This is a request from my readers to help me put together a thorough article titled something like “Debunking All The Assange Smears” so that people are better equipped to defend Assange from mainstream smears and disinfo when they encounter them. In the comments below (or via email, let me know what smears you’ve encountered that you’ve had trouble addressing. More importantly, please send me any articles, videos and tweets you’ve encountered which debunk common smears (no long videos please; I won’t have time to watch them).

Help me gather together all the best material and I’ll turn it into a long article that people can use for reference, which I will keep updating as new information comes in. It will probably take longer to write than my other articles, but I think it’ll be worth it. Let’s crowdsource this bitch.

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87 responses to “Let’s Write A Comprehensive “Debunking All The Assange Smears” Article Together”

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  3. I have been working on a similar series of blog posts on Assange. I am still drafting my debunking of the smears, but you might also find some useful info in part 1 which summarizes Assange’s good work over the years:

    1. Extremely well done. Thank you.

    2. Very informative article, James.

  4. I’m hearing today that the full Mueller report “proves” that Julian “worked with the Russians.” Does anyone know anything about that BS?

    1. As usual, the report includes the old conspiracy theory on Russia as WikiLeaks’ source, without proof:

      Mueller report takes ‘Russian meddling’ for granted, offers no actual evidence

      1. And also:

        The ‘Guccifer 2.0’ Gaps in Mueller’s Full Report – Consortiumnews

  5. Gotenkopfstellung Avatar

    Heres another one from the great CJ Hopkins

  6. Salvatore Panto Avatar
    Salvatore Panto

    this is a very important article because a central argument against Assange is that he is not a true journalist and thus not entiteled to the protections the US constitution grants to journalists

    btw … I think that using that argument as such is problematic because even if true it would imply that anyone making crimes committed by the powerful available to the public could be punished by those powers only because not being a journalist. This would be absurd and ethically unsustainable.

  7. Well, I guess I can interject my thoughts here as well as the above. It has been since 2015;”All Trump,, all the time, on every channel, every printed page, every digital media site.” Now it seems to have become; “All Assange, all the time.” How tedious when the planet is collapsing from Climate murder, Yemen is being Syria-alized by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Israel is Warsaw Ghettoizing the Gaza strip, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe have thousands displaced by floods and a cholera outbreak. (With no help coming from the USA, who could have dispatched one of our helicopter carriers as transport is needed to make up for lack of roads) And the many other ongoing tragic events on going on our poor over used planet. I am not a fan or a non-fan of Mr. Assange, I would have a lot more respect for him if instead of hiding out for 6/7 years he had stood tall and defended himself and faced his accusers, an innocent man need never fear. Let us please get back to the huge task of re-moralizing this world and building the House of Mankind……Because, in the end, this too shall pass.

    1. Are you for real? Do you have even the faintest idea how governments work?? What do you think would have happened if Assange had “stood tall” and “faced his accusers”? Do you have some romantic notion that there would have been a public show trial where Assange could have publicly defended himself for all to see? No, actually he would have disappeared into a black hole never to be seen again. SMH.

      1. Considering all the out-pouring of support for him that I am seeing just on this site, and also Domocracy Now! and Glen Greenwald (The Intercept) No I do not think he will disappear down a ‘black hole’. Ghandi was jailed numerous times by the Brit’s but he outlasted and out-witted them, he did not go into hiding. It would be nice to see someone make fools of the Rump’s gestapo tactics. “It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees” Spanish fighter in their civil war. Either we all speak truth to ‘power’ or we give up and live on our knees.

        1. LOL. Assange has already done more to “speak truth to power” than anyone else on earth. Of course there is an outpouring of support on this site–this is Caitlin’s blog. Two out of three Americans think Assange should be prosecuted, and why wouldn’t they, when their minds have been poisoned by our media for years. You sound as if you’ve been reading too much Hemingway.

