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We Behold

We make magic with our eyes.

We let the world sprout feathers and dance like a child
in the spotlight of our attention.

We let our chests glow golden with the voice portals
of intergalactic Wal-Mart yodelers.

We stay in that eyespace where pigeons are the same as dragons
and cats are the same as elves.

We stay in that earspace where mechanical buzzing is symphonies
and the rain sound comes from volcano gods.

We feel the energy in our bodies
like two hands holding a newborn pup.

We smile upon our neighbors and their cute little I’m-not-infinite costumes,
and our interactions feel the way ripe fruit tastes.

We tango with human word stories
while acutely aware that the torrid tryst lasts only as long as the music.

We meet each moment the way a Disney princess
meets a bird perching on her finger.

We inhale light through our eyes
and exhale the spent cartridges of mind.

We whisper sorcerous spells into each other’s tender bits
and seal them with the lips we had as toddlers.

We look at the world right now
like kids look at Christmas morning on Christmas Eve.

We watch our surroundings
like they’re about to deliver a punchline.

We nestle up together upon a dandelion seed
that has been blown across the galaxy
by a child wishing for unicorns.

We hold the secrets of the ancient earth angels
and have no inclination to share them.

We have hearts like morning sunlight
in a prehistoric fungus forrest.

We behold it all through Eden eyes,
undeterred by nattering screen heads.

We don’t hold the world to prior expectations,
and the world returns the favor.

We birth unprecedented skies
through unprecedented eyes.

We allow our senses to worship everything they touch.

We live each moment like it’s our first.

We weep new worlds.

We set sail into them.

We adventure.

We behold.

We bow.






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Latest comments

  • We bow to whom or what?
    To the imperfections of the standard model, the mystery of quantum mechanics, the realization that a mere 86 billion neurons are not enough to understand the world beyond our own limited space?
    But intuition is a powerful talent, and it can even be trained. Pattern recognition is the key — at least so they say. If you look graphically at two lines of associations evolving side by side till they either part or merge, you may get a vague idea…
    There is much truth and revelation in pictures, notions, and emotions pouring out
    freely without plan and system.
    I liked the poem better when I read it a second time. Some things you have to do twice or more times if you want to get them right.
    I liked the poem better when I didn’t try to understand it.

  • The practical life is just livin’
    Not often very forgivin’
    Of those who sing songs
    Or suntan in their thongs –
    The zombies by logic are driven

    The passionate folks want to chortle
    And charter a cruise ship’s portal
    When push comes to shove
    They opt for their love
    But suddenly find they are mortal

    And then there’s a fortunate few
    Whose lives are fresh as the dew
    They know how to think
    And limit their drink
    And open their hearts to the new

  • You are a truly remarkable poet!

  • I walked outside yesterday AM (I’m lucky enough to have a yard)and perched WAAAAAY at the top of a bald cypress tree that was literally a stick when my kids stuck it in the ground 28 yrs ago was a mockingbird singing loud and lovely. This dynamite poem of yours, and you do write so clearly and exquisitely, reminds me of it. Carry on!

  • I’d love to set this piece to music some time. Seriously.

  • Beautiful. I love the many sides of your writing. Thanks!

  • An extraordinary poem – for me, it captures the feelings of a first love, or a rekindled love. Hope you will publish a book of your poems, or if you already have, publish more!

  • Caitlin, I love your poetry. I bow deeply to your capacity to transmit the unspeakable. Thank you

  • lovely!

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