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Russiagate Skeptics Rightly Boast About Being Proven 100% Correct

There is nothing more epic than a Youtube video by Jimmy Dore immediately after he has been proven right about something. It’s thunderous. It’s unequivocal. And it happens a lot.

“Now, I’ve gotten Russiagate right here,” Dore said in a new video following revelations about the finalized Mueller report that there will be no further indictments, leaving the grand total of Americans charged with Russian conspiracy at exactly zero.

“I did that in my garage,” Dore added. “Those other stations didn’t do that. Not because they don’t have the resources I have. They did that ’cause they didn’t want to. They did that ’cause they weren’t interested in the truth. They did that because what they wanted to do was fuckin’ get Donald Trump so bad they were willing to turn off their critical thinking skills and just listen to their lizard brains. And they wrecked America in the process. And we stood up against it, and we got smeared for standing up against it, and we still get smeared.”

“Congratulations to everyone here, congratulations to our crew,” Dore said. “Congratulations to Ron and Steph and everybody, congratulations to Aaron Maté and Max Blumenthal and Kyle Kulinski, and whoever else got this right; it’s a small club, it’s a short list. And we took a lot of slings and arrows for it, and we’re still taking. People hate you when you out-left them. We out-lefted everybody, and we did it in the right way. And so congratulations to you guys, congratulations to myself, congratulations to this show, and thank God I didn’t try to get into journalism school but I tried to get into comedy first. Because if I was trying to get into that club, I would be just as shitty as the reporters at the Washington Post, the New York Times, MSNBC and CNN, and half the Youtubers, and we’re not. We did a much better job.”

Dore’s sentiments are being echoed around the small sphere of progressive political commentators who’ve been saying since the beginning that Russiagate was a pernicious lie advanced by secretive government agencies who’ve been plotting to shove Russia off the world stage since the fall of the Soviet Union, by the Democrats who’ve had a vested interest in avoiding accountability for their failures and malfeasance in the 2016 election, and by the mass media who’ve been reaping extreme profits by peddling the clickbait sensationalist conspiracy theory that the Kremlin has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government.

And rightly so. It is good that these alternative media figures are puffing their chests and shouting their I-told-you-sos, because you can be absolutely certain that the people who’ve been advancing the Russiagate narrative will never go out of their way to acknowledge the undeniable fact that they have been proven wrong while there were voices standing to their left getting it right. The mainstream narrative will do its very best to pace mainstream attention away from the inconvenient fact that there was abundant evidence contradicting a narrative which monopolized public energy for more than two years while manufacturing support for dangerous cold war escalations and sucking all oxygen out of the room for discussion of progressive reforms, so it is absolutely necessary for those voices who have been vindicated to make noise about it themselves.

“How’s this one looking?” asked Aaron Maté on Twitter, linking to a post he made last year correctly predicting the outcome of the Mueller investigation: “My prediction, FWIW: 0 indictments/claims of a Trump-Russia conspiracy. Mueller throws faithful a bone w/ suggestive wording like ‘questionable/suspicious/unexplained’ activity. We’re left w/ indictments unrelated to collusion/campaign, or for process crimes resulting from probe.”

“Russiagate skeptics will be vindicated as we expected to be, but those responsible for this fake neocon intrigue got a new Cold War, record defense budgets, and a McCarthyite political atmosphere to denigrate opponents of permanent war,” tweeted journalist Max Blumenthal. “A waste of energy and a setback for peace.”

“Early on, I argued with Rep. Jamie Raskin that Trump should be opposed on a principled, progressive basis – not with a phony intel intrigue cooked up by spooks and Clinton dead enders,” Blumenthal added. “Like most Dems, he went with Russiagate & wound up emboldening Trump.”

“For almost three years I’ve been lambasted every single day for ‘defending Trump’ because I rejected that there was ample evidence for a Trump/Russia global espionage conspiracy,” tweeted journalist Michael Tracey. “You know who was really ‘defending Trump’ after all? The people who promoted this nonsense.”

