Julian Assange’s mother reported yesterday that the WikiLeaks founder has not been permitted any visitors during his detention in Belmarsh Prison, including from doctors and his lawyers. Doctors who visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy have attested that he urgently needs medical care. Belmarsh is a maximum security prison sometimes referred to as “the UK’s Guantanamo Bay“.

And yet we’re asked to believe that this has something to do with an alleged bail violation and a US extradition request for alleged computer crimes carrying a maximum sentence of five years. If you zoom out and listen to the less-informed chatter of the overt propagandists and the brainwashed rank-and-file western mass media consumers, you will also see that people believe this has something to do with Russia and rape allegations as well.

Actually, none of these things are true. Assange is being imprisoned under draconian conditions for journalism, and for journalism only. The Obama administration declined to prosecute him after WikiLeaks’ publication of the Manning leaks out of concern that doing so would endanger press freedoms, and the Obama administration didn’t have any more evidence at its disposal than the Trump administration has now. The “crime” Assange is accused of consists of nothing other than standard journalistic practices that investigative journalists engage in all the time, including source protection and encouraging the source to obtain more material. The only thing that has changed is an increased willingness in the White House to prosecute journalists for practicing journalism, and there are an abundance of reasons to believe that he will be hit with far more serious charges once extradited to US soil. They’re not going to all this trouble for a bail violation and a five-year maximum sentence.

But if you zoom out even further, in the grand scheme of things this barely even has anything to do with Assange. Sure, he has of course been a thorn in the side of those who operate the transnational western power alliance, and given the choice they would of course prefer him to be locked up or dead than free and alive. But that’s not what the corrupt influencers who are strangling our world are shooting for here. They are making a grab for something much, much bigger. Assange just happens to be a stepping stone along the way.

As we’ve discussed previously, the prosecution of Assange is really designed to set a legal precedent which will enable the US government to imprison journalists for trying to hold it to account using journalism. The reason you are seeing the phrase “Assange is not a journalist” bleated constantly by empire lackeys all around the world today is because they need a counter-narrative for the indisputable fact that this precedent poses a threat to journalists around the world, the argument being that since Assange isn’t a journalist (pure bullshit by the way), this isn’t setting a precedent for journalists. As though their personal definition of what a “real journalist” is will be the one used by the US government when determining whether or not to prosecute other people for doing things similar to what Assange did, instead of whatever definition happens to suit US government agendas in that instance.

But in order to get the really, really big picture perspective of what these bastards are going for, we need to zoom out even further than that.

In the sci-fi novel Ender’s Game, the young protagonist applies a vicious beating to one of his bullies, killing him. When asked why he did this by his handlers, the boy, who has been bred and raised to become a strategic savant, explains that he did it not out of malice toward the bully, nor only to win the fight, but to win all future fights as well. If the kids at school see what savagery he’s capable of and know he’s not to be trifled with, he won’t ever have to fight them.

If this sounds a bit sociopathic to you, that’s because it is. And, with the notable difference of the bully and victim roles being reversed, this is exactly the principle we are seeing exercised with Assange.

The entire world is watching what is being done to Assange currently. No matter how propagandized you are, no matter how much you hate the man personally, you’re watching that happen and learning a lesson from it. And that lesson is, never do anything remotely like what that guy did, or you’ll meet the same fate. This is the real goal of Assange’s persecution, and it doesn’t impact merely one Australian publisher in a UK jail cell, nor even merely the investigative journalists around the world who are interested in practicing the lost art of holding power to account using journalism, but everyone in the world who consumes news media.

And it works. I know it works because it works on me. I’ll say right here and now, if you’ve got information that incriminates the most powerful people in the world, keep it the hell away from me. Give it to someone else, literally anyone else, because I myself am far too cowardly and have far too much to lose by getting involved in anything that could lead to me rotting in some overseas prison cell. I’ve got kids. I’m in love. I cannot and will not go down that path. And if this is true for me I know for certain that it’s true for countless others as well. They’ve brutalized whistleblowers to the point that it’s surely had a severe chilling effect on those who would otherwise become key leak sources, and now they’re brutalizing the journalists who publish those leaks as well. The odds of someone willing to blow the whistle on real power meeting a journalist who is willing to help them are rapidly diminishing to zero.

