World War Three proponent and US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has announced her resignation today, to the dismay of establishment bootlickers everywhere.

“Nikki Haley, ambassador to the United Nations, has resigned, leaving the administration with one less moderate Republican voice,” tweeted the New York Times, without defining what specifically is “moderate” about relentlessly pushing for war and starvation sanctions at every opportunity and adamantly defending the slaughter of unarmed Palestinian protesters with sniper fire.

“Too bad Nikki Haley has resigned,” tweeted law professor turned deranged Russia conspiracy theorist Laurence Tribe. “She was one of the last members of Trumplandia with even a smidgen of decency.”

“Thank you @nikkihaley for your remarkable service. We look forward to welcoming you back to public service as President of the United States,” tweeted Mark Dubowitz, Chief Executive of the neoconservative think tank/covert Israeli war psyop firm Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

“Thank you @nikkihaley for your service in the @UN and unwavering support for Israel and the truth,” tweeted the fucking IDF. “The soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces salute you!”

I’m not going to go over every single fawning, sycophantic tweet, but if you ever ingest poison and can’t afford to go to the hospital because of America’s disastrous healthcare system, you can always try going to Haley’s Twitter page and looking at all the empire loyalists she’s been retweeting who’ve been falling all over themselves to paint her as something other than the bloodthirsty psychopath that she is. If that doesn’t empty your stomach contents all over your screen, you are made of stronger stuff than I.

Describing Nikki Haley as a “moderate Republican” is like describing Jeffrey Dahmer as “a moderate meat eater”. Besides John Bolton there is nobody within the depraved Trump administration who’s been a more reliable advocate for war, oppression and American/Israeli supremacism, no more virulent a proponent of the empire’s photogenic version of fascism than she. Whether it’s been blocking any condemnation of or UN investigation into the slaughter of unarmed Palestinian protesters via sniper fire, calling for a coalition against Syria and its allies to prevent them from fighting western-backed terrorist factions, outright lying about Iran to advance this administration’s regime change agenda in that nation, her attempts to blame Iran for Saudi Arabia’s butchery of Yemeni civilians with the help of the US and UK, her calls for sanctions against Russia even beyond those this administration has been willing to implement, her warmongering against North Korea, and many, many examples from a list far too long to get into here, Haley has made death and destruction her life’s mission every day of her gore-spattered tenure.

But because she only advocates establishment-sanctioned mass murders (and perhaps partly because she wears the magical “Woman of Color” tiara), Haley can be painted as a sane, sensible adult-in-the-room by empire lackeys who are paid to normalize the brutality of the ruling class. While you still see Steve Bannon routinely decried as a monster despite his being absent from the Trump administration for over a year, far more dangerous and far more powerful ghouls are treated with respect and reverence because they know what to say in polite company and never smoked cigars with Milo Yiannopoulos. All it takes to be regarded as a decent person by establishment punditry is the willingness to avoid offending people; do that and you can murder as many children with explosives and butterfly bullets as your withered heart desires.

Haley will be departing with a disgusting 75 percent approval rating with Republicans and 55 percent approval with Democrats, because God is dead and everything is stupid. It is unknown who will replace her once she vacates her position (I’ve got my money on Reaper drone in a desk chair), but it’s a safe bet that it will be someone who espouses the same neoconservative imperialist foreign policy that this administration has been elevating since the beginning. Whoever it is should be watched closely, as should the bipartisan beltway propagandists whose job it is to humanize them.

UPDATE: Had to include this galaxy-brained hot take from the New York Times editorial board:


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32 responses to “Empire Loyalists Grieve Resignation Of Moderate Psychopath Nikki Haley”

  1. Time to cash in. It is as simple as that.

  2. Nikki Haley is just a symptom of an insane America. We’re the ones who glorify war and put soldiers and veterans on a pedestal, thanking them for their “service”. War is just murder wrapped in a flag. I hope the rest of the world doesn’t do to us what we’ve done to them.

  3. I suspect she tired of trying to make sense out of present US foreign “policy”.

    Here’s some fun satire to lighten the mood:

  4. Don’t let the Five Eyes spy on you!
    Australian Alert Service
    5 September 2018
    Vol. 20 No. 36
    Home Affairs encryption bill: A political tool made in Britain

  5. Oh wow! So nice to see the garbage leaving, but what part of the world will it attempt to destroy now?

  6. Before Haley became UN ambassador, my general impression of her (perhaps mistaken and definitely drawing on too little information) was that she was a moderate. Afterwards, however, almost everything she said in her UN role seemed to line up closely with what you have written. I wonder if that was the “real” Nikki Haley, however.

