There’s a house on the block where a large family lives, and it gets pretty abusive in there. The kids hardly ever get to see a doctor and there’s never enough money for them to afford decent clothes or go on holiday, and a disproportionately large number of them get locked in their rooms as punishment for silly, arbitrary offenses which could have been prevented with a little more care and attention. They don’t get out much and they have to spend their free time listening to scripture readings about how exceptional their family is.

Looking at these disheveled, mistreated children, one can’t help wondering what’s going on with their parents. Why aren’t they providing for their kids? Why isn’t money going toward giving their children quality healthcare and education and making sure they have everything they need? Are they poor? Is there some sort of substance abuse problem?

Actually, if you look at their house you can very quickly see where the problem lies. A huge, opaque fence with barbed wire surrounds the yard, and there are many expensive security cameras scanning the scene, facing both outward and inward. All the doors and windows are barred shut and rigged with fancy alarm systems, and there’s a giant stockpile of firearms in the master bedroom.

Every spare moment of his free time, the man of the house is either coming home with an expensive new piece of home security equipment or adjusting and tinkering with the ones he already has. He can’t be bothered with his needy children, who he angrily shoves away whenever they dare approach him asking for things.

“No time for that!” he yells while piling new redundant security systems on top of old redundant security systems. “I’ve got to protect the family from all potential intruders!”

When he’s not doing that, he’s prowling around the block bullying his neighbors. He forces them to join the neighborhood watch, which he controls with an iron fist and runs around the clock. He insists that they submit to his leadership and relate to their neighborhood with the same aggressive hyper-vigilance that he has, and if any of them refuse to bow to his demands, he sets to work on grinding them into compliance.

He sabotages their investments and works to get them fired from their jobs so they won’t have any money. He circulates pernicious rumors about them to undermine the possibility of anyone coming to their aid. He patrols the neighborhood with a large loaded pistol in each hand, and if anyone so much as looks at him funny he runs up to them and points both barrels in their face until they lay down on the ground with their hands behind their head and apologize. With particularly noncompliant neighbors he’ll burst into their house late at night and beat them within an inch of their lives until they agree to his demands, then get all his other neighbors to testify in court that he did it in self defense. Sometimes he’ll even stage events to make it look like a neighbor attacked him, then he’ll go to their house and murder them in cold blood.

He is feared by the entire neighborhood, by his allies and enemies alike. The neighbors who support him only do so because he’s got such tight control over the neighborhood, and they know that their lives will be made easy if they work with him and painful if they work against him. So they do what they need to do to avoid being targeted while secretly wishing that he has a heart attack in his sleep.

“It’s either us or them,” the father often tells his family. “I need to keep everyone around us in line, because there’s no telling who might come after us. We’ve earned a special place in this neighborhood, so it’s our job to lead it.”

Once in a great while, if someone’s feeling particularly brave, they might point out that the father is constantly doing the things he’s afraid of his neighbors doing to him.

“It’s different when I do it!” he always barks in response while adding their name to his personal blacklist. “Our family is exceptional, so we’re the exception to the rules.”

And the mother, well like most mothers she’s in charge of managing the stories the family tells about what’s going on. Whenever a neighbor turns up wounded or dead, she’s responsible for telling the children that it was the neighbor’s fault, and their father was only protecting them.

“Your father loves you,” she coos to them at bedtime. “You should be grateful to him for protecting your life and liberty. It’s good that he’s so strong, because if our family wasn’t in charge it would be the Changs around the corner or the Smirnovs down the road. We should always support everything he does and never question him, and never, ever wish for things to be different. This is the only way that things can ever be. Anyone who tells you otherwise is crazy and evil.”

But the children are growing older, and some of the bigger kids are beginning to open their eyes to what’s going on. They’re beginning to realize that their father is an abusive tyrant and their mother has been lying to them their whole lives. The younger kids are still indoctrinated and put their fingers in their ears when the big kids try to tell them different, but even they are beginning to have their doubts.

And the parents can smell it in the air. They know they’re beginning to lose control over the stories their children tell themselves about what’s going on in their neighborhood, and they know it will be a problem if they don’t nip that in the bud fast. The mother suddenly becomes far more forceful with her storytelling, saying that the Smirnovs are plotting a home invasion any minute now so the family must unite against them. The father begins making stricter and stricter rules about how the children are permitted to speak to one another, locking them in their rooms if they disobey or separating them from the others so they can’t speak their mind.

It remains to be seen if the father will succeed in shoring up control of his family or not, but things have definitely changed, and the whole neighborhood is watching.


