Fox News contributor, Washington Post columnist and neoconservative thought leader Charles Krauthammer has died of cancer, and there is a mad media rush of establishment eulogies scrambling to canonize him as a great man in the eyes of the public before anyone can step back and take stock of what this man’s legacy actually is. This is perfectly understandable, because if social consciousness cements into history what a wheelchair full of toxic human waste Krauthammer actually was, it will make things much more difficult for them to manufacture support for their neoconservative wars going forward.

In April of 2003, Charles Krauthammer christened the Iraq invasion he had loudly and persistently advocated the “Three Week War“. As part of his arguments about how easy the war would be and how soon it would be over, the time-challenged Krauthammer bizarrely asserted that the war in Afghanistan had taken nine weeks.

In October of 2003, after the Three Week War had been raging on for seven months, he penned an article for the Chicago Tribune titled “The problem with armchair pundits“, which was essentially one long whinge about all the criticisms the Bush administration had been receiving for its disastrous intervention.

“If in a year or two we are able to leave behind a stable, friendly government, we will have succeeded,” Krauthammer wrote. “If not, we will have failed.”

In February of 2004, after the Three Week War had been dragging on for nearly a year, Krauthammer received an Irving Kristol Award (essentially the exact opposite of what a Nobel Peace Prize is supposed to be), during which he gave an influential speech about the wonders of unipolarity, a popular term he coined that is now a popular term commonly used in reference to neoconservatism which describes America’s dominance over the world following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The speech laid out a framework for how the US government can best use its ability to to unilaterally effect change throughout the post-9/11 world.

In May of 2006, after the Three Weeks War celebrated its three year anniversary, Krauthammer was named by the Financial Times as the single most influential commentator in all of the United States. He would go on to sell the lie that “Voices around the world, from Europe to America to Libya, are calling for U.S. intervention to help bring down Moammar Gaddafi,” and then to advocate regime change in Syria. On top of the terror, destabilization, and million deaths caused by the Iraq invasion, Krauthammer used his immense influence to help manufacture support for tens of thousands of dead Libyans and hundreds of thousands of dead Syrians caused by US interventionism in those nations.

And still he remained gainfully employed. As Obama prepared to leave office toward the end of Krauthammer’s career, he excoriated the outgoing president for insufficient hawkishness and interventionism with Syria, Iran, Russia, and Iraq, all in the same article. One of his final Washington Post op-eds called for the US to re-place nuclear weapons in South Korea, leaving one to wonder if his cancer left him lucid enough to see the steadily progressing peace talks proving him wrong one last time.

To the very end of his career, Charles Krauthammer was shoving the world as hard as he could toward death. He loved death. Now he has it. May all other neoconservative death cultists soon get their wish as well.

In spite of overwhelming and repeated mountains of evidence to the contrary, Charles Krauthammer claimed to believe that wars were easy, expedient, and good. He spent decades promoting death and destruction in the name of this perverse ideology, and allowing the world to make a saint of him now would be paving the way for more Charles Krauthammers in the future. He was evil, he served evil, and it is good that he is now dead. Hopefully McCain, Kissinger and Cheney soon follow, with increasingly great disdain shown to their infernal legacies.

The American supremacist vision of unipolarity Krauthammer based his worldview upon has led to entire nations being collapsed under the false pretenses of spreading freedom and democracy, when in reality they were first and foremost geared at preserving that very unipolarity as a goal in and of itself. US-led wars of aggression are about power and dominance; believing that the most powerful empire in the history of civilization isn’t driven primarily by a hunger for power is like believing that Jeff Bezos is uninterested in money or Kim Kardashian is uninterested in fame. This insatiable power hunger is what Krauthammer dedicated his life’s work to feeding, no matter how many lives it cost.

And now he is gone. Finally. Good riddance. Let us remember him for what he was, and not for the fake image of him that the establishment war propagandists are scrambling to create.

Charles Krauthammer is dead. May he rest in war. Amen.


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37 responses to “A Lover Of Death Gets His Wish :  Neocon Charles Krauthammer Dead At 68”

  1. I’ll check out Blood Lies, Geoffrey. I am currently reading William Blum’s Killing Hope, deep into Uruguay and Dan Mitrione’s torture chambers. I spend most of my time online at gender-critical websites and have respect for any news site which does not shut out gender criticism. Amy Goodman, needless to say, laps up genderism, as does that cesspit Counterpunch. Feminist Current had an excellent critique of the left and their seemingly complete disinterest in women’s issues.

