination” when the UK and the USA were and still are engaged in destroying and looting the globe is the absolute height of hypocrisy.

    1. I agree with ML. Unfortunately, Caitlin Johnstone hasn’t bothered to educate herself about Hitler and WW2, just repeats the same lies fed to us 24/7 by the enemy of the people, the media.

    2. Umm, no. Hitler was rather more evil, crazy and bloodthirsty. If you compare whatever revisionist history and the usual story about WWII and look at some evidence – you will see that the usual story is basically right, and the revisionist stuff is tendentious distortion. The truth is not always with the conspiracy theory.

      1. Calgacus, do you believe the official story on JFK’s murder? Do you believe the official story on 9/11? Do you believe the official story on the TARP bailout? Do you believe the pentagon? Do you believe politicians? Do you believe the media? Do you believe those who are in power now?

  11. “Obama committed his Administration to use Al Qaeda in Syria, al-Nusra, to train and lead the ‘moderate rebels” “His goal was to replace Assad with a dictator who would be controlled by the Saud family (who own Saudi Arabia), which family the CIA has…….”

  12. While the reality of the Davos group, and the offspring of von Hayek, and the Trilateral Commission (version of the post WWII Mont Pelerin “society” in the Excited States), and the parasitism of neo-liberal agendas on most civic and political entities, continues apace throughout most of the world to engender what Caitlin has rightly said, there is a small coterie of persons and peoples within nations that have grown up at least some. It is these people, of whatever faith tradition or no such leanings, that have learned that the opposite of love is not hate (these are on a level much alike), but indifference. This latter is endemic is our so-called first world nations, at least until the world of comfort starts coming to an identifiable end. No predictions here, and it will not be just some financial “crisis” again. It will come to the fore just as it has already happened in many African and Latin American regions – drought and other climate disruptions, thus war, thus migration, thus “walls”!!

  13. In one sentence, you (purposely) managed to equate “watch[ing] out for the next Hitler” as along the same vein as being “trained to watch for the second coming of Jesus [Christ].” Absolutely Despicable. As many have written, you just can’t keep your damned Atheism out of the picture – and, it ruins your supposedly objective/enlightened progressive credibility. You don’t constantly attack (besmirch, deride, and stomp into the dirt every possible chance/opening you get or create) Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist and Native American belief systems, etc. No. You constantly attack (besmirch, deride, and stomp into the dirt every possible chance/opening you get or create) Jesus Christ and God. That reveals you as one of the worst types of hypocrites — for your actions are openly, but partially targeted, with a wholly vindictive and relentlessly remorseless focus. “Hitler” “watch[ers]” are the same as “Jesus [Christ}” followers? If you could, I would like for you to see me (as well as at least a million other Christian readers) vomit in reaction. However gifted your writing, every time you consciously cross the most vile lines in this manner, without realizing it, you corner yourself into the very same groups that are “The Enem[ies] Of Humanity.”

    1. I am not an atheist, in fact I’m a Christian, and I have absolutely no problem with Caitlin’s analogy because I have no illusions about the overwhelming majority of people who call themselves Christians (I stopped attending church in 2003 when the drums of war were beating mightily). The people sitting about waiting for Christ’s second coming do not tend to be people who follow any of Christ’s teachings (which I will admit are extremely difficult and challenging to follow). In fact, they are sitting waiting for Christ’s second coming with hammers and nails at the ready. I will quote Desmond Tutu in reminding everyone that Christians brought us slavery, the holocaust, and apartheid, and I have some wonderful photographs of Catholic hierarchy giving the Nazi salute.

      1. Susan, I agree with most of your post but Desmond Tutu is full of it.
        Christianity did not bring slavery. Utter nonsense. Slavery had been a part of the human condition for centuries, since the beginning of recorded history.

        As for the holocaust, I have yet to see any proof of any industrial scale murdering.
        And “apartheid” is nothing new to humanity either. For centuries conquering armies would establish minority over majority rule. Christianity did not introduce it to the world.

        FTR I am an atheist. I think Christianity is hooey but I do not think it should be lied about either. Especially by someone who should know better (Tutu that is, not you). Truth always matters.

