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Influential Alternative Media Figure Robbie Martin Keeps Lying About Me

Alright, I hate writing these pieces, and I know a lot of my readers hate it when I write them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this gig, though, it’s that smear campaigns need to be addressed early and aggressively or they’ll neuter the power of one’s voice in the world, and I’ve already let this one go on far longer than I should have without attacking it head-on. I promise we’ll return to our regularly scheduled musings and rants after this.

Yesterday Robbie Martin, brother and Media Roots cohost of the famous indie journalist Abby Martin, tweeted to his followers an explicit claim that I have a history of manic episodes. This is a lie, and it is just the most recent and most egregious in an already established pattern of false and disingenuous claims that this person has been constantly circulating about me for well over a year. In addition to his podcast and the platform his family gets him, Martin is a documentary filmmaker whose work has been promoted by many high-profile alternative media figures with whom he regularly interacts. His pattern of knowingly circulating falsehoods about me in alternative media circles threatens my platform and my ability to make my voice useful, so I need to clearly and unequivocally shine light on what he’s been doing.

“I feel like Caitlin Johnstone might be having another manic episode either that or she’s letting her husband ghost write for her again while in the middle of his own manic episode,” Martin’s tweet reads. Not even “a manic episode”; another one. The insertion of the word “another” was not accidental, and it necessarily implies that Martin has knowledge of my having had manic episodes in the past. He has no such knowledge. He is lying.

This isn’t just someone calling me a crazy bitch as an insult, this is a very blatant and straightforward claim about my having a very specific psychological condition, stated as a fact to be picked up, believed and repeated by his followers who trust him. I have no history of any kind of mental illness. I am very boring psychologically, which is why I’ve been able to remain consistent in my output and worldview. Not that there is anything wrong with having bipolar disorder or any other type of mental health diagnosis, and if I had indeed revealed at some point that I had a history of manic episodes it would still be pretty disgusting for Martin to use it to smear me with. But I don’t; it’s a lie that Robbie Martin made up to help him in his long campaign to discredit me and my work.

In the same tweet Martin uses the word “again” to falsely assert that my husband, Tim Foley, has ghost written for me in the past. I have always been straightforward about the fact that Tim (who has also never had a manic episode) collaborates with me in my work. I talk about it frequently, it came up all the time back when we were podcasting regularly, I gushed about it in my very first interview with Jimmy Dore way back in March of last year, and it’s in the “About” section of my website. My work is the product of an ongoing conversation that my soulmate and I engage in about life, the world and politics all day every day; we discuss ideas, and those turn into tweets, jokes, poems and articles. This in no way means that Tim has ever been my “ghost writer”; his insights and ideas are laced throughout my work and I am 100 percent certain that I could not do this job without him, but I have full authorship and authority over everything printed in my name. The idea that a husband would willingly take a back seat to his wife while still devotedly helping her succeed seems very challenging for some people, but that is indeed the case.

I made some noise about Martin’s false claims on Twitter yesterday, which drew public attention to what he was doing. Martin has not as of this writing responded to me directly, but he responded to the deluge of criticism as follows: “If you were legitimately offended by my tweet yesterday I highly fucking recommend you stop following me. You should already know how much I despise click bait grifters that tell the left to collaborate with Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec”.

Martin is here pretending that he does not understand what the issue and objection is to his behavior. This isn’t about anyone being “offended”, and it has nothing to do with his disdain for my writings about issues of convergence upon which the left and right can agree and work together to advance mutual agendas. The issue is of course the fact that he is knowingly circulating false claims about me, my family, and my mental health.

I do not care that Robbie Martin doesn’t like me, and I do not care that Robbie Martin doesn’t like my work. It’s none of my business how Robbie Martin feels about me or my work. There are many people who think I’m completely full of shit, and that’s fine, but they’re not going around knowingly creating and circulating lies about me. The only high profile alternative media figure who is doing that repeatedly and deliberately is Robbie Martin.

Take last year, when Martin was spreading the outright lie that I practice plagiarism. “I know several critics of Caitlin Johnstone who literally had their hard work and ideas plagiarized by her in her own articles,” Martin claimed on Medium. “She recycles other people’s shit constantly and only gives credit/mentions sources of the people who don’t criticize her.”

