The planet is ruled by a tyrannical oligarchy which uses governments as weapons to destroy disobedient nations while churning out news stories about how those nations needed to be destroyed because they were tyrannical and undemocratic.

The British royal family are murderous imperialists living on stolen wealth and dressing up like ridiculous Dungeons & Dragons characters and they deserve nothing but scorn, mockery and rejection throughout the entire world.

Saying Trump wanted to end the wars but the military industrial complex wouldn’t let him is the same as saying nothing.

When Bernie Sanders promoted the idea of shrinking the insanely bloated US military budget by a paltry ten percent, he was met with a solid steel wall of opposition. When presidents want to increase that budget, they are told “Yes sir, anything you say sir, we’ve got the papers all drawn up already.”

A political establishment which thinks it’s crazy and extremist to reduce a massive military budget by ten percent, and that it’s sane and moderate to increase it, is a crazy and extremist political establishment.

It’s crazy how I still get people telling me I write too much about US aggressions against China even as the Biden administration is openly admitting that it is increasing America’s insanely bloated military budget in order to deal with China.

My American husband had a layover in Beijing years ago and was surprised to see so many perfectly happy people, laughing and clowning around like anyone else. He hadn’t even realized he’d been propagandized into expecting joyless conformity until he noticed his own surprise.

The west has been propagandized about China for a long, long time. The propaganda initiatives being launched right now are so successful because they’ve got many decades of earlier propaganda acting as a primer. It’s so pervasive you don’t even know it’s been there all along.

China is “just as bad” as the nation that’s constantly bombing and destroying other countries? Sure, why not. All things are the same as all other things. Turning left is the same as turning right. Drinking water is the same as drinking bleach. That’s how we all live our lives.

I will criticize the escalating US aggressions against China. I will not include a “BUT CHINA ALSO BAD BAD BAD” disclaimer when I do this. If this bothers you, it’s because propaganda has conditioned you to expect any criticism of US warmongering to use mitigated language.

There is no shortage of westerners saying “CHINA BAD BAD BAD” if you want to read that. If you need to hear about how China is bad, go turn on a fucking television or something.

When the empire wants to topple a government their first step is to psychologically uncouple it from the nation and its people by consistently using labels that make it look like an alien, occupying force to the public. “The CCP”, “the Assad regime”, instead of just that country’s government.

This is why you now hear so many indoctrinated automatons constantly bleating the mantra “I don’t hate the Chinese people, I hate the CCP!” They’ve been trained to uncouple the nation’s people from its government, despite the overwhelming support they have for their government.

This is all the alien-sounding word “regime” exists to do: to uncouple a government from its nation and its people in the eyes of the world. And the mainstream press is happy to do this, because the mainstream press is propaganda.

Propaganda is damaging not just because of the destructive and oppressive agendas it advances, but in and of itself. How can we address important issues while being blasted in the face all day with distracting nonsense about Russia and China? Stop meddling in our minds, assholes.

Unipolar hegemony never existed until three decades ago, but whenever you talk about the need to end the US empire’s iron-fisted domination of our entire planet people go “But who would take its place?”, as though there’s always been a unipolar hegemon. Like there has to be one.

There is nothing inscribed upon the fabric of reality that declares there needs to be a planetary unipolar dominator, and there’s no real evidence that China or Russia are trying to become one. All evidence says they want a multipolar world, which was the norm until 30 years ago.

There’s no real reason we need to be subjected to governments flirting with nuclear war in the name of unipolar hegemony. There’s no legitimate reason we can’t all just get along and collaborate with each other toward a better world. Our current world order is not sane.

Internet porn is making men worse at sex. At least before Pornhub men had some humility about how bad they might be and there was a chance they might listen, learn and be led. Now they are bad but full of hubris about what they think they know, and very defensive about it.

Hint: if your partner says she doesn’t mind not having clit orgasms, it’s not because she doesn’t like clit orgasms. You’re inept and you’re scary when you feel inadequate so it’s just easier to let it go. Confronting her with this will just scare her more. Get humble and learn.

Most modern mainstream media jobs pay dick, and you don’t get to do real journalism, only propaganda narrative management. All you get is a cool-sounding “I’m a journalist!” story that you can tell other people. The narrative managers now get paid in narrative. There’s some beautiful karma in that.

