Thought experiment:

Think of an acquaintance of yours. Not someone you’re particularly close to, just some guy in the cast of extras from the scenery of your life. Now, imagine learning that that guy is a serial murderer, who has been prowling the streets for years stabbing people to death. Imagine he goes his whole life without ever suffering any consequences for murdering all those people, and then when he dies, everyone wants to talk about how great he was and share heartwarming anecdotes about him. If you try to bring up the whole serial killing thing, people react with sputtering outrage that you would dare to speak ill of such a noble and wonderful person.

“Look, I didn’t agree with everything he did, but you can’t just let one not-so-great thing from a man’s life eclipse all the other good things he’s accomplished,” they protest. “For example, did you know he was a baseball captain at Yale?”

“But… what about all those people he murdered?” you reply.

“God, why can’t you just pay respect to a great man in our time of mourning??” they shout in exasperation.

You turn on the TV, and it’s nothing but nonstop hagiography and adulation for this guy who you know was a serial murderer. Pick up a newspaper and it’s the same thing. On the rare occasions where they do mention his astonishingly high body count, they frame it as a good thing: he got the killing done quickly and efficiently. He helped our country get over its phobia of mass murder. Our streets sure are a lot cleaner without all those unwanted prostitutes and homeless people he butchered.

“What the hell?” you think to yourself. “This guy brutally murdered a whole bunch of men, women and children for no good reason. We all know this. How come that isn’t the single defining thing about this man’s life that we’re all discussing right now? When Timothy McVeigh died people didn’t spend all their time talking about his love of the Constitution or how he never liked broccoli. Nobody cares how much Ted Bundy loved his cat. Why are they celebrating this mass murderer as though his mass murders are some marginal, irrelevant anomaly in his life and not the single defining feature of it? I mean, that is his legacy!”

How surreal would that be? How weird would it feel to have all that death and destruction go either unmentioned or outright praised in discussing your acquaintance who perpetrated it?

Of course, this will never happen. No random schmuck in your life will ever get caught committing a single murder, let alone many, without being punished and seeing it become the very first thing people think of whenever their name comes up. No, that sort of treatment is a privilege that is reserved only for the elites who rule over us.

If a man kills a lot of people, then his legacy is that of a mass murderer. There is nothing else anyone could possibly accomplish in their lifetime which could eclipse the significance of the act of violently ripping the life out of thousands of human bodies. I don’t care if you started a charity, if you gave a graduation speech, or if you loved your wife very much. If you committed war crimes, knowingly targeted civilian shelters, and deliberately targeted a nation’s civilian infrastructure to gain a strategic advantage after the conclusion of a war based on lies, then you are a mass murderer who may have also done some other far less significant things during the rest of your time on this planet. That is who you are.

Murder is treated as the most serious crime anyone can commit in societies around the world because it is the single most egregious violation of personal sovereignty possible. When you murder someone, you willfully overpower their will for themselves and take everything away from them, without any possibility of their getting any of it back. This doesn’t stop being true if someone happens to be sitting in an office which empowers him to murder people without fear of consequences. If you murder one person, then what you are for the rest of your life, first and foremost, is a murderer, because murder is such a hugely significant crime. If you murder a large number of people, then what you are is a mass murderer.

George HW Bush was a mass murderer. That is his legacy. That is what he was. Any discussion of the man’s life which does not put this single defining legacy front and center by a very wide margin is being dishonest about the thing that murder is, and is doing so out of fealty to a corrupt power structure which enables consequence-free murder on a mass scale as long as it happens in accordance with the will of that power structure.

Whenever I hold my customary public “good riddance” social media celebration after a war pig dies, I always get people telling me they hope I die for saying such a thing. And of course I am aware that I am courting controversy by saying immediately after someone’s death that the world is better off without them, and hostile reactions necessarily come along with that. But I also think it says so much about people’s deification of these child-killing elites that simply being glad to see them leave this world, peacefully of old age and in their own homes, is seen as such an unforgivable offense that it deserves nothing short of death. I suppose that’s how high of a pedestal you need to place someone on above the ordinary people in order to see their acts of mass murder as insignificant little foibles instead of horrific atrocities which define their entire personhood. In the eyes of the thoroughly propagandized public, they are gods, as the nonstop fawning beatification of Poppy Bush makes abundantly clear.

