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On Holiday Until New Year’s Day

This is just a post to let the folks on my mailing list know I’ll be taking a holiday until January 1st (Jan 2nd in Australia); won’t be writing anything unless they try to nab Assange from the embassy or something. Thank you all so much for your love and support!

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  • This is the time of year that everyone should think about what the new year will bring. If you are assuming that there will be petrol available at the petrol stations, at SOME price not too dissimilar from now, then you are almost certainly wrong.

    The recent collapsing price of fuel has nothing whatever to do with production outweighing demand. On October 3, 2018, the US quietly began running down its stockpiles called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) (https://www.spr.doe.gov/dir/dir.html) at the rate of 200,000 barrels per day, every day through to early December, dropping the US price from $80 to $50/barrel. Given that the SPR needs to be maintained in the longer term at about 700 million barrels, you might wonder what happened on October 3 to cause this to happen. A quick look at the headlines of the day show that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia might have had something to do with it. Are the US oil-frackers having a hard time increasing production?

    Meanwhile the MSM are not mentioning the SPR and talking about it as if it was real US production. Saudi Arabia and Russia are certainly not open about their oil production rates, and Iran is probably not open either, selling to Turkey, India and China on a “off the books” basis. So no one really knows what the world situation is.

    All OECD countries are supposed to keep 3 months’ worth of consumption in reserve, to cope with minor supply emergencies, but Australia has none in a SPR, maintaining the refining industries have enough privately-held reserves to meet their target.

    So if the world supply situation gets out of whack with demand, as it very well could given the lack information, we could be finding out in 2019 whether the Australian situation is covered during “minor emergencies”.

  • Time to get up off my rump
    Ere my wits go in a slump
    Jive my joe with sugar lump
    Write some words to sprightly jump

    For ’tis another New Year’s Eve
    The day for aces up my sleeve
    To lead me into make-believe
    For heights that I might yet achieve

  • Enjoy your much deserved R&R! Have a great holiday, Caitlin!

  • Australia STILL waging war against Syria!!
    “Trump’s Syrian Gambit Again Exposes Australian Foreign Policy Bankruptcy”

  • GLOBAL SECURITY STRATEGY (By the Globalist’s)
    “British taxpayers are funding prosecutions in Pakistan that have led to dozens of death sentences, according to newly disclosed details of a secretive UK aid program.
    The documents reveal that the Foreign Office is supporting specialist civilian courts that prosecute terrorist suspects in what the UK government global security strategy calls a “rule of law” program in Pakistan.”

  • So happy to hear this–you do so much. Yes, you do deserve wonderful break.

  • Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas 🙂

  • Thank you for your inspiring and thought provoking writings. Hope you have a good break. Look forward to your 2019 notes!

  • May all the blessings of the universe visit you! Enjoy and we will ALL be here waiting for your return, hopefully even more rested and happy! I will look forward to the New Year, because I will know that your special type of journalism will be back! Hugs!

  • A ditty for dim days down under:

    The quoll and the quokka
    Have milk in their mocha
    And prance to the polka
    Around Andamooka

  • Thanks for all your great work this year, have a super holiday.

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all your family.
    (Of course, a Happy New Year depends on exactly what the morons in charge decide to do…)

  • Happy holidays Caity!

  • Happy Holidays. Thank you for your voice.

  • Be well, and enjoy the holiday!

  • Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep on keeping on!

  • Thank you so much foryour wonderful work Caitlin! Happy holidays.

  • You deserve some time off after keeping up with all of the global events you write about. Enjoy the holidays with your family; let’s hope that 2019 will bring us all peace and good health. Thank you for all of your brilliant insights and observations.

  • Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year!! Thanks so much for all your work and commentary. So needed in these challenging times. All power to you for 2019.

  • Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and successful New Year.

  • Dearest Caitlin

    Have a great Holiday and a good rest. You deserve them both.
    You will be missed, especially when Trump burps up his latest and most outrageous
    mindboggling ideas on how to manage his Presidential duties.

    Bonne Chance avec ton Holiday!

  • I think you can allow yourself a relaxed and serene few days holiday. Nothing but admiration from here for all you do to try to make the world a better place. Love and peace to you.

  • God jul

  • cheers Caitlin, hope you have lots of fun x

  • Blessings.

  • Many thanks for your work in 2018. It has been so helpful to read pieces from outside the mainstream box. Happy Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Enjoy the time off-line.

  • Caitlin, you are a voice of reason in the vast wilderness of Planet Earth. Thank you for your courage in speaking the truth. Wishing you and your family peaceful and restful holidays. May legions of Angels protect you in the coming year.

  • Thank you for sharing and caring, we NEED more people like you in this world! Safe and happy holiday my friend!

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the hardest working Journalist in the business of TRUTH…Peace to all!!!!

  • Wishing you much peace, happiness and love over the holidays and in the new year, Caity. I appreciate your dedication to spreading the truth. The world needs more like you! Namaste.

  • Merry Christmas Caity! Thank you for being you!

  • All the best Caitlin…what the world needs now is more truth speakers like yourself!
    Let’s hope the world will turn their swords into plow shears sooner than later.

  • Enjoy your time off my dear. Eat, drink, make love & create magic. Renew your spirit.

  • Good work! Feliz Navidad and Prospero Año Nuevo. A deserved rest. enjoy the holidays ..

  • love your insight and comments. Keep it up and a merry Christmas

  • Well deserved.

  • All the best and lots of sunshine on the beach in Aspendale. We are all glad you on the side that cares

  • Cait – Hope you have a most happy respite. Thank you for being you.
    Jim M.

  • Have a wonderful holiday and will look forward to your return

  • Caitlin,
    As you know,
    I don’t always agree with your New Age methods to save the world,
    but I know your heart’s in the right place.
    I look forward to your truth-telling in 2019.
    Better days a-commin’…..(hopefully)
    Keep the faith & blessings be upon you.

  • Enjoy your down time!!…you deserve it. Look forward to your observations in 2019

  • Best!

  • Awesome. Enjoy !!

  • Thanks Caitlin for such a cutting-edge overview of our psychotic masters in govt positions all around the world with their own additional corporate masters above them .. Your insights are inline with the number one investigate journos around the world helping in shaping our ability to ‘deprogramm’ our brains .. Love your satire and research … Thanks so much … it’s been very info/entertaining as well as staring down some hard truths .. Merry Xmas etc

  • Happy New Year to you, Caity. Keep up the good work, you put some sanity into my days!

  • Thanks so much Caitlin,
    May you rest and re-create.

  • Have a great holiday… it’ll be something of a withdrawal not to find you in my mailbox most every morning, but I’ll survive. You deserve a wonderful break.

  • Love and more love. ‘See’ you in the new year

  • Enjoy your down time! Thank you so much for all your excellent commentary. I look forward to more in 2019.

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