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Assange’s Imprisonment Reveals Even More Corruption Than WikiLeaks Did

Consortium News has launched a new series titled “The Revelations of WikiLeaks”, geared toward helping readers come to a full appreciation of just how much useful information the outlet has made available to the world with its publications. Which is good, because there’s a whole lot of it. Understanding everything that WikiLeaks has done to shine light in areas that powerful people wish to keep dark makes it abundantly clear why powerful people would want to dedicate immense amounts of energy toward sabotaging it.

What’s even more interesting to me right now, though, is that if you think about it, the completely fraudulent arrest and imprisonment of Julian Assange arguably exposes more malfeasance by government and media powers than what has been revealed in all WikiLeaks publications combined since its inception. And we can use that as a weapon in waking the world up to the dystopian manipulations of the powerful, in the same way we can use WikiLeaks publications.

Really, think about it. Thanks to WikiLeaks we know about a military cultural environment in the Iraq war that was toxic enough to give rise to US servicemen merrily gunning down civilians, including two Reuters war correspondents, while whooping and exchanging verbal high-fives. We know that the CIA cultivated a massive cyber-arsenal which enables them to spy through smartphones and smart TVs, remotely hijack vehicles, and forge digital fingerprints on cyber-intrusions to make it look to forensic investigators as though hackers from another nation was responsible, and that they lost control of this arsenal. We know about the DNC’s agenda to undermine Bernie Sanders during the primary in violation of its charter, that Hillary Clinton told a group of Goldman Sachs executives that she understood the need to have “a public position and a private position”, and that Obama’s cabinet was basically selected for him by a Citigroup executive. We know that and a whole lot more, information which mainstream and alternative media reports use to this very day when constructing analyses of what’s going on in the world.

All of these things are of course hugely significant. But are they anywhere near as significant as the earth-shakingly scandalous revelation that the US government and its allies conspired to imprison a journalist for reporting facts about the powerful? That the governments of America, Ecuador, the UK and Australia all worked in concert to arrange a series of bureaucratic technicalities which all aligned perfectly to create a situation that just so happens to look exactly the same as imprisoning a journalist for telling the truth?

I personally don’t think so. I think the only thing which keeps this scandalous revelation from registering in the minds of the greater public with the magnitude it deserves is the fact that the mass media doesn’t treat it like the scandal that it so clearly is. If, for example, the mass media were treating this open act of tyranny with the same enthusiasm they treated the Democratic Party emails as they were published drop by drop in the lead-up to the presidential election, or the same enthusiasm they regarded the diplomatic cables or the Collateral Murder video, everyone would be up in arms at the fact that their government was acting in a way that is functionally indistinguishable from what’s done to journalists by the most totalitarian dictatorships in the world.

And that refusal of the mainstream media to run virtually anything but smear pieces is, in and of itself, a part of why this scandal is so breathtaking in its audacity. The legal precedent that they are attempting to set with the extradition, persecution and prosecution of Julian Assange for everyday acts of journalism will affect every journalist on the planet, working or retired, professional or citizen. This literally endangers the lives and freedom of every single person working in every single one of those outlets, and they are all either ignorantly cheering it on, or too scared to care. The CIA and Pentagon have weaponized public opinion by using the most advanced psychological weapons known to man, and although the main barrier to fighting his persecution is simply the social shame of going against the tribe, it’s effectively turned the press upon itself. The free press is gaslighting itself into total and absolute submission.

And we can see that this is happening. And we can point to it.


What I’m getting at with all this is that it’s important to keep in mind that the US-centralized empire has given us information that can be used against it in devastating fashion if we’re clever. Even while Assange is locked behind bars, even while whistleblowers are being intimidated away from whistleblowing and journalists are being intimidated away from publishing leaks, we are being given information that we can circulate and attack the propaganda machine that’s keeping humanity docile and enslaved.

By locking up Assange, they’ve inadvertently exposed themselves for what they are, and we are now able to point at it for everyone to see. They reached too far out into the light and exposed their true face.

Never stop using this information to attack the promulgators and beneficiaries of disinformation. Never stop referring to the US and UK as “a government which imprisons journalists for publishing inconvenient facts”. Never stop calling out the hypocrisy when westerners criticize other governments for locking up journalists. Never stop reminding people who pretend to care about the free press when Trump makes mean tweets about a CNN reporter that they are willfully ignoring a threat to the free press that is infinitely greater in this administration’s prosecution of Assange. This is what they are. If anyone denies it, engage them in debate and show everyone why they’re wrong.

