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On Antisemitism, Critical Thinking, And Conspiracy Theories

Today a gunman attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while shouting the words “All Jews must die”. The suspect, Robert Bowers, reportedly had a history of making antisemitic posts on social media, and was taken into custody alive with multiple gunshot wounds. As of this writing, eleven people were killed in the attack.

I don’t have anything interesting or insightful to say about America’s mass shootings, other than to repeat the point I always make that the effects of modern war propaganda on American psychology are wildly under-appreciated and ignored by scientific research. I believe the subject of US gun control is a bit outside my sovereign boundaries as an Australian writer as it only affects Americans, so I don’t really have anything to contribute in the primary debate surrounding the attack. It’s a debate for Americans to have with one another, so I tend to avoid it.

What I do have to offer is a brief description of my experience with conspiracy theories about Judaism and Jewish people as a fringe blogger who writes a lot about conspiracies, and the impression those encounters have left me with.

To be clear, when I talk about antisemites I mean the actual bigots who promote hatred of Jewish people, paranoia about Jewishness, or any type of violence against or mistreatment of Jews as a race. I do not mean people who voice legitimate criticisms of Israel and its government, I do not mean people who criticize the way Zionism is used as a tool of manipulation to advance geopolitical agendas, I do not mean people who question the justification for the creation of Israel in the first place, I do not mean people who defend Palestinians, and I do not mean people who voice valid, factual criticisms of George Soros or any other billionaire who happens to be Jewish.

I make this distinction because when I try to talk about antisemitism publicly I get critics of Israel confusing the two groups, saying they only ever encounter people who absurdly call you an antisemite for condemning the slaughter of unarmed Palestinians by sniper fire, not people who actually promote the hatred of Jews. And that may indeed be true for them in their case, but as someone who writes a lot about oligarchy, the media, and war in the Middle East I most definitely find myself brushing up against the pernicious mind virus of antisemitism on a regular basis.

It typically happens one of two ways:

1) I’ll be there minding my own business happily attacking CNN or decrying war propaganda against Syria or whatever, and then BAM! Some random asshole splats one of those Jewish caricature memes on the lovely post I spent lots of time and energy creating. It’s always jarring and feels creepy and invasive in the same way as receiving an unsolicited dick pic.

2) They sort of sidle up alongside me on social media, making vague, side-mouthed insinuations which become increasingly specific over time, and before I know it they’re telling me I need to “name the Jew” and talk about “the JQ”.

I fucking hate antisemites. Hate them, hate them, hate them. Not only are they vile racists whose particular brand of hatred should be easily recognized as uniquely toxic by anyone who’s ever skimmed a history book, but they heap other layers of personal obnoxiousness on top of that as well. They’ll accuse you of being a “coward” if you reject their pet medieval superstitions, but they themselves speak only in coded language and oblique, side-mouthed innuendo because they are too cowardly to come right out and state their points in plain language. They’re arrogant, they’re condescending, and they’re impervious to reason, and they always expect you to treat their vapid, slug-brained perspectives with the same respect you’d treat someone who is making real arguments using actual facts.

More annoyingly, they derail some of the most important conversations that critical thinkers and skeptics of establishment narratives need to be having in the new media environment. The foundations of oligarchy and imperialism have nothing whatsoever to do with Jews or Jewishness but with the way the dynamics of money and power interact with human behavioral tendencies, which I discuss at length in the article hyperlinked here. One need only to look at the way Jeff Bezos, who is not Jewish, rose to the top of the plutocratic class and began instantly buying up media and forming alliances with intelligence and defense agencies to see how the dynamics of oligarchy play out with no difficulty when Jewishness is completely removed from the equation. One need only look at the prominence and influence of bloodthirsty psychopath John Bolton, who is not Jewish, to see the how dynamics of neoconservative warmongering play out with no difficulty when Jewishness is completely removed from the equation.

Conspiracies happen all the time in the upper echelons of power, and it’s important to examine and talk about the aspects of this reality that are visible to the general public. But the fact that there’s a group of idiots moving throughout conspiracy circles who insist those conspiracies have something to do with Jewish people having some sort of predisposition toward nefarious behavior or global domination gums up the gears of that dialogue, and is used to discredit perfectly legitimate skepticism toward establishment-endorsed narratives about the world and how it works.

Money rewards the sociopath’s ability to step on anyone and do whatever it takes to get ahead, and large amounts of money can be used to buy up political influence. In a dynamic wherein money both rewards sociopathy and translates directly to political power, we naturally wind up ruled by sociopaths who have no problem keeping everyone poor to ensure the dominance of the plutocratic class and creating chaos throughout the world for power and profit. One of the many reasons antisemitic conspiracy theories gain traction is because those who are devout acolytes of the cult of capitalism will often be resistant to the idea that it is in this way responsible for the worst problems on earth, so to avoid cognitive dissonance they cook up theories about a greedy race of subhumans who suck up power and money because they are intrinsically evil. It allows them to blame Jews for the problems of money and power dynamics. Because Jews as a culture have tended to be generally decent at finance (a trend that probably emerged exactly because of their persecution), they make convenient scapegoats.

In the same way, patriots and nationalists who like to think of their country as sovereign and independent will be resistant to the idea that the lines between nations are increasingly irrelevant at the highest levels of power. The notion that their country is just one branch of a giant, globe-spanning empire of which Israel is also another branch will be far too challenging for their worldview, so they cook up theories about their nation being ruled by a Jewish state via lobbying, media influence and conspiracies. In reality, the globe-spanning empire which includes Israel and the US is not ultimately controlled by any nation or government, but by a class of nationless corporate and financial powers with no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Functionally Israel is nothing more than the Middle Eastern military branch of the empire, and it is so deeply involved in military conflicts because the Middle East is such a strategically crucial region to control. Zionism is just one of the propaganda narratives used to help manufacture support for that branch, and lobbying and media psyops are just the glue which holds the empire together.

There are many other reasons that make it cognitively and egoically comfortable to blame the world’s problems on a historically persecuted minority. All of them are toxic, and, as we were once again reminded today, all of them are dangerous. Hatred of Jews is the result of bad thinking, bad research, emotional stupidity and lazy inner work, and it should be condemned on all fronts. As long as important conversations about conspiracies are being bogged down by these dopey narratives, our hive mind’s ability to shine the light of truth on the world together will be experiencing that much inertia. Let’s get smarter and reject this ignorant nonsense.


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  • Jewish Politics in America – A Post Political View by Gilad Atzmon, November 14th 2018

    In 1994 I enrolled in a postgraduate course in philosophy at a British University. On my first day at the University I had to complete a few routine administrative duties such as registering my name with the philosophy department and meeting my supervisors. I was also told that I had to join the student union. Being a subservient type, I walked over to the Student Union hall where I soon realized that the task was slightly more complicated than I had expected. There were a plethora of student unions to choose from: The Black Student Union, The Asian Student Association, The Socialist Students, The Gay Student Society and more. Confused, I asked for assistance. They asked where I was from. When I told them “Israel,” I was told that the “Jewish Student Union” was my home.

    It was then, at the Student Union Hall, that I first encountered the identity split between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora. It would take some time before I was able to define this binary tension in philosophical or post political terms and before I understood the Jewish dilemma in terms of Nationalist/Identitarian dialectics. Two decades later, the political battle now going on in America is basically an extension of that internal Jewish debate.

    Back in 1994 I didn’t see any reason to join the Jewish Student Union. I had never identified ‘as a Jew’ and Judaism meant little to me. Israel was my place of birth. My ‘identity’ as I then saw it was geographically oriented. Fortunately, I managed to complete my postgraduate course without becoming a ‘union member.’ But my thoughts about that morning at the student union hall have evolved into a few controversial books and hundreds of papers on ID politics and the current Identitarian dystopia.

    In 2011 I wrote The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics. The premise of the book was that if Israel defines itself as the ‘Jewish State’ then we have to dissect the meaning of the J-Word. We have to grasp how Judaism (the religion), Jews (the people) and Jewishness (the spirit, ideology and culture) relate to each other and how these terms influence Israeli politics and the activities of the Jewish Lobby around the world. Instead of studying ‘Zionism,’ an archaic term that is not relevant to most Israelis, my book focused on Jewish identifications. I did not address the problematic question of ‘who and what Jews are,’ I tried instead to find out what those who call themselves Jews identify with.

    While this question is certainly germane to an understanding of Israel and the Middle East conflict, it is also crucial to an understanding of the current American dystopia. Instead of asking ‘who Americans are’ let us explore what Americans identify with.

    In the post-political era, America is divided into two camps, let’s call them Americans and Identitarians. Americans see themselves primarily as American patriots. They often subscribe to a nationalist populist ideology and, like the Israelis, identify with a piece of geography. On the other hand, Identitarians are primarily liberals and progressives. They identify themselves in biological and sociological terms, and they see themselves first as LGBTQ, Latino, Black, Jewish, feminist etc. Their bond with the American nationalist ethos is at most secondary and often non-existent.

    This division in America between ‘nationalism’ and ‘identitarianism’ is similar to the dichotomy I observed at the student union hall in 1994. In fact, Israel has become a prime model for American nationalists. Similarly, it is Jewish progressive ideology that inspires Identitarians globally and in America in particular. It is the pervasiveness of Jewish ideologies within both nationalist and Identitarian discourses that sustains the dominance of Jewish and Israeli political institutions in American politics.

    The Israeli Lobby’s hegemony over American foreign policy and its force in advocating policies that favor Israel has been widely recognized. Numerous studies on the topic have been published, such as: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy (Prof John Mearsheimer and Prof Stephen Walt), The Power of Israel in The United State (Professor James Petras). Alison Weir’s website, If Americans Knew routinely presents a devastating chronicle of Israeli intervention in American politics. The Washington Report on the Middle East Affairs has been producing outstanding work as well. The crucial question is, why have Americans let this happen?

    My study of Jewish ID politics suggests that America isn’t just influenced by one Jewish lobby or another. The entire American political-cultural-spiritual spectrum has been transformed into a internal Jewish exchange. Most American do not see the true nature of the battle they participate in and, for the obvious reasons, their media and their academics do not help. It is more convenient to keep Americans in the dark.