US presidents are not special. They are not made of any different kind of substance than you or I. When they order the extermination of large numbers of human lives for no legitimate reason, they are as guilty as you or I would be if we murdered each and every one of those people ourselves, personally. And if you or I had done such a thing during our lives, we both know people wouldn’t be spending their time after we die talking about how delightful and charming we were.

George Herbert Walker Bush was a mass murderer, and the only reason that undeniable fact isn’t dominating public discourse today is because of the myopia caused by a deeply unjust power dynamic.


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78 responses to “If You Murdered A Bunch Of People, Mass Murder Is Your Single Defining Legacy”

  1. Caitlin

    That robot checker is driving me crazy, maybe I am a robot.
    It should be updated to state “I am not a Russian operative”.
    But what would be a good test?

    1. “Click on all the images of rocks that don’t have Ruskies hiding behind them.” Lol.

      1. You have a clean mind.
        Very good.

        Good Christmas movie:
        The Russians Are Coming.

  2. Mayor Indbur – successively the third of that name – was the grandson of the first Indbur, who
    had been brutal and capable; and who had exhibited the first quality in spectacular fashion by
    his manner of seizing power, and the latter by the skill with which he put an end to the last
    farcical remnants of free election and the even greater skill with which he maintained a
    relatively peaceful rule.

    Mayor Indbur was also the son of the second Indbur, who was the first Mayor of the Foundation
    to succeed to his post by right of birth – and who was only half his father, for he was merely

    So Mayor Indbur was the third of the name and the second to succeed by right of birth, and he
    was the least of the three, for he was neither brutal nor capable – but merely an excellent
    bookkeeper born wrong.

    The Foundation Trilogy
    Isaac Asimov

  3. The other important point would be to capture the craven dishonesty of the western media. So posterity can never forget that the representation of the american people as free and informed has been is and will likely always be a lie.

  4. I suspect that primarily it is thier intent to support the legitamacy of the US presidency and “democracy” (which they also openly mock as populism, I guess its neodemocracy).

    I imagine that all US presidents are in some sense murders.

    However the Bush-Chenney clan probably deserves the title more than most. There needs to be a fair analysis. Who are the five most corrupt, murderous presidents of the last 100 years? How would Bush stack-up against a pol pot or Stalin etc.
    We need perspective and details.

    It seems to me that the big advantage held by recent presidents is the tactic of surgical destruction of infrastructure from above that I first heard of in Bosnia. That and the drones which have literally made war into a sterile video game – “fun-sized terrorists”.

    1. Sort of adjacent to your point, yesterday Jimmy Dore showed a clip of Noam Chomsky defending his assertion that if the Nuremburg standards were applied to all recent US presidents, they would all be war criminals.

      1. Hey, I copied and pasted from the video, but the URL changed to the next Jimmy Dore clip after the one I wanted. Chomsky clip here:

        1. Ok, I absolutely checked to make sure I pasted the right link, and it automatically changed to the wrong clip again. Trying again. If it doesn’t work, the date is Dec. 3, 2018 and the title is “Chomsky Proves George H.W. Bush Was War Criminal” and the channel is “The Jimmy Dore Show”:

    2. Jared, “Who are the five most corrupt, murderous presidents of the last 100 years?”

      FDR, Wilson, and Lincoln are the top three most corrupt, murderous presidents.

      1. I sense that was meant to be controversial, but stated without any justification is comes across as empty whining.

        Sadly, I am pretty weak on history, but interested.

