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Just A Note Of Gratitude To Readers And Patrons

I was planning on writing a poem this evening, but all I’ve got coming up right now is sheer gratitude for the kind of life I get to live because of the generous support of my patrons and the circulation of my work by my readers. I think prose will be my partner for this one.

People have really been so good to me. I got to spend this morning writing about how it’s bullshit for people to claim that Julian Assange is not a journalist, which is just something I badly wanted to say. And people thanked me for it. How crazy is that?

I’m really wild about this job, and I’m appreciating it more and more lately. I love that I get to spend all day thinking deep thoughts about our world’s ills and then making word sculptures expressing them. I love that I get to keep my mind pointed at the fundamental struggle and let inspiration come up with new ways of addressing it every day.

I don’t really understand all the forces that have been in play in taking me to this point. Ideas bubble up from source unknown, people show up from the most unexpected places to help and uplift me, perfect strangers defend me when I’m being smeared and subverted, and money comes in so I can pay my bills while staying focused on this ongoing project. Whatever has caused this truckload of miracles to show up on my doorstep every morning, I am deeply grateful for it. This job has been very strange and scary at times, but there’s nothing in this world that I’d rather be doing.

So thank you. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the financial support, thank you for sharing my work around online, thank you for spreading the word of mouth, thank you for the likes, the retweets, the comments, the feedback, and thank you for taking the ideas I’ve been putting out there and coming to your own thoughts and insights off of them. All of these things help immensely. I deeply care about this work, and it means so much to me that there’s been such a tsunami of collaborators participating in it.

The freedom that comes with being completely reader-supported enables me to attack the machine in ways I’d never be able to get away with in any other writing gig. Having to go through editors who don’t always understand what I’m going for or who will chicken out when I want to say something controversial that needs to be said would have severely hobbled this work, and being able to skip the editorial approval process altogether enables me to interact with events as they come up quickly and in real time. I promise to always use this freedom for the greater good, and I will never under any circumstances accept money from anyone paying me to change the way I talk about anything (if I was going to that I might as well whore myself out to the MSM).

I’ve learned so much on this journey, and I’m getting better and better at doing this thing. I promise to keep improving and keep finding the most effective ways possible to keep throwing scrap metal into the gears of the oppression machine. Thank you all so much for coming along on this weird and wonderful adventure with me. It’s only going to keep getting better. This is just getting started. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


recognize no copyright of any kind on this work. You have my unconditional permission to republish it or use any part of it in any way you like, or any of my other writings. My work is entirely reader-supported, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking me on Facebook, following my antics on Twitterthrowing some money into my hat on Patreon or Paypalpurchasing some of my sweet merchandisebuying my new book Rogue Nation: Psychonautical Adventures With Caitlin Johnstone, or my previous book Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers. The best way to get around the internet censors and make sure you see the stuff I publish is to subscribe to the mailing list for my website, which will get you an email notification for everything I publish.

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Latest comments

  • Hi Caitlin,
    You are wonderful. A shining light for so many.
    Wishing you sweetness, affection and serenity,

  • The truth and nothing but the truth!

    Eyes wide open and the conditioning paradigm is a daily struggle to overcome within a lifetime of bogus information. As well, the psychosis that is latent in the mind of the spirit… AKA.. the breath of life and all that is the past. Emotions that drive the intuition to the brink of insanity… Why intuition? The former is the common bond with the spirit of life’s breath, and the breath, the cognitive essence of our awareness… All humanity has an intuitive gene that enhances the self, the mind, the essence of our spacewalk experience in the day of our consciousness that lives within. It is said, Without the breath there is no consciousness, and that to us, a day is like a thousand years to god. Our perception of the cosmos and the energy that holds it all together, is the glue of life’s majestic creation and the unseen frequency’s that abound in the world unseen by the human eye. Human understanding is just a spot on the ass of a flee.

    On that note, keeping an open mind does not mean that we are without our perceptual dislexeia of past conditioning… here the habit of old comforts lay… the mind is a creative fulcrum in the cosmic order of spiritual intuitive essence, the seat of action… Our action is the manifestation of our thoughts, Thusly, behaviour is the substance of what we believe and the essence of false teaching the conditioned state of our behavioral dilemma… All is behaviour… no exceptions to the rule…Garbage in garbage out! False science and false intelligentsia the harbinger of lies, and we call ourselves intelligent???

