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Packed Primary May Let Superdelegates Screw Progressives Again

California Representative Eric Swalwell announced his candidacy for president on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, bringing the total number of Americans demanding that Eric Swalwell run for president to exactly one. It also brings the total number of candidates officially running for the Democratic Party presidential nomination to a whopping 18.

If you don’t remember Swalwell from his controversial tweet last year claiming that the US government could use nuclear weapons on Americans who revolted if their guns were outlawed, you may remember him from his relentless promotion of demented Russiagate conspiracy theories, or from his general foaming-at-the-mouth hawkishness toward Russia. Swalwell has openly admitted that he supports an agenda to “isolate Russia from the rest of the world” using economic warfare, and that he sees the alleged 2016 Russian election interference as “an act of war”.

Swalwell joins another recent addition to the presidential race, Ohio Representative Tim Ryan, as a generic white guy with no redeeming features and nothing distinctive about himself as a politician besides virulent hatred of Russians. Ryan’s official campaign launch speech included a completely gratuitous Red Scare diatribe in which he blamed Russians for the divisiveness which has overtaken political discourse in America.

“We have broken systems in our country that we’ve failed to fix because we’re divided,” Ryan said during his campaign announcement. “And I want you to know that our enemies come into our social media, and they intentionally try to divide us. If there is an incident in America that’s controversial — about kneeling for the National Anthem or there’s a school shooting or there’s an incident between a cop and a kid — you know who comes on to our social media? The Russians. OK? I want you to hear this. The Russians. They come into our social media and they spin things to get us into these divided camps so that we’re fighting with each other. That’s what they want. And meanwhile, we can’t get our economy going. Meanwhile, we can’t get a healthcare system that works.”

Nobody anywhere actually wants either of these people to run for president. From the hemp-wearingest, Phish-listeningest lefty to the pussyhat-wearingest, Maddow-worshippingest centrist in America, nobody wants to see that shit. But it’s happening anyway. For some reason, we’re seeing candidates continually piling onto the Democratic primary race, and piling and piling and piling, even if nobody wants them to.

Why is this? In the last primary there was Hillary, Bernie, and three whatever guys who were only there to make Clinton’s coronation look less like a coronation. Now it’s likely that there will be more than twenty candidates when all the hats are thrown in. What’s going on here?

Well, a big part of it is surely because there are a lot of politicians eager to score political points by taking swings at a despised US president on the national stage. But there is also another factor at play here, and I’d like to lend my voice to the task of drawing more attention to it.

Superdelegates are an elite group of insiders within the Democratic Party whose votes during the primary count way more than those of rank-and-file primary voters, comprising a fifth of total delegates won during the election despite there only being 764 of them. Until the rules were changed last year, candidates have had to vie for both the pledged delegates awarded to them when they win contests in each state, and the unpledged superdelegates who are free to go to whomever they please at the time of the Democratic National Convention. This system was put in place to ensure that Democratic Party insiders would have the ability to keep the riff raff from nominating an unauthorized candidate. As Debbie Wasserman Schultz explained to Jake Tapper back in 2016, “Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.”

Progressives were elated last August when they were able to push the DNC to make changes to its rules for superdelegates, barring them from voting in the first ballot and only allowing them to come into the process if a candidate fails to secure a clear majority of delegates (meaning more than half of all delegates, not just having more than any other candidate). This was seen as a major victory, because in the last primary superdelegates were used to dishonestly sell the narrative to Democratic voters that Hillary Clinton was the only candidate who could win in the generals by creating the illusion that Clinton had a far greater lead than she actually did, from the very beginning of the primary. Despite being admonished not to by the DNC itself, Clinton-friendly media outlets infuriated progressives by counting in the total delegate count the votes of superdelegates who’d said they planned to vote for Clinton in at the Democratic National Convention, despite their not yet having voted, thus creating the illusion that Clinton was winning the primary by a very wide margin and making Sanders look unelectable.

But it turns out that superdelegates may end up being far more influential during this primary than ever before, because of the large number of primary candidates. A packed primary will make it very difficult for any candidate to secure a clear majority, thus enabling party insiders to come in after the first ballot and crown a candidate whose platform reflects the interests of the Democratic establishment, like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or Beto O’Rourke.