“I’m not gleeful – just disgusted that much of the US media spent 2 years spreading baseless (but very dangerous) conspiracy theories and mindlessly believing what their CIA, NSA and FBI sources whispered to them without seeing evidence – yet again,” tweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald.

“The Mueller news is exactly what I expected and told you would happen,” tweeted Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski. “But relax, centrist dems, I also predicted that when Trump is no longer POTUS he will be indicted on financial crimes, and this will also come to pass.”

Clear-eyed leftists got Russiagate right while everyone else got it wrong because they were the only group ideologically positioned to do so. People defending Trump on the right were doing so out of blind partisan loyalty while ignoring out of necessity what has long been the single most damning piece of evidence against Russiagate: the fact that Trump has been advancing insanely aggressive escalations against Russia and its allies, thereby showing him to be at least as much of a neocon-coddling establishment crony as his predecessors. Those advancing the narrative from the Democratic Party-aligned “center” are far too eager for any excuse to bust Trump and far too trusting of the same mass media outlets which lied us into the Iraq war. This leaves only the true left (EDIT: and a few principled libertarians and nonpartisans) to see things with lucidity, and only the most lucid among them saw it.

For a clear-eyed leftist, it’s been an exhausting couple of years. The effort to hold on to facts and evidence while being buffeted by relentless waves of gaslighting propaganda has been tough and many have lost friends and allies on the way. These lies have created a highly toxic environment by leeching poison into the natural discourse and halting the progression of our species. Most people who got swept up in the Russiagate fervor were manipulated by their disgust for Trump and their desire to get him out, no matter if it was true or not. I think the great lesson here is that you can’t out-manipulate the grand manipulators. You have to stick to the truth even when it appears to go against your own self interests because your ego has levers and it can be used to puppet you. If you always value the highest interest over your self interest then you can’t be played. Demand evidence and keep demanding it until you get it. If you do, change your mind, if you don’t, stick to your guns. That’s the only way we’ll get out of here alive.

I am really happy to see everyone congratulating each other on social media. For those of you who think this is a little unseemly, let that go right now. Pat yourself on the back and make sure you give others props too. Make thank you lists of people who held strong and send them out on social media. Write “I told you so” posts. It’s important that we mark a line in the sand right now or else the gaslighting will continue and history will be written over. Say it loud and proud that you were right, and they were wrong. The manipulators’ efforts will now go into getting people to delay their reactions for as long as possible (“Wait until we’ve seen the report!”) while they move the goalposts (“It was always about *insert anything but Russian collusion here* for me”) and/or memory hole the whole deal by saying as little as possible and moving the news cycle as quickly as they can on to the next thing. If we all stand around being polite, they will get away with it. Don’t let them. Make this one stick.


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Latest comments

  • Were all these presstitutes really that stupid, or were they operating with just half a brain combined between all of them?

    I have always enjoyed seeing a group of less-deserving nincompoops be this wrong about something they knew very little about, yet pretended to know all the details before anyone else about it. In the end, they deserve a collective colonoscopy with a hot poker.

    Or maybe they’ll just go to the nearest outhouse and have a collective brain drain.

  • “Russigate is over??? Nothing’s over until we decide it is!”

  • All fine and good Caitlin, but to be honest, I’m getting tired of saying “I told you so”… Not just about Russia-gate, but how about Iran-Contra? Or Kuwaiti incubator babies. 9/11 and WMDs… And the list goes on and on.
    Sensing a pattern here? Am tired of being a Cassandra.

    • URGENT, watch this now before it is taken down!
      “What They Dont Want You to See in The NZ Mosque Shooting Video – And Its Not “CGI”

    • In this video she’s trying to paint this shooter as a leftist somehow. In his manifesto (displayed on the screen) he describes himself as an ethno-nationalist, but she misreads it and says that he claims to be an “eco-nationalist”… wow, that’s a new one on me. Later in the shooter’s manifesto when asked if he is a conservative he says no, because conservatism is corporatism and he wants no part of it. Not sure of the point she’s trying to make, but I think that in general we should stop categorizing people in broad terms like left wing and right wing. It would be more productive to focus on the merit of specific ideas and whether they would make the lives of the majority of the world’s population better or worse. For example, shooting people out of racist hatred… bad. Being against conservatism and corporatism… good, even if that opinion happens to be shared by a bad person.

