HomeVideoCheck Out My Presentation “How To Win A Grassroots Media Rebellion“ At The Ron Paul Institute Conference

Check Out My Presentation “How To Win A Grassroots Media Rebellion“ At The Ron Paul Institute Conference

Here’s a speech I gave for the Ron Paul Institute Peace and Prosperity Conference titled “How To Win A Grassroots Media Rebellion“. The audio feed for this recording doesn’t pick up the audience, so when you see me pausing with a delighted look on my face it’s because people are applauding, not because I’m having a stroke.


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Latest comments

  • Can’t think of anyone better to work with for these goals than Ron Paul – the man who should be President!!

  • Good tape, Cait

  • A message for your Australian subscribers: Approximately 2yrs after the GFC, the Australian Government changed legislation in regard to Main Stream Media, that would ALLOW the use of “Propaganda” in this country! Just a tiny message in a 50mm square box, low on the page of one of the Main News Papers, for which I cannot remember.
    This CAN be verified by a legal entity or through your local MP

    I urgently suggest ALL Australians to confront their local MP on this matter!


  • The Caitlin / Ron Paul coalition of truth-telling
    is definitely a plus. I don’t know Ron Paul’s
    position on climate change, but he is definitely
    against the perpetual, unnecessary, unlawful,
    U.S. wars of foreign intervention.

  • Well done! Looking forward to learning of reaction of attendees!

  • This guy’s OK:


    I don’t feel like M. Ali or MLK ever really let us down.
    Hero’s are not perfect.

  • Beautiful, Caitlin! Inspiring, Caitlin! Much needed, Caitlin! Thank you, Caitlin! -Art Gibert, Atlanta Georgia USA

  • I have a question for all of you technological specialists out there. What the simple, easy sort of solution for a screen/teleprompter sort of set-up so that one can read from prepared remarks at home, and have it look like a direct conversation instead of a canned one? My laptop is too close, so I suspect it would be obvious that I am reading from it, and it is too small to set at a distance. Does one set up a projector and project their text on a wall behind the camera? Thanks!

  • Two words, Brilliant! Love to you!

  • Wonderful speech! I have been following you since last winter, when someone whose identity I have forgotten since suggested your work. Ever since, you have been a regular on Rational Review News Digest, for which I am a longstanding editor. I also have a video to suggest, one which I am hoping will find its larger audience as we seek a solution of peace:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eer58GjSXuM

    Peace, Love and Liberty – Steve Trinward

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