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Meghan McCain Is A Fake, Blubbering Asshole

Some traditions say that having children is the same as attaining immortality. In the case of Meghan McCain, the apple certainly didn’t fall far from the warmongering psychopath.

The View is an American morning talk show in which current events are discussed by a panel of women with radically diverse political beliefs ranging from Democratic Party neoconservatism all the way to Republican Party neoconservatism. Within this microscopic Overton window of public discourse, the subject of the House debate over a resolution to denounce Ilhan Omar’s criticisms of America’s involvement with the Israeli government came up at the beginning of the show today.

And it made Meghan McCain cry.

Joy Behar introduced the topic, with her only criticism of the smear campaign against Omar being that Democrats are targeting their own instead of Trump. Abby Huntsman jumped in to say that it’s “shocking” and “a bad look” that the House can’t immediately pass a resolution targeting Omar, expressing sympathy for Nancy Pelosi for having to deal with “these more extreme voices in her party.”

From that point up until the commercial break, the show was about John McCain’s daughter.

“Um, this issue is a really intense one for me,” began McCain. She went on to bash Omar’s perfectly legitimate and truthful observations about the influence of the Israel lobby in US politics and the loyalty US politicians of all faiths display towards the Israeli government, premising all her arguments on the unquestioned assumption that those observations are intrinsically antisemitic “tropes” and “dog whistles” despite their not being targeted at Jews at all.

“We can have conversations all day long about how you feel about Palestinian politics, how you feel about Israeli politics, how you feel about Netanyahu [McCain pronounced it “Netanyatoo”], but in the same way that I fear what’s happening with Corbyn in the UK, I fear that it’s seeping its way over here into the United States.”

As we discussed recently, the accusations of antisemitism against Jeremy Corbyn are an entirely baseless smear which only emerged when the UK establishment found itself facing the very real prospect of having a government led by a populist leftist who believes in economic justice, ending wars, and supporting Palestinian rights. With Omar the same smear campaign is being used to marginalize an outspoken mainstream voice who is criticizing US foreign policy not just with regard to Israel, but with targets for US regime change interventionism like Venezuela as well. Contrary to the condescending claims of her liberal peers, Omar has been masterfully arguing her points without ever inadvertently advancing any actual antisemitic tropes; the accusations stem solely from willful distortions of the actual words she’s been saying.

Behar and McCain dialogued a bit about why Omar focuses so much on Israel, and not for example the human rights violations in Iran, completely ignoring the obvious fact that Israel is a close ally that the US backs militarily and supports with tens of billions of dollars annually while Iran is a longtime US target for regime change.

Only one of the four panelists came anywhere close to defending Omar. Sunny Hostin pointed out that they’d just recently had on virulent Israel defender Bari Weiss, who assured them that it is indeed acceptable to talk about Israel’s policies without being labeled antisemitic.

“Where it crosses the line is when you say that Israel does not have a right to exist,” Hostin said. “That is where it crosses the line. Omar has never said that Israel does not have the right to exist.”

Hostin went on to criticize Republicans for hypocrisy and using Omar’s comments as a “wedge issue”, with McCain trying to interrupt and growing visibly more distressed.

“Are you comfortable with me speaking now? Are we comfortable with me rebutting now?” Meghan asked above audience applause for Hostin’s comments. “So she also said that Israel has hypnotized the world, suggested that Jews in Israel have bought US politicians, ‘All about the Benjamins’, implied that American Jews have divided loyalties and it’s okay for people to push allegiance to a foreign country.”

This is all bullshit. Again, Omar has been navigating this terrain so skillfully that the only way to make her comments seem antisemitic is to willfully distort them. AIPAC, the lobby group Omar criticized, is an American lobby firm funded by people of all faiths including many fundamentalist Christians, and Omar never came remotely close to implying that “American Jews” have divided loyalties.

“I take this very personally,” McCain said, her lip beginning to tremble. “I would go so far as to say I probably verge on being a Zionist as well. But I will say that I don’t have family that is Jewish, but Joe Lieberman and Haddassah Lieberman are my family. And I take the hate crimes rising in this country very seriously, and I think what’s happening in Europe is getting really scary.”

McCain was not far off claiming Joe Lieberman as family, seeing as Lieberman and her father collaborated toward war agendas so famously that Salon once published an article titled “McCain, Lieberman and Graham: The Senate’s three war-crazed amigos“. So that’s about as close as you’ll get to an admission from McCain that this garment rending about Ilhan Omar has nothing to do with antisemitism and everything to do with support for hawkish US foreign policy. She made no mention in her tearful lament about antisemitism in Europe of the fact that her father actively colluded with neo-Nazis in the 2014 US-backed coup in Ukraine.