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47 responses to ““CHINA BAD”, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Hi I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your articles. This is another excellent one. However I noticed that in the year I’ve followed you, you’ve yet to expose the British elite power structure. You accurately expose US criminality yet they’re merely the fist in the glove that are the British based overlords. As a commonwealth citizen is there some danger to exposing the British for you?

    1. I think Caitlin has answered this over & over again! The USA is the Puppet Master, so why bother going after the arseholes whose rectums are already filled by US Empire hands?
      First nail the biggest, baddest, maddest, batshit crazy power structure on this Planet…that is the USA. Simples!

  2. I am so sorry Caitlin that so many immature men attacked you today, not that many men haven’t been abused by women, but it is as you have said so often, “the narrative”, not just recently, but thousands of years of indoctrination, that injustice is justified, that most people, especially men have accepted this narrative as justifiable is what is wrong with most men and the imperialistic system behind it. Also, they’re probably CIA, etcetera opps, especially the donor to Whitney Webb & Glenn Greenwald, although I’ve enjoyed their work in the past, they have become suspect recently, I wouldn’t even be a bit surprised that they haven’t both been killed, and that all their articles now are being written by a computer equipped with artificial intelligence software. Otherwise, why wasn’t Webb arrested months ago in Argentina, when the government there again cracked down on its people when Webb lived only a few mile away from the worse of it? There’s much more to the story than that. And, I also wouldn’t be surprised that your pretend supporters aren’t knowledgeable in that field. Also, look at Mint Press News itself, the titles of its once hard hitting articles now seem more appropriate for Sponge Bob Square Pants

  3. ‘If you’re taking flak you know you’re over the target.’

    This old “care and feeding of bogeymen” meme needs to be taught in high school – and retired from governments’ repertoires.

  4. Ms, Mr or Mrs Smith (or Wang) do not desire, or need enemies.
    The MIC and the oligarchy on the other hand _ _ _

  5. You frkn Troll, CJ has written MULTIPLE times about the CERTAIN & CONFIRMED FACT, with links, that Oztrailertrashia is merely a Vassal State and Forward Base of The Amerikan Empire. The USA has a mailed fist up our arse & she’s covered this. This article, you deliberately obtuse & stupider than you can comprehend troll, is about The USA’s flailing attempts to crush ANY Nation, ANY, be it capigitalist, democrazy, pispot or cummie, that will not give over its resources, trade & soul to the Plutocratic psychopaths that own & control The Empire. Its actions are clear, manifest & come with a nuclear gun to the head as incentive to be enslaved. Also, & forgive me CJ, the lady has already written of her supportive hubby, do fuck off, she was offering good advise & hey, I’m listening!

  6. The CIA confirms that our reality is a hologram. I know that none of you believe in this stuff, but this has been a reality of mine since childhood. And, considering everything else, it might actually be worth a laugh to look at it.

  7. China has actually been under attack for quite some time – however after this incident they ( like Russia ) have made themselves IMPENETRABLE !!

  8. Firstly – well done Caitlin.

    IF you want to remain ignorant – then DON’T watch this !

    The TRUTH about the Uighurs !!

  9. China and Iran recently signed their 25-year strategic deal in Tehran, turning 21st century geopolitics upside down: 3 years ago I realized that Iran was a secret member of BRICS. (Economic cooperation of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)
    Allied with “strategic partner” Russia, and now with another “strategic partner” China has become the next Eurasian superpower, after Persia (ancient Iranian empire) dominated Eurasia 3 millennia ago. Get ready to say Goodbye to Anglo-American hegemony.

  10. At least since the 70s, how many industries/corporations moved (sold out) their entire bases of production to China (etc.)? Now, it’s OMG!/OMG! their economy is going to overtake ours!
    Wasn’t that bound to eventually happen? Yes, and you all damn well knew it would.
    On another note, let’s imagine that Russia and China were implementing “Regime Change” propaganda wars (of the same magnitude) against the US, including having War Games five miles off the East and West Coast shores and the Gulf of Mexico (say Galveston’s shores). The US would have already struck (WWIII) with nuclear weapons. Period.