  8. Jeff Meyerhoff Avatar
    Jeff Meyerhoff

    Jonathan Cook reminded me of a number of forgotten facts. His article is at his blog and on Counterpunch. “The 7 years of lies about Assange won’t stop now”
    11 April 2019. Great job on the smear replies.

  9. Assange released information revealing criminality of the most egregious nature in the highest level of the American administration. Now that administration wants to punish the messenger rather than the criminals. Cheney, Rumsfelt and their lot should be in jail for promulgating a war based on lie after lie and creating the conditions to produce terrorists at both end of the spectrum.

  10. My friends who lived in the States until recently (he is American she Cornish) insist that Hilary Clinton lost the presidential election because Wikileaks leaked Hilary’s documents just before the election. I am utterly ignorant – I don’t like Hilary but I just don’t even know what was leaked or why it was timed that way. My friends say it was to get Trump in. that is their main gripe with Assange. I would love to have arguments to counter with.

    thanks so much for all you do – I look forward to your posts Kate

    1. Wikileaks published emails of the Democratic National Committee which showed that they ” rigged ” the primary so that Hillary would win. This caused a lot of Bernie Sanders voters to not vote for Hillary in the general election. They generally did not vote for Trump but voted for the Green or Libertarian candidate or they did not vote at all. My guess is that President Trump is going to go after a lot of democrats of the Obama administration to ” lock them up ” for the illegal things done during the last presidential election!! The disgusting underbelly of United States politics is very ugly but it needs revealing if it is to be changed!!

      1. Patricia Ormsby Avatar
        Patricia Ormsby

        We have to bear in mind that it was never any secret that the primaries were rigged. Assange only released proof of what had been widely discussed in the alternative media, and that proof was then thoroughly disregarded by the mainstream media, which immediately started spinning it into a narrative about evil Russia, Assange and Trump,. I had from the very beginning decided to vote against Mrs. Clinton, having observed her actions for several decades.

        1. Well said. Same here. I wouldn’t have voted for her if the whole Russian army had descended on us and insisted we vote for or against her, so any alleged Russian interference on the part of Facebook ads or Wikileaks publications wouldn’t have changed a thing for me. We all knew it was rigged.

  11. Kunstler has 2 pieces that are relevant


    I saw another blog which gave some details of the smear campaign but haven’t seen it since

  12. My understanding of the rape charges in Sweden was that Assange was accused of intentionally damaging condoms before having consensual sex with numerous women, and that these charges were dropped last year. A Swedish person said to me yesterday that this is not true, that his rape charges stem from allegations of non-consensual sex with several women (nothing to do with condom use). I’m very confused about the Swedish charges and read a different story everywhere I look. One in particular says that one of the women has since recanted her allegation against him and has suggested that the Swedish police told her what to say (?) Assange can simultaneously be a person who raped people and also have fought against U.S. empire, I realize. However, I’d just like to know where to go to find out what exactly is going on with the rape charges in Sweden. I also do not understand dropping charges and then picking them up again.

    1. The rape charges were re-activated by a new ( very political ) prosecutor in Sweden! Back door manipulations by every government is done in secret for various purposes. The Swedish charges kept Mr. Assange ” locked up ” in an embassy until every thing was put in place to get him locked up in a prison and eventually given to the United States government!!

    1. I saw this one in my inbox, too, Michael.
      Where it is the job of journalists, and the citizenry, to hold government accountable for what they do with our money and in our name, MediaLens performs a similar function and does a pretty damn good job of holding journalists to factual and honest journalism.

  13. Thankyou dearest Caitlin. You are wonderful. I will see what I can contribute to this great initiative. In my experience, many people are governed by fear and conformity in relation to Julian. The US and the monsters that control our lives have demonised Julian for the last decade or so. Additionally, what WikiLeaks revealed is swept under the carpet. A feature of our times is its totalitarianism. Authority and entrenched power may not be challenged. It’s psychopathy running rampant.

