Coronavirus disinformation is the hot topic of the day, with pressure mounting on social media platforms to censor incorrect information about the virus and mainstream news outlets blaring dire warnings every day about the threat posed by the circulation of false claims about the pandemic.

“As fast as the coronavirus has raced around the globe, it has been outpaced by a blinding avalanche of social media sorcery and propaganda related to the pathogen, much of it apparently originating in Russia,” the Washington Post editorial board warns. “As always when it comes to its relations with the West, Moscow’s main currency is disinformation, and it spends lavishly.”

This would be the same Washington Post who falsely assured us that the Bush administration had provided “irrefutable” proof that the government of Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The same Washington Post who falsely assured us that Russian hackers had penetrated the US electricity grid to cut off heat during the winter, and who circulated a McCarthyite blacklist of alternative media outlets designated “Russian propaganda” compiled by a group of anonymous internet trolls. The same Washington Post whose sole owner is a literal CIA contractor yet never discloses this brazen conflict of interest when reporting on the US intelligence community as per standard journalistic protocol.

If outlets like The Washington Post had done a better job of consolidating their reputation as a reliable news source instead of constantly deceiving their readers about very important matters, people would believe them instead of believing a “blinding avalanche of social media sorcery” (and web wizardry and internet incantations and electronic enchantments and net necromancy).

We’re seeing these urgent warnings about coronavirus disinformation and misinformation from mainstream outlets who’ve sold the public lies about war after war, election after election, status quo-supporting narrative after status quo-supporting narrative.

Here’s How to Fight Coronavirus Misinformation” reads a headline by The Atlantic, whose editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg once assured us that “the coming invasion of Iraq will be remembered as an act of profound morality,” and whose star writer is David “Axis of Evil” Frum.

“China and Russia have seized on the coronavirus outbreak to wage disinformation campaigns that seek to undermine the U.S. and its handling of the crisis, rather than addressing public criticism of their own struggles with the pandemic,” warns The New York Times, who played a leading role in the disinformation campaign to build support for the Iraq invasion and who aggressively pushed crazy-making Russia hysteria (including famously retracting its bogus “17 intelligence agencies” claim).

So it is understandable that people are suspicious and looking to alternate sources for answers. The outlets which are warning them about the dangers of this virus and defending massive, unprecedented changes which have an immense impact on the lives of ordinary people have an extensive and well-documented history of lying about very important things. People are aware of this, in their own ways and to varying degrees, and it doesn’t help that all the usual suspects are behaving in a way that feels uncomfortably familiar.

“This pandemic will be more consequential than 9/11. It probably already is. People just don’t realize it, because they still think—still feel—that once this is all over we’ll go back to the way things used to be. We won’t,” says The Bulwark, whose founder Bill Kristol was also the founder of the wildly influential think tank Project for a New American Century (PNAC). PNAC famously argued a year before the 9/11 attacks that the massive worldwide increase in US military interventionism they were promoting at the time would not be possible without “some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”. All of which miraculously came to pass.

I personally believe there’s enough evidence that this virus is sufficiently dangerous to justify many of the significant precautions nations have been taking (though of course we must oppose and be vigilant against government overstepping into authoritarianism). The statistics are still very blurry and unreliable, but the mountains of testimonies by rank-and-file medical staff pouring in from areas where the outbreak is bad constitute enough anecdotal evidence for me to believe that this virus can very easily overwhelm our healthcare systems if we don’t collectively take drastic measures to contain it.

That said, I certainly can’t cast blame on people who believe the threat the virus poses is being greatly exaggerated. Not because I think they’re right, but because you don’t blame a population who’s been constantly lied to for their disbelief in what they’re being told by the very political/media class which has been lying to them. It’s not the fault of the rank-and-file public that they’re believing conspiratorial narratives, erroneous Facebook memes, right-wing pundits and the US president over the mainstream press; it is the fault of the mainstream press themselves.

I’ve taken a lot of flack in conspiracy circles lately for my relatively normie stance on Covid-19, but I also can’t really take it personally because it isn’t really their fault. Not everyone has the time and the resources to independently comb through many disparate bits of information about a single topic and synthesize a lucid understanding of what’s going on; that’s meant to be the job of the press, but since they’ve neglected to do their job time and time again they lack the credibility to demand that people believe what they’re reporting.

So I never join in the loud finger-wagging and aggressive demonization of those who express doubt in what’s really going on with this thing. I’ll leave that to those of a more mainstream bent, since they seem to enjoy it so much. As for myself, I will continue pointing out that the reason misinformation is so readily believed is the same as the reason Trump’s criticisms of the mainstream press are so readily believed: they have absolutely earned their garbage reputation.

The whole reason the world is the way it is right now is because people have been manipulated by the media-controlling class into accepting an absolutely insane status quo as normal. That’s the only reason anyone believes it makes sense for so few to have so much while so many have so little, for trillions of dollars to be poured into military expansionism and wars which benefit no one but the rich and powerful, for the environment to be destroyed to make a few more millionaires into billionaires, for a demented right-wing racist warmonger to be running against another demented right-wing racist warmonger for the most powerful elected office on the planet.

The big lies happen once in a while, but these little lies of normalizing our insane status quo happen every single day. On some level everyone is aware, however dimly, that our society is crazy and needs to change drastically, and so they are also aware that this is the opposite of the message they receive every day from the “authoritative” narrative-makers. The crazier things get, the more this awareness will necessarily grow, and the less people will trust the billionaire media whose only purpose is to maintain the status quo upon which its owners have built their respective kingdoms.

You can’t blame people for being distrustful when you make them that way. The people screaming the loudest about disinformation right now are the ones most responsible for it.


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119 responses to “People’s Skepticism About Covid-19 Is The Fault Of The Lying Mass Media”

  1. „The only means to fight the plague is honesty.“
    Albert Camus, The Plague (1947)

    Who may have, in the most clever manner, caused this unbelievable panic?
    Who gains from a total US shut down?

    1. Who gains from a total US shut down? Journalist Pepe Escobar tells it right in his latest essay where he too references the video I’ve posted twice on this thread about Blackrock.

  2. Live Exercise! Avatar
    Live Exercise!

    Trump, who is right by Pompeo’s side, appears to chide his Secretary of State right there and then during the TV performance. Trump says: “You should have let us know.” Does this indicate that Trump was not read in until later…


    Rise like Lions after slumber,

    In unvanquishable number!

    Shake your chains to earth like dew,

    Which in sleep had fallen on you,

    Ye are many – they are few.


    “The family Coronaviridae contains about 39 different species of coronaviruses. Of these, only seven coronaviruses have been reported to infect and cause disease in people. Four coronaviruses cause mild symptoms similar to the common cold, but three coronaviruses cause severe and possibly deadly infections: the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and now, SARS-CoV2, which is responsible for the current coronavirus disease COVID-19.

    SARS-CoV2 is a cousin of the coronavirus that caused SARS, having about 79 percent similarity in its genetic makeup. Though similar, these two viruses are not the same, and their disease manifestations are different. SARS was recognized at the end of February 2003 in China. Worldwide, 8,098 people became sick with SARS and 774 died, with the disease having a mortality rate of 10 percent.

    MERS-CoV was first identified in Saudi Arabia in September 2012. Globally, MERS-CoV was responsible for 2,494 MERS cases and 858 deaths, with a mortality rate of 37 percent.

    The ongoing SARS-CoV2 epidemic and the rate of infection and mortality seem different than both SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. As of April 1, the U.S. has 215,344 Covid-19 cases. It seems that SARS-CoV2 is less deadly than the other two coronavirus strains, but it is more contagious.

