It’s been a weird last couple of days. I wrote an article about WikiLeaks’ dismissal of “QAnon”, the anonymous 8chan poster that hundreds of thousands of conspiracy newbies believe is sharing secret, coded information about Donald Trump’s heroic war against the US deep state.

Ever since I hit publish I’ve been getting a bunch of angry Q enthusiasts in my social media notifications accusing me of being a shill for the establishment. Because I don’t believe someone who says that we should all trust the President of the United States. Blind faith in the executive branch of the US government is anti-establishment now.

As bizarre as these interactions have been, they are still vastly more pleasant than my typical interactions with the faction I see as QAnon’s mirror image, the Russiagaters. Though enthusiasts of the Russiagate conspiracy theory are far more nasty and vituperative than the Q crowd, there are many similarities. Like QAnon, Russiagate is fueled by about ten percent information and ninety percent desperate need to believe. Like QAnon, Russiagate is so thinly substantiated it doesn’t begin to look legitimate until you’ve spent weeks crawling down the rabbit holes of its bulletproof echo chambers and squinting just right at everything you see until it feels true. Like QAnon, the evangelists of Russiagate center their revolutionary sentiment around President Donald Trump. Like QAnon, they shouldn’t.

Donald Trump is not a Russian agent. Declaring that the US will never recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, arming Ukraine, a Nuclear Posture Review with a much more aggressive posture against Russia, expanding NATO, throwing out Russian diplomats, open regime change policy against Russian allies, attacking Russian media by forcing RT and Sputnik to register as foreign agents, and many other world-threatening new cold war escalations make this administration the most aggressively hawkish against Moscow that we have seen since the fall of the Soviet Union. The Kremlin did not recruit an asset only to have it act against the Kremlin interests with far more aggression than preceding administrations, and anyone who thinks that it did has had some very bad luck with thinking.

Donald Trump is not a deep state-fighting populist hero. Advancing longtime deep state agendas like regime change in Tehran and Damascus, protecting ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria, aiding the Saudi royals in their Yemen butchery, increasing military presence in the Middle East under the pretense of fighting terrorism, appointing warmongering psychopath John Bolton as National Security Advisor and actual, literal torturer Gina Haspel as CIA head, continuing and expanding the Obama administration’s war on whistleblowers, attacking WikiLeaks and pursuing the arrest of Julian Assange, all fit in perfectly with the globe-controlling agendas that were being advanced by US intelligence/defense agencies and neoconservative think tanks long before Trump’s arrival in the Oval Office. Trump is not fighting the US deep state by advancing longtime US deep state agendas, and anyone who thinks that he is has had some very bad luck with thinking.

It is interesting that both of these extremely popular movements are fueled by the spirit of populist rebellion, and yet both wildly misinterpret what the deep state is in a way which directly benefits the existing power establishment. Russiagaters completely dismiss the existence of a deep state altogether, erroneously taking that concept to refer to some imaginary secretive cabal of Jewish elites/reptilians/Illuminati and then correctly stating that no such cabal exists. Trump supporters, meanwhile, increasingly use the term “deep state” as a stand-in for “anyone who opposes Trump”, to the point where you now see longtime deep state lackeys like Sean Hannity successfully setting themselves up as warriors against the deep state.

Both groups misinterpret the concept of the deep state, which is unfortunate, because the proper deep state is the actual thing that they desire to revolt against. The concept refers not to a paranoid conspiracy theory, nor to Democrats and Never Trumpers, but to the loose nonpartisan collaboration between corporatist plutocrats and intelligence/defense agencies which remains in place while America’s official elected government officials come and go. That politically influential plutocrats and secretive government agencies exist is not disputable, nor is it disputable that they collaborate with one another to advance their own agendas, nor is it disputable that this collaboration more or less ignores national and partisan boundary lines whenever it’s convenient to do so.

This unelected permanent government is the real seat of power in the United States, and it is therefore the thing that any real revolution is directed against. Revolting against the political enemies of the US president and revolting against the political allies of the US president are the very least revolutionary things that anyone can possibly do. A real revolution is directed at the unelected power establishment which is ultimately responsible for the fact that this US president is acting more or less like his predecessors.

You don’t punch at shadows if you want to win a fight. When you see the shadow of someone coming up behind you with a knife, you don’t attack the shadow, you turn and face the threat. Donald Trump is merely a shadow of the ominous dark forces he serves. If you judge him by his actions, you will see a man being puppeted by the same deep state that used Obama, and used Bush before him. The same actions are playing out through the bodies of different men. The stories about why they do these same actions over and over change with each president, but the actions are always the same. We’ve had three administrations since the famous “seven countries in five years” memo, Republican, Democrat, and now Republican again, but the plan goes ahead unabated. Trump is actioning that memo like Obama did before him, and Bush before him. The deep state will have its way. Business continues as usual.