I’ve been noticing a few Bernie supporters talking about this here and there for a while now, and a number of articles have been written about it, but it hasn’t been something that seems to have gathered a great deal of attention up until this point. The most thorough reporting I’ve been able to find on it so far is a March 29th article by Yahoo News that was originally titled  “Loophole could empower Democratic Party insiders at 2020 convention”, but that headline was interestingly changed sometime after publication to the less scandalous-sounding “How Democratic Party insiders could make a comeback at the 2020 convention”. It’s authored by Jon Ward, and I recommend giving it a read if this subject interests you.

Ward writes the following:

But there were not enough votes among the DNC’s membership to completely eliminate superdelegates, and so the compromise agreement reached last August barred them from voting at the convention on the first ballot. That means if the primary process in 2020 produces a consensus candidate who has a majority of delegates heading into the convention in Milwaukee in mid-July, then superdelegates will play no role.


However, if there are two, three or even four Democrats who all win significant victories in the primaries and are all determined to stay in the primary into the convention, then there might not be a nominee after the first vote of the convention delegates. And on the second ballot, the superdelegates’ votes would then be counted, setting off a potentially chaotic sprint to win their support.

It’s very easy to imagine a scenario in which the large number of candidates splits early primaries and sees two, three or four candidates beginning to rack up delegates. Even if Sanders does remain the frontrunner throughout the entire process, a savvy candidate to the political right of him could stay in the race doing just well enough to get to the convention, betting on their ability to woo superdelegates and wind up securing the nomination. One of Kamala Harris’ early hires, which generated buzz among Democratic Party insiders, was Clinton campaign superstar “Delegate Dave” Huynh, so nicknamed for his tight relationship with superdelegates and knack for winning them over.

Elaine Kamarck, a DNC member who Ward describes as “one of the party’s foremost rules experts,” told Yahoo News that she does think we could see superdelegates picking the 2020 nominee, but that she believes voters will welcome it.

“There’s a source of legitimacy to say, look, the voters didn’t decide. And if the voters didn’t decide, you can’t rerun 50 elections,” Kamarck said. “The natural people to decide are the leadership of the party, and that would be the superdelegates. I think there’s a legitimacy that people would be willing to accord it.”

“It’s not like we did this in secret. It’s been established since last year,” Kamarck added. “People will complain and then it will be pointed out to them that this was always the case.”

Obviously if Sanders comes up short of 51 percent of delegates at the convention but is still in the lead, nominating anyone other than him would be seen by many as an unforgivable betrayal and a desecration of small-‘d’ democratic values. In my opinion, should the first ballot fail to establish a clear winner, the extent to which superdelegates will be willing to outrage the party’s progressive base will depend on two related factors: how badly they want to beat Trump, and how badly they want to avoid a President Bernie Sanders. Last time they were willing to risk getting Trump elected in order to keep Sanders out, and that may still be the case; the plutocrats who own the Democratic Party certainly aren’t doing any worse under Trump.

But of course if they do end up going that route, Trump will be the excuse that they use. All that matters is defeating the Orange Menace. Stop yelling and fall in line behind Uncle Joe/Auntie Kamala/Weird Stepbrother Beto. Do you want another four years of Trump? Then shut up and fall in line.

And who knows? It just might work.

US elections are so damn stupid. They don’t let people nominate real human beings for either of the two mainstream parties, then if you try to vote for a third party they scream “No you can’t do that either!” and spend the next four years shrieking about Susan Sarandon. It doesn’t even pretend to be anything like actual representative democracy. I’ve been trying to ignore the Democratic primaries because the whole thing’s a farce and no real steps were taken to fix the staggering problems exposed in the last one, but it’s also a major project for the establishment narrative control operatives, so they’ll be exposing themselves a lot in the process. It remains to be seen how severely.


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Latest comments

  • “There’s nothing democratic about the Democrat Party.”

    I’m very satisfied when I see infighting among the Democrat Party. I’m also waiting for Adam Bull-Schiff to join the ranks of also-rans for 2020, since he has been the biggest cheerleader for Russian “collusion” (whatever that is) since 2016.

    Overall, I don’t give much credence to the ideas proffered by the Democrat Party; they work counter to the functioning of America as a whole, and are mainly a destructive parasite on the country. But that doesn’t make me a supporter of the other half of the Big Government party; they’re just the lesser of two evils.

  • If they rig the primary again in 2020 , my only suggestion is to remind the last Dem to leave the Party to please turn out the lights. I’d hang around and do it myself , but I left in 2016.

  • “Super Delegates will not be allowed to vote in the first round *unless* it is uncontested”. Which means, if Bernie gets 51%, they get to vote in the first round. So, we must get about 65% or they can overturn our choice.