    Aggressive diseases like SARS give rise to epidemics – outbreaks where the number of new cases flares up rapidly in a region. Effective, evidence-based public health measures reduce the number of new patients infected, until these aggressive diseases are controlled. In contrast, an endemic disease is constantly present in a certain geographic region. A good example of an endemic disease is malaria, which is constantly present in tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    The 2003 SARS epidemic was controlled by a combination of effective international surveillance methods and local, evidence-based public health measures. International surveillance systems alerted the authorities of the emergence of a novel disease, helping set up guidance for travelers, airlines and crew. It also set in motion a global response that prevented the spread of the disease, and helped the local public health efforts to identify and quarantine infected people. Effectively, this combined response prevented SARS from becoming endemic.
    By July 2003, four months from the onset of the outbreak, human-to-human transmission of SARS had stopped.“

    There’s room for debate about the origin and spread of this virus (which I understand has 4 or 5 strains)—but the virus itself is clearly real, apparently quite contagious, and at least one of the strains is nasty and dangerous as hell. It should also be clear to thinking people who maintain some semblance of being tethered to reality that widespread outbreaks of Covid-19, an actual disease afflicting actual people in many cities across the globe could not be “hoaxed”. Speculation about the virus being hatched as a bio-weapon and the potential motivation or agenda behind such malevolence may in some instances be credible and worth investigation—but I think it is a serious dereliction of responsibility for anyone to at this point act as though the virus itself is a “hoax”.

    1. Are many people saying it’s a ‘hoax’? There are plenty of sceptics (like me) saying it’s ‘hype’, but that’s a different thing entirely.

      1. Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

        1. I’m not sure why I can write a reply but I can’t leave a comment of my own.

          What I wanted to say re:this article.
          I have been in hospitals enough to know that anything can overwhelm them, at least the ones in cities, during the winter season. They are often already overwhelmed without any new virus.

          I am still looking for any strong evidence that this is more deadly and worrisome than a flu. The statistics so far don’t support that.

          As for doctors’ reports, I’m interested, but my experience of doctors is that they are as much herd animals as the rest of the sheep, and easily misled by bad science, bad evidence, etc. Quite a few doctors right now are saying that this is overblown, and possibly massive “evidence fiasco” (the words of John Ioannidis, from Stanford).

          So all Caitlin has is… I’m not sure what exactly?

          1. Exactly. And the more time passes the more desperate the media whores are to try and maintain the hysteria and hype. Caitlin took a precautionary approach, many people did. The media hype around this has been phenomenal. A lot of effort and energy has been put into making it so. Whether that’s just a result of mass hysteria triggered by idiots like Ferguson at Imperial College London, or is in fact a Deep State, NWO coordinated plot to completely derail what is left of democracy on the planet remains to be seen.
            What isn’t in doubt is that various groups around the planet have taken full advantage of the mayhem to either push political agendas that normally wouldn’t be possible or to gain financially. Both these things have been achieved and are worsening.
            What is becoming clearer, (though it is still difficult to find the truth in mainstream media) is that this virus is certainly no worse than any bad strain of flu that we’ve had previously. Even with numbers that are hyped and misrepresented, and conflated and exaggerated – even with all of this, the numbers don’t stack up to anything remotely resembling what was predicted. No matter which country you look at, the numbers are bullshit.
            The only numbers worth looking at are excess deaths for similar periods in each country. There is one pattern that repeats. Excess deaths occurred AFTER lockdown, in fact almost on cue with lockdown. The implication is that these are actually lockdown deaths. Apparently (miraculously) at the same time, suicides, heart disease related deaths and many others declined. Almost as though covid was a cure for all other deaths. Who would have guessed.
            Now we are witnessing totalitarianism in Australia, all of the things predicted by “conspiracy theorists” in the weeks after the madness began are coming true. Yet intelligent and normally rational people still won’t or can’t see what’s unveiling like a slow train wreck in front of us.
            Google UK Column News. They have some excellent and sane analysis of what is happening currently.

  4. Break The Spell! Avatar
    Break The Spell!

    Humanity is enslaved.

    Individuals are not born as slaves, they are born free.

    They are born in freedom, but as I look around, they are found to be in chains everywhere.

    People living in chains, people dying in chains.

    This is the greatest calamity that has happened to humanity.

    Now it seems, in the name of ‘saving’ all their slaves from the corona virus, which mostly seems to be killing all the elderly with pre-existing health issues.

    We have become passive victims in a far more sinister agenda, a long planned full global financial collapse, leading to the removal of all wealth, health, freedom and the well being of most of the planets inhabitants.

    It is a very insane kind of society that we have created in thousands of years.

    Its insanity has come now to a high peak, there is no going back.

    We are indeed sitting on a volcano which can explode any moment.

    What will you do when you realize in the coming days after the internet is turned off, the banks have collapsed, and you are confined to your home, and there is full martial law in place in your country, with the military barking commands at you to obey their authority or be taken away to be dealt with?

    They are already fully prepared expecting your anger, awaiting your violent reactions.

    At what point did the Jews realize they were going to be fully exterminated by the Nazis?

    The more intelligent Jews saw the writing on the wall in the 1930’s and fled to safer countries, others began to really realize it after they were rounded up and were dragged from their homes and forcibly loaded into rail cattle trucks.

    But others still didn’t fully realize it until it was too late until they were stripped naked and forced into to the shower blocks at the concentration camps which instead gassed them all.

    At what point will you come to realize the full treachery of your politicians, banksters, and your bloated corporate oligarch masters, who really control all power on this planet, and who are not in the slightest concerned at all what happens to humanity.

    Their only concern is whether power remains in their hands or not.

    Moments come in history when a small group of psychopathic people, cunning, clever but with absolute evil intentions start exploiting the whole society.

    All the money goes on gathering on one side and all the poverty and starvation on the other.

    Naturally this state cannot be continued forever.

    Sooner or later those who have nothing are going to overthrow those who have all.

    That time is now.

    We cannot waste another second!

    I say unto you that my word for those who are intelligent enough in this moment, is Rebellion.

    Rebellion, a very silent phenomenon that will go on spreading at full speed, without making any noise and without even leaving any footprints behind.

    It will move from heart to heart in deep silences, until it has reached to billions of people without any bloodshed.

    Just the understanding of those billions of people will change all our old primitive animalistic ways.

    We have to use our massive numbers to swiftly overwhelm and outmaneuver the plans of these criminals, the oligarchs, the politicians, the banksters and all the corporate fascists.

    We have to treat them as the disease that they are, remove them all from power immediately, remove them all from their homes and their families and lock them all down and quarantine them, remove all their ill-gotten wealth and prepare them all for mass trials.

    We have to lock down all their criminal institutions, security agencies and endless committees, U.N., EU, IMF, W.H.O, World Bank. C.D.C, Federal Reserve Bank, C.I.A, N.S.A, G.C.H.Q, N.A.TO.

    We have to secure the armed forces, the police and the judiciary to work for the people, to return the rule of law.

    Only this will change their greed, so there is no question of them again accumulating obscene amounts of money, to gain absolute power to enslave humanity.

    Because of these parasites deplorable behavior, everything has deteriorated, the morality, the character, the integrity, everything has become a commodity.

    As it is now, you can purchase anybody, all you need is money.

    Everybody is purchasable, judges are purchasable, police commissioners are purchasable, politicians are purchasable.

    My rebellion is life-affirmative.

    My rebellion is absolutely individual and it will spread from individual to individual.

    Sometime soon, this whole planet has to break the spell of these criminal psychopaths.

    So if you want to dance and sing and love and live a long and free life.

    And to live as intensely and totally as possible.

    In this total affirmation of life.

    Iin this absolute ‘yes’ to life we can bring a totally new earth and a totally new humanity into being.

    The past was ‘no.’

    The future has to be ‘yes.’

    We have lived enough with the ‘no’, we have suffered enough and there has been nothing but misery.

    The world will be tremendously benefited if all this falseness and criminality disappears.

    The alchemy of ‘yes’ and the rebellion based on ‘yes’ are capable of destroying all that is false.

    We can discover all that is real and has been covered for centuries, layer upon layer by every generation, so much that even you yourself have forgotten ‘who you are’.

    If suddenly somebody wakes you up and asks you, “Who are you?” you will take a little time to remember, to realize, but slowly, it will begin to come to you.

    The very idea of enlightenment in the west is so new, although it is not something that has not been known before.