They’re trying to win this fight against Assange in brutal fashion to ensure that they win all future fights as well.

Which is why it’s absolutely stupid that this conversation so often gets fixated on Assange the man, whether it’s smears or praise.

The other day I published a massive mega-article attacking the major smears about Assange I’ve encountered. There are 27 of them in total so far, and I’ll be adding more soon. This mountain of smears exists because instead of paying attention to the world-shaping dangers I just outlined which threaten to make it impossible to oppose the leaders of the US-centralized empire who are marching us towards either extinction or dystopia, people are babbling about Assange’s personality, or whether or not he cleaned up after his cat while at the embassy.

The flip side of this is people who fixate on Assange as a hero, which can of course help draw attention to his plight and therefore be of some benefit, but ultimately that’s also missing the forest for the trees. This is so very, very much bigger than Assange, and we need to oppose it for reasons that are far, far more significant than the individual characteristics of one man who, depending on what we’ve heard, we may or may not believe is a nice person.

Never lose sight of this: the intimidation of whistleblowers and leak publishers threatens to stop truth from informing the behaviors of our entire species, leaving only the whims of the most powerful to decide our fate. The most powerful people are those most dedicated to pursuing power, those sociopathic enough to step on anyone’s head and do whatever it takes to secure as much control as possible over as many humans as possible. That’s who we’re handing the steering wheel of our world to if we allow truth to be intimidated into silence.

And never lose sight of this, either: with the imprisonment and prosecution of Julian Assange, these same sociopathic oppressors have exposed themselves. They have ripped off the friendly Big Brother mask and exposed the dark infernal entities which squirm and hiss underneath. This sudden interest in the legal technicalities of bail protocol and journalistic source protection protocol happen to look exactly the same as prosecuting a journalist for publishing facts because that is exactly what is happening. Don’t ever let anyone gaslight you into believing otherwise, and don’t you dare miss this rare opportunity to point out to your fellow humans how our oppressors have revealed their true nature.


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58 responses to “The Prosecution Of Julian Assange Is Infinitely Bigger Than Assange”

  1. April 24 @~ 12 PM PST
    Re: Caitlin Johnstone
    While the concerns expressed in your article, dramatically portrayed via the ‘bullying’ metaphor, do reflect the willingness of so-called free democratic societies to use unjust and abusive – as well as cruel and unusual – violations of ‘settled law’ to persecute, abuse,and imprison journalists and their publishers; the contention that…

    The entire world is watching what is being done to Assange currently.

    …is sadly just not the case. The pitiful reality is that very few people in this world even know who Julian Assange is, let alone have any awareness of the circumstances of his persecution and criminal mistreatment. While it is true that many talented and articulate writers and journalists, such as yourself, are devoting sincere efforts to sounding the alarm on behalf of Julian Assange, and the survival of investigative journalism and protection of its sources writ large, there is very limited distribution.
    As Usual,

    1. You’re right to some extent but also irrelevant. World events are rarely controlled by the somnolent masses but by a small dedicated articulate intelligent caring aware minority of people willing to dramatically act and shake things up and gain the attention of everyone else, probably no more than 10-15%.

  2. Caitlin – Nice whitewash of Obama. Fact is he was waiting for his chance to nab Assange just as he tried to nab Snowden. He failed to nab Assange so he could prosecute him once the English lackeys handed him over. Anyone who relishes liquidating people through a kangeroo FISA court is not about press freedoms. Obama could speak out right now about setting Assange free. But do you really think he is going to ? He is silently cheering this whole thing on. Wake the hell up and realize it matters not who is sitting in the President’s chair. They are all tyrants and their whole DC/Pentagon/Congress apparatus has to be dismantled.

    1. Thank you for saving a whole lotta time for a whole lotta others drawn to view this psycho-drama! Entertaining for a few days, I have to confess!

  3. For all intents and purposes, Assange has been cast into the evil-doer bucket. The thing about evil doers … it’s never about the evil-doers in and of themselves. Evil doers are fodder for a larger campaign. Mostly regime change. E.g. the evil doers in Iraq (or wherever in the ME) were fodder for regime change of Saddam. And the evil doers of white supremacy, racists, misogynists what have you were fodder for attempted regime change of Trump. One could almost say to the evil doers, “nothing personal (that you’re being thrown under the bus), it’s just business”.