    America is rapidly moving towards a civil war. The divide isn’t only ideological or political. The split is geographical, spiritual, educational and demographical. In a Vox article titled, “The Midterm Elections Revealed that America is in a Cold Civil War,” Zack Beauchamp writes, “This is a country fundamentally split in two, with no real room for compromise.” Of the midterm election Beauchamp reports that “American politics is polarized not on the basis of class or even ideology, but on identity… One side open to mass immigration and changes to the country’s traditional racial hierarchy, the other is deeply hostile to it.” He correctly observes that “Republicans and Democrats see themselves as part of cultural groups that are fundamentally distinct: They consume different media and attend different churches; live in distinct kinds of places and rarely interact with people who disagree with them.”

    Despite this American schism, Israel and its Lobby are somehow able to influence both sides, managing to finding pathways to the secluded corridors of both parties. Although Democrats and Republicans can no longer talk to each other, it seems that both are happy to talk to Israel and the Lobby. And it is at AIPAC’s annual conference that these political foes compete in their eagerness to appease a foreign state. This anomaly in American politics demands attention.

    As a former Israeli, I had not observed the effects of the Israel/ Jewish Diaspora dilemma until I had my experience at the Student Union Hall in Britain. Israel was born with the Zionist desire to eradicate the identity of Jews as cosmopolitans. Zionism promised to bond the Jew with the soil, with a territory, with borders. Thus, it is consistent with the Zionist paradigm that Israel is notorious for its appalling treatment ofasylum seekers, immigrants and, of course, the indigenous people of the land. Israel has surrounded itself with separation walls. Israel deployed hundreds of snipers in its fight to stop the March of Return – a ‘caravan’ of Palestinian refugees who were marching towards its border. Israel has been putting into daily practice that which Trump has promised to deliver. For a Trump supporter, Israel’s politics is a wet dream. Maybe Trump should consider tweaking his motto in 2020 into ‘Let’s make America Israel.’ This would encompass building separation walls, bullying America’s neighbors, the potential to cleanseAmerica of the ‘enemy within,’ and so on. It is not surprising that in 2016 Trump beat Clinton in an Israeli absentee exit poll. The Israelis do love Trump. To them, he is a vindication of their hawkish ideological path. Although during the election Trump was castigated as a vile anti-Semite and a Hitler figure by the Jewish progressive press, once elected, Fox News was quick to point out that Trump was actually the ‘First Jewish President.’

    We can see that Israel, Trump and his voters have a lot in common. They want militant anti immigration policies , they love ‘walls,’ they hate Muslims and they believe in borders. When alt right icon Richard Spencer described himself on Israeli TV as “a White Zionist” he was actually telling the truth. Israel puts into practice the ideas that Spencer and Trump can so far only entertain. But the parallels between Israel and the Trump administration’s Republican voters is just one side of the story.

    In my recent book, Being in Time – A Post Political Manifesto, I point out that while the old, good Left tried to unite us by insisting that it was not important whether one was Black, a Woman, a Muslim, a Jew or Gay; in the class war, we were all united against capitalism. It was the new Left that taught us to speak ‘as a’: as a Jew, as a Gay, as a Black and so on. Instead of being one people united in the struggle for justice and equality, within the post political realm we are pulled into endless identity battles.

    Seemingly, this Identitarian revolution has been inspired by a few Jewish ideological and philosophical schools including, most importantly, the Frankfurt School. Truth must be said, when it comes to ID politics, Diaspora Jewish ideologists are often slightly more advanced than others, not because Jews are more clever than anyone else but simply because Jews have engaged in identity politics far longer than anyone else. While Gay identity politics is about four decades old and Feminism is maybe a century old, Jewish identity politics started in Babylon two and a half millennia ago. In fact, Judaism can be realised as an exilic Identitarian project. It deliberately and carefully sustains Jewish cultural, spiritual and physical segregation. Although Jews often drop their religion and dispose of God, many cling to Jewishness. For one reason or another, Jews often choose to operate within Jews- only political cells such as Jewish Voice for Peace, Jewish Voice for Labour and so on. These Jewish bodies tend to preach inclusiveness while practicing exclusivity.

    So it is hardly surprising that Jewish Identitarian philosophy and Jewish Identitarian success provides the model that inspires most, if not all, Identitarian politics within the New Left milieu in general and the current Democratic Party in particular. This isn’t the place to discuss at length or in depth the reasons behind Jewish identitarian success, however, it should be mentioned that while most Identitarians are taught to celebrate victimhood, to blame others for their misfortune, Jewish Identitarianism has a subtle dynamic balance between victimhood and entitlement.

    Naturally, Jewish ideologists are at the helm of the Identitarian revolution. Maybe more well known is the fact that a chief funder of that revolution is financier George Soros and his Open Society Institute. Soros may genuinely believe in the Identitarian future: It is cosmopolitan, it is global, it defies borders and states but far more significantly, it also serves to divert attention from Wall Street and capitalist crimes: as long as Identitarians fight each other, no one bothers to fight Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and corporate tyranny. Soros didn’t invent this strategy, it has long been called ‘divide and conquer.’

    The abovesheds light on the depth of influence of Jewish politics in America. While Israel is an exemplar of contemporary Republican goals, Democrats are emulating Jewish Diaspora identitarianism. The two contradictory Jewish ideologies are each well- ensconced within the two rival ideologies that are tearing America apart. The red Republican counties want America to be Israel Again. Thelarge metropolitan areas near America’s coasts have adopted the twelve tribes of Israel model – a loose Identitarian coalition threatened by Samaritans, Canaanites, Amalekites or as Hillary Clinton calls them the ‘basket of deplorables.’

    The story of Jewish political strength in America doesn’t end there. A New York Jew can easily metamorphosize from an hard-core Identitarian into rabid Zionist settler and vice versa, but such a manoeuvre is not available to ordinary Americans. White nationalist Richard Spencer can not make the political shift that would turn him into a progressive or a liberal just as it is unlikely that a NY transsexual icon would find it possible to become a ‘redneck.’ While Jewish political identity is inherently elastic and can morph endlessly, the American political divide is fairly rigid. Jewish ideologists frequently change positions and camps, they shift from left to right, from Clinton to Trump (Dershowitz), they support immigration in their host counties yet oppose it in their own Jewish State, they are against rigid borders and even states in general, yet support the two state solution in Palestine (Chomsky). Gentiles are less flexible. They are expected to be coherent and consistent.

    It was this manoeuvrability that made PM Netanyahu’s 2015 speech in front of a joint session of Congress a ‘success,’ although it might well have been considered a humiliation for any American with an ounce of patriotic pride. As we wellknow, Bibi can communicate easily with both Republicans and Democrats just as he cansimultaneously befriend Trump and Putin. He deploys snipers at the Gaza border with orders to kill while considerately peppering his statements with LGBTQ human rights advocacy. Not many Americans have dared to address this topic, but I believe that there are some who, by now, can see the situation clearly.

    It was the Israeli in me who saw the disparity between ‘Israeli’ and ‘Jew’ at the Student Union Hall because I was raised as an Israeli patriot. I was trained to love and even die for the soil I mistakenly believed to be mine. As an Israeli, I was also trained to think tribal but speak universal, and I learned how to whine as a victim yet exercise oppression. But at a certain point in my life, around my thirties, I started to find all of it too exhausting. I wanted to simplify things. I demoted myself into an ordinary human being.

    • Gilad–welcome to the forum. I did read your tome–the Wandering Who an easier read–but hey–it must be that highly developed Jewish intellect [but you chose to loose the wings and become human–welcome to the homogeneous tribe].
      In Kevin MacDonald’s magnus opus “A People That Shall Dwell Alone”– he describes the Jewish culture as a “hyper-collectivist” culture–exhibiting extreme hatred and distrust of the “other”–with a rigidly enforced collective identity–whereas, he describes the American creed culture as the “Individualist” culture–open to the “other”–emphasizing self-reliance, independence and individual responsibility– often disagreeing with in-group policy.
      Read Orwell’s 1984 appendix–where he describes the inner-party as one very similar in nature to the Hebrew social structure–and cryptically opines [page 14] that Big Brother is Goldstein/Goldstein is Big Brother [I had to read 5 times before it popped into view].
      What you do not discuss in your article is the Jewish INTENT. While MacDonald describes the acrimonious in-fighting among the various Jewish sects–he also points out that despite the internal disharmony–there is a unison hatred of the gentile.
      America, as a individualist Christian culture, which is [by creed] open to the other–is at a distinct disadvantage when comes to confronting a [occupying] group intent on maintaining their exclusivity and enhancing their position of power and influence on global politics. Our heralded individualism–when gamed by an outside invader–leaves us shattered and in disarray. To take it a step further–this is not about conquest–it’s about elimination, i.e., we are all Gazans [Hedges]!
      To cut to the chase–here’s my solution–it’s a fairly innocuous announcement–but the recognition of this fact [https://www.patreon.com/posts/jews-evicted-2-21092422] will stop the parasitic invader [of all nations] dead in their tracks:


      Peace Brother–back to the piano and Stella By Starlight

  • A couple of decades ago, I would never have believed we would even be having this defamatory conversation at all today. The worst nightmare imaginable.

    • Listen to Dr. Jones as he succinctly describes how we’ve slipped into this very dangerous milieu– for both jews and gentiles: [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeFnlWgTwhE%5D.

      Unless we are ready, able and willing to address it [The Primary Conflict]– in a very constructive manner– we are all at risk–both from within and without!

  • The real ruling power elites in this country are WASPs, not Jews. Jews are good Pharoah’s helpers but are never the pharoahs. (See Moses) They use Jews to deflect guilt away from themselves to gain impunity from whatever sinful dealings they are involved with. The Savings and Loan crisis was run by the Bushes, and that led ultimately to the Lehman economic breakdown in 2008. They’ve practiced this for generations. Jews are the officially approved scapegoat class. If anything really goes wrong, blame the Jews, they declare. That’s their “purpose.”