    In the east throughout millennia, there have been enlightened people, but they never brought enlightenment as a rebellion.

    The idea of a rebellion based on ‘yes’ means a rebellion based on awareness and meditation, for the first time in the history of humanity.

    And because each individual has to work upon themselves, there is no question of any fight, there is no question of any organization, there is no question of any conspiracy, there is no question of any violence.

    This whole earth is ours, but what kind of freedom is there if we cannot even move?

    Everywhere there are barriers, every nation has become a big imprisonment.

    Just because you cannot see the boundaries you think you are still free!

    Just try to pass through the boundary and immediately you will be faced with a loaded gun, “Go back inside the prison.

    You belong to this prison.

    You cannot enter into another prison without permission.”

    These are your nations!

    Violence can never be a part of the rebellious spirit for the simple reason that violence is the whole past of humanity, and the enlightened rebel wants to discontinue with the past.

    Violence has been the way of life for millennia.

    Directly or indirectly we have lived under violence.

    Our armies, our police, our jails, our judges, our wars, our so-called great religions, all have lived in violence.

    And violence, reduced to its essentials, is irreverent towards life.

    To me the religious individual, the religious consciousness, is nothing but a deep reverence for life itself.

    Because there is no God other than life itself.

    There is no paradise beyond consciousness, beyond herenow.

    Life itself this moment is the paradise.

    Celebrate your awakening!

    Violence is a violation of both life and consciousness, it is destructive.

    The rebel is a creator, the whole philosophy is that of creativity.

    We have lived in destructiveness far too long, and what is the achievement?

    Rebellion is when you accept that nobody is higher than you, nobody is lower than you.

    In fact, the categories of lower and higher are inapplicable.

    Each individual is so unique that it is not possible to compare two persons.

    So how can you put somebody higher and somebody lower?

    They are so different and so unique.

    To be rebellious means to be transformed totally.

    Rebellion is to live it here and now.

    Rebellion is spontaneous.

    It has nothing to do with any ideology.

    Rebellion is non-ideological.

    Rebellion has not been tried on a vast scale.

    Just with the effort of billions of people meditating, sharing, loving silence and peace, and destroying all kinds of discrimination’s which create violence.

    We will be making the space, the gap, the discontinuity that can save humanity and life on this planet.

    Rise like Lions after slumber,
    In unvanquishable number!
    Shake your chains to earth like dew,
    Which in sleep had fallen on you,
    Ye are many – they are few.

    The Masque of Anarchy – Percy Bysshe Shelley

    1. Thanks. This is indeed the “reset”. It is a moment of desperation for the oligarchs.

  5. The widespread and very effective censorship of articles like these below, along with the superficially convincing medical jargon about the infection from respected medical people (who are mostly honest but also not suspicious enough), make it so even eagle-eyed commentators like Caitlin fall for the story.

    Unlike some other commentators who rely on these articles but inject their right wing or left wing opinions, these level-headed, well-cited articles explain how the testing for COVID-19 is quite unreliable and how other factors (electromagnetic frequencies are as invisible as viruses!) can cause the same ‘symptoms’ of the contagion. Note how convenient it is for Big Wireless that the symptoms their technology causes can be blamed on something else.

    Anatomy of the COVID-19 Virus
    Andrew Kaufman, MD

    Open Letter to German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel
    Professor Sucharit Bhakdi

    Ascorbate Is a Proven, Powerful Antiviral
    Orthomolecular Medical News Service

    Which is worse, the virus or the fear of the virus?
    Paul Offit, Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine

    Are we making decisions without reliable data?
    John P.A. Ioannidis, Stanford

    1. Good selection links. Thanks for sharing. I hope Caitlin has followed them up, too…

  6. Fala-se aqui muito de sociopatas, poderosos, farsantes, ricos…mas quem são esses grupos ou pessoas?
    Voltem ao passado, vasculhem a história e descobrirão.
    Querer explicar o funcionamento mundo sem colocar o judeu branco (e não semita) como mola mestra desta engrenagem, é o mesmo que querer mostrar o planeta Terra sem a presença humana.
    Quem domina tudo é quem controla o comércio da moeda, a informação privilegiada (desde as vindas do Grande oriente e monopolizadas no ocidente) e a propaganda (seja ela travestida de religião, ciência ou filosofia).

  7. Oh yes, I see. They lied before, so they are not lying now.

    More on SARS-COV-ACE2 binding & “true” Covid-19 that discredits UK Government’s pretext for creating economic disaster:

  8. Our ruling class is insane but not crazy. They already own and control everything worth owning and controlling. Purposely crashing the economy and killing large numbers of us would not enhance their widespread support among the people but would gravely jeopardize their position. They did not factor in the possibility of an infectious disease outbreak for the same reason the dangerous changes in earth’s climate are not real to them either. Of course they will exploit this emergency to their advantage, if they can; that’s a given. They may succeed, they may not. We may emerge stronger and wiser, or we may not. But insidious plots to enslave us are counterproductive. If they succeed, they would strip away the illusions that keep most of us compliant. Mass disobedience terrifies them more than anything else, more than Bernie Sanders or assault rifles.

    1. They were losing control. They are losing in the middle east. They couldn’t bully China. The yellow vests couldn’t be stopped. They were losing control of the oil markets. The USA was on the verge of collapse. This is “the reset”. What this is going to look like is yet to be determined

  9. “I personally believe there’s enough evidence that this virus is sufficiently dangerous to justify many of the significant precautions nations have been taking…” – Well, 2 links, that, hopefully may give you pause:

    Important Questions Regarding the Current Health Situation -Thom Cowan:

    And this short video by Dana Ashley, who’s done some important reporting on the Covid-19 scene is representative of much that I’ve seen, a lot on twitter. It seems to suggest collusion between public officials, media and medical institutions to distort the truth of the state of infections in the U.S. – More good news! Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t! (12 min) – by Dana Ashley –

    1. Thanks. This Cowan video is very coherent.

  10. Caitlin,

    While I respect your opinion re: Covid19, personally after having examined some of the US CDC figures on a number of seasonal flues in the USA and in particular the flu of 2017/2018 it appears that Covid19 falls within the range of most seasonal flues in terms of death rates. What is different is the near constant 24/7 press coverage that Covid19 is getting and which frankly I don’t think deserves just looking at the CDC statistics.

    I might also add that during the 2017/2018 flu in the United States hospitals and clinics around the nation were being overwhelmed by the number of patients but no one panicked, probably because no one knew about it. There was very little press coverage (at the time everyone was obsessed with the Russians). The economy wasn’t shut down, flights were not cancelled, livelihoods were not destroyed.


  11. Surely at this unprecedented time of a global pandemic threatening millions of human beings regardless of nationality, it is time to show genuine solidarity and compassion for others. The very idea of imposing sanctions on other countries is not only anachronistic. It is utterly barbaric. Please read this profound article here:

    1. This is no April 1st joke:
      In Surprise Tweet, Trump Warns ‘Iran Sneak Attack’ Coming – Tehran To Pay “Very Heavy Price”
      “For the US administration it appears now is as good a time as any to start a major proxy war with Iran inside Iraq.
      Or perhaps the distraction of yet another Middle East war is just what the doctor neocons ordered at a moment the United States and the world for that matter faces its biggest crisis since World War II in the form of the expanding deadly pandemic.”

    2. to the official Twitter profile of the Cuban President, Cuba announced that the donation of medical supplies from the Alibaba Foundation to the Island-Nation to combat the COVID19 has not been able to arrive due to the regulations of the criminal blockade of the United States government against our people. The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, also said this fact is an aggression against the human rights of the Cuban people.

  12. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    It is becoming more and more like the suspicious 9/11 event.

    As it was for 9/11, you cannot question the real origin of this sad crisis we have now because you lack respect for the victims and things like that.

    To the contrary, I believe that to look for the cause is respect for the victims.

