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CNN And WaPo Demand That Trump Further Escalate Tensions With Russia

CNN has aired a segment in which pundit Fareed Zakaria tells the network’s audience that the US president has “been unwilling to confront Putin in any way on any issue” and asks “will Venezuela be the moment when Trump finally ends his appeasement?”

The segment is a near-verbatim reading of Zakaria’s Washington Post column from a couple of days prior, so that’s two massive prongs through which this false and pernicious narrative is being driven into mainstream consciousness claiming that the Trump administration has been far too dovish toward Moscow, rather than dangerously hawkish as is actually the case.

Zakaria begins his segment by describing the Trump administration’s (completely illegitimate) efforts to oust Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, then describing Russian efforts to counter this agenda as an attempt to “taunt the United States.” He then spends the rest of the segment asking if Trump will be brave and patriotic enough to further escalate tensions against a nuclear superpower. Zakaria concludes by implying that if Trump fails to increase world-threatening nuclear tensions to effect yet another US regime change intervention in yet another oil-rich country, it will be because he is a Kremlin agent.

“The big question for Washington is: Will it allow Moscow to make a mockery of another U.S. red line?” Zakaria said. “The United States and Russia have taken opposing, incompatible stands on this issue. And as with Syria, there is a danger that, if Washington does not back its words with deeds, a year from now, we will be watching the consolidation of the Maduro regime, supported with Russian arms and money.”

Yes Fareed, there is a real “danger” that if the Trump administration you liberal pundits claim to oppose doesn’t act like the reckless madman you claim he is and tempt hot war with a nuclear superpower in order to effect regime change in a sovereign nation, that regime change agenda will fail. Very, very dangerous to not flirt with nuclear war over US resource control agendas.

“The administration has been tough on Russian involvement in Venezuela,” said Zakaria. “Trump himself has even declared, ‘Russia has to get out.’ But that is an unusual statement from Trump, who has almost never criticized Putin and often sided with Russia on matters big and small.”

Zakaria goes on to cite the Obama administration’s ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, who claimed in a Washington Post article that, contrary to the Trump administration’s claims of being hawkish toward Russia, “Even on small issues of little relevance to American national interests, Trump sides with Putin.”

“I have never alleged collusion or conspiracy between Russia and Trump, writing merely that we should wait to see what evidence special counsel Robert S. Mueller III presented,” Zakaria concludes, trying to shelter himself from the ridicule that is being directed at the debunked Russiagate conspiracy while simultaneously promoting it. “But the real puzzle remains: Why has Trump been unwilling to confront Putin in any way on any issue? And will Venezuela be the moment when Trump finally ends his appeasement?”

You could not ask for a more perfect illustration of just how dangerous and toxic this years-long Russiagate psyop has been. Even after the Mueller investigation concluded with no mass arrests, no sealed indictments, no further indictments and no evidence of Russian collusion, the mass media war propagandists are attempting to use the Russia hysteria they’ve already manufactured via the collusion narrative to create demand for more escalations against Russia. Fragmenting and undermining Russia and shoving it off the world stage has been an agenda of opaque US government agencies since the fall of the Soviet Union, and steps have been taken into a new cold war to effect this agenda for more than five years now, long before liberals in America spent any part of their day thinking or caring about Vladimir Putin. Mass media outlets like CNN and WaPo have been actively facilitating this agenda by promulgating these false narratives, and they are playing an instrumental role in convincing the US populace to keep their foot off the brake pedal in an accelerating and world-threatening new cold war.

Trump has already greatly escalated tensions with Russia by implementing a Nuclear Posture Review with a much more aggressive stance against Russiawithdrawing from the INF treaty, bombing and illegally occupying Syria, arming Ukraine, staging a coup in Venezuela, and many, many other hawkish actions taken against the interests of Russia’s geostrategic and economic interests. It is an indisputable fact that Trump has been more aggressive toward Russia than any other president since the fall of the Berlin wall. But the Russiagate narrative enables the war propagandists to not only ignore these escalations and the danger they pose to all life on earth, but to demand more and more of them.

