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Nothing In Any Conspiracy Theory Is As Bad As What’s Being Done Out In The Open

Yesterday President Trump posted a statement on the White House website saying his administration will be standing with the House of Saud despite the CIA’s assertion that Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman personally ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist who was living and working in the United States.

The statement reads like a long form version of one of Trump’s tweets, replete with gratuitous exclamation points and slogans like “America First!” and the lie that Iran is “the world’s leading sponsor of terror”, which will never be true no matter how many times this administration deliberately repeats it. The world’s leading sponsor of terrorism is of course Saudi Arabia, along with Israel and the United States.

Trump’s alleged opposition has responded with melodramatic outrage, as though a US president continuing to stand by Saudi Arabia in the face of horrific acts of violence is somehow new and unprecedented and not standard operating procedure for decades. Dismembering a journalist while he’s still alive would be a fairly typical Tuesday afternoon for the Saudi government and would not rank anywhere near the top ten most evil things this government has done, but because it involves America and a conspiracy it’s a sexy story that everyone laps up. Add in the fact that Trump is more blunt and forthcoming about American depravity and you’ve got yourself a yarn.

This has remained a hot story through to today, invigorated by a tweet by America’s WWE president in which he crowed about low gas prices and added “Thank you to Saudi Arabia” like a good little muppet. And amid all the fist-shaking and rending of garments about the killing of one man by the Saudi government, a far less magnetic story has been published saying that about 84,701 Yemeni children under the age of five were starved to death between April 2015 and October 2018. And I say “were starved to death” instead of “have starved to death” because their starvation is the direct result of a blockade and relentless violence by Saudi Arabia.

The lack of any sense of proportion in response to the Khashoggi case compared to the destruction of civilian lives in Yemen has been roundly criticized by anyone with a public platform and open eyes, and rightly so; obviously a government murdering a journalist in cold blood would be a terrible thing, but to hold that as more worthy of attention than the anguished deaths of untold tens of thousands is obscene.

This dynamic is also not unique to Saudi human rights violations. Take the ongoing Russiagate conspiracy theory, for example. Even if Mueller’s investigation did somehow prove that Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election (and it won’t), that act would still have been far less horrible than the ongoing cold war escalations that this administration has been continually advancing against a nuclear superpower. The existence of every single organism on this planet has been placed in jeopardy by Trump’s idiotic, unforgivable, still very much ongoing game of nuclear chicken with Russia, but hardly anyone ever talks about it. They focus on an empty conspiracy theory instead, partly because it is the mass media’s job to manufacture support for warmongering while downplaying its risks, and partly because theoretical conspiracies draw more attention than the things our rulers are doing right out in the open.

I often get conspiracy buffs asking/telling me to write about this or that theory of 9/11 or the JFK assassination or whatever, and I’m just like, dude, have you seen the stuff they’re doing in broad daylight?? It’s not that I have any attachment to the official narratives the TV tells me I’m required to believe, I just find I can get a lot more traction with much better arguments pointing out the facts that are publicly known and undisputed, especially because those things are often far worse than anything alleged in any conspiracy theory.

I mean, take 9/11. Pretty bad, right? 2,996 dead human beings. If that were engineered or permitted to happen by any faction of the US government or any of its allies, that would be pretty diabolical. But would it be worse than a million Iraqis killed in a war based on lies? Even if you only care about American lives, just the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq already far exceeds the death toll of 9/11. This was a war engineered by secretive government agencies and DC insiders, justified and sold to the public with government lies, lies which were advanced as objective and unquestionable fact by the mass media. The war was rammed through without any public accountability, a million human lives were snuffed out, and when they were done nobody was tried for war crimes. Nobody was even fired. No changes were ever made to prevent such horrors from being inflicted upon our world again.

On paper, I’d say that’s far worse than 9/11. Yes, I know the two are related, but just looking at the objective facts of those two occurrences, one is clearly more egregious an offense than the other, regardless of what specifically happened on that September morning.

Pretty much all other conspiracy theories are like this as well; interesting and intriguing due to the idea of catching powerful people in the act of something horrible, but much less horrible than the things those same powerful people are doing publicly. Mass media outlets make no attempt to hide who owns them or to mask their virulently pro-establishment bias as they manipulate our minds day in and day out, medicine money is spent on bombs and war ships, civilians are starved to death with sanctions, wars are waged on lies and when those lies are uncovered we get nothing but a “Fuck you we do what we want,” billionaires influence the legislative branch with corporate lobbying and campaign donations right out in the open to tilt the scales in favor of the plutocratic class, money is hemorrhaging upward to the richest of the rich while Americans die of lack of healthcare, we inch closer to extinction by either ecocidal end-stage capitalism or nuclear holocaust, and lucrative arms deals are cut with an unfathomably wealthy royal family that is causing the worst humanitarian crisis on earth in Yemen.

