Everyone hates waiting
but everyone’s waiting.

Waiting for things to get better.
Waiting for death.
Waiting for life.
Waiting for love.
Waiting for enlightenment.
Waiting for the revolution.
Waiting for the Mueller report.
Waiting for Q.
Waiting for the Messiah.
Waiting for Godot.


Waiting for life to begin
while their cells replicate,
while their lungs take in oxygen,
while their heart beats,
while life courses through their veins.

Waiting for God
while pacing on God’s feet
and glancing with God’s eyes
at God’s SpongeBob wristwatch.

Waiting at the bus stop
which is located on the bus
which is already at the place
they’re trying to get to.

Dammit motherfucker,
this is it!
This is love!
This is enlightenment!
This is the revolution!
This is Mueller!
This is Q!
This is the Messiah!
This is Godot!

What are you waiting for, motherfucker?
Waiting to find yourself on your deathbed,
staring at the clock and saying
“Gosh, I thought the show woulda started by now”?
Waiting for Buddha to kick down your door,
grab you by the crotch and scream
“Honey, I’m home”?

This is as Buddha as it gets, cupcake.
You will never encounter any more divinity
than that which is exploding
in your field of consciousness
in this very instant.

You are banging on the door
of your own home,
demanding to be let in,
and you are banging
on the inside of the door.

Vladimir and Estragon
and Pozzo and Lucky
and the little boy
and the tree
and the set
and the stage
and the lighting
and the curtain
are all parts in the only play in town,
and they are all performed by a single actor,
and that actor’s name
is Godot.

Take a bow.











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  • ‘Waiting for’ this President’s war — they all have their own wars. Perhaps Venezuela is targeted, or Iran?

  • Awesome!!!! Even without the motherfucker bit! That expression just makes me despair. Even used in jest. But a fantastic poem nonetheless. I’m a Becket fan and it’s nice to see his glory being recognised in popular culture.

  • “Waiting for Buddha to kick down your door,
    grab you by the crotch and scream
    “Honey, I’m home”? ”
    Damn Woman. You eternally rock.
    Love your poems. Let them happen more often.

  • Fantastic!
    Love your poetry,

  • ‘Hankyuh…’hankyuh vurry much.

  • When you are thinking about past, you are thinking now
    When you are thinking about future, you are thinking now
    When you are thinking about present, you are thinking now
    There is only now, timelessly now. Why wait for now?

  • i’ll go ahead and put the sucking stones me other pocket………

  • this is as buddha as it gets, cupcake……oh ho!!….that’s going to be ringing in my head for quite a spell….

  • The State of the Union is strong, AIPAC strong. D & R’s are not Patriots. Israel is the Govt., not Russia, ythaqt controls Israel . BDS

  • And take a bow yourself, Caitlin Johnstone.

  • Beautiful.

  • Great!
    This is as Budha as it gets…
    Love it.

  • Caitlin, This is wonderful! You keep surprising me at the depth and breadth that you are. I’ve been attentive and grateful for your political perspectives for a while, but the self-love article really captured my heart and my attention! Many blessings to you!!!

  • AIPAC owns the D & R’s. How is your country doing? Do you have dual citizenship? FU

  • ‘we DON’T NEED NO EDUCATION”. BDS. Stop Funding Israel for Democracy! Stop Israeli Terror.

  • The D and R’s are Pigs not working for the People. U$ PIGS. Vote? Get in the streets, or garden. Keep on.

    • BDS BDS BDS BDS BDS BDS BDS BDS. What about Israeli Nukes? ( No Comment D & R’s) Boycott

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