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I Am Not A Fan Of America’s 46th President

The American political landscape is complicated. The last I checked there was some other bloke in the White House calling the shots, and now all of a sudden everyone’s taking orders from John Bolton.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even remember the US having another election. I thought it was every four years, but who knows? I used to think the US had a Constitution and that turned out to be a myth.

Maybe Robert Mueller’s investigation got rid of the last guy like the Democrats promised and the Americans elected President Bolton after that? I know I’m supposed to be a political commentator and all, but there’s too much to keep track of and it’s all very confusing.

So now America has a new president, and you know what? Not a fan. Not a fan at all. He’s always trying to start wars and interfere in the affairs of other nations like he’s some kind of psychopath or something. I know Americans aren’t fond of foreigners criticising their government officials, but to be perfectly frank I don’t know what you Yanks were thinking electing this chap.

I could understand why you all elected the last guy, the fellow with the reality TV show. I didn’t agree with a lot of his policies and his personality was often downright oafish, but I could understand. He promised to end interventionist wars and bring all the wasted money and resources back to America, which if I recall correctly he wanted to make great and put first or something of that nature. How does a country go from selecting a president like that to President Bolton?

I mean, look at what your new president is doing in Iran. Your last president campaigned against wars in the Middle East, correctly pointing out that they “have unleashed destruction, terrorism and ISIS across the world,” and frequently criticized his predecessor for excessive hawkishness towards Iran. Now your 46th president is weighing the possibility of sending 120,000 troops to fight Iran, which former National Security Advisor Colin Kahl said is an operation that would only be used in the event of an invasion with the goal of regime change.

Or how about Venezuela? Your last president’s inauguration speech criticized US interventionism, and won the primary and general elections largely due to his criticisms of his opponents’ interventionist foreign policies, but now President Bolton is actively pushing to topple Venezuela’s government and install a puppet regime there.

Or Syria? What’s going on with Syria? Your last president was saying he’s going to bring all the troops home, then next thing you know Bolton is in charge saying it’s basically never going to happen.

Look, Americans, I don’t want to tell you how to run your country, but in my opinion you’ve got to be more careful about who you elect to control the most powerful military force in the history of civilisation. This Bolton fellow is a deranged maniac with an extensive history of catastrophic war peddling and downright sociopathic behavior, and you should never have allowed him to be in charge.

Next election, whenever that is, please make sure you turn up at the voting booths in record numbers and make sure your voice gets heard. You’re lucky enough to live in a nation where you get to directly participate in your government’s behavior by voting for who will represent your interests in your government based on their political positions, and you should take full advantage of that wonderful blessing.

There are nations in this world who have their leaders selected for them, or where they get to vote as a symbolic placebo but their votes don’t matter at all when it comes to the way their nation is actually governed. Count yourselves lucky that you don’t live in one of those.


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  • @Matt T & DDEARBORN
    Both comments most interesting and very valid; food for thought but it is still a huge mountain to climb.
    Some things are guaranteed. We are born and we will die. Absolutely NOTHING lasts forever. ZIONIST ISRAEL and its control of USA and Palestine, is another. Each day/month/year, the opposition becomes stronger and learns more as Israel’s desperation increases.

  • Than ou again. Indeed, John Bolton is certifiable. He’s the one to have got us into Iraq. He would gladly have nuked Baghdad and if he had known where Bin Laden and his guards were hiding, even it it had been in the middle of New York City (or LA or DC or anyplace else) he would have nuked them too. America, whether it be guv’mint Iand I’m not holding my breath) or people, stop him before he goes berserk!

  • I read Trump is not thrilled with Bolton, I think he is ‘on to him’. I also DON’T think he WANTS to go to war anywhere. He wants to have a ‘greatest President in history of the world’ legacy, too (he seems to believe that already, but, whatever…). If he gets tons of public back-up, a major vote of NO, he can throw it in Bolton & Pompeo’s faces, ‘the public will turn on me and vote me out, war’s a no-go. Find a different plan, get me talks with the Ayatollah, whatever, but I’m not starting a war with so many against me as it is. It’ll guarantee I’m voted out & ruin me’. Bolton loves war and Pompeo probably hopes he’ll be raptured before it goes full nuke with Russia.

