As of this writing, a tweet by disgraced Broadway fraud convict Roland Scahill has 90 thousand shares and 362 thousand likes, which if you’re not used to Twitter is a ridiculously high amount that nobody generally hits. The tweet features nothing but four seconds of video footage from the John McCain funeral, and the caption “George W. Bush sneaking a piece of candy to Michelle Obama is warming my heart.”

That’s it. That’s all it took to win Twitter for the day. Those four seconds of footage have been circulated around TV news stations to ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s of fawning establishment pundits yammering incessantly about how the death of War Hero John McCain™ has let everyone Put Aside Our Political Differences™ and Come Together As Americans™ to celebrate the life of a man who dedicated his entire political career to sowing death, suffering and devastation at every opportunity. A war criminal giving a piece of candy to the wife of another war criminal at the funeral of a war criminal is all it took to get mainstream American brains gushing with dopamine and oxytocin.

Because that’s how compartmentalized Americans are from the reality of what war is and what it means. The explosions, the screams, the charred and shredded human bodies, the chaos and displacement and all the suffering, terrorism, slavery and rape that necessarily always comes with it, the million Iraqis killed under Bush, the unfathomable humanitarian disasters created in Libya and Syria under Obama, all the devastation created in all the military interventions McCain helped push for, all of that is so peripheral and distant in American consciousness that it can be dismissed with a wave of the hand and a piece of fucking candy.

And it isn’t really their fault. The more woke Americans who’ve grown to resent their brainwashed countrymen hate it when I say this, but it isn’t. It’s not a coincidence that the nation with the most powerful military in the history of civilization and the most billionaires in the history of civilization also happens to have the most sophisticated propaganda system in the history of civilization, and that propaganda system is pointed at them from a very early age to normalize the war machine that is used to protect the empire of the billionaires.

The United States is the most important player in the imperial alliance centralized around it, and therefore its citizenry are necessarily the most propagandized people on earth. You can’t have the populace of such an important nation suddenly demanding that troops be brought home and the resources being spent on bombs be spent eliminating the economic inequality on which your empire depends instead, so you’ve got to get into their minds early and aggressively to manipulate the way they think about war. Everything from flag worship to the fetishization of military personnel to Pentagon-controlled Hollywood movies are used from early childhood to install the assumption that their nation’s bloated military budget is only ever going toward good and never evil, and to prime their minds for the war propaganda they will be fed by the plutocrat-owned news media.

Day after day after day after day, from when they are small until their dying breath, the American psyche is pummeled with this relentless assault upon its natural sense of empathy and reason. So it’s understandable that every now and then one of them snaps and shoots up a building full of people, inflicting the same kind of mass murder at home they’ve been trained to accept as normal abroad. And it’s understandable that they’d be duped into thinking the monstrous evils that have been inflicted upon our world by Bush, Obama and McCain (and Henry Kissinger, who also made an appearance at the funeral) are innocent little oopsie-poopsies which pale in comparison to something so monumentally heroic as correcting a woman who called Obama an Arab once, or sharing a piece of candy.

But if Americans are ever going to escape from the chains of oligarchy, they’re necessarily going to have to cease consenting to imperialism. Without their resources being funneled into hundreds of bases and countless military and intelligence operations overseas, there’d be a chance to fix America’s infrastructure and make sure everyone gets what they need. Without the US economy being propped up with the barrel of a gun to ensure the success of globalist agendas, Americans would have a chance to create a real economy based on real things that they themselves own and control. Without the ability to use the US war machine to advance their agendas, the oligarchs who control America’s economy, government and media will be unable to rule over the increasingly wealthy and powerful masses. Without the best technology and the brainpower of the brightest Americans being sucked up into the war machine, the nation’s most creative minds will lose their incentive to point their ingenuity at death and destruction, and can point it at useful innovations instead.

And then the propaganda machine which holds the whole empire together will be useless and impotent, and the shackles on American minds will crumble. And the rest of the empire will follow.