    1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

      Feminist Current looks good. I just subscribed.

  2. When I first saw Krauthammer on television, I could not believe my eyes. The guy was one of the ugliest humans I’ve ever seen and no one ever talked about it. His face could be used to frighten small children on Halloween. As I’ve aged I’ve begun noticing how many men, particularly aging men, are very difficult to look at — apparently the notion of Dorian Gray was not so very far-fetched and it is obvious that these men do not have a portrait in their attic. All their crimes are writ upon their visage.

    1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

      Exactly what I thought!

  3. Tomonthebeach Avatar

    Finally, somebody who called out the fawning BS about a guy who seemed – not unjustifiably so – to be a bitter and miserable little man who found solace in articulately belittling people who could not hit back; ridiculing liberals as fools, and glorifying the excesses of neoliberal capitalism. Even PBS Newshour tossed Kraut a boquet. Maybe they wanted to demonstrate that they are not a petty as FoxNews.

    1. PBS Newshour = Fox News for liberals.

      1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

        And NPR. Amy Goodman has slid close to them too. The Real News Network (TRNN) is still good, and of course Black Agenda Report.

        1. I’m not familiar with TRNN and will check them out. I do follow Consortium News and Information Clearinghouse (the latter to a limited extent). And, yes, BAR is excellent. I’ve started reading Truthdig again because they publish Julian Vigo, a gender-critical feminist, and they got rid of their hard-to-read format.

          1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

            I think we’re on the same page (hopefully the same book). Are you on Also, check out Grover Furr’s BLOOD LIES (NY: Red Star Publishers, 2014) ISBN 9780692200995. Libraries, fuhgetaboutit. I bought it. It’s worth it. Makes me angry, well angrier. A scathing critique of established academic propaganda.

            1. I’ll write at top — this is too skinny!

  4. His death was 68 years too late for the good of the world…

  5. I’m a 68 year old Vietnam veteran, the same age as Charles Krauthammer. And I’ve been living with depression and anxiety ever since I got off the plane that brought me back to the US in May of 1971. Since then I’ve worked many jobs and have paid my taxes knowing that my tax dollars have helped kill millions of people around the planet. I have blood on my hands. I should have killed myself a long time ago but I didn’t have the fortitude to do so. Now I just try to be kind to my fellow humans, especially children, and help them in some small way. I’m not a rich man and know I live in the Evil Empire but if I can help just one person maybe that might help me get through another day.

  6. As usual, Caitlin’s analysis is breathtakingly brave and brilliant. However, again, it’s what she doesn’t say that leaves one disappointed and frustrated.

    According to Mearsheimer and Walt, 2/3 of neoconservatives are Jewish (a constituency that is 2% of the populace). How can one write an entire essay about Krauthammer and not once indicate he was not only a zionist, but one of the most prominent, ardent order?

    Way too often Caitlin adheres to the widespread, deeply inculcated, identity-politics diktat to refrain from using the J or Z word in a negative context. I’ve been woke for a while, but it wasn’t until I got really woke that I could see we can’t dismantle the oligarchy until we begin to connect the dots — starting with identifying the consequential, statistically disproportionate composition of the elite across multiple dimensions of power and influence.

    Obscuring Krauthammer’s distinct identity is a form of sanctioning willful ignorance as to the nature of the current power paradigm in the U.S.

    1. Fantastic comment, i agree 100 percent! Caitlins article is superb, but is only worth a B not an A, for not mentioning J. This is all too common, and tiresome, and dishonest. Neconservatism is jewish. The Iraq war was a jewish war. Jews have more power influence and wealth than any other group in the world. To avoid talking about jewish power in order to not be called anti semite is simply cowardly, and an essential part of the story gets left out. I recommend everyone read the works of Professor Kevin MacDonald concerning jews and jewish power.

      1. All the 9/11 Wars have been wars for Israel.

        The US didn’t even get Iraq’s oil — the big figleaf reason why we were supposedly actually fighting that war. Read Gary Vogler. The Iraq oil all went to Israel.

