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That Time Trump’s Iran Advisor Threatened To Murder An Official’s Children To Start The Iraq War

If you’ve been wondering why you’re seeing John Bolton’s carrion-soaked mustache on screen more than usual lately, it’s because things are escalating further with Iran.

President Trump’s National Security Advisor has been on a whirlwind media tour helping the imperial propaganda machine manufacture support for the latest round of crushing sanctions that have now gone into effect against the Islamic Republic. Bolton has been a busy little bee, smearing and deceiving and manipulating the narrative to ensure that we all know the unrest and violence that may be about to erupt in Tehran is totally, totally organic and not at all the result of the CIA covert operations that have been implemented there.

Throughout his appearances on such outlets as Fox News, Fox Business, Fox & Friends, CNN’s The Lead, and Conservative Review, Bolton has been repeating the blatantly false talking point that Iran is somehow uniquely egregious in the Middle East in its support for terrorist factions, calling it the “world’s central banker for international terrorism.”

Since we’re seeing so much John Bolton and so much talk of terrorists, I think this would be a good opportunity to remind everyone of the time John Bolton threatened to murder the children of an OPCW official in order to deceive the world into consenting to the Iraq war which killed a million people.

José Bustani was the director-general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in early 2002, during which time The Intercept reports he came under fire for having too much success in diplomacy with the Iraqi government, which undermined the case for an invasion. So Bolton attempted to scare him off.

From The Intercept:

“Cheney wants you out,” Bustani recalled Bolton saying, referring to the then-vice president of the United States. “We can’t accept your management style.”


Bolton continued, according to Bustani’s recollections: “You have 24 hours to leave the organization, and if you don’t comply with this decision by Washington, we have ways to retaliate against you.”


There was a pause.


“We know where your kids live. You have two sons in New York.”

Bolton declined to comment on the story, his spokesperson instead referring The Intercept to a section from his 2008 memoir which in no way contradicted Bustani’s account of the interaction.

Who would do such a thing? Who would threaten an official’s children in order to advance a pervasively evil military intervention based on lies? Only an actual, literal psychopath. Someone with no conscience, no morals, no empathy, no humanity.

Bolton still maintains that the disastrous and unforgivable Iraq invasion was a great idea and a resounding success. And he’s not lying. To him, it was a resounding success, because his goal was death and destruction. He is a psychopath and a lover of death. This is who is guiding this administration’s approach to Iran.

It is bizarre to me that everyone isn’t talking about this all the time. It’s bizarre that Trump’s political opposition prefers to spend all its energy diddling nonsense about someone’s assistant vice secretary buying a used car from a lady whose neighbor’s dog’s veterinarian might possibly have been Russian but you can’t see the evidence for it because the evidence is secret, when this president has appointed an actual murderous psychopath to his highest advisory position. At least on a grassroots level this should be what rank-and-file anti-Trump #Resisters are talking about.

But they don’t. Because the so-called “Resistance” is astroturf from top to bottom, and it’s being driven by a corporatist establishment media machine that serves the same depraved oligarchy as John Bolton. In a healthy society someone like Bolton would be kept in a cage and never let out without being strapped to a gurney with a leather mask over his mouth like Hannibal Lecter. In this society, he is a celebrated official. He is the establishment.

Surprisingly, Bolton’s false narrative that Iran is the top terrorism sponsor was disrupted today by none other than Geraldo Rivera on none other than Fox freaking News. I’m going to type out a transcript of the brief exchange, because getting anything resembling truth on the Fox News lie factory is a small miracle whenever it occurs, and should be documented for posterity.

“I think that our entire policy vis-à-vis Iran is bankrupt,” Rivera said on Fox’s The Five. “I think that we have totally picked the wrong enemy in the Middle East. In my experience in decades of war reporting, the nuisance, the evil doer, is Saudi Arabia. It was the Saudi Arabians who were the 9/11 hijackers. They’re ISIS, they’re al-Qaeda, they’re al-Shabaab, it’s the Sunni Saudi Arabians who are the real problem. The Iranians, I believe we can do business with them. They’re the sheiks of Rodeo Drive in southern California. They’re the Persians.”

The other panelists, who were visibly distressed during this spiel, were no longer able to contain themselves and began to interject comments like “There can be more than one problem!” and “It’s the regime in Iran we have the problem with!”

