Days after being smashed with a vicious establishment smear campaign to paint her as an antisemite for accurately criticizing AIPAC, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is already back on the horse aggressively disrupting the establishment narrative matrix that our rulers have worked so hard to construct for us.

Elliott Abrams is a monster. The atrocities that he has facilitated, covered up and whitewashed in Panama, El Salvador, Gaza, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Iraq are utterly unforgivable, and the fact that he has been appointed as special envoy to Venezuela by the Trump administration completely invalidates the US government’s Venezuela narrative all by itself. Even without the blatant lies, the known oil agendas, the CIA ops, the mounting evidence of US arms smuggling to right-wing militias, and America’s extensive history of utterly disastrous regime change interventionism, the fact that this administration would appoint such a ghoulish individual to spearhead its Venezuela interventionism alone is enough to show you that the US government has nothing but malevolent intentions for that nation.

So it was nice to see someone in that government calling him what he is right to his face in front of everybody.

At a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on US Venezuela policy, Abrams was presented with the only line of questioning that is appropriate for such a beast by the very congresswoman the Democrats threw to the wolves just two days ago. Someone had to do it, and they left it to Ilhan Omar.

“In 1991, you pleaded guilty to two counts of withholding information from Congress regarding your involvement in the Iran-Contra affair, for which you were later pardoned by President George H.W. Bush,” Omar accurately stated. “I fail to understand why members of this committee, or the American people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful.”

“If I could respond to that-” Abrams began.

“That wasn’t a question,” Omar responded, cutting him off.

“It was an attack! It was an attack!” Abrams exclaimed, visibly upset.

“I reserve the right to my time,” said Omar.

“It is not right that members of this Committee can attack a witness who is not permitted to reply,” Abrams said, talking over Omar.

“That was not a question; thank you for your participation,” Omar continued. “On February 8th, 1982, you testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about US foreign policy in El Salvador. In that hearing, you dismissed as communist propaganda a report about the massacre of El Mozote of which more than 800 civilians, including children as young as two years old, were brutally murdered by U.S.-trained troops. During that massacre, some of those troops bragged about raping 12 year-old girls before they killed them. You later said that the U.S. policy in El Salvador was a ‘fabulous achievement.’ Yes or no, do you still think so?”

“From the day that President Duarte was elected in a free election, to this day, El Salvador has been a democracy,” Abrams said angrily. “That’s a fabulous achievement.”

“Yes or no, do you think that massacre was a fabulous achievement that happened under our watch?” Omar asked.

“That is a ridiculous question and I will not respond to it, no,” Abrams replied. “I’m sorry Mr. Chairman, I am not going to respond to that kind of personal attack which is not a question.”

“I will take that as a yes,” Omar said. “Yes or no, would you support an armed faction within Venezuela that engages in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide if you believe they were serving US interests as you did in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua?”

“I’m not going to respond to that question,” Abrams again answered. “I’m sorry, I don’t think this entire line of questioning is meant to be real questions, and so I will not reply.”

“Whether under your watch a genocide will take place, and you will look the other way because American interests were being upheld is a fair question,” Omar said. “Because the American people want to know that any time we engage a country that we think about what our actions could be and how we believe our values are being furthered. That is my question: Will you make sure that human rights are not violated and that we uphold international and human rights?”

“I suppose there is a question in there, and the answer is that the entire thrust of American policy in Venezuela is to support the Venezuelan people’s effort to restore democracy to their country,” Abrams responded. “That’s our policy.”

“I don’t think anybody disputes that,” Omar said. “The question I had for you is that does the interests of the United States include protecting human rights and include protecting people against genocide?”

“That is always the position of the United States,” Abrams lied.

“Thank you,” concluded Omar. “I yield back the rest of my time.”

There is no legitimate reason for Elliott Abrams to ever find himself before a group of people who are ostensibly concerned with accountability and responsibility without being asked such questions. But that didn’t stop all the world’s worst people from crawling out of the woodwork to his defense.

