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The Real Red Pill

“To those three soldiers who got killed in Afghanistan the other day,” said Ian. “They died fightin’ for our freedom.”

“Freedom isn’t free,” Bill solemnly declared as the men raised their glasses and drank.

“That’s bullshit,” Steve mumbled into his glass.

“Aww, come on,” said Bill.

“Alright, see this is why I don’t buy rounds for you pricks no more,” said Ian.

“I mean why are they still there?” said Steve. “Look, Ian, I appreciate you buying us drinks, but it’s fucking bullshit that those guys are even there. They’re not fighting for our freedom, and neither are our boys in Iraq or in Syria or anywhere else.”

“Man, shut up,” said Ian.

“Hey, you set him off,” laughed Ed. “Buckle up.”

“The whole thing’s bullshit. It’s got nothing to do with freedom, it’s about controlling resources and strategic locations. Poppy production went through the roof since we sent our boys to Afghanistan, and Iraq was switched back to the petrodollar right after we invaded. In 2000 Saddam took Iraq off the petrodollar and started selling oil in euros, then we invaded and right afterward they switch back to selling it in dollars like all the other OPEC nations. I’m talking like, weeks afterward. A few men got real rich off the blood of our troops. Real rich. You guys want a red pill, read a little book called War Is a Racket by General Smedley Butler. It’s almost a hundred years old and it’s just as true today.”

“Man I hate this conspiracy theory shit,” said Ian.

“Ain’t no fuckin’ theory man, it’s just a fact,” said Greg. “Just do a little research. We are being played. You think that bullshit they tell you on TV is real? The whole thing’s fake and they’re barely even hiding it.”

“Well even their excuse for going to Afghanistan was 9/11, and that was a total false flag,” said Ed.

“Ah shit, here we go,” Bill said, rolling his eyes.

“It was!” Ed exclaimed. “You can learn this shit on Youtube in an hour or two. Just look up Building 7 of the World Trade Center. Research what kindsa physics would have to happen for those buildings to fall like that and tell me you still believe that shit. Do you know what the odds are of a newly trained pilot pulling off the kinda strike they say hit the Pentagon? It’s impossible, and that’s why there’s no video or forensic evidence of it, cuz it was a goddamn missile. The whole thing was an inside job in collaboration with Mossad and the Saudis. 9/11, that’s the real red pill.”

“I think JFK is the real red pill,” said Greg. “This country’s been run by the CIA since 1963, ever since they staged a coup and pinned it on Oswald. That’s when everything started getting real fucked up. The official story is so fulla holes you could drive a flatbed through it. They’ve been lying to us about what happened in Dallas for 55 years, and they’re still lying.”

“Man you guys are way further down the rabbit hole than me,” laughed Steve. “I don’t know about that stuff.”

“Maybe the real red pill is that our whole world is nothing like what it appears to be?” said Old Pete, who’d been listening silently from a few bar stools down. “Not our country, not our government, not our culture, not even ourselves in a sense. Maybe the real red pill is that all of society is an imaginary conceptual overlay we’ve all placed in our minds over top of a bunch of hairless apes wandering around the surface of the earth making small mouth noises and stuffing food into their bellies. And maybe all the government, laws, social rules, economy, religion, beliefs, labels, names, the lines which separate nations, and all of human culture is just stuff we made up and all agreed to pretend is true, connected by made-up linguistic models comprised of nothing but small mouth noises we’ve all agreed to pretend mean certain things.”

“Maybe even our very selves are illusory, in the sense that they’re not at all what they appear to be. Have you ever looked at the thing that you think of as yourself? Really, truly, critically looked at it? Hardly anyone has, which is weird, because the entirety of anyone’s mental process revolves around the assumption that there is a solid, tangible thing that can be found which could be called a ‘me’ or an ‘I’. And maybe if you take a deep and sincere look within, you’ll find no evidence of any such entity. You’ll find thoughts, feelings, sensory impressions, but nobody actually experiences a self; it’s just a bunch of appearances firing off inside the skull of bipedal primate that is molecularly inseparable from its surroundings, which are in turn molecularly inseparable from the universe. And maybe you’ll come to realize that what we think of as a person is actually an impersonal ongoing process like a waterfall or a campfire; it’s a happening, a verb, being witnessed by an impersonal consciousness of unknowable origin. The solid ‘thing’ called a self exists only as a mental story.

“And maybe that’s actually where it all gets fucked up: everything is mental stories, from ourselves to our societal dynamics to the highest echelons of government and power, and we’re not perceiving any of it correctly. We believe we are a separate self which stands apart from the churning tumult of the universe’s atoms, and we dedicate our lives to protecting that illusory self from the outside world, a world which itself also exists mostly as story. Without our crude conceptual overlay, the world is experienced as nothing but a bunch of plants and animals moving around consuming food, reproducing, and experiencing the natural joy of being, but then we add a bunch of stories on top of the human animal about authority, relationships, jobs, goals, expectations, approval, enemies, ideas about getting life wrong versus getting it right, and all this stress and fear enters into the equation.

“And maybe that stress and fear can be manipulated by the more clever primates, the ones who understand that society is made of mental stories, and they can use that stress and fear to get the other primates toiling at awful jobs to avoid starvation, consenting to societal models which require endless violence and the rapid destruction of the ecosystem, consenting to slavery and degradation because most of those primates haven’t taken the real red pill: that it’s all stories which everyone has agreed to pretend are true, and they can collectively choose to stop pretending those stories are true and create new stories whenever they want to. They can create different stories about where power resides and how it operates, how resources are distributed, how much labor is actually necessary, and if they want they can do so in a way which benefits everyone on earth. They can turn this world into a paradise, and the only thing stopping them is a few clever primates who’ve figured out how to control the stories that are told using mass media and government manipulation.”

There was silence.

“Pete, you always make everything awkward,” chuckled the bartender. “Hey y’all want a real red pill? You gotta check out this guy David Icke. Do you guys know anything about reptilians?”