If we could see with fresh eyes what is being done to us and our fellow man right out in the open, we would recoil and fall to the ground trembling in sheer terror. The only reason we don’t treat these terrible things like what they are is because they have been normalized for us to the point where we take them for granted and assume that’s the only way things could possibly be. Conspiracy theories sparkle because those are new stories we haven’t been desensitized to, but it’s usually the things that powerful people do out in the open that does the most damage.


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Latest comments

  • Caitlin, your fear of being marginalized as a “9/11 conspiracy nutter” is why I pulled my Patreon support for you.

    And you should read Scott Creighton’s response to this article (see the link already shared above).

    None of us are right about everything, but the best of us openly admit our mistakes.

      • Caitlin, in another of your articles [https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2018/09/11/as-things-heat-up-in-idlib-remember-the-us-empire-has-a-history-with-false-flags/] you referred to it as wasted effort. That’s where we disagree. As Creighton said: “Some would have you endlessly swatting at flies in your home while others suggest you focus on finding the rotting squirrel carcass in the attic, the source of the infestation.”

        We debate about whether it’s wasted effort and that’s fine, but you seem to be taking it too the same extreme as Assange who declared: “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

        I will stop talking about 9/11 when our lying politicians stop using it as their excuse for endless unjust war.

          • Caitlin, I’m not picking a fight with you. I’m giving you constructive criticism, and you don’t seem to be taking it well. And it’s more about what you have NOT said. You have not been critical about Assange and his opinion of 9/11 Truth being a “false conspiracy”. (And anyone who does not at least question whether the deep state could have converted WikiLeaks into a honeypot by now should themselves be questioned.) You have not congratulated those who have exposed all the lies and inconsistencies, starting with The Jersey Widows, without whom there would have been no official response to all the hundreds of questions. Yes, hundred of them remain unanswered and probably always will be, but those who have questioned the official narrative made great progress. But what you did was imply that we’ve wasted our time. Think about how that makes a significant portion of your followers feel? You have tiptoed around your own beliefs about what happened and you’ve cherry picked your response to Scott Creighton who had many points you did not address, such as:

            The “softest spots in the armor of the machine” are only softer because so many credible investigators and writers out there refuse to address what happened on 9/11. And yes, the war crimes of Iraq are obvious, but so too is NIST saying no steel framed skyscrappers have EVER fallen due to office fires and what happened to Building 7 was so impossible, they had to make up an entirely new excuse for it (thermal expansion)

            That’s pretty obvious when you think about it, so much so that two news casters live on the air said the building looked like they were being brought down by controlled demolition AS IT HAPPENED LIVE.

            That’s pretty obvious too don’t you think?

            In fact it’s so obvious, half the country already knows and more than half don’t believe in the Magic Bullet theory.

            Now, what “damage” has been done to the efforts in Syria and Iraq that Caitlin is talking about? To my knowledge, Russia was responsible for turning the tide in Syria and we are still stationed and pulling triggers in both Iraq and Syria. So what great damage has been done as folks like Caitlin swat at flies as they buzz around the MSM propaganda tour?

              • When was the last time anyone actually seen Assange in person? When the 3 heads of Assange’s legal team all died in 2016, and the changing of file names to 1984 there is no doubt that Wikileaks has been much different since the election.

              • Caitlin, you criticize me for putting words in your mouth while doing that yourself. The point about our mutual efforts is that they are equally effective or ineffective, whichever the case may be. You’re saying that investigating the events of September 11th are wasted effort, relative to what your focus on other things. Obviously we disagree on that. I also never said that WikiLeaks is definitely a honeypot. I said we should question whether it could be. All things should be questioned because we don’t really know what the truth is, otherwise manipulation becomes easy. That’s my simple point. And you shouldn’t just be not opposed to people researching and talking about 9/11. I get that you’ve decided it’s not worth your time. BUT YOU SHOULD ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO DO IT!

      • Perhaps all us “conspiracy theorists” will be vindicated as there’s a call to impanel a Grand Jury to review evidence that will, hopefully, result in a new and impartial investigation. Of course, I fear the US Attorney will rig the evidence presented and/or rig the jury so as to claim that there was not sufficient evidence to warrant a new investigation. This would be typical and reflective of what happened when the Senate Intelligence Committee (an obvious oxymoron) investigated the ridiculous findings of the Warren Commission Report regarding the assassination of JFK. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4WfF1_pJb4

    This world is run by the cunning, by the heartless and the cruel.