“Disgraceful ad hominem attacks by @IlhanMN on my @CFR_org colleague Elliott Abrams,” tweeted Iraq-raping neocon Max Boot. “She doesn’t seem to realize he is a leading advocate of human rights and democracy–not a promoter of genocide! More evidence of the loony left I caution Democrats about.”

“I worked for Elliott Abrams as a civil servant,” tweeted Kelly Magsamen, Vice President of National Security for the plutocrat-backed liberal think tank Center for American Progress. “He is a fierce advocate for human rights and democracy. Yes, he made serious professional mistakes and was held accountable. I’m a liberal but I’m also fair. We all have a lot of work to do together in Venezuela. We share goals.”

“I am not greatly sympathetic to Rep. Omar (surprise surprise),” tweeted National Review senior editor and former George W Bush speech writer Jay Nordlinger. “But really, someone ought to have given her a clue who Elliott Abrams is. The guy has been championing freedom and human rights his entire life (and taking unholy sh** for it from the illiberal Left and Right).”

Conservative pundit Michael Knowles tossed his two cents into the campaign to purge the concept of antisemitism of any meaning by tweeting, “One wonders why @IlhanMN seems to harbor such particular contempt for Elliott¹ Abrams² (¹ from the Hebrew ‘Elijah,’ meaning ‘My God is Yahweh’ ² the father of the Jewish people).”

This is the bipartisan establishment orthodoxy that is guiding your foreign policy, America. One which claims Elliott Abrams is a saint, which claims criticism of US warmongering is antisemitic, and which throws a bold Somali-American woman under the bus for speaking the truth after years of paying lip service to the need to get more women of color elected to the leadership of the Democratic Party. This whole Abrams incident happened, by the way, at the same time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deleted a tweet in which he accidentally acknowledged the agenda to start a war with Iran, but you probably won’t see Omar commenting on this because she knows she’ll be smeared as an antisemite for it.

US warmongering is the most aggressively protected part of the establishment narrative matrix, because US warmongering is the glue that holds the unipolar empire together. Without it, our rulers cannot rule, so you’ll see imperial lackeys fiercely attacking anyone who draws attention to America’s bloodbaths around the world, even if they are good servants of the empire in other areas.

The difficulty for our rulers, though, is that warmongering is a very difficult thing to paint a pretty picture of, especially with our newfound ability to quickly share ideas and information around the globe. I mean, look at Elliott Abrams. Seriously, just watch him talk. That demonic grimace is the prettiest face they could find to put on their Venezuela agenda. I find that very encouraging.

The reason they work so hard to manufacture our consent for warmongering agendas is because they need that consent. They wouldn’t propagandize us so aggressively if they didn’t need us all trusting them and believing their stories, so the best way to fight establishment warmongering is to circulate disbelief in their stories. Whenever you see someone like Ilhan Omar drawing attention to the gaping plot holes in agendas like regime change interventionism in Venezuela, go ahead and help draw attention to it.

Things are only shitty because a few extremely powerful people do very shitty things. The only reason powerful people get away with doing very shitty things is because the majority allows them to. The majority only allows them to because they’ve been propagandized to. The weakest link in this chain is the propaganda. Attack there.


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54 responses to “Ilhan Omar Smacks Down Elliott Abrams In Front Of Everybody”

  1. Abram’s comment at the end “This has always been America’s policy” regrading human rights had me laughing my ass off at his blatant lie. That is, until I remembered the Native Americans, the Africans who were made slaves, the lIbyans, the Iraqis, the Afghanis, and all the other victims of American genocides. Then it stopped being funny.