“I think we really have gone-” Rivera struggled over the interruptions. “We’ve been bought and purchased by the Saudis. The Saudis have bought and purchased American foreign policy.”

It was sloppy. It was Fox News sloppy. It was old-conserative-guy-talking-about-Muslims sloppy. And it was glorious. Criticizing Saudi Arabia is almost as much a taboo on Fox News as criticizing Israel, because Saudi Arabia plays as much a role in the bloodthirsty agendas of the US-centralized empire as Israel does. The KSA’s completely opaque and unaccountable totalitarian monarchy and its vast troves of oil money have enabled it to finance all kinds of unspeakable evils around the world that a pretend democracy like Israel, the United States or the United Kingdom would never be able to get away with. Among the band of brothers which comprise the US-centralized alliance, Saudi Arabia is the one who knows how to dissolve a human body in a tub of acid.

This is not to suggest that the US should be starting a conflict with Saudi Arabia (not that there’s any danger of that happening with the lucrative petrodollar deals and the amount of lobbyists that the KSA keeps pouring into Washington). It’s just to flag the fact that there’s nothing you can say about Iran that can’t be said far more damningly about Saudi Arabia, so anyone who babbles about the Iranian government’s human rights violations or terrorist funding isn’t arguing based on principle, but based on something their television told them to believe and regurgitate. If it were really about humanitarian concerns instead of some deceitful propaganda injected into their thought stream by right-wing media, they wouldn’t be pointing at Saudi Arabia’s chief geopolitical rival Iran, they’d be pointing at Saudi Arabia.

Hence Bolton’s media tour. If he and his neocon cohorts succeed in implementing the same strategy in Iran that was implemented against Libya and Syria, we can expect unfathomable destabilization, suffering and death, and it will be necessary to stay ahead of that narrative and make sure that people are talking about the catastrophe as a “civil war” and not a destabilization deliberately engineered by the US-centralized alliance. All Trump’s people need to do is keep circulating lies about Iran, and all Trump’s fake opposition has to do is mostly ignore them.

And of course from his history we know that Bolton would happily facilitate such an agenda. The man is the closest thing that this world has to a true monster.


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  • what they are doing in the middle east is more than steal oil. they create sheep/slave states for a ruling class utopia. zionists, etc.

  • Spot on again cobber.

  • Psychotic national behavior is the logical result of, …
    being trapped in an unsustainable world power position you dare not back down from, …
    trapped between fending off grievous outside retribution and national economic-social implosion.

    Bolton is just a mouthpiece for our dilemma.

    “Power used is power lost”. And unending power projection is unsustainably costly.

    So, bullying, intimidation, threats, sabre rattling, sanctions, assassinations, and other covert suppression and destabilization ops are our cheapest alternatives, …. along with “getting in-bed” with some of the most reprehensible characters.

  • Its the US’s strategic need to keep our US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency that’s driving a lot of this Bolton-esque warmongering. Rhetorically casting Bolton as a caricature-psychopath misses this bigger picture.

    By 1971, the US’s profligate “printing” of its US Dollar made it impossible for us to maintain the fantasy of a 100% gold backed world currency at $35/oz (Bretton Woods Agreement). It was at this point that the Nixon administration got the Saudi’s to agree to the “Petrodollar” proposition.

    The consequence of this was the market “mandated” WORLD WIDE transaction of crude oil, between any and all parties, to be conducted ONLY in US$. This synthetically created demand sustained the US$ in its preeminent international position as THE “world’s store of value” for these last 47 years. The price of this deal was that the US would unconditionally defend and keep in power the House of Saud, defending it by whatever means-methods necessary, from all threats foreign and domestic.

    Among other things, this as resulted in many bizarre situations, s/a us US “foreign infidels” maintaining 5 military bases in the homeland and heart of “true” Islam. And, any and all criticism of our “progressive and stable SA ally” is muffled by the US State Department with the (conscious, I believe) support of the US press.

    The US has been the Saudi’s stooge muscle ever since!

    As Iran has the “cheek” and impudence to push ITS Shi’a Islam as the “one true brand”, …
    AND is willing to defy international convention by trading its crude for things other than US Dollars’ …
    the US finds itself obliged to be embroiled in both a religious war, and a fight to maintain the prime economic weapon of its hegemony.