  14. Thankyou dearest Caitlin! You are wonderful and warm all our hearts. Big hug to you!

  15. Have a listen to some cheap & nasty puerile jibes from the BBC:

  16. I actually don’t have trouble debunking smears. The main ones I still hear are:
    – He’s not a journalist (see Greenwald)
    – He’s a rapist (see Guardian and others)
    – He skipped bail (while he was seeking AND GRANTED asylum which he couldn’t have gotten if he were in jail)
    Great comments above cover (I think) all of these and way more.
    Looking forward to the article!

  17. Hurray! Woke up hating the world after spending too much time on FB yesterday, then remembered- we have people like Caitlin and Glenn.

    My Hillary lemming friends have the following reasons why they hate Assange and Wikileaks:

    1. The “rape” charges
    2. He’s a Russian asset. Text Messages Show Roger Stone Was Working to Get a Pardon for Julian Assange (The Nation)
    3. Ecuador finally got sick of this weirdo smearing shit on their walls.
    4. Articles from 2016 on Wikileaks releasing masses of info on innocent civilians.
    5. Wikileak revelations have put US military personnel at risk.
    6. He rides around on a skate in his undies lol. I could see myself doing that and I’m not in solitary confinement.

  18. Of no help really, but my conspiracy theory:
    The whole Russiagate/Trump (him bad) thing has been concocted and orchestrated by the former upper level Hillary campaign and friends thereof.

    It was needed because someone in that upper level did, or contracted to, commit the murder of campaign worker, Seth Rich, who had realized election fraud was taking place, dumped the emails to a computer portable drive device and that info was given to a Wikileaks operative.
    How he was fingered is likely known to only very few individuals.
    Perhaps Seth trusted a Party loyalist that he should not have.

    Now, anyone that comes forward associated with the ordeal would be, for sure, a ‘dead duck.’
    I think Assange has a good idea that that was the reason for the hit on Seth, but even he may not know who, exactly, put out the order.
    This is why they would like to dispatch him to Guantanamo. If there’s a feeling of too much public sentiment, they may just leave him to rot where he’s confined now, in GB’s version of Gitmo.

    With no evidence whatsoever, my own wild-assed guess someone like the Podesta Bros. Could have ordered the hit on Seth Rich. Someone with connections to the Mafia, possibly the NY Mafia.

    The exposé that Julian supposedly has as a ‘deadman’s switch’
    may reveal more connections. Not only that, but it may lead to exposing the Podesta bros. illegal Ukraine dealings (Biden family & others too) and the illegal operation of the Clinton Foundation’s financial transactions and connection to the Saudi terrorist funders.

    Julian Assange’s accusers can make unproven false assertions.
    Well, two can play that game and start rumors flying, willy-nilly.

    Yeah, I do have reservations about putting out bum-scoop.
    I’m just saying anything is plausible and there’s liable to be more to the story behind the curtains … if we can just open them.

  19. Its not a part of the extradition case, but in terms of politics in America, the MSNBC watching crowd all firmly believes that Wikileaks hacked Saint Hillary and leaked the (truthful) emails about how the Democrats and the media were colluding and rigging the process such that Saint Hillary could ascend to her rightful place as ruler of the free world. It might be for a follow up article, but this has been rather well debunked by former NSA official William Binney, now a member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. Here is one report I found I’d imagine that Mr. Binney himself has published on this, but my internet search didn’t find that in the first few results.

    1. Consortium News has covered this topic extensively. Here is the most recent example:

  20. uncle tungsten Avatar
    uncle tungsten

    Jonathan Cooke is top of my list:
    the top two stories are the tightest debunk I have seen.

    1. Cooke, Hedges, Pilger. A nice list of the few real journalists still left in the world. And that made me think of Seymour Hersh, the man who broke the My Lai massacre story. So, a quick search found this piece by Eric Zuesse about an interview that Hersh gave debunking the whole “Russiagate” story about the leaked emails.