Stephen Cohen, one of the foremost experts on US-Russia relations in America, made the following observation way back in April of 2017 in an interview with Democracy Now:

I think this is the most dangerous moment in American-Russian relations, at least since the Cuban missile crisis. And arguably, it’s more dangerous, because it’s more complex. Therefore, we—and then, meanwhile, we have in Washington these—and, in my judgment, factless accusations that Trump has somehow been compromised by the Kremlin. So, at this worst moment in American-Russian relations, we have an American president who’s being politically crippled by the worst imaginable—it’s unprecedented. Let’s stop and think. No American president has ever been accused, essentially, of treason. This is what we’re talking about here, or that his associates have committed treason.


Imagine, for example, John Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis. And for the viewers who are not of a certain age, the Kennedy administration was presented—and the evidence, by the way, was presented to us; they showed us the surveillance photos. There was no doubt what the Soviets had done, putting missile silos in Cuba. No evidence has been presented today of anything. Imagine if Kennedy had been accused of being a secret Soviet Kremlin agent. He would have been crippled. And the only way he could have proved he wasn’t was to have launched a war against the Soviet Union. And at that time, the option was nuclear war.

To be clear, we came within a hair’s breadth of total nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Nobody likes to think about how close we all came to losing literally everything, and we didn’t find out exactly how close we came until years later, but armageddon came *this* close to happening. The primary risk of nuclear war isn’t that one will be planned and carried out in the hope of one side emerging victorious, it’s that something can go cataclysmically wrong as a result of miscommunication or misunderstanding in the midst of complex and confusing escalating tensions. This almost happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Due to his extensive knowledge of the dynamics in play, Cohen saw all this coming long before anyone else, and accurately predicted the waves of cold war escalations we’ve seen since. Democratic congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard recently confirmed his prediction, tweeting, “Short-sighted politicians and media pundits who’ve spent last two years accusing Trump as a Putin puppet have brought us the expensive new Cold War and arms race. How? Because Trump now does everything he can to prove he’s not Putin’s puppet—even if it brings us closer to nuclear war.”

This is how depraved the mass media are. They’re willing to lull the populace into complacency with the formation of a new cold war that threatens everyone they love, even get them demanding direct confrontation, all to please their plutocratic owners, their military-industrial complex sponsors, and the intelligence agencies with which they are aligned. They’re willing to risk getting us all killed for money and crude oil.

If we’re going to begin bringing our society and ecosystem into health, we’re going to have to find a way to extricate the influence of these toxic manipulators from the minds of the greater populace. As long as they’re able to propagandize the majority into consenting to even the most insane omnicidal agendas, we’ll never be able to use our superior numbers against the malignant manipulations of the few who would rule us. Whoever controls the narrative controls the world, and right now it’s the evil fingers that are pulling the strings of empire lackeys like Fareed Zakaria.


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Latest comments

  • Apparently, the presstitutes are saying that the United States and Russia can’t have the same view on anything, lest the United States is acting as Russia’s puppet.

    It’s the same idea that Democrats and Republicans aren’t allowed to agree on anything, lest one is giving in to the claims of the other. Or something like that.

    I don’t know whether those children are trying to divide everybody, or force them into silence based upon the concept of getting along with others, or whether this is part of the set-up to global warfare. But this whole idea of, “You’re either with us, or against us,” is both dangerous and stupid. (I want to thank George W Bush for that idiotic statement; it was as dumb as it was destructive, which certainly fit his personality type.)

  • Caitlin, this article was also published on Information Clearing House, as you already know. Today, when I attempted to read ICH, the screen came up with this message: “This account has been suspended.” I love my country, but I fear and dislike our draconian government. Thank you for all you do! Much love, ML

  • So Zacharia joins the list of sick, pathetic fucks willing to risk armageddon to further his sad career as an establishment propagandist. And I must have missed the part where countries who are not the USA have to ask the USA permission to allow other non-USA citizens into their country. I must’ve missed class that day.

  • “Zakaria goes on to cite the Obama administration’s ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul, who claimed in a Washington Post article that, contrary to the Trump administration’s claims of being hawkish toward Russia, ‘Even on small issues of little relevance to American national interests, Trump sides with Putin.’ ”

    What an idiotic statement, even by McFaul’s standards! If there’s a small issue of little relevance to American national interests, then why wouldn’t a U.S. president side with a Russian president on said issue? Since it’s of little relevance to the U.S. anyway, why not side with the Russians to generate some goodwill, which could later be exchanged for something useful to the U.S.? I mean, it’s Diplomacy 101. And, keep in mind, McFaul has served as the U.S. Ambassador to Russia for several years. It’s a giant issue of huge importance where you would expect a U.S. president fight tooth and nails with a Russian president. McFaul is dumb as a rock.