      2. Well said, Susan! I would only add to your list of Christian triumphs the Inquisition , which I’ll willing to bet not many Christians, let alone Catholics, have even heard of:
        (Notice the source that I intentionally picked. I’ll let you guess why.)
        Notice that the evidence that the inquisitors accepted as fact, which sent people to their horrible deaths by various imaginative means, ranged from very thin to non-existent. Oftentimes the mere word/accusation of another person would send human beings to their deaths. (Did you also just hear an old bell tooling for thee?)
        Near the end of the movie “Angels And Demons”, the assassin that has been hired by a Man of God says the following. “Be careful. These are men of God.”
        I think it’s a good warning for all of us who look to men of God, or, for that matter, God himself for guidance in human affairs.

        1. And you can add in the murder of nine million women in Europe as “witches.” Yes, Bishop Tutu should have included the inquisition, but I think he was trying to be succinct. For the idiot above your comment, Tutu was referring to the slavery perpetrated in the southern United States by CHRISTIANS and I think you need your nose rubbed in the mass murder of nine million people.

          1. Susan, if you have a problem with “the idiot above” please have the courtesy and the courage to address him (that is to say me) directly.

            Did Tutu also give credit to Christianity for ending slavery not just in the South but around the world? Did he also mention that it was White Christians who ended the damnable centuries long abomination?

            (Which is ironic given how slavery is clearly stated to have god’s approval in the bible.)

            Nonetheless to Tutu as a White man I say to and your brethren, “You are welcome”.

          2. Susan, also, why should I have “…my nose rubbed in the mass murder of nine million people”?

            I had nothing to do with those nine million deaths. So please layout your logic. Thank you.

    2. Comparing two things as examples has nothing to do with slandering one or the other. It’s just a comparison of how people are looking for the coming of something in the same way. There was no slander of Christianity in in her description of people looking for a coming.

  14. Jungian psychologist Edward Edinger said that “the Zeitgeist is the containing medium of the opposites” which rings loudly in me as I read Caitlin’s article. She writes as a person that has poked her head just outside the zeitgeist and looks back to see the illusion of the opposites spinning in a balance of love and hate. That balance is just sufficient to keep the opposites from flying apart or collapsing inward. In terms of psychological function US citizens are nearly all participating in keeping the balance going by projecting their love into one pole and hate into the other and therefore are unconsciously split and operate at a much lower mental level.

  15. Simply brilliant article. We are all being played like cheap guitars. And the tune is a corporate Janus-like fascism that has its leftish and rightish face while its true visage is hidden in the shadows.Thank you Caitlin. At least a few people are pulling the curtain away from “Oz, the mighty and terrible” .

    1. The one positive thing about Trump is that the curtain IS being pulled away and the U.S. is being exposed as the phony imperialist monster it is. Obama was the more effective evil, as Glen Ford of Black agenda Report pointed out.
      On a side note, I visited Nicaragua in 1980 on the first anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution and in their national anthem the U.S. (Yanqui) is referred to as the enemy of humanity!