This is a lie; I have never plagiarized anyone, and as of this writing I am unaware of anyone ever even so much as attempting to put together a solid case that I have done such a thing. Martin has no evidence of his claim, and he never will have any evidence of his claim, but he put it forward as an absolute fact. He didn’t say he knew people who’ve evidenced such claims, he just said it was a fact that people “literally had their hard work and ideas plagiarized by her”.

When I publicly confronted Martin on Twitter about this lie after he’d made the claim that I don’t challenge or criticize Trump supporters (which is also a lie, as anyone who reads me knows), he said he will not retract or apologize because some writers he trusts have claimed that I plagiarized them and that’s just how their feelings feel.

“im not going to apologize for a goddam thing, several people I know who i trust feel that Caitlin plagiarized their work, it’s as simple as that,” Martin tweeted. “if they want to come forward with proof they can”.

“i’ll apologize for the accusation (even tho i’m not saying it’s false) if you apologize for giving anti imperialist credentials to Jack Posobiac and Mike Cernovich,” Martin also said, taking the same position he took today that because he dislikes things I’ve written, it makes it okay for him to circulate lies about me. This is a bizarre stance for a documentary filmmaker to take, or anyone whose career depends upon their credibility for that matter.

Or the other time this past May when Martin falsely claimed that I was reversing a position I did not hold, saying I’d been “telling her readers that Trump was fighting the deep state for almost a year” up until that time. In reality at that time I’d been saying for more than a year that it was clear Trump is fully absorbed into the unelected power establishment known as the deep state.

These are just a few of the lies that I know about, and I only know about them because I was tagged in them or had them drawn to my attention by others. I don’t go around stalking the guy. I have no idea what he’s been saying about me on his podcast, for example, where he talks a lot more than the few words he taps out on Twitter. Just the few things people have flagged me in have contained multiple lies, so I have reason to suspect he’s circulating more disinfo about me to people both publicly and privately, and will probably continue to in the future. This article exists solely to fight that.

This is so weird to me because I literally never say anything about Robbie Martin except when he’s been working to tear down my reputation with lies and manipulations. In fact I’ve had the man blocked since the beginning of 2017 when a name I did not recognize kept turning up in my mentions commenting on everything I said and did and telling me how to do my job. It wasn’t until months later when people started telling me Abby Martin’s brother keeps smearing me that I realized who he was, and to this day I only ever unblocked him twice (now and once previously) to push back on lies he was spreading about me.

So anyway, that’s my article. I’m sorry Robbie Martin made it necessary to waste one on him in order to protect my reputation in alternative media circles, but that’s his fault, not mine. It’s fine to hate me, it’s fine to disagree with me, it’s not okay to lie about me. This is not a complicated distinction, and anyone who pretends they don’t understand that distinction is lying. Peace.

UPDATE: Mr. Martin has wisely set his Twitter account to private. Embedded tweets have been replaced with screen shots.


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Latest comments

  • Call him “wet” He gives meaning to the word.

  • I believe maybe we are all a bit crazy, least the smart ones anyway.
    To respond to this childish, untalented person is beneath you – soaring with turkeys.

    I fear you are closet conservative.

    Whe I first happened accross site, I read like two paragraphs and thought to myself: Self, dat bitch can write!

    Your piece on Mattis and the “moral authority” ting had me near tears of laughter and frustration.

    Dont elevate that guy. You should network with the good ones and hookup with consortium.

    Saludos from the right. Actually left and right have lost all meaning. Its the abuse, slaughtering and destruction that brings us together.

  • Cait

    He is yapping chawawa.
    You are big slobery smelly lab.
    I like you much better.