    Truly, we are living in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

  13. Life is a continuous stream of risk/reward assessments. If such assessments are denied, then life itself is denied. Of course one is “safer” if they stay in their homes. Safer from a plethora of risks. Life lived in fear is not life. There are no reliable figures available regarding this plague. I’ve seen different numbers from the same source on the same day.

    The first recommendation on the Georgia Guide Stones is reduce the world population to 500,000,000 and keep it there.

  14. Your personal belief based on what? “Anecdotal evidence” which is about as reliable as astrology? Which could easily be from paid agents? Promulgations of the Sociopaths In Charge and their Mocking Bird Media? Current “official” estimates of deaths from C-virus in the US is about 250k. Which incidentally is about the same number as die in the US from malpractice, misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and other medical misadventures each year. Shall we avoid medical treatment all together? If you haven’t, take a gander at Event 201. That “exercise” nearly perfectly describes our current situation. Either Bill Gates et al are prophets worthy of the bible, or they engineered this “pandemic”. Johns Hopkins also participated, and are also the primary publisher of C-virus statistical collection.

    1. US is about 250k. Which incidentally is about the same number as die in the US from malpractice, misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and other medical misadventures each year.

      There are 12 months in a year. so far thue USA is about a month or so into the pandemic Try dividing by 12

    2. Dont waste your breath. No one is listening. Duck and cover. People actually built bomb shelters from that fear campaign. Wondercwhat they are doing now.

  15. In our world today of rampant deception by all sorts of “authoritative” sources, paranoia is becoming increasingly widespread.

    Medical Definition of paranoia. 1 : a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations. 2 : a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others.

    The joker in this deck is that suspicion of authorities is necessary, but in a culture largely based on lying narratives it can become overblown and deluding. The ability to form balanced and realistic evaluations of the overwhelming amount of stuff that comes at us each day requires a lifelong dedication to discovering truth that most severely lack in today’s grossly under and miseducated world. Too bad that most people lack the time or inclination to make up for this personal deficiency. Chalk it up as another cause of our probable collective human extinction……

    1. As one who has spent a lot of my time alive seeking truth (and no that does not make me perfect) I estimate that Caitlin has been on a similar course, and I respect her thoughts on current attitudes about whether the virus de jour is really serious or just another hoax by our despicable, lying authorities.

      1. There is a virus, it just isn’t remotely as deadly as being sold by the media whores. No matter what statistics you look at. Caitlin has this one wrong. No problem, we all get things wrong from time to time. As long as we eventually see it and acknowledge it – at least to ourselves.

  16. Wow, Caitlin, keep writing, we’re all just humans, probably you as well, as it is so obvious from the many remarks, humans as an animal species is so ill equipped to survive in a world in which they are the only dominant predator; of course most of us have to serve as a food source for the few, nothing else would make any logical sense. Love your view points and the laughs from your detractors.

  17. it’s not a hoax but it is a hype. All over US many hospital and medical centers are empty, as reported by local citizens.

    1. Who’d be crazy enough to go to a hospital with a disease like coronavirus floating around? Then slap you with a massive bill just for walking in the door?

    2. My dsughter is a nurse at a hospital ER with a level 1 trauma center. She says it is dead. No one coming to the hospital now and get this no coronovirus patients either.

  18. The authorities have announced a previously existing medication with which to medicate the public… for the sake of brevity it’s being called, “The Blue Pill”.

  19. Yes there is a virus but shutting down the world is something quite unrelated. For example if you take the statistics of the Diamond Princess, everyone on that ship was exposed to the virus but the death rate was 0.01% even though it was full of old people.

    80% of people who get the virus have mild symptoms and 99% of Italians who died had 1-3 pre-existing conditions.

    There is a long list of medical experts questioning this whole saga:

    James Corbett has done a lot of good work on this if you like evidence.

    1. Sorry Rachel, I beg to differ from your view. The cruise ship patients you quoted are OUT OF DATE. They may have valid at the time, but no longer. In Australia many people disembarked from those ships with clearance, purportedly claiming they did not have the virus. However, within 2-3 weeks, many of these passengers came down with the virus, thus the claim that they were clear, was not the TRUTH.
      Secondly, we are told to verify whether we have the virus, we need to ISOLATE ourselves for TWO WEEKS, during which it will become apparent whether we have it or not. Then we are told that Prince Charles actually has been diagnosed as having Covid 19 and has gone into isolation. Just SEVEN days later, we see hi m prancing about amongst people as if nothing was amiss. How is this even possible, when we are told you must isolate yourself for two weeks if your carrying it ??????
      Then they wonder why people don’t believe the hype we are being subjected to ?? DUH ! Jeezz, I wonder why that would be.Funny that James Corbett seems to be silent on this one.

      1. The Bonny Prince Charles likely received either some remdesivir or perhaps the lovely cocktail of Hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and perhaps some zinc, right away and I mean IMMEDIATELY when he showed first symptoms. For most of us, we can’t get it until it’s too late. Attacking this virus early, if you are infected, is absolutely critical. Why did French stockpiles of the drug chloroquine disappear from pharmacies across France almost overnight recently? Read Pepe Escobar’s article on it.

  20. I guess you will take the vaccine then which probably will be mandatory.

    1. This is worth a watch on that score: We Are Living in ’12 Monkeys’ –

  21. Isnt fear a marvelous thing. All common sense is jettisoned for hysteria. You say you combed through many sources but evidently the wrong ones. This is not an epidemic but a fear pandemic. It amazes me that you cannot see that. Doesnt matter, facts mean nothing to those who fear. Just surprised you got sucked into the fear campaign.

    1. Hope you never have to buck a vent in the ICU with this beast, you human being, you.

    2. And yet you have no coherent argument against my reasoning put forward in the article. None of you do.

      1. All I would say is that, throughout this article, you seem to be *wanting* to agree with us (Khatika, Rachel, me etc), and very nearly get there, only to then put forward the following reasoning:

        “The statistics are still very blurry and unreliable, but the mountains of testimonies by rank-and-file medical staff pouring in from areas where the outbreak is bad constitute enough anecdotal evidence for me to believe that this virus can very easily overwhelm our healthcare systems if we don’t collectively take drastic measures to contain it.”

        And that’s it. That’s all your ‘reasoning’ consists of. You are basically saying we need to err on the side of caution (exactly what the Powers That Be want you to think), despite ‘very blurry and unreliable’ statistics, and prefer to believe ‘mountains’ of ‘anecdotal evidence’, as opposed to your own, very obvious instincts towards the opposite conclusion.

        By your own very high standards, ‘mountains of testimonies by rank-and-file medical staff pouring in from areas where the outbreak is bad’ is extremely unpersuasive. Surely you can see – and even *feel* – that?

        I’m not saying anyone has *all* the answers – no-one does. Least of all some of the commentators on here (especially those who USE CAPS). And I loved your piece saying, essentially, ‘it’s OK not to know’.

        But… there’s a lot of good stuff out there already (OffGuardian, James Corbett, a great many epidemiological experts) and this is incredibly important to get right – and fast.

        For you to not even be on the right ‘side’ at this stage is, I have to say, quite shocking and disappointing.

        But then, like John Pilger & others, your reputation is most of what you have, so perhaps you’re waiting for the killer evidence? Just bear in mind that this may never come…

        1. Wow. STEVE JACK Slam dunk rebuttal. Caitlin has not responded to my latest comment that “rank and file” citizen reporters are documenting many hospital and medical centers are empty. Isn’t this “anecdotal” evidence worth considering?

        2. If the killer evidence does come, will it be treated like the killer evidence (Bldg 7) proving 9/11 to be a false flag operation? When the perpetrators control all mainstream media and most of alternative media, truth never reaches the masses.
          Government military biolabs have been weaponizing viruses like Covid-19 for over half a century. I suspect they have created vaccines for the deadly diseases they manufacture as well. Members of CFR, Trilateral Commission and those who are invited to Bilderberg are the ones most likely to be vaccinated. Let’s keep track and see if any of those assholes contract Covid-19.