        1. Jared, not controversial at all. Just the facts going by body count. Do you dispute the facts?

  5. Excellent work Caitlin. While some will utter ‘rest in peace’, I can finally say that HE is with his maker answering and feeling the wrath of his Creator for all the crimes he committed. The father of the New World Order first punishment will start in the grave, for many moons, after his family and friends have left. Then judgement day will come and all the presidents and kinds will be standing and trembling before the Almighty for what they did. And when that day comes, I’ll be glad I am not in their shoes for their punishment will be severe and for eternity. God will ask each and every King and President what have they done for their family and for the people they were put in charge of and that is when they will have no reason or explanation for the crimes they’ve committed. The Creator will order the Angels to throw them into the deepest part of the hellfire for a very long, long time. If you don’t want to be their neighbor, be good to yourself, your family, and to other human being and always remember that this life is temporary and know one knows when he/she will return to his/her creator.

    1. Random Castagna Avatar
      Random Castagna

      Bullshit – why does someone always have to drag religion or politics into an otherwise rational discussion ?

  6. Great article.

    I have to say I am astonished at the hypocrisy. I didn’t think they’d come out necessarily calling him a monster murderer but I didn’t quite expect the complete bullshit hagiographising.

    BTW, I suspect very strongly that the Oklahoma bombing was a staged event (the bombing was real, of course, but I doubt anyone was killed – at least, not if this event follows the normal pattern) and Timothy McVeigh was the designated patsy who, although we’re told was killed by lethal injection, may simply have been “sheep-dipped” (intelligence agency parlance for getting a new identity) and is still out there doing his thing.

    The 1980 Bologna train station bombing was a real bombing but it is obvious from the images and the mismatch between what witnesses say and what we are shown (counterintuitively, they deliberately give us clues of these events) that death and injury were staged (the area would have been evacuated before the bombing). They first told us it was the Red Brigades and then, oh no, it was a false flag conducted by the neo-fascists, however, it was not a false flag but a false-flag hoax and while they tell us that all these people went to jail for it that seems impossible as the evidence clearly indicates no one was actually killed or injured and it was obviously conducted under the auspices of the Italian government and involved the CIA.

    Like Oklahoma and Bologna this is the brilliant subhoax of 9/11 – death and injury were staged – everyone was evacuated from the buildings before they came down and the plane crashes were faked so obviously no one died in crashes.

    I also very much doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald was shot for real, either. The TV footage shows nothing of him being hit by a bullet but rather everyone crowding around him which could easily cover the fact that he wasn’t shot. However, I have to say the photo of him in the morgue with post-mortem surgical stitches looks convincing so I find this one very intriguing.

  7. He did have a second defining legacy though neither was ever prosecuted for it – and were instead awarded with the white House – both Bush and Reagan were traitors, guilty of high treason. together, they conspired with the Ayatollah who agreed not to release American prisoners until after Reagans campaign against Jimmy Carter. In return, Iran would get a whole lot of weapons of the type they wanted. The result of that became known as The Iran Contra Affair – and Bush and Reagan would have been found guilty had they ever gone to court.
    Got to wonder what Mueller would have made of it. LOL

  8. Eggsforbreakfast Avatar

    Very well said Caitlin. I believe he committed other kinds of atrocities as well that also resulted in the death & psychological destruction of children. Plus he is accredited by many as the ‘father’ of the New World Order. Even if he wasn’t the mastermind, he certainly backed it publicly. You could say he backed the destruction of the West as we know it. Good riddance – what a legacy.

  9. Thanks for writing! You reassure me daily I am not the only one in an otherwise pretty lonely world. Not only do I so cherish your biting honestly, but your courage to face head on sacred cows like that vermin, Bush. His death in no way exonerates the horrors he visited on an innocent civilian population.

  10. Caitlin, you certainly are giving an accurate picture of what this man the last years of his life. His earlier years were no better, setting up drug running for the cia, and even more nefarious things in the MK Ultra world along with Cheney and a myriad of other names you will recognize if you read the book Transe-Formation of America, by Cathy O’Brien.

  11. War Hero Bush got his start by strafing helpless Japs in the water after their ship sank.

  12. “David Icke Exposes George H.W. Bush Reality!”

    Note: There is some disturbing material inside.