      PS, for people outside of America, when the case of the murder of DNC employee Seth Rich comes up, remember that Washington, DC is a one-party system, firmly Democrat controlled town, at least in terms of its city government. If there is any place in the world where the Democrats could make sure a police investigation goes nowhere, its Washington DC. And its also the only place where there is no State police force to worry about opening a case. Its the local police or the Feds only.

  21. Daniel Liszt (aka Dark Journalist) did a show on the Assange atrocity this past fri night. Tons of great info.


    I’ve posted this excellent interview with John Pilger several times and been mansplained and scolded that “not so sure I’d be getting my news from RT (“RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian Government”)”. No mention of Pilger.

    Also, my ignorant friends insist that Julian Assange is a “Trump tool” that lost HRC the election.

  23. JMG (above) republished the video that answers the entire case—Manning and Assange were bringing a war crime to light. Every time a punditry gassbag writes or tweets about Assange, reply with a copy of that video. To all of them. Every time.

    Maybe add a personal comment, like “Is this really what you want to support, Jackass?”

    1. The press coverage of the Vietnam (war?) sparked widespread protests across the United States and the world; and eventually made the government just get out!! The government and the powers that run everything gobbled up the press so that would never happen again. The internet is now the only place that real news is allowed to be seen or heard!! Showing that video of U.S. soldiers gleefully slaughtering innocent people and reporters has much more effect than anything else!! Very little is ever shown of today’s war crimes all over the planet which is why they are able to continue!! Out of Sight = Out of Mind!!!

      1. Ron Campbell wrote:
        “The press coverage of the Vietnam (war?) sparked widespread protests across the United States and the world; and eventually made the government just get out!! The government and the powers that run everything gobbled up the press so that would never happen again.”

        Exactly. For example:

        Interview — My picture led to end of the Vietnam war: ‘Napalm Girl’ photographer Nick Ut tells TNM
        “Even now people ask me to shoot pictures to stop war, but I tell them, I am not young anymore.”

  24. Christopher Beamis Avatar
    Christopher Beamis

    The hook that the boot licker MSM reporters, as well as the uSA DOJ prosecutors, hang their hat on is that JA, an Australian citizen, while not in the uSA, while engaging in the activity of informing us planet earthlings of dastardly deeds committed by certain of us, or in other words committing journalism, offered to help CM to crack a password to a uSA defense department citizen. I’m imagining myself as a juror in the “tried to break into a defense department computer” trial. On the one hand, JA offer to help CM crack a password. So? I ask myself. On the other hand, he and CM were cooperating to enable me to be a little more informed about how my government “employees” are spending the tax money they force me to pay them. Easy decision, JA and CM did something I thank them for doing, and want them to continue doing. Thumbs up, JA walks.

    1. Christopher Beamis Avatar
      Christopher Beamis

      offered to help CM to crack a password to a uSA defense department computer.

      is what I meant to say, not citizen.

      1. Christopher Beamis Avatar
        Christopher Beamis

        P.S. I just read what John Pilger said below: “It merely says that Assange discussed the possibility with Manning and had an intention to hack a computer.”

        And he provided us all extremely valuable information. No way I even think about punishing him more.

      2. What I believe I saw in the limited transcripts of those texts was that Manning asked someone in a chat (not directly identified as Assange) if they could help with cracking the password. The person on the other end of the chat I think did encourage Manning to keep trying to get info to leak, but also at some point did say they wouldn’t be able to help with the password.
        As I write this, I remember that Manning also had an internet chat with a known hacker, who was the person who finked on Manning to the Feds. Don’t know if that’s related, but the fact that Manning was talking to others beside Assange (if that’s who was in the chat) was very well established at the time of Mannings arrest and trial under the Obama regime.

  25. John Pilger

    Apr 14

    Peter Greste, imprisoned by Egypt and now UNESCO chair of journalism at Queensland University and ubiquitous “press freedom advocate”, writes that Julian Assange is not a journalist and is unworthy of our support. His students must challenge him. He is a disgrace.

