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This Isn’t News. This Is War Crimes Apologia.

The fact that George W Bush has given Michelle Obama two pieces of candy is once again making headlines in mainstream outlets like Time, The Hill, and Newsweek. He has not given her any new pieces of candy since the last time he did so at his father’s funeral. He also has not ceased to be the man who facilitated the murder of a million Iraqis and inflicted a whole new level of military expansionism and Orwellian surveillance upon our world. As near as I can tell, the only reason this story is once again making headlines is because Michelle Obama and the mainstream media have decided to bring it up again.

“He has the presence of mind and the sense of humor to bring me a mint, and he made it a point to give me that mint right then and there and that’s the beauty of George Bush,” Obama said of the war criminal in conversation at the SAP Center over the weekend, which we apparently need to know about because the news is telling us about it.

“We’re all Americans. We all care about our family and our kids, and we’re trying to get ahead,” Obama continued. “And that’s how I feel about [Bush]. You know? He’s a beautiful, funny, kind, sweet man.”

If you’re starting to feel like attempts to rehabilitate George W Bush’s image are being aggressively shoved down your throat by the mass media at every opportunity, it’s because that is exactly what is happening. Every few weeks there’s a new deluge of headlines explaining to consumers of mainstream media why they should love the 43rd president because he’s such a cutesy wootsey cuddle pie, and completely forget about the piles upon piles of human corpses he is responsible for creating for no legitimate reason at all. The last Bush appreciation blitz was less than two weeks ago.

And there is a reason for this. Make no mistake, this relentless, aggressive campaign to rehabilitate George W Bush whether you like it or not is actually a campaign to rehabilitate what he did and the mass media’s unforgivable complicity in it.

The mass media failed spectacularly to practice due diligence and hold power to account in the lead-up to the illegal and unconscionable Iraq invasion, not just the ghouls at Fox News but respected centrist outlets like CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post as well. Bogus government reports were passed on uncritically and unquestioned, antiwar demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of protesters were ignored and downplayed, and the words “Saddam Hussein” and “9/11” were deliberately mentioned in the same breath so frequently that seven out of ten Americans still believed Saddam was responsible for the September 11 attacks months after the Iraq invasion had occurred.

In an environment where the New York Times is instructing its readers how to “help fight the information wars” against Russia, the BBC is coaching its audience to scream the word “whataboutism” whenever a skeptic of establishment Russia narratives brings up Iraq, and the US Secretary of Defense is claiming that Putin is trying to “undermine America’s moral authority,” the massive credibility hit that imperial media and institutions took by deceiving the world into the destruction of Iraq matters. Propaganda is a lot more important in cold war than in hot war since avoiding direct military confrontation limits the options of the participants, and Iraq is a giant bullet hole in the narrative of US moral authority which Moscow is rightly all too happy to point out.

Without the claim of moral authority, none of America’s manipulations against Russia make any sense. It’s absurd for America to spend years shrieking about Russian election meddling after it openly rigged Russia’s elections in the nineties, unless America claims that it rigged Russia’s elections for moral reasons while Russia rigged America’s elections for immoral reasons. It makes no sense to have mainstream western media outlets uncritically manufacturing support for wars and coaching their audiences on how to help government agencies fight “information wars” against Russia while also criticizing RT as “state media”, unless you can say that western media functions as an arm of the US government for moral reasons while RT does so for immoral reasons. It makes no sense for the US to criticize Russian military interventionism when the US is vastly more guilty of vastly more egregious forms of military interventionism, unless the US can claim its interventionism is moral while Russia’s is immoral.

For this reason it’s been necessary to rehabilitate the image of the Iraq invasion, and since there is no aspect of the Iraq invasion itself that isn’t soaked in blood and gore, they are rehabilitating its most recognizable face instead. Mainstream media outlets are doing this both to restore their own credibility and the credibility of the US world order they serve, in order to help secure crucial narrative control as we slide ever closer to a direct military confrontation with Russia and/or China.

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world, and Iraq is a major weak point in the US-centralized empire’s narrative control. When you see a political insider like Michelle Obama constantly facilitating the mass media’s fixation on how cuddly wuddly George W Bush has become, you are not witnessing a heartwarming moment, you are not witnessing redemption, and you are most certainly not witnessing the news. You are witnessing war propaganda, plain and simple.


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  • Another Globalist Grub removed – Mattis Quits!

    With some luck, he may get an ENVELOPE, just like his terrorist partner, McCain, Bush and Obama for the Tribunal Trump is setting up?


  • There’s probably another key reason for this propaganda: engineer nostalgia for the old establishment pattern. After the chaos of ‘Trump’, the aim is to get people longing for the old, secure pattern of leadership. It’s like they’re saying, ‘You guys wanted big changes in the establishment, well, here’s Trump for you. Look how that’s turned out. I bet you regret ever questioning the status quo.’

    After Trump, the old entrenched political classes that push the same global agenda (regardless of which party they belong to) don’t seem so bad.

  • Two pieces of candy?!?!? I thought it was three. My opinion of Mr. Bush is dropping precipitously.

  • Your doing it ALL wrong Caitlin!