    Call the White House 1-202-456-1111 & your reps in Congress (easy to find thru searching). Make war with Iran/war with Iraq comparisons. Don’t just tweet there, do something, this one will be much worse.

  • Thx for spotlight on Bolton. I’m appalled to see him (& Abrams!!!???) back in power.

    I’ve never understood Bolton, and I’ve never read anything which really explains why he’s working so hard to destroy the world.

    Most of the worst NeoCons were transparent Zionists, working to protect and expand Eretz Israel. Bolton isn’t Jewish, nor even Evangelical, so I don’t see any Tribal or Religious motivation there. What makes him tick?

  • Vote often u.s. sheeples and stay tuned, cause the D and R war machine and corporate pig$ of greed will prove “War Is A Racket”. Vote often ” Diebold/2020″ if they want. 2pm est us (@N2SReports) today Jesse J Live at Venz embassy. Free Assange and others of Truth. Stay tuned. It won’t be televised. Have a nice day and night. PPPPPPPPP’s Thank you embassy Protectors.

    • I see no N2S coverage sorry.

  • I’d rather throw my vote away by voting for a decent candidate (Mike Gravel or Tulsi Gabbard come to mind) than repeatedly voting Dem or Rep and continuing the murder of millions.

    • Agreed!

    • You throw your vote away only if you vote for ‘lesser evil’.

  • Many people voted for the golden one because of his campaign position against invading other countries. Look where we are now.

    BTW: John Bolton = Dr. Strangelove

  • The worst nut cases are running the country, and the clueless public keeps hoping they will do a good job at it.

    • So difficult to understand that USA is completely controlled/run by the non elected who follow orders from Oligarchs who mostly have dual citizenship and have only one aim, to make themselves more rich and powerful at the expense of the US citizens.
      Will the masses wake up to this, or must there be a complete crisis before a change occurs ?

      • Seriously…American people are clueless and stupid. I speak from experience. They really do believe they have a voice and can make a difference.

    • That’s because naive, lazy Americans swallow the swill they are told by charlatan politicians. They need to wise-up.

      • What good will it be for them to “wise up” when the so called “election” system is a FRAUD!

        What good is “voting” when the only “choices” are warmonger #1 or warmonger #2?

        I see no point in playing that pointless “game” any longer when I know its RIGGED & A FRAUD.

        I think we should BOYCOT the 2020 “election”!

        if you can, PROTEST these FAKE “ELECTIONS” & DEMAND ACTUAL CHOICES not just more of the same lying OLIGARCHS, DO SO!
        Most of those who did vote in 2016 did NOT “vote” for either Trump or Bolton, they “voted” for “killery”, some “choice”!
        She was just ANOTHER DAM WARMONGER!

  • Dear Caitlin,

    I love your posts. Yet even a clever woman like you can live under the illusion that the USA is a still real democracy. Allow Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig to explode the myth of democracy in the USA:

    Love, Alien Observer

    • Please … have you never heard of “tongue in cheek” ??
      Caitlin is not only intelligent, she has a wicked sense of humour

    • Agree, Alien Observer. No point US voters turning up to vote if the only choice is between the two established War Parties. And with the corporations running the show and corporate media acting as their PR departments, there’s little chance for the US and the rest of us without a clean sweep right across the board.

      • Robyn; it is difficult to tell if my reply to Alien Observer was posted before your reply. There are no times !
        I was surprised that people who follow Caitlin did not understand her thinking.
        Her tongue in cheek was very obvious to me being English but should still have been picked up by her audience across the pond.
        I like to get to know the authors of blogs as it helps sort out the wheat from the chaff ! Caitlin is the real product.

        • What about SATIRE to people not understand? I love SATIRE and would like to see more of it on this site. If you love SATIRE Get a hold on Louis Lapham’s Essays….

  • I didn’t spill my coffee – this exactly describes the role of Bolton – a frightful chap – surely the US voting public can have him put away into the asylum he deserves?

    • Sorry but we can’t, our “votes” are WORTHLESS! That’s why this crap keeps going on endlessly, our votes can’t change a dam thing.

      I have “voted” for change for decades only to watch as the same kind of OLIGARCH WARMONGERS keep getting SELECTED by our FAKE “ELECTION” SYSTEM.
      I dumped both the repugs & the democons decades ago & I also saw that 3rd parties never stood a chance to “win” let alone make the changes we so desperately need.
      I’m not wasting anymore of my limited time worrying about any more “elections” or “voting” in them, their A FRAUD.