This is a bitter pill to swallow, but swallow it we must. The 99 percent want nothing to do with the deep state’s sick agendas. We don’t want the three-front “long” war that the Pentagon has been planning. Endless, stupid war serves none of us except the very privileged few. We all have the right to quiet enjoyment of our lives here on earth, and the constant propaganda and disruption campaigns waged all over the world are causing massive unnecessary suffering. We are all in agreement about that, and yet it continues because we have been successfully blinded by our tribal loyalties into seeing only half the picture.

Real revolution will require humility. We will have to admit that we have been duped. We will have to admit that our heroes and villains were all just a two-handed show of the puppeteering deep state, and while we were laughing and crying and shaking our fists at each other, it has always been business as usual for the real power establishment. We will have to look over the other side of the aisle and instead of pointing and laughing at how gullible they are to believe their particular psyop, we’ll have to admit that we can be gullible too. We will have to admit that we have been wrong. That we have been played. Only then will we be able to truly see with clear eyes what is actually going behind the emotional veil of tribal loyalties and wanting to be right.

In the end it will come down to each individual deciding that they’d rather seek the truth than ignore facts for the sake of feeling right. If a tipping point of individuals can do that for themselves, then the revolution will happen so naturally that we will barely even notice it. It will be like waking from a bad dream or recovering from a cold. The blocks to sanity will dissolve and people will find themselves moving in a much more harmonious way with each other without even trying. Sanity is our natural state. It is who we are under the damage of psychological abuse from decades of proto-propaganda (which includes things like religion and advertising as well) that uses our individual fears to manipulate us. Once the stories can’t get a hold of us anymore, then the story-tellers lose their power completely and we will start acting from our natural, healthy impulses rather than from our embattled, fearful, artificially-enforced selfish state.

That’s my secret hope. I hope that one day in the near future we will say to each other, “Remember when…” and we will marvel at how weird we were and how close to annihilation we came and wonder how it all resolved so quickly. The answer won’t be in our mind-made stories of how it happened; it will be encoded in the tapestry of our being. A simple switch from seeking to be “right” to being true from enough individuals will reverberate through us like thunder.

The revolution will not start with the sound of a gun. It will start with the sound of a giggle as the seriousness of the fear-soaked us-vs-them narratives falls away, and the patina of realism starts to wear thin. Laughter will erupt around the world as the pantomime we took to be real continues, but looks stupid and unrealistic from this newfound perspective. Russiagaters will be slapping their thighs alongside Q fans as wires become obvious to the naked eye, the set falls over to reveal the puppeteer turning colors with embarrassment.

And none of that has anything to do with Trump. He is just one of the many puppets on the stage.

Look for the strings, my powerful clear-eyed rebels. Ignore the story and look for the strings.


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23 responses to “The Real Revolution Has Nothing To Do With Donald Trump”

  1. John Bestevaar Avatar
    John Bestevaar

    This rings a bell with me. For some time i have thought we the ordinary people have much more in common with the plebs of all other nations than we do with the Governments, business and elites of our own country. I am changing my loyalty accordingly.

  2. Donald Trump is not a Russian agent. Declaring that the US will never recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, arming Ukraine, a Nuclear Posture Review with a much more aggressive posture against Russia, expanding NATO, throwing out Russian diplomats…..

    But these are just tricks to lull people into a false sense of security be for the USSR strikes! What? There is no USSR? Why wasn’t I told? /sarc

  3. I think you have it right.

  4. Great stuff as usually Caitlin! People have a deep-seated need to believe in, or belong to, something. This is why religion is still kicking about even though any rational human can see that it’s a load of horse dung. Aristotle was right in believing that humans have a deep-seated need to participate in civic society. The current system has taken our civic mindedness away and replaced it with greedy consumerism, narrow individualism, and selfie/Facebook narcissism. What people need is a constant slap in the face to wake them up.

    Keep on slapping Caitlin, eventually more people will wake up!

  5. Two branches of the (so-called) deep state fighting eachother?
    Ever hear of the Guelphs and the Ghibellines? If not look it up. Ruling elites have had internal power struggles
    throughout history. Ever see vultures fighting over the spoils?
    The rest of us can either pick a side, stay out of it, or try to create a people’s party.

  6. 100 clear eyed, as usual!!

    The key with the public is probably “desperate need to believe”

    This seems to be true for the climate crisis deniers too.

    Some things are nearly unbearable to face.