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Latest comments

  • It seems we are stuck on the rightness or wrongness of the events. I have no misgivings of the dialog. Sometimes the pills come in horse sizes, difficult to swallow yet truth defined.
    The question becomes, so what now? More pills, more rightness, more wrongness, when will it end?
    The question should be; and why are you here? Why did you choose this time and this space to enter into the dialog.
    Will you bring the light of change and help assist in the re-membering of who “WE” are or are you content to argue the rightness or wrongness of the dialog.
    It is difficult to keep that light shining when there are so many pills to choose, but the illusion of self can easily be found there if that is your desire.
    But once again, once that pill wears off, will you ask; who am I really? Or will you reach for another pill to argue.
    It’s sometimes lonely in the light but the invitation to come to and make the world brighter is always open.
    The reward is the life you envisioned when you said YES to the invitation of this. No pill required.

  • Everything is illusion… From the annals of the auto-biography of a yogi… What we think is material is magnetic by design… is it gravity or is it magnetism that makes the apple fall from the tree? What is the binding force of magnetic illusion and the physics behind the illusion of the material multi-dimensional event horizon? Is it an intelligence or an expression of a feeling…,here the not so tangible creativity of energy and light, form the material world… but light is what? The alpha and omega? Contrasting expressions of a duality and a microcosm of altered synapses in a state of flux? Is inner space the realm of all that seems material, as the expanse of the human mind perceives it’s outward inwardness? When people talk about out of the body or near death experiences, are they nothing more than the creative expanse of the mind to emulate the illusion of the latter, while in a state of stasis between life and death and sleep… The mind is never idol until the brain is fully deprived of blood and oxygen. So even the speculation of the latter my be just the Gnostic paradigm of a god or gods… while under the influence of some natural substance the torts the conceptual mind into an altered state…thusly, the myth of the magic of believing in a Superior being…or, the perceptions of hallucinations and expounded as experiential rather than experimental?????

  • Glad to see someone willing to explore the bigger picture of what the matrix consists of.

  • If you really want to understand about the red pill view of things and its threat to a current ruling class, I especially recommend that you view Jay Dyer’s video “Hollywood is a Collapsing Covert Operation”:

  • I must apologize to Caitlin for this brilliant piece of fiction. One inference that can be drawn from by earlier comment–“I may be too cynical, but I think it is only wishful thinking, more blue pill stuff for people pretending to take the red pill.”–is that I am criticizing her piece of fiction. Because of my deep pessimism over the plight of Julian Assange, I made this statement which could be interpreted as a criticism of Caitlin. One of the major reasons for fiction is too imagine another world in order to break through conventional perspectives, and thus suggests the possibility of changing our views.

  • HI Caitlin, just because real Spiritual Teachers are rare and the vast public has no idea what they write about, does not mean you can more or less quote them without acknowledging your source. I am pretty sure i know where you read the “Clever primate” phrase and also your description of the ego or illusory self.
    Would you like to acknowledge the Spiritual Teacher who wrote these things not quite word for word maybe 20 or more years ago? I am well read and am not aware of any other Teacher who uses the words you have used in this way.
    This is not intended as a criticism more of a reminder and a request for transparency. I am not accusing you of plagiarism as spiritual truths exist to be shared by all.
    I am referring to Bhagavan Adi Da, a truly awakened Spiritual Teacher and prolific writer and artist,

    • Gurdieff once said that to succeed in his kind of “spiritual” racket you need to learn how to steal. Adi Da, Franklin Jones, was an ace at this spiritual thievery. Very clever creature, and also megalomaniacal in the highest (or lowest) degree.

  • The US intel community (CIA, NSA, FBI, etc), with the Department of Justice, all colluded with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the intel agencies of the UK and AUSTRALIA, to derail Mr. Trump as a stooge of Russia and, when he shocked them by getting elected, mounted a desperate campaign to cover their asses knowing he had become their boss.

    • That is a sad story

      • Ha! I see what you did there.

  • Thank you!!!!!
    Brilliant piece!

    Of course, if you want to talk about reality, when you take your hand and press it against a table, you believe you are touching a solid object. But, of course, that is not real. We know that most of the space inside an atom is empty. There is a tiny nucleus in there orbited by electrons. Chemistry is how those electrons combine to hook the items together into substances like H2O or NaCl. If that table is wood, then its a complex organic molecule comprising of lots of Carbon with some Oxygen and other stuff. But, its all just atoms that are mostly empty space hooked together by electric fields of electrons. Its not anything like a solid. Shoot something the size of a neutron through there and it often goes straight through and never hits anything remotely solid like say the nucleus of an atom. So, when you reach out your hand, comprised of organic molecules, and touch a wooden table comprised of different organic molecules, its really just the electric field that is your hand pushing up against the electric field that is the wood, and your brain for some reason interprets this as a solid hand pushing against a solid table, presumably because even though monkeys learned to think, most of this was deeply inscribed on their brains before even a small handful of them started to understand even elementary 19th century physics almost none of them can grok quantum mechanics.


    Thanks again for the brilliant piece. Have a nice experience of what your brain thinks of as a day. 🙂

  • There are just too many disparate and inaccurate comments on here (some clearly from bigoted and/or intolerable minds that tell writer made-up stories) to even attempt to dispute them. I haven’t the time – but, fortunately, they will die off and, if we are really, really lucky, mankind may actually evolve to a state of just being and of clear thinking. So, instead of commenting on your article, Caitlin, with which I agree 99%, I will offer this concept from a seminar I attended years ago.
    It said that the mind functions much like a storage area that has multiple stacks of ‘experience’ tapes, each stack having a great many containers stacked high. In life, when we experience something new, in an effort to categorize it, it may look an awful like something in the stack next to it, so we make the assumption that it is. The result is not unlike that of the game, ‘whispering down the lane.’ What is eventually stored may look nothing at all like what was actually the case.
    The very act of assuming sameness, creates an aberration. For example, if, as a child, you were beaten by a bigger person who just happened to be black (but where the blackness obviously had nothing to actually do with his behavior), the next time you see a black person, the new concept is recorded on a tape next to the one with the prior experience. Because of the proximity, you now connect the two and, instead of fearing only the first black person, you now fear the second one as well. If, you are born to a life of poverty, this may repeat itself many times until, with age, you not only fear black people, but unreasonably learn to hate all of them, even those who pose no threat at all to you. Such is one way that we use our intelligence as a detriment to our ‘selves,’ for it keeps our minds in a constant state of turmoil.