  • Thank you, Caitlin, for bringing much needed clarity to our shared world! Insight and Truth are the sorely missing elements in our continued struggle against Corporate greed and psychopathy. Again, many thanks for bringing it!

  • Get used to the idea, that we all have to die one day, so it might be as well collectively in a nuclear apocalypse. We (as a species) surely deserve to be annihilated, the sad thing is, that we will take so many innocent creatures with us who really would have liked to enjoy their lives a little bit longer.

  • Our whole notion of ourselves, and what all of this is constitutes an elaborate tale that we were told on arriving here, and we have bought into this constructed narrative of reality, and now base our lives on it. Detaching from this illusionary apparatus that we take so much for granted, gives us a chance to reassess our situation, and put our lives on a new basis – we can in a sense be “born again”.

    The awakening mentioned is not irrelevant, in light of the nightmare scenarios we have bought into while in our unreflective trance. People’s reluctance to examine their minds and lives, and put everything in question, makes them sitting ducks for the unfolding tragedy of modern civilization. In this case, we will die in our sleep, never knowing what hit us….

    Our dreams offer us endless ways to avoid the necessary work of awakening to the reality of our situation. But none of these gambits provide a real solution to our demanding questions. The illusion that we know reality, effectively hides from us the reality of our ignorance.

    “Outside of all our ideas about this and that, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” (Rumi) And that is the only dimension where a real meeting can take place, between people stripped of their false and separative illusions. When Hui Neng said, “From the very beginning not a single thing exists!”, he cut away all the false notions of our knowing our situation. He stood revealed in all his pristine ignorance.

    “Welcome, O life! I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race.” (Joyce)

    The human conscience needs to be replaced by something authentic. The basic ingredient of that replacement is unconditional Love.

  • Trump either lied to get elected or lacks the balls to do what he promised because he is afraid of being assassinated. The only way for Trump to act in the interests of the world and American citizens is to execute a pre-emptive strike against the Neos (both neo-conservative and neo-liberal). If he doesn’t it is likely that Russia/China and the rest of the real civilized world will need to do it for him.

    I hope Tulsi wins the presidency. My only question is, will the neo-state dare to assassinate a woman? Especially one who has proven she has more balls than any president since Kennedy. Let’s hope she has the skills in her support group to out Mossad the bad guys.

    • The problem with Tulsi, IMO, is that she belongs to the same eminent “support group” as Fareed. Make of it what you will, but that group’s motto, Ubique, says it all.

      • Comrade, put back a little bit of trust into the future and stay vigilant.
        They have lied to us since 1864.

        • Since “they have lied to us since 1864”, as you say, why should I “put back a little bit of trust into the future”?
          A lack of trust is being vigilant…

  • Thank you, Caitlin.

    I have republished a small part of this article as “Donald Trump must RISK NUCLEAR WAR to ‘prove’ he is not Putin’s puppet – CNN” at https://candobetter.net/node/5734 . I trust that that’s OK.

    I would have republished it in full, but I thought I saw is a copyright notice at the bottom of this article.

  • ” ….the Mueller investigation concluded with no mass arrests, no sealed indictments, no further indictments and no evidence of Russian collusion,”

    The Mueller investigation ?”Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team indicted or got guilty pleas from 34 people and three companies during their lengthy investigation, which is now complete. (Further legal action is now in the hands of state courts.)

    That group is composed of six former Trump advisers, 26 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer. Seven of these people (including five of the six former Trump advisers) have pleaded guilty.”

    As for “no evidence” of collusion, we do not know if that is the case, since the only conclusion was that there was not enough to rise to the level of a prosecutable crime. And there is the open issue of obstruciton of justice, which in itself implies crimes to be covered up.

    I can highlight 3 cases of evidence of collusion:
    1. Trump asked Russia to intervene by hacking the Clinton emails (they did)
    2. A dozen Trump top staff either lied or “forgot” about the more than 100 contacts with Russian officials, which Trump and his spokesmen denied.
    3. Trump Jr and other top staff attended a meeting with a Kremlin-linked attorney to get dirt on Clinton…and then lied about it.