  • ‘Most people who got swept up in the Russiagate fervor were manipulated by their disgust for Trump and their desire to get him out, no matter if it was true or not.’

    Yes. I, too, suspect that most of those people hadn’t been especially jingoistic to begin with – most of them probably hadn’t cared about foreign policy issues all that much until then. They were just tempted by the prospect of beating Al Capone on tax evasion, so to speak – of defeating an ideological/partisan enemy by using a non-ideological/non-partisan issue. The problem is that if you don’t take the ideological debate head-on, if you don’t honestly base your opposition to Trump on the issues that are your real reason to hate him, you will at best get rid of Trump the person and then get another person with all too similar issues. To defeat ideas and policies, you have to take on these ideas and policies directly and win the debate. Apparent easy roundabout ways are tempting, but bad in the long run.

  • Certainly, Johnstone must be congratulated for making the right call on Russiagate, as must Aaron Maté and others.
    Actual collusion has always seemed very unlikely. From the beginning, it was a matter of common sense that even if the Russians did choose to help Trump by trolling and/or hacking, coordinating that help with him would have been unnecessary and stupid. Even from the embarrassing Trump Jr emails, it seemed clear that there was no long-term conspiracy between the campaign and Russia that Trump Jr was aware of. Likewise, the public statement ‘Russia, give us Hillary’s emails’ was the last thing you would expect an actual Russian agent to say. And, as has been pointed out many times, the Trump administration has not acted like a Russian puppet in its foreign policy, but rather as a largely typical hardline Republican neocon administration. The overall impression has been one of an artificially amplified scandal and much ado about nothing, or at least very little, stirred up by a large segment of the political, media and security establishment.
    While I did voice the above opinions elsewhere, I can’t say that I was entirely sure about the outcome of the investigation. After all, it did seem clear that senior Trump campaign members had been as unaware as I am of various arcane American rules such as the Logan act and the Emoluments Clause, and either fell afoul of them or came close to doing so. I was unable to exclude completely the possibility that these or similar actions, as well as other instances of incompetence and stupidity, might be construed as ‘collusion’ by US authorities. More crucially, some events, such as the more farcical twists of the Skripal affair, made me more inclined to expect unnecessary and surreally stupid actions from the Russians, too. What I was sure of was that the Russiagate hysteria was a force pushing both the foreign and the domestic policy of the US in a harmful direction.
    Anyway, those who, like Johnstone and Maté, have been outspoken and categorical in their scepticism towards Russiagate and specifically the Mueller investigation all along, have earned the right to be heard with more attention than before, and that will be a good thing.

    • And hats off to Stephen Cohen, by the bye.

  • “Clear-eyed leftists got Russiagate right while everyone else got it wrong because they were the only group ideologically positioned to do so. People defending Trump on the right were doing so out of blind partisan loyalty…”

    I won’t bore you with the countless examples of right of centre pundits who endlessly proclaimed “no evidence has been presented for Russian collusion outside the phony bought-and-paid-for Steele dossier”, with only minor variations. It was something that Fox News’ Sean Hannity and his guests proclaimed pretty well every evening for the past year and a half. As a leftist, I’m no fan of Hannity or other right-wing pundits, but they got this one absolutely right, and did so for the same reasons of the few leftists such as yourself did: There was no credible evidence. Whether or not they ignored Trump’s sabre-rattling is irrelevant to this issue.