  16. “There is an ecocidal, omnicidal Orwellian power establishment which is driving our species toward extinction via climate chaos or nuclear holocaust, which will lock us down into a pasteurized, homogenized mind control dystopia of servitude even if we manage to survive those threats.”
    The above is 100% correct. The question that must be answered PDQ is just exactly HOW that “power establishment” came to be. Hold onto your hats because I’m going to tell you.
    The human race is only as old as its oldest living member and the vast majority of the oldest that still have their marbles are probably in, what, their 80s. (Unfortunately, Killinger still has enough marbles left to continue to add a few million more corpses onto his lifetime of killing.) Therefore, absolutely everything about the human race is only 80 or so years old. EVERYTHING. Period.
    Those of use who still have our sanity have to figure out just exactly what is wrong with “the system” that we were born into ASAP, because if we don’t, the human species is going to commit collective suicide within your, but maybe not my elderly, lifetime. I am fortunate. You are not.
    I said “the system that we were born into” for a reason.
    Let’s assume for the moment that human beings are essentially unchanged since our Ice Age’s towering ice sheets receded 10,000 years ago. In other words, a new-born of 10,000 years ago is more or less genetically the same as a new-born of 2018, about 500 generations later.
    Now let’s compare the day-to-day living conditions (as B. F. Skinner would put it, the “environment”) and the day to day behavior of the human beings living 10,000 years ago and the day to day environment and behavior of human beings living on, say, 2018 Manhattan.
    Being genetically nearly identical, those two groups of human beings would need to acquire the exact same necessities of life — food, water, shelter, etc. However, just exactly HOW those two groups of human beings would “go about” acquiring those exact same necessities of life would be vastly, perhaps unimaginably, different.
    I think that it is safe to say that the ancient humans would have been born into a more natural, less-sheltered, almost completely non-man-made environment. Most likely it would be what is now called a subsistence living, although that term does not do justice to what the humans of that day had to endure in order to simply survive. But survive they did because here we are.
    To put it briefly, the human beings of today are born into an environment that is, to almost the greatest degree possible, A MAN-MADE ENVIRONMENT (but still within the confines of earth’s natural environment) that is the evolutionary result (the product) of the intended, unintended or outright accidental machinations of approximately 500 generations of human ancestors.
    If we could swap infants born 10,000 years ago and today into the arms of ancient and a present-day loving mothers, those infants would grow up perfectly well in their ancient and present environments. If we were to do that same swap of say 40-year-olds (not into loving mothers’ arms, of course), both individuals would probably end up dead in pretty short order. If this experiment could be done and the outcome were as I’ve described above, it would prove that it is the environment that human beings “are born into”, NOT the genetic makeup of human beings, that “causes” human beings to behave they way they did then and today. Put differently, for the past 10,000 years human beings have had an “inborn” ability to speak, but it is the environment, more than anything else, into which a human being is born that most determines what will be said. The importance of this fact can not be overstated.
    Wars have occurred over thousands of years and are still occurring today. We have to determine just exactly WHY these wars are still happening because history also teaches us that enemies will use the most deadly weapons available to defeat their enemies, so this will inevitably lead to nuclear armageddon unless we correct in the environment what it is that causes human being to make war on each other. What humans have created that is broken, human beings can fix.
    The population of the world 10,000 years ago has been estimated to be, very roughly, 5 million individuals. That’s million, with an “m”. The population of the world today is approximately 7,400,000,000 (7.4 billion) and the rate of population growth is rapidly increasing. We have to determine just exactly WHY the population is increasing because planet earth cannot support even the present population, let alone a larger one. What humans have created that is broken, human beings can fix.
    The above two intimately-related related BEHAVIOR patterns have happened, and are continuing to happen, because there is one overall fundamental, ultimately fatal, flaw in the man-made environments into which people have been born (again, not by the human “blank slates” that were born into them) for, at the very least, the past 3,000 years.
    First, you tell me what you think that fatal flaw is and “where” it came from.

    1. One word – RELIGION!
      Religion has people believing in things that are not true like an invisible guy in the sky, evil spirits, demons, witches, satan, devils, gods, a god, goddess, a flat earth with angels on each corner etc.
      Religion is a BUSINESS & it will tell it’s dupes anything to keep control of them. They use both fear of endless punishment & empty promisses, they take advantage of the ignorance & fear of their followers & they will kill you to defend their silly beliefs.
      Religion forces women to have far more children than she would want & she will have to raise them in the faith so that more money will flow into the religion given them even more power over their believers.
      Joining religion with the government has had disastrous affects on the people resulting in overpopulation, terrible poverty, inequality & a repressive government.

      Religion puts chains on our minds, chains on our lives, chains on our future, religion works hard to repress science at every turn, religion is the enemy of a civilized society, religion is the enemy of fairness & justice, religion must be abandoned for our health, religion must be abandoned so science can advance & make life better for all not just for those in power, religion must be abandoned to preserve our sanity, religion must be abandoned to protect our planet from irrational, excessive development & breeding.
      Religion must be abandoned to save our sanity & to build a future for our children.

