They want you arguing over who should and shouldn’t be called a terrorist based on what ideology you subscribe to and what color the latest killer’s skin was. They do not want you talking about the way the label “terrorist” itself is being used to justify unconstitutional detentions, torture, mass surveillance, and wars.

They want you arguing over whether to support the Democrats because the Republicans will take civil rights away from disempowered groups or Republicans because the Democrats will take away your guns and force you to bake gay wedding cakes. They don’t want you talking about the fact that both parties advance Orwellian surveillance, neoliberal exploitation and neoconservative bloodshed in a good cop/bad cop extortion scheme to keep Americans cheerleading for their own enslavement.

They want you arguing about whether Trump did or did not collude with Russia. They do not want you looking at what preexisting agendas the CNN/CIA Russia narratives are advancing and who stands to benefit from them.

They want everyone fighting over table scraps while they pour unfathomable riches into expanding and bolstering their empire. They psychologically brutalize you with propaganda day in and day out, and then expect you to look to them for protection from the phantoms they invented.

They don’t want you paying attention to the growing number of signs that the current administration is gearing up for a major military bloodbath which may lead our species into a third and final world war. They want you talking about Stormy Daniels instead.

And by “they” I of course mean the loose transnational alliance of plutocrats and defense/intelligence agencies who control the US-centralized empire, whose primary agenda is always to expand their own power and influence.

The “they” in question are aware that their empire is (according to their own data) entering post-primacy, which will lead to the rise of a multipolar world in which the US-centralized empire suddenly has rivals which can compete on equal footing for resources, assets and allies. Unless they do something very drastic very soon.

This arrival at post-primacy just so happened to coincide with the choice in 2016 between a warmongering establishment stalwart whom the DNC and media propaganda machine tried to force into the White House at great expense, and a billionaire who knew what people wanted to hear and has proven himself to be every bit the violent empire loyalist that his opponent would have been.

The election was fake and meaningless. Both candidates are owned and operated by the same unelected power establishment.

Now the Trump administration is being filled with more and more bloodthirsty neoconservatives of the same strain which backed Hillary Clinton, who are being promoted to higher and higher positions within that administration. Longtime Iran and Russia hawk Mike Pompeo’s promotion into Hillary Clinton’s old job as Secretary of State was quickly followed by the elevation of John Bolton, easily the most virulent neoconservative war hawk in Washington, to the position of National Security Advisor.

There were many perfectly qualified candidates who could have served as Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, but Trump selected the two most violent neoconservatives on the menu. There is no reason to do such a thing unless wars are planned; none of the countless feeble arguments I’m seeing from Trump apologists come anywhere close to a convincing argument to the contrary. All John Bolton does is war. You don’t appoint him to the leading advisory position on national security unless war is what you want.

In response to all this, Trump’s political opponents are of course talking about what he did with his penis.

As of this writing, #StormyDanielsDay is the top US trend on Twitter. I don’t know what #StormyDanielsDay is. I don’t care what #StormyDanielsDay is. Neither should you. Neither should anyone else.

Please stop this shit, America. If the US war machine goes after Iran or Russia it will likely mean a world war against multiple nuclear-armed countries, which could very easily send our species the way of the dinosaurs should a nuke get deployed in the fog of war. We don’t have time to focus on Stormy fucking Daniels.

Those most fiendishly devoted to the service of the empire would rather take that risk than see the US lose its dominant role on the global stage; for them there is no difference between the end of their empire and the end of their lives. From their point of view they are fighting for their lives, and they are willing to take all-or-nothing gambles with the lives of every terrestrial organism in order to win.

We are staring down the barrel of world war and possible extinction. This should deeply impact the hearts and minds of Trump’s opponents and his supporters. Stop arguing about Stormy fucking Daniels and spread awareness about things that really matter.


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17 responses to “Dear America: Please Stop This Shit. Signed, The Rest Of The World.”

  1. Dear Russia;
    Please NUKE the whole shithole american continent.

    Sick and tired of these shitbags!

