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The Beasts Unknown

The Beasts Unknown

After all those years
of spitting out rivers of blood and teeth
and defiant is-that-all-you-gots,

After all those years
of watching hope after hope catch fire
and dance off with the smoke of cigarettes and trains,

After all those years
of bad sex and unmet gazes
and trembling hands full of pills,

It is strange now to recline
on the lap of the Elephant God
with my womb full of acorns and wolves.

Language pours from my face like Dublin rain
forming oceans of ineffable objects.
I am surrounded by white flamingoes.

The Beasts Unknown will come when I call,
from tunnels and overpass shadows,
from underneath the beds of small children,
from behind the unspeakable desires of housewives,
leaving footprints which sprout sawdust dandelions
and tooting clarinet stalks.

The Beasts Unknown will shamble forward
on mismatched limbs with creaking brass joints,
and their voices will sound like cyclones of bones.
They will kneel before the Elephant God
and their sweet sweat will fill the air with bubbles.

The Beasts Unknown will receive instructions and set out
putting cracks in hard things and holes in soft things,
squirming like earthworms through the dense minds of men,
putting stones in the mouths of smarmy lectors,
burying dead thoughts and replacing them with moonlight,
decorating trees with sun dried symbols
and pieces of church organ wrapped in wires
and the skulls of the demons that we’d worshipped in our own skulls.

Bits and pieces of the old ceiling will vanish,
like a puzzle in reverse,
and the blue, blue sky will shine through.

I caress the conch shell in my hands.
I feel a kicking inside my belly.


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  • How many quantum computers are up and running currently? Answer:4. What is their source of energy? Answer: Black goo. (Google recently developed a Goo-gel play goo for kids.) Where did this black goo originate? The truth and or reality is far, far, far stranger than fiction. How is cern connected to Shiva? Notice the similarities between cerns and google chome’s “666” logo’s. Why did the Vatican hold a conference concerning the extraordinary increase in. The amount of excorcisms being requested? What happened on September 23rd 2017 that cut the number of athiests world wide by at least a quarter? My apologies if I am treating you as naive…and I mean that. After all you asked the right questions and it is the end of this Age.

  • My hope for you is that the kicking inside your belly, will bring forth a beautiful, shy endangered red wolf, who will walk beside you like a puppy dog; yet, as is its nature, protect you from all The Beasts Unknown.

  • Good for you, Us, and this distorted culture in decline.
    Wisdom arrives at last?

    Acorns and wolves, kicking in my belly.
    Very hopeful.
    I smiled.


  • Yep, get that.

  • Pretty hardcore, loved it!

  • I meant feminist in the sense of power that it evokes for me in being pregnant and eventually giving birth, all the while in awe of the brute animal forces at work.

  • is this feminist or just a story about ascension?

  • Beautiful.

  • Caitlin, this is so fine and feminist, I am at a loss for words. I particularly love the passage about the Beasts coming when you call – “from tunnels and overpass shadows, from underneath the beds of small children, from behind the unspeakable desires of housewives…”
    More, please.

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