  13. The TRUTHFUL reason France is burning!
    “Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron shows that the president of France has screwed this one up pretty badly. To rally the middle class, nationalists, and antifa to riot against you takes some serious failure”

  14. Spot on, Caitlin, though you missed one. At the conclusion of Operation Desert Storm, the defeated Iraqi generals asked Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf for helicopters to (supposedly) deliver food to desperate civilians. Norm agreed so quickly that the defeated generals requested helicopter gunships (Boeing Apaches, etc.) instead. Again, Norm said yes. These helicopter gunships were then used to slaughter Iraqi cilvilians who had been repeatedly urged by the Bush administration itself to rise up against Saddam. (The CIA had already emptied weapons caches hidden throughout the Iraqi landscape.) It is the greatest betrayal of civilian non-combatants in my lifetime: First we beg them to finish our murderous task, then we slaughter them for doing so. This is precisely why that journalist threw shoes at GHB’s son over a decade later.

    The United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia are an axis of evil in the Middle East. Not one in a million Americans even knows that we started it with Iran back in ’53, the Original Sin of American foreign policy in the MIddle East.

    1. Mark, good take especially the last paragraph.

  15. A very appropriate response Caitlin! Though I feel your still being to kind to this murderous scum bag, so here is a link to support this editorial : “U.S. involvement in war on Yemen, fed by mounting international outrage at the last three years of war that have caused the deaths of an estimated 85,000 Yemeni children under age five”.

  16. Only complices of murderer elogyse and protect the muderer. Can we not question why d T.M. , D.T, E.M…. did not react the same with the murder of Khashoggi as for the attempted murder on the Skripal ?
    Can we not question what did Khashoggi knew about the crimes of MBS in Yemen and Syria ? Is this stupid MBS able to move his lips whitout the approval from his masters ? Therefore is certainaly not able to order the killing of Khashoggi specialy in hois Consulate without the help of his masters.

  17. Thank you, Caitlin, and commenters for SPEAKING THE TRUTH. I live in Maine and on our suck-up TV station (WCSH, Channel 6, Portland, Maine), they actually had a talking head standing outside the Bushes’ empty summer home in the rain. Pathetic! These TV imbeciles treat the Bushes and other politicians like royalty. My old neighbor boo-hooed to me when a state politician’s son died (she had no personal relationship with this man) and sneered at me when I received Social Security for my severe disability. That’s a perfect example of the caliber of American empathy, so it’s little wonder we celebrate killing as many people as possible.

  18. Thank you, Caitlin, for saying so well what needs to be said about this war criminal.

  19. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    Brilliant, Caitlin. You have written what most of us people are thinking about this killer. Of course, the hagiographers worship him because they agree with him. They love killing in the name of nationalism and imperialism. The victims don’t count as persons to them. I’d like to see the entire crew of capitalist war criminals put on trial and then thrown into Guantanamo for life.

  20. Thanks Caitlin for putting out the truth.

    Karma rights all wrongs and settles all scores sooner or later, and not always in this lifetime.

    A Hindu sage stated recently his belief that Eisenhower has been re-incarnated as a single-celled amoeba.
    Wonder what Bush’ next incarnation will be.

    1. I used to believe in karma but if there is such a thing, it is way too slow to affect anyone’s behavior. The world is being controlled by killers with no ethics or morality.

    2. My karma ran over my dogma and was never held accountable!

    3. Bush’s next incarnation will be as a cockroach.

  21. Caitlin, you do awfully good work.

  22. I agree with everything you write and also with most of the comments, though I personally have difficulties formulating a coherent and tenable policy in regard to this and similar cases and usually just keep quiet.
    The monstrous villains who are responsible for suffering and pain, for death and destruction need to be neutralized in one way or the other. Preferably they should just disappear from the face of the earth without a trace, but if getting rid of them involves a long agonizing death struggle, so let it be. I will not enjoy their moaning and whining, their death rattles will not be music to my ears, I don’t want to be a witness of their horrible end.
    Revenge and punishment are not building blocks of a peaceful and harmonious society.
    When Hugo Chavez, one of the iconic figures in my private shrine of fallen heroes, died after a long and exhausting battle with cancer, US House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce only had to say: “Good riddance to this dictator.” Many US journalists and politicians chimed in. Good riddance!
    When Muammar Gaddafi, another icon in my private shrine, was tortured and killed by a gang of NATO enabled sadists, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was giggling, coining the phrase: “We came, we saw, he died” (vein, vidi, mortuus est). An unforgettable moment, if there ever was one.
    I don’t want to be like this people.
    William Blum (Anti-Empire Report), 85 and suffering from ill health, expressed sympathy and pity as Senator John McCain was dying from brain cancer, even though McCain was one of the most despicable neocon warmongers.
    The miscreants, the grisly and ghastly war criminals at the helm of the US empire will not remembered fondly, and yet: In death we are all equal.