The first step in this direction is to cease normalizing the monsters who facilitate human butchery around the world. Stop believing they need to be regarded as “heroes” just because they wore a uniform at some point. Stop believing that it’s ever okay to push for needless wars which butcher innocent men, women and children. Stop believing a man can facilitate the slaughter of a million people and not have that clearly be his single defining legacy. Stop believing that it’s worse to criticize a warmonger than it is to be a warmonger.

Because if it’s up to the bastards who rule us currently, they’ll happily keep shushing us into polite silence while continuing to march us along our current ecocidal, omnicidal trajectory until it gets us all killed. They’ll make saints of warmongering empire loyalists and uphold their murderous lives as exemplary and virtuous, and if we say we want to move things in a different direction we’ll be shouted down with buzzwords about heroism and decency until we shut up. If we leave it up to these pricks, we’ll become the first species to go extinct due to politeness.

Stop letting them normalize and elevate people who embody the very essence of the imperial oppression machine. Stop letting them humanize psychopathic war whores. Stop letting them twist this into a conversation about respecting those with different political opinions and make it about what it is: the mass murder of innocents for power and profit. Refuse to be reprimanded into polite silence. Refuse to die of politeness. Seize control of the narrative and force sanity into our imperiled world.


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  • “The Empire of the Billionaires.”
    Nailed it.

    Billionaires are the cancer on this planet.
    Soldier on Caitlin J.

    John Doran.

    • John, slightly disagree. The system that creates billionaires at the expense of others is the problem, not necessarily the billionaires themselves.

      • The billionaires can divest themselves of their ill-gotten gains quite easily, and from what I have observed in my many decades THEY are the problem. The “system” is so vague and unassailable, but the people who perpetuate it are quite real and quite assailable.

        • Susan, how did billionaires get to be billionaires without a system that created a way for them to become billionaires? What do you propose to do about the billionaire “problem”?

  • Absolutely Caitlin! War pigs deserve nothing but utter contempt and we must push this Truth relentlessly.

    What I want to know is where are the so-called “anti-fascists”? Where is the so-called “resistance”? What is more fascist than the MIC? What needs resistance more than mindless war? Their silence is most revealing.

    You mean to tell me that there is not one single person in DC (or wherever they are showing that monster) that has the human decency to at least hold up a sign in protest?

    • As mentioned by Caitlin, U.S. Americans have been stupified over many years, so we’ll have to forgive some, but the reason Trump is missing, is due to focus; you need some of that.

      Caitlin is using McCain’s funeral as the example of the lionization of criminal psychopaths. In attendance, were other criminal psychopaths (e.g. Bush, Obama, Kissinger), so she also names them in the example; because they were present in this scenario. Trump wasn’t there, so he is not named in the example. Not because he is exempt, but because FOCUS. HINT: Not every story or critique needs, “but Trump!” (as you, and many other stupified Americans seem to clamor and “need”).

      Learn some of that focus; it will help you.

      • Not sure what you are referring to. I am not discussing Trump’s attendance at McCain’s funeral.

    • @inforebelscum

      I clearly hit the wrong Reply link…my response was to ED, RE Trump missing comment, which appears below? Sorry about that.

      • Jeffrey, Lol! I have done the same thing many times myself! D’Oh!

  • Curiously Trump is again missing from Johnstone’s critique. What gives Catlin?

    However, we now know that Donald Trump’s administration puts all previous presidents to shame. The Pentagon’s numbers show that during George W. Bush’s eight years he averaged 24 bombs dropped per day, which is 8,750 per year. Over the course of Obama’s time in office, his military dropped 34 bombs per day, 12,500 per year. And in Trump’s first year in office, he averaged 121 bombs dropped per day, for an annual total of 44,096.

    Trump’s military dropped 44,000 bombs in his first year in office.

    • How many countries has Trump crippled so far? Go tell it to the Iraques, Libyans, Syrians & Ukrainians.

      • Actually, Trump is light years better than all these thugs put together. Trump campaigned on a platform of peace and detente, and other than his shameful actions against Iran he’s tried to honor that commitment. However, if I criticize him for anything it is (A) being led around by the nose by the Israeli Lobby (most US politicians are guilty of this), and (B) being stupid enough to hire almost his entire cabinet from the Neocon and ‘Never Trump’er’ ranks. It is they – along with the Miltary Industrial Complex and Security State – which controls both he and US foreign policy.