“I’m sorry if I’m getting emotional,” McCain said with her voice trembling but no visible tears. “But the idea that this is politicized, I’m really not–I was very nervous to talk about this on this show because I thought it would become politicized, and it really shouldn’t be. On both sides it should be called out. And just because I don’t technically have Jewish family that are blood-related to me doesn’t mean I don’t take this as seriously. And it is very dangerous, very dangerous. What Ilhan Omar is saying is very scary to me and is very scary a lot of people. And I don’t think you have to be Jewish to recognize that.”

So to recap, Meghan McCain is extremely emotional about things Ilhan Omar did not say, because her father and Joe Lieberman used to plan wars together. Furthermore, she doesn’t believe comments made explicitly and exclusively about political bodies and political dynamics should be politicized.

This all happens just a couple of weeks after Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s appearance on The View, where McCain called Gabbard an “Assad apologist” to her face and accused her of “spouting propaganda from Syria.” And you just know Daddy McCain was so proud, looking up at her from his demonic torture rack.

You might be thinking it’s lucky that Meghan McCain has not followed her father into political life, but consider the fact that Joe Scarborough once turned down an easy shoe-in run for the US Senate because he decided that he could have more influence on public policy as a popular morning television host than he could as one of 100 senators. The crux of real power lies not in politics, but in narrative control, and Meghan McCain has placed herself squarely in a place of strong narrative influence.

Every time she opens up that crimson mouth to spout her father’s toxic ideas, they enter into the minds of voting Americans from coast to coast, and they have an impact. Expect to see McCain use every tool at her disposal, including crocodile tears, to continue advancing the violent interests of the US-centralized empire for as long as she’s on television.


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  • Somewhere in the process of political brainwashing, inbreeding and yearning for the good old days of death and famine during the Confederacy, the gene for self respect was turned off for Miss Yellow Hair. In order to have a media job, she will defend Donald Trump to death for any wrongdoing.The man who is so glad her father is gone. For a self proclaimed feminist who mourns her father in the media constantly, she sure does have orange stains on her pouty Republican self hating lips.

  • I’m eagerly awaiting the treatise Meghan McLame will deliver about the evils of Assad without invoking the lies her father told her.

  • Since the attack on Iraq in 2003 there have been many questioning Israels’ role in conjouring the further attacks on the other countries.They obviously hate Muslims with a vengence (ie: Palestinians) and it appears they have used America (and the EU (via Blair) and NATO to do their mass murdering for them using goyim debt-slave taxes to fund it.The sleeping public (except deluded Christian Zionists) are only now beginning to ask questions, even after the obvious holes in the official 9/11 narrative. The appearance of Ilhan Omar facing off the Zionist arch-demon of war himself ,Abrams, was too much for the 99% Zionist Congress and threw them into the classic anti-Semetic smokescreen trick to deflect from some very un-anti Semetic questions about the AIPAC influence over Foreign Policy (mass murder and theft). It took one young woman of courage and high Islamic principles to do what hundreds of men could not.

  • It would seem that most people on thus site “get it” so my recommendation of an excellent book to read re: all of the above … The International Jew The World’s Foremost Problem by Henry Ford might be redundant, but just the first chapter tells you everything you need to know. I knew this before but I now REALLY KNOW and have a much better understanding of how it all came to be…. it matters it really matters… we need to speak up and quit being intimidated by their anti-Semitism club!

  • Have another doughnut, or two, Meghan.

  • You are wrong, Caitlin! Meghan is not a fake asshole. She is a genuine asshole.

  • McCann was a shabbat goy who took care of the shit pile while his handlers were partying with Netanyahu in Israel’s infamous Sodom and Gomorrah International Gay Parade: Oy Vey!

  • Once upon a fairytale and a life of illusion,

    Verboten, (Forbidden) is the forked tongue and sins of the McCain’s… Look into the history of the McCain dynasty, the father, the son, and the holy ghost… aka… the Zionist mafia connections of historic family ties. Here the underbelly of the McCain sins will twist the mind of the law abiding citizen… (Oxymoron). Zionism runs in their blood, and when researching the Jewish Mafia, one finds that the printed press is controlled by the latter… Now, is this a statement of anti-Semitic rhetoric? To coin a phrase… Is it hate speak… the truth is fundamental to inquire about rumor and substance. Yet, the average propagandized citizen of OZ, cannot peak behind the curtain of fractured history and the pen of the victors controlling the conditioned narrative of the mafia media. ‘IT’S NOT TRUE”?… but it is well documented by the few who do their research. Does it matter what race you are if you’re a mafia insider? No, but the apple does not fall far from the tree…
    Mafia history goes way back folks to the Machiavelli, Turkey, Spain… Sephardic and Ashkenazi history… (Khazarian) Yes folks, even the Chicago Mob and the New York mob. Arizona? Yes and Yes… This Hewish culture has been demonized for millennia and they had to become stealthy to survive in a world of Christian haters perverted by the Popes of religious dope Zealots… and the false religion of Churchianity.