    • you’ve got it ass-backwards. The goy are the window dressing to make it look like they’re running the show. Dig deeply into the actual statistics and it becomes apparent who at this point in history are the true owners of wealth and power in america (and elsewhere).

      Honestly assess which demographic statistically are the top owners of the following domains: media, political lobby groups, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley (social media), Big Pharma, the Federal Reserve, the academy, the art world, pornography, publishing., etc., etc.

      The raw unvarnished numbers are astonishing. Any statistician will tell you, those numbers are not nothing. When are we going to be allowed to talk about the demographic which owns and controls and occupies this country without the conversation being hounded into silence?

      If the numbers are false, then prove it! And if they’re not false, then we should be able to discuss what it means when one group with some rather startling agendas are disproportionately calling the shots for everyone.

      • I can see we’re not going to get anywhere with this, operating as you are in the generality-rich, fact-free zone of mere assertion and conclusion. Your conclusions are supported by unsupported generalities and you don’t provide any facts. Show me that the Jews are running things instead of the WASPs and not just serving as their extraordinary able and talented assistants. C’mon, name me some names, give me some facts.

        I think Joseph Goebbels would admire the effort you’re making but it’s an old tired Nazi message that has completely lost its charm for most of us old tired Jews struggling like everyone else to make ends meet. Don’t look at me. I’m still waiting for my check. And you’re a fool.

        • JRG, “Your conclusions are supported by unsupported generalities and you don’t provide any facts. Show me that the Jews are running things instead of the WASPs…”

          CAT responded to your claim that WASPs run things instead of Jews so maybe you should be the one to first provide the facts for your claim that it is WASPs and not Jews who run things.

          How many WASPs v Jews have run the Federal Reserve? Or international banking? Or media? Or academia? Or social media? Etc.

    • OHHH-Whattabunch of Tard!! LOL!! Caitlin IS a Crypto, no doubt. NOT possible in the 21st Century, with the Internet to guide Humanity into REAL History, to possibly in any slight measure “respect”, “admire”, or “defend” these so-called “jews” (an invention of the 13th c. AD, after the letter “J” was invented in the 12th c. AD)… for their evil benefit. Here, have a load of kosher REAL history, and tape your lips forever on the ‘subject’: stateofthenation2012 (dot) com/?p=108223

      • https://stephenlendman.org/2018/11/us-uk-israeli-alliance-the-greatest-threat-to-world-peace/

        How is it that this tiny country– the size of New Jersey is running neck and neck –if not directing–with the big dogs? How is that possible? Because they own the world’s currency franchise [approx 99% gross profit on each digital dollar fabricated], have an highly connected global syndicate in ever local/global community of the planet [sayanim], have stolen the technology/resource secrets of most of their host countries and have a strongly ingrained fear and hatred of the the other [i.e., gentile].

        We are all n considerable peril and therefore need to get these dangerously narcissistic manipulators to the negotiating table, while there is still time: They know not what they do!

      • Someone just sent me Christopher Bollyn’s “Tricked into War” . Bollyn is an expert on israel/palestine and the 9/11 false-flag–having written several books on the subject. The “Tricked into War” has been blocked by utube–why–because it tells the truth about the zionist jew–and google is run by zionist jews.

        I post this accompanying utube [before it is censored] for those who are somehow not aware of the israeli strategy of the greater israel. Here I disagree with Bollyn–this is not about Greater israel in the middle-east–this is about Israel’s dominion over the gentile world–and anybody who supports it is a trader to the gentile community [97% of the earth’s population]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iB8b_0u0mqU

  • CAITLIN, STOP AD HOMINEM ATTACKS I am one of those who has called on you to “name the names” of the individuals occupying oligarchic power. You smear us as Jew haters. At the risk of a cliché, some of my longest and dearest friends are Jews. I lived on a kibbutz. My stepdaughters are Jews. So when you call someone with my Jewish-friendly background anti-Semitic, I’m like WTF.

    CAITLIN, DO THE MATH. If you deeply studied those controlling the levers of power across multiple professions and industry you find an inordinate amount of Jews — the Jewish elite, the Jewish mafia, the Jewish partners of the non-Jew 1%. These Jewish elites use their inordinate power to push the psychopathic wars and economic policies you rail against. But if you call them by name, suddenly you are an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi.

    CAITLIN, DO THE FORENSICS. If you studied the forensics of the Holocaust, you will find gaping holes in that narrative. No one is saying Jews didn’t die. But it is physically impossible for several million, let alone the alleged six million, to have died in gas chambers. If people died In hydrogen cyanide gas chambers, those removing the bodies needed to wear Haz Mat suits or wait 5-6 hours before entering lest the removers suffer the same fate. Assuredly, there were no Haz Mat suits at any concentration camp. Thus, If the hours of the wait time are calculated against the numbers of bodies claimed to have perished this way, well, again DO THE MATH and you will see the claim cannot be scientifically substantiated. Read Thomas Dalton’s “Debating the Holocaust” for assessing the scientific proof both for and against the gas chamber issue.

    • It’s unfair, I know, but the Jewish people have the characteristic of being some of the smartest, most talented, more ambitious, better supported by their families, wittiest and genetically gifted people on earth. It’s been scientifically proven that the average IQ of Jewish kids is above average. Even the Chinese think Jewish people are extraordinarily smart.

      This is an evolutionary outcome of being one of the most and longest discriminated groups on the planet. Accidental eugenics has made them survive on their merits. Combine that with a resentment of goys that goes both ways, and they have a good reason for resentment. Gentiles feel this is an unfavorable edge, but there are many other really smart people that faced discrimination as well such as the Irish. The population of Hollywood actors, musicians, writers, and yes, bankers, is highly represented by Jewish people because they worked hard, were gifted, and earned it on the merit system, and you think it’s because the system is rigged because you’re jealous.

      How can you level that playing field? You can’t, because your fathers did a very stupid thing by favoring their best and brightest by killing off their lessers. It’s a bitch but why not just enjoy it? I know stupid people should be equally represented as well, but whattaya gonna do? Jewish people can’t help being good at what they do.

      • So, if you don’t like the odds on the merit system, the smart thing to do is to stop discriminating and genociding Jewish people, and all similar minorities because all you’re doing by doing that is raising a more potent strain by evolutionary advantage, a superbug if you will.

        As far as generally being richer, I’m still waiting for my check. The real powers that shouldn’t be are the Eastern Establishment Presbyterians, the “Old Money” descendants of the Robber Barons such as the Rockefellers and Morgans. They just use Jews like the Rothschilds to deflect criticism by exploiting them as scapegoats.

        • JRG, the Rothschilds control the “Eastern Establishment Presbyterians” not the other way around.

          • Based on what, I may ask?

            • JRG, timeline. Which came first – the Rothschild banking system or the Bush’s fortune? Also, which of the two is wealthier?

      • JRGJRG – Yes, I agree, Jews are very smart and clever — exceptional if you will. There is so very much I admire about Jewish people because of their amazing, undeniable intellectual prowess.

        But *everything* in life has it’s good side and its equal shadow side. You fail to enumerate the downside of Jewish exceptionalism. Traits such as cunning, deceit, subterfuge, and manipulation.

        Yet we are only allowed to talk about the good attributes. The minute you itemize the shadow side, you’re either jealous or worse — a neo-nazi, jew-hating, antisemitic white supremacist.

        There is zero room allowed for an objective non-binary analysis of the very real negative results of inordinate power by elite Jews who would just as easily throw their regular good Jewish brethren under the bus as readily as they do the goyim.

        I’ll praise positive Jewish traits till the cows come home if we could have an equal airing of the shadow side of exceptional Jewish Power. To wit:
        * Predominance in Wall Street bankster crimes such the 2008 depression, LIBOR fixing, federal reserve manipulations, etc.
        * Excessive control of propaganda industries due to consolidated ownership of the mass media, Hollywood, publishing, the art world, etc.
        * Domination of the technological landscape – especially social media – to implement all manner of unaccountable censorship — deplatformming, shadow banning, trolls, cyber book burnings, etc.
        * Inordinate influence on our political process such as candidate financing, lobbying, think tanks, blackmail schemes (Jeffrey Epstein), etc.
        * Perpetuation of the Fascist Apartheid State of Israel which is committed to a daily genocide-in-process against the Palestinian peoples

        I easily could go on, but you get the picture. I now await the kneejerk “you’re antisemitic!” smearing for speaking what have become verboten thought crimes.

        • “I fucking hate antisemites. Hate them, hate them, hate them. ”

          That is what C. Johnstone states.

          Why hate people who have a reason to dislike Jews? Why would you hate them? Why deny them?
          Have you asked them why they dislike Jews? I can imagine that many of them have had experiences to encourage their assessment of dislike.
          Insisting that Jews are smart and have a hight IQ is BS. They are smart only in obtaining material resources because it is in their Genes.
          Regarding cultural and real intellectual accomplishments, most of them were obtained by deceit, ripping off other cultures’ accomplishments. Without shame.
          How many great writers, composers, architects, artists, writers, can you name having a jewish background?
          Jewish heritage consists of jewelry and banking. Smart, cunning, calculating. Nothing besides.

          Nothing to add to the meaning of culture and humanity.

          • Mark Twain had a saying for what you just did: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.”
            obviously you have not done any homework on this. The list of truly great and famous writers, composers, architects, artists, not to mention philosophers, scientists (like Einstein) actors, comics, philanthropists with Jewish heritage is extremely impressive.

            And there is no evidence that they stole what they accomplished, as you allege. No basis whatever. You simply do not know what you’re talking about.
            Why don’t you look at some facts before you vomit more biases? They have helped every country they have worked for that has treated them well.

            Maybe they are clever, but how do you think they managed to survive millennia of undeserved scapegoat hatred like yours?

          • So, by the way, let’s look at some of the most famous murderous tyrants in history? Hitler? Now there was a good Roman Catholic altar boy. Stalin? Raised as a Orthodox Christian in Georgia. Mao? Not Jewish either. Bushes? Presbyterian.

            People like Chomsky, Zinn, Ginsberg, are Jewish, with high morality. Some of the best people are Jewish.

