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20 responses to “Giant Woman — An Original Song”

  1. This is a great, funky, jazzy piece, Caitlin. Did you have live musicians, or did you use music software? You’re a very talented and insightful person; keep up the good work!

  2. “That’s just you refusing to answer my question…”
    Why should I? You regularly ignore questions. Why did this become about me? Did I attack you? No. You’re illogically attacking me. All I did was offer a review. It wasn’t too bad. It even alluded to something you can do well. I could go into greater detail on the review of your song, but then I would have to listen again – An exercise I choose not to endure.
    “…and then claiming it’s okay for you to be obnoxious.”
    Hey, you’re the obnoxious one. You can’t take even a little criticism without imploding. Bad time of the month for you? I’m amazed how this is what triggers the warrior “Giant Woman”? Ha!
    “You’ve been making a string of asinine comments here…”
    Really? Where? Be specific because I’m ready for it and it’s all fun to me.
    “I’d like you to treat me like I’m just an ordinary person who’s trying to get on with her life the same as you, because that’s what I am.”
    I don’t think so. We don’t all have the need for recognition you have. You keep close track of your number of followers. You might think that’s typical but that would just be another thing you’re wrong about.
    “I never found gratuitous snark as an expression of honesty.”
    How dare you refer to my review in such a disparaging manner! Succinct and to the point is more like it. Are you suggesting I was being dishonest? Perhaps I’ve been cavorting with the Russians or something?
    “I don’t have to allow myself to be surrounded by abusive assholes…”
    Such nasty name-calling. Well, I’ve been tossed from better blogs. If you can’t handle me here, maybe I’ll go back to Medium. They haven’t tossed me…yet. They really aren’t worthy of my contributions – bunch of leftwing nuts who oppose free speech and try to tell people what to write, or else. I have examples but I won’t share them with you because you’re leftwing nut colors are becoming neon vivid.
    “…if you think that’s something you’re entitled to it’s because you’ve led a very entitled life.”
    More illogical mumbo jumbo. You are so naive. I’d love to show you where I grew up. You seem highly stressed. Try getting into an alpha state more. Forget meditation. Biofeedback is the fast track.

  3. In remembrance of the song, “All My Exes Live in Texas, we pause to consider Ogden Nash (1902-1971), who defended writing what appears to be doggerel but is actually clever and entertaining despite its apparent technical faults—at least, according to Wikipedia’s entry for “doggerel.” Would he gnash his teeth or find a redeeming quality in the verse set out below? (Probably turn over in his grave.)

    When a perp perplexes his exes
    There’s one most probable nexus
    ‘Tween crime and those spouses
    And time in jailhouses—
    Fast-driving a Lexus in Texas

  4. Well I think it’s friggin adorable. I envision it as a music video, using clips from 50s/60s “giant woman” movies such as Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock, Village of the Giants, etc.

    Even better, I just found out that Caitlin has a podcast – Woo Hoo!

  5. Best stick to poetry. Nice try tho.

    1. Dear God you’re obnoxious. Is this how you interact with people in real life?

      1. Why blame me for being honest?
        Most people can’t sing. What’s the big deal?.
        Do you believe you’re just good at everything?
        News flash! Nobody’s perfect. Not even YOU. Gonna kick me out now?
        Didn’t I compliment your last poem? And I’m not even into poetry. How disappointing! Coming down on a fan for being honest. Tsk tsk.
        And throwing insults to boot! Grow a fucking backbone already. You’re the public person here, not me.
        This is what free speech looks like, lady. You think you’re the only person who should be permitted to express themselves unreservedly?

        1. That’s just you refusing to answer my question and then claiming it’s okay for you to be obnoxious. You’ve been making a string of asinine comments here and I’d like you to treat me like I’m just an ordinary person who’s trying to get on with her life the same as you, because that’s what I am. I don’t have to allow myself to be surrounded by abusive assholes, and if you think that’s something you’re entitled to it’s because you’ve led a very entitled life.

        2. The comment she took exception to wasn’t one aimed at her opinions, but at something she composed and put to song that she felt like sharing with her readership. I never found gratuitous snark as an expression of honesty. She’s not asking whether she should be competing for a Grammy either. Caitlin is blessed with several layers of talent even where some are more developed than others. You’re entitled to like or dislike, but please ask yourself whether in this instance saying nothing in place of a derisive jab might have been more apt and considerate.

          1. You sound like my mother. Seeing her reaction, I wish I had kept my opinion to myself. But it’s also good to see how she handles it.

  6. Hubert Manfred Reiter Avatar
    Hubert Manfred Reiter

    Have you lost your Marbles?

  7. Money For Nothing Avatar
    Money For Nothing

    You might send it as a demo to Regina Spektor – That Time, The Ghost of Corporate Future, Folding Chair.

  8. The wonders this song could have achieved with a Producer. Would have gone from good to great.

  9. Very good. Your passion shines through in everything you do.

  10. Nice one Caitlin! Catchy tune too!

  11. Wow, your talent is never-ending, Caity! I love your singing voice, you’re great!! A great lady! A giant woman!

  12. what a concept. She’s a bit of one herself of course but what an inspiration for us all.

  13. You’re a great deal more than a rogue journalist, though to me the real rogues of journalism are the shills who sit in cubicles waiting for the cue to churn out the next spin du jour. Your journalistic insight is as trenchant as it is informative, but your talents extend well beyond the boundaries of the fourth estate. You are one authentic and courageous polymath dedicated to channeling public enlightenment through a medium of unvarnished truth.

  14. I live in northern Wisconsin and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your posts. Extremely well written. I sometimes feel like I am the only person who sees things the way I do but with your writing I know I’m not the only one, plus you educate your readers. Keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks!

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