    If that’s not evidence, what is?

    As for Trump being pressured into hostile relations with Russia, he managed to do that on his own, challenging Putin to a nuclear arms race in December 2016 before he even took office. Those excusing or defending Trump because “Russiagate” has “forced” him to reverse his promise of normalized relations with Russia are propaganda agents of this lyng, blustering, and dangerous man.

    His threats of war with Venezuela are not because the war mongers have “forced” him into a belligerent stance but because he needs a war to rally the troops due to his unprecedented unpopularity and failure as a leader. It’s time to hold Trump accountable, not find scapegoats to blame for his reckless and dangeous leadership.

    Blaming the media for Trump’s foolish decisions plays right into his Hitlerian playbook of scapegoating the “lying press” as Hitler called it, or “fake news” as Trump transates from the German. If we go to war, will we blame CNN or Trump? Who is President? Who is Commander in Chief? It is the job of journalists to hold our leaders accountable, not to make excuses and find scapegoats for their failures and tragic decisions.

    • Deluded idiota.
      No more to be said.

      • 1. Trump asked Russia to intervene by hacking the Clinton emails (they did)

        No evidence on that one. The NSA would surely produce any evidence since they capture all communications from Russia. Some have argued it was a leak, not a hack.

    • Maybe you should look into Hillary’s collusion with Russia you half a wit. Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele, his unverified dossier, and the selling if 20% of America’s uranium capacity should give you plenty to study if the truth is what you’re really after, but I doubt that to be the case.

    • “Earth to Dale!” “Earth to Dale!” “Can you hear us Dale?” “Stay calm!” “Maybe if you can just find a way to extract your head from wherever it might be currently inserted – perhaps you can initiate some oxygen flow to your brain?” “Give it a try, what do you have to lose?”

    • Just my opinion, of course, but I think Hilary blaming Russia for “hacking” her emails is an attempt to cover up the murder of Seth Rich for copying and sending those emails to Wikileaks.
      Just a thought…

    • Wow, Dude … you not only drank the kool-aid – you fucking took a bath in it.

    • Does this look like “collusion” to you?

      Trump deploys TANKS to Estonia as NATO builds up HUGE army on Russian border – Express, Feb 7 2017

      Trump launches attack on Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles – CNBC, Apr 6 2017

      U.S. Rejects Exxon Mobil Bid for Waiver on Russia Sanctions – NYT, Apr 21 2017

      Trump to promote U.S. natgas exports in Russia’s backyard – Reuters, Jul 3 2017

      Trump Urges East Europe to Loosen Russia’s Grip With U.S. Gas – Bloomberg, Jul 6 2017

      Trump signs bill approving new sanctions against Russia – CNN, Aug 3, 2017

      Justice Dept Asks Russia’s RT to Register as Foreign Agent – Newsmax, Sep 13 2017

      US ‘to restrict Russian military flights over America’ – Independent, Sep 26 2017

      Trump signs into law U.S. government ban on Kaspersky Lab software – Reuters, Dec 12 2017

      Trump gives green light to selling lethal arms to Ukraine – The Hill, Dec 20 2017

      U.S. Punishes Chechen Leader in New Sanctions Against Russians – NYT, Dec 20 2017

      Sputnik Partner ‘Required To Register’ Under U.S. Foreign-Agent Law – RFERL, Jan 10 2018

      Trump says Russia is helping North Korea avoid sanctions – CBSNews, Jan 17 2018

      Trump’s ‘energy dominance’ strategy is undercutting Russia’s influence and business in Europe – Reuters, Feb 9 2018

      Trump looks to deter Russia, China with $686B ask for Pentagon – The Hill, Feb 12 2018

      American General In Syria Confirms US Forces Killed Hundreds Of Russians In Massive Battle – The Drive, Mar 16 2018

      Trump orders expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats, closure of Seattle consulate – CBS, Mar 26 2018

      Trump vows periodical dispatch of US troops to Baltic states, step up air defense – Lithuania Tribune, Apr 3 2018

      Trump opposes Nord Stream II, questions Germany – AA, Apr 4 2018

      Trump just hit Russian oligarchs with the most aggressive sanctions yet – Vice, Apr 6 2018