  23. One must say only good of the dead. GWHBush is dead. Good

  24. Thanks again for the voice of sanity.

  25. Like father like son: “compassionate conservativism” = mass murder of the indiscriminate “Other” while feeling good that I/we/America holds all the legal, propagandistic, and technical means to kill with impunity.

    1. Bryan, did not know that clinton and obuma were also ghwb’s sons too.

  26. Bush Lied, People Died

  27. Once again Caitlin, you hit the nail on the head. Though they could care less about a lonely voice of truth like yours, the Bush family and fascist American power structure should be thankful to you in this time of mourning that you were so kind as to not also mention the atrocities committed by the hallowed son, George W, aka 43. Like father like son, though an insult to all fathers and all sons except those who wash the sins of the son with the soap of the father. And though you were so kind, I will not be, for I cannot think of one without the other. Like yourself, there was no one more adroit at exclaiming The Emporer is Naked than the late great Vincent Bugliosi. Vincent prosecuted Charlie Mason and whipped Charlie’s near perfect alibi, “I wasn’t there,” convicting him to a life behind bars. But that’s not why I make this post. I make this post to remind everyone of Vincent’s book, “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder,, for the mass murder of the same Iraqi peoples. If the world were right, when a mass-murdering father is survived by a mass-murdering son, shouldn’t that be the headline? I ask you. Steve Eggleston

    1. Steve, are clinton and obuma also ghwb’s sons?

  28. Cameron Freeman Avatar
    Cameron Freeman

    George. H. W. Bush: “If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts and lynch us.” (interview with Sarah McLendon, WH press corps).
    We do know what you did, you luciferian traitor, but you never showed your face in public, so vigilante justice never had a chance…

    – You were photographed in Daley Plaza on the day of JFK’s assassination looking real smug as a CIA agent in the 1963 Coup
    – You were an old friend of George de Mohrenschildt – Lee Harvey Oswald’s CIA handler in the 1963 Coup, he was suicided when your association with him threatened to become public.
    – As CIA Director you had children raped and tortured in the MK-ULTRA trauma-based mind control program.
    – You agreed to supply Iran with weapons if it would delay releasing U.S. hostages until after the election to ensure that Reagan defeated Carter.
    – Soon after, in a desperate bid for the Presidency you had the mentally disturbed MK-ULTRA son of one of your oldest and closest Texas business associates attempt to assassinate President Reagan. He failed, so you had to eat shit!
    – When you finally did become President the Franklin scandal broke out, where the ring leaders of an elite pedophile and child trafficking network were traced all the way to your White house. So you had the scandal shut down by targeting those investigating the crimes and covered it up by throwing the victims of abuse who testified before a judge into prison.

    And we haven’t even got to Iran-Contra, the Safari Club, Saddam in Iraq, Prince Bandar Bush or the Bin Laden family yet, but do we really need to go on? Good riddance you sick degenerate fuck. I’m praying that you finally get to face justice in the afterlife.

  29. George Campbell Avatar
    George Campbell

    Well said Caitlin. I support you in outing the war pigs for their atrocious lives. Say it loudly every time.

  30. sanders woodard Avatar
    sanders woodard

    that’s true for manson, jones and the other cult leaders too, i never heard any praise for them. they use contradictions to paralyze and numb their followers just like world leaders. they have filled the world with contradictions to make it look real. can the word “culture” really be some kind of hint? the mirror is a trick, i’ll think like a human thank you.