            You’re crazy.

          • SO, what about the Jesuits? Are they Jews? No. Roman Catholics. The Jesuits are rumored to have infiltrated, blamed for practically ever revolution in modern history. Look at the Paraguayan Wars. Given their alleged oaths, intended to pursue the Counter-reformation against Protestants, it makes sense. The real powers are not Jews but Roman Catholics, critics say.

          • SO, what about the Jesuits? Are they Jews? No. Roman Catholics. The Jesuits are rumored to have infiltrated, blamed for practically ever revolution in modern history. Look at the Paraguayan Wars. Given their alleged oaths, intended to pursue the Counter-reformation against Protestants, it makes sense. The real powers are not Jews but Roman Catholics, critics say. The Vatican helped Nazi war criminals escape Europe. Jesuits organized revolutions under papal edict. Let’s blame Jesuits, not Jews.

      • JRG, “Jewish people can’t help being good at what they do.”

        What is it that the Jewish people do so well? Destruction of other cultures and civilizations. That is why they have been universally disliked and kicked out of so many nations throughout the years. It is indeed a war of Jews v everyone else. Yet that is ok with Caitlin who says that the Jews are right and everyone else is wrong.

        • Your ignorance is showing.

          • JRG, where specifically?

    • So-called “jews” (ashkenazi-khazars) have dug a hole deeper than Abyss, and cannot escape their Karma (“as you sow so shall you REAP”), no matter how much they lie about their ‘sanctity’ as ‘chosenites’ and their pretended ‘victim hood’ by ‘vile goyim’…er, ‘nazis’… You are 666% right in your statements; any argument to the contrary is futile. Back yourself here:
      stateofthenation2012 (dot) com/?p=108223

      • Not true. See the following documentary and learn before you comment again:


        It goes a lot further back in history. It also shows how the Roman imperial rulers framed the Jews for their rebellion as having crucified Christ and made them the eternal scapegoats for opposing them in Palestine when it tried to rebel from Rome. It was the Romans that invented anti-semitism. Catholic Hitler, the mystic, made Jews scapegoats the same way by claiming that the Jews invented merciful Christianity to weaken the Teutonic German race, exactly the opposite of what happened.

      • Not true. See the following scholarly documentary and learn before you comment again:


        It goes a lot further back in history. It also shows how the Roman imperial rulers framed the Jews for their rebellion as having crucified Christ and made them the eternal scapegoats for opposing them in Palestine when it tried to rebel from Roman rule. It was the Romans that invented anti-semitism. Catholic Hitler, the mystic, made Jews scapegoats the same way by claiming that the Jews invented merciful Christianity to weaken the Teutonic German race, exactly the opposite of what happened.

  • CAITLIN, STOP AD HOMINEM ATTACKS I am one of those who has called on you to “name the names” of the individuals occupying oligarchic power. You smear us as Jew haters. At the risk of a cliché, some of my longest and dearest friends are Jews. I lived on a kibbutz. My daughters-in-law are Jews. So when you call someone with my Jewish-friendly background anti-Semitic, I’m like WTF.

    CAITLIN, DO THE MATH. If you deeply studied those controlling the levers of power across multiple professions and industry you find an inordinate amount of Jews — the Jewish elite, the Jewish mafia, the Jewish partners of the non-Jew 1%. These Jewish elites use their inordinate power to push the psychopathic wars and economic policies you rail against. But if you call them by name, suddenly you are an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi.

    CAITLIN, DO THE FORENSICS. If you studied the forensics of the Holocaust, you will find gaping holes in that narrative. No one is saying Jews didn’t die. But it is physically impossible for several million, let alone the alleged six million, to have died in gas chambers. If people died In hydrogen cyanide gas chambers, those removing the bodies needed to wear Haz Mat suits or wait 5-6 hours before entering lest the removers suffer the same fate. Assuredly, there were no Haz Mat suits at any concentration camp. Thus, If the hours of the wait time are calculated against the numbers of bodies claimed to have perished this way, well, again DO THE MATH and you will see the claim cannot be scientifically substantiated. Read Thomas Dalton’s “Debating the Holocaust” for assessing the scientific proof both for and against the gas chamber issue.

    • I’m embarrassed I accidentally posted my comment twice. SORRY everyone.

  • Thanks Caitlin, this article clarifies the one key point of disagreement that I have with you, and probably explains why you blocked me on Twitter a few months ago (no hard feelings – I still think you’re great).

    For some time our universe has been dominated by tribal interests that are foreign to most of us. But the reason we cannot really explore the conditions that shape our reality and dictate our doomed future, is because these entrenched tribal interests have manufactured a full spectrum media-matrix where anyone who dares to talk about the wildly disproportionate influence of Jewish power behind international banking, US foreign policy, Hollywood, the mainstream AND the alt right media, and academia, etc. is immediately going to be labeled an evil, racist, anti-Semitic, Nazi. The fate of humanity is in the hands of these psychopaths, and yet the way they invert the truth to play the victim and avoid criticism is mind-boggling.

    This is, in fact, the precise meaning of Jewish power. Jewish power is the power that suppresses criticism of Jewish power. There are no Jewish conspiracies. Since we cannot talk about Jewish power in public, our overlords are free to do everything out the open. The Balfour ‘declaration’ that was written to a Jewish financier was quickly made public. America was openly pushed into WWI for the sake of Zion. The appointment of a Zionist Jew as the high commissioner of Palestine wasn’t a secret either

    These events were as clear at the time as are contemporary Jewish lobby groups such as AIPAC, CRIF, CFI and LFI who push, in broad daylight, for Zio-driven immoral interventionist wars against Iraq, Syria, Iran and Libya. A century of constant abuse has left us speechless. We do not know how to deal with this menace. And this is the core of our shame. This is what our history conceals.

    And the time is overdue for us to liberate ourselves from our shame. Time is ripe to stop talking in vague metaphors (the Blob) out of fear of censorship and to call a spade a spade. Jewish power is the common thread that ties together so much of the insanity we see in this world – the Holocaust industry, the Mossad/Zionist role in 9/11 is indisputable and fundamental, all these stupid interventionist wars are being fought by the US on behalf of Israel, false flag terrorism is a strategy mastered by Mossad (by deception thou shalt wage war), the corrupt media and Big Tech is almost entirely Jewish owned, much of global finance is controlled by the Rothschild-Zionist bankster cult, and Jewish power has also blackmailed elected politicians and bought off political parties across the Western world.

    But we are all Palestinians today, because like the Palestinians – we cannot utter the name of our oppressor.

    • Slam dunk Cameron Freeman! I agree with every single word you said, including how extraordinary Caitlin is except on this one point of elite Jewish Power (aka the “Blob” that cannot be named).

      She blocked me too in the past when I tried to bring it up. Apparently for this essay she is just letting it rip — either that or be forced to censor half her readers’ posts.

      As a 30-year+ leftist activist, my main point is that we have been inculcated to believe a false dichotomy: You either unfailingly support Jews (excluding Zionists of course) OR you are a straight-up neo-nazi, antisemitic, jew-hating, holocaust-denying white supremacist.

      In this rigid binary calculus, there is no room for anyone brave enough to reject either of those narrow poles, and instead hew a scholarly approach predicated on rigorous forensic evidence.

      Amazingly, there is barely an inkling that there *exists* alternative viewpoints outside the aforementioned highly policed either/or options. With the epidemic of censorships, knowledge of this reality is rapidly being memory-holed so that even if people sought edification, those voices are being decisively silenced. (First they came for the revisionists…)


      • Two highly professional military officers/academicians of 1950’s reveal what was and is in plain sight:

        There was another book [written in 1952] very similar in nature– with an author of similar qualifications as Beaty: Captain Archiblad Maule Ramsay–served as a high ranking British officer in WWI and later in his career became as member of British parliament and a personal friend of Neville Chamberlain.

        Ramsay–through research and direct experience uncovered a centuries old conspiracy against Britain, Europe and the whole of Christendom. His book “The Nameless War” revealed a link between all of the major revolutions of Europe–the machine which continues to this day– the plan for supranational world power–the age-old Messianic dream of International Jewry.

        You can download a pdf of the 120 page book at sweetliberty.org.

        Here’s the primary point–which the Djurdjevic touches upon [A “holy war that must be waged unremittingly” against the “gentiles?”] it’s not the talmudic jews against Germany or Palestine–it’s the talmudic jew against the world [all that is not jewish]. Which is why these zealous people have been evicted from over 1000 regions since 1200 BC [https://www.patreon.com/pos…]. The Primary Conflict–which goes back millennium is the conflict between the jew and gentile and it is playing out right in from of our eyes– here in 2018.

        This Primary Conflict must be addressed– if humanity is to continue–while the talmudic jew will do everything to keep this reality under-cover– for two very good reasons: It demonstrates intent with corroborating evidence [history] and secondly–by forcing these two adversaries to the table– it threatens the jews status–the solution requiring a compromise between equal parties–which is anathema to the talmudic jew–for if the truth be known–it is not the gentile who hates the jew–it is the talmudic jew who hates the gentile.

        So what’s it going to be my fellow world gentiles–are we going to feed the beast of darkness or the spirit of light?

  • If a plant is cut or damaged in infancy it will always show that wound.

  • Even other Jews admit they run hollywood and the media. by Joel Stein


    “I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.”

    • So-called “jews” (ashkenazi-khazars) have dug a hole deeper than Abyss, and cannot escape their Karma (“as you sow so shall you REAP”), no matter how much they lie about their ‘sanctity’ as ‘chosenites’ and their pretended ‘victim hood’ by ‘vile goyim’…er, ‘nazis’… You are 666% right in your statements; any argument to the contrary is futile. Back yourself here:
      stateofthenation2012 (dot) com/?p=108223

  • The USS Liberty incident is another prime example just like the recent downing of the Russian aircraft that Israel can get away with wanton acts of violence and war and suffer no repercussions.

    President Johnson tried to sweep the whole Liberty incident under rug such that the very crew of the ship were trying to be forced into silence of what happened to them.