  • If Bernie ends up on top, Tulsi will give him all her delegates at the convention for sure. We can only hope that will be enough for him to win this time… US and the world needs them both!…

    • Bernie, Biden, Warren, Trump and I are all too old. It is time for us boomers to give another generation the opportunity to screw things up. Maybe Bernie should give his delegates to Tulsi.

  • There is only the Capitalist Party. it has two scumbag wings.

  • they own and run the game.
    people need to organize a real election and boycott the rigged one.
    declare the winner of our own election as our president, and go from there.
    BDS is not the best way, it’s the only way.

  • Thank you! I was at the DNC meeting in Chicago when the rules were changed and we knew right away what they were doing. We’re trying to tell people-but you do it so much better!

  • Stop voting Rep or Dem. It’s not rocket science.

  • The ruling elite of the Dem Party do not want to defeat Trump,
    they want to rig the primary to get one of their own the nomination.

    If sleazy Joe Biden loses to Trump, at least a progressive will not become President. And our government sponsored, predatory capitalism will continue to make huge profits at the expense of people & planet.

    ‘ ‘ US elections are so damn stupid.’ ‘

    the elections are rigged, and that’s not stupid if you are the entity that spends billions on lobbying and buying candidates.

    It’s actually a brilliant strategy to own the government, while at the same time, the voters think they are electing a government.

    The multi-millionaire/billionaire class are cruel and malevolent,
    but they are not stupid.

  • Seems the Dems are lined up for Kamala Harris, a Hillary Clinton wannabe, greedy, blindly ambitious, corrupt and profoundly opportunistic. But wait, there’s more, she’s got all the grace, charm and crowd appeal of a prosecutor.

    California moved its primary to the head of the list. That is followed quickly by a string of southern primaries. There are not many Dems in the South, so the state parties are run by black Dems. They were Hillary’s firewall against Bernie in ’16, and black southern Dems are not coming out for Sanders and Warren rallies now. An indicator of the importance of this is Warren’s recent pandering to eliminate the Filibuster because it had been used to derail anti lynching legislation.

    With Harris as California’s favorite daughter with a slew of delegates followed by big majorities in the south, she has a lot of delegates and the nomination even with moderate performance in the rest of the primaries. As the choice of the elites, she will have the super delegates if she needs them.

    The Dems need to re-embrace their New Deal base, working and middle class America that they have screwed for 40+ years and that transcends race, gender, etc. If they continue to pander to discrete minorities as Hillary did in a Carl Rovian attempt to assemble enough minority groups to win 50.1% they will lose again.

    Dems have pissed away 2 years of potential reform to RUSSIA/TRUMP hysteria and seem as tightly controlled by the neo-liberal elites as ever. They may even manage to lose the popular vote. That would mean that the blue states that have pledged to cast electoral college votes for the popular vote winner could change a narrow Trump victory into a landslide. Hoist on their own petard, and 4 more years of Trump. It’s a twofer.

  • There will be no “election” in 2020, it will simply be yet another of many SELECTIONS by the elite.
    Sure there will be politicking, the politicians will spew out their LIES as usual, the dumbed down masses will get all excited again & once again, they will be cheated.

    Why bother?
    We already know how this will play out, the voters will be lied too, their “votes” will be switched, or “lost”, people with color will be yet again, get disenfranchised & denied the right to cast their worthless “vote”, corporate owned & controlled “voting” machines will once again switch their votes, the “super delegates” will again Select the “winner” in the crooked, rigged primary “election” & in the general Selection, Trump will again be SELECTED by the oligarchs & we will continue our swim down the drain.

    Even if a dem is Selected, things won’t change much, more drilling, more fracking, more wars, more of your hard earned tax money going for illegal, immoral WARS & WOMD, more innocent people imprisoned, more deaths by cop, we still won’t have universal health CARE, migrants will continue to flood the border & get released into the country to compete against those poor people already unemployed & “living” on our cruel streets because their wages are too low so they can’t afford the RENTS gouged out of them by greedy LANDLORDS.
    Our poor need to do what illegal immigrants do, sleep 10 or more to a room & share the rent.

    Sure go ahead & “vote” and watch as once again you get cheated, lied to & disenfranchised & no matter who get’s Selected, watch more of YOUR JOBS get shipped off the slave labor countries or your replaced by some soulless machine or ‘BOT!