    Zionist Christians on the dumb down, dumbed up to except Jewidism as Christian philosophy… This is the current state of Zionist Churchianity that supports Israel and the state of Rothschild English Belfour created banker hegemony… here is where most Jews get the short end of the stick. They are subject to the evils of Churchianitity and the Zionist plague of those that say they are Jews and are not. Yes folks, the sins of the twentieth century church! The first century church has been usurped by the long term effects of religious rhetoric and the inquisition of Papal Jewidism … You may say what does it matter? It’s just another r religious clusterfuck! And you would be right! Because the story of Jesus is a Jewish story and Goyim Christians have excepted Jewidism as their second religion, In fact, many orthodox Jewish rabbis say that Christianity is a Idolatry religion. This all makes sense in the matrix of the Jewish story and the flatulence of the romans and Jews that conjured the story and called it the new testament? Who destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem, 70 CE, The Jews?… As well, created the Diaspora of a people without a nation… If you said the Romans you would be right! Pagans that worshiped a conjure of many gods… It’s like the pot calling the kettle black… We are all Romans in Christian clothing says the Pope of historical dope! But most of us have no clue who is running the political Dichotomy of Sodomy, a phraseology used to describe democracy and mob rule.
    Much money passes the fulcrum of Sunday morning Christian Judiacs as the plate of plenty is passed thru the pews of praying idolaters and the Zionist preaching from the pulpit of Papal Dope. I’m sure the heretic is in the fog of truth as the big lies are excepted as holier than thou? What is my point? Am I a Christian or a Jew??? And is McCain just as stupid in her rhetoric of truth by deception… the latter an oxymoron, because she would not know her ass from the condition of her pathetic education of intelligencia dogma false narrative, any more than the rest of the citizens of OZ that think politics in not a religion! The Mafioso is what politic is all about…and those that think they are sane intellectuals are nothing more than pied pipers of papal dopamine. This, even the drug lords are unable to control the flow of dumfounded logic… Hell is on earth in the form of politic and the sinners are us! I have seen the enemy in the mirror of time and somehow see the image, I see is ME!
    Lord forgive my sin!  For none are without the latter! THEEND…

    • Like your humour, spot on.

  • It pains me to read the words these people spout.
    Do they not realize they are behaving like chronically dishonest idiots – meaning bad liars.
    However, I think one of Omars greatest accomplishments is getting these “important” people talking – revealing themselves and there thinking for what it is.
    Please america listen, this is what is running the show in our government, these are the political mainstream, influencers. Just please listen and ask yourself: Does this really make sense?
    Omar and Gabber are shining a bright light on the zombie cockroaches serving as our representatives and they are squealing in horror. Sqeal you MF’ers! Let it ring-out!
    I await anxiously further constructive input from these excellent ladies and the many others who are helping – we need to lift together to dump these mccarthian/war mongering, really bad people in the slime pit from which they emerged.

  • Free Manning / Free Assange and others.

  • Caitlyn ~
    As you know, these TV celebrities are all cogs in the machine manufacturing consent. From Rachel Maddow to Sean Hannity to Whoopie Goldberg to Meghan McCain. All the world’s indeed a stage and these are merely players.

    Want to see how the machine works? Check this out from Swiss Research Propaganda:

    The Logic of US Foreign Policy
    The American Empire and Its Media
    The Propaganda Multiplier

    all of which live in this single handy dandy location for your reference:


  • I had to throw out my blow up sex doll. Thanks a lot Meghan!

  • Charles Robinson Are your lemon trees flowering yet? The flowers smell wonderful!

  • We should try to start a rumor that watching The View will cause you to go blind , kinda like the way adults used to try to convince kids that masturbation was bad for them. The nice thing is that in the former case , unlike the latter , the rumor would be largely correct.

  • In case anyone needs a reminder:
    all “religions” are just a tool used by the managers of so called religions to control the “faithful”.

  • I made the mistake of clicking the the first link, You need to put a “too stupid to watch ” warning sign up for Abby Huntsperson, I couldn’t finish the article. Will have to have more coffee and try again.

    • I got to 1:37 before I shut it down. I could actually hear my neurons popping as they committed mass suicide. I’m pretty sure that if I had watched to the end , I’d be in a nursing home right now. A warning would indeed be appropriate.