  • This mental health garbage seems to be the latest way to discredit people with whom you do not agree. I am a nobody and had the same experience on another alternative news website. Because the commenter did not agree with me, I needed to immediately seek help at a mental health facility. I don’t know if the accusers have any knowledge of mental health (I doubt it), but they seem to find it a meaningful way to refuse to learn anything, a problem that affects so-called leftists and the right wing equally, unfortunately. I heard Abby Martin on Alternative Radio and liked what she had to say, then checked out her website and found that while she supposedly doesn’t support militarism she supports transgender soldiers. Huh? And now all you lovers of white, middle-aged, racist, homophobic men who have decided they are women (this is called a fetish) can tell me to get myself to a mental health facility.

  • Sucks that you are driven to responding to the slime. Wish there were something I could do besides continue to support you.

    I do encourage you to read some George Lakoff if you do not already. In his model of framing he is adamant that repeating the frames of others in order to refute them instead reinforces them. In this case I do not know how you address the crap that has been spread about you without citing it. But I suggest reading Lakoff for insight on the cognitive processes involved.

    While I do not necessarily agree with Lakoff when he gets down into Trump and Russia, the top of the linked article deals simply and clearly with the issue of framing and the problem with repeating frames, even when refuting them. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/13/how-to-report-trump-media-manipulation-language

    Thank you for doing what you do.

  • Caitlin, this Robbie Martin guy can’t hold a candle to you. (I saw his doc a couple years ago. Decent message, mediocre delivery).

    If anything, all his publicity will send people your way, and once they read about 2-3 paragraphs of your work it will be obvious how astute, talented, and evolved you are.

  • I believe you about the mania accusations but would not care if you were manic. The differences between supposed normal people and the mentally ill is the normal people are mentally ill in popular ways while the mentally ill are so in unpopular ways so get the label stuck to them.
    Nearly all the most insane historic events were perpetuated by the supposed sane, none of us sees reality, we all see what ever we need to see to compete evolutionarily, all animals do.
    Some people such as yourself try hard to take your own self interest out of the equation in order to get an objective take, which is not at all easy or common.
    The list of the greatest content creators in the history is full of people with supposed “abnormalities” yes , right, its abnormal to be enthusiastic, its abnormal to care, its abnormal to be correct, its abnormal to love creativity. the concept that there is any such thing as “normalcy” is a fantasy and it is destructive, once we lay claim to the “true” model of normalcy we can start the eugenics program to enforce it.
    I would counter that your attacker is apparently paranoid.

  • Caitlin, I did not know that another person, your husband, might be having an effect on what “you” publish on your web site. Perhaps I SHOULD have known this by searching for more information on your site, I did not. I also did realize this because you make no indication in your numerous articles which if you contributed what words or ideas or information. I say this only because this revelation (to me) has changed the way I think about your articles.
    Naturally, each person has their very own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the more people, say, participating (for example, at home or in a social setting) in solving a problem or finding an explanation for an observed phenomenon, the better. But the people within that group know firsthand just exactly WHAT each individual contributed to the solution or explanation. Again, I can no longer make such a determination when I read your articles and that makes me think differently about you. Put differently, I know less about YOU, Caitlin Johnstone. This is neither good nor bad; just the way I am after the revelation. ..
    BTW, what’s your husband’s first name? From now on when I give congrats, I’ll be sure to include your husband, unless he wants to remain not only anonymous, but unacknowledged.

    • I must make a couple of corrections.

      “Perhaps I SHOULD have known this by searching for more information on your site, BUT I did not. I also did NOT realize this because………..”

    • I read all of Caitlin’s posts and have never done any research about her but I did know about her husband because she’s mentioned him. He’s been clearly (and lovingly) acknowledged more than once.

      I suggest you read this article again to answer your own last question – Caitlin gives his name.

  • First, Caity, I am a graduate in psychology and, while I sometimes disagree with you (and have not been afraid to tell you so), I have also told you that I do agree with most of what you have to say. The one thing I have never noticed is any tendency toward any sort of mental disorder – unless telling the truth as you see it is considered a disorder in some text I’ve never seen.
    Second, given all of your writings that I have read to date, I feel that I know you quite well. While it may come as a shock to some (and perhaps it is because I do not use Twitter and won’t, unless I decide to completely forego sleep), but I have never heard of either Abby or Robbie Martin. So, clearly, none has ever been influential in my life. Assuming the truth in what you have written today, my suggestion to Robbie Martin would likely be, ‘Get a life.’ Given that he had to rely on his sister’s popularity to make a name for himself, it’s quite possible that he is a latent woman-hater, with extreme insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. At the very least, he lacks integrity – and to my way of thought, that is the biggest crime one can commit.