    Watch a politician, power-mad.

    They are drunk.

    And certainly the alcohol that is created out of power is more dangerous than any alcohol that comes out of grapes.

    These power maniacs are the most dangerous people in the world.

    And great power is dangerous in the hands of those who have no love.

    Your so- called leaders are not leaders but murderers.

    But people have become completely uncaring, unfeeling, they don’t feel at all!

    They have by-passed their heart.

    They don’t go through the heart, they only live in their head, their intellect, their mind.

    They have avoided their heart.

    Intellect has no heart.

    Therefore the life, the world created by intellect will also be heartless.

    If you want to succeed in politics, you have to forget completely that there is something called a heart within you.

    You cannot use your emotions, because you need the utmost heartlessness and hardness to be in politics.

    You need excessive, aggressive thoughts, love will be of no value.

    These politicians who profess to know what’s best for humanity, are hardhearted, ruthless and cruel.

    Genocide is resorted to without the slightest compunction!

    Truman gave the order to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima.

    Next morning, I have heard, the journalists surrounded Truman and asked, “Could you sleep peacefully last night?”

    Truman said, “Very peacefully.

    As I heard that Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been turned into ashes, and that Japan would surrender, immediately I went to sleep peacefully for the first time.”

    None of those journalists even asked, “One hundred and twenty thousand people have been killed and you could sleep peacefully?

    Are you a human being or something else?”

    Every day people go on becoming more and more heartless.

    If there is no love within you, then whatever you do will be evil.

    But if there is love within you, then whatever you do it cannot be evil.

    If power is in the hands of loving persons, then life grows, and if power is in the hands of a loveless person, then life will become only a graveyard and nothing else.

    As I look around the world, and at all your politicians.

    I have to ask.

    Where is the love!

    • Thank you for this comment!
      Heartless, cunning, and cruel people come to power because the social paradigm is based on egoism, competition, success (survival of the fittest), wealth. The powerful and rich are admired and only few question the methods, with which they achieved their riches and their leadership positions.
      How can we achieve a paradigm change when education system, media, and most religious or cultural institutions are in the hand of the ruling class?

      • Wolf, “How can we achieve a paradigm change when education system, media, and most religious or cultural institutions are in the hand of the ruling class?”

        Diffuse power back to the individual by peacefully dismantling governments. But people do not want a solution. Just better breads and circuses. Thus is the folly of “democracy”.

      • The powerful and rich are admired? Really? Perhaps the majority of those heartless enough to have no heart, are ultra damaged children who’ve never grown up, who have no conscience, but now inhabit grown bodies. Their egos are sick. They are sick. Until we all become aware and conscious of the bullying, subversive, sly, in humane tactics of these monsters, so we will continue to be abused, ridiculed, sneered at treated as sheeple, to be got rid of by any means. Yes, we must become mature wise and fully conscious. Conscious of the fact that by doing nothing we are fully part of the problem.

  • It’s not the 9/11 body count. It’s the major crime that was committed–out in the open–which became the pivotal point in history allowing even greater crimes to be committed out in the open. Historians will mark the political moment we are in now as post 9/11. That’s why we write about 9/11.

  • How Caitlin Johnstone is Just Plain Wrong about “Conspiracy Theories”

    by Scott Creighton


  • I think that the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex (MICC, Eisenhower warned us) conspiracy (theory) is worse than any of all the others even added together – is the umbrella for all the others.
    I agree that what they are doing openly, or at least not reported by the MSM, is horrible

  • Looks like Caitlin is reading straight from the Chomsky(MIT)/Assange play book on how to deal with political assassinations and false flag attacks-just scream “conspiracy theorist!” like a common MSM goon and say-“even if true it doesn’t matter”. Shameless, careerist trash. But she has a history of this sort of thing, she said Glenn Greenwald, who works for one of the worlds richest men and just recently lied about Syria yet again, is a “journalistic hero”.

    When you say “it doesn’t matter”, you’re ceding the narrative to those you claim to oppose. False flags and assassinations are 2 of the most effective tools in their arsenal. Caitlin knows this, but she’s a coward and a careerist so she trots out the “it doesn’t matter” line.