  • Anti-Semitism was epitomized by those with such extreme hate that they killed all Jews via pograms and the 3rd Reich directed holocaust over centuries. Now the “anti-semitic” label has been usurped by AIPAC and Israeli right wing political parties to attack all foes of their political agenda. This was not a decision made without foresight. As is said, history rhymes but does not exactly repeat. Israel as a nuclear power that will never allow a systematic slaughter of Jews to occur again. So human barbarism has moved on to other targets and the last decade suggests those targets may be Muslims.

    • You are wrong on two counts, Israel WILL be decimated, and left a smoking ruin! Secondly, Israel and Muslims are in bed together mate, for the benifit of Israel of course. And on another count, the holocaust was run by Zionist Jews, of which Churchil was a member, along with 30,000 NAZI members who paraded along the streets of Chicago, PRIOR to WW2. Please note I said PRIOR!!

    • I hate to mention this, but the 3d Reich didn’t exist for centuries. It only existed from 1933 to 1945. The use of the “anti-semitic” label as a weapon started about 1946, by the Anti-Defamation League. I think it’s been over-used to the point people are starting to realize how dishonest it is. This is bad, because there are actual, evil anti-semites out there and if the term is discredited it helps them.

  • No one should care if something is labeled “anti-Semetic” or not. The only thing that matters is whether what is being said is true or not and the Michael Tracey quote nailed the Truth. And that is what has the jewish puppet masters in an uproar.

  • “Where it crosses the line is when you say that Israel does not have a right to exist,” Hostin said. “That is where it crosses the line.”

    “I take this very personally,” McCain said, her lip beginning to tremble. “I would go so far as to say I probably verge on being a Zionist as well.”

    These two clowns actually show the brainwashing the Zionist are doing to the masses. Israel was not a nation state prior to 1948. A genocide was committed against the indigenous people of that land to accommodate white europeans(Manifest Destiny continued) . Today it is commemorated as the Nakba.

  • I LOVE reading your email political commentaries, poetry and stories that you share, you are an awesome writer and when I see the notification that you have released another article, I compulsively have to read it right away. Or, straight away as you might say. I don’t actually agree with probably a lot more than half of what you say but you voice is so refreshing to my American ears and eyes that I’m willing to forgive all of that.
    All that being said calling Meghan McCain an asshole and Joe Lieberman a war monger are redundancies. As a rogue journalist in high regard, you are better than this and you know that. The View is complete trash, rubbish and hogwash. The ratings for this compost are in the single digits and why anyone should care about what these low energy, low IQ dimwits has to say is amazing. If people, such as yourself, would stop referring to this on camera excrement, no one would know it exists at all. The only things more inane than the hosts are the audience members who respond to applause signals like Pavlov’s dogs to the dinner bell.
    The show offers nothing at all to further the public discourse and in fact only highlightes opinions that have been rejected by the free market of ideas.

    Keep pushing the Anti War rhetoric. You’re winning in that discussion so don’t let the bastards drag you down. The movement for Peace has many real foes entrenched in the government and media swamps. The hostesses of The View are merely puppeting talking points from 1975.

    Enough with the profanity ()

  • Yeah, I have a viseral reaction to Jonny’s seed. What has she done but happening to be Johnny’s seed. Then, look at singing bird John McCain’s Vietnam record including the Vietnamese man who saved him from drowning.
    Ok, my two cents plus my lemon trees.

  • Another bloodthirsty bitch in the hands of pious pimps of power ,where god is money ,where the earth is a commodity to be destroyed for profit. Moreover, it is imperative that we always stand behind someone like Tulsi, Omar, and like who represent the intellectual, cultural, and political integrity of people is attacked by the backward, albeit powerful, forces of the Zionist movement

  • “The View is an American morning talk show in which current events are discussed by a panel of women with radically diverse political beliefs ranging from Democratic Party neoconservatism all the way to Republican Party neoconservatism. Within this microscopic Overton window of public discourse, …”

    And that is the extent of political discourse within the heart of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

    Well said Johnstone.

  • If you read the comments on the View piece, you’ll see that most viewer didn’t buy McCain’s B.S. Tulsi got overwhelming support for her anti-regime change position. She’s my choice for POTUS. Send her a contribution ($1 will do). She needs 65,000 contributors to qualify for the DNC debate stage.

  • She is her father’s daughter. She had no choice -she has his DNA and the brainwashing she was subjected to growing up. She has been living in her own “Hanoi Hilton”. Maybe best to simply ignore her, like everyone is ignoring Guido in Venezuela. Two empty simpletons with no clue what real humane values are.

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