      So the dems now have 20 candidates running for POTUS, so what!
      THEY LIE! Their “platform” may sound good but they LIE!

      No actual progressive has a chance, it will be another OLIGARCH wedded to the industrial, congressional military complex who will “win” & the WARS will never end until this dam country collapses & it will collapse.

  • And why else does anyone think there are any other reasons that we have permanently exiled from that zionist run country, never to return. Now perhaps Ltom surguindady Caitlin will rack kushner, ivanka, pompous, & others, over the red hot coals that they have certainly deserved.
    Expat tom…

  • Yep, every year I get to choose whether Coke or Pepsi runs the country. Funny how the choice doesn’t make a difference. I currently love a new drink called Tulsi Gabbard, but doubt she will be allowed as an option once the system kicks in.

    • Enamored of Tulsi Gabbard? Get used to the fact the jews and their money donations will determine who gets the nod to be POTUS. Gabbard sounds independent of opinion,but she is not. She,like many previous presidents will take her orders from the jews or else she goes nowhere.

      • So Zionism rules USA via Judea Christians ? They really have the majority (money and numbers) ?
        There is such a backlash in the world re zionism; maybe one of the reasons why we in the rest of the world no longer regard USA with any degree of trust or friendship.

        • Many Christians in the US are convinced that Israel is anointed by God and must support God’s chosen people. Does not matter that Zionists are behind the Palestinian genocide, does not matter that Zionism has no Biblical basis….they continue to be in awe of God’s chosen country. Talk about brain washed! So, not only are Americans in general stupid (because the think their vote matters), American Christians are especially stupid!

          • Matt, I find rather than persuade these Christian Zionists, I suggest that they should visit Palestine and see for themselves. Needless to say they feel that they know; do not have to visit ! It would be a life altering experience for them. In 1981 it was bad, but when I lived there in 2008/9 it was far worse.
            If they believe in a god who condones this, they have made a life long evil mistake.

            • I agree with you. However, most Christians who go to Israel are going with tour groups that focus on Biblical sites, etc. There is no mention of the Palestinian struggle nor any visits to area outside of IDF control. This all continues to confirm in their mind the false narratives that they were told or believe.

              • Matt, yes you are absolutely correct .. but, I did say Palestine, NOT Israel.
                I always refer to Palestine. If people are going to TelAviv for sun and beaches .. Israel.
                I know how Palestinian families are deprived of tourist money because the zionist buses take them on zionist roads to the Palestinian historical sites and then back to the zionist hotels in Israel.
                Those people get drip fed zionist propaganda through the bus tannoy system.

          • Hmmm

            The claim that israel enjoys wide spread support among Christians because jews are gods chosen people is endlessly repeated on the internet.

            And yet, I have never talked with Christian who believes that israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people can be justified because they are being carried out by jews. Let alone because jews are gods chosen people.

            On the contrary, everyone I talk to believes israel should be punished for its crimes and sins.

            While I am sure that there are many Christians in America that believe israel’s jewish identity justifies any sin, for the most part the claims of wide spread Christian support more likely stems from israeli propaganda rather than wide spread Christian support.

            • Good point.
              I think you have some smart Christian friends! You also brought up a good point…Israeli propaganda needs to be considered.
              Here is where I am coming from…One thing that Caitlin talks about is ‘narrative’ and how it is important for ‘news’ or ‘facts’ to be framed in such a way to sway public opinion. Christians, like any other person in the US, follow MSM. The MSM portrays the conflict between Israel and Palestine as “Israel is defending itself from aggression from the Palestinians” type of reporting. Can you find any MSM stories that shed a critical eye on how IDF has abused and perpetrated horrible crimes? It is not often. Hence, the narrative already feeds into the ‘God’s chosen people’ mantra that Christians subscribe to.

  • Okay, Caitlin, that was spot on, as always. Damn, I love what you write, and the way you do it.

  • Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth!!! Mr. Bolton gets his marching orders from Israel that has wanted Iran bombed into the stone age for many many years now!! It appears that no one is actually in charge in our White House; so everyone does whatever they feel like doing at the moment!! What a country!!!