  • Recently I have been reading Yanis Varoufakis and finding much to like. But one voice can only do so much and until there is a shared, very broad community of like minded folk with an agenda, it feels hopeless. Now Varoufakis has stepped forward with an agenda and is bringing Bernie Sanders in too. We need more deep thinkers (like Caitlin) to touch all our souls with hope. Lets see how far we can go with this one:
    Some interesting links to follow as well.

    • Bernie is another O’bomb’em.
      He not only never condemned Hitlery for fixing the primaries against him, but endorsed her, against the wishes of his supporters.
      He is an imperialist and IMO one cannot be a true socialist AND an imperialist at the same time.
      He fully supports the notion that “the Russians” hacked the DNC even though Bill Binney proved that it was a leak to a thumb drive rather than a hack from afar.
      He believes that the Russians meddled (whatever the fuck that means) into the ’16 elevction to the point that it tipped the election to Agent Orange.
      He believes that AO is Putin’s puppet. He excoriated AO after AO met with Mr. Putin.
      He will not condemn AO’s unconstitutional wars against a variety of nations even thought this would be a legitimate reason to impeach, try and hang him.
      The bottom line is that Bernie should rightfully have been the D candidate instead of Hitlery and, had that happened, IMO, Bernie would now be president and he would be Bush the Fifth when it comes to the US foreign policy of Full Spectrum Dominance over the world.

      • Ishkabibble – I agree with you on Sanders and am very disappointed to see Varoufakis include him in anything. Varoufakis, who fought so hard against the banksters – who would have thought!

  • Robbie doesn’t have very good writer’s skills, I note.

    Hang in their Caitlin. Robbie won’t, I suspect, have that great an impact on your reputation.

    • And then I use ‘their’ instead of ‘there’. 🙁

  • Now: Attacking someone for (truthfully or not) having BiPolar Disorder, with impunity – and, for the world to see. The question: Where are we?

    First, they came for the Conspiracy Theorists, and not enough realized the long-term goals of the (star chambered) conspirators. Next, they came for those daring to even speak Truth to Power, and not enough realized the long-term goals of the (star chambered) conspirators. Then, the level of worldwide Controlled Narratives was exposed through the most obvious Pys-Op of a McCarthyite Russian Campaign, and not enough realized the long-term goals of the (star chambered) conspirators. And finally, though just enough (of those who were not blind or awakened) saw that It Was All Coordinated as Staged Lies, the (star chambered) conspirators continued their onslaught, completely emboldened – for the time had come to fulfill last steps of those long-term goals.

    Obama Confidant’s Spine-Chilling Proposal: Cass Sunstein Wants the Government to “Cognitively Infiltrate” Anti-Government Groups [et al] https://www.salon.com/2010/01/15/sunstein_2/

    [See] Obama’s head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where, among other things, he [was] responsible for “overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs.” In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-“independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites – as well as other activist groups – which advocate views that Sunstein deems “false conspiracy theories” about the Government.

    • The FBI has been infiltrating activist groups for many decades and still do it today.
      As far as “cognitiely infiltrating” anti-government groups, this has also been going on for many years. For example, the use of sock puppets in a solicitation for computer software called “Persona Management Software”

  • Caitlin, I hope you see a lawyer about this. He can’t defame you, and then set terms for his retraction…that’s not how it works. These claims could and probably have caused you economic harm in your profession by calling your credibility and honesty into question. That is slander per se, and is a civil tort under American law. I’d sue him out of business if I were you.

  • Having a touch of grey in my beard, I’ve been watching the circus for a long time. I have noticed for a long time that there are segments of ‘the left’ who seem to spend all of their time attacking the left. I used to think this was a problem with “enemy identification”, as I always can find corporate schmucks who are ripping off and hurting people that are more deserving of their attacks than their targets on ‘the left’. But, as I’ve gotten more grey in my beard, I suspect it is more sinister than that.