        3. Yeas. I am surprised that Caitlin normally a skeptic getting rolled by this farce.

      2. Most of your critics, I fear, don’t even get the thrust of your post, much less offer cogent counter-argument. Do I, utterly convinced that 9/11 was an inside job, the culmination of American deep state machinations going back at least as far as the JFK assassination, also believe that Covid-19 falls into the same category? Like you, I admit that it might possibly be so but tend to doubt it, the more I learn about the global crisis from alternative media I’ve come to trust. In retrospect, we may well find out that we overreacted to this virus, but to err on the side of caution right now seems prudent. Meanwhile, the plutocrats (and their MSM mouthpieces) are milking this pandemic/panic for all it’s worth, like they did with the 2008 financial meltdown. But it’s hard to believe that they planned that meltdown anymore than they planned this pandemic, as opposed to doing all in their power to profit from it. My hope is that this time around, we massive herd of human wildebeests, stampeded by a handful of lions and picked off one-by-one from behind, will learn to change direction and run AT the bastards.

        1. Well said, Newton Finn. I am in complete agreement FWIW. -Bob H

  22. People’s skepticism about COVID-19 is the fault of the lying ruling sociopaths of this planet. They own and control the media, so while it may look like the media is to blame, that is not where the buck stops. The buck stops where it originates, in the hands of the ruling sociopaths.

    1. Does it ever occur to you that this is a socio-economical ruse being used to promote a preplanned agenda. How can you and others say MSM lies to us then blindly believe this campaign. I am not skeptical but see this for what it is. A campaign of propaganda for control and loss of liberty.

      1. Go volunteer in a hotspot hospital right now. Really. Do it! It’ll be good for you. Believe that?

        1. RIGHT-ON Khatika!…All a Smart person has to do is look up “Coronavirus” in Any Medical dictionary and see it is nothing more than the “Common Cold”…All these “Jesuit” spokespeople working HERE are just using this whole “Drama” offset MASSIVE Rip-Off being done in their “Babylonian Slave Money System”…described as a “Stimulus Package”.
          It will only get the POOR Dumbed-Sheeple to give up even MORE money to the “One-percenters” whole already laughing their way to their already BLOATED coffers/Banks…RIGHTS TOO.
          They are just having their LAST “Fling” as REAL JUSTICE IS “ARRIVING” THIS YEAR.

          1. Who is it that you believe will be
            “arriving” this year? Explain please.

        2. FUNNY…You mention that ML…Because there MANY people checking up on many of those so-called “Over-loaded” hospitals only to find out…NONE OF THOSE HOSPITALS are even busy at all.
          They have “Security Police”??? tell them NOT TALK TO ANYONE…OUR PHOTO/ OR RECORD ANYTHING!!!
          So this whole show is TOTAL BS…ITS A COVER-UP!

          1. You obviously don’t live near a hotspot, Kenny.

            1. I am sure neither do you.

              1. You’ve no idea. About a lot of things. How old are you? Twenty or thirty-something?

            2. Geee ML…Isn’t the entire World a “Hot-Spot” according to LYING Media…Duh!!!
              You MUST be JESUIT, or working for them.

      2. ” A campaign of propaganda for control and loss of liberty.”
        Yes, it is a total con-game, just like 9/11 was. Many died from 9/11, and many will die from COVID-19. But the pandemic is a hoax to generate paralyzing fear and leave the people susceptible to global economic collapse, martial law, and mandatory vaccines.

    2. Yes, Chico. those sociopaths controlling the Narrative are the ones with the money. See Russia Insider “How Blackrock Leveraged Control of the US Economy” which identifies a few of the perps, the sociopaths, by name. Know the names of these sociopaths rather than generic “blob” “oligarchy” “elite”.

  23. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    It is probably the right way to analyse the current crisis:

    “And then there is not only the fabrication of the virus but also its release – how did it escape from the laboratories to threaten mankind? Was the escape an accident, or was it a deliberate release? Again, there is much speculation that it was not an accident, but criminally timed to coincide with the crashing of the world’s financial system, also engineered. The virus would help the crash in two ways: firstly it would, however briefly, bring to a halt a significant part of the functioning of the world’s economies, forcing bankruptcies and a widespread increase of indebtedness and enslavement to the global Money Power; and secondly, an exaggerated panic over the virus in the same globalists’ media would serve to distract mankind from its enslavement taking an important step forwards. Certainly if the financial crash was deliberate, the coincidence of the virus was a windfall for whoever was behind the crash.”

    So, it is quite similar to the suspicious 9/11 event.

    We have to be in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus to witness things like that. And I pray the Rosary to hasten the Glorious return of Jesus because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

    1. Michel Bélisle Avatar
      Michel Bélisle

      I would add that even if it is sad to say we have to question everything, especially since the nebulous 9/11 event in 2001, event which probably started the return of the days of Noah just before the return of Jesus.

      Keeping my Rosary on hand!

    2. Go volunteer in a hotspot hospital right now. Really. Do it! It’ll be good for you. Believe that?

  24. The MSM finds it impossible to tell the truth about anything. Everything has to be slanted or lied about or re-written into propaganda. The owners and the masters own and run the MSM and what we are told are the lies that they want us to believe.

  25. As of today, the US has 3,580 deaths attributed to Covid-19:

    “In total, the CDC estimates that up to 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died. That’s fairly on par with a typical season, and well below the CDC’s 2017-2018 estimates of 48.8 million illnesses, 959,000 hospitalizations and 79,400 deaths.”

    There is a reason for this and we will find out why in the coming months

    1. The early estimates of a 2% mortality rate were based on the early cases of the highly efficient and capable Chinese system. Which both limited the spread of the virus within China, and was able to mobilize resources to the hard hit region.
      Now that the virus is reaching the failed states of the capitalist west, Italy is reporting a mortality rate of 9%. And warning that this may climb because people are dying alone and isolated in their homes and won’t be found for some time.
      What we are seeing is that it is not the coronavirus that causes mass deaths. It is a failed health care system that is unable to treat all of those who get sick, causing many to die that could otherwise have lived.
      And of course, the pandemic is now moving fast in the USA and its for-profit health care system where workers aren’t given sick pay and where nobody goes to the doctor unless its really serious. It will be interesting if the USA can hold to Italy’s mortality rate of 9%, of if Trump will really make America First!

  26. What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the United States’ Coronavirus Case Numbers

    “So, why weren’t the case numbers adjusted to show them on a per capita basis, the same way testing was?
    Well, let’s take a look and see why.”

    1. My state health department has been regularly reporting the rate of infection per 100,000 people. This is done on a county by county basis. This is freely available on the internet and updated daily. I can’t speak for other US states, but that is what they are doing here.

  27. Yes, it is true that a media that constantly lies does lose credibility.
    But that does not obscure that during this crisis some powerful people with a lot of money have been working hard to make sure as many people die from this as possible.
    In America, we saw this with Fox News spending a lot of time dismissing this as a hoax and claiming it was a Democrat plot to defeat the Saint Donald.
    One thing about propaganda, it doesn’t turn on a dime. More like a supertanker. So, its hard to blast out messages that is a hoax and then tell people to take it seriously.
    But its not just the far-right corporate media that’s been doing this. Of course, Adolf Trump and Jair Mussolini in Brazil have gone further in telling everyone to keep working because the oligarchs can’t afford to have their profits drop by a inch. Other far-right politicians, like de Pfiffel in the UK have also followed this line that many must die for corporate profits.
    And, big surges in internet and social media campaigns don’t just happen on their own. There is money behind it. There are people being paid to go around posting pro-Death comments urging people to die. There are bots deployed. From there, the useful idiots pick up the call. But when the UN leader is pointing out a massive wave of pro-Death propaganda, then that surge didn’t just happen accidentally.
    And yes, the great fascist screech that everyone is lying to them except for the Great Leader is a part of this. But, just because CNN lies, that doesn’t mean that Trump and the Koch brothers are right or honest.
    And, in the same way that pro-people websites are targeted with the “Please Don’t Vote” propaganda just before key elections, it is also highly likely that forces like the Biden campaign or the people behind the OPCW fraud are going after their opponents with messages on their websites telling their supporters to go kill themselves, because its a really cool thing to do.