    As if the assassinations and false flags that she downplays didn’t DIRECTLY lead to worse foreign and domestic policy, and more war. They did, and she knows it. She’s lying to you when she says “it doesn’t matter”. And she’s actively helping those she claims to oppose in doing so. For Caitlin, it’s clearly career first, truth second. She even uses the language of power to smear those braver than herself with the infamous “conspiracy theorist” smear. Pathetic.

    • Johnstone destroys her own credibility with this nonsensical passage like Chomsky:

      “I mean, take 9/11. Pretty bad, right? 2,996 dead human beings. If that were engineered or permitted to happen by any faction of the US government or any of its allies, that would be pretty diabolical. But would it be worse than a million Iraqis killed in a war based on lies? The war was rammed through without any public accountability, a million human lives were snuffed out, and when they were done nobody was tried for war crimes. Nobody was even fired. No changes were ever made to prevent such horrors from being inflicted upon our world again.

      On paper, I’d say that’s far worse than 9/11. Yes, I know the two are related, but just looking at the objective facts of those two occurrences, one is clearly more egregious an offense than the other, regardless of what specifically happened on that September morning.”

      One event led to the other event however this isn’t important?! This pure Chomsky style gatekeeping.

  • Lot of bad stuff going in in public. Lot of really bad stuff going on in secret such as mind control technology. We need to know about all of it.

  • Here is LBJ us president talking about controlling the weather hence controlling the world .

    Funny how those weather treaties were signed in the following decade.

  • Here is good short vid of JFK talking about weather control and what we know of today as full spectrum dominance net of communication and control over the planet.

  • Let’s not forget the people who take the oligarchs’ coin and are doing the real killing in Yemen. Blame the oligarchs, but their money makes them powerful because people like us take it. Without people like us the oligarchs would be powerless.

    • Yeah, nobody likes to talk about it, but it’s the next door neighbor’s son who works as a riot policeman, perfectly legitimate job, and will beat/shoot me to death when push comes to shove.

  • Why would MbS kill Khashoggi? What has he to gain? Khashoggi is already outside SA so will have no influence internally: he is selling his wares to the idiots who read the WaPo. Why would MbS care? Maybe there is a reason but it has not yet been declared by either side. The idea that he was going to try to take over the kingdom with some sort of rebellion is ridiculous.

    Caitlin goes on about Trump as though he is the problem! One thing to understand is that the puppeteer is not the puppet. Anybody calling the shots is not going to run for POTUS. Blame Trump if you like but the real culprits are ourselves – the vast majority – for allowing this to happen. If only the vast majority could unite and rid ourselves of these people, then we could start again and every decade we could hold an oligarch crucifixion!

  • Nice article except Caitlin needs to learn the difference between Capitalism (which we do not have) and Corporatism (which is what we do have now).

  • Caitlin, you absolutely nailed this one. Had to share it on FB, great work! Thank you for beeing the rogue journalist you are <3

  • I’m sorry but, anyone who accepts ANYTHING the CIA asserts, i.e., “that Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman personally ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi”, needs to check themselves into a psyche ward! My first instinct is to presume that the CIA and/or the Mossad had a significant role in Khashoggi’s death, and is diverting attention from themselves, as well as trying to oust MBS. Whatever the truth, rest assured that we are NOT hearing the truth from the CIA (nor do we ever), and there is a larger plan in place that likely will involve a regime change in Saudi Arabia. We shall see what will be…

  • “The problem of artificial modification of the environment for military or other hostile purposes was brought to the international agenda in the early 1970s. Following the US decision of July 1972 to renounce the use of climate modification techniques for hostile purposes, the 1973 resolution by the US Senate calling for an international agreement “prohibiting the use of any environmental or geophysical modification activity as a weapon of war”, and an in-depth review by the Department of Defense of the military aspects of weather and other environmental modification techniques, US decided to seek agreement with the Soviet Union to explore the possibilities of an international agreement.

    In July 1974, US and USSR agreed to hold bilateral discussions on measures to overcome the danger of the use of environmental modification techniques for military purposes and three subsequent rounds of discussions in 1974 and 1975. In August 1975, US and USSR tabled identical draft texts of a convention at the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament (CCD), Conference on Disarmament, where intensive negotiations resulted in a modified text and understandings regarding four articles of this Convention in 1976.”
    Sounds alot like how nuclear weapons are meant to be kept under control by certain groups/nations.
    Again why sign treaties and official officiating for tech that doesn’t exist yet?

  • Have you noticed that the climate change ‘debate’ is neatly put into two diametrically opposing camps almost some would say like a hegelian dialectic. However all media steers clear of any talk about geoengineering other than it is in “experimental phase” nonsense. Although evidence exist of weather modification going back to the 1930’s?