      Trump orders missile strike on Syria military targets – CBSNews, Apr 9 2018

      Aluminum Stocks Jump As Trump Sanctions Target Putin Pal – Investors, Apr 9 2018

      Russia ‘deeply disappointed’ at Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal – Times of Israel, May 9 2018

      Trump to NATO allies: Raise military spending to 4 percent of GDP – AlJazeerah, Jul 12 2018

      Trump says U.S. ties to NATO ‘very strong’ – Politico, Jul 12 2018

      U.S. to sanction Turkey for receiving S-400 missiles – Ahval, Jul 27 2018

      Trump administration to hit Russia with new sanctions for Skripal poisoning – NBC News Aug 8 2018

      Space Force Is Trump’s Answer to New Russian and Chinese Weapons – FP, Aug 10 2018

      US Sanctions Chinese Entity Over Purchase of Russian Fighters, S-400s – Treasury – Sputnik, Sep 20 2018

      Trump hints at punitive action against India for buying S-400 from Russia – India Today, Oct 11 2018

      Trump Agrees to Boost Pentagon’s Budget to $750 Bln in 2019 – Reports – Sputnik, Oct 12 2018

      Trump says US will withdraw from nuclear arms treaty with Russia – Guardian, Oct 21 2018

      Haley Condemns ‘Outrageous’ Russian Firing on Ukrainian Ships – Bloomberg, Nov 26 2018

      2 Trump Moves Cost This Russian-American CEO $2.3B – Forbes, Jan 14 2019

  • Fareed Zakaria, yet another face of the CFR…
    This is why, even thought I like (some of) what Tulsi says, I’m very cautious about supporting her political ambitions.
    I simply cannot tell you how many times, over more than thirty years, that I’ve watched three CFR members on a “serious” television show (an oxymoron, I know) discuss matters of state. One CFR member, a “respected” MSM journo, posing as a neutral moderator, while two other CFR members “debate” and “explore” the matter at hand (effectively delineating the limits of “respectable” debate on the topic). Fareed often appeared in this format in the later years that I still watched television…
    You, Caitlin, want to break the narrative hold that the powers-that-be wield over the general public (as do I). Suggest you look into the formation of the CFR (and the Institute of International Affairs downunder) in the USA with Rockefeller and JP Morgan money immediately after the War to End All Wars. How did one of its committees get adopted whole cloth into the State Department as its Policy Planning arm immediately prior to the outbreak of the Second World War? Then consider the rise of the US national security state, immediately after that war, under an influential CFR member and Wall Street lawyer who headed the fledgling CIA…
    And just for fun (bonus points!) where did the UN charter originate?
    To kill a snake in the grass, it’s best to chop off its head…

    • Here we go:
      Drafted 14 August 1941
      Signed 26 June 1945
      Location San Francisco, California, United States
      Effective 24 October 1945.

      • Nice date stack there but, just like US History in high school and college, doesn’t really tell you too much…
        Who drafted it? What organization commissioned their work? Where did the money come from to run that organization and pay their salaries? What were their other, interlocking, institutional affiliations?
        You know, the unimportant facts and context of the matter…

  • Another very fine, trenchant essay. It’s Caitlin ‘de la belle époque’!

    I don’t know what we have done to deserve the fact that an enormous cadre of unprincipled, wilfully purblind agitators have fully invested every outlet of news and popular culture in the West, singing without interruption their siren-songs of endless war, unlimited expansion of everything deplorable, deprecating the principle of collective security, which alone can bring peace to our world, and exuding utter disdain for the sanctity of life on this planet.

    But if we don’t wake up and resist this powerful onslaught now, we will have only ourselves to blame. This earth is one country, and humankind its citizens. The best interests of any constituent part of humanity lie in the general advantage of the whole. We must act every moment of our lives on these truths, and hold them out to others as the way forward.

    If aggression, cruelty and the ruthless quest for dominance could have solved our problems on Earth, then we would by now be in the Golden Age, because that is mainly what humanity has suffered for the past 200 years and more. But they can’t, and they won’t, and we aren’t.

    Now Caitlin’s even got me writing like her, and that’s no bad thing!

  • “I watch that rotten box until my head begins to hurt.”

    The Mothers of Invention- a long time ago

  • Shoooooo…….don’t wake up the church. They are pulling in too much money being asleep with what is going on in the world. They will loose there 501c3 tax exempt if they tell people what the wolves in the media are doing.