  28. How are these fools and fear mongers making predictions or modeling when they have been overwhelmingly testing only people with flu-like symptoms? In order to make decisions or predictions they need to be doing random samplings of a cross section of the population both locally and nationally. What is scientific about these mobile testing facilities, or hospitals with snaking lines of people waiting to be tested. The fact that those in authority are hyping and sensationalizing this virus alone should make anyone suspect.
    There is no serious information out there except for how many are infected or dead. Even front line physicians and hospital personnel have little understanding of the scope and spread of the disease or what the plan is.

    Here are some scientists without an agenda criticizing this panic, and why. You be the judge:

  29. There is the “lying news media” and then there are also the lying politicians.
    I remain pissed about the following
    “To this day, many people identify mid-2008 as the time they realized what type of politician Barack Obama actually is. Six months before, when seeking the Democratic nomination, then-Sen. Obama unambiguously vowed that he would filibuster “any bill” that retroactively immunized the telecom industry for having participated in the illegal Bush NSA warrantless eavesdropping program.
    But in July 2008, once he had secured the nomination, a bill came before the Senate that did exactly that – the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 – and Obama not only failed to filibuster as promised, but far worse, he voted against the filibuster brought by other Senators, and then voted in favor of enacting the bill itself. That blatant, unblinking violation of his own clear promise – actively supporting a bill he had sworn months earlier he would block from a vote – caused a serious rift even in the middle of an election year between Obama and his own supporters.
    Critically, the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 did much more than shield lawbreaking telecoms from all forms of legal accountability. Jointly written by Dick Cheney and then-Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Jay Rockefeller, it also legalized vast new, sweeping and almost certainly unconstitutional forms of warrantless government eavesdropping.”
    [After stabbing his supporters in the back Obama explained himself by doubling-down and said this out the other side of his mouth:
    “once I’m sworn in as president – to have my Attorney General conduct a comprehensive review of all our surveillance programs, and to make further recommendations on any steps needed to preserve civil liberties and to prevent executive branch abuse in the future.”


    “Ever since, the Obama DOJ has invoked secrecy and standing doctrines to prevent any courts from ruling on whether the warrantless eavesdropping powers granted by the 2008 law violate the Constitution.”
    (link to follow as a reply if this website doesn’t block it)

      1. Thank goodness for Glenn Greenwald and other independent journalists like Caitlin who remember the details, keep track, and remind the rest of us. Details that MSM work hard every day to obfuscate and remove from the public’s minds.

    1. And just this week…”
      As a result of these findings, in December 2019, my office initiated an audit to examine more broadly the FBI’s execution of, and compliance with, its Woods Procedures relating to U.S. Persons covering the period from October 2014 to September 2019,” reads Horowitz’s letter. ”
      “DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz notified FBI Director Christopher Wray on Monday that he “did not have confidence” that the agency was providing appropriate supporting documentation to back up assertions, after violations were found following a review of more than two dozens Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications, according to a publicly released memo.”


      1. According to the NYT the Horowitz report was good news for the FBI.
        The DOJ Inspector General reported that he “did not have confidence” in the way the FBI was protecting the rights of Americans and this was “good news” for the FBI ?!
        Yes, the violation of rights were found to be a general pattern for the FBI and not exclusive to the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign.
        Hallelujah for “good news”.

    2. One of the things that has been going on in America over decades is the destruction of the public health system. Once upon a time in America, hospitals were either public facilities run by the local governments, or run by charities, frequently connected to a church.
      That was changed and most hospitals were converted to profit centers. Many of the former hospitals run by religious charities were sold off. They keep their religous name, but now they are for-profit. Public hospitals were starved of funds when the rich refused to pay their fair share of taxes.
      Along the way, there has been a massive decrease in hospital beds. These were deemed to be “not cost effective”. The people seeking profit out of the health system decided that they must be cut. This is the reason why there are few hospital beds and few ICU beds and few ventilators. Because the purchase of these needs to be justified by their profits they will create.
      The idea of having a health system that has the capacity to respond to an emergency was deemed to be a heresy against the holy laws of capitalism.
      This has happened under both Democrats and Republicans. But the cuts are usually more severe under Republicans. Democrats might even restore some cut services if the outcry is large enough, but never Republicans who have always opposed health care and education for the masses.

  30. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “The Government” gave birth to the internet.

    The internet is like a direct pipeline into our homes and brains. A pipeline carry whatever you wish to transmit… it can be life giving water or it can be badly polluted sewer water to poison bodies and minds.

    Thus, it is in the interest of the powerful who ultimately have title to every tangible thing in the world to own and control this sewer pipe… er, internet and use it for their purposes.

    It is OUR purpose to filter out the liquids coming into our homes and brains, or turn the damn thing off altogether.

    Lies and deception are the true currency of the world. They have been for a very long time. More powerful than all the fake money being spewed out right now like water splashing everywhere from a deranged and out-of-control fire hose set to High.

    The internet very soon might be a completely useless technology, like a toaster that doesn’t work or a dusty old VHS tape player that’s choked itself to death with jammed video tape inside.

    A lying, deceiving, heavily censored internet is a useless tool and total waste of time to be involved with. The Final Credits are running right now on the internet. Soon – without a substantial and dramatic change of direction – the last name will be scrolled onto the screen and it will be fade to black. And we can then sigh with relief. And invent and use something better.

    1. If the powerful are allowed to corrupt any new invention with promise, then you can invent all you want and it will all end up the same. Which just means its better to fight now for this internet rather wait for some new invention.
      One amazing and little known fact is that the Internet is bigger than Google, Facebook and those stupid bird tweets. The internet is quite useful if used properly. What has been lost were the original dreams of public information and a tool for public good. But that doesn’t mean we can’t fight and win that back. Watch how those behemoths scream in fear at governments taxing and regulating them. That reveals their weakness. And, while the oligarchs have convinced many that all government is bad, government is really just the traditional way of people getting together to work for a better society.

  31. Thank you so much for all you have been giving of yourself. Truth, hope, your artwork, poetry, reporting, and opinions. I thank you most sincerely and am heartened that you continue despite the many challenges.

  32. “I am afraid of what my fellow citizens here in the US are becoming.”
    So sad to see so many of our countrymen, due to their constant and voluntary exposure to the corporate media, sincerely believing that the official propaganda machine is telling us truth.
    And even sadder to see those who – like Caitlin – very clearly see through the media/political class misinformation about foreign wars and tons of other issues, somehow manage to convince themselves that THIS TIME, maybe just THIS TIME, media-controlling class is not only telling the truth, but actually taking all these drastic measures having our best interests in mind…

    1. The ruling class has no problem with telling the truth when the truth serves their interests, and telling lies when lies serve there interest. However, for them the best line is usually a mix of truth and lies (and framing and filtering and masking) we can call ‘propaganda’. It’s made up to order.

      Right now there are two things the r.c. is trying to get control of: one is the virus, and the other is the narrative. The true narrative seems to be a tale of massive malfeasance and incompetence, which makes the r.c. look bad; but a lot of people _are_ getting sick and some are dying, so they have to make up a story which makes them look at least competent.

      Meanwhile the natives are getting restless….

      1. “…the best line is usually a mix of truth and lies (and framing and filtering and masking) we can call ‘propaganda.”

        Glad to read a nuanced perspective.

    2. There is no assumption that they have our best interests in mind. Their interests and ours occasionally converge.
      The owning class are as scared as anyone right now. They would love to see a return to business as usual, as Bolsonaro is pushing in Brazil, and Johnson in “Great” Britain before the French told him off. To them, saving the economy is worth a few million dead. Certainly not when it’s mostly the old and the ones with “preexisting conditions”. But the one threadbare excuse the State has for its existence, that it’s there for our protection, would fall through. So it has to save or salvage its perceived legitimacy. Besides, the jet set are as susceptible to the virus as anyone, if not more so. The virus may or may not be escaped or let loose from a laboratory, but it has no politics and no morality.
      Worldwide there are too many testimonies coming forth from ordinary medical professionals to ignore. You’d be a fool to not err on the side of caution.