    On that note, I wish us well as we read the profoundly exceptional pearls of wisdom of Catlin Johnstone… her incites may be illumination to some and dread to others… lets keep the spirit in the bond of peace whenever possible… That in and of itself, is the human conundrum of thought, the conditioned mind that believes it knows all and thinks it has all the answers… of course we throw out the disclaimer we are not perfect!!!… Some worship self made genesis that are chosen by the ignorant and the unstudied… Humility is our best spirit. Yet we falter, even at that! Listen to all that speak but follow none… The creative force is alive and well in the sprit of charity, love, patience, suffering the ignorance of our conditioned state!

    Be well Catlin Johnstone… May your wisdom be truth and love for your fellow human… because we are all in this together. May it come to pass… no harm to the saints of truth and wisdom… But history is rewritten by the moment and the truth will set us all free… Let’s hope!

  • Jeeze Caitlin, you have with your love finally pried my stingy fingers off my skinny wallet, to allow me to send you a couple of bucks to help you keep stroking. Hit one for (at) the Gipper for me, right in his ugly snozz!

  • Truth is good. Thanks. Educate and spread the word…

  • As we say in Tassie: Lovely darts ol’mate.

  • Keep writing, keep realising, keep rising.

    Thank you for being a refreshing stream of irrepressible thoughts.

  • Thank you you are a brave Lady. This is a short documentary of my work with Kurt Vonnegut on YouTube love to share with a fellow traveler. If I may.

  • You’re absolutely necessary, Caitlin. Please just keep the lines open, keep it going. We love you!

  • If anyone deserves gratitude, it is you! No one writes about the things you write about; no one writes as well as you do about those things. FWIW, yours is the only writing I seek out every day, and the only writing I read every day. Please continue to do what you do, in spite of the difficult days and the troublesome moments; we need your voice, and no one else can provide a voice such as yours. Thank you so much.

  • I’ve been very pleased lately to see Caitlin get a mention by several commenters on Craig Murray’s blog. Decent journalism attracts readers and the more we share Caitlin’s work the more good she can do.

    Just read this morning an interesting article about a new e-publishing site which has been developed to counter Amazon’s refusal to handle books whose message or author they don’t like. We can only hope it will work and get large numbers of people ‘Off Amazon’. https://www.greanvillepost.com/2019/04/05/books-news-from-saker-community-amazons-war-on-dissident-voices-triggers-a-response/

    • Thanks, Robyn, for this link. I have never bought from Amazon and intend never to buy from Amazon and keep thinking about having a bumper sticker printed that says AMAZON: WALMART for LIBERALS. Along with, of course, PBS NEWSHOUR: FOX NEWS for LIBERALS.

  • So there I was today reading some of your previous writing when it hit me: ” Ms Johnstone is a Buddha “!!!
    She thinks and writes like a Buddha; no wonder I can not stop reading her work!!
    Ms Buddha Caitlin!!! I like that!!!

  • Your writings give us hope!

  • I love you Caitlin from NYC! The world needs free thinkers and truth sayers like you!


  • I got roped in last year with ‘lisa and the stranger’ Now I’ve started delving into the archives… I’m still a bit fucked up though.

  • Ahhh, shudduppayourface! yer doin’ alri fer an aussie shiela, mate. Seemz yer bullshit detectors got an upgrade & your Bobbing Head Skewer Set
    (& free [O] K-TELL Steak knife set, which you stab people with in their Fronts) has your reality show rating well. I know people who, FAIRDINK, Can Not Finish One Of Your Articles. They suffer a disassociative event coz of the clash of YOUR analysis versus what’s on MSM. It would be amusing if it were not sooo terrifying. People fight so hard to preserve Narrative, better to die than grok The Big Lie. That’s our job. Sweet. I am with you all. Gregory Mark FISHER. Sydney.

  • A great big hug Caitlin… You are an inspiration to humanity.

  • Thank you, Caitlin, for your dedication to this necessary cause of setting the record straight. I start the day with a daily dose of sanity from your blog. You’re a life saver.

  • Hopefully, someday Ms Johnstone I may hit a number here in New York and be able to send you a check!! Right now I thank the heavens for you and your work!! Bless you!!!

  • Beautiful “word sculptures”. YES, indeed! 🙂

  • Your work continues to inspire. Thank you right back!

  • Caitlin,
    So inspired by your writings and honesty. Share all the time with my lists to spread some sanity. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas.