  • Nice piece. Classic Buddhist thought re the non existence of a self. ‘Clever primates’ is a very generous way to refer to the plunderers of humanity. Yup, they completely control the narrative all right as they have complete control and ownership of the media, academia, governments, & ‘entertainment’ industries.

    Gonna be a very tough slog for regular trusting folks who are deep into the narrative to wake up. It’s impossible to convince anyone of the truth if they themselves are not looking for it or questioning things.

    What would do the job would be a series of ‘truth bombs’ with sufficient documentation so that they could not be denied. You know, like 9-11, Holohoax, ‘lone wolf’ school shootings, Tate murders, nuclear weapons, London and Paris ‘terrorist’ attacks, the origin and cause of the two world wars, murders of JFK, Robert Kennedy, the trail of death courtesy of the Clinton’s, etc. etc. etc.

    The plunderers have had control of our planet for at least hundreds but probably thousands of years. They have been kicked out of numerous communities over the course of history and now, of course, it’s the only group on earth that one cannot criticize. The fact that the worldwide monetary system is legal counterfeiting backed by government force is quite amazing. Give them credit – these folks are the ultimate witch doctors – they’ve successfully fooled nine billion people and are milking us all just like the bears in a cage in China with a tube into their intestines to harvest the bile. What a wonderful day it will be when once again, human beings expunge the plunderers.

    • Caitlin does not expressly attribute the notion of “not self” to classical buddhism nonetheless the notion, whilst sounding Buddhist, is not a true rendition of what the historical Buddha actualy taught. He did not say that there was “no self” but rather that nothing that could be said to be a self, can through reason, be shown to be a self. Nargajuna (3rd century CE) demonstrated that things, including, for example, a self, are both empty and not empty. In an absolute sense, unreal, yet conventionaly real. This is the middle way of Mahayana Buddhism. So Caitlin, insofar as she is drawing on Buddhist thought, is half right.

    • … as long as you don’t put a string of parentheses around “plunderers”… What’s you take on the Tate murders? A link or tow would be cool.

    • Nice piece Jim

  • Maybe the real truth is that Old Pete is really Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor?
    That what Old Pete says is not some hidden truth, but something that gets dinned into everyone’s ears incessantly, and that people are so deaf to this that they repeat, like Caitlin, the Old Pete propaganda as if it were new. It is hard to find people disagreeing with Old Pete’s barstool philosophy – It is oppressive propaganda that pretends it is dissent.

    Maybe even our very selves are illusory, in the sense that they’re not at all what they appear to be. Have you ever looked at the thing that you think of as yourself? Really, truly, critically looked at it? Hardly anyone has, which is weird, because the entirety of anyone’s mental process revolves around the assumption that there is a solid, tangible thing that can be found which could be called a ‘me’ or an ‘I’. And maybe if you take a deep and sincere look within, you’ll find no evidence of any such entity.

    And maybe if you stop listening to this, you will find that there is the strongest conceivable evidence of such an entity. What does “evidence” mean without it? Maybe our very selves are NOT illusory. How often do you hear people say that? Maybe not “tangible” – but more real than whatever is tangible. There is no way to touch anything without the conceptual overlay. It is conceptual overlay all the way down. These bunch of plants and animals moving around consuming food etc is all conceptual overlay, that the unquestioning, unimaginative pseudo-skeptics take as truth.

    You’ll find thoughts, feelings, sensory impressions, but nobody actually experiences a self;

    No, everybody actually experiences a self every minute of every day. And in every dream at night.

    it’s just a bunch of appearances firing off inside the skull of bipedal primate that is molecularly inseparable from its surroundings, which are in turn molecularly inseparable from the universe.

    So what? That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    And maybe you’ll come to realize that what we think of as a person is actually an impersonal ongoing process like a waterfall or a campfire.

    Sure is an ongoing process, but persons are not impersonal. That is patent nonsense.

    Sure there are a lot of nice things that Old Pete is saying. But the underlying philosophy is the same old crap. British Empiricism, Hume, Locke, analytic philosophy. Convincing people to forget cogito ergo sum, that they aren’t persons, that there is no self is a really good way of creating today’s neoliberal dystopia and destroying the chance for the world Caitlin and Old Pete prefer. If you have people swallow the psychotic idea that they aren’t selves, will they balk at oppressing and murdering other not-selves, other impersonal processes? History says no.
    Maybe the truth is that the more people say a “conceptual overlay” is imaginary, the more they say it is “just a mental story”, the more they say it is “illusory” the more that it is True and Real.

  • CAMThe claim that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews in gas chambers in WWII.

    Nobody ever said this seriously. They said “killed 6 or X million Jews, many in gas chambers.”

    And it’s staggering. Hitler never ordered a Final Solution.

    Yeah, right.

    And there’s zero evidence that Nazi ever used gas chambers to exterminate masses of Jews.
    There’s plenty.

    And even the mainstream historians now admit that the figure of 6 million Jews is a wild exaggeration…
    No, they don’t. Academics have argued about the numbers – maybe 5 million or 5.5 million is better. But no wild exaggeration.

    And it wasn’t postwar Allied propaganda. Contrary to much more recent propaganda, the Allied governments and many others – like Victor Gollancz, who also criticized the postwar treatment of Germany – strongly denounced the Nazi murders as they were occurring.

    • CALGAUS, I can totally empathize with your knee-jerk dismissal and outright incredulity in response to what I’m saying. This is such an emotionally charged topic and it ought to be, nothing is more grotesque than war other than a world war, and I believed almost exactly what you believe not too long ago. So make no mistake, discovering that the Holocaust is probably the greatest fraud in history is the kind of thing that makes your head explode, buts its also a very liberating experience because it means that absolutely everything is now up for grabs.