  33. Amen.

    Well said, and THANK YOU, Caitlin.

    CN eNemy within…

  34. Touche’ C.J.

    Feelings are subjective, propaganda Is discerned by conferring on the information available as it emerges, and gaslighting the deliberation is an effective bulwark against a search for truth in hindsight.

    I may not recognize all the fuckery afoot, bit history is replete with fuckery, and I know what that feels like!

    If I had to weigh in on truth and fuckery, I’d say the delay in addressing COVID-19 and subsequent hyperbole over the actual risk was a convenient distraction to mitigate a public insurrection over the institutional malfeasance of the latest financial crash and this fractious election cycle!

    The truth is a sum of its parts, the truth is out there!

  35. Because I’ve been lied to by the government and the media since I was a child, starting with watching JFK getting his head blown off by a “lone assassin,” I have no reason to believe anything they say about anything. All we can do is use our common sense and seek the truth from independent media that have nothing to gain by spreading more disinformation and lies. I knew something like this was on the horizon.
    God help us all.

  36. Anyone who believes that 911 was NOT an inside job has to be kidding themselves. If you are in doubt, take a roll of Aluminium (big as you like) and smash it, (hard as you can) into an Iron Stove. Does the Iron Stove catch fire and melt? There ya go. Not convinced yet? Learn some Physics first then review this site for starters.

    There have been an update from University of Alaska. It’s undoubtable far as I can tell.

    So maybe if your still wondering, perhaps just glimpse at this…

    So we get Corona viruses every year, and each year they are different. So maybe this one is so dangerous we have to destroy the world economy because it’s a military grade virus? Oh well that would be a conspiracy then wouldn’t it? A dastardly one at that.

    Here is the whole caboodle (more or less) if you want to look deeper.

    There are a few resilient types out there… amongst those who are not so fortunate in their perception.

    Thank god for him.

  37. I think part of the problem is that the bosses of the media can’t imagine being wrong. They are rich, powerful, and surrounded by people who tell them they are always right. The possibility that their critics are not enemy spies is one that never consider- they can’t because like cult leaders their identity is wrapped up in and protected by the mini-world they’ve built around themselves.

  38. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    The scary thing about this crisis is the fact that all the politicians currently in charge would swear they have seen wreckages of airplanes in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11 in 2001.

    So, you have that kind of people to supposedly protect the people and the society and that kind of people censoring others.

    Apart the censorship, the same people are also arresting pastors:

    Truly, we live in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I do have seen enough of all the bullshit.

  39. Since the dawn of man a tiny elite have sought control
    In our era notably Rothschild/Rockefeller have conspired to control our money (The Fed), our minds (MSM), and our governments (Their captured enforcers) to bring us their NWO and complete enslavement of humanity
    What diabolical tricks haven’t they tried on us but they all amount to ‘Divide and Conquer’ in every human sphere
    Thank god some of us can still think for ourselves with somewhat objective reason and also look at lessons of the past which endlessly repeat the same old boring story
    And now we have the next false flag CV and here we go again, like 9/11 but global enslavement this time, happy sheep to the slaughter
    I want to share this with you

    Your Government is Lying – You CANNOT Catch Coronavirus – MAKE THIS VIRAL

    1. Sherry R Bonner Avatar
      Sherry R Bonner

      “What diabolical tricks haven’t they tried on us but they all amount to ‘Divide and Conquer’ in every human sphere”
      Isn’t the latest order to us to self isolate and social distancing the ultimate divide and conquer? At just the moment it’s the most important that we all pull together, overcome our differences and stand up to the powers that shouldn’t be, they have us isolated and fearing each other.

      1. YEP!!! It sure IS Sherry (Divide & Conquer)…Usually PRECEDED by the BS Stuff like THIS Coronavirus “Problem-Reaction-Solution” the Elite’s favorite tactics.

    2. SENNT1NEL5!!! FOLKS THIS GUY JUST SAID-IT-ALL, About this BS Coronavirus/Covid19!!!
      Especially the parts about What I was saying about WHAT DEFINES “ILLNESS”…I mean he was Dead-On about the subject!!! DANG!!!
      Sorta, Kinda through a “Monkey Wrench” into THIS SITES BS about “Staying Home” Too.
      This was SOOOO Good I saved it to my computer!
      I hope the vast majority HERE Does the SAME…Then Spread it around!
      He “Torpedoed” this site BS about EVERYTHING!!!

    3. What you want to “share” with the world and make “viral” is nothing but pure unadulterated bullshit. This self-described super genius doesn’t get just a few things wrong about virology, epidemiology, microbiology, biochemistry and biology in general, he gets it ALL wrong. This bozo is a total fraud. He could learn a few facts if he simply read a few textbooks but the truth is not his game. He is purposefully trying to mislead the public. There is no place to begin deconstructing the edifice of his delusions because essentially every sentence he utters is specious. What he proffers as first principles of any discipline in the life sciences is complete malarkey. This is NOT just my opinion but an inevitable conclusion based upon the sum total of all progress in these sciences since their inception. He’s not just outside the mainstream, he’s on another planet…in his own imagined universe. Yeah, I am part of the establishment that wants to bring you real truths and save your humble lives, while the jackass in the video seeks only to confuse and lead you to perdition. I am a retired professor of biochemistry and microbiology from a major American university. Unlike the joker in the video, I’ve actually understood and contributed to these disciplines. For decades, I conducted research into how the regulation of specific genes controls the pathogenicity of a wide array of microorganisms, including viruses which are real discrete independent entities that invade your cells and hijack their ability to construct proteins and other macromolecules. The virus, which can be isolated, purified, stored indefinitely and characterised as to its biophysical properties (including the detailed electronmicrographs repeatedly shown in media) by a researcher, establishing that it is a real independent entity, simply causes your cells to express its genetic template rather than your own–to make more viruses rather than the products your cells need to survive. Your cells die in the process and more virus particles are synthesized, assembled and released as they rupture your cells. Most of what we learned about gene structure and expression was gleaned first using viruses, in particular bacteriophage, as they are the simplest of organisms. They are obligate parasites, meaning they cannot reproduce, nay, they cannot drive any metabolic reactions except within the confines of a cell they have invaded, but that is a far cry from stating they are not living entities but rather “solvents” that your own body makes to “detoxify” itself as was ludicrously floated in the clip. All that is just deranged nonsense. It’s not just fringe science, it is antiscience masquerading as mere pseudoscience. This bullshitter wants you to doubt the collective wisdom of earnest and talented people who have amassed the basic truths about living systems over the course of generations and from lands across the entire earth. They are not all just a bunch of devious rich old white men from Western society out to fool and fleece you. Sure, a lucky few may have made a buck from the fruits of their labor. Most did not and hardly any were driven by profit as their overarching motive. Some gave up all patent rights to benefit society, as Flemming and Waksman did for penicillin and streptomycin respectively. I’ve known these people over a professional lifetime, including some Nobel laureates. They were driven by an insatiable need to learn the truth, to be of service and, if smiled upon by fate, to be remembered for their contributions. Not one of them wants to die filthy rich only to be outed as a fraud by future generations. Listen to the experts who have labored mightily to arrive at the sliver of truth humanity has thus far accrued in biomedicine or any field of endeavor (only a fool does not admit there is so much more to learn). They have your best interests in mind, not the self-aggrandizing con man who produced this video. Really, it is quite phenomenal that such a purportedly ingenious individual can get absolutely everything wrong that he claims to know about the biological sciences. Sorry, there will be no Q and A with such a fraud, as he will never give straight answers, judging from the razz-ma-tazz he pawns off in his video. Question all authority. Take nothing on faith. But beware of frauds who would lead you to even greater misinformation. This obligates you to learn something about a subject before you condemn the conventional wisdom and overturn the tables.