    BOYCOT the 2020 “election” & show them you don’t believe their LIES any longer & DEMAND they get rid of corporate owned & controlled “voting” & vote “counting” machines, get rid of the dam electoral “collage” of oligarch hacks, get rid of gerrymandering, get rid of “super delegates”, count ALL THE VOTES, ALLOW third party candidates to have a visible voice & allow them to win elections, restore net nutrality, restore real NEWS to our media.

    A lot of changes need to be made to our media & election process, but don’t hold your breath because the corporations & oligarches who RULE this country like it just the way is is now.
    Bend over & present your BUNS cuz your gonna get it AGAIN!

  • A few days ago I saw an article entitled ” Tulsi Gabbard Is A Sheepdog ” by Bruce Dixon. Naturally I wondered why he would call her that and I read the article. I disliked the name he gave Ms Gabbard; but he was very right when he stated that every separate interest group of the democratic party will have ” a hero ” in the primaries!! Come the general election the peace voters, the equality voters, etc. will all be herded to vote for the ” anti Trump ” in the election!! In the end the big money interests will once again be making the decisions.
    I may follow Mr. Dixon’s advice and vote for Howie Hawkins!!!

  • When they can change the rules to make sure that they win and we lose every time, our only option is to refuse to play the game.

  • Here in my humble opinion is what is going to happen. Between now and the 2020 election there is going to be a significant downturn in the economy leaving a lot of prior Trump voters wondering if they should vote against him for his re-election. During the democratic debates the 20+ presidential hopefuls are going to cancel each other out. With no clear front runner Hillary Clinton will throw her hat into the ring at nearly the last minute saying that she almost beat him the last time except for Russian “interference”. She will again get the nomination and go on to win the presidency and then things will go from bad to much worse. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • We are what we believe, and our actions and behaviors the symptoms of psychopathy… There is a faction of the religious and secular within the dichotomy of wisdom and psychosis here, enough to fill the cosmos hourglass with fiction and mass mind insanity… Humans that are sure they are gods gift to men… To bad they worship themselves and mammon, instead of the generic spirit of love for ones fellow man… ideally, we could function without government that is supervised by the Royal Machiavellian’s of confusion and disinformation. This planet has one small tribe that controls the money and the traditions of men’s laws, These are the rabbis of spiritual darkness that created the legal system… Money buys freedom and the priest of Babylon conjure the spirits of darkness and feed it to the masses… All are looking to be saved by some messianic overlord coming from the sky???? The secular, see aliens and the spiritual see some soul from the past reincarnated as Solomon-BUDDA-Krishna- Mohamad… or the Anunnaki, our real creators of the human experiment, the latter coming from the sky or another dimension. The elite of Papal Dope spreading the virus of sin and destruction based on their own imaginations…
    The Democratic WONDER??? the DNC, run for your life!!! Mob rule runs the country and the few control the many… This is slavery, not freedom folks…We the people only exist in word… the deeds of the few we give power to our masters… and we are the idiots that vote for what we believe to be choices… Will the Messiah be the great redeemer that the masses follow to another hell on earth? Let’s vote and see how much more divided we can become as the few control the few. Oh yes, lets use our intelligentsia of higher learning to give our masters control… If its broken fix it, if its not broken lets expect doing the same thing over and aver again and we will get different results????
    The fools choice is believing in a system that is broken… Stop the insanity and listen to the human spirit, rid ourselves of Republicans and Democrats and become independents… do not vote for choices that do not repair the good welfare of common sense and unity of what’s good for me is good for you… Greed and political gain is not the answer…. The great experiment has failed and it was designed to fail from the beginning of its creation… The Royal Machiavellians still control the planet and they are as divided as greed is synonymous with power. Following the greedy will lead to starvation as the one percent has shown to us in full color!!! Name your own poison and fill the commentary with delusional hope…
    “THE MEEK WILL INHERIT THE EARTH” The intellegent will live and die by the sword of their own making… The meek will be all that is left!

    • Not voting endorses the status quo so vote third party.

      • Vote for a third party?
        Been there & done that for decades, nothing changes, only the two corporate parties are ALLOWED to “win” in our RIGGED FAKE “ELECTIONS”!

        As I have said before, I have HAD IT, I’m sick & tired of being LIED TOO, I’m sick & tired of BAIT & SWITCH!
        I’m not wasting any more of my time & $$$ on FAKE, RIGGED “ELECTIONS”.

        Third parties get no press time, they get no TV time, they get no exposure, THEY ARE SHUT OUT, only the two parties of the OLIGARCHS has any chance to “win” & it’s just a power struggle between those OLIGARCHS!

