Imagine if you and some friends wandered into a completely dark room together for some reason. You’ve never been in this room before, and you can’t see a thing.

Now imagine one of your friends says he can see everything in the room perfectly, and starts describing the different things that he sees in a confident, assertive tone of voice. You know for a fact that there’s no light in the room, so you are doubtful that your friend is able to see any better than you are, but one by one your other friends start talking about the objects in the room as though what he is saying is true. After a while your group starts telling you you’re crazy and evil because you remain skeptical of your first friend’s ability to see the room in pitch darkness, despite his assertive tone of voice and despite the fact that everyone else believes it.

Western public discourse about Syria is very much the same. All the time I get people coming up yelling at me about what a butcher Bashar al-Assad is, how he loves gassing children because he’s an evil monster, how he’s killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in his own country out of sheer sadism, and all I can say to them is, you don’t know that. You don’t know any of those things, you’re just pretending you do because that’s what everyone else is doing. I know you don’t know any of those things because you’re looking at the same information landscape as I am, and it’s chock full of war propaganda. The media matrix is too full of obvious psyops meant to manufacture public consent for military interventionism in Syria for any westerner to have a clear idea of what’s actually happening in that country.

And we know this for a fact, as sure as you know when you’re in a dark room. Take the time CNN knowingly staged a fake, scripted interview with a seven year-old Syrian girl last year and passed it off to its audience as a real interview.

I point this out to my readers every few months, and I expect I will continue to do so for as long as western war propaganda is a problem. In April of last year, following a hotly disputed accusation of chemical weapons use in Idlib province, a little girl named Bana Alabed was paraded before the audience of CNN’s New Day in an interview with Alisyn Camerota. Bana was seven years old at the time, yet was seen in the interview providing complex ideas and geopolitical analysis that she could not possibly have understood. Her eyes moved back and forth as though reading from a teleprompter, and she sounded out the words in English (a language she doesn’t appear to have understood at the time) syllable-by-syllable in a way you’ve never heard any child speak in your life.

It was a fake interview passed off as a real one, scripted and passed off as spontaneous. It’s as clear as day for anyone to see. And Alisyn Camerota necessarily had the other half of that script, since she needed to know what questions to feed the child. It was a coordinated deception of CNN’s audience, meant to sell the unpopular idea of yet another military intervention in yet another Middle Eastern country, aired on America’s most trusted and well-known nationwide news network. It was as brazen a deception as you could possibly imagine, on as mainstream a platform as you could possibly get, advancing a narrative clearly intended to manufacture support for an agenda which could potentially devastate an entire region. That happened. They did that. If they’ll do that, there’s nothing they won’t do.

And now, as things are heating up in Idlib, we’ve got America’s UN ambassador saying that any sign of chemical weapons use will be immediately blamed on the Assad government and retaliated against despite the known presence of Al-Qaeda affiliates who’d have every incentive to stage such an attack, and despite the complete absence of motive for Assad. We’ve got State Department officials saying the Trump administration has reversed its policy of withdrawing from Syria and saying no campaign to liberate Idlib from its terrorist occupiers will be tolerated. And we’ve got Youtube suddenly suspending Syrian government accounts to better ensure total narrative control.

They are lying to us about what is happening in Syria. We know that for a fact, just like we now for a fact when we are in a dark room. And we know for a fact that the US and its allies have been scheming to effect regime change in that very nation, the nation immediately adjacent to their previous regime change target Iraq, for many years. We know that they have been planning to orchestrate a violent uprising in Syria since long before violence erupted in 2011, and we know that it erupted as they had planned. I posted the evidence for this in a recent article, but here it is again just to make sure more people see it:

  • Here is a 2006 WikiLeaks cable in which the US government is seen exploring possible factions which could be incentivized to rise up against Assad, and ways in which psyops could be used to ensure widespread violence.
  • Here is a declassified CIA memo from 1986 in which the Central Intelligence Agency is seen exploring ways in which sectarian tensions can be inflamed to provoke a violent uprising in Syria. Here is a useful article featuring excerpts from the memo showing some jarring parallels between what was being planned and what happened a quarter century later.
  • Here is a video clip of General Wesley Clark naming Syria among the countries scheduled by the Pentagon for regime change in the wake of 9/11.
  • Here is a video clip of the former Foreign Minister of France stating in plain language that he was informed by British government insiders in 2009 that a violent Syrian uprising was being planned, two years before the violence erupted.
  • Here is an article featuring a video of the former Qatari Prime Minister stating that the US and its allies were involved in the violence from the very beginning.
  • Here is an article from May of 2011 reporting on some of the extremely suspicious provocations that led to the outbreak of widespread violence. Here’s another from March 2011. Here’s another from December 2011.

So don’t be fooled. Remember, the reason they work so hard to manufacture our consent for these agendas is because they need that consent in order to operate. If they try to operate without our consent, they will lose control of the narrative, and thus lose their ability to propagandize us effectively. So don’t give them your consent. Fight their lies on all fronts, using truth, skepticism and critical thinking as your weapon. Stand tall, shine bright, refuse to be ignored, don’t wait for your turn to speak, use unmitigated speech, say what needs to be said and say it like you’re right, because you are.

Let a giant “NO” to this manipulation roar through us all. Let the Syrian people be free from imperialist agendas once and for all. Let us all be free from imperialist agendas once and for all. End the madness and begin moving into sanity.


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10 responses to “That Time CNN Staged A Fake Interview With A Syrian Child For War Propaganda”

  1. A report (video) on The Duran in which Alex Christoforou discusses with Mark Sleboda the (probable) partitioning of Syria and the uncertain long term prospects (depending on whether Kurds and the Syrian government can come to an understanding) for the country is disturbing but convincing. Mark seems to know his stuff. The report makes me sad. There’s no justice here. Uncle Sam, ‘the’ Godfather in the gangster Corporatocracy, the player at the center of the global dictatorship of the United States, is too powerful to resist – successfully. (I happen to have faith, however, and fully expect uncle Sam’s world to crash and burn and him with it.)

    “Partitioning of Syria is drawing China into the theater of war” –

    In the meantime, people, Do yourselves a favor and give Stephen Gowans’s “Washington’s Long War On Syria” a read. It’s accessible. It’s non establishment. It’s indispensable.

  2. “The Al Qaeda rebels are the foot-soldiers of the Western military alliance (with US and allied special forces, intelligence, weapons and logistics experts within their ranks). With an estimated 50,000 rebels, the number of embedded (covert) Western paramilitary (Arab speaking) mercenary forces is significant (e.g. from private security companies in liaison with US-NATO-Israel-Turkey).”

  3. Another great Caitlin article. How does she do it every day?

    Re Ukraine, at the end of WW2 the OSS (soon renamed to CIA) identified those useful in Ukraine to rescue to the West. Most of those would have been tried as war criminals by the Soviets and rightly so as they aided the Wehrmacht.

    Those rescued from all over eastern Europe by the CIA were brought to the US and settled among their own and in many cases set up statues in the US to their WW2 war criminal relatives. Their thoroughly programmed descendants were tapped to aid in the subversion of Ukraine to overthrow the government.

    Most Americans do not know what the CIA has done and will continue to do. It is run by sociopaths that don’t care what chaos, suffering, and death they inflict on other peoples. They even don’t care if Americans have to suffer in order to ‘win’ for the Atlantic Council and Wall Street.