    But there’s also a flip side to this as well. Who stands up for the evil doers? Who stood up for the terrorists that were presumably running around in the middle east, ready to inflict the next 911? Nobody, not really. Who stands up for the white supremacists, racists and misogynists? Hardly anybody. At least nobody who doesn’t want to be proverbially tarred and feathered.

    But it seems like the political value of those evil doers have kind of run their course. Sure we can still go back to that well, but we need some new blood to create some new business opportunities. Enter Julian Assange. Message to Assange, “Nothing personal, it’s just business.” A “small ball” dem business model is to wait to see if Trump will stick his neck out on behalf of Assange. Because if so, then that puts regime change of Trump back into play, this time with the Assange evil doer as the vector. But I think Trump is smart enough to avoid that.

    The next bigger play is to simply use Assange as a shot across the bow of any wikileaks wanna-bes. The point Caitlin is making.

    But I think there’s an even bigger game here. Which is to use Assange against those who are carrying the same propaganda flag as Assange, the flag which says the US itself deserves regime change. Assange is being portrayed as a traitor to the US, somebody who led our sheep astray on behalf of anti-US interests. The fact that he published things willy nilly, lol who cares, that’s a pretext. Because the point is, who else can be portrayed as a traitor the US, leading our sheep astray? Basically anybody who is supporting propaganda campaigns that are for regime change of the US system. Assange is a way to help the public understand “who is with us, and who is against us”.

  4. The Defend Wikileaks site used to have (ie within the last week) details of an account for donations by bank transfer – it has now disappeared. Any advice or information about this?

    1. All donations to Wikileaks are now being serviced by the Clinton Foundation during the transition.

      1. Is that tongue-in-cheek, or are you on super strong meds ?

        1. You have to be on super strong meds not to recognize satire.

  5. You are the most powerful political female voice today, Caitlin. You are filled with righteous anger that I so identify with. I love your fiery rage against injustice because it matches my own. Yet you are The One out there preaching it to the world, while I sit at my desk reading your words, and cheering on your vitriol.

    Yes, I too, speak up and out on Assange’s behalf, or against our corrupt globalists and their evil 1% takeover of our planet and power, whenever I find a willing (or not so willing) listener. However, your use of the power of the pen, Caitlin, comes from deep within the heart of a true leader and a fearless and unstoppable crusader who puts action under our step and gives impetus to our collective cause.

    I salute you and your efforts! Keep on keeping on and being our voice of injustice!

  6. Zooming out even further: their goal is to operate completely without oversight. This unchecked evil will continue to spiral downward until it consumes itself and our civilization completely crashes.

  7. You haven’t zoomed out far enough, Caitlin. The US has a WAR-BASED economy in which literally millions of people are either directely or indirectly employed. Absolutely any thing or any person who represents a “threat” to that economy must be gotten rid of. Those millions WANT these threats to their jobs gotten rid of and will vote for anone who promises to get rid of them and to continue the US’s wars of USD hegemony. Those millions DON’T. WANT. PEACE! Can’t you realize that?
    Once again with feeling, the one and the only way that the human race is going to survive is if anti-war candidates for congress and POTUS are elected by US voters and that is NEVER, repeat NEVER, going to happen unless those candidates spell out in great detail a plan in which the present DoD contract system is MAINTAINED, but the contracts are for the production of bullet trains instead of bullets, a Liberty-Ship-like production system for building wind turbines, solar panels, vanadium-flow storage batteries, etc. and to rebuild vital infrastructure. Antiwar candidates who do NOT present such a plan will NEVER be elected! Those millions directly or indirectly employed by the military industrial complex are NEVER going to vote for antiwar candidates whose election will guarantee their unemployment. They don’t give a shit how many countries and how many millions of people have to be destroyed if that means they keep their jobs!
    Again, unless Gabbard, Sanders, etc. start elucidating such a plan very soon and start a public discussion about it, the next election, just like all the elections of the past, will not alter by one degree the trajectory of the US’s insatiable war/USD hegemony juggernaut. And that will inevitably lead to WWIII or environmental catastrophe.