    I was starting to wonder what had triggered this round of attacks, when Ms Johnstone appeared to answer the question. She mentioned her writing of “issues of convergence upon which the left and right can agree and work together to advance mutual agendas. ” I suspect it has a lot to do with exactly that.

    The one thing the elites fear most is if the opposition on the left were to ever unite with the opposition on the right. Scares them because they know they use ‘divide and conquer’ to maintain their minority rule. Thus, one can always find voices on the left that mainly exist to make sure the left never forms an alliance with the right, and of course vice versa.

    I’m the odd sod who used to go to leftist protests against Obama and then notice the crowd from the Tea Party on the other side of the parking lot and go over to chat. I say ‘odd sod’ because one thing I noticed was that there wasn’t anyone else in the parking lot willing to walk from one side to the other to have a chat. To me that alone seemed unusual since both groups were protesting the same person.

    I noticed that it was quite easy to have a nice conversation with the Tea Party folk. It required some translation of language. What Abbie Hoffman used to refer to as ‘the establishment’ was what the Tea Party types referred to as ‘the liberals’. But once one was willing to mentally make such translations in one’s head, it was rather obvious that both groups had great deal in common. There were of course a few areas to avoid in the name of diplomacy. The Tea Party types had a reverence for Fox News that didn’t sit well with me, but in the interests of having a nice little talk, I’d let that slide.

    That of course is the method by which such a coalition is formed. By finding the common ground between people, even if they use different language. And also by ignoring some differences in the cause of finding that common ground.

    Of course, the dividers who work hard to keep the left and the right apart do exactly the opposite. They ignore the common ground, and sieze on any differences and shout about them and use them to keep the sides divided.

    As I said, there are always the voices who seem to work very, very hard to make sure the people stay divided and thus turning about the words of the old protest chant, that the people will always be defeated. I get the impression you’ve been encountering this.

    My general rule is that the people who try to unite people are the good people, while the people who try to divide people are not.

    I enjoy your writing and I’m glad I’ve found you. Keep up the good fight.

    • I couldn’t agree more with Cassidy. In the 1990’s I was involved with the left/right alliance against the US/NATO war on Yugoslavia. It included Justin Raimonda of Antiwar.com, Thomas Fleming of Chronicles, and the leadership of CounterPunch.com. I identified as a paleoconservative at that time and remember talking to journalist Norman Solomon and realizing that we had more in common than not. It was the beginning of my turn out of the false dialectic of left/right that is used by the elites as Cassidy says to control us.
      Unfortunately the elites have been very successful in keeping us fighting with each other. They are rolling out Cold War v2 and we are in phase 2: they are repressing alternative voices in the Internet to regain control of major narratives in the heads of Americans that they had with the pre-Internet MSM.
      We were not successful in stopping the war on Yugoslavia but I realized from the effort that until the political opposites come close together nothing will change. This is more important and ever as they are pushing their Cold War forward and beating the war drums louder. US elites manifest demented thinking that they can win a nuclear war, that the US can rule the world, and they project on Russia, China, and Iran their own evil schemes. They must be stopped for the sake of future humanity.

    • “That of course is the method by which such a coalition is formed. By finding the common ground between people, even if they use different language. And also by ignoring some differences in the cause of finding that common ground.
      Of course, the dividers who work hard to keep the left and the right apart do exactly the opposite. They ignore the common ground, and sieze on any differences and shout about them and use them to keep the sides divided.”
      I could not agree more. The problem is that people cannot seem to find that elusive “common ground”. For example, I believe that the foundation of ANY new way of life or economic system should be “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. (NOT “love thy neighbor as thyself”, but to simply treat others as you would want to treated.)
      Even here on Caitlin’s web site, just exactly how many people are going to agree that that “Golden Rule” SHOULD BE THAT FOUNDATION? How does that way of treating other people jive with “Greed Is Good” competition, and that all we have to do is look out for our own well-being and that, voila, the world will collectively turn out just fine?
      If “we” cannot agree on even that, there is no need to talk or type any further. Just hold on tight and have a plan for painless suicide after the nukes start dropping.