  26. April 15, 2019 “Information Clearing House” – Let’s be sure that we understand that Assange is not charged with anything related to Russia or Russiagate or even with breaking a law. Assange is charged with being in a conspiracy with Manning “to commit computer intrusion.” The charge is not that Assange succeeded in hacking a government computer and obtaining classified information. It merely says that Assange discussed the possibility with Manning and had an intention to hack a computer. Most likely, even this noncrime is an invention of prosecutors instructed to indict Assange in the absence of any evidence. It is all that they could come up with.
    [Paul Craig Roberts]

  27. I only have one friend that gives a shit, and one thing I hear from him is that “Wikileaks only releases info about the U.S.” Or that it’s 90% U.S., never Russia or other bad actors around the world. I usually counter this with, “well, we’re the worst by far so…” or “in other countries they shoot suspected whistleblowers, nevermind actual ones, so there are simply less leaks regarding KSA, etc.

    1. The Wikileaks page on Russia

      That was found by simply typing “Wikileaks” and “Russia” into a non-google search engine. Which of course is a task far, far beyond the sort of person who sits in front of screens and then repeats what they hear. But that is a different topic for other articles.

  28. Great idea — Best wishes — but that’s all I can offer.

  29. Julian Assange’s arrest represents an abuse of power, highlighting not only how true journalism has now been banished in the West, but also how politicians, journalists, news agencies and think-tanks collude with each other to silence people like Julian Assange and his Wikileaks foundation who are a nuisance to US imperialism.

    Assange is “guilty” of two “cardinal sins”:

    Revealing US war crimes committed in Iraq and;

    Committing the unpardonable sin of publishing the emails of Clinton, Podesta and the Democratic National Committee, thereby revealing such chicanery in US domestic politics as the fraud committed against Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

    These revelations, among the many, in the eyes of the US ruling elite, struck at the very foundations on which the edifice of “American exceptionalism” is so shakily built, namely, the democracy that is supposedly meant to be a light unto the world, and the “just wars” that flow from a missionary zeal to make the world safe for Freedemocracy. Releasing footage of US military personal laughing as they slaughter dozens of clearly unarmed Iraqis civilians from the distant safety of an Apache helicopter is one of the strongest ways of showing how false, artificial and propagandistic the concept of “humanitarian war” and “responsibility to protect” is. In today’s communication age, that footage, those images, that laughter, are a very powerful antidote against the lies we are daily fed by our corporate media presstitutes.

  30. This whole thing reminds me of a movie that I could never finish watching! The movie is ” Kill The Messenger ” starring Jeremy Renner as the journalist Gary Webb!! Gary Webb uncovered the CIA – Oliver North plot to fund the Contra War with crack cocaine profits from sales within the United States. The story is true and the U.S. government and the press crucified Gary Webb and his family for revealing the truth!!! Mr. Assange is in the same situation; the things he revealed about war crimes are true and therefore Mr. Assange ( according to our government and most pundits ) must suffer the consequences for revealing the awful truth about the way the U.S. government actually works in this world!! My government is very very ugly and very very nasty; to say the least!!! The coming persecution of Mr. Assange is bound to make a lot of people very sick!!

  31. There are still many Democrats I know still claiming Julian is a rapist, ( Hillary excuse seekers without a doubt.

    But here is a link to an article, pointing out fallacies about Julian and contains an embedded link to you, Caitlin:

  32. Hi Caitlin,

    While all international eyes look to Assange journalism in Australia gets thrashed big time.

    Lets try to never loose a grip on the wholeness of truth. Glorified particles are nothing but distractions from the big picture.

    To rewrite history evidence of the past must always be destroyed. The burning of the Alexandrian library two millenia away was the first recorded history change event and the golden calf began to rule the world with the coming birth of “Christianity”.

    Thanks for your work!