        • I agree Pat. However, the sad reality is that Trump had to choose a powerful ally. He was never going to get past first base if he didn’t have the Israeli lobby at least partially onside given that he would have known that globalist media were going to try and crucify him from the outset. If the Zionist lobby was going after him as well he would have stood no chance.

        • ‘him’

    • Let’s see, Trump is shutting down the Syrian War, has openly criticized the Iraq War, and refuses to restart the Cold War with Russia…

      So far, he’s a better president than we’ve had in 18 years, maybe 32.

      A lot of people like to complain about him, but completely ignore the fact that he’s literally fighting the military industrial complex, the “news” which is nothing more than propaganda, and the entire DC establishment to do it.

  • What you say here is quite correct, Caitlin. However, it is incomplete. You must not shy away from the fact that through his wife, John McCain was deeply connected to the uber-Zionist Bronfman family, as well as the ‘Jewish Mob’. McCain was, though certainly on the payroll of the weapons industry, also an agent of the state of Israeli.

  • Who the Hell eats sweats at a funeral.

  • The reason I condemn Hitler’s crimes is because he led the climate and set in motion a virtual killing machine which consumed many innocent people, ethnically-cleansed millions and numerous other crimes. My motivation for condemning his behavior is not a scintilla of difference than the motivation for condemning the behavior of Obama, the Bushes, McCain, the Clintons, Kissinger, … (Front Pew). One can read the morality & hypocrisy of a person when they rightfully condemn one hellion’s actions, but cheer and praise another who commits the same. Undoubtedly, the first thing the babbler would site is the magic number: 6,000,00 as the big difference. Okay. So then, if a single 0 was crossed out from Hitler’s stats to “only” 600,000, then far from condemnation, he too merits a seat in the Front Pew? … or would someone have us believe that the Front Pew killed innocent people & destroyed whole societies for a good cause but Hitler did likewise for a bad cause? Lovely logic, isn’t it?

    • HItler didn’t ‘lead’ or start anything. Whatever one thinks about HItler, the fact is Nazism was a response to the Soviet killing fields initiated by Lenin and Trotsky, and to the globalist crimes against Germany at the Peace Treaty of Versailles which made it inevitable that Germany would descend inot chaos – which the globalist hoped would lead to communist takeover. Also forget about dropping zeroes! Henry Kissinger was in the same crowd, and he is Obama, bush and Clinton’s mentor. In a brilliant 2012 essay retired attorney Michael Schweitzer put Kissinger fourth on the list of all time mass murderers, behind Mao, Stalin and Hitler. Admittedly Schweitzer had Kissinger trailing the other three by a long chalk but he still reckoned Kissinger’s tally was around 16 million.

      But finally, just to get you no doubt offside, as for the 6 million – Oyey vey! Start by reading Nicholas Kollerstrom. The Jews in the camps were killed by the bombs of the victors and the typhus plague their indiscriminate carnage created. Jewish suffering – along with the sufferieng of other Europeans particularly 22 million Germans – was created by the same winning imperialists and their inheritors in charge today. They did the crimes, they lied about who was responsible, they propagandized the lie through their control of the media, and they wrote the history to cover their tracks.

      • Regardless of how they were killed, if Hitler would not have become Hitler, all of those Jews would not have been slaughtered.

        • If Germany wasn’t screwed over by the Treaty of Versailles, and the European Banking system didn’t go to work bleeding them all into poverty for a war that the BANKING SYSTEM created, there would never have been a Nazi Germany, especially if the British, and American banking system didn’t bankroll them.

          All wars are created by some accountant twat. Out of chaos = profit. Even Soros has said this.