  11. As the China-Russian-Iran alliance continues to gain new momentum spreading win-win cooperation and development across Asia, Africa and the World, the dying unipolar system run by detached militarists, financiers and technocrats is doubling down on its weird mix of 1) a “scorched earth” offensive threat to “dissuade” China and Russia from continuing on their current trajectory and 2) a “positive” green game on which nations are invited to tie their destinies as an alternative to China’s BRI.
    Everyone reading this should already be aware of the “scorched earth” Full Spectrum dominance policy targeting Russia and China.
    However, what is less appreciated even among the most geopolitically savvy anti-imperialists today is what sort of “positive” green game is being deployed to subvert the $3 trillion Belt and Road Initiative which has already won over 136 participating nations and which geopolicians understand to be a mortal threat to their desired world order.
    A U.S.-Led Alternative to the BRI
    According to Biden’s own remarks during his March 26 call to Boris Johnson, the USA must create “an infrastructure plan to rival the Belt and Road Initiative.”
    This fine article can be read here:
    Kerry Lunges Into India With Anti-BRI Agenda Bringing Green Suicide for All by Matthew Ehret!

    1. I just checked, China is already passing the United States in naval capability. This means that China will soon be the undisputed dominant force in the Western Pacific.

    2. I just checked and China is already passing the United States in terms of naval capability. This mean that China will soon be the dominant force in the Western Pacific.

      This means that we need to begin to carefully examine what a China centric world will look like, and begin to plan courses of action to ensure that free and open societies continue, or are re-established in the case of the United States, or established in the case of China, going forward.

      1. “free and open societies” That is a delusion. Only partly free and open because real political, economic and military power and control has always been there but hidden from public view.

  12. China is already the economic hegemon in the world and soon will also be the military hegemon in the world as well, by around 2025. This may be the reason the the U.S. is rolling out programs similar to the CCP to control it’s citizens more effectively like the CCP does.
    China is buying up assets and influence around the world including inside the United State that is causing some to call the United States a perforated state.
    I am currently working with someone who’s parents immigrated from China to give their daughter a chance of living in a country where she has freedom to express her opinion and to freely meet and associate with people of her choosing, and is now terrified that the United States via the vaccine passport, that is being launched by Joe Biden, will snuff that possibility out. See:
    What you might focus on right now, is how the corona virus pandemic is being used to roll out tyrannical governance throughout the world via some of the measures being hatched in Davos.
    Also the military policy of the United States toward the Middle East is being driven by Israel; yes Israel seems to have captured the legislative machinery of the United States through think tanks, political lobbies and control of the media. You can be sure that China is taking note of that.
    We certainly do not want to just trade one form of tyrannical rule for another. But it looks like those are the only choices before us, unless we the people of the world can come together and turn the tide.

  13. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
    Linda Jean Doucett

    Soon the Behemoth will be insignificant.
    Hopefully it doesn’t do too much damage as it goes down

    Looking back on 2020
    it’s sad to realize
    that folks are even dumber
    than anyone surmised

    From QANON to COVID
    From Trump to Joe O’Biden
    it’s safe to say the USA
    is sinking like Poseidon

    they didn’t flinch when tents arose
    to house the working poor
    or when their livelihoods were stolen
    by countless force majeure

    The Evil Ones have got them
    so besotted with division
    they are forced to pick a side
    by talking heads on television

    I for one am glad to see
    the behemoth exposed
    may it retract its tentacles
    from every facet of the globe

    No spiteful Armageddon
    no genocide or war
    my hopes are low
    as we have seen them operate before

  14. Christopher Hall Avatar
    Christopher Hall

    Sushi, Please
    by Christopher Hall

    I love eating a good piece of sashimi.
    The lush taste and mouth feel of soft belly meat melting in my mouth
    with just the right amount of pickled ginger, soy, and wasabi.
    I worship the crumpled pile of oily belly drippings so fresh
    that the meat is really just a cloud of some ethereal goo,
    too messy to be made into anything
    served without fanfare
    since nothing can adorn perfection.

    Eating sushi goes beyond sustenance into a spiritual realm
    and the aesthetics of such a meal nourish my soul:
    the whole purpose of such beautiful design, such delicate preparation,
    is to embody the love that is the delicacy – is the love.
    When I have eaten sushi, I have loved the artisan and the art for feeding my love,
    allowing my love to be nourished, and loving them, feeding back.

    I have always cooked my love into the food I have fed others
    whom I cared so much for, that I wanted them to live for another day.
    But more so, to love for another day in hopes some of that love would come my way.
    But sushi is rolled, patted, sliced, trimmed, julienned, fitted, piled, and plowed.
    Sushi is formed, laid out, spread, and prepared, the presentation
    beautiful, lustful, artful, and trembling alive because it is so fresh and cool.
    Not cooked, baked, or broiled, sushi is the manifestation of love, raw.

