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A Very Urgent Message

This is a call
to the swans in your chest,
and the pterodactyls in your eyes,
and the primordial reptiles
swimming beneath your tongue.

This is not addressed
to your yammering thinkbrain,
which biffs and boffs about who goes where
and what the right and wrong things are.

This is addressed
to the peacock feather vortex in your mind’s eye,
and the ivy-wrapped baby beneath your dreams,
and the praying mantis woman hiding behind your voice,
and the whale songs between your fingers,
and the sapling that is growing from your crown:

Take the wheel.
Just take it.
Pry loose the dead fingers of dead ideas
and take the wheel.

Let the bloviating throat puffer
fall asleep in the corn,
let the hamsters off their wheels
to make drunken love in the grass
and embarrass their parents in front of everyone,
let the marching armor sentries
rust in the rain
and sprout geraniums,
and take the wheel.

Commandeer this shambling fleshdance,
for there are bone puppets at the helm,
and all they want is to eat ashes.
Release the bejeweled gremlin from its cage
so it can sow sunflowers the size of mountains
and drive wildebeests stampeding through veins
and cackle as the old buildings are torn asunder.

Let this be the first moment
of a very,
very different ride.

Take the wheel
oh unseen nature,
oh green monsoon,
oh gargantuan roots,
oh wise space crone,
oh savage miracles,
oh waking thunder giants,
oh leaf-tongued choir.

Take the wheel,
and take your throne.










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Latest comments

  • Wow, just amazingly wow! It’s very inspiring that you have and would share the depth of who you are as well as all your wisdom and seeing regarding “everything else.”


  • Sister Caitlyn,

    Beautiful imagery, excellent poetry.

    Regarding the thinkbrain.

    As a writer you know that creativity would have it that we are at our best when operating wholly, when the thinkbrain is thinkbraining, if not yammering, as one with the swans and mantises. Indeed, the great density of human metaconsciousness — the marvelous degree to which we can think analytically — helps inform, which is to say helps form from within, the thoughts that are, in form, the swan and mantis thoughtforms. Do you see?

    The yammering thinkbrain deliberating on right and wrong, on the other hand, is the struggling thinkbrain not yet able to participate in the creation of thoughforms so that the swans and mantises of our power cries may make their mark on the collective, sustained thoughtform that is the universe.

    Taking the wheel requires having mastered the ability to HANDLE all the aspects of the great, chaotic gift of human consciousness that we have been given. What moves us from chaos to resonance is the divination of pattern and shared paternity.

    Seeing the natural fractals, moving them around in relation to each other in order to understand goodness, and distinguishing them from the synthetic fractals that are selfishness attempting to mimick goodness, are how we begin to take the wheel with everything that we are, thinkbrain included.


    • Good balancing thoughts. The left brain need not only be the enemy – it could become the friend. Alchemy turns gritty rock and dirt into gold, and then transforms gold into Spirit. Anything becomes possible in consciousness….

      • Thanks Mike.

        The so called left brain is an integral part of the total package. It can function well or not, in truth or falsehood. It can analytically suss out the shallower presentations of the Matrix yet fall prey to the deeper presentations, such as the person who thinks they have taken the red pill yet this person continues to participate in a very shallow presentation called politics.

        Same goes for the so called right brain. It can function well or not.

        Spiritual alchemy, the little i know of it, does not ring true to me. I’m open to being showm otherwise. For example, anything is not possible in consciousness. Only what is realistic is ever possible.

        Sorry for the late reply. Thanks.

  • Great, now Batya Ungar-Sargon doesn’t even have to pretend to provide any rational justification for the accusation that Ilhan Omar is an anti-Semite – she can just say that ‘the swans in her chests’ told her so. And in the same way, real anti-Semites and Nazis don’t have to prove rationally that Jews are evil and control the world – they can just say that ‘the primordial reptiles swimming beneath their tongues’ tell them so, as does ‘the wise space crone’. Given how much irrationality there is around here already, is it really a good idea to call for more of it? Although obviously, if one doesn’t care ‘what the right and wrong things are’, then that is not a problem.
    Also, it’s a bit unnerving that with this sort of poem, Johnstone seems to be saying that the readers shouldn’t really believe anything else that she writes. She may be presenting rational arguments about ‘who goes where’ and affirming ethical principles about ‘what the right and wrong things are’, she may be asserting her commitment to sovereignty, opposition to imperialism and all that, but now she is revealing to us that it’s all just words and a masquerade – she is simply making those things up retrospectively as pretexts for saying what ‘the primordial reptiles in her chest’ have told her to say. And why exactly are the readers supposed to trust her ‘primordial reptiles’? Trusting reptiles has seldom worked out well for any living thing that can pass through their mouths. ‘Praying mantis women’ aren’t exactly known for their reliability either – you may admire these beacons of female empowerment all you want, but that will not prevent them from chopping your head off (actually, they are a bit like Hillary Clinton in that respect, except that they use their own forelegs and not Jihadist proxies).
    One also has to wonder how susceptible Johnstone expects the readers to be to arguments if their ‘thinkbrains’ are turned off. If she thinks her rational arguments would work best on brainless readers, that would imply that she thinks very little of the quality of her own arguments. No offence meant, but my experience is that if somebody really, really wants my brain to be turned off, they are generally trying to deceive me in some way. While I sometimes disagree with Johnstone, her arguments haven’t seemed so extremely weak to me, so I am puzzled as to why she would find it necessary to insist so much on that.
    In fact, of course, what ‘the pterodactyls in our eyes’ are telling all of us is to gorge ourselves on all the fish we can lay our beaks on – that’s how pterodactyls have always rolled, and that’s why humanity is currently having a severe overfishing problem. The pterodactyls in our eyes most certainly don’t tell us to worry about imperialism or to listen to Caitlin Johnstone. The swarm that descended on Ilhan Omar was also quite pterodactyl-ish, for that matter; conformity and morally indifferent careerism are both perfectly natural tendencies with ancient pedigrees (natural&ancient ≠ good! Also female [crone/mantis/giant/grandparent] ≠ good!). It’s truly beyond me why Johnstone would think that our internal pterodactyls are her natural allies, and why she would think that it’s a good idea to formally recognise the pterodactyls as the legitimate presidents of our souls and to call for them to mount a coup and seize power. It doesn’t make sense to me, but then again, sense itself is apparently just ‘ash, eaten by a bone puppet’, so any rational argument that could be made against this is refuted in advance from the cosmic pterodactylian perspective. Oh well, that’s a familar situation when it comes to ‘spiritual’ stuff.