    1. Agreed. What Ms Omar should ask Abrams Bolton and all those fervent supporters of the Cuban exile gang is this: Why did these individuals allow the Cuban Sugar Industry – upon which the economy depended totally – why did they allow the Island’s only real industry to stagnate for 30 years and to have a zero degree of mechanisation that is no technical progress in either cane cutting or loading? In terms of cane loading this was very surprising given that many sugar exporters were mechanically loading during Batista’s era. Why did they allow the 370,000 Professional Cane cutters to have only 5 months work then face lengthy unemployment? And why did they fail to introduce the Diversification Plans recommended by the World Bank [1952] and UK Board of Trade & Reconstruction [1954]?

  2. Re-posting this comment here, where it belongs, since it mistakenly appeared as a response to Inforebelscum:
    Omar’s resilience, fighting spirit and bravery are really unusual and admirable. Seeing her fearlessly tell the truth is a breath of fresh air and a delight. It is all the more precious against the dismal general background of spinelessness and conformity (Ro Khanna being an exception). I hope she keeps it up, and I hope the bastards never manage to subdue her or eliminate her. She is taking great risks, so I also hope she is the kind of person who is OK with potentially paying a high price for doing what’s right. Being a heroine and a light unto the world is a dangerous and sometimes ungrateful job.

  3. Ilhan Omar’s courage and honesty give me hope. They should make a movie about women like her called “A Few Good Women”.

  4. Jeremiah Rasmussen Avatar
    Jeremiah Rasmussen

    The devil questioning beelzebub.

    1. Jeremiah, agreed. Abrams is a monster but Omar and her evil religious philosophy are certainly not the answer either. A pox on both the warpigs and the anti-liberty warpigs.

      1. Omar’s resilience, fighting spirit and bravery are really unusual and admirable. Seeing her fearlessly tell the truth is a breath of fresh air and a delight. It is all the more precious against the dismal general background of spinelessness and conformity (Ro Khanna being an exception). I hope she keeps it up, and I hope the bastards never manage to subdue her or eliminate her. She is taking great risks, so I also hope she is the kind of person who is OK with potentially paying a high price for doing what’s right. Being a heroine and a light unto the world is a dangerous and sometimes ungrateful job.

      2. Sorry, I didn’t mean my other comment to appear as an answer to yours – that was a technical mistake. As for what you two have written – I am not aware of her ever having exhibited reactionary fundamentalist or Jihadist views. If your talk of ‘devil’ and ‘evil’ and suggestion of moral or ideological equivalence between her and an actual imperialist mass murderer such as Elliott Adams is solely based on the fact that she identifies as a Muslim and wears a hijab, that would be astonishingly bigoted indeed. Yes, there are many things in Islamic tradition that contradict human rights, but the same thing holds true to a significant extent of all major religions, and an enormous majority of people try to strike a compromise and maintain a balance between their traditional identity and heritage and their allegiance to modern values. Until somebody has actively tried to practice or support violence and oppression based on his religion, one simply cannot assume that he would.

        1. FF, islam in all its forms is evil because it denies individual human beings of their Natural Law Rights. That the other Abrahamic religions do also does not give islam a pass. Islam is flat out incompatible with Liberty and as such I oppose that evil philosophy the same as other anti-Liberty philosophies.

          1. So, you are against freedom of religion in the name of “liberty”.

            You honestly are making this claim with a straight face?

            1. John, a straw man argument because I am not against freedom of religion and said no such thing. Opposing a philosophy is not the same as denying the right of others to practice said philosophy. However, one does not get to enjoy any rights one wishes to deny others. The philosophy of Liberty (the NAP really) does not deny anyone their right of practicing their own philosophy but the philosophy of islam does not reciprocate that right. I care not what a man believes so long as he does not try to force me to submit to his beliefs. Can islam say the same? Do you think islam is compatible with Western Liberty?

              1. According to Pew, 3.45 million Muslims were residing in the US in 2017. If their values are not compatible with *your* ‘Western Liberty’ ETF are they all doing here, genius – legislating sharia law?