  • Believe it or not, but the USA ,as well as most other western nations, CAN afford to support the military’s wasteful and evil costs AND pay for free healthcare, free education [K-16] full employment [-2% unemployment]

    The REALITY of modern macroeconomics is called Modern Monetary Theory, MMT. It explains what really happens with economics even though the politicians are kidding themselves it doesn’t work differently from the spin they have embraced. Check out Warren Mosler and Stephanie Kelton for an explanation.

    Deficit spending is how government money gets into the economy and it is without limit [except resources]. Taxes are not for revenue, [but have other uses] The deficit today is too small! The spending gap between today and a future day with rampant inflation is called the output gap. It is estimated to be $2Trillion so there is plenty of room for a $3Trillion deficit. Or you could mint a1oz $100Trillion platinum coin and there would be zero debt for years to come.
    All that is needed is the political will. It is the hardest obstacle.

    • Yes, I understand, though understand this: Debt (known as risk) is at present being removed from Wall Street guru’s, and moved over to Main Street (that’s us mate), you see, this is what they do, they move the risk of the explosive debt (Deficits) over to the public, into the superannuation funds, bank deposits (yours & mine), insurance products (that can’t be met or payed out). ALL the risk from the explosion of debt, handed down to the public (when Wall Street deems to risky to hold), can be witnessed through out history, when the day of reckoning comes. It is always the same, the public end up paying for Wall Street guru’s, get rich scheme, and they do, they make not billions today, they make Trillions! They get to walk, and we get to pay! The BIGGEST financial crisis (Scam) in history is on our doorstep, when this one explodes, they will be talking about it for the next 100 years, but if you want to know where the smart money is going, its going into precious metals, as it always has through out history, just before a Monetary Reset. So why hasn’t the metals been rising? It’s manipulated by paper gold certificates, available in UNLIMITED issue, and it has been created for this very purpose, to manipulate, just as copper and other resources are being manipulated. When the music stops, those with paper gold get nothing, because there won’t be any physical left. Those who hold the physical before the reset, will benefit after the reset 7-8 fold is the estimate. There is currently a very severe currency crisis going on in Emerging Markets, that Main Stream Media is hiding from us, and the contagion from this will shift, over to the developed economies, soon enough, and with it, obviously, will come great inflation, because you NEED more currency to buy the same goods, food will rise, rents will rise, fuel, parts, everything you buy! The ONLY way to hedge against such a scenario, is called hedging, and for this scenario, buying physical precious metals is the only way to protect yourself, call it an insurance worthy of holding. What is our current currency value? Not even the cost of the current plastic, to print it! Our currencies are in fact, propped up by consumer confidence, when the confidence fails, its lights out!

    • People like you don’t understand what causes hyperinflation, it’s not when cash loses it’s value, it’s when people don’t value cash. It’s an economic event.

      Always funny what stupid theories the peons gullibly believe in. You realize there are literally dozens of modern examples of the WORLD’S reserve currency failing? You should read some of the hilarious defenses of the BS insanity of those governments.

      • People not valuing cash goes hand in hand with cash losing value.

        • Just my 2 cents worth : Money printing is what causes hyper-inflation, have a read on what happened to Germany after the war. Its really no different to any other asset, the more there is, the less value retained, so you need MORE to purchase the same goods. With regard to the Emerging Market Crisis of their currencies (falling), this is because DEPT is in US dollars, globally, it is the world reserve currency, so with the US dollar going up because more bonds are being purchased (deliberate), this in turn forces other currencies to fall. Make sense? 🙂

      • Maybe you haven’t understood what MMT is, a REAL description of macroeconomics. Anything can be politicised as you clearly show yourself to be one of the gullible peons. Congratulations. Your ignorance is typical of those who have swallowed the kool-ade sent out by the powers that be to brainwash you into believing their fake stories.
        There is only one Reserve currency, the US dollar. Your mentioning hyperinflation is a dead give away of misunderstanding. Hyperinflation is a 100% political problem, which has economic consequences. It’s far from an economic event.
        To rub it in I can say you believe Taxes pay for federal spending? that the government can run out of money? Obama said the US was broke! You agree? that government debt is a burden for our children? that deficits take away savings? that social security is broken? that we need savings to afford investment? that the sun sets in the East? that trade surpluses take away jobs and output?