  • Re: Caitlin Johnstone on March 24 @ 4:30 PM pct
    I glad you are celebrating and emphasizing the demise of the propagandistic “false narrative” that has been so pervasive over the past 2 or 3 years, one engineered and promulgated by a serially disfunctional and corrupted government and their private corporate media stenographers. Thank you and all the erstwhile truth-tellers mentioned in your missive; and all those many others – credited or not – for believing in, contributing to, and supporting truth & reason over fiction and ideological nonsense.
    “Work is love made visible.” KG
    As Usual,

  • The World Socialist Web Site, Chris Hedges, John Pilger and Caitlin Johnstone were wise to this farce from the beginning. Congratulations all.

  • I’ve always believed that Russia-Gate was more about diverting attention from the villainous Clinton/DNC rigging of the Democratic Primary than sticking it to the Donald.

  • While the front door is inviting and the foyer decorated with symbols to invite the eyes of lust and awe… lust itself in the mesmerizing dystopian iconology of object deception in the braving world of dark energy and dark matter. Here the frequency of the eyes is deceived and the lust of the ears have no compass in the gyroscopic void of space the brain of perception inhabits, up is down and down is up, in the vacuum of space as gravity seems none-existent. The cranial essence between the ears and eyes connote a magic devised to keep the illusion of something stable in the essence of relevance.
    Let’s take a trip through the back door, the other orifice many feel hesitant to examine… This is where the trash is stacked, metaphorically speaking…. The subject matter is kept from sight by illusion of diffusion directed at mass consumption and mass hysteria,. This keeps the invisible, non-divisible, and the cunning object of distraction separated from distinct evidence disclosure by way of deception. Supposedly, William Casey, Past tense, CIA director, was to have said… “WE WILL KNOW OUR DISINFORMATION PROGRAM is complete when everything Americans believe is false”!

    We are so brainwashed through Mainstream media propaganda that most of the comments we see here can be diagnosed as the latter… Read, Repeat, Review, Regurgitate… the official narrative is fractured fairytales designed to keep the eye off the NWO gang using Israel as it’s backdrop and back door to confuse the elite thinkers and their sycophant followers guessing who really controls us. The average Jew the pawn and the ELITE RABBIS OF SPRITUAL DOPE… in control of the secular outcome of all things Mammon. Have, as Casey has emanated… Brought us here where no one in the public sector can distinguish the truth from a lie… Only guessing at the outcome of an investigation… The Latter, is not an investigation, it is a circus and a sham.
    All headings point to the Israeli Government infiltration into the politic of American military might… The head cheese, being Donald the Humpty Trumpty, used in the big fall… for over 70 years, the former presidents have been ruled by the religion of the Talmudic Rabbis directing his every move. I mean, how obvious is it when the diaspora of ancient thought and imagination of the latter are just 2% of the population and deception is the tool to gain the upper hand in controlling military might. The latter would not exist without the politic of AIPAC and the lobby that says all congressmen and senators must pledge allegiance to the latter? Have we left any politician out here?
    9-11, the destroyer Cole… Israeli Massod targets, Americans killed and slaughtered… and we call these liars our allies. The truth is now called anti-Semitic and the programs of the deception create mass political hysteria… The public of the dumb down are as dumb as ever!

  • Ms Johnstone I sometimes see your posts on lewrockwell.com. Do your have a ” reprint policy ” for websites?
    I would like to have your permission to reprint your articles on my small Staten Island website: paynal.com

  • Yesterday I ran into one of my Russiagate-wallowing friends and I asked him what he thought of the Mueller flop. He claimed he hadn’t heard about it.

    Jaw dropping.

    When I told him there would be no further indictments he started babbling about “all the RUSSIANS that were indicted,” saying they simply haven’t YET proven that Trump was behind their supposedly nefarious deeds (which he couldn’t specify).

    So for the Church of the True Believers, Russiagate lives on….forever, like Big Brother.

  • Left out of the story is that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are still being accused of getting the Podesta emails from Russia. Mueller has indicted Russians over this which will not be answered. Meanwhile only a few of us have heard Bill Binney of NSA telling us that the evidence Mueller is using for this is from the DNC and Crowdstrike which is unreliable and not proven at all. Julian Assange and now Chelsea Manning are imprisoned over these false charges.

  • Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. (AA)

    How rare it is for us to practice radical honesty, and admit our faults. Most who bought into Russiagate will never admit they were wrong. Looking good trumps the truth every time for them.

  • I’m sorry to disappoint you, people believe what they believe, facts are irrelevant. To many people emotions determine what is true and facts are suspect (let’s face it most “facts” are made up) That’s what makes people different and interesting and fantastic……… and arses.

  • Yep to everything Caitlin says here. I’m an old white male (aka old fart), but I think Kyle Kulinski gets it right much of the time. I am proud to say that I’ve been following him, and the one-of-kind Caitlin for lo these many years.

    Kyle is what I would have been were I less introverted, more intelligent, and in possession of a modicum of his talent.

  • Oh, god, i thought i’d never get over the loss of friends, having to avoid the joy they took in those stories proving Russian collusion. A perilous position for an 82-year-old. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to explain William Binney’s explanation of why the dncc emails could not have been hacked.

    Right now, though, I’m breathing deeply for having read these comments. I’ve been looking everywhere for just what you’ve described. I love you for it. Grateful thanks.

    • I’m sorry to disappoint you, people believe what they believe, facts are irrelevant. To many people emotions determine what is true and facts are suspect (let’s face it most “facts” are made up) That’s what makes people different and interesting and fantastic……… and arses.

    • AMEN, Nina Flannery!!! True words. It has been a hard two years of standing up for the truth, when the corporately owned media and the people they dupe, have been impossible. FACTS MATTER!!! Wish this population valued real truth and facts over our continual propaganda machine.

  • Yep, the diehards will begin talking about a conspiracy to hide the conspiracy. Congress will waste time on pointless investigations, drawing public attention away from a genuinely progressive policy agenda. It’s all working out splendidly. Sorry to rain on the parade, but pessimism has become a deeply ingrained mental habit.

  • It ain’t over til it’s over . . .

    I’ll bet a dollar to a donut
    the dear Dem leaders will
    double down on their stupidity . . .

    then, former Dem hero, Mueller, will now be villainized,
    and the Dems will hold hearings on the Mueller Investigation
    to find out why Mueller LIED about Russiagate
    – given that he lied before about WMDs.

    • Ha! So true. Mueller better hope he’s never been to Russia, or even known a Russian!

    • I read that ratings whore Rachel Maddow has already stated that “it’s not over until WE say it’s over. “ That’s how she earns her $10 million per year salary from NBC. At the moment, I cannot think of a more dedicated establishment tool than Maddow. She might actually profit from Trump being re-elected, which is an outcome that her never ending Russiagate obsession may help to bring about.

      I have been warning my friends about her for nearly two years, which usually elicits accusing stares in my direction. Henceforth, I’m going to stare right back.

  • “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” D. Rumsfeld, Sec. Def.
    I expect to hear a lot of posturing along those lines from the Maddicts.

  • The World Socialist Web Site called it bullshit before anyone. Right after the election.

  • As much as I hope this is true, I find it hard to believe that the Deep State will have permitted it to happen. It’s more likely that there will be enough in the report to permit the most ludicrous conspiracy theory of all to “keep on keeping on (say hallelujah)”.

    The reality is that even if all the allegations were true, the dissemination of points of view relevant to the party stating them ought to be heard, even if they’re from foreign sources, and most especially if they’re true. If the US is the hegemonic leader it aspires to be, then everyone ought to have their say, if not a say, in our elections. We certainly do in theirs.

  • How will Russiagaters spin this? Prediction.

    “The Mueller Report is in. But, what it establishes is far worse than I feared. What it means is the truth had to be suppressed. For the good of the nation. We know how divisive an impeachment would be. If the Mueller report hadn’t covered up the evidence, hadn’t named names, then, my dear viewers, Congress would have no choice but to impeach. So, what can we do? There’s only one thing we can do now: that’s to find and stand behind a Democratic challenger in 2020 that will win the White House back from this un-American poseur occupying the White House. The stakes have never been higher.”

    Something like that…

    • Sounds about right.

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