                1. John, there is a vast difference between muslims living in the US and muslims living in the US and assimilating into the Western culture. 3.5 million muslims are not enough to effect major changes. Yet. Do you really think the US and Western culture will not be forever changed if muslims become 51% or better of the population? Already there are no go zones in major muslim areas like Detroit and yes there are calls by muslims for sharia law in the US. The simple fact of the matter is that islamic philosophy is incompatible with Liberty and Western society. They are here to destroy Western society not join it.

  5. The weakest link are the order followers.

    1. Kathleen, great take. Obedience to evil is not a virtue.

  6. Listening to a mental midget like Max Boot lecture us about the antics of a hateful “freedom fighter” like Elliott Abrams is akin to wasting dynamite to expand the size of the Grand Canyon. And since when should democracy be the ultimate goal of United States foreign policy?

    Maybe it really is their ultimate goal…which is why the swamp that is Washington, DC needs to be drained. We need to import some good Dutch engineers to work on draining that swamp fast, since it’s obvious Americans don’t want to do that kind of dirty work anymore.

    And with apologies to Toby Kieth, maybe someone can put Max Boot up Elliott Abrams’ ass. They belong together. And the fact that they both are connected to the worldwide criminal organization known as the Council on Foreign Relations is enough to throw them to the sharks. Even Venezuela deserves better than these two reprobates.

  7. What is happening here?

    Tulsi Gabbard and Ilhan Omar. Two outspoken truth-tellers in Congress, millennial women of color stating undeniable truths based in hard facts, pissing off TPTB to a degree that is startling, sobering, nearly frightening. Masks are dropping everywhere, empty plastic smiles strew the hallways, velvet gloves slip off slowly, carefully. The hatred is right there, palpable.

    Could there be a strange new alignment in the heavens? Did the crack in everything abruptly widen? Has the hundredth monkey opened its eyes?

    How can we the people support these two courageous women? Seriously: what must we do at this time to keep the channels open?

    1. Right on S BLACK! Call the devils out to their face. Reminds me of Chavez at the UN putting the finger on Bush.

  8. Ghoulish is the correct description of Elliott ‘Iran-Contra’ Abrams. That he was recently appointed to do his usual dirty mischief is a big flashing sign of where this is going.

  9. Hopefully with time the Congresswoman will get to read Danner’s book and develop a more nuanced view. There is no question but that Carter, Reagan and their associates were naive, ill informed and inappropriately gave the leaders in El Salvador the benefit of the doubt. Arming the El Salvador Army was like giving a ten year old a machine gun but I served in Central American for six years back then and the US did not control the natives. Some societies, to include Somalia, where the good Congresswoman comes from, are not at a level yet that justifies allowing them to have access to lethal force. We can blame them and Abrams for ignorance, credulity etc. but they did not have a good sense of what happened until much later when a full investigation was done. Lastly, the US is demographically dramatically different than in 1982. The US is largely a Latin American country now.

    1. Just read and consider ‘The Conspirators’ by Al Martin on Iran-Contra narcotics and arms trafficking abetted by the Bush’s and Clinton’s, CIA, ONI, DOD, FBI, and the four hundred murdered as part of the cover up operation. Elliott Abrams was an agent of that conspiracy.

    2. Or to rephrase that slightly ” Some societies, to include the USA, where the good Congresswoman comes from, are not at a level yet that justifies allowing them to have access to lethal force”.