  • Two memes control the mass of Americans. One – Our Tribe (America) is the greatest Tribe in the world. We are incredibly blessed and lucky to be members of this Tribe. Two – To criticize our Tribe (America) is disloyalty and treason to the Tribe. America is always right and never wrong about anything. My Tribe, right or wrong! To doubt this is to risk being excluded from the Greatest Tribe on Earth, the ultimate disaster that could befall an individual – banishment from the Tribe!

    • The lack of courage to step outside of their Tribe, renders most Americans powerless to change that Tribe.

  • Caitlin, that “Man Who Saved the World” video looks like a piece of propagandistic crap. I don’t doubt that we did come within a hair of nuclear war in 1962, but it looks as if they’re putting all the blame on the USSR. “One man brought us to the brink of extinction, and another man saved us.” The “man who brought us to the brink of extinction” would of course be Krushchev. But what about the USSR’s reasons for wanting to place nukes in Cuba? Had the US not continued to surround the USSR with bases and bombers and missiles since the end of the War (just as they’re doing now and have been doing since the breakup of the USSR)? Hadn’t Incirlik air base been operating since 1954? Wasn’t that a case of “putting nukes in the USSR’s back yard?

    This is document you’re citing in support of your (always excellent) point clearly has an imperial subtext, as does so much if what’s out there today. As an example, the recent _New Yorker _ article (Feb. 18/25) on powerful people hiring Israeli intelligence agents for private purposes (not that States don’t act pretty much systematically for private purposes) had a clear and totally unwarranted subtext about how “Russian intelligence” is everywhere – with no mention, needless to say, of the activities of the US permanent state. If you’ll take advice from a nobody who is a great admirer, I’d urge you to vet your links carefully if possible before posting them. And please, keep being right on.

    • In truth, we instigated that affair no less than we have every other confrontation with the Soviet Union, and now all its former allies, and the very existence of a “whole Russia”.
      We placed Pershing Missiles in Ankara, Turkey, on Russia’s border, and only then were missiles put in Cuba.
      The moment Kennedy withdrew our missiles, the Cuban missiles went home. I lived in Barcelona, Spain, from one to three, and Naples, Italy, to five, because my dad was a Navy supply officer, working on one of three “supply groups” in the Med, which kept the roughly fifty “Destroyer Missile Groups”, stationed around the whole of the Med, resupplied, without having to pull out of position, or shut down their surveillance.
      Those missiles put in Turkey were specifically to antagonize Krushchev, and funny thing, they did. We, the U.S., have instigated some 150 wars of aggression in the world, since WWII, all internationally illegal, a few covered with U.N. fig leaves, after the fact, and all in keeping with the wars of aggression we ran since “the war of northern aggression”, which established our fascist form of government.
      We, America, don’t “self-govern”, we merely elect those who will do the bidding of the bureaucrats who rule us. Not because they are all powerful, or even “powerful” but because we won’t seriously consider the necessities of life, in a free and independent Nation, and keeping it a Nation, with common goals, means, faith, and purpose.
      We were established as “the United States” of America, precisely to make allowance for differing perspectives, ways, and faiths, commensurate with freedom and independence, but that was broken because southern states wouldn’t allow the Wall Street Brokers control their agricultural trade, and take some of the profit.
      We are no “federation”, our central government rules down to citizen, and “state governments” are merely arms of the central. As “States” we could all have a common goal, with vastly different ways, defending each others differences. As a “mass pile”, we are more likely to fight amongst ourselves, than ever be able to rise against a central government.
      By the way, I really enjoyed your “April fool’s day column.
      Semper Fidelis,
      John McClain
      GySgt, USMC, ret.
      Vanceboro, NC

  • Nature, except for humankind, lives in anarchy. Not lawlessly , of course; indeed, it seems that only humankind can violate its implacable laws. But in that environment we despoil and from which we so desperately shield ourselves, there are no constitutions or hierarchies, no officials, no roles, no schedules, no duties–though there imperative loyalties requiring the mother to feed the her young , the mate to defend the bower, the species to maintain itself.” Politics” Buckminster Fuller once said , “is of the machine age “.We are now further in the destruction of this beautiful planet { Buckminster in 1970} If we can find a way to unleash the new anarchism, with its promise not of chaos but of the supreme orderliness and dependable rhythm of nature it will make politics unthinkable as warfare is made by the possibility of nuclear holocaust.