        Let me suggest you do some serious research and not rely on received wisdom. Tha’ts on show in your post.

        • And what is happening in Venezuela is not an economic event? You need a wheel barrow of cash just to buy a loaf of bread. The people are leaving the country in hundreds of thousands because they cannot afford enough food. THIS is the result of Hyper-inflation, caused through the abuse of solid economic principles. Have you even heard of Keynesian Economics? Based on DEBT and Printing money? It is an abomination of money principles to enrich the already rich, if you support such a system, good luck to you, I hope going to the bank in the near future and finding your account is closed, that you buy some flowers and thank those responsible!

          • You are talking through your hat. Hyperinflation is caused by politics, not economics. But because they, like you, have no understanding of macroeconomics they have no tools to address the situation before it crashes.
            MMT is not Keynesian or post Keynesian or any other name you can find, possibly Chartalist comes closest. Yes, I am not an economist and thank goodness for that. I don’t have to unlearn the rubbish that passes for mainstream economics. like the list I sent you. Do you understand? I notice you avoided what I said except the bit about hyperinflation. Sad! Are you open to learning? If so listen to this 16 minute introduction;


            • Mr Doyle, you are entitled to your opinion, but you are obviously brainwashed by your modern economics education, if you believe your MMT is going to prevent the demise of this current financial system, that in fact has already collapsed & and being maintained on life support through them means of manipulation of the entire financial markets, Australia included. When the Banks doors close, and they WILL soon enough, and bile rises in your throat, remember to take a dose of MMT before bedtime won’t you! Me? I have an insurance policy called physical precious metals for the rapid inflation to follow, after your bedtime medication of MMT!

              • You know I can do a pretty good ad hominen attack so I’d advise you to put a sock in it, unless you want to get a taste of it yourself. Your ignorance in this matter[economics]is profound, although your other comments I can agree with, just not what I am saying. You clearly know little about MMT so a wise course is to learn to understand it. I have given you that option, but you can’t be bothered to learn so you will continue to flounder.

                • I respect your opinion Ms Doyle, as I have stated, don’t forget to take a dose of your MMT when you find the Banks have closed and your money has gone, in the mean time I would suggest a visit to your nearest clinic for some Valium, you sound very stressed and uptight mate, need someone to talk too? Ring lifeline, they will listen!

                  • You are showing yourself as one of those too dumb, or dumbed down to see reason , in economics anyway. You persist in the stupidity of your beliefs. Economics is not a religion, If you see a change then change, and stop repeating yourself endlessly.. You are so bottled up you refuse to watch the video I suggested. Are you afraid that you might have to change your mind? I’m sure someone will hold your hand to help you get through the task[?]
                    As you can see I have no respect for your beliefs as they are refusing to be examined by you. You are obviously comfortable in your beliefs, but it’s because a convenient lie is more popular than an inconvenient truth. There are many like you and the whole of society is being damaged by convenient lies.

                    At least you can stay comfortable knowing that we are ordained to collapse this civilization. Ordained because you cannot have perpetual growth in a finite world. MMT will agree with that, but perhaps you will not. So sweet dreams, enjoy while they last! There’s no lifeline where you are going.

  • How can ANYONE, make an informed decision when they vote, with Main Stream Media spinning a Narrative of lies and deceit? And I maintain that the Australian Government for one, has broken the Social Contract with the people of Australia, we vote for someone and they are supposed to represent us, the people (Main Street), but they are not, they are representing the privileged few (Wall Street), and it does not matter whether it is Labor or Liberal’s, they BOTH break the contract. Give them the middle-finger and DEMAND, Main Stream Media Legislation to rule AGAINST Propaganda in this country! And demand our Politicians & Banksters be held accountable! The 8th largest bank in the world just got caught red handed manipulating interest rates they literally made Billions from, yet they got a pissy fine in the millions. This is not justice! CEO & Directors of these monolith empires need to be held PERSONALLY accountable, in my opinion!