  10. I notice a strong similarity between the articles and comments on Caitlin’s website and the movie “Groundhog Day”. Themes/patterns keep getting repeated time and time and time again and there is, up today, anyway, never a truly new day that dawns. In other words, nothing ever gets decided or resolved.
    Just exactly whydo readers of Caitlin’s articles make comments, as opposed to simply reading the articles and moving on? There may be several reasons – among them, for example, simply to congratulate Caitlin for writing them. But others write comments for the same reason that Caitlin writes articles – they want to influence or “bring around” readers to their way of thinking or their way of seeing the world. But why should anyone do that, especially if they’re not expecting any remuneration?
    IMO the answer is because those latter commenters realize that there is something dreadfully, fatally wrong with the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it system; that push is coming to shove in our nuclear-armed world; and there will likely be a nuclear exchange in the near future. They know that writing “their” political representatives has been proven to be useless. They have seen that participating in huge anti-war protests in the past did nothing to stop wars. So they take any opportunity they can to make themselves heard, including making comments on this website. I am one of them.
    Now down to brass tacks.
    Bolton, Pompeo, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Haley, Kissinger etc.; when all of these “VIPs” were born, there was a political/economic “system” in place. Just after WWII, it was a system that was remarkably similar to the one now. The VIPs employed the system just after WWII held “important positions” in that rigid system of that day. But the VIPs of 1945, probably already in their 50s, 60s, 70s or even 80s, could not keeps their VIP jobs forever (too bad, right?). They had to be replaced by other human beings – other human beings whose attitudes, education, upbringing resulted in them being, essentially, clones of the VIPs they would replace. They HAD to be clones because the foundation stones,. American Exceptionalism and “greed is good”, of our Elite’s purportedly “perfect system” had to be maintained without substantial change.
    We know that the infants that eventually would become the clones of the VIPs were incapable of behaving that way “right out of the womb”, but somehow, by “nature” or “nurture”, they did indeed become those clones. The most important question for our nuclear-armed world is: which was it, nature or nurture? The answer to that question is important because if it is “nurture” (the particular matrix that each of these infants just happened to be born into), that means that there is a glimmer of hope for humanity.
    Of course we hope that the parents of every single infant want what is “best” for their children. But we notice that many of the present-day VIPs had parents who were also VIPs. Those VIP parents and the schools they chose to “educate” their children taught their children in such a way that they would become the clones that would replace the VIPs of the past. The question is, just exactly what were they taught? Just exactly how did they “have to be” in order to make it to their VIP positions of today? (Why do the Elite say to each other that Agent Orange is not “fit” to be POTUS?)
    Again, they had to be clones of those they replaced because they had to “carry on” the “tradition” of their predecessors. In short, when it comes to becoming a VIP in the present government and its high-level departments, they had to become the monstrous psychopaths that their predecessors were so that they, like Abrams, etc. would carry on the “tradition” of killing while feeling absolutely no compassion for their victims.
    Infants are not born monsters. They are taught “in such a way” that they become VIP monsters. Therefore, what must be changed is the whatever, wherever, matrix that creates those monsters, not “human nature”!
    I know with absolute certainty that living a peaceful life is possible because I live in a neighborhood where people get along quite well. Nobody is trying to get the upper-hand on their neighbors. Nobody’s “changing the regime” of their neighbor. Nobody’s murdering their neighbor. Nobody’s droning people on the other side of town. If our neighborhood can live this way, so can the rest of the world, including those living in DC and Arlington.
    However, and its a big however, under certain emergency circumstances, most people might suddenly “find it in themselves” to kill another human being with their own hands, or accept their government committing genocide in a far-enough-away place on the globe in order to steal resources, etc.. Again, all we have to do is make sure that those emergency circumstances never happen and we’ll all be just fine.
    Once again and again and again and yet again, with even more feeling, the problem is that the ancient whatever-you-want-to-call-it system that we still live in today has always absolutely required, and still absolutely requires, perpetual war and perpetual growth in a world where “enemies” and “competitors” now have nuclear weapons; Mother Earth can’t support even the present population, let alone a larger one; and those VIP monsters will do absolutely anything to keep this fatally-flawed system exactly as it is.

    1. My view is that from the institutions created to fight WW2 emerged what we today call the deep state. The OSS was expert as intrigue, deception, murder, influence, and the double-cross. Even during the war it was under the direct influence of Wall Street – Allen Dulles came out of Wall Street board rooms. The OSS became the CIA and keep growing in all respects, even to running its own foreign policy funded by off the books operations. Consider the military planning for the Normandy invasion that included deception, disinformation to confuse the enemy, operational command structures, etc, all of which was not unwound after the war but continued to grow in all respects. Those structures and institutions engineered Cold War v1, and the same are today engineering Cold War v2 that is going up against Russia and China at the same time which the US cannot win and shows a kind of insanity.