    Her letter of resignation is unusually short of even the usual boilerplate excuses (“spend more time with the family,” “to pursue other opportunities,” etc.) Perhaps the real reason is that in her new role, she just trotted out the administration line for as long as she could until she just couldn’t stand it any more. If so, she played that role much better than other late Trump endorsers like (say) Chris Christie, who looked like he was trying to hold down a bad lunch as he stood on stage with Trump.

    1. Nikki Haley is a Neoconservative. Her job at the UN was to discredit US foreign policy and demonstrate it’s blatant propaganda by pushing, obvious, blatant, US propaganda.

      During her time there, she demonstrated that the United States is not a faithful moderator in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, that the US will lie about anything from Skripal’s being poisoned by Russian operatives to a revolution happening in Ukraine.

      She’s done an excellent job showing the world what our establishment in the United States is – evil, morally bankrupt, untrustworthy.

      Just like Samatha Power did, but the “liberals” didn’t complain about it when that Neocon was there, because Obozo, the first black Neocon warcriminal of the United States, appointed her.

  7. With the New York Times around you don’t even need the Onion.

  8. The quotes show the incredible dementia of many. Or should it be called insanity?
    Haley is a bloodthirsty warmonger and good riddance.
    But if past history is any guide she will be replaced with another psychopath.
    We will probably have to suffer her popping up somewhere else.
    US elites are just too happy with her insanity.

    1. It’s not dementia – it’s propaganda. They are professional propagandists.

  9. The tone of voice in her UN speeches reminded me of someone reading a bedtime story to a 5-year-old.

    She’s so deeply stupid, she makes Sarah Palin look like a stateswoman. That she was chosen as UN ambassador shows what a retarded level the Trump administration is operating at.

    As Peter Lavelle on RT’s Cross Talk has it, she has a PhD in Hillbilly Studies!

  10. Caitlin Johnstone: Describing Nikki Haley as a “moderate Republican” is like describing Jeffrey Dahmer as “a moderate meat eater”. But he was a moderate meat eater, he didn’t eat everyone he could have. And since Republicans are generally rabid warmongering fascists, I guess Haley qualifies as a moderate rabid warmongering fascist. (And don’t bother replying telling me what shits the Democrats are, I’m well aware of the fact.)

    You are blessed, Caitlin, for making me and others laugh, the best gift anyone can give in these dark days.

  11. Love to see a piece built around this, Caitlin:

    Bernie just threw down the progressive foreign policy gauntlet.

    It’s on.

    1. Berine is another O’bomb’em, who, if elected, will continue the exact same “foreign policy” (of maintaing fiat USD hegemony) as Dubya, Clinton and Dubya the First. Like these traitors-in-chief, he will say absolutely anything to get elected and then, should he be elected, follow the orders of the Elite and their Deep State operatives to the T.
      The behavior of Agent Orange since his election is unprecedented is so many ways I won’t go into them, but the ongoing “relations” between Orange and Kim Jung Un is, since the Korean War and, SO FAR anyway, unprecedented. Look at how the international Deep State and their MSM reacted to this attempt at reconciliation.
      Mr. Trump’s meeting with Mr. Putin in Helisinki was IMO the exactly correct thing for a US president to do. I cannot say a single bad thing about it. But look at the absolute hysterical reaction of the US Elite and their Deep State and MSM slaves to something that was wonderful. (‘m 68. I’ve never witnessed anything like it, even during the height of the Cold War, nor during the era of the US’s illegal invasion of South Vietnam and the body bags were coming home to Main Street, USA.) Bernie was part of that hysterical reaction and he fully buys into the Russians-hacked-the-DNC fairy tale and thinks that Trump is illegitimate because his buddy Putin got him unfairly elected.
      The DNC and the Deep State and all of Orange’s mortal enmemies have had several golden opportunites, right up to today, to impeach Orange for treason. Trump illegally, unconstitutionally ordered a Tomahawk and other military strikes on Syria and other countries without having an explicit authroization from the representatives of The People, the Congress. He violated and continues to violate his solemn, hand-on-the-bible oath to uphold the constitution. But his political enemies have not brought articles of slam-dunk impeachment for that obvious crime. Why? Because if his enemies did that, and legitimately impeached Trump for treason, convicted him and hanged him in front of the Capitol Building for all Americans to see, that would mean that his replacement could NOT continue the US’s vitally necessary wars to maintain the fiat USD’s worldwide hegemony. In short, nations could refuse to accept printed-out-of-thin-air USD for their REAL products and resources, etc. and the US would have no way to threaten or outright bomb them into submission or into utter chaos and install another government, as was done in Libya. Do you hear Bernie calling for Trump to be impeached for this obvious, in your face treason? No, because Bernie fully supports US Exceptionalism and the US foreign policy of US domination of the world.