    Is not merely warmongering psychosis that drives US. And consequently, we’re speeding toward economic collapse, but can’t dare to take our foot off the gas pedal.

    Look around the world, any leadership that threatens the position of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency is declared an “enemy” and targeted for internal destabilization, sanctions, and regime change.

    Eurasian regional power realignment isn’t the only thing the US is struggling to hold the line against.

    The US is overextended but sees no way of backing off, without suffering an implosion. There doesn’t appear to be a graceful way to step back, even one or two paces from center world stage.

    • Excellent point and well said.
      I would differ in only small point.
      I suspect the us does not fight to defend its dolor, rather once we have targeted a nation for extiction such is one of thier last gasp reactions – weak and late.

      People who aspire to serve good need to bare in mind that nations have no morality – Caitlin had excellent article to that affect a few weeks bck – us moral authority (was painfully good).

      • Well, …. those more astute than I, see keeping the US Dollar as THE world’s reserve currency as first and foremost to maintaining US world power.

        Of course, having debased our currency 95% since 1971 and with the ascension of China as a major economic power (NOT beholding or subjugate-able by the US), …. the world position of the USD$ IS slipping seriously.

        And as the US’s LACK of MORAL AUTHORITY becomes increasing apparent, PARTICULARLY as the US resorts to progressively more blatant, abusive, and hypocritical actions to maintain its world preeminence on the cheap, …

        Expect to see further US militarism, as more of our “friends and allies” start shifting allegiances.

        Lack of “moral authority” is also a critical INTERNAL problem for the US, particularly as all forms of commoner disenfranchisement become more extreme. When the public views the police more as predatory enforcer thugs for the elites than as citizen protectors, and increasing numbers go from respect to violent hatred of social and political leadership, …. anarchy and collapse is the painful consequence.

  • Very powerful expression proving great release of frustration and shining like on the cockraoches that run our government.

    Still like spears against the great war machine. Howver the worst part is not the war the worst will come after the wars. The will be singularity. Globalists will win.

    Populism is easily lead astray. Democracy as we practice it never has and is only used as tool to support imperialism and exceptionalism (you know you have lost your way when you start attempting to use -ism’s).

    The people who I thought were my enemy, we have more in common than I would have believed.

    The source of the seemingly never-ending flow of cash for military spending is the cb’s – focusing global economy into war machine.

  • “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” – Martin Luther King Jr

    • It’s taking an awful long time. How many more will die before it happens.

      • There will be no happy ending…except what we make. If we do what we do for good and as best we are able, then we can die with sense of something like contentment.

  • This doesn’t come close to solving the Iran issue but one element in this artice of Caitlin Johnstone might help with another issue that has been much discussed here, namely Julian Assange. Caitlin contrasts the “unaccountable totalitarian monarchy” of Saudi Arabia with the “pretend democracies” of Israel, the UK and the US. Activists have no hesitation in petitioning two of these “pretend democracies”, the US and the UK, despite their governments’ record of policies no less bloodthirsty than Israel’s. So what about the idea of talking to Israelis, specifically Jewish Israelis, and suggesting to them that they should ask their pretend democratic government to offer political asylum to Assange? Would Assange himself accept such an idea? Though he might be unable himself to make public statements now, presumably his lawyers could examine questions like this if someone asked them to. Such a request might help to kill the slander of him being anti-Semitic. Of course whether or not the idea is ridiculous might depend pretty much on the attitude to it of Israeli “civil society”. No, “you can’t trust the Israeli government”, but are Israeli Jews really unable to trust their own government to honour agreements entered into with Jewish Israeli citizens? This is at least a less nihilistic proposition than the suggestion that Assange seek asylum on the moon.

  • Bolton’s rubbish in bed. He’s got a tiny penis. His wife was getting it on with the gigolo one night when he interrupted. She gave him a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers and told him to fuck off. Firing rockets at people is substitution therapy.

  • Best descriptor in 2018: Bolton’s carrion-soaked mustache …..LOVED it!

    • Bolton isn’t close to being a monster. He IS a monster. So is Thomas Homan, “gone” tho he be. There are some other ones…maybe we need a Monster Spectrum? Nielsen, Sessions, Mulvaney, Zinke, Haspel…….

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