    1. FDR had a simple solution for this, Ishkabble. He simply set up programs to hire people to do things that were not war-related. The men that were hired by the WPA or got jobs to build Boulder Dam didn’t complain that they would rather make bullets thank you very much but no thank you. Neither did the ’30s artists that were hired to do public art.

      All you need is to find the money for the bullet trains and wind farms and pay for them. They’ll take the jobs, trust me. They don’t yearn to be war prostitutes. Where will we get the money? From weapons purchases, of course. Even one little bullet train from SF to LA is too much for California to accomplish while China builds thousands of miles of high-speed rail tracks. We’re running behind.

      While I understand your pessimism, your argument is a little silly. It’s like saying since we have a war economy the only thing we can hire people for is making bullets and a-bombs or other doomsday devices. Or else we will continue to live in rust belts. Obviously, you see what’s wrong with that reasoning.

      1. This too led us into more debt. When you are in debt, you do what you are told. And so we go to war and fund socio-economic equality plans while teaching kids to accept what they are told.

        This is evil.

      2. JRGJRG:
        Yup, that’s the solution. That’s what AOC, Sanders & the Green New Deal propose, a Job Guarantee. That is what terrifies the plutocracy. Of course it might increase the National Debt. Probably not very much, especially compared to war and killtoys. But so what? Who cares?

        The US government creates the money it spends, when it spends. The US government is in charge, and has always been in charge of US money, not privately owned banks – whose greatest power is deceiving people into thinking they have magical monetary powers, even over the government. Unfortunately many on the left, or well-meaning “monetary reformers” don’t understand that. But the plutocracy and the banksters understand that very well.

    2. Not a war-economy, but a debt-economy. This is meant to enslave us. It just so happens that war and socio-economic equality are two sides of the coin that places us further into debt.

      Look into who created the privately owned national banks, those that own the debt note, to see who the 1% of the 1% are truly are.

      They are the ones that are playing both sides against the middle and we are the middle.

  8. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    No Wonder Canada is hit by historic floodings this spring. People today are like the people were in the days of Noah believing lies as Our Lord told us it would be the case. And He added that it will be a sign of the end of the world, which end must be very close now.

    Bad faith prevailed everywhere you look because you have to be of bad faith to accept all the current lies.

    It is sad and depressing. We have to cling to our Rosary.

  9. Charles Foster Kane Avatar
    Charles Foster Kane

    I believe in the interconnected-ness of, well, everything. In direct terms, the most important event that is beginning to occur in the world is the revolt of people, especially the young, against the current rulers who are apparently quite willing to sacrifice the world and many people in their quest for profit. And of course, what such a revolt requires is a free press willing to transmit messages other than the messages of that current ruling class. Thus, the arrest of Assange assume far greater importance than his personal struggle. The world needs places that will report on the news that the rulers want to keep secret. In the same way that the Collateral Murder video revealed no military secrets and should not have been classified, other news embarrassing to the current rulers will need to be revealed to the people they are willing to sacrifice for profit.

    1. Charles Foster Kane Avatar
      Charles Foster Kane

      PS … the above was written after reading about the mass arrests in London of protesters against extinction who refused the police demands that they limit their protests to methods that are easily ignored.

  10. ***********May 1st & May 2nd…GET TO THE STREETS . ***** Free Assange*****

  11. I haven’t been able to get Google Chrome browser to load this site for about a week. I’m sure there’s a benign explanation…

    1. I had that exact problem last week. The answer for me was:
      Chrome home page
      clear browsing data
      cookies and other site data.

      It was an immediate fix.

  12. Kudos for Caitlin’s recent tireless efforts to fight this with her journalism.

    USA hegemonic powers are responding comprehensively to keep their actions hidden from the public and potential accountability. The last decade response to the Wikileaks/ Manning/Snowden whistle blowing demonstrate that the darker activities will continue and the decision was made “fix” the leaks. They want the war machine and can not have soldiers being afraid of committing war crimes. They want to have access to all communications and they can not have a public with privacy.

    One can be certain that the related agencies have undergone considerable changes to enhance internal security, and have a rapid response team in place to efficiently handle future “problem” employees. This is predicable and manageable. They are no doubt assuring everyone they are listening more closely to employee concerns and overemphasizing that point.