We are still very much in this fight. Whenever they reach into the light to silence the truth, the light shines upon their face and burns them. They reach their arms into the light of truth, and their arms turn to dust. Whenever they try to fight truth head-on, they cannot help but show the world what they really are.

Never, ever stop reminding everyone of what has undeniably been revealed in the imprisonment of Julian Assange.


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  • Not only do you get Angel Jesus if you anagram Julian Assange. But do the same with Stella Morris and you get Rastrillimos…I can’t believe it but it means to take the weeds. Bizarre to say the least.

  • About to ENTER the World Stage. Julian Assange…AKA, Angel Jesus. This is the lexigram/anagram of his name. Get ready for here he comes, conquering and to conquer. As foretold… His hair as white as snow, meek, when he comes he will be seen by all at once “internet”. I have left a comment here before… leaving many other pointers. But most recent is his wife’s name also. Stella Morris, I haven’t lexigramed her name as yet. But I bet there’s something there also. I will do it today. Rejoice people…here he comes.

  • Hello Cailtin,

    I have translated your article about Julian Assange for the journal, ‘Le Grand Soir’.

    If you are interested, I can translate yours articles in French or in Bahasa Indonesia.

    I gained a BSc Degree in International Studies with the Open University.

    Furthermore, I have translated some articles in both French and English for another
    alternative media.

    Please ! Don’t hesitate to contact me for any further projects. I have worked as a volunteer translator for these medias.

    Kind regards,

    Jean-Louis Scarsi

  • Don’t worry! The Illuminati is going down!

  • This is a typo correction, for lack of a better means of editing.
    The quote is by Walter Lippmann.

  • Thank you for an interesting point of view with nuance and detail.

  • The NSA has 32 pages of communication between Seth Rich and Julian Assange. All classified. https://medium.com/@markfmccarty/bill-binney-states-that-the-nsa-has-32-pages-of-communications-between-seth-rich-and-julian-54a2df5a0e5b

    • Your linked page is… “unavailable.
      Thanks for trying.