  • The Ghost of McCarthyism Past.

  • Sorry wapo, that didn’t work. I am still thinking of a Special Counsel to examine Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One and the emails that resulted in the biggest national security breach in USA history.

    It takes more to erase these renegade thoughts. Cash might help. Hahahaha.

  • Ah! The insanity continues!! I have a television that I use to watch DVD’s; I do not watch it otherwise. For almost 20 years I have not watched ” the idiot box “!! Our ” rulers ” are insane and they prove it year in and year out!! Heaven Help Us!!!

    • Me too Ron. Broadcast media is rubbish. Mine is never connected to aerial. Love watching Jimmy dore and stuff on the hdmi link.

      I am saddened by how many people watch that schlok though. Once I show people how to link up they love it. Best gift you can do for a neighbour.

      • Unfortunately, I have lost friends because I am not swallowing the crap that they do from believing what is broadcast on TV every day!! My grandfather was right when he said that new contraption is going to destroy this country!!

  • The Democrats are launching their “We-Want-Nuclear-War-And-We-Want-It-NOW” plank for the campaign.

  • W.O.W. Incredible. The posts I’m reading on here. The W.P. does not have clean creditability, it’s hands are to put it mildly, very dirty indeed. That’s a historical Fact that no can deny. Therefore to find such an article as this, is IMHO, to be expected, and does not surprise me in the least, especially since the HEAT of the NON Russian interference needs to be diverted from the folks who’ve been pushing that agenda now for two years at massive expenditure to the U.S. tax payer. As far as the NEWS READER goes who’s reading this crap, let’s not get out panties all in a bunch and villify him for simply doing his job, that is reading from the teleprinter what his bosses have written and expect him to read verbatim or else he’s out the door. So, in effect, all his crime is, that he’s accepted the thirty pieces of silver his bosses have offered him. May I point out, that today, there’s millions of Americans who doing exactly the same thing themselves right this very minute, simply keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. YES, moraly they are doing the WRONG thing, but these days what price does MORALS have ?????????????????????

  • Of course the W.P. is a top notch paper and can be believed as only printing the truth, and nothing but the truth. Right ???? L.O.L.

    • Maybe this was their April Fool’s joke? Nah, I didn’t think so.

  • Do Zakaria and all the other warmongering fools in the MSM believe that we should act tough towards Russia just to show that we can act tough? And that Russia should get out of Venezuela so that the U.S. can get in? Well it just goes to show that even someone speaks well, as Zakaria does, can still have his head up his ass.

    • Zakaria is the reason I cancelled my subscription to Newsweek back in 2003. He was a diehard Iraq invasion advocate and his cheerleading for that war was the beginning of my awakening to the MSM messaging and how bloodthirsty and dangerous they are.

      So, that’s the only good thing I can say about Zakaria. He’s soliciting an obvious propagandist he cured me of my reliance on mainstream media news.

  • Fareed Zakaria is a PIECE. OF. SHIT.

    • Larry, you’re such a forgiving soul… this time you’re MUCH too kind.

  • The recent Russian airplanes that arrived in Venezuela with 100 troops were probably there to upgrade Venezuela’s old S-300 anti-aircraft/anti-missile missiles, which Russia gave them in 2009. Judging by Syrian efforts at operating these systems, Russia was reluctant to give them the superior S-400 system without extensive training, but there is also the problem that the more they use them, the more the enemy (Israel in the case of Syria, US in the case of Venezuela) can devise means of countering them.

    Putin is very cautious with his foreign interventions, even in support of Russian-speaking rebels Ukraine’s Donbass region, so working across the Atlantic Ocean, where his planes are very exposed for a long time, is not very encouraging. But he seems to be going in that direction, presumably with Chin’a approval.