    But the other part of the response is now in play. It is essential to shut down any organized trusted internet based assimilator of digitally encrypted whistle blower information. Both the whistle blower and the digital distributor must be shut down, and the activity meant to feel so unsafe that others do not take their place. The system has already learned how to control corporate based news organization , and it is the wild west of internet news they need to address now.

    Some interesting bits for investigative reporters IMO. Have the actions to date measurably lessened the leaks being submitted to Wikileaks? I suspect they would willing to share that information and it is an interesting data point to keep track of the success of the government’s campaign against them

  13. Julian Assange’s mother reported yesterday that the WikiLeaks founder has not been permitted any visitors during his detention in Belmarsh Prison, including from doctors and his lawyers. Doctors who visited Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy have attested that he urgently needs medical care. Belmarsh is a maximum security prison sometimes referred to as “the UK’s Guantanamo Bay“.

    Anything to could happen to Julian in Belmarsh without medical or legal supervision. They could kill him in a number of ways. They could believe he has secrets on his person to pass along to visitors. They could declare him insane and force him to take massive doses of psychotropic drugs the way the USSR used to do in the Brezhnev era to their dissidents, or the way Tom Sell, the forensic dentist that identified bodies after the Waco massacre, or the way Jack Ruby was killed with cancer in the hospital before trial. And of course they could send for Bloody Gina to torture and interrogate him somewhere else.

  14. Assange & • The Complete Perversion of the Law •
    But ,unfortunately, law by no means confines itself to its proper functions. And when it has exceeded it’s proper functions, it has not done so merely in some inconsequential and debatable matters. The Law has gone further than this ; it has acted in direct opposition to its purpose. The Law has been used to destroy its own objective ; It has been applied to annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain ; to limiting and destroying rights which it’s real purpose was to respect. The Law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish , without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defence.
    How has this perversion of the Law been accomplished ? And what have been the results ?
    The Law has been perverted by the influence of two entirely different causes : STUPID GREED and FALSE PHILANTHROPY.
    Written by , Frederic Bastiat ” The Law ” 1801-1850 ( written before, during and after the French Revolution )
    Best of luck with our revolution ? The natural progression of our collective unconsciousness.

    Ps. On the 9/11 issue.
    All the evidence by the two main 9/11 truth groups . Lawyers for 9/11 truth & Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth have been delivered to a Grand Jury in N.Y. Thousands of documented evidence by the leading experts in all the fields of science and engineering along with testimony by those effected that day and after.

  15. May I recommend this article, ‘Craven US Lackey Australia Betrays Australian & World Hero Julian Assange & Free Journalism’ by Dr Gideon Polya. Dr Polya covers Wikileaks’ achievements, and has produced a list of comments about Julian by prominent Australians and others. Comments by Australian politicians are a must-see for everyone voting in the Federal election next month.


  16. If we’re all going to speculate, I have a better one. Suppose Assange knows and has documents to prove who really carried out the 911 false flag terrorist attacks, which the majority of Americans know by now was a gargantuan preposterous hoax justifying the perpetual phony “War on Terror?” Suppose further he had documents to prove it and they knew he could release them at any time and bring down the US government along with its Western Allies.

    It’s not such a remote possibility at all if you think about it. That evidence was suppressed but certainly exist somewhere. Someone somewhere would love to leak that. Suppose he left that information in a safe place with instructions to release it if he were killed. It would make Aasange the most dangerous man alive.

  17. Caitlin wrote: “But that’s not what the corrupt influencers who are strangling our world are shooting for here. They are making a grab for something much, much bigger. Assange just happens to be a stepping stone along the way. As we’ve discussed previously, the prosecution of Assange is really designed to set a legal precedent which will enable the US government to imprison journalists for trying to hold it to account using journalism. (…) prosecuting a journalist for publishing facts because that is exactly what is happening. (…) our oppressors have revealed their true nature.”

    I agree. As it’s becoming well-known, war profiteering is by far the biggest business, with the military-industrial complex controlling politicians and corporate media for mass propaganda. For example, demonizing truth-tellers such as whistleblowers and now the journalists protecting them, like in the case of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

    1984: Two minutes of hate

    1. Julian Assange:
      “If wars can be started by lies,
      peace can be started by truth.”

      1. The best truth right now to stop this madness is 911 Truth. It is the only thing that will make any real difference in restoring our republic to sanity.