  31. Charles Robinson Avatar
    Charles Robinson

    I served in the US Navy while this now dead “Commander in Chief” Bush was presumedly my boss.
    My send off to this Skull and Cross bones demon.

    1. Charles Robinson Avatar
      Charles Robinson

      As a clarification. To those who use their station, or class if you will, to murder the innocent. Well, I have no respect for you and I have no problem insulting you if for no other reason than to show you have – nor ever had – power over me.

      1. Great comment Charles!

  32. Caitlin, “Our streets sure are a lot cleaner without all those unwanted prostitutes and homeless people he butchered.”

    Unless you are talking about MK Ultra I am not aware ghwb went on a killing spree of prostitutes and homeless people. Clarification please?

    1. She is talking about the hypothetical mass murderer who goes aroung stabbing people in the street.

  33. That GHWB is a war pig there can be no doubt. But using the same standard Caitlin correctly uses on bush then so too is obuma, clinton, johnson, kennedy, truman, fdr, wilson, etc. And yet the left does not consider these mass murderer’s legacies to also be that as war pigs above all else. I am willing to bet that when obuma kicks the bucket that these same lefties who, again correctly, demand that bush be considered first and foremost a war pig will not hold obuma to the same standard. The left loves committing violence even more so than the right.

    1. You are correct, of course. I refer to Obama as a mass murdering war criminal all the time and my oh-so-correct lefty friends get the vapors. I guess the reason why so many of them aren’t calling our Bush Sr. as a war criminal is because their own ‘hero’ is also one. The ONLY reason to kill someone is if yourself or someone you are protecting is in immediate danger of being killed or seriously injured by the person you are going to kill. No grey area. But eyes go blank and unfocused when I use this unambiguous standard to point out how pretty much all of our recent commanders in chief are no better than Charles Manson (in fact, quantitatively way, way worse). Until people can internalize that simple standard I don’t know how we can survive as a society (maybe even species). Or deserve to.

      1. Yes, exactly; the only thing I might change is that it is not only the recent presidents, but probably every single one in our history who would fail the standard. I was trying once to go back over them one by one and figure out who did not commit mass murder, and I couldn’t. I am no historian by any measure, so maybe somebody could come up with an example.

      2. Harvey, agree. Typical leftist hypocrisy on this issue as well. You can bet the left will not hold obuma or the clintons to the same mass murder standard as they are, correctly, holding the bushes and trump to. When obuma dies all Caitlin will have to do to comment on his passing is to reprint this column with the name ghwb changed to obuma and a couple of minor historical details. Hopefully we will not have to wait long to find out if she and her followers will have the integrity or not to follow through with their self proclaimed convictions.

        Ask the average US amerikan who is history’s greatest mass murderer and Charles Manson will inevitably be one of the answers. But the real answer to the question Who is history’s greatest mass murderer is: governments. That people do not automatically see that government killing is itself murder is a tribute to how well their masters have them trained to think obediently to the State. And yet the left demands an even bigger, more intrusive, and more powerful government.

        1. Brilliant Inforebelscum…did you see my post to Caitlin’s article about Vicent Bugliosi, who prosecuted Charlie Manson and wrote “Helter Skelter”? His only other mass murder book was, “The Case Against George W. Bush for Murder.” A must-read if for no other reason than to witness one of the great US prosecutors ignoring the false mindset and speaking evidence to truth. For years he tried to get Georgie Porgy prosecuted, but no DA could overcome the power structure (which will probably be the case with Trump as well, though he’s coming much closer to the line and will be thrown to the wolves when he’s no longer needed).

  34. And add to that JFK assasination

  35. No one will ever mention GHWB’s extramarital affair with Jennifer Fitzgerald, I’m sure….

  36. Yes, he was a mass murderer and for this, he deserved an early death. But since he was allowed to live a full life beyond what most good people enjoy, what annoys me most is that he never admitted his guilt. One day, in my dream world, a Cheney or the like will wake up one morning and confess to the world that he is a war criminal. I live in hope.