  • I for one don’t like to be experimented on by others without my permission.

    “Harvard Scientists Moving Ahead on Plans for Atmospheric Geoengineering Experiments”


    This guy also wants to put more sulfur in the air, the key chemical that causes acid rain.

  • “Pretty much all other conspiracy theories are like this as well; interesting and intriguing due to the idea of catching powerful people in the act of something horrible, but much less horrible than the things those same powerful people are doing publicly. ”

    So Johnstone what are your thoughts about the ongoing geoengineering of the planet? Weather modification technology has been around for at least 70 years. Operation Popeye, Project Stormfury are just a few that we know of. In the 1970’s a weather warfare treaty was signed, so why sign a treaty for technology that ‘supposedly’ doesn’t exist? Take your eyes of your phone and look up once in a while, you will be surprised.

  • Great piece Caitlin. You nailed it yet again.
    If you think the US is for Peace, Justice and Democracy, just ask the Indians or most Americans for that matter on how that works out.
    This is a classic. I do truely miss Johnny Trudell. I wish he was still with us.

  • We should not be tempted into a false choice regarding exposure of the egregious crimes of the elites. There is ample room for exposure of the acceptable openly admitted crimes (like US support for Israel’s genocidal wars on the Palestinians and the Saudi war in Yemen) on thewhile others focus on the forbidden denied actions that have been used to change history (like JFK assassination and 9/11). An understanding and appreciation of both the admitted and the denied are necessary.

    • Steve, agreed.

  • Ironically, the truth of events about which many alleged theories are told is very much a truth “hidden in plain sight”. While theories exist on these events which are in the realm of the theoretical there is much truth said about them which is not remotely theoretical in the least – in fact, it’s the story we’re told that is so much easily proven complete nonsense. To understand the truth though takes a complete change in paradigms and one paradigm that is very useful to understand is also very counterintuitive.

    The false-flag analyst, Ole Dammegard, claims he was told by an insider that the power elite justify their crimes against us by giving to us, in addition to their preposterous story in the first place, very obvious things that don’t add up, impossibilities, the actual truth, contradictions, many and strange changes in the story, smiling grievers and on and on. The responsibility is on us, they reason, to call them out and if we don’t they are spared karmic repercussions. How do you like that for a justification for crime?

    The evidence bears this claim out and, in fact, the power elite are scrupulous in ensuring that there is nothing that can be stated to be real evidence for their story. I think I can claim to prove this with my $5,000 Occam’s Razor on Terror Events challenge. I have issued a challenge on four events where I provide 10 points that favour the “non-mainstream” hypothesis over the “mainstream” hypothesis. The challenge invites responders to provide the equivalent exercise favouring the “mainstream” hypothesis. No one has responded despite the fact that I have had a number of exchanges with passionate believers of the mainstream hypothesis and/or those who could use the money. The responder can choose their own judge from a relevant profession to validate their 10 points so there is absolutely no excuse not respond, is there? https://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/5000-challenge.html

  • You know what the bulk of the American people think about the Iraq War , as horrible as it was and even knowing that it was entirely based on lies ? :
    “Well , at least we haven’t had another 9/11. If they have to lie to us about their wars against terrorism , so be it if it keeps us safe.”
    When you divert your gaze from the foundational “New Pearl Harbor” lie of 9/11 just to avoid the “conspiracy theory” label , you diminish yourself greatly as both a truth-seeker and a truth-teller. And when the writings of all those who try to find and tell the truth are banned , on every venue , and by any means necessary , and in response the people say ” So be it if it keeps us safe….” , what will you talk about then ? Gardening ? Makeup ?

    • Yes, by accepting the conspiracy theorist label as a basis for self censorship we accept its power to divert attention from the facts of these events and from future acts of the same nature. Given that the outcomes of these acts is often even worse crimes, how can we afford to let the mechanisms of such deceptions remain unexposed?

  • As William Blum stated: “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.”
    It is true that any journalist who wants to be taken seriously has to avoid investigating the obvious lies of the government about 9/11 as many 10s of millions has been spent to make it a rabbit hole. Plus the fact that being a black covert project there will never be documented evidence. I have not noticed Caitlin repeating the lies as many journalists do – The real point of 9/11 is not the 3000 or so deaths (probably several thousand more 1st responders dying after breathing the toxic dust in the air that the head of the EPA, Christie Whitman, said was fine.). The real point is that it made possible the war on terror and the Patriot Act – the doing away of habeas corpus – allowing the President to order the killing of anybody he wants by declaring them an enemy of the nation – enhancing the national security state – tuning the US into the surveillance state – one step away from a police state.
    The importance of the assassination of JFK is that “they” got away with it – going on to murder RFK and MLK – and in the decades following enhancing their grip on our society.- It is quite clear that the Vietnam War would not have happened if JFK had lived and been re-elected.