  • Johnstone : “Zionism is just one of the propaganda narratives used to help manufacture support for that branch, and lobbying and media psyops are just the glue which holds the empire together.”

    Zionism is what gave us 2 World Wars and possibly a 3rd in the future(Oded Yinon/Greater Israel. From the Balfour Declaration to Churchill’s servile behavior to the zionist and the creation of the fake ethno-nation state of Israel.

    It is these zionist that control the media(mind control) and finance(the means of commerce). Is it not striking that he head of the federal reserve is always a Jew or that the head of the Treasury is usually some guy from Goldman Sachs?

  • Translation, for those who don’t have time to read Caitlin’s post: “(sticks fingers in ears, squeezes eyes shut) LA LA LA, REALITY, I CAN’T HEEEEAAR YOU….”
    your unwillingness to acknowledge the very real fact that Jewish power is pulling a disproportionate number of strings in the strata of the ruling elite is touching, but ultimately discredits you. Or are you hoping they’ll accept you into their ranks someday? Your writing is normally intelligent and insightful but you seem to have a blindspot a mile wide on this topic.
    (also, for the record, most Semites aren’t Jews – most Jews are central European with regard to their racial origin. Arabs are Semites. Palestinians are Semites. anti-Semitism is indeed a HUGE problem in the world!!)
    (& before you lump me in with the Nazis, i’m of Jewish descent, & this doesn’t stop me from seeing the massive crimes SOME of “my people” have committed. One certainly can’t dismiss the entirety of a racial, ethnic or religious group as evil, but when there’s an elephant in the room leaving you no space to maneuver, it’s necessary to name/deal with the elephant if you hope to make any progress in building a better society)

    • I am of Scot-irish heritage–and worst political/legal battles, I personally have fought, have been with and an Irish man [P&G can’t remember his name] and a Scotsman [Hugh McColl–former CEO of Nations Bank–who stole Bank of America and moved it to the tiny state of N. Carolina].

      As with H. Vozhd– sometimes you just can to call a spade a spade–regardless of affiliation. Caitlin–like so many of the alternative news is frightened–they’ve already temporarily suspended he twitter account. Everywhere I go on the internet– I am finding the same fear and censorship.

      There are many older revisionists in prisons in Europe [Faurisson and Garaudy–both deceased], while Horst Mahler is dying in a German prison and 85 year old violinist Monica Schaefer is in maximum security prison because she made a 5 minute video questioning the authenticity of the holocaust [are we no longer able to question–no longer able to engage in critical thinking?].

      So the threat is real–as we are sinking–in real time– into Orwell’s totalitarian hell. The fact that the zionist, or some say, the talmudic jew, has had an inordinate effect on this little emerald planet — has been aptly documented. I see it here in my local community–and I have also experienced the effects of not being part of the preferred sayanim: I am locked-out/they are locked-in.

      The jews were initiators of most of the worlds major revolutions [emancipation for g-d’s chosen] resulting in the deaths of 10s of millions of Christians–and currently millions of Muslims. We watching–when the news media decides it’s news worthy–the real genocide of the Palestinians–who have the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The recent bombing of 80 locations in Gaza [hours after the synagogue shooting in Pa] has not been covered by any news media–the genocide–no longer news worthy.

      See Jordan Peterson on the rights of free speech. He states that truth creates “inhabitable space”–the lack of truth therefore creates “uninhabitable space’. We are now in a twilight zone which is creating escalating rates of mental illness worldwide [WHO]–while the 2nd leading cause of death for teenagers in America is suicide. We are letting our children and our communities down with this malignant lie of omission.

      So here’s the solution. We have to address and acknowledge the Primary Conflict which now threatens the survival of humanity. It is the age old conflict between the jew and the gentile that goes back to 1200 BC [https://www.patreon.com/posts/jews-evicted-2-21092422]. Why is that important–because it is not the talmudic jew against the Palestinians or the Germans–it’s the talmudic jew against the world!

      We either stop this campaign of death and destruction–or we go home. Your choice my fellow Americans!

      • You’re forgetting to mention Zbigniew Brzezinski (Polish) and James Baker (another gentile), both bloody secretaries of state at Kissinger’s level of influence. Not just Jewish Kissinger. You have a biased attention span.

        No argument that the present US supported right-wing extremist government of Israel is doing a good job of giving the Jewish people a bad name, but there are many peace-activist groups in Israel now that abhor what the Netanyahu government is going, much as we protest against Trump.

  • One must always remember: The 3 major world leaders are all advised by Henry Kissinger. Putin and Kissinger go way back. Kissinger advises Trump like the other presidents before him since Nixon, and Kissinger also talks to Xi jinping on a regular basis such that some think that Kissinger’s lobbying firm is an agent for China. As in the book 1984, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia are constantly at war in the ‘disputed zone’/middle east. This constant warfare is to keep their own populations in check as well.

    “Goldstein’s book states that the war is not a war in the traditional sense but simply exists to use up resources and keep the population in line. Victory for any side is not attainable or even desirable, but the Inner Party, through an act of doublethink, believes that such victory is possible.”
    Anglo-Zionist Empire is just one leg of a 3 legged frenemy stool and globalist Kissinger is involved with all 3.

    • Yep– In 1984 war is all about extracting resources from communities–because prosperous communities are impossible to control–and it is very possible that we are now–as Orlando suggests–facing the collaboration of the 3 super-states– in today’s world.

      Another hidden message–in plain site [I read the book 5 times before actually seeing it] is this [see pg 14 and Appendix of book] : Goldstein is Big Brother/Big Brother is Goldstein. With Orwell’s military, police and newspaper experience [Editor of the British Tribune] he knew exactly what was going down after WWII.

      Interesting to note–the only person willing to publish the book [due to it’s perceived “antisemitism”] was one of the Warburg brothers. Orwell died shortly after it’s publication in 1948.

  • Russian-Israeli ties too precious to harm?
    While Moscow has described the Israeli actions as “reckless” and “unfriendly,” and the Defense Ministry unequivocally stated that the Israeli jets had deliberately used the plane as cover, Putin later somewhat cooled the tension, saying that the Il-20 downing looks more like a tragic accident than anything else. Some believe this is an indication that the incident could blow over quickly with relatively little harm to relations.

    “Everything has been done to prevent incidents like this,” said Nikolay Surkov, a senior researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow. But the fact that sometimes such things happen is understood in both the Russian and the Israeli capitals, he believes. With the tight partnership between the two countries, neither will benefit from souring relations over the tragedy.

    “I believe we are looking at an accident,” said Grigory Lukyanov, a scholar from the Russian National Research University Higher School of Economics. “Israel wasn’t deliberately aiming to kill Russian servicemen or destroy Russian material.” While he believes this case will cause heated public debate about the state of relations between the two countries, both are ultimately too interested in maintaining their cooperation on pressing issues to let this incident ruin it. Those issues include the conflict in Syria and relations between Israel and Iran, where Russia finds itself in the position of a mediator.

  • No one finds it odd that Kissinger has been a close advisor to all U.S. presidents since Nixon to include Trump.At one point in the phony debates between Trump and Clinton they were literally trying to outdo one another on how much they will listen to Kissinger. Kissinger also is close confidantes with Putin and Xi Jinping.

  • Caitlin Johnstone: “The notion that their country is just one branch of a giant, globe-spanning empire of which Israel is also another branch will be far too challenging for their worldview, so they cook up theories about their nation being ruled by a Jewish state via lobbying, media influence and conspiracies.”

    Cynthia Mckinney(former U.S. congresswoman): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_VNOk7Wv5A

    You need to educate yourself Johnstone on the how much power AIPAC has over American politics.

    • It’s more than I thought.

      • Lies, all lies… Whatever the ‘chosenites’ say, it’s most likely a lie; especially from these racist bigots at the ADL & SPLC (and the rest). There is a worry today by ‘these’ that even in Colleges the youth of today, thanks to the Internet, they are discovering the true History of Mankind, NOT the blatant lies in the O.T., and are reacting accordingly, rightfully, and in self-defense, aka, “anti-schmuckism”. Load yourself with “it”: stateofthenation2012 (dot) com/?p=108223

  • The Khazarian mafia owns DJT. Sheldon Adelson financed the Trump campaign. DJT owes huge sums of money to George Soros. Is it just mere coincidence that DJT has done everything Adelson wanted in particular moving the US embassy in Israel and trying to get a casino in North Korea? DJT’s son in law Jared Kushner (junior khazarian mafioso)directs foreign policy. Steve Mnuchin(khazarian mafioso) runs monetary policy.

  • Funny how there has been so much silence on Sheldon Adelson(grand financier of the right) the guy who put Trump in office. Soros, Adelson and Haim Saban pulled the strings of the world’s largest superpower the only disagreement with these guys is that what to prioritize one world government(which already is in place see:Kissinger and Rothschild/IMF/IBS) or the Oded Yinon Plan and Greater Israel.

  • Sheldon Adelson and George Soros, two sides of the same coin. DJT is beholden to the Khazarian mafia(He owes alot of money to them) thus he is Adelson’s puppet.
    “Alan Pomerantz, a real estate attorney who represented 72 banks Trump owed money to, told Borger that Trump was actually very close to personal bankruptcy in the early ’90s, totally overleveraged with the casinos, an airline, a yacht, a helicopter, and a need to maintain his lavish lifestyle. The banks kept him afloat.
    “We made the decision that he would be worth more alive to us than dead, dead meaning in bankruptcy,” Pomerantz said. “We don’t want him to be in bankruptcy, we want him out in the world selling these assets for us.” Trump is a great salesman, he added. “We kept him alive to help us.”

  • “Israel lobby billionaire praises Kushner for collusion with Netanyahu”

  • Coinciding with a visit by Trump to Las Vegas, Adelson – who has long prioritized issues concerning Israel in his political calculations – donated $25 million to his campaign, Fox News reported, describing the billionaire as “going all in on the Republican nominee” just one week before Election Day. https://www.jpost.com/US-Elections/Last-minute-Adelson-flushes-Trump-campaign-with-cash-471380

  • “Unbeknownst to a large section of the public, there is a very real story about actual collusion between team Trump and a foreign power. The collusion is deep, nefarious, compromises American goals and interests and is being studiously avoided by the dutiful lapdog mouthpieces in both the anti-Trump and pro-Tramp MSM fake news camps (and even among many in the pseudo-alternative media). And you haven’t heard a peep about it because this collusion touches the third rail of international geopolitics: Israel.”