  • For those that are about to comment something about the last paragraphs being wrong, please reread with your sarcasm filter turned on. She’s not being serious. She’s mocking our sham democracy and making fun of how we actually thought voting in an anti-interventionist would make a difference. Kinda like how that election of the anti-interventionist in 2000 worked out. Or that Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2008.

    • “Tongue in cheek”

  • The neocons have adopted what they call the Ledeen Doctrine (after Michael Ledeen) which basically said, “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business,” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Ledeen

    In the PNAC one of their conclusions was similar: PNAC fellow Reuel Marc Gerecht stated:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_for_the_New_American_Century

    “We have no choice but to re-instill in our foes and friends the fear that attaches to any great power. … Only a war against Saddam Hussein will decisively restore the awe that protects American interests abroad and citizens at home”. http://lobelog.com/why-did-we-invade-iraq/

    So we have to do these things to impress the world that we are big and bad. Get it now?

    • The countries they choose to ‘throw against the wall’ are resource rich, have free education and health care, and do not align with US foreign policy. Some even dare to think of establishing a currency alternative to the almighty US dollar or to trade in a currency not the US dollar.

      • Spot on.
        I met Gaddafi in Ghana in 1979 through JJ Rawlings. He was an incredible man; had an aura.
        Libya was on track to change all Africa … for the good. Look what US (NATO) did to this country.
        US has no idea about the cultures and tribal structures in other countries.
        Democracy has many faces, most of which US has long since forgotten.

  • Wait! Wait! I get it now! Bolton has declared himself Interim President of the United States! That’s it!

    • He took a page from Juan Guaido (sp?) and declared himself president. Wonder who swore him in?

      • As I recall, Mike Pence swore Juan Gauidó in … remotely, I believe.
        He was sworn in on Christopher Columbus’ Log Book.

      • It is now tradition that American elections are decided by a 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court. See Gore v. Bush.

  • George Galloway schools a caller to his show on this very subject (invading Iran) back in 2011.
    It’s grrrreat!

    George Galloway – War With IRAN !!!

  • You said: “You’re lucky enough to live in a nation where you get to directly participate in your government’s behavior by voting for who will represent your interests in your government based on their political positions, and you should take full advantage of that wonderful blessing.”

    I say: You are kidding right? Does not matter who you vote for…the ‘deep state’ (not a conspiracy!) is in control.. The president is just a figure-head. I suppose if a president tried to circumvent the ‘deep state’…he/she would be ‘deep sixed’ just like JFK.

    • Pretty sure she was using high level sarcasm to make a point of how the dude that was elected had no impact on the policies of our nation and the machine keeps churning out wars and profiteering despite how we vote.

      • I noticed that back with Clinton and Daddy Bush. Candidate Clinton railed against doing business with the Chinese right after Tienanmen Square. Clinton won, and the two sides literally switched places. Now it was Clinton mouthing the same words about how it was in America’s best interests to trade with China, and now the Republicans were the champions of the Patriots of Tienanmen Square. It made you wonder if they had a big secret meeting where they swaps scripts and gave a few pointers on how to play the role?

  • On board with every word until the last 2 graphs. Unless it’s thinly veiled irony.

    “There are nations in this world who have their leaders selected for them, or where they get to vote as a symbolic placebo but their votes don’t matter at all when it comes to the way their nation is actually governed.”

    That defines the US electoral system. I’m sure Caitlin knows this.

  • Oh my, irony!

  • I’m with you CJ until the last Paragraph. I’ve used the Pres. Bolton term for a few months now. We all are aware now that one Party’s war hawk or the other is chosen for us to select from by the party organizations. Thanks though for being a bit patronizing to us sheeple, perhaps to give us hope that our votes might actually matter.

  • Oh that election thing is so 20th Century.
    Our new thing is proclamations.
    John Bolton proclaims he is the newly unelected POTUS, very similar to Juan Guaidó proclaiming he is the newly elected President of Venezuela.
    I’m expecting Mike Pompeo to proclaim he is now the Pope … or was it the new leader of Israel? And, maybe it was Pence who is proclaiming to be Pope?
    Now, I’m not sure.
    You’re probably confused too.
    Confusion & distraction is kinda the 1984 Playbook Plan,

  • The insubordination of the permanent government is nakedly on full display..

  • LOL… made me spill my coffee.

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