      The US is not the same country from before the war, after which the US slipped into an ‘indispensable and exceptional’ supremacism that is explicitly acknowledged by both the dem and repub establishments that would not allow the northern hemisphere of the earth to enjoy the peace and prosperity of the end of Cold War v1. They had to have more wars, they have killed millions since. The trends are utterly depressing. I regret ever believing the US role in Cold War v1 before 1992 that was run by the same vile elites that are doing the same today.

  11. “The weakest link in this chain is the propaganda. Attack there.”
    There ya go.
    Best parts: “That was not a question.” – Omar. Good one!
    And her smiling refusal to sugar-coat the word “massacre,” knowing he knew it was true and that he wouldn’t acknowledge it. He took it as a personal attack. I wonder why?

    1. Oh yeah, and her choice of her emphasized words, “fabulous achievement” to describe the massacre were the words Abrams used to describe Abrams’ El Salvador “human rights” initiative.
      Nice touch. It was fun watching his head explode.

  12. I would have liked for her to have asked Abrams whether he has signed on the the policies of Admiral Arthur Cebrowski who called for the ruin of several countries in our hemisphere; one of which being Venezuela.

  13. KUDOS to Omar for standing up under the weight of the disapproval

  14. Given the same old well fed faces telling us who wonderful US Policies are/were, makes me want to vomit, based on the false narratives fed the people for what seems like the last 100 yrs. Led by Liars and Thieves, guess its time to pay closer attention NOW !!

  15. If you watch the video, you will get a keen sense that Rep Omar felt the full weight of her responsibility to challenge Abrams. Her voice broke and she faltered a bit in reading from her prepared questions. She even incorrectly addressed Abrams as Mr. Adams. Anyone of us who has stood before a crowd for the first or second or third time knowing what we will say is important will recognize this. She was obviously nervous, but wow, did she hold her ground against this bully. Abrams hasn’t changed one iota in the nearly 40 years since he first appeared on the political scene (aside from now having the face that he deserves). She is an exceptionally brave woman to take this on her shoulders, knowing as she must know now that she does not have the support or good will of the corrupt establishment Democrats behind her.

  16. Glad to see someone stand up to the warpigs but I think the bigger story is the King of the Warpigs Netanyahu’s tweet. Anyone with a brain can see that israel is desperate for a war on Iran so I question the timing of his twitter “Freudian slip”. I guess the question is Who does the US go to war with first, Iran or Venezuela?

    1. It looks like The Donald really stepped in it this time. With Bolton, Pompeo and now Abrams, the War Party is in the driver’s seat. As the mighty long wall becomes a short porous fence, Trump is a backseat driver at best.
      Meanwhile, the IC/MSM haven’t even gotten started trashing Gabbard, the only antiwar voice left since Trump has been effectively muzzled. Acknowledging the Juan guy and selecting Abrams shows that they found the kryptonite for SuperTrump. Might have been that over-the-top raid on Stone.
      All the media pundits were scratching their heads wondering why all the firepower for St Mueller’s next victim. He’s so vain, even Stone thought they were sending the message to him. No, the message was to Trump & family. This was more than a Gestapo tactic – it was a mob warning. Frankly, I’m amazed he lasted as long as he did after the Demonrats became Neocons.

      1. Besides Gabbard there is also Marianne Williamson, who is now also running for president. She seems (to me) to be leading the voice of sanity.

  17. >The weakest link in this chain is the propaganda. Attack there.

    This is true. But they have a lot of it. US intelligence bots and disinformation operatives put out, I would guess, millions of comments online each day. They outnumber the entire population. They’ve also designed their message to be overwhelming in and of itself. They radicalize the population so that it begins to parrot the already overwhelming supply of bots.