        BOYCOT THE 2020 FAKE “ELECTIONS”, let the undemocratic electoral “collage” choose our ruler when the supreme court doesn’t beat them to it.

  • I hear what you are saying and you are spot on most of the time. And when it comes to the Democratic party it is a given to realize that they cheat and steal from the American public as much as the Republicans. They just do it differently.

    Bernie Sanders will be extremely hard to beat even more so than the last time because the majority of the people want what he promises. Joe Biden if he even enters the race – – and I don’t think he will- – would be out within a short period out of time. Perhaps even before the Idaho caucus. The screwier candidates will fall along the Wayside sooner or later.
    Folks like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris well plow on trying to at least look Progressive and possibly picking up a vice presidential nod.

    I could vote for the exceptional Hawaiian representative Tulsi Gabbard and hope she is in the debates and have given money that she will be make them.

    Always a bad bet putting money on anything good coming out of the Democratic Party. Lost money on them in the past although I have never voted for a Democrat for president having stuck with third parties since the Nixon Humphrey debacle . ( so far have $200 on Bernie)!

  • More great work, Caitlin, sharing far and wide.

    The title of this great and valuable message, however, should say”…May Let Superdelegates Screw Democrats and the Country Again,” not just “Progressives,” which would be more accurate. All who are Democrats need to be roused from the Matrix and made to know just how much their party establishment deceives and uses, abuses and exploits them.

  • What about the idea of candidates “passing” their delegates to a candidate of their choosing and dropping out of the race. Like say if Bernie had 40% and Tulsi 25% with the remaining 35% divided amongst the others. Does anyone know how that would work if say Tulsi dropped out and Bernie picked her as VP? Or same scenario with Tulsi having more votes than Bernie?


  • Bernie will almost certainly be screwed out of the nomination again using duplicitous and anti-democratic means.
    The only question is: will he and Tulsi then run as Independents?
    Yes—and game on for finally, FINALLY mounting a frontal attack on the oligarchy.
    No—and four more years of Trump with concomitant fascism and ecocidal policy at every turn.

  • The Democratic Party Primary is going to be a circus with too many candidates to keep track of. Caitlin is right when she says the powers-that-be will patiently wait until superdelegates can vote on the second round and pick a Wall Street loving warmonger – which will send me right to the Green Party.

    Tulsi Gabbard is almost there in terms of getting enough donors to be in the debates. What would really be fun is if 88-year-old Mike Gravel gets in. That would make two powerful voices to stop endless war.

    What is likely but sad is that Bernie Sanders will probably get screwed again, and that he will once again support the person who screwed him.

  • The Russians have never been a problem for America. Communism has been a problem, but that is not a Russian construct – it is a talmud construct. The great destroyers in life are the self proclaimed great destroyers. Sadly, they take down every country in which they are allowed entry – the US being a classic example.

    “We Jews, we the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do, will meet our needs and demands. We will destroy forever because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” — Maurice Samuel (Jew), You Gentiles, page 155, 1942

    I suspect that until the great destroyers grow up and join the rest of the human race, they will always be the enemy of mankind.

  • Detaching from the system and it’s phony narratives is usually a step by step process. Not voting is an important step. If you vote it is a tacit endorsement of the system, and certifies your false hope it will deliver something good. It won’t.

  • Some folks get so absorbed in the intricate games of politics in America, that they forget entirely that the phony tokens the are playing with don’t give a shit about the fate of our world or anyone in it. The Game of Thrones is an evil diversion from our real business as caring human beings.

  • Democrat, republican, whatever – Satan goes by many names. What brand of poison will you choose to drink on election day?

    • My prefered “poison” is CANNABIS! Opens the eyes, frees the mind, soothes the body & it won’t make big, greedy pharma rich!

      As for “voting”, that’s a waste of time & effort, pick your warmonger, lier, tax cheat, slave owner, racist, misogynist, homophobe, illegal immigrant enabler, “freebees” for the rich OLIGARCH? no thanks!
      I have much better things to do than “vote” in our RIGGED, FAKE “ELECTIONS” like get well & thoroughly STONED!

  • Two things to watch as this plays out.

    1) What is the minimum cut-off to get delegates from a particular state? I don’t know the rules, but lets just imagine that it is at 5%. Then, if multiple left-of-Reagan candidates split the vote such that they get say 4%, then none of them get delegates. Of course, the same can happen to the pro-war, pro-banker right-of-Reagan progressives.

    2) Traditionally, when a candidate withdraws, they then support another candidate. But, if we don’t see that this year, then those candidates are trying to bring the anti-democracy, not-so-super, delegates into play.