      Can I simply suggest that you look a little closer and do some independent research of your own. Because if you do then you will also find out that Holocaust scholars have very rightfully emphasized the absolutely unprecedented nature of the historical events they have studied. They describe how some six million innocent Jewish civilians were deliberately exterminated, mostly in gas chambers, by one of Europe’s most highly cultured nations, and emphasize that monstrous project was often accorded greater priority than Germany’s own wartime military needs during the country’s desperate struggle for survival. Furthermore, the Germans also undertook enormous efforts to totally eliminate all possible traces of their horrifying deed, with huge resources expended to cremate all those millions of bodies and scatter the ashes. This same disappearance technique was even sometimes applied to the contents of their mass graves, which were dug up long after initial burial, so that the rotting corpses could then be totally incinerated and all evidence eliminated. And although Germans are notorious for their extreme bureaucratic precision, THIS IMMENSE WARTIME PROJECT WAS APPARENTLY IMPLEMENTED WITHOUT BENEFIT OF A SINGLE WRITTEN DOCUMENT, OR AT LEAST NO SUCH DOCUMENT HAS EVER BEEN LOCATED.

      And so, while I do not deny the Holocaust, I do have to recognize that Holocaust denial (true or false) can be perfectly reasonable and has a body of literature to support it. For decades now Holocaust deniers have been unfairly suppressed, abused, and oppressed by Holocaust affirmers, many of whom are powerful Jews who behave like theological zealots as they weaponize the Holocaust while ignoring Jewish culpability in similar atrocities in the Soviet Union and eastern Europe prior to World War II.

      But after undertaking some extensive research this is what I’ve come to believe, although of course everything I say here is revisable. If you think I’m wrong, PLEASE show me some indisputable evidence to the contrary so that I can admit I was wrong and change my mind to accord better with the truth.

      On Investigating the Holocaust: Thousands of Jews did die in labour camps because of starvation and Typhus under Hitler’s Third Reich, and being put in a labour camp is bad enough, being separated from your family, forced to work, living years in a prison is already bad by itself. However, unlike present-day Americans – who set up torture camps and have wiped out over a million civilians in since 9/11, even the Nazis took measures to protect their prisoners from disease and malnourishment because they needed them for their labour. Millions of people starved to death in and more so outside the camps including in the Allies’ own territory because of the allied bombings and blockades. The British starved millions of non-whites in their own Empire just to help starve out Italians and Germans. Americans tried to starve out the Japanese who were living on less than 1000 calories a day. So, of course, people starved to death at the tail end of the war. The Germans moved Jews and other prisoners west away from the Russian Front into other camps, but because of allied bombings that were exterminating whole German cities and destroyed railways for food, the prisoners in the remaining camps were overcrowded and many died of starvation.

      On the Eastern Front Typhus and Typhoid broke out in the camps. Typhus had been epidemic in Europe in the past killing 3 million Russians in WWI. It is likely that the Russians simply just killed them all to end the disease and blamed it on the Germans. For it doesn’t make sense at all for the Germans to have gas chambers and murder millions in a couple camps in Poland, but not in the 22 camps the Americans liberated.

      When the allies saw these people, in no way were they going to own up to what they had done by intentionally causing starvation. They blamed the Germans for everything. But it was obvious to anyone that 99% of the prisoners in the camps were dying of malnourishment, but had not been in the beginning years of the war.

      If you read Man’s Search for Meaning by a Jewish concentration camp survivor (Victor Frankl) who happened to be a psychologist before being incarcerated, Victor is mainly writing a book about the psychology of the inmates and what outlooks aloud people to make it mentally and which ones didn’t but indirectly he also describes how there was food until the very end of the war in which case they were down to soup which was basically only broth and eventually no bread at all.

      There was no plan of extermination. People died at the end because they ran out of food. There is no mention of gassing, other than to get rid of louse. He also mentions how several guards lost it and were replaced because they couldn’t handle what was going on near the end of the war either.

      Questioning the truth claims of the Holocaust is no more pro-Hitler than opposing the war in Iraq would be Pro Saddam. Demanding real investigations into crimes of the allies likewise is no more anti-jewish than investigating potential war crimes in Iraq is anti-American.

      It is vital to know who really killed who and how, because to ignore the this total war mentality of the allies in WWII and to allow them pass off some of their own crimes onto their enemies only allows those who believe they can control the media to continue war crimes brought about by the ideology of total war. British and American forces purposely starved people as a tactic and as a result the militaries they were fighting, the civilians, and prisoners in those countries all starved, but in the reverse order. Allied powers in WWII intentionally went into overkill for the sake of reconstruction projects and general profits for militarism as an industry. The post-war propaganda is to justify what they did by pointing to something worse (that was actually a result of their warfare) and claiming all their crimes were necessary evils rather than just evil.

      And as an aside, if we’re going to be completely scientifically accurate and historically exact then there was no “Jewish” Holocaust, not in any literal or technical sense. Because even if we go along with the unfounded allegation of 6 million deaths in gas chambers, the Nazis burned the bodies AFTER death, whereas the original meaning of Holocaust means people being burned TO death.

      So it was not the Nazis who holocausted the Jews, it was Allied powers who committed real Holocaust when our side burnt alive hundreds of thousands of innocent people by nuking Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and carpet bombing German cities (Dresden) after the end of the war. So once again, the truth about what really happened is precisely the opposite of what 99.99% of people have been told to believe, but that happens a lot these days. Can you see a pattern emerging yet?

      The winners write the history. And our education system, the liberal mainstream media, and the Hollywood entertainment industry are all forms of state-sanctioned mass indoctrination And as the Zionist’s like to say, the Holocaust is “Israel’s number one war propaganda weapon” because the feelings of guilt inculcated in Western society and the ensuing suppression of any principled debate about the alleged Jewish genocide in WWII has given the Zionist regime of Israel both the uncritical support of the Western powers and an implicit diplomatic cover for its ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people

      And that means the complicit silence of pretty much everyone when it comes to debating the Holocaust is the most immediate and dangerous form of Holocaust Denial in the world today. Yes, that’s right. If you are NOT debating the Holocaust and take it instead as an article of religious faith, then you are Holocaust Denier, for by turning a blind eye to how the Holocaust story actually functions as a dangerous ideological weapon in the new secular globalist religion of the West, then you are directly contributing to the very real possibility of many millions of lives being snuffed out in another senseless mass extermination in the immediately foreseeable future, as the Judeo-supremacist Anglo-Zionist victors of WWII who also perpetrated the 9/11 false flag attacks now seek war with Iran to fulfil their megalomaniacal aspirations for full spectrum military domination of the entire planet

      • Cam:Can I simply suggest that you look a little closer and do some independent research of your own.