  • You deserve all the praise you can get my dear you are doing a great job, well done, keep going. You inspire me…. I would just love to be able to do the same.

  • Your gratitude, so beautifully expressed, surges back to you from all of us readers who appreciate you and your work so much. Every single thing about you that makes you able to see, understand, and articulate the important issues of our time is something I love. Thank you!

  • Caitlan:

    MY “gratitude” is hereby returned to YOU!

    I also wish to express my own gratitude to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who is the person to use his own online platform to introduce you to me! Had it not been for Dr. Roberts “spreading” Caitlan Johnstone blog posts from his own online pulpit, two outcomes are probable: (1) I’d have never learned of you; (2) I’d have “ignored” you, otherwise.

    [Perhaps this feedback promotes in you an obligation to respond/acknowledge Dr. Roberts? …]

    Because of this “introduction” by Dr. Roberts (only a few months ago), I now READ you daily – and also “contribute” to your work.

    As I do to that of Dr. Roberts.

    And that of Tom Feeley, of InformationClearingHouse.info – now, once again, “de-platformed” by the USA internet/www censorship gestapo! [ICH is, IMO, the best daily source of globe-spanning news and information that currently exists … particularly if you bother to look below (literally) the “headliner” items.]

    ‘Aware of the new “copyright reform” measure just passed by the European Parliament? ‘Might wanna JUMP ON THAT right quick, Caitlan. ‘Just sayin …

    For y’all out there, my REASON for attending Caitlin’s posts is simple: she adds “HUMANITY” back into the geopolitical discourse, which is largely, profoundly, disingenuous bullshit ABSENT any semblance of “humanity” aspect or element.

    Caitlan is no “oracle”, she proffers no “solution” and offers no “cure.” But she does project HUMANITY into the vanity and hubris of “those who KNOW BETTER” (than everyone else, what is BEST for everyone, everywhere, always.)

    I don’t always “like”. I don’t always “agree”. (And I definitely lack aporeciation for poetry!) But “like” and “agree” are besides the point! – which is OPEN AND FREE EXPRESSION of IDEAS and OPINION.

    From which springs DISCOURSE, DEBATE, and eventually COMPROMISE. From there, MOVE ON! …

    It is plainly obvious that status quo ain’t working! Alternatives, obviously, need to be presented and considered.

    Caitlan, IMO, works to “educate” as to both status quo failings and prospective alternatives.

    Which is WHY I choose to support her (work.)

    Thank YOU Caitlan!

    Sheboygan WI USA

  • I read your work every single day and am so glad that you have found a way to communicate with us, in spite of the efforts of the evil empire! Thank you!

  • I quite enjoy your blog.
    One can still be grateful during extremely bad times. I think of Viktor Emil Frankl and “Man’s Search For Meaning” and life lessons learnt by & from Frankl.

    I wonder how & why we who “spend all day thinking deep thoughts about the world’s ills” are able to convince ourselves that these ills, maladies, sicknesses, diseases, pathologies are going to heal… someday… eventually.
    False hope?

  • Thanks for sitting down and trying to make some sense of the madness we face every day. You do it so well.
    Do you do any political t-shirts?

  • Caitlin thank you very, very much for your very insightful articles regarding current issues and modern politics. Truthful, dedicated journalists are a dying breed, and they are being substituted by irresponsible propagandists. More than even we need voices like yours who is only beholden to telling the truth. Thank you from Puerto Rico.

  • Thank you Caitlin for your prose and poetry, for your loyalty to the cause and for being there,
    Thank you!

  • Love from Oregon

    • And the rest of the Pacific Northwest!

  • Being honest is always showered with love and light.
    Your honesty and clear mind deserves nothing less then all the positivity you are receiving.

  • Caitlin, you really are a WOW factor.
    Confident, spontaneous and full of empathy. Australia lost a jewel.

  • Don’t be so modest, Caitlin. It’s not a miracle. It’s just that you’re so clearheaded and incredibly good at it that you get away with it. People are starving for the truth, especially when they’ve been surviving a famine of lies.

  • “Each person, human or no, is bound to every other in a reciprocal relationship. Just as all beings have a duty to me, I have a duty to them. If an animal gives its life to feed me, I am in turn bound to support its life. If I receive a stream’s gift of pure water, then I am responsible for returning a gift in kind. An integral part of a human’s education is to know those duties and how to perform them.”
    ― Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

  • Really inspired by your writings…

  • Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You inspire! Got your ‘6’! Take care.

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