  4. Another great article, Caitlin!
    What we’ve got to focus on is Syria and Iran, not pizzagate, not Russiagate, not even the ongoing regime change operation in Washington. Is Trump going to expand and increase the US’s economically-necessary forever-wars? THAT is the question.
    For example, what is Tump going to do after the next false flag chemical attack in Syria? Is he, or those actually in control of the US military forces, going to attack Syria, even when the US itself has not been threatened, let alone attacked?
    Russia has preveiously promised that it will attack the sources of missiles that attack its ally, Syria, as the US would certainly do if any of its various allies were attacked. What happens if, after the US once again attacks Syria, Russia sinks or shoots down the sources of that attack? Can you even imagine the calls in the US to attack the Russian military or even Russia itself?
    And even IF Trump were to somehow resist the firestorm of calls to retaliate, I believe that in that case there would be a very strong possibility of a military coup and that whoever takes over as president would order that strike.
    How would Russia react to a military coup against a US president/commander-in-chief that REFUSES to order a strike on Russian forces or Russia itself? Is Russia going to wait around for the new commander-in-chief to order that INEVITABLE attack, or will it preemptively unleash its nuclear forces to stirke US cities, the US’s military bases all over the world and those of its allies BEFORE the new commander in chief takes office and gives that order?
    What is “on trial” in Syria is in reality the US government’s belief in its own exceptionalism — that it has the God-given right to do literally whatever the heck it wants to do absolutely anywhere on planet earth. Syria and its allies are resisting US diktat. THAT is what the US Deep State cannot tolerate from any country.

  5. Repetition of narrative produces consensus.
    Consensus reality = Groupidity.

  6. Okay, so what ever to that Netanyahu guy–you know the one who showed us the cartoon of Iranian bomb–I mean we’re talking about the ME and there’s no mention of the quantum gorilla? After they shot-up up all those unarmed Palestinians– who were protesting for right to live!

    So Netanyahu and Israel are no longer concerned with Syria–just sitting on the sidelines while their dual Israeli USofA government officials–get ready to move on Assad’s first psychotic outburst of poison gas on innocent women and children .

    I don’t know–if you want to know what’s going to happen in the region–watch Israel. She is losing the battle and fading into history–if she doesn’t regain a sustainable narrative [chosen by whom?] she’s going under–but what’s her raison d’ etre for being?

    There is none. Yahweh’s is asleep at the wheel and has allowed the imposters of the synagogue to rape and pillage–at will. It is up to the gentile of the world to unite and put an end to this biblical struggle–that dates back to Esau and Jacob–between Jew and Gentile.

    Syria, Iran and Russia are Gentile nations–so is America–so why all of the in fighting? Go figure!

  7. “Federal officials plan to back the destruction of almost 2000 hectares of pristine Queensland forest in a move that threatens the Great Barrier Reef and undermines a $500 million Turnbull government rescue package for the natural wonder” Who GOT the $500 million?

  8. ‘Let a giant “NO” to this manipulation roar through us all.’

    Exactly. But perhaps people remember the massive NO that millions around the world roared prior to the invasion and destruction of Iraq, and perhaps they remember that it changed nothing.

    How DO we get rid of the psychopaths running the world!

  9. Thank you for the links Caitlin, and your support of Syria! For anyone interested, here is another link of the UKIP Nigel Farage, in Melbourne recently, if you value Democracy, you need to watch this:

  10. How about that time CNN gave Hillary debate questions before going head-to-head with Bernie? How about that time Brian Williams…wait, there are too many of his lies to even list. How about that time Barack Obama took credit for the lowest unemployment rate in decades, the fastest GDP rate ever, the highest AND fastest stock market climb…then blamed racism & divisiveness on President Trump voters forgetting that MANY of us had voted for HIM but were heartbroken by what he had done to our country? (that was only three days ago, so that was an easy one) How about that time a sitting US Senator died and there was much bi-partisan participation at his weeks long memorial services that became a hate-filled tirade against the sitting president (who had, in fact, sent a kind Tweet & the use of Air Force One to his entire family for said “events” and did NOT attend due to demands of the family)? How about that time there were Supreme Court Justice hearings where many senators outright lied just for the soundbite they could use for their 2020 presidential bid? Everyone lies. It’s becoming more and more difficult to whittle it down to the truth. BUT, along with a new generation of kids who seem to want to make-up injustices & “-ists”, there are REAL journalists interested in finding & writing what’s true. Not only “their truth”, but exposing things like this. Thank you again, Caitlin! I only agree with you about half the time, but that’s what keeps me coming back. You challenge me AND keep me informed. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT STOP!

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