    Kind regards,


  33. Craig Murray has been on this case for years and I think he has written just about everything you need to know about this affair including the sequence of events in Sweden which started it all. You can read all of his articles over the years at:

    For anyone who doesn’t know Craig Murray, he is a former diplomat who blew the whistle on torture – a highly principled man who knows how things work in government backrooms.

  34. There is some hope. (Here in Australia) I sought an opinion on the Assange matter from a family member whose only political info comes from the MSM when he happens to be in the room with a radio or TV on. His view was that JA should be free – ‘he hasn’t done anything’ and, on the rape stuff – ‘that was just a stitch up wasn’t it?’ All is not lost. I advised him to do his bit for JA by contacting his MP.

    Fragments of truth and individual opinion based on mosaic pieces of the whole bring forth only more arguments, diversion and conflict to troubled mankind. To pick out one grain of sand and claim it as the Sahara is but another illusion just as the human condition in itself. Identities based on life experiences and education of the shadows of an ill guided humanity are nothing then an obstacle to peace and truth as is the power greed of “man” to be superior then others while loosing truth altogether arguing among themselves. Truth can be established instantly as the “big bang theory” and without the slow process of convincing a traitorous democracy that never was political orientation at all. In Truth, truth is perfectly amalgamated as one big chunk and not even humanity (ever trying so hard) can change it or stick out in a god like manner.
    One imagine “organised” religion being filtered out of the NT leaving just bare truth and spiritual guidance – the “Christian world and its condition” would reinvent itself as whole and true while genuine evil will stick out like a puss filled boil on perfection and having lost all power to rule the human “kingdom” at all.

  36. According to the US extradition warrant against Assange, revealing this (and more) is part of the admitted reason Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange are now in jail:

  37. I think it is smart to address all the smears. Of course the issue is press freedom and whether the accused person is a “good” person or not is technically irrelevant. I can only speak for the US but in order for Americans to take action they have to “like” the person. Too few are objective and too few can see the principals behind the person. And our media knows this very well; that is why they expend so much effort smearing Assange. I would like a detailed timeline of the sex investigation. Not for prurient interest but because it is by far the ugliest of all the smears. People who might be sympathetic towards Assange hear these whispers of “rape” and they get skittish. I get it. Some specific things I;d like to know: I am unclear of when Assange was made to wear an ankle monitor. I am unclear on what happened after the investigation was reopened by Ny and what set that into motion. I have read that the investigation was actually closed in 2015 but Sweden didn’t announce this until 2017. Is this true? I want to know who the shady players in this were. The minor characters as well as the major ones – whom we mostly know. Has AA actually asked for the investigation to be reopened? Her tweets do not indicate this, but I read that her lawyer has publicly stated recently that she wants her client to have “justice”. Why did the Swedish police publish these women names in a tabloid? It’s almost “as if” the police knew it was all a set up. I could dig for this info too and piece it together. I know there’s a lot of info on it–but if you’re willing to do this Caitlin, that is what I would want. Make a list. Smelly. Did not take care of cat. Rapist. Publications harmed people. They seem to have let off the “million Turkish women” smear and the one about the service people’s emails which were Linkedin publicly available and which WL only organized more cohesively–I think. There have been SO many over the past few years. Thank you, thank you!

  38. The question lesbian triangle trap, how did they put that plan together?

    1. First I have heard of this. shocking. Two lesbians who work for a political party act like rock band groupies to lure Assange to bed, then charge him with rape for failing to use a condom. This is information the American public needs to have.