        My assertions are (i) I already have. (ii) You apparently haven’t, but have swallowed tissue-thin propaganda whole. (iii) If you actually do the research, be open-minded and scientific, you will find that the usual story is basically correct. I gave you one valuable and objective author who was writing during the war – and then got called pro-German by some and used by some others, holocaust deniers, who distort what he said. Here is another book, out of thousands that one could read – Gotz Aly, Susanne Heim- Architects of Annihilation: Auschwitz and the Logic of Destruction. “…carpet bombing German cities (Dresden) after the end of the war.” That was, of course during the war.

        For decades now Holocaust deniers have been unfairly suppressed, abused, and oppressed by Holocaust affirmers

        Agreed. Laws against their free speech are abominable. They always do the opposite of their purported intent or are used against genuine leftists opposing crimes. That doesn’t change the fact that the holocaust deniers espouse absurd, crazy, preposterous beliefs, denying mountains of evidence, logic and common sense and the experience of millions.

        The Germans started the war. Remembering the allied blockade in WWI – the largest war crime of that war in my opinion, the Germans systematically starved the populations they conquered. The primary responsibility for the starvation in WWII was unquestionably German and this of course killed many or most in the death camps, not the iconic, but quite real gas chambers. On the other hand, the US built up huge agricultural surpluses during the war in order to prevent postwar starvation in Europe, keeping the Germans’ victims and the Germans alive. It was basically successful and then quite forgotten, though it clearly saved millions upon millions of lives. Mass murder in Europe by planned starvation was overwhelmingly German during WWII. And don’t forget how Japan behaved in China, in the other theater of war. Worse and more lethally than the US to Japan.

        the Holocaust story actually functions as a dangerous ideological weapon

        Quite true. It has been used for the most shameful of purposes, to engage in more holocausts. That doesn’t make the WWII German holocaust of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and others untrue. It isn’t.

        • Seriously? C’mon CALGACUS don’t just point to someone’s book and do a victory dance, dare to think! There are serious problems with the standard version of Holocaust history, and the gas chambers at Auschwitz were one of the very first things to be debunked by revisionists (the subject of your own recommended source). The best thing we can do for the victims and survivors is to try to make the historical record stronger by correcting the errors.

          For decades I had always taken the undeniable fact that the Nazis had exterminated 4 million inmates at Auschwitz, with most of the victims being Jews as absolutely rock-solid historical reality.

          But in the early 1990s after the fall of Communism and the release of the Soviet records, the official total was quietly revised downwards to as little as 1.1 million. This reduction in the official Holocaust body-count by 3 million made zero impact upon our public Holocaust media narrative, which tells us we can hardly seems to inspire great confidence in either the total figures or the media reporting of them.

          The Diary of Anne Frank is generally regarded as the Holocaust’s iconic literary classic, telling the story of a young Jewish girl who died after being deported from Holland to Auschwitz. And while many now regard this text to be substantially fraudulent (the case was settled out of court), even if the story of Anne Frank is true the most striking aspect of the story is how the girl’s actual fate undermines the official narrative undermines the Holocaust narrative.

          Disease was raging in her camp and she soon became quite ill, mostly remaining bedridden in the infirmary, before eventually dying from typhus. Do you not find it odd that a young Jewish girl who fell severely ill at Auschwitz would have spent so much time in camp hospitals and eventually die there, given that the primary purpose of Auschwitz was the efficient extermination of its Jewish inmates?

          In the 1980’s Fred Leuchter, America’s leading expert specialists on the technology of executions, took a trip to Poland and closely inspected the purported Auschwitz gas chambers, then published the Leuchter Report, concluding that they were obviously a fraud and could not possibly have worked in the manner Holocaust scholars had always claimed. The ferocious attacks which followed soon cost him his entire business career and destroyed his marriage.

          David Irving, ranked as the world’s most successful World War II historian, had always previously accepted the conventional Holocaust narrative, but reading the Leuchter Report changed his mind, and he concluded that the Auschwitz gas chambers were just a myth. He was then hounded by the Jewish lobby for years until his career was also destroyed.

          Dr. Germar Rudolf, a German chemist working at the prestigious Max Planck Institute repeated the analysis on a more thorough basis, published the results, and came to the same conclusions as Leuchter. He received a similar fate.

          Most recently, Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, a historian at University College, London provoked a media firestorm of vilification when he summarized much of the more recent Holocaust evidence, including the official Auschwitz death books returned by Gorbachev after the end of the Cold War, which indicate that Jewish fatalities were some 99% lower than the widely-believed total.

          Furthermore, Jewish deaths actually showed a sharp decline once plentiful supplies of Zyklon B arrived, which is exactly contrary to expectations and further validation of the known scientific evidence proving that Zyklon B was used for delousing (removal of disease carrying lice) and not mass exterminations.

          So I’ll try to make this easy for you. Can you give me just one single piece of evidence that the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz were used for the mass extermination of Jews?

          But if want to save yourself some time while digging deeper into this question, those who want to defend the official Holocaust narrative have shifted their attention to the camp at Treblinka.

          There is some suggestive documentary evidence that as the Russian approached from the East into German occupied territory towards the end of the war, the Nazis realized the end was nigh and didn’t want tens of thousands of Jews to be set free to live amongst them after the end of the war, and so they murdered them all instead. But in gas chambers? There’s no hard evidence for that as far as I know, but its still an open-ended question so check it out and let me know what you find.

          • There are serious problems with the standard version of Holocaust history,

            No, there aren’t.

            and the gas chambers at Auschwitz were one of the very first things to be debunked by revisionists
            Nobody debunked them, the revisionists are basically clowns who make up things. And put words in other people’s mouths, and then criticize these made-up words.