    Award-winning journalist Claas Relotius had “made up stories and invented protagonists” in approximately 14 out of 60 articles which appeared both in print and online editions. He had worked for Der Spiegel for seven years, winning numerous awards for his investigative journalism – including CNN’s Journalist of the Year award in 2014, according to the Guardian


  • You’re guilty of the same snow job when you call the NY Times, the Washington Post and CNN centrist.

  • Hmpf. So ole Chimpy keeps making it a point to give Michelle a mint when he sees her. Perhaps the question she fails to ask is, “Why does he make a POINT to give me a mint?” Occam’s Razor says it’s because she has really bad breath and for him to interact with her face to face, he needs her to stick on a mint first. The other possibility is war criminals recognize each other and love to cozy up together, exchange candy and small talk about their favorite drone strike.

  • In the list of Top 10 counties people around the world consider a threat to world peace the United States is reigning champ ranking #1 every year. We’re in the top10 most dangerous countries for women (the only western nation on the list).
    Russia isn’t in the top 10 of either list.

    Yet, we continue to see ourselves as the heroes in our global narrative and Russia as the villain. This is jingoistic nationalism on a mass delusional scale.

  • Is it not likely that the love-fest between Michelle Obama and George W. Bush was carefully scripted and performed, rather than an expression of personal emotions? It seems like another move by one of the Deep State factions of the ruling class, an attempt to paper over the disorder of the Trump ascendancy. The r.c. would no doubt like to replace Trump during the next presidential cycle, but in such a way that his followers consent (however resentfully) to his political demise.

  • Well,
    Pulling out of Syria seems to through your script out.

    • Throw….

      • Not so, because MSM is now stressing how important our conquest of Iraq was in terms of now having US bases in Iraq close to possible targets in Syria.Caitlin’s main point has to do with MSM justification for an indefensible conquest of Iraq.

  • So Caitlin finally comes out of the closet as a racist. Because, as everyone knows, only racists criticize black politicians (or any other blacks for that matter). Welcome to the Klan, Caitey!

    “This is a war on both morality & objective reality. People are rebranded “good” or “bad” not based on their actions, but whether or not they subscribe to a state mandated list of opinions.”

    Let me correct this: This is a war on both morality & objective reality. People are rebranded “good” or “bad” not based on their actions but whether or not they subscribe to a Leftist mandated list of opinions.

    Also, the US does not have a US Secretary of Defense. It has a US Secretary of War who runs the War Department. We must return to using words accurately i.e. truthfully.

    • So many straw men, so little time.

      • JB, an example please.

  • Question: What do Trump and the Obamas have in common? Answer: They are all corporatists.
    And what is the primary goal of a corporatist? Answer: To make lots and lots of money. Little else matters, except some power and a false legacy.

    This is the true value of noncensoring social media and why all of the current main ones, such as Facebook and Twitter, will soon be heard yelling its death throes.

  • Check this video of Michelle dancing [https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/alternative/2018/3652874.html]–you’re going to see a lot more than war propaganda. Why is it relevant–because have got to start recognizing reality–in fact have to start demanding reality–rather than these contrived cover-ups for so many crimes committed by our “elected representatives”.
    They work for us–do you all remember the concept of representative government–and if they are not working in our interests they need to be terminated–just like this poor woman [speech pathologist] who was terminated because she would not sign a mandatory contract to support Israel [this was in the state of Texas]– unconditionally [http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/50785.htm].
    She wasn’t required to support her own country [USofA] unconditionally–no, as a US citizen she was required to unconditionally support another country of evident criminality. That’s our current reality sheeples–does it work for you–I guess–perhaps you should pull your nose out of the constant entertainment–because I”m talking WWIII– among other inconveniences–but hey– party-on dude–just like Michelle–the former “lady” of the White House.

  • The evil tale of George W. Bush fills a large and excellent book : George Bush : The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin.

    • Also essential reading to understand what’s going on:

      The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years by Russ Baker.

  • The wife of a D mass murderer embracing an R mass murderer is somehow sold as a wonderful event to a bewildered herd to bring the nation of war-enablers together. If this, the McWar and Bush 1 funerals do not prove the power of 24/7 propaganda, nothing will.

  • It might be more about Michelle Obama than about Dubya.

    There is speculation that Michelle Obama is about to become a front-runner in the race to be the Democrat nominee for President. Her recent book tour sure smelled like prep for such a campaign. I suspect that pushing her image in the media is the higher priority.

    Thus, the message I see in this is about Michelle Obama and isn’t it wonderful how she’s not a partisan and divisive politician like all the rest. I suppose in 21st Century America, hugging a war criminal is a good step towards becoming the next President.

    • Hugging a war criminal never hurts an aspirant’s image. Think of all the hugging that goes on when Kissinger’s around.

    • Noisy, I share your great take. The wookie is clearly running for prez and this is part of the pre-campaign.

  • I do not watch SQP news (Status Quo Propaganda) and I only hear about it from other online blogs bringing it up, or you bringing it up. Yes, I think you are correct in your accessment.

    Isolation is the mother of prejudice. Mark Twain.
    How many people have seen this side of Syria?

    • Thank you Charles, that is an amazing clip, love it, and I love the Syrian people!

  • Its time to wake up to realise that our financial, political and cultural future is held hostage by thugs who use jargon which means nothing to anybody to justify practices that makes feudal robber barons look like rank amateurs.

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