  • The Trouble With Tulsi
    There are two arguments for not supporting Tulsi Gabbard’s candidacy for President of the U.S. Both are inter-related, but one is more clear-cut and direct while the other relies on an understanding of not only how we got here, but a nuanced grasp of how democracy — self-rule by the citizens of a political state — works. But both feed into each other and, hopefully, I can do the subject justice with my words. Here goes…
    Tulsi is a member of the U.S. Counsel on Foreign Relations seated in New York (58 East 68th Street, Manhattan).
    The CFR was founded in 1921, using money from J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, and affiliated with the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House in Britain) and the commonwealth nations’ Institutes of International Affairs (AUS, NZ, CAN, SA). The institutes were established by men associated with and trained by Cecil Rhodes who desired to bring all the world under (essentially) British rule. To this end and upon his death, he left half his fortune to the institutes under administration of a close associate and the other half to the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford to train future generations of government administrators in his design and method.
    Now so far, this probably sounds like, if you’re not acquainted with the actual history of these men and events, a conspiracy theory. Did to me too and it took a lot of research to convince me otherwise. But, rather than a pedantic history lesson to try and convince you, I’m going to recommend a history book, specifically written about the CFR by an admirer, Carroll Quigley, Ph.D. a long-time history professor at Georgetown Univ. There are two things I’d like to note about Dr. Quigley and his book: First, during the time he was researching and writing, it, a young Bill Clinton was one of his students. Second, upon publication his history book was censored, in part, despite the fact that it was not written from an adversarial point of view… If you plan to read it, look for one of the uncensored later editions.
    Some highlights:
    Wall Street bankers and lawyers figure prominently in the both CFR’s early development and current membership. Just before the second world war, a CFR study group was absorbed into the U.S. Department of State as its Policy Planning Department. CFR members figured prominently in the OSS during the war and drafted the United Nations Charter. Post-war, CFR members began appearing in cabinet posts and one member, George Kennan, drafted a memorandum which became the basis for the Cold War and U.S. “containment” strategy of the Soviet Union (which is one of the reasons we have over eight hundred military bases worldwide today).
    By the 1950s, two CFR members, Allen and John Foster Dulles, ran both CIA and the State Department respectively. One observation about Allen Dulles’ tenure at CIA noted that, among his greatest successes, he was able to place many loyal current and former CIA men in other government departments and thereby could play the U.S. government like a “mighty Wurlitzer” to achieve his aims.
    Quigley’s history ends in 1960, basically with the election of John F. Kennedy as President. It’s worthwhile to note that JFK didn’t fully support the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion, refusing at the last moment to order the U.S. Air Force to provide close air support for the operation (which apparently caused hard feelings between CIA operatives, their exiled Cuban fighters and the President). Moreover, JFK fired Allen Dulles and planned to break CIA into a “thousand pieces” if elected to a second term. But that never happened and instead Allen Dulles was appointed to investigate his murder in Dallas… One further note: CFR member George H.W. Bush, future CIA director and President, has been linked to the CIA’s Bay of Pigs operation through his oil company, Zapata Petroleum, which if true would indicate that during this crucial period he was a covert (NOC) CIA operative with supervisory and/or operational roles in the agency’s covert operations (but I digress).
    But this is all ancient history — how did we get into our current predicament?
    Simply put, pretty much every President; Secretary of State, Defense, Energy, Treasury (and their undersecretaries); Joint Chiefs of Staff; CIA and NSA Directors (and deputies), National Security Advisor (and staff), senior Representatives and Senators — and the list goes on and on — since the late 1950s has been a CFR member. Nor does party affiliation matter — both the Republican or Democratic parties have plenty of “esteemed” CFR members ready to serve in an administration. And please note, we’ve not even touched on CFR members and their roles in corporations, law, foundations, think tanks, universities, the media, NGOs…
    To get a perspective on the CFR’s role in society and our governance — how we got to this point in history — I suggest reading a long-term sociological study by Thomas H. Dye, Ph.D. (and his graduate students at Florida State Univ.) published as a series of books titled “Who Is Running America”. Published since Nixon’s resignation until Obama’s election, each book in the series examines one administration in detail and altho the CFR is not “targeted”, it features prominently because, based on its institutional interconnectedness, it serves as a vehicle for “consensus building and conflict resolution” among the elite.
    So what’s the problem with Tulsi? Frankly I agree with much of what she says. But Clinton (Little Rock CFR) and Obama (Chicago CFR) said things I liked too. And what happened? The point isn’t whether or not I agree with what Tulsi says, its whom I think she’ll turn to for policy advice and appointments if elected.
    One of the definitions of insanity I consider most accurate is “doing the same thing over and over and over again, while each time expecting a different outcome.” Supporting yet another CFR member for office, after examining their history and seeing for myself the mess we’re today, seems to fit that definition squarely — no matter what they say and how much I may like it.
    So, where do we go from here? What are our alternatives?
    These are perhaps the two most important questions we have to answer. I’ve been wrestling with them since the early 1990s and must admit that as citizens (voters) we are well and truly boxed in… But, as I’ve written in a few recent comments here, there does seem to be a means by which we can assert our right to self-governance. But, before discussing that, I’d like to hear your ideas and answers to those two questions…
    To be continued…
    Addendum — Just a few random names from the current national CFR roster (with an emphasis on journalists and media since propaganda is a focus):
    John P. Abizaid, Elliott Abrams, Stephen J. Adler, Ben Allen, Paul F. Anderson, Michael H. Armacost, Ken Auletta, Donald A. Baer, Kim Barker, Maria Bartiromo, Evan Bayh, Peter Bergen, David S. Bernstein, Lloyd Blankfein, Michael R. Bloomberg, Sidney S. Blumenthal, Bill Bradley, L. Paul Bremer III, Stephen G. Breyer, Steven Brill, Tom Brokaw, Mika Brzezinski, Anne Cox Chambers, Elaine L. Chao, Richard B. Cheney, Joe Cirincione, Wesley Clark, William J. Clinton, Richard Cohen, Pamela Constable, Katie Couric, Ann Crittenden, Alfonse M. D’Amato, Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Christian M. De Vos, John Deutch, Jamie Dimon, Marian Wright Edelman, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Amitai Etzioni, William J. Fallon, James Fallows, Dianne Feinstein, Thomas L. Friedman, William H. Frist, Francis Fukuyama, Tulsi Gabbard, John C. Gannon, Joseph W. Gartin, Robert M. Gates, Timothy F. Geithner, Leslie H. Gelb, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alan Greenspan, Sanjay K. Gupta, Chuck Hagel, Morton H. Halperin, Michael Hayden, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Mark Helprin, Robin Hickenlooper, Jim Hoagland, David R. Ignatius, Bobby R. Inman, Walter S. Isaacson, Jesse L. Jackson Sr., Morton L. Janklow, Marvin Kalb, Bob Kerrey, Henry A. Kissinger, Amy J. Klobuchar, Karen Kornbluh, Henry R. Kravis, Lewis H. Lapham, Frank Luntz, Edward N. Luttwak, K. Philippa Malmgren, Peter R. Mansoor, Barry R. McCaffrey, Stanley McChrystal, Cynthia McFadden, Robert C. McFarlane, Michael A. McFaul, John E. McLaughlin, H. R. McMaster, William H. McRaven, Aaron David Miller, Andrea Mitchell, Mike G. Mullen, Janet Napolitano, John D. Negroponte, Aryeh Neier, Peggy Noonan, Grover G. Norduist, Mark W. Odom, Norman Pearlstine, Jonathan S. Perelman, David H. Petraeus, Walter H. Pincus, Daniel Pipes, John Podhoretz, Elizabeth Pond, Colin L. Powell, Dan Rather, Condoleezza Rice, David Rockefeller Jr., John D. Rockefeller IV, Robert E. Rubin, Diane Sawyer, Joe Scarborough, Jim Sciutto, Brent Scowcroft, Frank W. Sesno, Donna E. Shalala, George P. Shultz, Dimitri K. Simes, Andrew Ross Sorkin, George Soros, Lesley Stahl, George R. Stephanopoulos, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Lawrence H. Summers, Jake Tapper, George J. Tenet, Jeffrey Toobin, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Debra L. Wasserman, Paul D. Wolfowitz, Judy Woodruff, Jim Woolsey, Fareed Zakaria…
    This is by no means an exhaustive list, just a random one pulled from the current membership roster. See the current national CFR roster here:
    It pays to know who has their foot on your neck…