            (the subject of your own recommended source).
            I recommended no such source. I recommended a contemporaneous, 1940s source, the existence of which refutes the insane propaganda coming from “the holocaust industry” that Hitler’s crimes were not being vigorously denounced and described as they were being committed.
            “The holocaust industry” is Norman Finkelstein’s phrase, his parents were in the death camps that revisionist clowns said didn’t exist. But rewriting history to erase the denunciations during the war is something that both the “revisionists” and the “holocaust industry” agree on. Birds of a feather.

        • Galgacus, can you please name one book you have personally read that lays out in simple yet documented evidence for the claim of 6 million jews being systematically gassed? If it includes a picture or drawing of a real gas chamber that would be a bonus.

          And no, Germany did not start WWII because Germany did not start WWI. It was England that created both wars. But to the victors belongs the right to lie.

          I do appreciate your agreeing that anti-free speech laws are wrong. Only liars demand censorship.

      • Cam, 99% agreed, good take.

  • This piece portrays a scene in an American bar where six guys and a bartender try to sort out what is real and what isn’t about the world today. Only if it were real! I may be too cynical, but I think it is only wishful thinking, more blue pill stuff for people pretending to take the red pill. God (or Allah), I hope I’m wrong!

    It seems to me that such a conversation can only be found in fiction. The vast majority of people like their illusions. They depend on them to cope with their very challenging lives. When supposedly ordinary people such as Steve, Greg, Ed, and old Pete try to argue that such illusions are fake and present some real truths about our existence, people such as Ian and Bill get upset and try to shut them up. This is the real truth (red pill) about humans that explains why most of them ignore the plight of people like Julian Assange who has revealed that their capitalist masters are nothing but war criminals who constantly lie to them. That’s “The Real Red Pill” version of reality.

    • “…their capitalist masters…”

      This is a nonsensical, contradictory phrase.

      The real meaning of the word capitalism (not the MSM highjacked meaning) involves the absolute absence of force in the voluntary transaction between two people.

      The term master indicates violence, coercion or the threat of violence.

      • It looks like you have taken the blue pill. I don’t want to disturb your comfortable mental condition, but our masters long ago found other ways to brainwash us which are much more cost-effective than the use of violence. Nowadays their control of all media has resulted in people like you believing war is peace, violence is cooperation, humanitarian concern is false-flag setup, full employment is lack of decent paying jobs, etc. So, dream on.

      • Ron, who are these masters you speak of? The only ones who rule over you are those who’ve given themselves (long long ago) the power to use force against you, with impunity. Because if their “brainwashing” has no effect on you, then they resort back to their old ways — good ol violence.

        Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Apple, Walgreens, Nestle, Philip Morris, P&G, PepsiCo, Unilever, Nike, etc. cannot force you to interact and transact with them.

        But try saying “no thanks” to the demands to interact and transact with your local, county, state, or national government.

        Your last sentence is jibberish. How could you possible assume I believe the things you list? For god’s sake man, I’m a voluntaryist! Wake up and learn the true meaning of words.

        • You see, even on this forum provided by Caitlin, you will find people like Ian and Bill who try to shut up those who reveal the truth about reality. And, likewise, some Zionist has managed to change the subject to what happened some 70 years ago! Capitalist ruling classes have brilliantly accomplished the task of turning their deadly system into a faith-based religion that no one dares challenge.

        • Kurt, “I’m a voluntaryist!”

          Welcome my brother!!!! I am in constant battle here trying to get readers (and Caitlin herself) to understand that free market Capitalism is completely different from crony capitalism/corporatism. Words mean things because they define specific things. So good take.

    • Ron, replying to you is like trying to converse with a chair. You’re either woefully lacking knowledge/understanding, or you’re purposefully obfuscating.

      “Capitalist ruling classes…” — Again, a misuse of terms. True/pure capitalists (people who voluntarily offer goods/services to others who voluntarily trade money for said goods/services, WITHOUT government interference/directions) don’t/can’t “rule” anyone. The very nature of their transactions is 100% voluntary.

      However, CRONY “capitalists” (to use your statist/MSM highjacked meaning) do make use of and wield the violent power of the state/government via regulations, statutes, certification requirements, reporting requirements, minimum wage laws, eminent domain, etc. (death by a thousand cuts) against their non- (or less) crony competitors.

      The threat to mankind isn’t capitalists or entrepreneurs or merchants or voluntaryists, but rather the growing group of people who are allowed to point guns (and often shoot guns) at you with impunity, who go by the magical name “government”. “Government” is the deadliest of all “systems”, throughout the entire history of mankind, especially over the past 200 years or so.

      “…their deadly system…” — Again, nonsensical words. Please provide the “deadly” aspects of voluntary commerce. And I’ll, in turn, provide deadly aspects about government.

      • Capitalism and voluntary commerce are two completely different things, and I believe you know it. Your definition of “government” is just as erroneous and tendentious. “Government” may be what taxes you for building and maintaining the road that leads to your house, but it is also what built ans what maintains it.

        Or do you want us to believe that you built the road to your house yourself? Fine, but if you did, you’d have done it in cooperation with all your neighbors along that road, and that cooperation is also government.

        • Gene, government is violence. Period. That government can accomplish things at the barrel of a gun is not justification for the immorality of using force against your fellow man. Slavery gets shit done too.

      • Gene, please do provide your definitions of and explain how capitalism and voluntary commerce are “two completely different things”, because, like you, I also agree that it’s important to use words accurately. Otherwise, the conversation breaks down.

        Ah, I see — “Government” (capital G) vs. government (lower-case g). Sure:

        Lower-case government is very common and the normal experience for most people, but actually rarely described by this term or even thought of as occurring. It’s quite natural and healthy, and most useful for living peacefully with other humans. BUT, the key word in your statement is “cooperation”, as your neighbors wouldn’t think to point a gun at you or threaten you with violence or kidnapping, to gain your cooperation to build a road.

        OTOH, upper-case “Government” is not natural or healthy, as it does not involve your voluntary cooperation, but instead involves demanding that you do (or not do) something, backed up by violence or the threat of violence or kidnapping.

        How can anything, that ultimately has to be enforced with violence or the threat of violence or kidnapping, be good?