    I let the oils, pungent they are, coat my mouth, and let slide the meat
    in and around as a way of swallowing love, and then, like any swallow
    the treat is gone and another must be taken in, caressed, cradled, and coddled
    to be slipped about, down my throat into my center where my heart resides.
    That the sashimi is cool, I can reduce the heat that is burning my heart:
    all the more I want another piece, and with gentle dexterity
    my tongue abides the grace and softness required.

    Whenever there comes a time I am full is a mystery.
    An unknowing wonder that cannot exist but for the idea I would
    fill up on other materials not so ethereal as sushi.
    For time stops and space recedes and corporeality fades
    but for the hologram of love shimmering and quivering
    as I eat out my heart’s content for the contentment of my one true heart.

    1. sushi is japanese.

      1. Christopher Hall Avatar
        Christopher Hall

        The poem was in response to the last couple of paragraphs about men. It was not related to the China chat, obviously.

  15. Much anger in your writing today. It just drips with venom. I think you need to take a break and chill. It will get you some perspective. The title was China but your hatred of men comes in a close second. Your personal demons of which we all have are influencing your writing today, which it does not normally do.

    1. I agree.

      Caitlin is a good writer but she does not seem able to see the connection between the Australian Government and the U.S Government.
      Why is the Australian Government not defending it’s own citizen, Julian Assange?

      And if she is sleeping with guys who won’t listen to her, she is sleeping with the wrong guys.

      1. Wow. Not that Caitlin needs anyone to defend her, but, at the risk of dignifying this nonsense with a reply, someone should remark on what utter bullshit this thread is, beginning with Khatika’s weird claim of “…your hatred of men” and continuing with your “..sleeping with the wrong guys”.

        Maybe time to crawl back under your rock?

          1. Seriously? Its not the first unnecessary thing I’ve done, and probably wont be the last. Do you only do necessary things? Your comment suggests otherwise…

          2. I welcome anyone who wants to defend me to do so. In my experience people who discourage others from defending women are universally scum. There’s a lot of ugliness hiding behind that “don’t defend her, make her stand on her own” pattern we see play out over and over again.

            1. Why would strong independent women need defending. Take care of yourselves. Really admired your writing till I read what you think of men. Women need to listen & learn as well when it comes to relationships. Was here to pledge financial support as I just did for Whitney Webb & Glenn Greenwald…not happening now.

              1. Then bugger off, ya wanker! In Australia one female spouse is murdered every week by her partner, year in year out. If you do not think that Femicide is not worthy of discussion then you most probably are a misogynistic prick. If you don’t think Women can discuss “Men Problems” then matey, you ARE part of the problem.

              2. Yeah, like I said. Men who say such things are odious.

      2. Again, as I told you before, a quick search will show you that I’ve written many articles about Australia’s role in the US empire and its failure to defend Assange. I made this explicitly clear to you. What the hell is wrong with you?

        1. Well maybe you need to include Australia’s role in your article above-which is blaming the U.S. for everything.

          Saying that you have already done so before has nothing to do with this article of yours Today.

          What is “wrong with me” is that you do not mention your own Government in this article.
          And yet Assange is an Australian Citizen, not a American.

          Yet the Australian Government has done nothing to defend him.
          This should at least be MENTIONED in every article about Assuage being unjustly treated.
          ESPECIALLY by a Australian Writer.

          1. I’m not going to write about your pet issue in every single article where I criticize the most powerful and destructive government on earth, that’s nuts. The articles are there if you want to read them. If you want more, you have ten typing fingers and access to the exact same free blogging platforms I use, so you can write them yourself.

          2. You frkn Troll, CJ has written MULTIPLE times about the CERTAIN & CONFIRMED FACT, with links, that Oztrailertrashia is merely a Vassal State and Forward Base of The Amerikan Empire. The USA has a mailed fist up our arse & she’s covered this. This article, you deliberately obtuse & stupider than you can comprehend troll, is about The USA’s flailing attempts to crush ANY Nation, ANY, be it capigitalist, democrazy, pispot or cummie, that will not give over its resources, trade & soul to the Plutocratic psychopaths that own & control The Empire. Its actions are clear, manifest & come with a nuclear gun to the head as incentive to be enslaved. Also, & forgive me CJ, the lady has already written of her supportive hubby, do fuck off, she was offering good advise & hey, I’m listening!