        1. With respect, if one does not already know the truth of 9-11 and Sandy Hook — you can toss in USS Liberty and a few other false flags, if you feel lucky (!) — then you have not enough intelligence, MOXIE, and fortitude to proceed any further! How about Las Vegas, New Zealand, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame?

          If you cannot tell the Truth now, you lie.

          1. I’m not disagreeing with you. We believe we know the ultimate facts. We have reasonable allegations.

            But not the rock solid details. Anyone can make allegations. Even you! Any lawyer knows the difference between allegations and evidence – facts.

            Like a video showing some worker preparing Building 7 for controlled demolition. That kind of evidence.

            But what if we can prove our allegations with solid indictable evidence. Evidence we could show online that would go viral. Evidence so damning and indisputable we could take it to court and get a summary judgment from a federal judge and put it on Fox?

            Obviously you are a writer not a lawyer.

            1. Let’s have one more go at It, eh, JRG.

              YOU JRG: I’m not disagreeing with you. We believe we know the ultimate facts. We have reasonable allegations.
              ME ACD: Until we can discuss ANY question rationally , we have to reference subject — disagreeing with me on what?. Further, you assume — perhaps to make an ass out of me! — WE includes you and me. I assure you, I would NEVER agree to such an ASS-U-mptions!

              YOU JRG: But not the rock solid details. Anyone can make allegations. Even you! Any lawyer knows the difference between allegations and evidence – facts. Like a video showing some worker preparing Building 7 for controlled demolition. That kind of evidence….so damning and indisputable we could take it to court and get a summary judgment from a federal judge and put it on Fox?
              ME ACD: You should read the books and essays of Kevin Barrett, James Fetzer, Scott Bennett. What you say is BS, limited, and just wrong. As a scientist, I know whereof I speak on that!

              YOU JRG: Obviously you are a writer not a lawyer.
              ME ACD: The first true conclusion I have read your drawing from reliable evidence! You probably did not waste your time visiting my website. I’ll give you the nickel tour, as an old friend of mine would say. I am a scientist who earned the Ph.D. the hard way — I studied! — now, after nearly a half of century of hard work, an independent consultant who testifies as an expert witness in both civil and criminal cases. You bet your booties I am NOT a lawyer — and you can keep your booties!

          2. So, you’re a paid prostitute conslutant? And a scientist? I’m a PhD scientist, too, from MIT and I have also earned a Juris Doctor and two LL.M masters of law degrees. I’m not overwhelmed, sorry. Just proves you’re an arrogant professional narcissist.

            1. JRG, at this point of the degraded, comment-board hijacking you and I have engaged — each of us responsible equally, takes two to tango, what would Hegelian dialectics do without a Puppet Master? — I’d love to say this:
              May the one who has the most degrees and the greatest distinguishments ALWAYS WIN! I can’t. I’ll leave it at that. Go play with yourself, dear sir.

              1. We were talking about Assange, remember? You invented some ridiculous unhinged distracting irrelevant conspiracy theory nobody ever heard of with no factual basis . I wanted to talk about something relevant – 911 Truth. I don’t want to talk about degrees but you unwittingly tried to outrank me in lieu of rational thought with your Boy Scout merit badges and your NSA troll training manual Bad idea.

                Just stop.

    2. 1984 appears to have been a manual, not a novel.

  18. If the US goes ahead and gets away with this in spite of overwhelming domestic and international obliquiy, immune to public disdain, think of what that will meanI It will be more than criminalizing journalism or free speech. It will permanently burnish our reputation as citizens of the leading world rogue terrorist oligarchy, an international pariah to be feared by the world’s oppressed, scofflaw to international law and peace, in a league historically with the Nazis. A discredit to democracy and rule of law bullying the world. Think of the consequences. We proud Americans will suffer the greatest demoralization and humiliation in history, second only perhaps to the dropping of two atomic bombs on defenseless Japanese citizens. That is a very big problem.

  19. sandra johnson Avatar
    sandra johnson

    The Australian Labor opposition leader Bill Shorten stated “You were using the analogy of a journalist, I don’t know if Assange was a journalist”.
    Seems the Australian PTB are singing from the same song sheet as our Five Eyes “allies”.

