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Going Rogue, Episode 77: Why You Should Cheer When John McCain Dies, And How To Get Rid Of RT

On why it will be good to show the world that you are happy when John McCain dies, and how the establishment can easily silence RT forever (but won’t).

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  • Being fired from the NYT and being rejected from the US Propaganda Ministry aka media is considered to be an honor. At least to people interested in factual information.
    The one thing every person that has appeared on RT as a guest agrees on, and that is RT never asks nor tells them what they are allowed to say on air. It is sad that you guys talk as if the people that choose to appear on a network where they can speak honestly, that they are losers.
    If appearing on RT will ruin your credibility, then you had none to begin with. If your listeners lack the critical thinking skills required to understand the difference between fact and fiction, then you do not need credibility. You need to be no different then the other divisions of the US Propaganda Ministry.
    I will admit, this is my first visit to this site, and maybe I picked the wrong thing to listen to, if I misjudged, please forgive me.

  • Dear Caitlin

    I am a technological challenged 82 years old college professor. I am trying to navigate your website, or donate something and i am having trouble. I am not on Facebook, I am not on Tweeter and I don’t have a Pay Pall account. All I want is to read your material and make a cent once in a while. I know what a PATRON is, but I don’t know what a PATREON is. Please explain

  • I am confused. What is a PATRON and what is PATREON. Please explain. Yes, I’d like to contribute but how? excuse my lack of technological wisdom.

    Prof. Gregory Ghica

  • There will be a false flage not this friday? but maybe the next. My Jewish friend left Wall St before 911. Wage Peace…..

  • Ray McGovern is a Hero!!! McCain is a PIG. Dead Pigs are good. Taste like chicken. Wage Peace, or phucking get out of my way! Have a nice day! Thanks for what you did today Ray! Thank you for eduacating Caitlin and Co.! Keep On…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • I’m not so sure about consistent and effective. There seems to be a lot of concern about credibility and US Corporate Media. The sheeple are catching on.

  • Israel sucks and controls the U.S.. Fuck You till my last day you Fucks. Have a nice day! Wage Peace…

  • The U.S. is a Pig Killer Nation, and it’s media promotes it. Have a nice day. Shit hitting fan is a bummer. Enjoy! Wage Peace….

  • Do you think you will overturn more than 75 years of consistent and effective propaganda?

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