      1. Yes, Realist, the dude could be just another great salesman, but putting his claims aside, I’ve watched some very encouraging news from this man…

        “WSJ / two Stanford Doctors surmise that the flu is 10X deadlier…”

        CRUSHING the economy is surely far worse than this virus could ever be?!

      2. Excellent post, Realist. Open up a can a realism for these silly people who still doubt the virus is “real”- It’s very hard to believe people can be so gullible. And yes, our government has lied to us time and again making people paranoid and doubting, but this is exactly what our critical thinking skills are for- Use critical thinking skills on this pandemic, people. Don’t resort to absolute rubbish. Go volunteer in a hotspot. I mean that seriously. You’ll have an epiphany. It’s too bad that some of the horrors going on in ICUs across the world can’t be brought to them up close and personal. It’s mightily ugly stuff.

      3. Thank you for taking the time and effort to not only suffer the fool in the video, but to cogently and clearly set a few things straight. I couldn’t get through the video myself, my supply of derisive laughter was on short shrift. The anti-science aside, the part about being taken into a room for “questioning” after his purported IQ test was a real doozy!

    4. More evidence that, at least in the US, we are being massively scammed:

  40. Caitlin,
    It seems like a very small step to take, from excusing the supposedly erroneous viewpoint held by myself and many others (including many medical professionals in the field of infectious diseases), who believe this whole crisis has been catastrophically exaggerated and mishandled, to actually believing that yourself. Why are you so unwilling to take that step, rather than continuing to lend credence to the mainstream media and its tsunami of propaganda that you yourself seem to admit is impossible to take at face value?

    1. I clearly explain why in the article that you are commenting on.

      1. You are Nothing more than just Another JESUIT Tool working for their “Corporate structures”….and DEFINITELY an Avatar creature Soon to be removed FOREVER.
        bye bye Caitlin!

    2. Mishandled yes, exaggerated- not on your life!

      1. Spend 20 mins watching this, then:

  41. Ms. Johnstone, as always, everybody should always question everything, of course what I say as well.
    Dr. Thomas Levy, in his book “Curing the Incurable,” shows (with >1200 scientific references) how mega-dosing liposomal vitamin C neutralizes (my word) all viruses.
    A protocol is offered by Dr. Andrew Saul here:
    I enjoy watching the crony capitalist medical establishment and their government conspirators beg those possibly with COVID-19 not to come to the hospital. I speak for many, “As if there were ever any question!”
    Best of health to everybody.

  42. Caitlin: “I personally believe there’s enough evidence that this virus is sufficiently dangerous to justify many of the significant steps nations have been taking (though of course we must oppose and be vigilant against government overstepping into authoritarianism). The statistics are still very blurry and unreliable, but the mountains of testimonies by rank-and-file medical staff pouring in from areas where the outbreak is bad constitute enough anecdotal evidence for me to believe that this virus can very easily overwhelm our healthcare systems if we don’t collectively take drastic measures to contain it.”

    I think that might be the most rational paragraph I have read since this whirlwind came ashore.

    1. As a former ICU nurse who has suctioned pink, frothy foam that never stops, out of people’s endotracheal tubes, too many times to count, and still having to watch patients die in spite of everything I could possibly do to help them, I can tell every doubter here, that what you are hearing is most definitely the truth!

  43. Sherry R Bonner Avatar
    Sherry R Bonner

    You’re so correct, Caitlin, that we have been lied to over and over again by mainstream ‘journalists’ and politicians. That is the background for this ‘epidemic’ and exactly because we don’t have any legitimate fact checkers out in the world now none of us know for certainty what the reality of this ‘epidemic’ is. Here’s what we do know: within a dizzying short span of about 2 weeks the majority of the world shut down! Within that same short time span a 2 trillion dollar stimulus spending bill passed through the US congress to bail out airlines, corporations and throw the US general population a ‘bone’ of a thousand dollars. It is surreal and incredible that all of this happened so fast and it doesn’t feel right. It feels planned, rehearsed, and manipulated. Add to this the fact that most of us (myself included) don’t know a single person much less a lot of people who are even sick with this bug, much less dying from it. Meanwhile the economy is being decimated the world over. Small businesses (again, myself included) are just screwed. There’s no unemployment for us. So, no I don’t believe this is real, I do believe it is a manufactured crisis, I do believe they are doubling down on propoganda and I am afraid of what my fellow citizens here in the US are becoming.

    1. Well-said! The ripple effects of all of these government actions will be tsunamic! And the greatest robbery (by uber-rich) in the history of the world happens in front of us. To quote a bad man in Herrman Goering, “it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.”

      1. I guess those “Uber-Rich” forgot all about KARMA Huh?…You Know the whole concept “What Goes Around – Comes – Around???
        REAP What You Sew..just flew by their minds Huh?
        REMEMBER, What happened to Herman Goering???
        The SAME Fate awaits this crowd too…Sooner than they Know.

    2. Would having the mentality of a HERD fit that description You just wrote…Because that’s WHAT I Have been witnessing the past week…The Sheeple just sooooo docile, I have to laugh out loud, then explain WHY I was cracking-up!
      YEAH..Right-On too about small businesses…They are definitely “Getting-the -Shaft”!

  44. Imagine an old, rickey boat with three heavy boxes on board. The decrepit state of the boat plus the weight of the boxes mean that its gunwale is just barely above water. And then you add a fourth box. The last box is much lighter than the first three, but its added weight means that the boat dips beneath the waterline and sinks.

    The first box = an underfunded, “running at max capacity all the time” healthcare system.
    The second box = an elderly population already quite sickly, but still hanging on to life due to modern medical techniques.
    The third box = decades of horrific air pollution

    The fourth box is, of course, the coronavirus.

    Wuhan (Hubei), Iran, and northern Italy all exemplify the old leaky boat carrying three of the heaviest boxes. Iran’s first box is partly due to sanctions, but the other two are squarely the fault of government decisions.

    Look at where the mortality rates are highest, and you’ll find all three boxes. Why does no one ask why eastern France, which is predominately WINE country, is suffering so much worse than Paris, a densely populated city with tons of foreign tourists. But when you look at the air pollution levels there (due to neighboring Benelux), it all makes sense.

    Countries like Singapore and Taiwan and Germany, which are NOT sinking under the weight of the fourth box, are succeeding not just due to gov’t responses to the pandemic but because their boats were carrying less weight than the others. German air pollution has gone down DRASTICALLY since 2011.

    197 countries and territories now have confirmed cases of the coronavirus. This thing has ALREADY spread everywhere and to everyone. Most of us have already had it or have it now – we just don’t know it. What’s tipping the scales is simply the condition of the “boat” in our particular territory or country.

  45. prior to the in-your-face EVENT 201 dress rehearsal, there were….
    “Scenario for Future Technology” the Rockefeller ‘LockStep’ in 2010 >
    “Clade X Pandemic Exercise” by John Hopkins, May 2018
    “Not a Drill, Hypothetical Pandemic” by Wheeler Center, Sept 2018
    and now proof of WHO, NATO & DTRA planned biowarfare >
    “Epidemic of Corruption” by George Webb on TheirTube

  46. Jonathon Swift: “Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it.”

  47. Can I just say ‘good work’ Caitlin! I look forward to your comments and appreciate you reminding your readers about the sad amount of poor information the corporate-controlled media has been pushing for years. In the US this is because of the communication act of 1995-96 that has allowed corporations to purchase media, like newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, with no control. So in this case, with respect to trump, it’s like the old proverb “even a stopped clock is correct twice a day”

    1. Right on, Nonna. And that gem of legislation is thanks to none other than Bill Clinton.

  48. Caitlin writes: The crazier things get, the more this awareness will necessarily grow, and the less people will trust the billionaire media whose only purpose is to maintain the status quo upon which its owners have built their respective kingdoms.

    Folks, watch this 38 minute video and you will learn the NAMES of those controlling our economy and political machinery and how they do so. How BlackRock Leveraged Control of the U.S. Economy

  49. Welcome to the age of international germ warfare

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