  • This is one of the grotesque lies where Trump, Israel and the Neocons in the Deep State march in lock step.

  • Out in the open is where you get the most traction–most people can’t fathom the audacity and those that do– simply see thee offense as a indirect threat to keep their mouths shut.

    As usual– we–the world citizen–are being played. Orwell’s 1984–argued that the primary function of modern warfare–was to keep the super-state’s respective citizen’s in scarcity. Putin decides to lay all his strategic weaponry out on the table–and now the US Military Industrial Complex has to catch-up–all in the name of security: https://russia-insider.com/en/bipartisan-panel-us-must-prepare-horrendous-devastating-war-russia-and-china/ri25414

    And the Trump administration’s in-your-face support for the Jewish Mafyia [aka Israel] is both a win for Trump [ongoing financial and black opts support] and the piranha state [American’s growing acquiescence to Israel’s prerogatives]–https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-warns-of-consequences-as-palestine-joins-international-bodies-including-the-icc/5660421.

    Operating in the open is a direct message to the sheeple–step out of line–and you may find yourself in the line-of-sight of a sniper’s bullet–as a crowd of cheering onlookers–celebrate– your fall from grace.

    • Exactly. While drowning us in propaganda they push their crimes in our face like cream pie – they really flaunt them and have a great old chortle while they’re doing it. It’s completely counterintuitive but that’s what they do. The power elite rely on a few basic elements to commit their outrageous crimes against us:

      * The power of the Hitlerian lie – when you tell a lie tell a whopper because while people will see through small lies as they are familiar with them the audacity of a massive whopper is beyond their comprehension.

      * The willingness of a significant number of people to be complicit in their crimes. You constantly hear the argument of “too many people would have had to be involved.” Really? What about the WWII holocaust (it’s not the only one) – how many people needed to be involved for that to have happened? Some people are very willing to be complicit while others are easily persuaded.

      * The unwillingness of people to challenge the elite’s power by examining the truth and speaking it.

      If you want to know the biggest lie of 9/11 that the power elite have gone to quite a lot of trouble to hide (while paradoxically still pushing it in our face) go to https://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/3000-dead-and-6000-injured-a-lie.html

  • Caitlin always writes such truthful and thought-provoking articles that lay out what is really going on. The trouble is, most people still blindly believe what they are being told by mainstream media and government officials. That is one purpose of the 9/11 Truth movement – to expose the propaganda and lies that were told to us about 9/11, and are continuously being told to us, so that we can demand an end to this madness!

  • Part of….. ”The only reason we don’t treat these terrible things like what they are”…. is that the filthy-rich people who are responsible for these terrible things have succeeded in making us admire them and envy them for their rich ways of life, their lear jets and palaces, so that their dark deeds seem almost irrelevant, like in their disgusting modern Hollywood movies.

  • In order to at least a partially understand what’s been going on between the US and the countries of the middle east since 1970, you must read the following article in Bloomberg entitled “The Untold Story Behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-Year U.S. Debt Secret ——How a legendary bond trader from Salomon Brothers brokered a do-or-die deal that reshaped U.S.-Saudi relations for generations”
    But two important pieces to complete the puzzle are (IMO deliberately) left out of the Bloomberg article.
    The first paragraph of the Bloomberg article is just one sentence:
    “Failure was not an option.”
    The third paragraph is as follows (with my CAPS for emphasis).
    “The goal: neutralize crude oil as an economic weapon and find a way to persuade a hostile kingdom to finance America’s widening deficit with its newfound petrodollar wealth. And according to (Simon’s deputy) Parsky, NIXON MADE CLEAR THERE WAS SIMPLY NO COMING BACK EMPTY-HANDED. FAILURE WOULD NOT ONLY JEOPARDIZE AMERICA’S FINANCIAL HEALTH BUT COULD ALSO GIVE THE SOVIET UNION AN OPENING TO MAKE FURTHER INROADS INTO THE ARAB WORLD.”
    How could what deputy Parsky said POSSIBLY have been true? After all, the USA had existed for almost 200 years (200 years during which the USA had obviously done very well) BEFORE Treasury Secretary William Simon stepped onto a plane that was transporting him to Saudi Arabia. How could the USA’s “financial health” POSSIBLY be “jeopardized” by coming back WITHOUT some kind of new deal with a Saudi King? “What” about the USA had changed that had put it in such peril? Back to the two things left out in the article.