    • April 26 @~ 3:30 AM PCT
      Re: Spanky
      Here is one of the many published examples of subjective arrogant pronouncements authored by CFR members; in this instance former CFR board member Walter Liffman, in Public Opinion (1922)

      “[T]he common interests very largely elude public opinion entirely, and can be managed only by a specialized class whose personal interests reach beyond the locality.”

      As Usual,

  • The ” Empire ” will make sure that as little as possible about Mr. Assange ever makes it into the main stream media!! Their ” out of sight = out of mind ” works on most human beings! The Internet is the only medium left that is not under the total control of our masters!! It is really a crying shame that our species is controlled by such very evil people!!!

    • Not every being in this world is human!

  • It is easy to explain why truth is persecuted when you read the following article:


    The above article shows that nobody of good faith can be in politics. It is depressing to the highest level.

    So much lies, the end must be near.

    We have to pray much the Holy Rosary just to bear it.

  • I believe Wikileaks was used by the Deep State to intercept Whistleblower uploads since the servers were moved from Iceland without Assange’s knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/user/georgwebb/search?query=Wikileaks

  • “Images of Ecuador’s ambassador inviting the UK’s secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of–like it or not–award-winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books. Assange’s critics may cheer, but this is a dark moment for press freedom.”
    — Edward Snowden, 2019-04-11


    • Julian Assange,Lexigram his name. You get Angel Jesus. 1. Hair as white as snow. 2. Meek. 3. He is a Leo. 4. His mother’s name is Christine. 5. His sons name is Daniel, we all know what Daniel does. 6. When he comes he will be seen by all at once, internet. 7. In a book called the thirteenth stone by R.Lewis, the loneliest man in the world will discover a secret, he was the loneliest man in the world. 8. He will come from Britain. 9. Knew his father not. This list could be added to I’m sure. Either he is the REAL THING, or a Zionist plant. Ride fourth Assange conquering and to conquer.

  • *Tax The Rich Not The Poor* The yellow vests proved you can’t cut taxes for the rich and increase them for the poor.
    The top 20% of earners produce 70% of emissions. Carbon taxes must be 100% private and paid directly to the poor as a universal basic income credit worldwide with 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments. Corporations, NGOs and governments have been fixing climate for 30 years, during which time emissions went up 60%. Solar and wind are only 2% of world power demand, after 30 years of trying, they still have 98% to go. It takes 1 ton of coal to make 3 solar panels.
    Half the people on earth fly every year. Emissions will go up 15% in the next 10 years, but they must go down 50% in 10 years, and 100% in 20 years. Runaway hothouse mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started, and here we are. Socialism and Capitalism are dead.


  • MAGA vs MEGA

    No, it is not some sort of Godzilla 46 remake movie.
    Joe Biden has tossed his kippah into the ring and now
    it is Establishment Biden vs wrecking ball Trump.