  12. Don’t hold back 🙂 That was scathing, and justifiably so. So many quotable bits in there I don’t know where to begin. We really need to get ahead of the Hayley 2024 talk before it’s too late. It’s stuff like this that just makes me so hopeless.

  13. Here is an interpretation from Yves Leclerc at the FreeDiEM25 facebook forum: “My theory: she resigned because Fox News was about to accuse her of having sexually assaulted Judge Brett Kavanaugh when they both were in kindergarten!”

  14. As long as the structure of society in too many lands is ladderlike, i expect only worsenings for the low and lower rungs on that ladder; which, btw, was ‘created’ [by gods?] millennia ago; i suggest, by first the ancient priests and later by the union of clergy and ‘nobles’.

    And ‘neonobles’ [in thought and behavior] and clergy are still united in their aims to keep the masses– forever if needed– ignorant, confused, disinformed, and politically voiceless and utterly impotent.

    To make the world more peaceful; its numerous classes more equal or equal in politics; we need to change our thinking or, rather, that of the union of clergy and present ‘nobility’ from presently active to following:

    1, Believe and let believe [but not touch]
    2, Look and let look [but no groping]
    3, Eat and let eat
    4, Learn and let learn
    5, Teach and let teach
    6, Live and let live
    7, Have political power and let have political power
    8, Have peace and let have peace
    9, Have healthcare and let have healthcare; and so on

    No question in my mind, that the world two top classes and nearly all members of the clergy will not approve of this thinking and will try all this union can, to render it invalid or even utopian. And , no, i do not want utopian living!

  15. This is one loathsome, twisted woman.

  16. Canada will happily donate Chrystia Freedland to America if they want another crypto-fascist UN ambassador.

    1. Yes! And take Justin too,Please!

    2. Indeed – CF practicing neocon loon. Boy King remains globalist minion.

  17. I have to think from her many pronouncements that were reality-challenged that she was in over her head, not very smart and thus relying upon unexamined talking points prompted by others.

  18. The new face of a true political revolution:

  19. Well, looks like Pimp Bibi is losing his best earner amerikkan-zionist whore Nikki Haley… but chin up, there’s always Bolton waiting in the wings.

    1. Excellent, accurate observation, Guido.

  20. Emmanuel Florac Avatar
    Emmanuel Florac

    Yeah, Nikki Haley as a “moderate” makes as much sense as a “humanitarian bombing”.

  21. How refreshing to read the truth stated baldly!

  22. Caitlin, I’d be very interested to read why you think Agent Orange ordered Haley’s Comet to resign. IMO, it was because she very recently did something that was way above her pay grade.

    1. If I had to guess it was her choice and due to the “I don’t get confused” spat. That would be about six months ago, which was when they said she first mentioned her desire to resign.

    2. Yes, Caitlin, I agree with you that that incident was part of it, but I believe that this is the straw that broke poor Haley’s back:
      Although Agent Orange himself issues horrific, illegal threats to attack other nations on an almost daily basis, IMO Orange felt that dear Nikki went way above her pay grade when she addressed that crowd with a megaphone.
      Haley’s was the type of behavior that McWar engaged in in Maidan Square in Kiev just prior to the coup, and McWar and Orange hated each other. In short, it was not her place to address/tell a crowd in the US what US foreign policy is in Venezuela and, essentially, give a green light on behalf of the US government for a revolution.
      Here is a part of her letter of resignation that I believe reinforces this conclusion (MY CAPS FOR EMPHASIS:
      “You will recall that when you offered me the position of United States Ambassador to the United Nations in November 2016, I accepted the offer based on some conditions. Those conditions included serving in your Cabinet and on the National Security Council and BEING FREE TO SPEAK MY MIND ON THE ISSUES OF THE DAY. You made those commitments and you have absolutely kept them all. For that too, I will always be grateful.”
      Of course Orange had a red line on how free she was to speak her mind and she crossed over that line on at least two occasions. He did keep his promise to allow her to speak her mind, but she will no longer be speaking it on behalf of the US government.

  23. I posted a comment and was trying to find it.

  24. Thank you for the visual reminders as well as the words. It makes it easy to share.

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