    I remember seeing a piece 4 years ago about how running for President in the then crowded Republican field was really just about those candidates sucking in money. Nothing like running for President to get a few million dollars flowing into one’s accounts. It doesn’t go straight to the candidate, but the candidates can charge all sorts of living expenses to the campaign and thus live off that money for awhile. Nothing like staying in nice hotels and eating in good restaurants off the campaign expense account for a year or so.

  • Caitlin, you admit that the plutocrats in the United States own the Democratic Party. Given that fact, I can’t perceive/feel/sense/intuit how ANY Democrat can be a “progressive.” (Perhaps I’m not one of the “enlightened”.) I think that every single person in the United States who identifies as a Democrat — either as a pol or a voter — is as deeply invested in the status quo as every single person who identifies as a Republican or a TEA Partier or a Libertarian.

    The only metric which makes any sense to be “progressive” is the political will to dismantle the corporate state. All Democrats, all Republicans, all TEA Partiers, all Libertarians, and probably the vast majority of Greens are on the side of the imperialist corporate exploiters & oppressors — not willing to take a stand for the exploited and the oppressed.

    How’s that for “narrative”?

    • Labels are whatever Humpty Dumpty believes they are. In this case you as Humpty Dumpty take your labeling gun and mark everyone as supporters of the status quo. Labels only have real meaning to those who control what the labels mean. Calling Gary Johnson a Libertarian would be like calling Hillary a progressive. Yet Gary and Hillary have been labeled so. Then again the people act as Humpty Dumpty because they believe the labels mean what they say by what is propagandized by MSM and social media.

      Ron Paul started the Tea Party. He certainly wanted nothing to with big government or any government that encroaches upon individual personal freedoms of people. There has been no one that has wanted to create a vast chasm between state and money by profit at any cost (corporatism) other than Ron Paul. He continues to try to close down the root of all evil by shutting down the Federal Reserve and ending the IRS. If you don’t want to end these two monsters, in fact you are a supporter of the imperialist elitist corporate exploiters & oppressors. You suffer from cognitive dissonance. I digress, the Tea Party however became part of the controlled resistance managed by the status quo looking much like every other controlled political organization.

      While so many “real progressives” can point out exactly what happened to Bernie accurately, where were the progressives speaking out when the exact same presidential primary corruption happened in the last Ron Paul campaign? In fact it’s almost Hillaryous that Rachel Maddow actually did report. MSM in a small way did allow that truth to hang in her show, but not hang anywhere else if at all and not for very long. Certainly the corruption of Bernie’s campaign got more hang (air) time. Nothing mentioned by Fox either (I know Fox is really only the granted perceived perception of an opposing side or POV, but like is controlled MSM too).

  • Bibi has been working on this scenario all along in which the zionists can’t lose, as now it’s either Trump whom they got by the tiny balls, or Joe/Harris/whoever else who never had balls in the first place.

    they perfected their Modus Operandi, which is “work on all sides”. no one can call them lazy, for sure.

    Bibi’s met Putin 14 times while he’s met Trump 5 times. lemme guess, Putin was a little harder to coax. now, bromance between the three is something else to behold. it will keep the zionist dreams alive for a while longer.

  • Any “progressives” who have any faith whatsoever in the Democratic Party (or Republicans for that matter) deserve to get screwed every which way from Friday.
    Face it folks–it’s a side show to distract from what’s going on behind the curtain.

  • Those who really care about humankind and the world don’t waste their time with phony elections. We are not going to vote in the radically transformed world we need for our very survival. There may not even a way to get that world, but we have to try anyway, and not waste our time on projects designed to fail.

    • be a way (correction)

    • So, beyond telling everyone to just sit down and stay home and let the oligarchs rule, what do you suggest? Because not being involved does exactly that …. let the oligarchs rule uncontested.

      • organize our own election. at every level. or shut up.

    • Bernie has always been a zio-nist, and they universally believe it is good and honorable to lie to the Goyim.

  • Congratulations, Catilin, for keeping on the case in the face of such lunacy. It seems that every day the US political/world-domination system just gets crazier and more threatening to the rest of us. Somehow I persevere in reading about it even though it’s upsetting. I know I should stay away until a sane person with responsible policies decides to run and has a passing chance of winning. I would really like to enjoy what’s left of my life instead of passing my days fretting for the chances of a decent life (or any life at all) for the planet and for the next generations. Stay with it, Caitlin, your courage and sound journalism are inspirational.

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