    2. LOL, you’re so right, KHATIKA, hating, rape, theft and murder and those who commit such crimes as a policy of better business practices is an evil thing to do, not that women aren’t known to be worse psychopaths than men, the truth is that it is usually men that let themselves be manipulated into becoming slaves for women and therefore more deserving of hatred. It’s in the Bible, for what that’s worth as an instruction manual on hatred, that the Lord despises those that sell themselves into slavery.

    3. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      Caitlin has a husband and is not a man hater.

  16. I’m sorry Caitlin, but you of all people, should know it all happens with China’s agreement and approval. Playing cats and dogs between USA and China has been negotiated between the 2 countries at the United Nations table.

    This is why, 75 years ago, both countries, together with UK, Russia and France agreed to be in the ‘permanent’ UN Security Council. To keep the world divided is their mission. Left and Right, with each side subdivided. This is the easiest way to promote wars. These divisions and subdivisions create social, religious, ethnic and patriotic hatreds, creates poverty, unemployment, hunger, jealousy, envy, sick competition, all precious ingredients needed for selling and buying military paraphernalia and have an average of 200 to 250 armed conflicts raging in the world at any given time.

    Visit the United Nations and watch with your own eyes American and Chinese diplomats celebrating their deals. Visit Washington and watch the staff at the Chinese Embassy meet American politicians, industrialists and Media. Visit Beijing and watch members of the USA Embassy meet Chinese politicians, industrialists and Media.

    Study the Stock Exchange and investments of USA capital (billions of dollars) in China and the billions of dollars China invests in America.

    Before Russia decided to play the Comedy or Parody of “Democracy”, America and UK had to divide their ‘hate activities’ between Russia and China. From 1991 China agreed to play the main enemy of America.

    Remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s words: “no war happens by accident. All wars are negotiated between fighting parties”

    1. paul battenbough Avatar
      paul battenbough

      absolute balderdash….this isn’t about happy clappy diplomats it’s about the US empire collapsing and their military going into overdrive to stop it, they think by a show of force. Your ‘Russia’s comedy or parody of ‘Democracy’ shows how you’ve bought the cold war rhetoric.

    2. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
      Julius Skoolafish

      Just putting this on the table since you quoted him … not enthused about this comment but I have appreciated others of yours.
      • Dall Curtis Bean – Franklin Delano Roosevelt My Exploited Father-in-Law
      In the meantime, just for starters, (and my comment is more of a question than a statement …)
      I wonder what was upsetting Stalin when he referred to the Chinese as “radishes” – “red on the outside but white on the inside”.
      Maybe “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” needs to be explored further …

    3. Geez you are stupid – Roosevelt ? LOL !

  17. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    China no fun at all … in fact CHINA BAD (not the people – just the regime)

    • Sample from Matthew Galat (‘Matt’) at “the JaYoe Nation” channel

    • Chinese Government Officials Corrupted My Videos! | JaYoe Conversation

    BTW, WWI and WWII were ‘regime change’ wars to bring “freedom and democracy” to “the people”

  18. Russia and China launch “Global Resistance Economy”:
    We are already in WW-3. Let’s leave it at this level, please.
    It will be BAD ENOUGH.

    1. The actual war is monetary. China is embarking on taking down the dollar as the reserve world currency. Everything that unfolds will be about that.

      1. A direct hit; yes:

        — the wars and overseas deployments/commitments (NATO, incl. Balfouristan will have to go).

        — The big hurdle will be in avoiding the WEF Grate $wapCon: going from greenstamps to greenpla$tic (+chip-in-rump + adhesion to some ‘supranational org’ [NWO]).

        1. Gregory Fisher Avatar
          Gregory Fisher

          I reckon taking down the $US is essential for the prevention of WWIV. By decoupling it from Reserve Currency status it will a) peg the $US to its actual value, b) reduce the ability of the US to destabilise financial markets, c) create credible exchange rate parameters, d) force the US to face its debt crisis, e) de-escalate military expenditure & threat worldwide, f) offer alternatives to the IMF & NGO rape of Foreign economies, well…on & on, that list! US troops should piss off home & rebuild yhe crumbling infrastructure of a once functional nation.

  19. “The narrative managers now get paid in narrative. There’s some beautiful karma in that.”


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