    Have you looked into the Exchange Stabilization Fund in all its ramifications?

  7. Great article, thanks Caitlin.

  8. Good stuff as usual, Caitlin. Thanks!
    But while the defense/intelligence agencies and plutocrats certainly play major roles in this, I think you’re not giving enough attention to Wall Street and Corporate America. They’re all in it together.

  9. Spot-on Ms. Johnstone… Since the 1980s I’ve seen the two-headed maggot that is our government cultivate a circus to separate the citizens while building a juggernaut of corruption that continues to serve their elitist agenda… Trump is just another puppet.

  10. Caitlin & Team: Please do a similar analysis of the political situations/contexts/controls over the foreign policy/treaties/etc of Australia!

  11. geoffreyskoll Avatar

    I offer merely some food for thought. I think what is currently called the Deep State (correctly described by Caitlin) began after FDR’s death and was formally instituted by Harry Truman with his national security state. It was this apparatus that Eisenhower warned against in his public speech, and had been warning JFK about during the transition period when the two met extremely frequently. JFK resisted and got killed. No president since has dared. The revolution has to be either extremely violent, with all the attendant risks that would bring, or it must be non-violent, humane, and done with loving kindness. The choice is ours.

    1. If you’re going to blame Truman, I think you have to blame Eisenhower as well. Truman was a clothes salesman from Hicksville. If he had argued against “strengthening the military that saved the world” (BS, of course, but that’s what USA politicians have to pretend), how effective could he have been? Eisenhower on the other hand was the only two-term president and five-star general in history. If he had staked his entire presidency on opposing what apparently only he was “clear-eyed” enough to see, he would have strangled the monster in its crib. Or sure, maybe he would also have been assassinated, but at least then someone else might have wondered about what was in that crib.

      1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

        I certainly didn’t mean to let Eisenhower off he hook.

  12. I love your writing!

  13. joseph mirzoeff Avatar
    joseph mirzoeff

    How do you explain that all the deep-staters (from both political parties) hate Trump? Bushes, Cheneys, Obamas, Clintons, Brennan, Clapper, McCain? and mainstream media. Is it just a dance? Why would they do this if he is doing what they want? I heard one comment that there are two branches of deep state fighting each other — is that it?

    1. joseh mirzoeff Avatar
      joseh mirzoeff

      also comey and mueller and some tech luminaries

    2. The reason some Deep State actors hate Trump is that he is not smart enough to realize that one needs to pretend to be something other than a loathesome person to be able to get away with loathsome policies.

      He makes what they (including him) want to do much more obvious.

      The only way the Deep State has been able to maintain its hegemony is to pretend that the US is a “shining beacon on a hill”, and Trump makes the putrid, rotting, demonic face of the US too obvious for that to continue.

      This is why, if you actually pay attention, the objections that are raised by the McResistance are solely tone-based, and not policy-based objections.

  14. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    I found the strings long ago. The difficulty is getting others to recognize their existence. I am reminded of a saying on a TV game show, nearly 40 years ago. The host read the words of a write-in fan who said, “You might as well say something nice about people. After all, it’s all they will believe anyway.”
    So, I have decided not to engage in tit-for-tat-nonsense with bots, Qanons, Russiagaters and other creations who just want to get my goat. I didn’t vote for either major party’s candidate in 2016, so feel 100% justified in ignoring the positions of both sides. It’s so hard, these days, to get into an intelligent, analytical conversation with others who may not share my point of view. What I won’t do is feed the ego of the bots and others, by actually arguing with them about the nonsense they spout. I have come to believe that nothing upsets them more, or shuts them up better, than simply refusing to engage with them. My hope, for the ones that are real people, is that in the silence they may have the opportunity to evaluate the nonsense they are regurgitating.

  15. lynn allen Young Avatar
    lynn allen Young

    Caitlin nails it again. The rough part is , that the Hilary,Obama,Donald kool-aid drinkers cannot separate the

    zillion dollar pro publicity blabber machine images from the actual presidential actions . Of course that’s
    exactly what the Z.D.P.P.B.M. is for . The unelected power establishment(the permanent state)sets the priorities and decides who to attack and who’s gonna pay for it. But a whole lot of people who think they’re
    liberals can’t tell the difference between a Neo-con and a progressive and and they’re effectively serving as intellectual foot-soldiers for the neo-cons. Chico Marx used to say “Who you gonna believe ? Me or your own eyes ?

  16. Brava. I will dream your dream. I hope I wake to the laughter and high-fives of the 99% when the realize we are finally woke from our collective nightmare and take charge of our reality. Wake brothers and sisters while we still have time.

  17. Brilliant, and true.

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