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Video: Bush Comes *This* Close To Accidentally Calling McCain A War Criminal

Dubya almost calls John McCain a “criminal of war” at an awards ceremony while protesters can be heard chanting in the background. Dubya was given an award for helping veterans by Joe Biden. More info on this bizarre spectacle here.

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  • Klaus von berlin. As war and neoconservatives prove, insanity is the most contagious of diseases.The populace are obedient to the whim of any fool who takes the controls

  • Bahaha – the truth will out. As someone who grew up with a staunchly pacifist father I can hardly bear to watch these types of things normally. But that gave me a chuckle to start my day.

  • Australia’s missing GOLD saga continues….
    “The Reserve Bank Of Australia Says SHUT UP ABOUT GOLD And GO AWAY!”


  • I wrote about Veterans Day on Caitlin’s Medium site. This is hilarious, Bush II caught in a gaff during a vacuous speech. He always seemed to struggle reading from a teleprompter. Or in this case a printed page. Other than launching wars that killed about a million people, what else did he do worthy of these stupid damn awards?

  • The notion of ‘war criminal’ is odd. I understand that at some point the practitioners of war decided they wanted to have certain rules, but still, it’s rather like saying ‘crime criminal’.

    • Exactly! Thanks for pointing that out. ALL wars are a crime.

  • They know… and also know that some of us know.

  • I don’t celebrate or congratulate ex-mafia members or retired hitmen or mercenaries…

    So why would I honor veterans who are hired killers for some different organization?

    No thank you. Veterans can get bent.

    • Not all veterans are the same.
      Believe it or not.

      • Yeah, I have to agree. The US military does good work in areas where our capitalist masters deem fit. They help children, set up clean water station, crop growing, etc. What I vehemently detest are the armed actions that destroy states our capitalist masters, led by the neocons in the political arena. Some good lots of bad. The masters of the military are like the mob. They send them on ‘hits’ where they don’t like the leaders.

  • Grotesque world in which such an award can straight-facedly be given. He should be addressing his remark to a jury of some kind, however.

  • Pot almost calling the kettle black.

  • The crowd outside may have been saying “criminal”, and because the village idiot was so used to repeating what Cheney was saying, almost repeated what the crowd was saying. Either that or it was a near-Freudian slip of the truth.

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