    The first is the fact that the PRIVATE Fed’s USD and US Treasury bonds used to be “backed” by physical gold. This “backing” meant that countries who had purchased US bonds could send those bonds back to the US Treasury and receive physical gold in return. In 1971, a mere three years before Simon and Parsky made that “make or break” trip to Saudi Arabia, Nixon ENDED the convertibility of US treasuries to gold. He was literally forced to do this because some nations were sending their US treasury bonds back to the US and demanding gold in return. Nixon instantly realized that there was literally not enough gold in US gold depositories to allow the US government to CONTINUE to borrow money through the sale of Treasury bonds to fund the US’s social programs AND, at the same time, the US government’s perpetual wars of worldwide corporate/USD hegemony. Watch the following video and notice that Nixon says that what he is doing is only “temporary”. (IMO watching this video should be a mandatory part of public school curriculum.)
    In short, it was POLITICALLY IMPOSSIBLE (taxpayers would have revolted) for Nixon to increase US tax rates enough to pay for the US’s was “up front”, AND THE SAME HAS BEEN TRUE FOR THE LAST 47 YEARS! TRUMP WILL/CAN NOT FORCE TAXPAYERS TO PAY FOR THE MIC AND, NOW, TRUMP’s PERPETUAL WARS “UP FRONT”! However, Trump’s situation is now much worse and much more dangerous than Nixon’s was in 1971.
    Then there’s the last part of that Bloomberg article’s second paragraph: “FAILURE …….COULD ALSO GIVE THE SOVIET UNION AN OPENING TO MAKE FURTHER INROADS INTO THE ARAB WORLD.”
    How could Simon meeting a Saudi King possibly prevent the Soviet Union from making “further inroads into the Arab world”? A later paragraph gives a hint.
    Nixon’s little plan never came to complete fruition because of the little thing called “Watergate”. In short, Nixon resigned August, 1974 and his pardoner, Ford, became CEO of the US government, Commander In Chief of the US military forces and Decider In Chief of US “foreign policy”. Because of Tricky Dicky’s little shenanigans in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, as well as Watergate, something called the Church Committee h..ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Church_Committee was formed in 1975 and in 1976 produced a rather stunning report that exposed some pretty shocking domestic and worldwide activities of the CIA and other so-called intelligence agencies over the past decades. In short, Ford also could not bring to fruition Nixon’s deal with the Saudi’s. The fruit was left for the next leader of the free world, the peanut farmer from Georgia, Jimmy Carter to bring to harvest.
    In response to the USSR’s presence in Afghanistan as well as the Iranian people’s revolution against the Shah and the resulting creation of The Islamic Republic of Iran, Jimmy issued forth his own version of the Monroe Doctrine — the middle-east-shaking “Carter Doctrine”–
    the second and final piece to the puzzle — in which the Great Man declared, in part,
    “Let our position be absolutely clear: An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.”
    So, NOW we can understand Trump’s behavior of late. My take on it:
    Donald Trump Admits Bush’s War On Terror Is Actually President Lyndon Johnson’s War On Poverty — “I don’t want to lose an order like that.”
    “When considering punishments if Saudi Arabia were found culpable, Trump was hesitant to suggest sanctions. ‘It depends on the sanctions,’ he said. ‘Let’s give an example: We are ordering military equipment. Everybody in the world wanted it: Russia wanted it, China wanted it, we wanted it, we got it, and we got all of it, we got every bit of it.’
    ‘So would you cut that off, or take…’ Stahl asked.
    ‘Well, I tell you what I don’t want to do: Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon, all these companies, I don’t want to hurt jobs, I don’t want to lose an order like that. And you know, there are other ways of punishing, to use a word that’s a pretty harsh word, but it’s true,’ Trump replied.”
    What Trump failed to mention is that the US economy LITERALLY CAN NOT AFFORD to “lose an order like that”. George Kennan explained exactly why just a few short years before the end of the Soviet Union. (What he said is even more true today.)
    “Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.”
    The very serious problem for the transnational US Elite is that USD hegemony is now, for the first time since the end of WWII, being seriously challenged by other increasingly powerful nations’ economies and their currencies and their weapons. Things are no longer going completely the Superpower US’s way. China’s economy is perhaps even now larger than that of the US.
    To sum up, we are living in the competition of all tribal competitions and the outcome of this “contest” will determine the role of the US economy in the world, as well as the ultimate fate of the Fed’s hundreds of trillions, perhaps quadrillions of printed-out-of-thin-air USD.
    The US’s imposition of all these tariffs and “sanctions” and wars are absolute proof of the transnational US Elite’s flailing desperation to do only one thing –maintain USD hegemony in order to prevent Kennan’s “unacceptable shock to the American economy”. These measures will ultimately fail and, therefore the only really important question that remains is whether the increasingly-desperate US Elite will “go gentle into that good night” and develop a peace-based economy amidst near-certain economic/political/social chaos, or will this insane Elite “false-flag” the rest of the world into a no-win nuclear shootout at the OK Corral. The US Secretary of the Interior’s recent threat to perhaps use the US navy to blockade Russian exports, the US ambassador to NATO’s recent threat to “take out” Russian missiles on Russian soil, and the US’s decision to pull out of the INF treaty indicate that the shoot-out is being seriously considered.