    2. I’d like to expand a bit on Caitlin’s great “End of Kings” video.
      Although animal life was/is enveloped by Mother Earth’s atmosphere and lives under the rays of the Sun, it is not literally attached to the surface of the planet the way that plants are. The importance of this reality, this fact of life on Mother Earth, can not be overstated. It is important because in order for a MOBILE living thing to have separated itself from Mother Earth and remain alive, it had to develop a “means” of acquiring from Mother Earth the necessities of life -food, water, etc. That “means” is what we now refer to as consciousness, a mind. These animal organisms would never have survived on terra firma if that had simply killed each other off.
      To put it as briefly and simply as possible, at some point after 10,000 years ago human beings began to compel other human beings to acquire for them their sustenance. The former began to insert themselves “in between” these other human beings and Mother Earth. When some human beings “worked” and by that work acquired the necessities of life from Mother Earth, other human beings took away (stole) some of that sustenance for themselves. In other words, some human beings were parasites on other human beings. But the more the parasites stole, the less their victims would have to live on, so, in order to not kill their hosts/slaves/serfs, the parasites/thieves had to carefully adjust how much they stole. The parasites, in order increase their number, had to somehow force their victims to increase their number, too.
      Over thousands of years there has always been living among the populace a very small number of very powerful, vastly-wealthy people who have, in one way or another, inherited (for example, by birthright), and therefore “owned”, a large percentage of all the stuff, including the land, and, naturally, those few people wanted to have a “return” on their inheritances (investments). Naturally, they did not invest the stuff that they had inherited in anything that they did not believe would end up INCREASING the value (the size) of their inheritances/investments. Stated differently, they did not allow anyone to benefit from (to use) their stuff/inheritance/investment unless that anyone gave back to them (the owners of the inheritances) something of greater size (value). The difference in size (value) between what was used and what was returned eventually came to be called profit or interest.
      The vast majority of the people, the victims, of past and present generations were (are) born with very little or no inheritance/investments. That is, very little has been bequeathed to them by their similarly-poor ancestors.
      A STEADILY DECREASING percentage of a WILDLY-INCREASING total population is producing all of the necessities of life for a wildly-increasing population; and this steadily decreasing number of producers is being directed by a steadily decreasing number of “managers” – all for the benefit of a truly microscopic percentage of the population (an “Elite”) who own the vast majority of wealth, land, resources and large-scale capital equipment for their own astronomical profit.
      All we have to do is study history to observe the result of a system (a MAN-MADE environment) in which, over the centuries, very few people have owned and controlled the vast amount of stuff, including capital equipment, labor-saving equipment, natural resources, etc. Over the ages, generations of human beings’ “response” to being born into such a system (again, a MAN-MADE environment) has been to create over 7 billion people (many of whom have been, and still are, essentially slaves); more and more stuff; more and more war; and to suffer all of the increasingly-horrible consequences of that behavior. In short, even though these behavioral responses may not, and probably were not, the “results” that were consciously intended or expected by the Elite beneficiaries of inheritances over the ages, they were, under such a system, literally the only ones possible.
      Absolutely ALL of the economic/financial/monetary/political acrobatics and bank-bailouts and juggling and churning and outright lying that are being performed by the Elite’s governments and central banks of the world at the present time are the one and the ONLY way to prolong a fatally-flawed economic system that has in the past proven beyond any shadow of doubt that it required, and still requires, both a wildly-expanding population and gigantic, vastly destructive, real wars — both of which, by “whatever it takes”, providing the inheritances from perhaps-long-dead generations to their present beneficiaries, the “profit” that their beneficiaries demanded through the generations, and CONTINUE to demand now.
      Unfortunately, to ensure humanity’s long-term survival, the failure of the fatally flawed, MAN-MADE system — the one that we just happened to be born into — is precisely what MUST happen and the sooner the better, because the drums of irresistibly-profitable, capitalist-system-prolonging, human-race-eradicating wars are being beaten harder and harder as I type. When the Elite’s fear of impending loss inevitably becomes too great, they will once again order the world into full-scale, all-out war — the ultimate expression of the Elite parasites’ profit motive.
      Somehow we must not only prevent the Elite from starting another world war; we must “dream up” a new MAN-MADE environment that will cause ourselves and the people living in it for 500 generations to come, to produce a steadily decreasing number of people and absolutely no more wars.

  17. You could sum that up with Marx’s observation that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

  18. Overall Point nicely made – we allow ourselves to be ruled by sociopaths and psychopaths – either slickly packaged or unquestionably gross. That we can decide to rebuff the artificial chains is also true. Will that lead to a new human utopia of universal cooperation, peace, love and harmony? Probably not. Why? Because we are still out sized chimps at heart with thousands of years of programming to want more at the expense of others. That does not change overnight.

  19. bravo pour ce rappel. mais quand donc les humains vont se reveiller?

    1. Il y en a pas mal qui se sont réveillés ou sont en train de se réveiller.
      Ceux qui disent sans cesse “il faut voter, il faut voter” ne sont pas réveillés, car ils n’ont pas remarqué à quel point les élections américaines sont frauduleuses.

      1. Sheila Chambers Avatar
        Sheila Chambers

        I’m sorry I can’t read or speak French, thank goodness for Google translate.

        You are very correct, we are endlessly told how much our “vote” counts” how much it’s “needed”, all LIES!
        They just want to see how many dupes still believe their vote matters.