    Stay tuned for MAGA vs MEGA

  • Quote, ” This literally endangers the lives and freedom of every single person working in every single one of those outlets, and they are all either ignorantly cheering it on, or too scared to care” Unquote.
    There you have it in a nutshell. How can we ask journalists to put their lives AND their families lives on the line bu posting anything that contradicts the shadow Government’s agendas ?
    If they wish to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads, keep their kids safe, what exactly is their alternative ?????????? I distinctly recall during the ILLEGAL Iraq invasion where journalists were deliberately targeted by U.S. tanks firing at the hotel wherein they were all holed up, UNDER ORDERS. I’m pretty sure very few journalists signed up for such a career not knowing that they’d be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice, which sadly, many of them have already made.
    We need to hear something positive, that journalists can do, keeping in mind their safety and their families as well as an income flow. Only when such a thing is set up, can we really point the finger at these people.

    • Well said. I would add only that when these “journalists” applied for their jobs in the MSM, they already knew EXACTLY what they would have to say in order to get their megabucks jobs,; and then how to behave afterwards in order to keep their megabucks jobs.
      Here’s the “future” of journalism in AmeriKKKa:

  • What Tristan said…

    Absolutely. Totally agree.

  • Absolutely. Totally agree.

    • What Tristan said…

      Absolutely. Totally agree.

  • Maybe it is worse than this article suggests. If MSM media “reporters” are sycophants then they are not journalists. And if they are such there is no reason for them to fear a precedent set by a successful prosecution of Assange, as they are bootlickers already. Perhaps they are even favor getting rid of journalists that make them look bad?

    • That’s it Glider. The MSM are part of the Deep State – they do not stand separate from it. They don’t criticize the Deep State because they are that State.

  • And remember to laugh really hard whenever these US or UK clowns starts to blather on about a “Rules Based Order” in the world. Or at least ask them which of their rules says they can imprison journalists?

    • That’s the question I ALWAYS raise whenever I hear that comment.
      What rules based order ???????? Who’s rules ?????????????

    • “Justice for all” and “blind justice” were revered for that reason. With an excess of laws and the ability to selectively apply those laws elites eliminate all opposition. Even someone as smart as Assange is finding this out the hard way.

      This is exactly what is happening. Elites decided first that they want to get rid of Wikileaks, and then directed the DOJ and Intelligence agencies to come up with legal excuses to take Assange out. Aussies are kissing some major butt to allow USA to prosecute their citizens.

      • When the lawmakers are criminals, their laws are invalid. Crooked legislators and judges deserve no obedience. To violate unjust laws is justice. Allowing criminals to dictate your behavior is a crime. Stand up against unjust laws!

  • In America, Trump is on a dangerous course attacking what few constitutional protections that remain. This is just one part of it. Trump has attacked the idea that checks and balances between branches of government can protect what little liberty there was left. Trump has stripped the Power Of The Purse away from the Congress with his unconstitutional grab of money to build a wall that neither the American people nor the elected Congress support. Trump is challenging the right of congress to have a duty of oversight on the executive branch by challenging and ignoring Congressional subpoenas. Trump is threaten to take any attempt to impeach him before his stacked and rigged supreme court. Trump has even threatened to overturn election results by saying that he will never allow socialism in America when the most popular Democrat openly calls himself a socialist. Trump attacking what little freedom of the press that is left is just another piece of a very disturbing picture.

    • Obama is a War Criminal too.

    • Trump is not our main problem… he’s merely a front man. The power behind his throne is the same as that behind the Obama, Bush and Clinton presidencies.
      Trump and Clinton (and Bernie) are merely tactical decoys in a divide and rule strategy being used against us. Forget party affiliations and political personalities — for the elite party politics is a “heads I win, tails you lose” proposition.
      That may be a bitter pill to swallow but, from where I sit, it certainly looks like you’ve gulped down buckets of propaganda. And that propaganda is designed to divert your attention away from those pulling politicians’ strings behind the scenes.
      I don’t care for Trump either, nor Hillary. But at least Trump’s election displayed the MSM’s true colors — deep state collaborators and intelligence agency propagandists.

      • Yes. Remember that it is the rich bastards who are murdering the world, Trump is just on of their many puppets. Gross economic inequality is the root of all our social problems.

  • Re: Caitlin Johnstone
    Here is a three-beer article from Matt Taiibi that fits nicely with what’s happening….and what needs to be said about how we got here. https://taibbi.substack.com/p/introduction-the-fairway
    As Usual,

    • 1000 Thanks Mr. Ethan Allen!! Your link is spot on!!

      • Ditto

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