  • I like what you write Caitlin but would like to point out that President Trump has less to say about foreign policy right now than his last 3 predecessors. This is the problem with our government today. Call it the Swamp or the Deep State, they or it, are enabled by our Federal Agency form of government and is the “tap root” of power and money that sustains “them.” To restore sanity to our world we must first destroy their basis of support and by doing so undermine them, then leaders like President Trump and his contemporaries across the world will be free to lead us where we need to go. We are half way into a Revolution you know and it is a very dangerous situation.

  • Ecocidal, at least you did not write, ” Climate Change “. Agreed with rest of your observations 150 %
    Have you started to hear about the crop losses world wide yet ? Cold spring , drought, flood, early winter, increased volcanism, earth quakes . Soon the bought media and governments will protect the Carbon Tax Scam by blaming , ” global warming “.
    But we are moving faster than I thought , well past 2015 with a long time to go till 2055. The Grand Solar Minimum.
    Ps Alberta Canada just loss 50 % of their crops from drought and early Snow on the fields.
    30 % of the world’s potato crop is lost.

  • Naming and shaming alone will not do it, BDS has to include the USA.
    Don’t buy US goods, don’t use US service – which means in practice to drop out of consumer society. If done in substantial numbers, such actions also would reduce environmental destruction.
    Some on this blog already mentioned “compulsive thinking habits” may be a hindrance. Waiting for bold practical suggestions and plans, maybe delivered in the disguise of innocent blog-sized dystopian short stories

    • The including the US in foreign BDS info is a GOOD idea. After all, the US, Saudi, Israeli tripartite of evil spreads more terrorism than all other combined. US on BDS here in the US won’t fly. The money is too great that is used to stifle dissent.

  • Very nicely done. I am thankful that you do the leg-work in gathering these facts and remain objective.
    Yes, Trump is a wild card in behavior and background, but still there is no evidence of any collusion with Russia per say.

    I only say that as a lead in to Trump acting as some kind of puppet—I feel like he *is* doing this on purpose to hide some of his other wild card and behind the scenes missions.
    If the media etc expect him to act infantile and mad, he will give it to them. He has not had these hotels and businesses out of incompetence. In point of fact he has played by the ridiculous rules and loop holes and come out ahead! Shrug!

    Still, all wars can all be traced back to religion and cult-ure. This isn’t new or unexpected in these end times ever since “Israel” was established as a nation again. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 support most of these intruders are frauds and fakes as well as these wars and false peace agreements.

    Thank you.

  • 9/11 was a collaborative effort between elements of the US (Christian) security state, Saudi (Muslim) ruling family and associated security apparatus, and Israeli (Jewish) ruling class/security state, to provide a pretext to conduct endless war, and generate endless profits, against a variety of foreign and domestic opponents (mostly the working class).
    And it’s worked to a large extent.
    Trouble is: people are getting wise to the scope of the deception.
    Tick, tock…

  • I would like to take down all powerful institutions, but sometimes you need to play one powerful institution against another, in order to accomplish your goals. At this time, I consider Trump a useful tool to take down the worst of the puppet masters. After that process, apply pressure to the US government to downsize to a manageable level. You might be able to gain more eyeballs if you take that approach.

  • Regarding 9/11: It was the precursor to the invasion of Iraq, the Pearl Harbor, as Cheney put it. All the atrocities since then are directly attributable, including those being committed this very day. This needs to be exposed to the world, especially the gullible sheep of the U. S. who can’t see the forest for the trees.

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