  • DJT is beholden to the Khazarian mafia plain and simple. DJT hung out with the Clintons, Jeff Epstein(Mossad agent/pimp/child trafficker), and Ghilsane Maxell(Mossad agent/pimp/child trafficker) for years in NYC socialite parties

  • As always, an interesting and thought provoking essay. Thanks!

    One of my causes that I’ve always worked towards is the anti-war movement. And, during Obama, the left seemed to largely abandon the antiwar cause. First there was no opposition to Obama at all in 2012, then we saw leftist protesters in the streets protesting the defeat of the candidate Kissinger was backing who ran on a platform of immediate war in Syria and near certainly a nuclear war with Russia. Bernie opposed on domestic issues, but stayed away from any antiwar stance, even when being challenged as to how he’d pay for his programs Bernie avoided the obvious answer that the trillion plus dollars a year we spend on war, weapons, the CIA and homeland security could be repurposed for the benefit of society.

    Thus, the only anti-war movement and campaigns were on the libertarian right. I had to register as a Republican to support the only antiwar candidate in the 2012 elections, which was former Rep. Ron Paul.

    As I’ve had to move to the right to stay with the only thing like a functioning, political antiwar movement, I of course ran into much more of this insane craziness that says constantly that the Jews are to blame for everything. Fortunately, I am safe from that infection. I was innoculated against it at an early age. I grew up in the old racist, deep American south. That was the world I saw when I looked up from the seat of my bicycle with training wheels. And of course, the same racists who would go on and on about African Americans would also quickly shift gears into telling everyone how the Jews controlled everything and how they ran everything. After growing up in that world, I’m safe against anything the KKK types were preaching. Rejected that and moved far, far away a long time ago.

    I get the sense on some of the right-leaning sites on the internet, that these people are trolls who are trying to divert and misdirect the conversation. It is of course obvious that people who completely misunderstand the true power relationships and reality of the world will be incompetent at trying to change it. And, in many ways this now serves like the 9-11 crazies did for awhile of simply working to break up any possible movement or collection of people who might organize to change the world.

    It is always hard to tell the trolls who are trying to drive and manipulate opinion on the internet from the NPC’s who go around repeating what the Screens tell them , in this case the Screens not being a TV set but a voice on a website who is claiming to know the truth that the Screens on the TV’s don’t tell. And when dealing with billions of human beings in the world, there are always going to be the ones who take it way too far and start doing something destructive and deadly.

    This at least seems less likely to be a politics related false-flag, unlike the incompetent mail-bomber who makes a bunch of pipe bombs apparently just assuming that they’ll explode at the right time and hurt people who would never perform a task they expect the servant class to perform such as opening mail. As someone who once had a lot of stickers on a van, I did note that Mister Roberts pointed out that the pictures of the incompetent mail-bomber’s van show a bunch of stickers that don’t look like they’ve just spent the summer in the bright Florida sun.

    • Well said, but here’s the part I find most interesting:
      ” It is of course obvious that people who completely misunderstand the true power relationships and reality of the world will be incompetent at trying to change it. And, in many ways this now serves like the 9-11 crazies did for awhile of simply working to break up any possible movement or collection of people who might organize to change the world.”
      Forgive me for being a bit facetious, but I assume that you consider yourself to be one of the few who do NOT “completely misunderstand the true power relationships and reality of the world” and, therefore, will NOT “be incompetent at trying to change it”. And that you will be part of a “possible movement or collection of people who might organize to change the world.”
      OK, you’ve definitely got my attention. Eyes wide open; fingers at the ready. Give me the details of the better world that you have obviously already imagined. Please include how the people who inhabit your post-revolutionary world are going to acquire the usual-suspect necessities of life. In other words, in this better world that you imagine, who is going to do what, for what? For example, are we all going to “go it alone” in our own private micro-economies in our apartments or houses that maybe have small back yards, or are there going to be “communities” of people who “divy things up” to make living a bit easier? Are we going to have computers, the internet, TVs, TV shows with actors, automobiles, horses with carriages, airplanes, etc. in your imagined better world?
      Now, in all seriousness, I really do want to know what you have in mind and I’m sure others would like to know that, too. (I’m instantly reminded of an old phrase– “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.) Let er rip, if you are brave enough. I might even take your ball and run with it.
      Not to sound any more condescending than I already have, I suggest you start off by saying something very basic that you believe every person on the planet will agree with (after it’s properly translated, of course) and then build on that.
      Good luck. I’m right behind you.

      • Great reply – couldn’t have put it better myself.

      • I will step in here, an old fool that has been thinking about this for a while.
        The most important basic thing that we need is an idea about what Homo sapiens is. Billions of years of evolution has come to now. A naked defenseless biped has spread all across the planet. It changes things everywhere it goes.
        What is there about this life form that has come to be here now, sitting at a computer, linked to thousands of others?
        The word consciousness is not appropriate. All the life forms on the planet are conscious-that is how they go about their living from beginning to end. They are aware, just getting on with life.

        Why do “people” seem so different?

        “People” live in an imaginary world. We think and that is how we are different from the rest of life on the planet. They (not humans) accept life as it presents itself to them and they just get on with it.

        People imagine, dream, plan, scheme, write poetry, create novel things and ideas all in an ethereal place in our heads called “the imagination”. That is not consciousness that is not what is real. Our bodies are real. (And conscious in a way that we cannot understand yet.)

        We are not brought up to know that what is in our heads is not reality, it is make believe. It is the very special attribute of a life form on a small planet somewhere. And it is very powerful. It can connect us to each other perhaps even to the cosmos and we do not know how to use it.
        This is the tiny spark of an “idea” that can build and build, probably for hundreds of years around the planet. On this sort of a concept of what a human is we have the basis for creating communities that nourish all.
        ISHKABIBBLE asks: In other words, in this better world that you imagine, who is going to do what, for what?
        And I answer that when we all know what we are, the details will fall in place, like the leaves of a tree.

  • Possibly interesting poltical twist this morning. It seems that after Agent Orange called for the shooter to be put to death because of his killing of innocent people (do I hear a pot calling a kettle black?), the brilliant Mr. Sessions is going to do just that. Now, just exactly HOW is the “L” MSM going to “handle” possibly having to, heaven forbid, agree and support AO and Sessions?
    Of course this completely ignores the in-your-face, p calling k black, hypocrisy of present and past “exceptional” Liars and Murderers In Chief (LAMIC) screaming for the execution of a person who killed, what’s the death-count now, 11 “innocent” people, when the LAMIC have killed literally millions of people around the world over the last several decades.
    Will a certain, just execution of a person who murdered 11 innocent people unite the United States of Amnesia, or will that noble goal be accomplished only by starting yet another war on another nation and murdering even more thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent people? As Madaleine said, “we think the price is worth it”, or, if you prefer, as Hitlery put it after Daffy was sodomized by a long, sharp blade and the US gave birth to yet another Hell on earth in Libya, “We came. We saw. He died! hee hee hee!” You just gotta love the United States of Amnesia…………………. or else.

    • I have long agreed with most of the civilized world in opposing the death penalty.

      One of the fascinating changes that show the decline of what used to be America is that apparently the Federal government has a say in prosecuting what used to be a state crime of murder. We can thank Bill Clinton for that IIRC. If not for the specifics, then for getting the ball rolling in that direction when he make the big fake-news claim that a plane explosion was an act of terror months before the official investigation showed that some idiot had put electrical wires through a fuel tank in that design, and that of course the profit-seeking airline hadn’t done proper maintenence. Before Bill, the Federal government didn’t have a death penalty, or it was much more restricted and certainly not available for a case like this.

  • I am solidly with you on what you said in this article, especially the vital distinction between condemning anti-Jewish/anti-Semitic conspiracies/rants/acts and condemning the oppression of Palestinians by the Israeli government.

    As you know, many Israelis of conscience (Miko Peled is a great example) as well as Jewish USians of conscience support the rights of Palestinians and oppose Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and its brutal siege of Gaza.

    Those who are too careless to make that necessary distinction, calling all critics of Israeli policies “anti-Semites”, are people to be avoided and/or ignored, whenever possible.

    However, as a USian, I also know that you, as an Australian, DO have something important to teach us about gun control. As I am sure you know, the 1996 massacre in Port Arthur caused Australia to stop the sale and ownership of assault weapons, including a buy-back program which was successful. As far as I have read, there hasn’t been such a mass shooting in Australia since then.

    The U.S. briefly had a ban on such weapons of mass murder, and it very well could once again enact such a sensible policy which Australia has proven is very successful. So your country DOES have a very instructive gun control example for us here in the U.S.

    Keep up your terrific work. As a U.S. anti-imperialist, I rely on writing such as yours to keep me going in a nation that seems to have gone batshit crazy long before the Trump fascist regime took over.

    • Redpilled, IOW you support the elites having all the power while the people have none. No thanks.

  • ~~ Methinks thou doth protest too much.

    Seems with all the threatening use of the AS card, as in “anti-semitism”, we mite be concerned enuf to search out just what is “SEMITISM”, of which we hear virtually NOTHING, but continue nationally and worldly to suffer the effects of, coming as it does from all the Jewish writings, the Talmud, Torah [with its 613 commandments], the Mishnah, and a lot of other Jews’ philosophy, and we can begin to understand why Jesus had NO PROBLEM with accusing them, calling them names, dissing them for their Godless, Satanic “traditions”, and inserting them in an ancestral situation peculiar to them and whosoever else chooses to serve the devil rather than God….

  • Friday six were killed by snipers in Gaza? Over sixty bombs dropped by Israel on a homeland Occupied? Saturday Pittsburg people killed by terrorists while practicing Freedom? Bad. Wage Peace.. We are one Tribe.