      1. Well this theory helps to explain why the two women collaborated so closely after the alleged assaults and there is also the question of the missing night on Thursday 19 August when AA left JA alone in her flat to go spend it with a friend. This was the day after JA and SW had spent the night together on Monday 16th -Tuesday 17th August. Where did she spend that night and who with? Was it at SW’s flat?
        Page 10/58 pp1

        1. Don’t have time to look through everything above, but it is consistent with something I’ve rarely seen referred to. One of them, I think Ardin, had a website where she explicitly proclaimed her intent to set “honey traps” – really!. So you might blame Assange for lack of caution, not looking at her website beforehand. Doubtless not still up, but I recall looking at it online and then at the internet archive

  39. Love from Oregon
    No More War

  40. Charles Edward Fitzsimmons Avatar
    Charles Edward Fitzsimmons

    Dear Caitlin and friends.
    I think that defending Julian Assange against smears is a worthwhile effort, but I hope the discussion can be elevated above the personal attacks on and personal defence of Mr. Assange to the level of principle. This, Caitlin has done in other posts, but here goes:

    The protection any person is entitled to under the law has nothing to do with their personal merits or lack of them. To claim otherwise is a diversion and proof of immaturity or artful cunning. Either every person has rights, or no one has them. Justice that is denied someone based on antipathy is as blameworthy as turning a blind eye to crimes committed by someone towards whom we feel affection.

    It is precisely the grave departures from principle and from the impartial and fair administration of justice that are so disturbing and disappointing in the treatment of Julian Assange. He is no different from me or from any of us. He is a person. That he happens to be a noble and sacrificial person in my estimation still should have nothing to do with his entitlement to justice.

    Those who presume to weaponize the law against him may be motivated by a wide range of considerations but they are deeply mistaken. They are committing crimes that they will one day have to answer for – here on this plane of existence, which would be better for them, or else at that moment which comes to us all, when our life here is ended and we Must estimate the worth of our deeds, and when it is too late to undo them.

    He who is unjust in his judgement is devoid of the characteristics that distinguish a human being. And many people involved in the disgraceful treatment of Mr. Assange have revealed their lack of worth starkly and plainly. It is a calamity that these usurpers have managed to achieve positions of authority, trust and responsibility of which they are wholly unworthy, as is proven by their falsity and wretched behaviour towards him, which is likewise directed at every single one of us. We are him and he is us. For this reason the crimes committed against him cannot and will not be forgiven. His tormentors should begin to be ponder this, that they have put themselves beyond the pale by their behaviour, and I don’t think, in their arrogance and hubris, they are going to find a way back.

    Naturally I fear for Mr. Assange, but I would trade places with him because he has honour and dignity intact despite his persecution. But I would not for all the world trade places with his tormentors, for they may be splendid now, but in time their ascendancy will vanish like their honour has already done.

  41. I have trouble debunking tweets that claim that Julian never published leaks critical of Israel. I encountered one today. Sorry, but I don’t remember who tweeted it.

    1. I always direct people making such claims to the Wikileaks searchable database:

      1. This is now the topsy-turvy world of the Orwellian Nightmare so people’s perceptions of reality are now at the mercy of those in power and their use of Newspeak and the use of the Memory Hole because most people don’t want to know about the corruption or malfeasance perpetrated by their governments or the Media. So I do not know if there is a way out of this conundrum as we pass through the Looking Glass . The majority of people in the USA and Canada are convinced that it was Assange’s and Russia’s fault that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. The war crimes and other crimes exposed by Wikileaks are again either fabricated or as we are told is not any business of the public at large. We are told to have Faith in our governments and the Media because ythey know what’s best for us. The problem with the Wikileaks site is that the Mainstream Media claims the documents are either not real or have been edited and doctored . We have also been told by CNN that it is illegal for US citizens to even read anything found on the Wikileaks site . The media has decided that Assange is a Russian asset or even a Russian agent. It is now almost impossible to argue with anyone that Assange is not a Russian agent or that he has also published secrets about other nations besides the USA or that what is published by Wikileaks is credible and fact based .

    2. Remind them that Wikileaks can only publish what it is given.

      To make their case, they would have to demonstrate that WL has been given info damaging to Israel and is sitting on it.

      Perhaps compile a list of all the countries which WL hasn’t published anything about.

  42. Robert Pietruszka Avatar
    Robert Pietruszka

    A bit of a different out outlook.