      • A poem may have meaning and philosophical content, just like a prose text can. This one clearly does – for that matter, you have sometimes expressed similar thoughts in prose, too. Regardless of the form in which the message is conveyed, one may either agree or disagree with it. In this case, I disagree with it for the reasons stated above.

    • That was a lot of projection!

    • Wow, doesn’t sound like you have much joy in your miserable stupid life. I wonder why? Because your miserable and stupid!

    • One wonders, Foundling, if you play well with others – or is it just poets who get under your thick rational/material hide?

    • What do you have against reptiles? Turn off your thinkbrain.

  • Jamming gone a-rye

    If cheesy cheese or hairy hare
    Is on your evening bill of fare
    Don’t eat too fast
    Or your repast
    Will soon become your worst nightmare

    If meatballs and succotash
    Are military mishmash
    ‘Twould now be apt
    If you unwrapped
    Your culinary dish: hash

    If sauce colaizzi
    Is driving you crazy
    Then reach for a soda
    That’s called Coca-Cola—
    ‘Tis time to prime your daisy

  • Dear Caitlan,

    A dear friend sent me this poem and I am blown away by your imagery and honesty. As a sister poet I haven’t much green stuff to toss into the pot but I do treasure your words.
    Anne Burton

  • Powerful! That resonated with me!

  • Caitlin,
    I love it!
    First thing in the morning, it made my day!

  • Shared. Thankee.

  • Normally I merely dig your poetry, Caity. This piece is exceptional. In a just world, this would become a classic. No exaggeration intended.

    It’s only just occurred to me that your imagery & overall vision is similar to that of Tom Robbins…except that you express that vision better, both in essay & in verse.

    • You are so right! This should be (and maybe will be) a classic.

  • AWESOME awesome awesome! !Shakti Rising!.

  • Hallelujah !!

  • “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.”(Shelley)

    This poem rules out the bone puppets!

    Thank you Caitlin.

    So beautiful.

  • Nice!

  • “Pry loose the dead fingers of dead ideas
    and take the wheel.”
    Unfortunately, there are very much LIVE fingers of FATAL ideas, beliefs, assumptions and pure unadulterated GREED that are at the helm this very moment. They are controlled by a psychopathic Elite who are trying to rob Venezuela of its oil and gold; so far have failed to destroy Syria, but they’re not done trying yet; staged an illegal coup on Ukraine; destroyed Iraq; destroyed Libya; trying to destroy and starve Yemen; created a crisis of migration into Turkey and European nations; and are apparently trying like hell to provoke a nuclear war with the Russian Federation and China. I wish like hell that their fingers were in fact dead.

    • Nice image, BTW.

    • Ishkabibble,

      Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but he elite are well into the necessary – due to the limits to growth – engineered transition from international capitalism, the neocon\neolib Matrix presentation, to the most adaptive historical alternative, the National Socialist Matrix presentation. Trump’s absurdly outsized role is to facilitate the transition from internationalism to nationalism.

      It is easy to see that Tulsi has already been chosen to be the next president, as she is the only National Socialist running. She is a very good play. She, along with circumstances, will effect the transition from national capitalism to national socialism.

      Don’t forget theThird Reich considered themselves to be the true Left, however ambitious and was there vision for Lebensraum, as opposed to the imperialistic, internationalist Marxists, and they were correct in that political analysis.


  • Refreshing- in a world so tired and mutilated either by love or no love

  • Prose is simple poetry is impossible.

  • Oh!

    Thank you for this clarion call, my soul has always been at the wheel, I’m grateful to know others, of like spirited drivers are on this universal highway with me, with us, for beneath our fingers we seek no control and are unafraid, as our third eye has never been blind.

  • Thank you for this clarion call, my soul has always been at the wheel, I’m grateful to know others, of like spirited drivers are on this universal highway with me, with us, for beneath our fingers we seek no control and are unafraid, as our third I has never been blind.

  • As always your poetry moves me to my bones.

  • I’m semi OLD and, on a regular basis, I read shit wrong- luckily for me, it’s often funny, albeit nonsensical. Anyhow, I initially thought, “why in FUK would Caitlin say ‘take the wheel and take your phone” ??? I can barely fukkin text on my phone. As usual, dynamite, lovely poetry!!

  • Song and poetry soothes the savage beast.

  • love it

  • A lovely Poem, full of hope on a day when Hope is looking more like a car wreck and you can’t find a shop who will take on the repairs. A beautiful dream, no more.

  • Just gorgeous – so impressed with Caitlin’s writing gift!

  • Love it. Lyrical, fantastic, surging.


  • Lovely and powerful!

  • Marvelou, Caity,

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