  20. With respect, Caitlin and interested folks, I still do not sense your appreciation of evidence that the “ASSANGE” you think you speak and write about is the Assange we all “knew and loved” three years ago. THREE YEARS! Jim Stone has been on this for that long and longer! I copy his reports below. The below is that reported by JIM STONE, not me. I find myself a NODE in this info-network, happily, because I too would like to get to the bottom of this, metaphorically speaking of course!


    ZERO, ZIP, NADA, EVERYTHING EVERYONE IS CLAIMING IS THE DUMP IS STUFF THEY RELEASED LONG AGO, ALL COMPILED ONTO ONE LARGE PAGE. And that’s exactly what I’d expect if Wikileaks is, as I suspected, dead, and was dead before this latest Assange “arrest”.
    Here is what I really think went on: Assange got removed from the embassy on the night between October 16 and 17 2016. The live stream of this proved something went on the night after Pamela brought him that lunch. Ok, so what if it was spiked with pure psychedelic “whatever? ” Assange would be wrecked for the long haul but would survive. So messed up and delerious he’d think he was dying. Pamela herself said he was not feeling well after eating it. That’s a BIG red flag – probably a secret message to those in the know. He then agrees to be removed from the embassy. The black van takes him away, to a different location for a couple years, and Ecuador plays the game for a payoff while the CIA homogenizes his brain with a fruitcake cocktail for years. Then, when needed, (and recovered enough) they put him back in the embassy. He’s so messed up he really did smear poop on the walls, but not for more than a small time back, to stage the arrest, and Ecuador in exchange for going along with it for all this time, gets the 4+ billion payoff.

    If it is Assange and not a body double, this has to have been what happened, I was online posting during the live stream and said that night he was gone right when he was taken, plus said the next day he was gone and then his internet was “gone” and that was not a coincidence. The media at the time stated openly Pamela hated him and they were wondering why she’d buy him lunch. Then the “love story” kicked off and I called B.S. the entire time. Now he’s a clearly screwed up dude, whacked out of his mind when all the previous years did not make him whacked out of his mind. What happened during the last two and a half? NO BALCONY APPEARANCE, NOT EVEN A CAMEO?

    I know I am right about this, but feel it will be impossible to overcome the official lie this time. I think it was Assange in the photos, and they screwed him up GOOD. The Wikileaks saga is over. All we got was regurgitated crap in the “life insurance” release. This time, the deep state won.
    Assange does not look right in the police van. SEE THIS. Compare photos.
    He aged too much, and his base persona is very different from photos, even “recent” 2016 photos. It is either not the same guy, or something horrible happened to him that tweaked his brain to a different world. Like lots of shock therapy or really bad psych drugs.

    1. Follow-up: To clarify, evidence that Assange 2016 is the same Assange (intact, damaged, body double, CGI creation) may weigh one way or the other. You may assume one way, and reject all info and evidence that it is the other way. Caitlin behins with a set of assumptions, including that Assange today is the Assange of yesterday. Based on all I have read and studied over the past few years, I’d say those were unsupported assumptions. I welcome any argument or evidence to the contrary! All I am intersted in is the truth, getting to the bottom of this.

      As Jim Stone noted (here expressed in my words), this may be one of those fathomless pits, a rabbit hole to the center of the earth, where no living man or woman can go — only White Rabbits. We may well never know.

      The next question? Doles it really matter? Really really matter?

    2. You are either deranged, or a high class troll. There is no third possibility. There is not a shred of evidence to cite to support your whimsical fairy tale.

      Try Hollywood. Why waste your talents and imagination in here? I’m sure you can make more there than the pitiful G9 salary the NSA is paying you.

      1. Well, dear JRG JRG, takes one to know one, I suppose! You have used up at least 3 of the troller’s technigues in one post! Check out David Martin’s 17 ways! You yourself can be more subtle and “higher grade”. BTW, what does the “J” in JRG JRG” really stand for? I would not myself EVER use the “J” word, a false flag of rhetoric as described by a former minister of education (!!) of Israel.

        If you had taken one minute to look me up — I use my real name, I tell the truth — you would see the stupidity of your own trolling. Low level, low pay, I feel sure you aspire to higher disorder!

