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Going Rogue, Episode 67: Syria Update

America has another warmongering neocon president, and as this fact becomes more apparent the battle lines on the political left and right are restructuring themselves. We do our best to analyze the chaos.

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  • Greenwald may be good on anti war but as Sane Progressive points out (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KHjHI1NJms&t=639s), with him actually supporting the propaganda about Assad using chemical weapons on his own people, he is basically taking a dump on the work of people like Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett who go to Syria at their own expense, risking their lives to bring people the truth, so to still support the liar when he supports the propaganda is terrible, he should be ashamed of himself and so should those that still support him, it’s disgusting.

  • Maybe France needs an action to divert the attention of its population to an ‘enemy’? So much is happening in France it seems. Many protests against neoliberal choices of policymakers,,, Is it still forbidden in Paris to go out at night?

  • The U.S. establishment wants to get rid of Assad, as they want to isolate the Russians more and more, and Israel is also egging them on so Israel can take over areas of Syria and otherwise turn Syria into a chaotic state like Libya.Consequently, as things were improving for Syria and Russia in Syria, they needed an excuse to take military action against Syria. And when Trump mentioned he was thinking of pulling out from Syria they became worried and manufactured an excuse to make sure that U.S. forces would remain in Syria and Russia and Putin discredited. The U.S. needed an incident to make sure that the U.S. forces would remain in Syria. The U.S. needed such an incident to continue meddling in Syria.

    And now the Chemical Warfare investigation has examined the Poison that affected the Skirpals they found the poison was of very high purity which seemed to rule out that someone manufactured it in their garage. It could men that it might well have come from the professional labs of the U.K. or the U.S. and placed by their intelligence agencies, and that would appear more probable than that it came from a Russian lab.

  • If OBOMBER had prosecuted the War Crminals would we be here now? Put Trump, Obama, Bush, and others in Jail for the worlds sake. Wage Peace. Phuck the D and R Bullshit from the U.S. MSM puppets , and the Israeli Terrorist’s who control them all. Have a nice day. BDS

    • The old imperialist gang is at it again, France, UK, US (Fr.U.K.U.S.).
      May the strumpet of war be brought low!
      May the ‘Trumpets’ of war be silenced!
      May, Trump and Macron are damned.

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