  • My last line should read: “But my point is very minor compared with the current beatification Bush, McCain, Obama and others that lends credence to the fact being propagandized by an uber-Orwellian media.” For the latest in Cinema War Propaganda see Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”. It is the latest re-imaging of traditional glorification of war to suit current neo-liberal Democrat “politically correct” tastes. No longer alpha male Ramboesque testosterone chest beating last man standing driven neanderthals but rather a soft spoken educated bureaucratic warrior PTSD sensitive male “forced” to kill misguided but traumatized terrorists, our hero supported by good Muslims as to allay charges of Islamophobia. I prefer Rambo First Blood as being more accurate to the spoilage of war than this new drivel attempting to assuage American “exceptionalism” with boy scout likability as he rampages across the world,
    his cultured mask covering the “ugly American” visage that is the reality beneath.

  • Quote:” Stop believing they need to be regarded as “heroes” just because they wore a uniform at some point”. Australia now has many of it’s Government Department Officers, and even roadside inspectors, dressed in uniforms not unlike the Military, with bars and badges and trinkets dangling of them everywhere, but why? I was approached at a rest stop in SA by a roadside officer with the SA Department Of Transport, asking where was I from, where was I heading, how long do I intend to stay, they even wanted to know what Caravan Parks I had stayed at and intended to stay at! I’m not joking about this, but it got me thinking, especially why they would have a uniform not unlike the Military’s, and a couple of nights later at 2am in the morning, the answer came to me like a brick through your window!
    A Military uniform sends a message, it says “this person deserves respect”, it says, “this person is brave and courageous” It says this person has risked his life for you and your country”. It says much, but what is says mostly is this: You are being brainwashed! Please take note of what I just said. The Australian Government is now in the business of brainwashing, and in particular, our children, I say this because they will grow up to accept this dressage as normal and all it represents, when in fact, these uniform are a total disgrace, a disgrace to our Armed Forces and the real brave warriors whom are the ONLY ones deserving to wear them. The Australian Government wants you to think they also are worthy of respect, and should be taken notice of, when in fact, they should not be respected any more than anyone else normal would be. But wearing a uniform sends a sub-conscious message, does it not? Yes it does!
    The Australian Government is trying to pass legislation to allow Police and their canine sniffer, to enter our schools (that’s our children), they say to combat the drug problem. Oh really? Does anyone believe this will control or stop our drug problem? The real reason: This is about “forced conformity of our youth”, this is about control, this is about forcing our children to accept the invasion of their “freedom”, the invasion of their “privacy” the annihilation of their “rights”, at anytime, at any place, and for any reason! Their is ALWAYS more to what the Australian Government has done, and continues to do, they are once again, as Catilin has stated, spinning us a Narrative, a narrative to enslave and increase THEIR power, but at OUR expense, worse, it is going to be at our children’s expense, and our grandchildren’s! Australia needs to wake up as much as Americans too, in fact it is the whole of Western Government being in alignment with the Global Merchants & Oligarchs, the Atlantic Council & Club Of Rome, whom live in the shadow of our lives, known as the Deep State!

  • G’day Caitlin. Well, I certainly could not agree with you more strongly. When are people going to stop allowing themselves to be force fed this shit ? WAKE UP people. Stop ignoring the blindingly obvious,don’t retreat back into your comfort zones just because the truth is uncomfortable for you. Learn more. Become outraged. Do something about it.

  • Just what can we DO to stop these insane, greedy RULERS?

    “They” have all the weapons, we just have rocks, sticks & “pop” guns, when we protest, we are beaten, gassed, kicked, shot, arrested or even KILLED, even worse, the corporate media won’t cover our protests or us getting beaten, kicked, gassed, arrested or killed.
    “They” will continue to RULE us against our will until they cannot, when the OIL is no more, they will be overthrown but by then, there will be nothing left to fight over or for, this civilization will have collapsed leaving ruins & billions of desperate, starving, sick & dying humans.
    “They” believe they can hide in their luxurious bunkers until the dust has settled & emerge to rule us again. But what will they “rule”?
    What’s left will be a wasteland, full of ruins, bodies & waste & when their resources run out, they will join the rest of the dead.