        For years now I have been putting in a worthless protest “vote” for third parties. The 2016 “election” rubbed our “noses” in the reality of just how RIGGED, FAKE & FRAUDULANT the so called “elections” are.
        Now I won’t even bother with a protest vote, I won’t bother “voting” except in local, issue elections, I cannot not say nothing but I also cannot “vote” for any more dam lying politicians no matter what their “party”.

        Only the corporate parties, in our case, the republicans or the democrats both cut from the same corporate cloth, will be allowed to “win” in our fake, rigged, fraudulent “elections”.

        Trump did NOT “win” in that 2016 “election” he was SELECTED by that dam, corrupt, electoral “collage” of nincompoops & corporate puppets.

        Why wasn’t there country wide protests?

        We have seen many times how protests are crushed with beatings, toxic gas, clubbing, kicking, shooting then the arrests, fines & long times spend in jails or prisons & the corporate controlled media covers up any protest, protests are as futile as the “vote”.

        Most ‘mericans seem to be too ignorant, too brainwashed & too STUPID to see how their being lied to, used & abused, we are also the most IGNORANT & SUPERSTITIOUS of the industrialized countries.
        Our “education” system has failed us, poor people get a very poor education thanks to school districts, there is way too much religion shoved down our throats & down the throats of our children in clear violation of the first amendment to our constitution which now is just a worthless sheet of hemp paper.

        This is no dam “democracy” is a cruel, heartless OLIGARCHY ruled by PLUTOCRATIC WAR CRIMINALS!
        I still enjoy FRENCH FRIES!


  20. The video is, um, well confused and a bit to happy happy BS towards the end, rife with contradictions (like the bird puffing up his big red alpha male chest, yeah it’s wonderful nature, programmed from the outset to produce alpha males for conquest etc.) which are certainly not resolved with glossy images of people being “together” and nice to each other for a moment. Not to mention that the technology you say will liberate us is in fact enslaving us, just like ever. Nice sentiments, Caitlin. Jesus and Buddha and a thousand others had nice sentiments. The way to hell is paved with what…?

  21. Love the optimism, Caitlin! We need it…

    I still disagree with the Trump is Obama is Bush is Clinton theory however. And this is surely not based on this Administration’s foreign policy; but SOLELY based on the UNPRECEDENTED LEVEL OF HATE ON TRUMP domestically – the media, Big Tech, establishment ‘Republicans,’ and the irrefutably sociopathic, violent & bonkers ‘Left.’

    Either this is the greatest charade ever – or THE SWAMP truly fears him. I believe it’s the latter. If I don’t see justice for the likes of Bush, Clinton and Obama before 2019, then I’ll be more inclined to slide over to your theory.

    But my gut tells me that pizzagate is not just another ‘debunked’ conspiracy theory; and THIS IS WHAT THEY FEAR. Have you not seen recent ‘TED Talks’ espousing the notion that, “pedophilia is a natural sexual preference.” ??!

    Surely most here have seen Ben Swann’s video about pizzagate? One HUGE question he posed: “How does a pizza shop owner become one of GQ Magazine’s Top 50 Most Powerful in Washington DC?”

    I think this President has some BIG NEWS for the World upcoming – with regard to human trafficking and abuse…

    Yes, it’s a dangerous topic, but I think it’s one of the reasons for the ALL OUT ATTACKS ON TRUMP…

    1. Excuse me, but I think the big news from Trump regarding human trafficking is that he trafficks in it. Just as do all the other politicians in the system – whether it is in converting citizens into soldiers to traffic in death, or into “workers” to traffic in underpaid labor while you live in a gold-plated tower, or converting wife one into wife two, and then wife two into wife three…. The entire system has a lot of wool to pull over your eyes, and John, the little Trumper has certainly pulled some over yours.

      1. Admittedly, I’m no match for the tricks of THE SWAMP…

        To Whom It May Concern:

  22. I feel the point was mostly not whether someone will once again lead huge armies into war for less than noble reasons (it’s entirely possible) but that Trump is more like the outgoing leaders pictured in the last frame of her meme than the overly referenced leader of the 3rd Reich.

    “Trump, like all US presidents, is entirely beholden to an alliance of plutocrats and secretive government agencies”

    That’s the real problem. Now how do we fix it? The answer isn’t Chelsea in 2020, nor anyone else for that matter. I love the quote from Julian Assange where he stated that it takes about 100 days for the system to “digest” a president. Go read Obama’s AMA on Reddit when he was running. It’s all very inspiring, and of course he abandoned 99% of all the promises within his first year from Marijuana to Wall Street reform.