  2. Carol DeFeciani Avatar
    Carol DeFeciani

    It’s not just US oligarchs, either. There is a wealthy global cabal seeking world domination.

  3. Harry S. Nydick Avatar
    Harry S. Nydick

    While you expand it into a discussion on war, your underlying theme is what I’ve been saying for years. The oligarchs that run this country, in addition to distracting us with (sometimes prurient) discussions like who is/was sleeping with whom, primarily exercise magician-like misdirection, to distract us into fighting one another, over relatively insignificant matters, while they steal more and more of this country and the globe.
    The fact is that, despite our differences, we have far more in common with one another than anyone of us has with any person at the ‘top.’
    There is no single more important matter than uniting to take back the power that those people have usurped. If that is not priority one, nothing else we do will matter, because the end result will be either our destruction, or our enslavement. Once we do that, that’s when we can go to the bargaining table to negotiate and resolve differences about ‘ relatively insignificant’ things such as gun control, racism, sexual assault and the rest. However, while we argue among us on a topic such as abortion, the wealthy are sending our youth to be murdered in war, in the name of security and democracy which does not even exist at home. And once they are dead, abortion becomes a moot point.

    1. Here, here! 😉

  4. Caitlin, thanks for telling the truth. Every rant from you makes me and my wife feel we’re not alone. As Americans, we’re hostages of an insane and suicidal cult – the Neocons – and our liberal friends (and ex-friends) think the only problem is Trump and the only solution is electing more Democrats. Most of the self-identified “progressives” we know are ignorant of everything the U.S. is doing around the world and are not interested in finding out. We spent the Sixties marching and organizing against the Vietnam War. Millions protested then. Where are they now?

  5. Caitlin, with all do respect I think there is a “shit-load” of hyperbole in this article. You do highlight that it is both parties, but let’s really focus on the reason a Trump would have ever been elected in the first place and as you have pointed out in past articles it is not the Russian fodder. First and foremost, The Donald, if it is true that all he cares about is his money, hotels, and promoting his kids to bigger wealth than he has will not engage in something that will mess up his hair let alone risk his fortune. Sorry, but in this article you are drinking the “Cool-aid” and missing the mark. I agree that our MSM is in the back pocket of the “regime” and long time idiots that have been in power for too long. It is time for mega-reform and that initial reform comes by way of bringing an end to lobbyists, and impose immediate term limits as well as putting a cap on how much can be spent by candidates and political parties. But, wait, the vast majority of their expense goes into the coffers of the MSM! Stormy did it, she resurrected her career in same fashion that a washed up rock star does, a lot of T & A and SCANDAL! In the mean time the war mongering that happens to take place is because there are more than the villainous Americans. This absurdity that other countries look at us as though we don’t get it is interesting considering our isolationist approach leading into WWII was also criticized. We were brought into the world of war by Germany, the United Kingdom and subsequently Asia. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Here is a thought – why don’t the other countries who are so perplexed by the US and all aspects of our “ignorance” take care of their own issues and put their people to work so that Americans don’t have to compete for the best jobs and best seats in the best schools? Caitlin, if you want to help Americans then please engage Americans as you would a hysterical adolescent and don’t tell them to stop this shit unless you are going to stop stirring it. Focus on a Triad, the one hiding behind Russia and Iran, therein lies the biggest concern.

    1. It’s Kool-Aid, not Cool-aid, and I think you drank some of it.

    2. Perhaps ‘other countries’ would just take care of ‘their own issues’ if the US would just take care of their own. For example, ask the people of the countries whose governments have been overthrown by the US, whose leaders have been assassinated by the US, and whose elections have been interfered with by the US. If you don’t know about US global interference since WWII, do some reading before you comment again.

    3. AH…I was trying to decipher this unstructured blather then I finally –mercifully — got to the end, and now I see that it’s all about.

      BOO ! RUSSIA !

      BOO ! IRAN !!!

      How cute.