    • Not a rosy picture, isn’t it?

      What can we do individualy to stop this madness?

      Answer: all that each one of us needs to do is start making noise, lots of noise; until enough people start paying attention, and a momentum is built to assemble a great mass of people working together to build a just and peaceful society.

      I know, it sounds quite idealistic, but I choose to think that it is possible.

  • Thank you Cait for this. Keep on truckin.

  • McCain is a generational alter. His family line has been genetically programmed with trauma programming. McCain tried to sabotage his own military career with three crashes, two in peacetime, and a friendly-fire incident that killed hundreds. Then there’s the POW stuff. ANd we have clear times now to terrorist groups.

    Remember the hack of the USS McCain off the coast of China in the middle of the day? THe ship was smacked by the world’s largest vessel an ocean liner. We don’t know what the elite does with their toys or the squabbles inside these same families. We have to wake up now and we can start understanding what is really happening to us.

    I watch that piece of candy and it just screams staged photo-op. Everything about our leaders is manchurian. Every part.

    • “…it just screams staged photo-op.”

      Absolutely, and all the press-hacks know it.

  • Nailed it …… again!

  • I agree completely, and as you surely know, for expressing such sentiments in the last days of the great propaganda fest of the McCain canonization, have drawn tons of flak for daring to utter the emperor has no clothes. Or morals. The endless parade of weepy testimonies from people who would loudly and proudly assert they are “liberal” but fall hook line and sinker for the bait is appalling. Liberals seem willing to embrace anything so long as they imagine it will save them from Trump. So we get a parade of war criminals praised to the skies. Truly obscene and pathetic.

  • Great writing, Caitlin.
    I liken this momentous tweet’s video to the painting of the “Creation of Adam” on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. All the painting needs is a morsel of candy on that finger.
    But I’ve got an idea that I think is going to be “received” even better than that piece of candy. O’bomb’em, Dubya and Killinger should get in front of their TV cameras, put their arms around each other and, after a rousing rendition of kumbaya, announce to the millions of McCain-adoring patriots that they are all invited to come to McCain’s burial ceremony in order to “help bury John McCain”.
    After the millions line up from grave site to shining sea, each person will be handed their very own teaspoon keepsake.
    When it is finally, finally, finally the time to bury the Great Man, the first person in the infinite line will scoop up a teaspoonful of soil and toss it into the grave, then the second, etc., until the millions of teaspoonfuls of earth mound up over the top of the grave. Each of those millions of patriots will be rightly able to claim that they helped bury the Great Man and not only carry that comforting thought with them to their own deathbeds, but be able to bequeath their keepsakes to their heirs so that they can do the same. Tears are welling up in my eyes as I think of the historical profundity of it all.

    As for the US’s foreign policy and the millions of compartmentalized minds that don’t want to think about it, I like to think of the world that is outside of US borders as a distant, but vitally necessary abattoir (slaughterhouse). You know how you just love eating the occasional big hamburger, wings, or eggs with bacon, but you don’t really want to even think about the slaughter of billions of living creatures who are more like ourselves than not, let alone have to slaughter them personally? Well, this is precisely the way that the exceptional human beings living in the US treat the other (sub)human beings of the world today.

    The exceptional nation, which just happens to have the largest military force sprinkled on US military bases all over the planet, literally dictates to the rest of the people of the world and their governments just exactly what they should hand over to the Exceptional People living in the USA in exchange for the US’s printed-out-of-thin-air dollars. As long as these people comply, no killing has to take place. However, if they refuse to follow that diktat, the US’s hopefully-sight-unseen abattoir gets up and running and “Whoopie, a lot of people gonna die!” THIS is the REAL, unspoken, wink, wink “foreign policy” of the USA Today. Can YOU handle the truth, or are you going to continue to keep the truth from seeping into your mind?

  • Exactly. Issue the concrete slippers and sling them off a bridge. The ruling class have always been incurable liars, thieves and killers.