  23. Yes Indeed Mr. Rust. And who says “history does’nt repeat itself”? You want to see Herod
    in a 3000 dollar business suit ? I give you Bibi in all his genocidal glory.
    The faces change , the clothes change , the behavior….. not so much.
    Must be an eon-hopping virus.

  24. There’s an important difference. He’s an old-style republican scumbag, not a luciferian globalist like hillary or the last 4 presidents. You can see this by the media’s reaction to him. This is not a superficial thing. Globalism is unified global fascism and depopulation. Trump’s brand of US-centric fascism at least pays lip service to economic regionalism. As long as the US has to pretend to be a beacon of freedom, it can’t undertake the kind of extermination program envisioned by the transnational banksters.

    If the US itself falls to the nightmare it has imposed on so many other countries, US public opinion will become irrelevant. As it is, there’s a possibility that the excruciatingly slow rate of public awakening might actually hinder the global enslavement program.

  25. “A genocidal dictator leading humanity into world war with the explicit agenda of totalitarian global domination”. It pains me to read such Zeitgeist compliant nonsense from an enlightened commentator like you. It might be a good idea to do some more research pertaining the interests that drove the outbreak of WW1 and WW2 plus all the current satellite wars.

    1. Indeed. But does not destroy the main line of Caitlin’s argument. My favourite revisionist history is: Guido Preparata : Conjuring Hitler. Free download as pdf. The introductory section on origins of WW I brilliant. The main line can be read in the short Preface pp i – viii. Another good one from UK point of view is Docherty and Macgregor : Hidden History – The secret origins of the First World War. They also have an excellent blog : Hidden History. Anzac readers might be interested to learn that the Dardenelles campaign was designed to fail.

      1. BK, agreed as well. And thanks for recommending the book The Secret Origins of the First World War. I too very highly recommend it. You can see how TPTB are using the same playbook today as they used to get the First World War. Lies, lies, and more lies.
        If you have not read him I highly suggest reading Anthony Sutton as well.

        1. Suddenly we find a book that is contrary to the written history it’s a revelation to be believed. Or is it. Far too many times people have been conned by buying into the mainstream history was proven wrong by “new revelations” or “newly found documents”. In many cases the new blockbuster book took real history and laced it with fiction so as to line the authors pockets with cash. My point is be wary and never take as gospel the “finally this is the real truth” books. Such as the current crop of books and articles painting Hitler as a nice but misunderstood guy who was forced by circumstances to do evil things. Most of the evil Hitler did he outlined in his own book Mein Kampf.

          I don’t buy the line that Trump is being controlled by the “deep state.” Once in the White House he willingly joined the cabal as he realized the power at his fingertips. MAGA has morphed into continued and expanded world hegemony of the US and Trump loves being at the helm.

    2. HR, agreed.That sentence of Caitlin’s is so wrong on so much. Hitler was many things but he was not the bizarre monster he has been spun into. And FTR I am not a nazi and I do not support nazism. I only support the truth.

      But otherwise Caitlin makes a valid point. We are in 4Gen warfare (5Gen even maybe?) not 3Gen warfare. Much different tactics and strategy.

  26. IMO Trump is fundamentally different in that he seems serious about upsetting globalism. While it is true he if anything expanding aggression in the M.E., he does appear to be threatening the paradigm of corporations outsourcing their labor to low wage countries via his Trade War. This would fly in the face of Wolin’s Inverted Totalitarian characterization of America, which if true should end up seeing the removal of Trump before he would do too much damage to her corporate puppet masters.

  27. i think the term “steady state” is a real time example of cooptation of a powerful, narrative changing idea to render it less powerful. the term was coined, i think, by those advocating non-growing, ecosystem supportive economies.
    it’s worrisome that it’s been taken over in recent weeks as a counter-argument to “deep state” framing.

  28. A minor point in the overall thrust of your excellent article:

    Hitler did not have, ‘the explicit agenda of totalitarian global domination …’ His goal was Nazi/Germany domination of Europe from Portugal to the Urals in Russia.

    1. So why was Himmler in Africa?

      1. Susan, same reason England was in Africa – minerals/oil.

        The idea that Hitler was trying to take over the world is pure nonsense. He had no such ambitions.

  29. Well said cobber. Wtfu.

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