    How do you attack this?

    1. Exactly like you just did. Expose the fact that this is happening. Explia to real humans what is actually happening. The overwhelming propaganda machine that they employ against us.

      Explain with facts, with examples. Not just irrational emotions, but show people how it is actually happening when it is happening. Help them open the eyes to the incredible well-oiled machine that produces narratives for us and uses every trick in the book to shut down other voices and make it appear like their narrative is the only possible truth.

      And better show it not to the choir that already knows this (like here), but in places where the propaganda is the most prevalent. Go there and break the spell there.

      That is our only hope, I think. To start waking people up to how we are being manipulated.

  18. The El Mazote massacre was truly horrifying, and Abrams justified it.

  19. Rep. Omar was the real Fabulous Achievement. I just read the book about it. Attack on El Mazote. It was worse than anything carried out by the SS during World War Two. The all day calculated sadism the way they executed the operation. Heinrich Himmler and Adolph Eichman were executed as war criminals.

    1. We in the US have become the Nazis. We are led by war criminals. They don’t even bother to hide it.

      1. Sadly, you are entirely correct. We have become the Evil Empire our mothers warned us about. And as much as we can grouse about the few sh***y people at the top doing all the dirty work, every day we as peasants do nothing makes us more complicit in this. If we as citizens are powerless to stop this Evil, then we are worthless.

    2. Your comment does not relate in any way to the article, nor does it make any sense whatsoever, no matter what context one puts it in.

  20. Abrams is what dogs leave behind in the desert, it’s called a “turd”, and this beautiful lady Omar made it very CLEAR, that is what Abrams & the Democrats are. Every breath that comes from them smells just like one! :))
    The United Nation of Scum Bags, has a very similar smell, but worse, where it comes out! Have a quick read of their support for the Venezuelan Coup, and how they plan to assist Uncle Sam to put his boot across the throat of Venezuela!

  21. Glory Hallelujah–someone speaking truth to power in the halls of Congress. Never thought I’d see the day that it was actually a congressperson.
    I hope she can keep it up. She seems to have the required cojones. I for one am behind her.

  22. Thank you for sharing this! I’ll have to write Representative Omar a thank you note as well.
    On the question of time, the way these hearings are conducted nowadays is that each representative gets a fixed amount of time. An old hand like war criminal Abrams will try to use that to filibuster and use up that time. That’s why he was trying to get control, to prevent any more questions or statements by Rep Omar by using up all of her time.

  23. Could Representative Omar have held the witness, Elliot Abrams, in contempt of Congress and had him taken into custody by the guards?
    Just wondering.

    1. I wondered the same thing. She should have. This guy is a piece of human rubbish.

  24. Dang, Caitlin, just when I was settled into you being one of my favorites, you resort to ad-hominem attacks. It’s beneath you. This kind of discourse is about as useful as a kid screaming in a restaurant, and I have no time for it. Back to the quest for level-headed analysis … ciao!

    1. Chris, the Truth needs to get out I to the World now. And the days of controlling the Narrative, propaganda from the side that controlled all the power is coming to an end. It sounds like it will be a struggle for you. We all wish you well. Btw, call her statements whatever you’d like and while you’re coming up with your labels and assessments, think of all the innocents killed in the past at the hands of American policy/actions she speaks of. They had no voice.

    2. I detect a note of sarcasm, Chris. Hopefully, you’re not being serious. If you are, you paid no attention to her charges.

    3. Calling a human monster a human monster is certainly fair, and accurate in this case. Begone.

    4. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Chris!

  25. I don’t know much about Abrams except when people call him a monster they give examples, and when other people call him an angel they have none. All I can conclude is that the people praising Abrams likewise have black souls.

  26. These are dark days, indeed.

    I loved when Ilhan Omar said, That was not a question!

    We should all be making these statements.

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