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Going Rogue, Episode 84: Narrative, Propaganda, And Enlightenment

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  • I am encouraged to see that you and others are talking about the power which propaganda has over the people. I began watch the propaganda in 1980 and have been observing it since. It really picked up in 1991 when the Soviet Union fell and George Bush Sr. invaded, bombed, and destroyed the nation of Iraq.

    While there are many facets to propaganda – the big lie, repeating it over and over, pretending all enemies are one enemy (radicals, extremists, terrorists, etc.), lighting the fuse of emotion (the iraqis threw the babies onto the hard, cold, floor), the smear (Sadam’s spider-hole), telling only half the story (emphasizing the so called Jewish holocaust while ignoring the current Muslim holocaust), etc., controlling the narrative is to me the backbone of the propaganda effort.

    To take the big picture, I have noticed 3 myths manipulating the western world. They are:

    1) Don’t believe in the war over slavery myth and you are a racist defending slavery;

    2) Don’t believe in the Jewish holocaust myth and you are an anti-semite nazi;

    3) Don’t believe in the Jesus myth and you are going to hell.

    These myths manipulate and control people.  That is the purpose of myths, whose purpose may be beneficial or not. Myths tell us where we came from, who we are, and where we are going. Myths are a major part of propaganda. Good myths inspire people to work together and do good. Evil myths control you to do you enemy’s bidding.

  • Spot on as usual. Looking forward to life post propaganda, if that is possible. FYI, I was permanently suspended on Twitter last month after 23,300 tweets, many promoting you. I must have pushed too hard. On Gab now but, it is almost worthless so far. I can still see your page on Twitter but am not able to post, retweet, like, message etc. I believe big Wikileaks info will be uncovered soon. George Webb is first as usual, to put it together in this video; youtu.be/y25AkGFdexc #DeepState’s #DIA & #Mossad’s #WikiStrat intercepts #WikiLeaks whistleblowers. #Impeachment #SoftCoup attempt, #Spygate started March 2015. Wikileaks’ Ratner, Jones, Lucas & MacFadden taken out.

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