    • Australians for one, need to send a message loud and clear. Refuse to vote, and give your reasons why, by document to the Australian Electoral Commission, tell them you want to be removed from the Electoral Roll until you see “legislation” brought back into law, to make Propaganda a criminal offense in this country! Not only by MSM, but by Politicians too! It’s about time this country held our Politicians (and Banksters) to account. At the moment it is open slather on the people of Australia by ALL three entities, Banks, Main Stream Media, Government. Let’s take back Australia!

  • I love your column, Ms. Johnstone, but you’ve made this point over and over. We get it. Time to move on.

    • The relatively few people who read Ms. Johnstone’s articles may “get it”, but millions of people haven’t gotten it yet, because they haven’t discovered this site. Keep on hammering away, Caitlin!

    • Caitlin has got it right. This needs to be repeated as often as possible as so many people in the West are still in the dark.

  • Brilliant article, Caitlin.

    “…we’ll become the first species to go extinct due to politeness.”

    Alas, if it were our species ONLY that was going extinct…

    But we are on a path to cause the extinction of an entire Kingdom, biologically speaking. A Kingdom!

    Our technologies, which enabled the human species to survive for the past ~1 million years, is now being used to kill us, both quickly and slowly.

    Science, which brought us out of the dark ages, can not exist under fascism. Science requires openness & a sharing of information.

    The control of information means the end of science & knowledge.

    The control of information results in
    televising & honoring the death of a war criminal, as if he were a hero.

    This is proof that we live in Orwell’s dystopia. It is proof that those running the world prefer death & destruction over life & reality.

  • I agree with 99.999% with what you have said and am posting it on to gain the audience it deserves. I differ in that I believe that Bush should be “humanized” in the sense that only humans commit atrocities (not animals, fish or birds) because of greater creativity, technological and psychological, that we have to act against our own species, or other species. Sometimes war criminals are made to be outliers of humanity, a sort of demonic entity that is not really human, thus covering very ordinary human irritations and micro-aggressions that, when aggregated in groups, societies, nations etc. become genocidal and homicidal monstrosities that threaten the planet itself. Even “demons” would draw the line at our human exuberance in destroying each other. At the same time humans have the “divine” ability to overcome our biases, groupthink, geopolitical and ideological hegemonies and share and communicate peace through justice by that very same creativity that has been subverted by U.S. military-industrial-politico-economic regimes of power. But a very minor point compared with the current beatification of Bush, McCain and others that lends lie to the fact that we are being propagandists by a uber-Orwellian media.

    • My last line should read: “But my point is very minor compared with the current beatification Bush, McCain, Obama and others that lends credence to the fact being propagandized by an uber-Orwellian media.” For the latest in Cinema War Propaganda see Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”. It is the latest re-imaging of traditional glorification of war to suit current neo-liberal Democrat “politically correct” tastes. No longer alpha male Ramboesque testosterone chest beating last man standing driven neanderthals but rather a soft spoken educated bureaucratic warrior PTSD sensitive male “forced” to kill misguided but traumatized terrorists, our hero supported by good Muslims as to allay charges of Islamophobia. I prefer Rambo First Blood as being more accurate to the spoilage of war than this new drivel attempting to assuage American “exceptionalism” with boy scout likability as he rampages across the world,
      his cultured mask covering the “ugly American” visage that is the reality beneath.

      • Nice . We have in one place, at least(with the Clintons) half of the most atrocious “war whores ”
        of the current era . Herd ’em onto a plane ,fly ’em to the Hague , dust off
        war criminal furniture . Get the Honorable Jimmy Carter to sit on the bench . The “perps” can have “his satanic majesty” Heinrich Kissinger as their court appointed defense counsel. They will lose.
        We sell all their stock in weapons manufacturers and feed the
        hungry of at least one major nation for a year. This would cheer about 2 billion people up , and scare the shit out of 500 oligarchs.
        There would of course , be no major media coverage of any kind whatsoever for this epic event.
        Till then ,we’ve got Caitlin.

  • Excellent writing, Cait! Thank you. Stay the Warrior, Hold the Light!

  • Nailed it.

  • George Orwell must be laughing his ass off. Excuse me, “arse”:

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