  • I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how we have arrived at the conclusion that Jewishness is a racial thing. My understanding is that it refers, or did refer, to those who embrace Judaism, a religion (which I, and God [in my view], have no use for but the practice of which should absolutely be regarded as a personal choice and not State-imposed. Progressives who don’t take that position aren’t progressives. You can’t be anti-human rights and progressive. (In Israel today, you can choose to not agree with Judaism but the consequences are a material discrimination.) Jews, or adherents of Judaism, then, can be non Israelites. How is Jewishness a ‘racial’ thing? Please, someone enlighten me.

    • Arby, this is the slight-of-hand of Jewishness. It is only a religion when it is convenient for Jews but it is also an ethnically based “tribe” when it is convenient for the Jews. The proof of this is atheist or non practicing Jews.

      • Acknowledged. Maybe we should be on guard against adopting language and thinking that only obscures simple truths, distracts and makes dialog all but impossible.

    • They have created a state out of religious fiction—no other rationale [there is no other rationale to support the occupation other than theft and murder]–but they [those who acquired the religion in 800 AD] are not content to limit the expansion to the ME [see the French, Russian, Chinese and in the making the American Revolution]–but to control the planet–and so far–90% of the planet is none-the-wiser while now you can’t can’t even discuss the issue for fear of prison–the cardinal sin of the self-generated antisemitism–kind of like printing money from thin air–black magic!

  • Everything Caitlin wrote makes total sense — IF you don’t know what you don’t know. People are rarely able to discern the sins of omission. Caitlin isn’t purposefully omitting information. How can you omit what you don’t know?

    Caitlin’s entire understanding is based on *presumptions* to know. It’s as if the prosecutor of a crime told you both the prosecution’s version and the defense’s version. So yes, you know the defense’s version, but from whose inculcation?

    Case in point. Caitlin linked to a site that gave an explanation of Jewish persecution. Fair enough, but where is an opposing, fact-based, scholarly viewpoint to balance her readers’ understanding (if not her own)?

    There’s this binary assumption that either you support Jewish people or you are a straight-up neo-nazi, hitler-loving, jew-hating, white-supremacist fascist.

    There is no room in Caitlin’s essay for a progressive like me who utterly opposes racism, bigotry, and authentic antisemitism AND understands the contradictions and problems of elite Jewish power beyond the simplistic binary choice we’ve been steered to believe is the totality of the issue — and if you don’t then you’re an antisemite.

    Enormous censorship and social engineering is driving this issue, overtly and covertly. But as I said, how can you know what you don’t know?

  • Well explained …. I am often guilty. Hard for me to be objective when it comes to jews and Saudi. But I do not really view jew/Khazar/zios as a race but more a mind set. “Predatory sociopaths that put power and profit before social impact”… “they” are the “them”. The faceless elite (That happen to be mostly jewish) and their media.

    My biggest enemy are the masses that you describe as “they’re impervious to reason” … people without truth can not make informed decisions. People who are impervious to reason should not be allowed to breed.

    PS: We need you on VK : https://vk.com/fredihazeem

    “It is not a conspiracy theory when you have proof” – Julian Assuage

    • Off to watch “Collateral Damage”. Truth is Good. Help wanted…Wage Peace… FREE ASSANGE, and others.

  • Usury.

  • I must acknowledge that Caitlin has written well and thought clearly about these vexed questions. I did find, however, that her brief catalogue of allowable criticisms in relation to Jews and Jewishness lacked criticism that I might have thought allowable. I have sufficient respect for her viewpoints to wonder if certain of my views are actually anti-Semitic.

    Would it be anti-Semitic to affirm or at least speculate that:
    * there is no single ethnicity with more political, economic, media or cultural power in the US, indeed in the West, than Jews do.
    * this relative power finds material, consequential forms of expression (which would include a significant contribution of Jews to issues and stances I approve of–witness Chomsky, N. Finkelstein, Naomi Klein, etc., and many that I find pernicious–witness Edelman, much of the PNAC, etc.).
    * aspects of these material, forms of expression are non-random (that is, it is not just that Jews can be expected to be found in many walks of life and to hold a wide range of views). Which is to say that certain tendencies–to defend Israel, or to bristle at questions regarding Jewish influence, particularly by non-Jews–are not distributed randomly but in significant correlation to their advocates being Jews or to Jewish cultural influence more generally.
    * Jewish influence, therefore, can be fairly said to exist, to punch above its weight, in relative terms, and to be a major cultural factor, in absolute terms–with the potentially positive and negative ramifications that any significant cultural factor might be found to entail–that has significant implications for Western culture and geopolitics more generally.
    * the difficulty of actually asserting and studying this within the allowable sphere of discourse is itself a significant and valid consideration.
    * the chill around such questions may at least be queried as an illustration of this cultural influence.
    * this chill and these topics more generally, which could legitimately concern those who are not anti-Jewish, may also interest, goad and drive rabid, dangerous and vicious anti-semitism.

    I stand to be corrected here, and would welcome corrections from Caitlin or from any who can at least endorse the distinctions between the allowable criticisms that Caitlin set out and blanket use of charges of anti-semitism against any criticisms touching on Israel, Zionism, etc.

    • Good points. It also might be note worthy that jews have been exiled from over 1000 civilizations historically. My father said “Either something is wrong with the jews or the world. You decide.” https://www.patreon.com/posts/jews-evicted-2-21092422

        • Have you met the people who run the world through the international banking cartel?

        • Caitlin, have you met the people who run the world through the international banking cartel?

        • I hate Zionism, Religion, Apartheid, and weapons of mass destruction ( U.S.A. D and R’s) . Is the U.s and House of Saud still killing in Yemen? Freedom isn’t free (paid for on MSM by a commercial). We are all one tribe. Wage Peace…Educate and learn yourself every day. Enjoy…

      • I wouldn’t do either/or on this question, LOL. As a historical document, the book of Samuel tells us that King David was in charge of a genocide, a holocaust. Or maybe it was the Holy Spirit, and he was just following orders.
        No doubt the “something wrong” goes back further than David.
        The question is how many other groups of people have been slaughtered/persecuted/ exiled to the extent that the Jews have? None? So why is that?
        What seems most bizarre to me is that Jewishness cannot really be ethnically defined at this point in history, precisely because of the long, long diaspora.
        So is this racism? Not if you start doing DNA tests. Is it religious persecution? What the hell is it?

        • The conflict between jew and gentile dates back to biblical history– starting with the two sons of Issac: Jacob and Esau–the jew and the gentile. In my eyes– the battle is still on–as proven by both history and current times. Like a forever divorcing husband and wife–it’s just to painful and uncomfortable to discuss.

          Off course there are bad apples in both camps–who are no doubt creating the chaos among the masses–and so we will have to bypass them [the 1%]. They are injured puppies with a self-destruct propensity that might do us all some harm. We’re going to have to build the new structures [Berners-Le’s sovereign internet–block-chain, bio-intensive food production, public infrastructure, etc]. to facilitate a more sustainable– and environmentally compatible way of life. We might not get another chance!.

          So, ladies and gentlemen–we have got to come together–and we’ve got to move–[that includes alt right and leftist gentiles–women–Arabs–Jews–Asians–Mexican–Canadians–other–etc.]–we’ve got to come together to initiate the required changes and create the vision of tomorrow. The environmental picture is not looking good–with or without anthropogenic complicity–while it’s unclear on the amount of real time that we have left.

          Lets start the process by opening up the discussions on this dead-locked conflict– while we still have the resources and capabilities with which to address it. Let’s force the issue of accountability on those who serve on our behalf. War would come in last in terms economic activity [rate of return, expected value] if looked at from a systemic– country wide basis.

          So time to change up! Oh yes, I should mention this–you’re/we’re probably going to have to give up some coveted things/positions–but 50% of something–is better than 100% of nothing. And with today’s technologies-we can do way more efficiently and productively with added knowledge, insight and innovation–were everybody gets to participate.

          So all we need is a platform–that can’t be compromised–which provides for consensus communication–development–and plan articulation [including all costs and benefits]–and ultimately a participatory Business Plan–with each citizen a voter and shareholder.

      • I say, “World.” Easy choice.

  • I enjoy your site a read it every day. John Bolton has dual citizenship U.S.A. And Israel. Like many influential in. Politics in the U.S.A. For what it is worth. You all have a nice Peacefull day. No more violence.

    • Good to know about Bolton. Evident in his death eating actions

  • Wow, that’s the first time I saw Caitlan delete my posts. I didn’t know she did that. After all the talk about free speech, and the anti-semitic crap she left on here, I’m very disappointed. Can’t figure out what she found objectionable. Were pretty insightful. Wonder if I should keep posting.

    • Oh, I take that back. There it is! What happened? Must have been recaptchad by captcha.

      • I love just about everything Caitlin writes, but she has deleted me several times when I’ve tried to post evidence about who disproportionately owns the media, for example. As if such a glaring, eyepopping statistic has no value whatsoever.

        • It may have something to do with being in Australia, (?) where there is no 1st Amendment. I think Canada prosecuted someone for questioning the official “6 Million” number. The UK and the former Crown colonies have strict laws about hurting peoples feelings, and many of the commenters seem to know who’s feelings are the most important. From what I have read, it seems “Hate Speech” laws are being used to shut down people that they call “right-wing.” Much like in the US, they are called an evilracistfascistnazibigot, but also get the added bonus of imprisonment.

    • You aren’t the first–she’s somewhat of a gatekeeper [and also frightened]–hope she’s being well compensated as her support of the perpetually oppressed has to be driving away half of her base. Problem is–once you’ve capitulated–they’ve got in their pinchers: Not a good strategy.

  • ” derail some of the most important conversations that critical thinkers and skeptics of establishment narratives need to be having in the new media environment. ”

    Perhaps some of them are paid trolls in a psy-op with said “derailment” in mind.