  • Hi Caitlin.
    I like the directness, honesty and common sense of your writing. I recognise you are just a front for your husband but as a little woman you do your bit too. Are you laughing yet? As regards thicko Martin who can barely write. “i’ll apologize . . . . ” surpasses any illiteracy I have ever tried to read. “i’ll” ? Ouch. It looks bizarre too. I never heard of the plonker till now. To hell with him. His sister is a different kettle of fish it seems. I have watched her appearances on Jimmy Dore show and read her articles on Venezuela. She seems as kosher as you do.
    Just so you know: Media Roots doesn’t mention the varmint under the ABOUT or VIEWS headings. He simply doesn’t feature; he is a nobody there.
    Keep up the great work. “oop’s” i mean your husband work innit jeez i keepgettin it rong

  • Every time I hear the name Robbie Martin, it’s in association with his more successful, more popular, and [seemingly] more socially adjusted sister. He even showed up with her on Jimmy Dore’s show a week ago and until that time I’d only known him as ‘brother of Abby’, with no idea what he looked like nor any accomplishments he had to his credit. At least now I know what he looks like.

    Why this troll has a hard-on against you is beyond me, Caitlin. His nattering is a distraction from your mission but needed to be addressed. It’s ridiculous that he is so far gone that he cannot or will not see the nuance in aligning left and right over issues we agree. In his half-educated brain this flavor of populism rings as some kind of dangerous precedent.

    As has been said before by people more famous than myself, the left hate it when you out-left them. He’s so caught up in trying to prove his own cred, he doesn’t care what damage he does to himself, the progressive cause in general, or the targets he chooses to attack. I would disengage from interacting with this clown. The energy wasted trying to convince the seven thousand followers of him that they are being lied to can be better spent writing, reading, living, watching paint dry…

  • When the Caravan passes by…. the dogs go Woof Woof 🙂
    Just Words Caitlin… let em bark 🙂

    • Stick to the issues of this screwed up world. Arguing with every person on twitter that doesn’t like you takes away from all the important issues of our time.

  • It’s a waste of bandwidth to talk about Martin. I can’t even be bothered to Google him, and it’s another footnote why I don’t Twitter either. Caitlin, you are an original voice. Just keep doing your thing.

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of Robbie Martin (Robbie? Does he shave yet?). I like his sister’s work, but I’m not big on nepotism so if I have my way this is the last time I hear from or of Robbie Martin. Keep rockin’, Wild Woman.

  • Caitlin,
    This risible mutt is attacking you because you are making an impact with the people you reach.Using mental illness as one of his attack weapons shows this moron lies in the gutter.

  • Caitlin,
    Why you haven’t sued Robbie Martin for libel and slander baffles me. It’s the best way to deal with creeps like him – hit him deeply in the pocketbook.

  • Caitlin, you are grand and strong. I really appreciate most of your writings and it is so deplorable that this cretin Martin is trolling you. Perhaps he needs to generate hits on his publications as we might be tempted to look at his work:… fat chance, he has closed his own door.

  • I get what you are feeling. But know that the people in my circle who read and highly respect your writing and posts have never even heard of this Martin guy. So, there are these vampires around. I laugh that he says to “stop following me if you don’t like my posts”. That is what he should do: stop following you if he doesn’t like it.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let him in to your mind.

  • Caitlin
    I understand why you had to write this and I’m glad you did. Still, it’s unfortunate that you had to waste your time on Robbie Martin. He’s an enraged, arrogant, snotty little bitch. Were it not for his sister, he wouldn’t have any audience at all. Many of the people who have commented here advise you to take one variety or another of legal action. Forget it. The crap Martin spews isn’t actionable and he’d probably just love the attention. It isn’t worth your time or your energy. For anyone with half a brain, whether they agree or disagree with you, your writing stands on its own. IMHO anything that diverts you from that is an asshole. Keep doing what you do, sis. It’s important.

  • Re: paid troll. Or he could be being threatened into doing it, which I suspect happened to Barrett Brown over Julian Assange. It’s all a big snitch game for the mafia types policing the information wars.

