If you go quiet, you can hear the birds outside
chirping and singing at the joy of existence.
If you go even quieter, you can feel the thrum of your own cells
chirping and singing at the joy of existence.

If you become still, you can see thunderous beauty
in everything that appears to you.
If you become even more still, you can see that the beauty
is painted upon the canvas of your true face.

It is fine to traffic in opinion and ideology,
just know that you do so while perched upon the nose hair
of a giant grandmother who is older than the sun,
and that the words you speak are woven from mysteries
far more profound than the thoughts they express,
and that the ears which hear them are all made of frogs
who are calling the cosmos into existence
with a sky-shaking, earth-thumping haka.

Behind our disagreements and our arguments,
our inquisitions and our holy wars,
our town square incinerations of heretics and books,
life leans back with an amused smirk and watches
as our stories sputter and splatter to the floor.

Beneath the churning babble about shoulds and shoudn’ts,
a hand beckons from a familiar door
to a place you forgot about
when the grownups dimmed your eyes.

Prior to the oil angels and the bank boys,
the TV talking head machines and the skullface comedians,
the flying robots which rain fire on children,
the rolling war cannons and armageddon ships
and the needletooth manipulators who laugh in lonely halls,
there is a baby made of soil,
and that soil is made out of stardust,
and that stardust is made of the core of your heart,
and your heart is beating
and this whole show is dancing
so that you can have the opportunity
to see it all
and to hear it all
and to take in the beauty
and to leap for the joy
and to weep for the sorrow
and to look deep within
and to make your decision
and take your stand,
once and for all.






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27 responses to “Frog Haka”

  1. Mysteries OF FROGS Who Are Calling The Cosmos Into Existence With a Sky Shaking, Earth Thumping HaKa
    Peace & Love from Oregon

  2. “Downer has a major connection to the Clintons – securing a $25 million donation from the Australian government to the Clinton Foundation in the early 2000s. Between 2006 and 2014, the Clinton FOundation received some $88 million from Australian taxpayers…”

  3. Wonderful imagery—you lift my heart dear one!

  4. ‘It is fine to traffic in opinion and ideology, / just know that you do so while perched upon the nose hair / of a giant grandmother who is older than the sun’

    That ‘grandmother’ has been killing children for as long as it exists, and the ‘flying robots that rain fire on children’ are just one modern continuation of that. Without ‘shouldn’ts’, you can’t claim that one ‘shouldn’t’ rain fire on children. Nature and feelings are neither wise nor good, and they are not superior to reason and morality. If you ignore reason and morality for the sake of listening to your ‘heart’, ”intuition’ and the like, you will do evil and foolish things.

    1. In addition: your ‘heart’ and your ‘childlike side’ will tell you that fire being rained on your precious self or on your own children is far worse than fire being rained on stranger’s children on the other side of the world. This is part of the problem. Your ‘heart’ and your ‘childlike side’ are not a reliable criterion of justice.

      1. I’m glad to hear you say this. I have felt for a long time that our sense of morality, compassion and ethics is the only great thing that we humans have come up with.
        We’ve really risen above our animal natures in those values.

        1. Indeed. It is, of course, a comforting and soothing notion that the universe itself is somehow kind and just by nature and that we just need to live in harmony with it, but this is simply not true and there is a danger that this conceit will make us forget what actual kindness and justice are. The truth remains that we alone are the ones who need to establish kindness and justice, as much as we can. There is a lot of work to do.

  5. Very well-written 🙂

  6. Amazing!
    It takes only One Bright Sun of Knowledge to remove darkness of ignorance from millions of humans.
    Thank you!

  7. Off Topic…Free Assange…TY TRUTH

  8. Blessed to be in your earshot, Caitlin!! Your light is one of the brightest I’ve known. HUGS!!!

  9. Thank you so much Caitlin. Poetry transcends…….everything……….

  10. Love this! Very powerful imagery. If this doesn’t tug everyone who reads it back into their “beginnings”, I don’t know what would. Thank you! Keep on keepin’ on, Caitlin.

  11. Wow! What beauty. I love it.
    Thanks C

  12. Wise Words Grass-Hopper Caitlin

  13. Absolutely beautiful.

  14. Beautiful. I travel the world for work but work hard to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground and remember what is important about life: Being. Feeling. Interacting to make life better for all of us, while simultaneously understanding that we are minute specks that mean nothing in the grand scheme of the cosmos.

  15. klaus von berlin Avatar
    klaus von berlin

    Just brilliant

  16. Report from Kermit’s baptism:
    The frog went briskly kerplunk
    On top of the frisky hip monk
    The cleric just yawned
    And went to a pond
    And gave Kermit a sermon slamdunk

  17. Love this. Thank you. I sent it to a poet friend of mine and she loved it too (Jessie Cho).

  18. Good to know you know you are on my wavelength.
    How could any One not be
    except those who don’t know they are waiting
    to know.

  19. great images…feels like a song

  20. such beauty, Caitlin. <3

  21. ♡♡♡
    Much Love and Appreciation

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