  43. I’m embarrassed to say, this is from My US Senator, ‘Big Dumb DICK’ Blumenthal:
    “He should be extradited and face justice here,” Blumenthal said. “Justice should come to Julian Assange for his role in Russian meddling in our election, and the sooner the better.”
    Can u define the word Projection for me?

    1. As others far more knowledgeable than myself have pointed out, Julian has not been charged with anything connected to the so-called “Russian hacking” of Hillary’s private email server which (illegally) stored and communicated classified USG information.
      And curiously, I might add, he wasn’t arrested until after the Mueller “investigation” wound down and issued its final report. So whom, exactly, is going to reopen that investigation and question Julian about it? Not to mention charging and prosecuting him with it…
      Any prosecution in the matter will necessarily be forced to confront a simple fact about the “hacking” claim — that it was Hillary’s private, not a government, server. Not to mention the technical issues related to the documents which point to an internal leak rather than a remote hack…
      But returning to the central point — notwithstanding Blumenthal’s blustering or QAnon’s claims of 5D chess (wherein Trump will use Julian’s prosecution over the “Russian hacking” lie to put Hillary away and break the deep state’s back) — enlighten me please: How exactly is this going to happen if the Mueller investigation is not reopened and Julian charged in the matter?

  44. Julian Assange talks to John Pilger about “…the most significant email in the whole collection:

  45. Lisa Brikowski Avatar
    Lisa Brikowski

    That’s not a single article. That’s a massive, ongoing project. Maybe you can set up special page for it. Give it a catchy name, “Caitlin’s canaries” or something. Give it a kind of “Snopes” style, where people can search a topic. Then you can say “true” or “kinda-half-true” or “bullshit.”

    1. I think an entire site may be necessary. Some sort of wiki format is probably appropriate, where a particular attack or set of attacks is described and if possible quoted, analyzed as to its quality, origins, popularity, incidence, relatives and cross-references, and so forth, to be followed by factual, material truth. Names of politicians and media stars associated with the attacks should be listed and linked — the leading ones might require separate articles. Ranting will probably not be useful, so ranters should be encouraged to rant elsewhere.

  46. Even very informed people I know have qualms about Assange not facing the “rape” charge in Sweden. I give them this link which just about sums it all up:

    Keep on Caitlin – the World is listening!

    1. I keep hearing that his revelations (especially the Chelsea Manning leaks) jeopardized our nation’s intelligence and led to our spies being tortured. (Embarrassed them a bit, I think.) While I’m extremely skeptical of those claims I don’t know how to argue against them.

    2. Desperate now that their original narrative that Assange is not a journalist is falling apart under worldwide scorn and derrission, the powers that be have punted – and revived their first smear campaign tactic, again trying to convince the world that bogus Swedish rape charges dismissed years ago should be revived.

      This ploy, if successful, would allow for immediate “emergency” extradition to Sweden and then on to US Kangaroo Courts. Such charges are falsely based on consensual sex way back in 2010, that one of the accusers NOW says were made up entirely by police looking for some basis to snare Assange for political reasons having nothing to do with actual facts – in other words, a classic frame up ploy.

      Even more disgusting, the Blair contingent of the Labour Party is leading the smear campaign with Jeremy Corbin’s tacit blessing. It is believable that Corbyn has made a political calculation that adopting a more or less mum approach to the Assange controversy going forward is necessary to hold the internal strife ridden Labour Party together – or risk losing his excellent chance to become the next prime minister. Time will tell.

      In the meantime, buying into the coordinated state campaign that Assange must stand trial on bogus fabricated rape charges—a concerted campaign now underway to shift the political narrative—is designed to smear Assange and divert public attention from the grave threat to democratic rights posed by US extradition proceedings

      The obvious purpose is to fast-track extraordinary rendition of Assange under Temporary Surrender treaty arrangements in place between Sweden and the US, neatly sidestepping a looming legal battle over extradition under British law—which precludes same whenever there is any possibility of execution, which there most certainly IS under US espionage laws.

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