  37. Well stated as usual. I felt similar when McCain died, and all the predictable hagiographies commenced in the MSM. Disgusting and sickening.

  38. What’s really sad is he is still almost definitely the best president we’ve had in my 34 years.

    1. That really wins the prize for most pathetic comment thus far.

  39. I was wondering how long it would take for the circle jerk in the MSM and any elected official who could get to an open mic to begin. It wasn’t long and we started hearing “Statesman, Principled, Open mind, etc.etc.”
    Another really great article. Thank you.

  40. Caitlin, great article. I agree completely.
    Thank you very much for having a site where anti-Bush comments will not be deleted.
    Below is one of the moments I most remember about the Great Man.

    1. Of course I should add that Mr. Cigar, Dubya, O’bomb’em and Agent Orange are no different than the Gratefully Dead Pappy Bush. They’re all Liars and Murderers In Chief, still walking free, never to be punished for all of their killing around the world for US corporate interests.
      While I’m at it, let’s not forget to give thanks that the recently departed Mr. McWar is still six feet under.

  41. Thanks for having the courage to tell it like it is

  42. Well said, Caitlin, and you understate his hideous destructiveness enormously. For example, it’s quite clear that he was a primary force in the assassination of JFK, and numerous other acts of devious violence.
    Please, though, refrain from such language as “war pig” – deeply speciesist language that is extremely insulting and unjust to the peace-loving, intelligent beings we humans imprison, rape, slaughter, and eat by the millions every day.

    1. Who is raping pigs?!

  43. For some reason, as I was browsing YouTube last night, before I heard the news of the death of another Master of War, something drew me to play Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War”. The strong, gritty, poetic rage reminds me of Caitlin.

    I’m not sure if all the lyrics are original, but this is a great cover by Ed Sheeran:

    “I think you will find, when your death takes its toll,
    all the money you made, will never buy back your soul.
    And I hope that you die, and your death will come soon,
    and I will follow your casket in the pale afternoon.
    And I’ll watch as you’re lowered down to your deathbed,
    and I’ll stand over your grave to make sure that you’re dead.”

  44. Let us also not forget that prior to the invasion of Kuwait, Halliburton (remember them and Dick Cheney, Bush’s Sec of Defense?) sold slant drilling equipment to the Kuwaitis for the purpose of drilling under the border with Iraq, to extract what was reasonably oil that belonged to Iraq. Hussein either knew or found about this fairly soon and demanded that the Kuwaitis stop – multiple times. They didn’t.

    Bush then dispatched April Glaspie, an American diplomat, to meet with Hussein, and assure him that “the US has no interest in your border disputes should they occur”. Hussein, now freed of the fear (or so he thought) of American involvement should he attack Kuwait, did exactly that.

    We all know what happened next. So do about 2.5 million dead Iraqis.

  45. Lysander Spooner Avatar
    Lysander Spooner

    “If You Murdered A Bunch Of People, Mass Murder Is Your Single Defining Legacy…”

    So, like the whole U.S. Government. Which is why it is in no way redeemable, and definitely does not represent any moral high ground, or good guys. Because, well, you know, 85 years of slavery, genocide, endless amounts of broken treaties renigged on, assassinations, wars of expansion and conquest, nuking people, firebombing people, carpet bombing people…

    1. A hell of a lot more than 85 years. Continuous war since 1776. The US economy runs on war and fails without it.

    2. Lysander, yup. Governments do what governments do…

  46. Not to mention April Glaspie Halliburton, and of course Dick Cheney, central players in this horrific drama.

  47. So articulately laid out. And in addition – when Trump says he’ll be at the funeral – that says it all really! Thanks for this – Caitlin. Thinking of our own warmongering mass murder-aiders here in Australia – Howard, Abbott, Turnbull and now the odious Morrison. Please prepare your obit. notices on those USA Deputy-sheriffs! For when the moment arrives!

  48. Good work as usual, but I think you could make the case even stronger by bringing up Bush I’s work in Central America and as head of the CIA, just off the top of my head.

    His body count extends far beyond the borders of Iraq.

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