  • Could be a paid troll, paid to harass and discredit you. Which means you are important enough at swaying public discourse that the propaganda machine sent some trolls to harass you and try to start rumours and lies. That would be my bet. Ordinary people have enough going on that they don’t often bother such a long and drawn out harassment campaign. When it continues, it’s a paid troll.

  • My 2 cents: Martin’s the one who’s manic. He’s just looking for a target and a scalp, and your critical independence/nonconforming attitude draws his ire. Maybe he wants to proves his lefty bona fides…maybe he’s competing with his sister and has unresolved oedipal issues…who tf knows.
    Underneath the hate and anger is fear. I learned that from you 🙂
    As to the issue of reaching out to guys like Cernovitch (who, I imagine, is hardcore libertarian…possibly a Trump supporter…virulently anti-socialist), I seem to recall you arguing leftists should reach out to their rightist analogs whenever principles agree-on weed, say, or in some cases anti-war causes or even anti-racism.
    And I agree. The neoliberal contempt of rightist workers in the 2016 election cycle betrayed the class-based hatred fueling current political practice.
    Leftists who forget this will not affect the change they seek.

    • Excellent comment, especially this: “The neoliberal contempt of rightist workers in the 2016 election cycle betrayed the class-based hatred fueling current political practice.”

  • From my perspective you have laid out your case against Robbie Martin quite well. From my limited and dated knowledge of defamation law as it applies to public figures I suspect that seeking legal recourse is less than likely to be productive and would be costly which is a pity but a reality.

    In any case I enjoy reading your pieces and will continue to read and share them. Please keep it up.

    • I agree 99% with this comment, the 1% being the generally-sound rule against feeding trolls and the frequently-given advice not to engage in pissing contests with skunks. (That advice appears to have originated in a 1943 Study and Investigation of Federal Communications Committee hearing before the U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate F.C.C.) Wikipedia quotes Trevor Corson’s The Secret Life of Lobsters which describes a pissing match between lobsters in these terms:

      “The American lobster urinates not from some posterior region of its body, but directly out the front of its face. Two bladders inside the head hold copious amounts of urine, which the lobster squirts through a pair of muscular nozzles beneath its antennae. These powerful streams mix with the gill outflow and are carried some five feet ahead of the lobster in its plume … What the researchers discovered during the ensuing fights was that dueling lobsters accompanied their most punishing blows during combat by intense squirts of piss at the opponent’s face. What was more, in scenes akin to a showdown at the OK Corral, the winner of the physical combat almost always turned out to be the lobster that had urinated first. And well after the fight was over, the winner kept pissing. By contrast, the loser shuts off his urine valves immediately.”

      The relevant point of the quotation is that the winner of the physical combat almost always turned out to be the lobster that had urinated first.

  • Caitlin you are one of the few dissenting voices remaining in the conversation. You are also one of the powerful ones. This person lying about you is envious of your intellect, unable to match it and so goes at you with this ad hominem attack. It’s a peurile, unethical, and typically white male thing to do. Wishing you all the best to continue with your work.

  • Caitlin – if it’s any consolation I don’t hate that you wrote this. I’m just sorry that you had to write it. I was also wondering if you have grounds for a defamation case. You should always stand up to bullies with the full force of whatever ammunition you have available. It’s all they understand.

  • He sounds like a ten year old boy who has a crush on you and doesn’t know any other way to get your attention. The old dipping the braid in the ink well. I support you totally but perhaps he just enjoys seeing your reaction because you are so good at reacting.

  • Caitlin, have you considered consulting an attorney about filing a defamation claim?

    I am a lawyer in Texas, and I know that defamation law is pretty much the same everywhere. I know you are a “public figure” and so have less protections than a private party, but even so, deliberate falsehoods (“Knowing or reckless disregard of the truth”) are actionable.

    I do not know what jurisdiction you are in, and I do not know where this Martin fellow is located either. Most attorneys are willing to consult with you for free, so it may be worth just checking it out.

    If nothing else, a certified letter from an attorney in Martin’s jurisdiction may at least get him to shut up.

    Good luck -a

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