      So then, if that’s the real dangers, then the real dangers are precisely what John Bolton claims they are , right ? ….Bolton has spent a Lifetime screaming BOO ! IRAN ! BOO! RUSSIA ! ….& BOO ! NORTH KOREA !!

      SO, from Mel’s rambling above one deduces that we should all be trembling from the “dangers” posed by Iran, byRussia, & by the DPRK to the USA

      Yeah, right !

      Yeah, IN a Pig’s Eye.

  6. CAITLIN WROTE: “Those most fiendishly devoted to the service of the empire would rather take that risk than see the US lose its dominant role on the global stage; for them there is no difference between the end of their empire and the end of their lives. From their point of view they are fighting for their lives, and they are willing to take all-or-nothing gambles with the lives of every terrestrial organism in order to win.”

    It’s basically the Samson Option. Three guesses who posits that strategy.

    1. Cat, Are you referring to the group who chose to end their lives rather than surrender at Masada?

  7. LuzMilagrosMamaWolf Avatar

    We are living in a nightmare. My feelings mirror yours. People are marching in the streets to allow a government, which they do not trust, to revoke yet another Constitutional right, the only one that keeps these monsters in check.

    The White House should be renamed the Blood House. Our soldiers guard as our government extracts oil, drugs and resources from the countries we occupy. The air is filled with heavy metals and oceans have thousands of gallons of radiation being poured into her from Fukishima. Wild fires burn only houses and cars. Weather is weaponized. False flags, propaganda and distraction are the order of the day fed to us by the corporate media. The food is grown to be resistant to pesticides and aluminium and our water is deliberately poisoned with fluoride. Our lawmakers make laws to make dissent illegal as it makes theft by the 1% legal. Stomy Daniels is the last thing on my mind.

    It’s scary being woke Caitlin. I am glad you are here to make it feel less lonely.

  8. I agree, but I don’t see any possibility of the Merikan sheeple
    getting un-brainwashed in order to change what the empire does.

    And so many former leftys are buying into the ”stopping” the ”evil” Putin narrative
    that I estimate only about 35 Merikans are left who know it’s all BS.

    I had hoped that somehow Europe would come to their senses
    and act as a deterrent to this latest round of craziness –
    – but then I watched Theresa May morph into a f-in crazy b*tch
    over the attempted murder of a spy & totally trash Corbin in Parliament.

    Maybe Germany will be our last hope to stop the nukes from raining down on us,
    along with Japan having already been nuked once, they should be raising hell).

    My only suggestion is to change the term
    ”defense/intelligence” agencies
    to the more accurate
    ”war/espionage” agencies

    (the war-making cartel is not about ”defense”
    and the spy agencies are not ”intelligence”)

    1. Interesting you choose to refer to a female in power a f-in crazy b*tch (using partial spellings doesn’t lessen the misogynistic tone of your sexist rant) and referring to people of the United States who do not believe as the mainstream does “Merikans” is equal to calling people derogatory names that are true signs of a bigot. The American sheeple reality began in 2008 and the silent majority decided to try to force a counter movement. the sheeple of the past 10 years continue to drum up issues that feed the conspiracy theorists and leave us all questioning what do people really want? The current far- left is so screwed up that they do not realize how conflicted they actually are. I do agree intelligence needs to be removed from our vocabulary as there is a huge lack thereof across the globe. Maybe that is a human weakness and we expect too much?

      1. I’ve been a feminist since teething and I see nothing wrong with calling out women like Teresa May who support a fascist patriarchal agenda.

        That said, while I agree ad hominem attacks are never civil or justified, I have to admit I loved ElkoJohn’s neologism. “Merikan.” Speaks volumes. Too perfect a word not to use.

        Cat – Merikan citizen

        1. Agree with you Cat. I think ElkoJohns rant was on point. Except i think his speculation as to the number ’35’ might be way too high.

  9. Other countries look at the United States and wonder why we don’t “get” it. A large part of the problem is we have to weed through so much propaganda it is hard to find the truth. In 2012, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the use of propaganda by our government was made totally legal and is in fact encuraged.

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