        The word “taxes” is just a dishonest attempt to hide the true nature of the thing, which is theft or stealing. Just like with the mafia or a street mugger, if a person is not allowed to opt-out or say “no thank you” to the demand to give another person/group money, then it is theft.

        • Kurt, another good take.

  • I just wanted to add that (although it may have sounded otherwise) – in fact I really like the article – it is supreme like all of your writings. Sometimes though it feels as if you think as those naive spiritual people according to whom all people are like them, for example – have a heart, a strong character, love for Nature and life and people live the way they do and do the things they do just because they kind of don’t understand something or they are victims of those in power. This is just not true. People are so easily manipulated not only with fear, insecurity and learned helplessness. What if they are manipulated with their own envy, egoism, short sightedness, stupidity, greed, pride, narcisism? Are they victims again? How many in the US care about the wars you write about? Is this entirely because of the MSM? Because the MSM didn’t told them to worry about Yemen, so they don’t worry about Yemen? Ok, Trump told them directly – we don’t care about Yemen, because we have to make money with the Saudis. How many people took the “red pill” and said – oh, I though we fought the Evil Iran, but it seems that it is all about money? Maybe, not many. Because they already know it – they just don’t care.

    • The notion that this conversation could actually happen in a bar in the United States is pure fantasy. When I try to discuss issues like this, even with supposedly “educated” people who aren’t drunk, I see their eyes start to glaze over whenever the subject gets the least bit complex and doesn’t coincide with their view of the world.
      Let’s face it: most Mericuns are quite simple-minded and tend to believe the narrative they were indoctrinated with all their lives. Especially in a bar, political discussions are usually pointless, confrontational and border on the absurd.
      That’s why we are facing the catastrophes ahead with no rational plans to deal with them. But hey, we can all keep trying to wake these people up.

  • Consensus reality= Groupidity.

  • Beautifully articulated Caitlin. Thank you. And I very HIGHLY recommend reading this earth shattering article:

  • “They can turn this world into a paradise, and the only thing stopping them is a few clever primates who’ve figured out how to control the stories… “. It is not that simple, but this is part of the problem. It is not that simple because:
    1) People don’t really care about paradise, life, other people, peace, etc. Some people care, some don’t. Psychopathic individuals are not that rare. Most of them don’t believe a single word about “fighting for freedom”, “killing for democracy”, “higher values”, etc. They know these are all lies for the sheep. They can prosper in the system or they may fight the system, but in both cases it will be for somebody else’s expense (for the expense of the sheep again).
    2) People seldom have full picture about anything. Information is usually partial, even if it is not manipulated. Too few of them will pursue real knowledge. Some of those who care about facts, justice or truth, will find reading a few books enough and they themselves start to think they know everything.
    3) “… and if they want they can do so in a way which benefits everyone on earth … ” – I think this will never happen and has never happened because we don’t want this. People will always prefer benefiting themselves even at the expense of others. If they can do it – they will do it. It is true in prosperous times and it will be true in nuclear war or ecocide. Better somebody else pay the price. Better I get the benefits in all cases (if possible). One may suppose this way of thinking is because of capitalism? Not true. It is true in totalitarian communist states, democratic “free market” states, predatory capitalist, feudalism, mercantilism, gangster states, mixed economies, etc. It is just that capitalism kind of rewards it, because modern capitalism pretends that it is “fair”, so it says: all success is “fair”.
    4) “Without our crude conceptual overlay, the world is experienced as nothing but a bunch of plants and animals moving around consuming food” – I will call this understanding “radical existentialism”. The observation that human primates have a weakness (and talent) towards abstract ideas, pretense, art, etc leads to a powerful philosophical school called existentialism. Put life above thinking, put experience above mental constructs, put journey above goal. I call existentialism a form of something I name “terminal thinking”. Something that exists for itself. I know existentialism may sound great at first. But terminal thinking is not that great. In my humble experience – everything that is missing a context or a higher authority quickly degenerates to merely… “nothingness”. What I mean by this is that everything in the Universe, including elementary particles and humans, have a duality – to be something by yourself and to be part of something. If elementary particles for example where missing this remarkable quality, it will be only the quantum world, not the macro world. But they change, when they are part of something, they lose part of their quantum behavior, part of the so called “entropy” (we may imagine “entropy” as a potential for information) and freedom. I am not saying that “abstract constructs” that enslave you are not evil. But I am saying that 1) not everything is a social construct (although, existentialists or modernists or post-modernists may say so) 2) to free people is not enough to change the narrative (although this will probably appear to be the most important step) For example – I am from an ex- Soviet Union country. We changed the narrative in the nineties, we saw we were living in a big, fat lie. So what? Some of us changed it for another big fat lie. And some of us just doesn’t believe in anything, they are too cynical, too disillusioned. But a large part of us just turned into thieves – they thought that now it is ok, no need to pretend to be something else.

    • …modern capitalism pretends that it is “fair”…

      I understand that TPTB / MSM are constantly trying to change the meaning of words, so I’m not sure what “modern capitalism” is, but the classical/historical meaning of capitalism is pretty simple: two individuals voluntarily exchanging value for value. And the word “fair” doesn’t really come in to play, due to the voluntary nature of the exchange, i.e.: either side is free to propose different terms or choose not to exchange. Neither side is forced to do anything.

      Besides being voluntary, the other distinction about capitalism is the absence of a third party (government) telling, instructing, dictating, threatening how the two individuals are allowed or must interact, or demanding to be a third party in the interaction.

      The slippery and flawed concept of “fair” is most often seen applied to justify obedience in non-free-voluntary societies, such as socialism and communism, which are based on violence or the threat of violence, i.e: a small group of people decide how everyone else will live, and enforce their decisions by violence. Ugly.


  • Amazing writing, the best I have read by you so far, and you are doing some great work !