    The first crunch point would come when US planes are flying their first reconnaissance mission, and the S-400 radars have to be turned on and potentially fired. It would be good to have some fighter jets there to go up and head off the US planes. Venezuela has a 20-year-old F-16 fleet that has been plagued by US obstruction on spare parts, and it has been in talks with Russia over buying Su-35s, but nothing has been finalised.
    The two superpowers have successfully managed to avoid entanglement with each other (and their drones) in Syria and in the Baltic, so a stalemate is most likely. If only the US could stop itself from being the antagonist every time, peace might actually break out. I was 2 weeks old when the Russians got their nuclear bomb, and have spent my whole life under the threat of nuclear annihilation. I can tell you that non-violent protests in the streets do not work, nor singing “We shall overcome”.

    • Thanks Paloy, I think the real turning point was when the USZIO gang used the Ukraine situation to split the eastern orthodox Christian Church and steal it’s cathedrals and properties in Ukraine. For Putin and the Russian elite that was a red line too far.

    • I’d check this but I think you will find that Venezuela has some rather modern Su-27s as well. Not many, prehaps 20 or so but they have them. The last comment I have read about the F-16s was that the Venezuelan Air Force kept them flying but did not expect them to due much. Maybe trainers?

  • “…the US president has “been unwilling to confront Putin in any way on any issue” is probably one of the most outrageous lies ever told on TV. And considering all of the lies told by CNN, MSNBC and all of the rest of the slimy pack of maggot droppings talking heads that of the “media” that has shoved down the throats of the American people, THAT IS REALLY SAYING SOMETHING.

    • It’s like watching a dystopia movie,
      only we’re really in it.

  • Let’s get the message out: boycott all mainstream media including TV, movies, and sports. I refuse to click on that video, just as I refuse to watch any TV because it is poison to the mind.

    • Yes! I’m already doing it, and life is much, much better that way!
      And best of all, each person who turns them off is a step towards putting them out of business.

    • Bombard their advertisers, boycott their products.

  • Indeed, what a vile imperial prostitute this Zakaria fellow is. Collaborating with the existing government of a country, as Russia is doing, is not an act of illegitimate interference or an attack on the sovereignty of that country. On the other hand, trying to *overthrow* the existing government of a country, as the US is doing, *is* an act of illegitimate interference and an attack on the sovereignty of that country. So is objecting to and counteracting a foreign government’s decision to collaborate with another country, as the US is also doing. And yet the media talking heads are describing this situation as a case where *Russia* is encroaching and being aggressive!
    That’s because under their imperialistic interpretation of the Monroe doctrine, which is incompatible with the universally recognised modern international legal order based on human rights, Latin America belongs to the US, and the US can do anything it wants there, including regime change. Anybody who is trying to hinder the US from doing so is violating its rights of quasi-colonial possession. In fact, the doctrine is even outdated for their present purposes, because the US is now trying to control the entire world, not just Latin America. Nowadays, even if Russia were to target a US tank storming Moscow, that would still be met with indignant surprise and outrage. ‘How dare you hit my hand which is doing its legitimate business in your pocket?’ The arrogance and impertinence of the US empire has reached an astounding degree.
    What exactly Zakaria wants Trump to do to stop Russia is also an interesting question. Attack Russian ships and planes? Or just fire a nuclear missile at Moscow directly? These people are not just immoral but also deranged in a very peculiar way: they sound as if they don’t have loved ones and don’t even care about their own survival, as they are literally pushing for the destruction of humankind and most complex life on Earth. I suppose that deep down, they irrationally believe that when the nuclear bombs fall, there will somehow be a special exception for well-connected people that have served the Establishment diligently like them. F***ing cretins.

  • It’s complicated, but it would seem that George Soros is the face of evil for the present and it is his daily instructions to the media that are repeated again and again like good little puppets. Putin and Trump are just stakeholders in the ultra-rich plans for World Domination. Money has bought-out everyone in the National State business such that the theater seems to be meaningful, but for most of us, it really isn’t. As long as everyone has mass destruction toys, playing the RISK game just isn’t any fun, so I don’t think we are any worse off than we were in the Kennedy era.

  • Wasn’t Zakaria one of those war clowns that practically jerked off on air when Trump heaved that handful of missles toward Syria a couple of years ago?

  • Those who ‘own’ the media control the narrative, and are responsible for it’s effect. It’s not difficult to connect the dots, but when the picture becomes clear, then what?

  • The underlying premiss of all the Zakaria types is that the US has the indisputable right to run the entire world. Everything they say originates there. And its acceptance among the general public and the governments of their puppet regimes never deviate from the Washington/Deep State/one percent script.

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