  • Thanks for a well written piece on this difficult subject. X

  • Not (1) person, network, blog has mentioned the vile words that came out of Louis Farrakhan last week calling the Jews termites. Here’s a man who associates freely with the Liberal establishment and elites and NOT ONE PERSON has called him OUT!
    Say what you will about the State of Israel, they have a right to a swath of land the size of New Jersey. Liberal Jews are constantly disparaging the reluctance to recognize the “Palestinians”, children of these Liberal Jews go to the birthright trip to protest Israel. Let’s really take a look at the rewards this region of Muslims give to those who kill Jews, who believe the Jews are pigs. No matter what the Jews would give to these people they would stab you in the back as soon as look you in the eye. WAKE UP!

    • Just the kind of crap that encourages anti-Semitism.

    • Deborah, Fox news covered it. And BTW the media has also repeatedly lied about Farrakhan too.

  • Refreshingly spot on rational and perceptive.

  • Every religion has a benefit it offers its adherents. The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. What do you think chosen means? It means to hold dominion over all others. Judaism is a racial supremacist ideology. You hate racists huh?

    • Robert, it is interesting to compare Nazism with Zionism. What they both share in the foundation for their philosophies is stunning for those who dare to see.

    • I don’t know whether Judaism practiced by fascist Jews is different than that practiced by normal Jews. I do not that there are lots of good Jews, even in Israel (where, I fear, they are a minority). Some Jewish orgs are busy participating in the BDS movement. They aren’t hiding. I have a number of them bookmarked and receive bulletins from them. That doesn’t mean I support Judaism.

      But, At one time – and you can certainly disagree with me – Judaism was the true religion. It was supposed to be replaced with Christianity. Christianity arrived and many adherents of Judaism rejected the Christ that their own scriptures told them to expect. Such ‘Jews’ still exist and, after receiving many messiahs over the years and finding out, one after the other, that they hadn’t found the true messiah, they are still waiting. They have chose to not know life-saving info that is there for all to know. God will judge which of those ones can be forgiven for their wilful ignorance. I have no desire to. As for the fascist Jews, they can burn. That’s different.

      I have zero use for Judaism, Christianity (as practiced by most self-identified Christians), or any other organized religion on this planet at this time. But that doesn’t mean that I hate those who don’t agree with my religious views. I’d have to hate most of my family and all of my friends, most whom are good people.

      I can call them good. I am not their judge. But we all need (in my view) to take a lesson from the true messiah, Jesus Christ, who, when challenged intellectually by someone who seemed impressed with Jesus’s statements and referred to Jesus as “Good Teacher,” responded with: ‘One is good.’

      He wasn’t being rude. He was saying, simply, that the Creator is the one to decide what is good and bad, as much as some of his creation doesn’t like the idea. God sets the standards by which his people – who can call themselves Christian if they like, but that doesn’t clinch it – must live. Who is better to decide on those than the Creator?

    • Their greatest power WAS secrecy… Know your enemy. Fill your cup to the brim. Fear not. Close the mouth of the liar. Prepare yourself for the near future. Lock and load: stateofthenation2012 (dot) com/?p=108223

  • Wow. critizisim of Jews – given the name, the “Jew” label covers many variations – it is complicated, but it need not be a subject that is hands off. If one is afraid to critizise a Jew – whaever that means whatever your understanding, knowledge or concept of what a Jew is – then your programing is complete. I am not saying that is your position Caitlin, I am just saying that in my book, no one gets a get out of jail free card. If the “Jews are behind the Federal reserve that needs to be called out. If Zionists were actually the ones responsible for the Holocaust then that should be called out. And to the many “Jewish” freinds I have had and the “Jewish” girl friends I have had, I will say the same.

    • Caitlin kinda of screwed this one up.

  • Perhaps almost as important as the heinous crime of antisemitism is the growing number of mentally ill throughout the world: WHO says that approximately 300 million people now suffer from depression; 50 million from dementia; 23 million from schizophrenia; and 60 million from bi-polar disorder.

    And perhaps more frightening is that the suicide rate for children between the ages of 10-14, which has doubles–with suicide now the 2nd leading cause of death for American teenagers.

    Intellectual Jordan Peterson states that truth creates coherent “inhabitable space” while some would argue that the lack of truth would create “uninhabitable space”.

    Are we being honest enough about some of the underlying causes of despair and ambiguity–are we telling the full story about the social dynamics–are we omitting fundamental truths from public discourse.

    The Mystery Schools used teenagers as psychics because they had such a high degree of intuition. If these youngsters intuitive beings intuit that they are being lied to via the omission of vital truth(s)–they will react–and they will react badly–so let’s be as honest and forthright as possible–because their precious lives– literally depend upon it!

  • “Choose your enemies well, because you become just like them.”

  • Another great post. Love your last line : let’s get smarter and reject this ignorant nonsense. Especially when it comes to socialism and collectivism in general. Read Murray Rothbard’s For a New Liberty, The Anatomy of the State, etc.

  • So true. It’s so tiring hearing all these Jewish conspiracy theories when it’s obvious the world is run by feminists and their destruction of democracy by emasculating men.

    It’s not feminists, it’s the Russians and their magical meme wizardry!

    You’re all wrong, it’s the globalist cult of scientists controlling us through geoengineering and fear mongering about climate change!

    • Geo, so who do you think runs the world?

      • Mother Nature runs the world. Us humans are just renters on this planet.

        I highly recommend you take a break from watching Zeitgeist documentaries and step outside to take in some fresh air. Mother Nature isn’t nearly as scary of a global ruler as you’ve been conditioned to fear.

  • Excellent as always, Caitlin, but please bear in mind that Jews are not a race. The on;y people who think of Jews as an ethic people are Nazis and Zionists, both of whom are fruit of the tree of fascism. Thank you for calling out the anti-Jewish zealots.

    • Greg, so why is Israel using DNA as a measurement of “Jewishness”?

      • The reason is political propaganda, since DNA cannot test for “Jewishness”. Judaism is a religion; Jews are adherents to a religion. Jews can be Slavs, Balts, Arabs, Latins, Greeks Magyars, or any ethic group you care to name. The only people who falsely claim Jews are an ethnic group or worse a “race”, are Nazis and zionists, both of whom are fruit of the tree of fascism. If a Catholic Slav converts to Judaism the DNA is still Slavic.

        In this context the VAST majority of European Jews are converted Khazars from the 6th century. This is documented and zionist attempts to deny it are dishonest. See: https://www.gregfelton.com/media/2008_04_14.htm

        Furthermore, the Israeli scholar Dr. Shlomo Sand said the idea of a “Jewish people” is less than 200 years old.

        • Greg, what then is a non practicing or atheist Jew?
          Why is Israel using DNA to determine who is and who is not a Jew? I am not aware of any DNA requirement for being muslim or Christian.
          You are correct about the Khazars and as such I think it is improbable that many “Jews” living today can trace their roots back to Israel thus mitigating any claim to Palestinian land.

        • Good for you, Greg. It’s a religion. Doesn’t matter if you are Jewish by birth or by conversion. Still Jewish. Fine with me.

      • The Bushes are Presbyterians. Not Jews. More than any family we know of, they are among the highest elites running the world. They are practically untouchable. And they made their first fortune from the Nazis. So this is all complete bullshit.

        • So, Russiagate was a flop that didn’t go anywhere when investigated (surprise, surprise), so who’s next? Sumbudy’s gotta be The Enemy! Let’s try The Jews! They’ve already proven their value as scapegoats.

          • JRG, if there is ample evidence that Mr. Goldberg murdered Mr. Jones is it scapegoating Mr. Goldberg to point out the evidence of Mr. Goldberg’s actions?

            • Evidence? What evidence? Adduce me.

              • JRG, not being cute here but I will answer your question if you will answer my original question here i.e. Is it scapegoating if there is reasonable evidence of quilt?

        • JRG, the Bushes are bush league (pun intended). The name to look for is Rothschild.

    • “The on;y people who think of Jews as an ethic people are Nazis and Zionists, both of whom are fruit of the tree of fascism.”

      “Thank you for calling out the anti-Jewish zealots.”

      Do I understand you correctly in that you are saying Zionists are anti-Jewish zealots?!

      • No. The two sentences are unrelated. Sorry. Bad juxtaposition.

        • Greg, I think we all have made mistakes in our postings. I know I have.

  • I have NO idea WHY you don’t come home to OZ before they lock you up for telling the truth !

  • “I fucking hate antisemites. Hate them, hate them, hate them.”

    Please tell me Caitlin, do you also hate anti-Whites? Do you hate them, hate them, hate them with the same vigor as you do anti-semites? If not , why not? Is bigotry so evil it must always be wrong or are there exceptions to “acceptable” evil?

    • Oh stop you whiny child. Who are these anti-whites you talk cry about? Are they in government? Do they have an entire cable news network, or even on representative on television or other msm? Is there even an actual social movement?

      Or, is this all the boogie men dancing in your head because you’ve seen YouTube videos that feature a few random scary dark people that act angry and say mean things about our precious pearl skin?

      Seriously, a couple generations of relative racial equality, with no organized – or even notable – backlash for hundreds of years of brutal oppression, and you’re already in fear of anti-white movements? Seriously, where is this scary threat against us whites? I’ve never seen it.

      Whiny wusses like you are proof that white people are not a superior race. I just hope there are enough out there who aren’t so fragile that it doesn’t make everyone think we’re inferior.

      • Geo, are you challenging me to provide examples of anti-Goyism? When I do will you honestly consider the evidence?

        Cannot also help but to notice how you are attempting to do a slight of hand by changing the subject from Jews to POC. But to play along:

        “Seriously, where is this scary threat against us whites? I’ve never seen it.”

        Federal crime stats. The rantings of college “professionals”. Other anti-White “professionals”. MSM. Social media. Laws. Etc.

        In reality it is actually the converse. I ask where is the scary threat against POC in the US? I defy anyone to name me one US law that discriminates against POC for the benefit of Whites. But I can most assuredly name you US law that does discriminate against Whites for the benefit of POC.

        One who deliberately refuses to see will never learn how to see.

  • Oh my, Caitlin, thank you so much again for giving such a rational perspective. What you’re writing is more truth and facts, and addresses the fundamental issues that affect most American SHEEPLE!

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