  • Greatly enjoyed this post, though in a real pub, the conversation would be different, because any well formulated monologue would be derailed after two sentences by an intoxicated guy shouting something completely stupid and irrelevant which nevertheless would cause the whole group to break out in tumultuous laughter.
    “…it’s a happening, a verb, being witnessed by an impersonal consciousness of unknowable origin.”
    This sounds a bit mystic. What does it mean?
    Even from a deterministic viewpoint where everything is connected with and depending on everything, the human body and especially nervous system and brain, which control this body, can be regarded as partly autonomous systems, dynamic, nonlinear, self organizing, relatively stable by countless feedback loops and repair mechanisms.
    The image we have about ourselves and how we experience ourselves at any moment may be completely illusory, but it nevertheless exists in our memory and in the working memory episodic buffer respectively. Stripping “self” from all philosophical connotations and regarding it as integral part of consciousness makes the term usable again. (The same applies to “mind” and “soul.”)
    “The solid ‘thing’ called a self exists only as a mental story.”
    Right! And it’s nevertheless mentally tangible (an oxymoron, but it fits).
    All human knowledge, including common sense, self evidence, and intuition, is assumptions, speculations, theories, but as we test the assumptions again and again some will be confirmed (for the moment) and be taken as fact.
    Even the most skeptical person needs a solid basis on which to build a model of the world. This blog post itself is based on assumptions about the machinations of the US empire and about media brainwashing. The last two paragraphs of the text are powerful, inspiring, and well crafted, and yet, the underlying assumptions will have to be constantly discussed, explained, and defended (as it already happened in previous blog posts and surely will happen in future posts).
    “They can turn this world into a paradise, and the only thing stopping them is a few clever primates…”
    No. Even if terrorists, militiamen, soldiers, police officers, hunters, and other mass murderers are healed from their bloodlust by a miraculous new psychological treatment, even if most weapons are disabled, destroyed, recycled, or repurposed, even if the rentier class is dispossessed and put into reeducation courses, even if the commons have absolute priority about private property, even if a matriarchal society of kindness, love, and joy is established, there will always be natural disasters, epidemics, and disruptive mental aberrations of individuals. Life will never be perfect.
    We can aim for the paradise, it’s a worthy goal, but we should be aware, that we will never reach it. What’s left as final refuge are the four noble truth, starting with “life is suffering.”

  • All jokes aside, David Icke is worth following. A lot of what he has said over the last 20 years has come true.

  • The real red pill is the one that would trigger the total collapse of our entire post-war Western liberal world order once exposed, and that’s the Holocaust. This is the global secular religion of the post-war Anglo-Zionist empire — the one and only thing that you’re never ever ever allowed to question. And like pretty much everyone else, I always thought that anyone who denied the Holocaust was a pathetically moronic and mean-spirited Nazi dickhead.

    But then I discovered that WMD’s in Iraq was a big lie, and that the US goes to war on behalf of the Israel because AIPAC (the Jewish lobby) controls the US Congress, and that Israeli/Mossad with the CIA/Bush neocons and the House of Saud did the 9/11 false flag to justify these wars in the Middle East, and that the assassination of JFK was a deep state coup with very clear links back to the CIA/Mossad and Israel’s secret nuclear program (which Kennedy’s wanted to shut down), and that related rogue elements of the US shadow government also took out RFK and MLK and then covered it up with the help of a complicit media, and so I figured I may as well see how back all this fuckery really goed and took a good hard look at the actual historical evidence for the claim that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews in gas chambers in WWII.

    And it’s staggering. Hitler never ordered a Final Solution. And there’s zero evidence that Nazi ever used gas chambers to exterminate masses of Jews. And even the mainstream historians now admit that the figure of 6 million Jews is a wild exaggeration…You can be imprisoned in many European countries for saying this but — the the alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the Allied victors of WWII — the Zionist state of Israel and the Anglo-American international banking dynasties.

    The truth is that our entire world-system is One Big Lie. The whole post-war epoch in the West is a fraud, the greatest swindle in history. We’ve been lied to about everything. And the only thing that holds the fundamental deception that frames and structures our current world system together is the deeply entrenched cultural taboo in Western societies against even discussing the wildly disproportionate influence of organized Jewish power in banking, politics, the media, education, Hollywood, Big Tech, etc.

    Of course, we all know a super-rich transnational money cartel has created a world system of private financial control able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. But even touching upon the dominance of organized Judeo-supremacist power within the West has been made such a taboo topic under our culture, where the accusation of anti-Semitism is a weapon with serious existential consequences, that this tyranny of political correctness has castrated the entirety of the Western world when it comes to even beginning to discuss anything that really gets to the root of our current geopolitical problems… We would all rather hide our heads in the sand in paralyzing self-censorship than confront the most immediate question that affects the survival of humanity as a whole. And that’s just flat-out weird.

    Who fabricated the One Big Lie that constitutes our entire post-war Western epoch, from the Holocaust to Iran as the next big existential threat to global security? Who is benefitting from all this barely concealed bullshit? If it wasn’t the Jews, it was definitely God’s chosen Talmudic Ashkenazi supremacist lunatics emanating from the Rothschild’s European banking dynasties who first extended their powerful Anglo-Zionist tentacles into America and then the whole of the Euro-Atlantic world. If you want to know who rules over you, find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.

    • Note: Just to be sure, I’m not saying that there was no Jewish Holocaust, tens of thousands of Jews did die in labor camps because of starvation and typhus, and we have real film footage of at least one of the many documented mass shootings of Jews by the Nazis as well. But what I am saying is that there were multiple Holocausts in WWII, i.e. the Holocausts of Hamburg, Dresden, Frankfurt, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Tokyo, Kobe, including “a” Jewish Holocaust — but not six million and not by gas chambers labelled as showers. That was post war Allied propaganda.

      • Thank you Cam and other truth tellers here, nice to find rare like minded people.

  • Glad that you have in a way responded to other comments regarding your decisions to cover or not cover as much 9/11 and/or JFK.

    I mean, you aren’t wrong with any of the info and story telling of this piece—even with the last bit about David and reptilians.
    Then again, The Bible has been around a while. Genesis chapters 1-6 deal with ALL of this already… … …

    Hopefully soon, or at least in my lifetime, The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John, chapter 12, verses 5-8.

    Thank you for your writings.

  • Sometimes you’re a genius Caitlin Johnstone. A real genius.

  • Greg is right. Read Giants by Peter Phillips. Takes care of the question who rules the world.

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