        Why do you think were in Syria. Another war for Israel to get the oil discovered in the Golan Heights. Read about Genie Oil and Gas.


    2. satanists have hidden among christians, jews, and muslims for millenia…since most jews are atheists, it is easier for the satanists to hide among them.
      rothschilds and their tools like kissinger, soros, krauthammer are satanists and only pretend to be jewish

      1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

        What does religion have to do with anything in this discussion?

        1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
          Carolyn Zaremba

          Quite right. And a lot of ignorance in the above comments.

  7. Krauthammer (holy jesus fucking christ – what a name) didn’t have a heart, and neither does that fuckup President of ours.

  8. I feel the same way about the death of Krauthammer that I did about the death of Antonin Scalia. They were both wicked intellectual phonies. That they are lionized by the political and media establishments is not a surprise, as their interests aligned so well. Good riddance, indeed.

    1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

      The comparison to Scalia is understandable, but I think the two men were different types. Krauthammer was a psychopah, which in my understanding and usage, means he had no empathy. It is hard to put psychopaths along a moral spectrum, because they have no morality. They are amoral. Scalia, in contrast, was evil. He was a practicing member of Opus Dei, which despite its name, is in effect an organization that worships evil. He practiced evil every chance he had. Nonetheless, I think, and thought at the time, that he was assassinated because of a case that was coming before the court. It would not be a case that we normals would pay attention to, because it was probably some trillion dollar corporate case that we wouldn’t know about or understand if we did.

      1. Did you ever hear, Geoffrey, that Scalia was the mafia’s Man on the Court?

        1. geoffreyskoll Avatar

          I’ve heard it, but actually we should be so lucky. At least mafiosi are rational. Much worse, Scalia was Opus Dei’s man on the court. About Scalia, which is unfortunately off topic of the original article, but still. He was at best an intellectual bully. His arguments didn’t make sense, but in debates his tactics relied on intimidating his interlocutors. His reputation as an intellectual force was, I think, an invention by those he bullied so they could save pride.

    2. John Allen aka Ol' Hippy Avatar
      John Allen aka Ol’ Hippy

      As I was writing on Medium responding to Caitlin’s piece Scalia came to mind. Same bullshit from the pundits and media talking heads. I’d give all…well, a hundred dollars to see just one person tell the truth about a despicable creature such as ol’ Charles buddy. It’d be screamingly hilarious to see jaws agape at the real truth being told.

  9. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    Ding dong the wretch is dead.

  10. geoffreyskoll Avatar

    Public health data in the United States has shown a dramatic rise in anxiety-depression-suicide rates, especially in the last five years. A suspect the same obtains in the other Anglophone settler countries like Australia and Canada. Our societies are run by psychopaths, and we are surrounded by those who celebrate them, like Krauthammer. Anyone who is not anxious and depressed doesn’t understand the situation, as in Kipling’s ‘if you can keep your head wile all those around you are losing theirs, it means you don’t understand the situation..

    1. Or … we stopped paying attention, knowing that the anxiety and depression was literally killing us and ruining our lives.

      “Knowing” and “paying attention” hasn’t changed anything. This is an important point that deserves extensive discussion and consideration.

    2. John Allen aka Ol' Hippy Avatar
      John Allen aka Ol’ Hippy

      I say the study ought to go back to the start of this century.(2001) Seems like anxiety has increased every year since then. Think back and see all the bad shit that’s happened since then. The Trump phenomena is just the latest assault on sanity.

  11. Good Riddance
    ..and yes may ALL the other warmongers & freaks follow closely behind
    so we can finally have a world worth living in, without these blood-thirsty sickos that have never in fact given up the ancient practise of human-sacrifice.

  12. Clintons and Bush’s too

  13. I gotta admit, I cheered when I read the title of this. Then I felt bad because he is dead… naw, I cheered again.

  14. Save labor and limit destruction of the environment : Toss McCain into the same hole.

  15. 40K’s career is proof that the military-media-industrial complex DGAF about ever being right about anything, or ever having any humility about having always been wrong. If you can reliably flap your lips with a puppeteer’s arm run up your behind and never exhibit any shame about it, you can always find work at some awful think tank.

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