        1. Apparently, you have studied this Martin troll manual pretty well since you know all about it in intimate detail. I’ve never heard of it before. I rest my case. You gave yourself away.

          1. I also read the hasbara manual. I do believe we be at an impasse,. May the fruits of our respective labors reveal our true identities!

            1. Good luck with your indy screenwriting career. You will thank me someday. Keep in touch and let me know your progress.

      2. “no surprise there.”
        Why does this phrase appear when I try and resond ?

        Anyway, this clown is deranged (that’s why there is a clown phobia).

        Do not respond to penile members, it encourages them.

  21. You r most certainly writing with impeccable courage about what this expat firmly believes that the Assange horror is “the day that melica truly died”!!!! Truly sickening, 4 sure,,and I am old enough to realize that the despicable socios will continue on down their grotesque, horrific ways, and it is really, really frightening. Thank goodness that folks like you r more than willing to “speak up”, and best blessings you have surely earned.
    Expat tom

  22. An EU spokesman has threatened a very harsh BREXIT for the UK if harm comes to Julian. This may be an effective level of protest.

  23. > I’ll say right here and now, if you’ve got information that incriminates the most powerful people in the world, keep it the hell away from me. Give it to someone else, literally anyone else, because I myself am far too cowardly and have far too much to lose by getting involved in anything that could lead to me rotting in some overseas prison cell. I’ve got kids. I’m in love. I cannot and will not go down that path.

    Unfortunately that also means when you call on people to “rise” in protest (but only non-violent protest with a Police permit), you can be certain that it will be completely ineffective and won’t change a thing. They wouldn’t allow you to protest peacefully if it could force them to have to change anything. I have been on many protests, I even organised and led a few, and none of them achieved anything at all.

    But there are people around who really want to achieve change, so what should they do? Go on a non-permitted protest? Hardly, the whole thing about protests is that they can change into a confrontation with the Police, in a moment of their choosing. Then the well-funded, well-trained, well_equipped thugs can easily outdo you in terms of violence. Confrontation always leads to an arms race response, and they can have trained snipers on rooftops, helicopter gunships, stun grenades, and drones armed with Hellfire missiles, which they already use in places like Syria, and could easily use on YOU if you looked like winning. Don’t think they would never do that. When they fighting to maintain their power and privileges, they WILL do it.

    Instead of confrontation, the solution is “assymmetric street violence”, where you quietly appear, attack a target, and quietly disappear. It helps if you can paint a quick slogan on a nearby wall, to make it clear what it happened for. But above all, the target must be one that everybody sees as symbolic for a problem they share with you. Then they will cheer your attacks, and will shrug when the government says “We will bring these perpetrators to justice!”

    1. An EU spokesman has threatened a very harsh BREXIT for the UK if harm comes to Julian. This may be an effective level of protest.

  24. Australians might remember David Hicks, the Australian citizen left by his government to rot in Guantanamo Bay until public sentiment turned and large rallies around the country convinced the US-puppet Prime Minister, John Howard, that his best interests lay in negotiating with the US for Hicks’s release. It was the heroic public efforts by Hicks’s US lawyer Michael Mori and Hicks’s tireless father which got the movement going. Whoever wins the election next month we will have yet another US-puppet Prime Minister, time for all of us to do everything we can to save Julian and our freedoms.

    1. Hicks was a shite, but still an Oz citizen.
      Assange is a far better person (and Oz citiizen) than Hicks (a fluncky mercenary by deeds and actions).The Oz government is obliged (nay, forced) to protect Assange.
      But it (Oz gov) will go out of its way to perform its obligation.

  25. A tiny glimmer of hope in this article headed, ‘Growing Popular Support for Julian Assange in Australia.’ Also reports of hundreds of thousands of signatures in the UK and Germany plus rallies in various countries.


    There are other good JA articles on the WSWS site.

  26. Caitlin, you are not as cowardly as your remarks suggest. Your neck is sticking out far enough to get snapped, and you know it. Thanks for your real courage, and keep dishing out your pokes at the Bully Empire.

    1. Before swallowing the red pill, chew it up – it will give you a hint of what you are in for. You might want to spit it out, but please don’t – we need you to fight the Empire of Evil, and break the hold of the Matrix.

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