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47 responses to “The US Government Is Like A Bad Dad”

  1. The parents are from a Eurasian DNA group with a typically survivalist and racist nature… check the stats. The children are all adopted and none of those of the parents racial ethnicity are suffering at all in fact they are an elite class of people with incomes at least 5 times that of those around them. It is not their fault as they are Eurasian in fact Russian by DNA Survivalist by nature. The oligarchy they are running in America makes nothing but sense if you look at the DNA the Racism and the Brain Function and behavior it is historic behavior. As long as their media money medicine and military monopoly is intact nothing will happen as they are appeasing the western european DNA the original rulers enough to keep them passive. When the Wall Street Bosses screw up on their money shenanigan and the original conquerors lose their standard of living then you will see the shit hit the fan! Right now everybody who COULD do anything about it is too fat Why are so few talking about the racism at the top… you know the real controlling power and influence… can no one see the essential problem here …have they brainwashed political correctness in so severely or have I got this all wrong?. What good is your song if you can’t face the music! jg

  2. Jill Herendeen Avatar
    Jill Herendeen

    …except the mom isn’t really in on it; she just can’t find a job that pays enough to live on, much less one which’ll provide a nice home for the kids or pay for healthcare for any of them…

  3. Michael J Hanousek Avatar
    Michael J Hanousek

    Home is not as nice as I remember it!

  4. And now Lyndsey Graham demands that Trump invade Venzuela:
    Right on track toward nuclear war.

    1. Lyndsey Graham demands that Trump invade Venzuela like the US invaded Grenada!

      Why do I think that Graham knows nothing about the world outside the USA?
      Grenada is a tiny island ) ~350 sq kw with a population of about 100,000.

      Venezuela is a country of about 900,000 sq km and a population of roughly 31.5 million and it has a real army and air force.

      One must conclude that Graham is an ignoramus and a fool.

  5. We are all Julian Assange. As long as he’s imprisoned, we can never be free!!! This is the last sentence on this fine article which is here:
    I hope that the Buddha Ms Caitlin likes it!!!

  6. For those who like allegory, watch “Melancholia”, released in 2011. IMO, it is the perfect allegory of our time. Nuclear war — will it “hit” or won’t it?

  7. Monotheism

    “The great unmentionable evil at the center of our culture is monotheism. From a barbaric Bronze Age text known as the Old Testament, three anti-human religions have evolved — Judaism, Christianity, Islam. These are sky-god religions.

    They are, literally, patriarchal — God is the omnipotent father — hence the loathing of women for 2,000 years in those countries afflicted by the sky-god and his earthly male delegates.

    The sky-god is a jealous god, of course. He requires total obedience from everyone on earth, as he is in place not for just one tribe but for all creation. Those who would reject him must be converted or killed for their own good.

    Ultimately, totalitarianism is the only sort of politics that can truly serve the sky-god’s purpose. Any movement of a liberal nature endangers his authority and that of his delegates on earth. One God, one King, one Pope, one master in the factory, one father-leader in the family home.”

    ~ Gore Vidal

    1. I would argue that the Abrahamic religions/myths are perversions of Zoroastrianism that predates them. The god of the Abrahamic myths is quite petty but nothing new or different from some polytheistic religions. However, the overall themes of patriarchy, child sacrifice, authoritarianism, and ethnocentrism is the actual poison infecting the planet.

  8. There are ” Bad Dads ” from the top to the bottom of the United States government!!! Some of us realize this fact very early in life as these children show:

  9. AriusArmenian Avatar

    Caitlin’s articles are a gift that always hit the target.

  10. The husband secretly calls the cooperative neighbors his “slaves” and forces them to be branded on the right buttock with the word “NATO”

  11. Great piece, Caitlin and Tim! You’re going to get some real attention on this one.
    (Maybe Dad will decide in the future that it would be in his best “interest” to install a money-printing press in the basement ………. you can imagine the rest.)

    1. Peter in Seattle Avatar
      Peter in Seattle

      The printing press really completes the allegory, because the dad drives his street-illegal Humvee to every gas station he can get to, armed to the teeth, and tries to force them to sell gas for his printing-press “family currency” and refuse to sell it for anything else. “Nice gas station ya got here. Be a shame if something happened to it.”

  12. Brilliant allegory! Thanks Caitlin, keep up the good work.

  13. What a great analogy, Ms Johnstone, and a lot of your commentators add great follow-ups!!

  14. Hmmm

    The attack on the traditional “patriarchal” Christian family continues unabated. Just a reminder to all the haters out there; it was this very same family unit which built this great nation…..

    If people are really concerned about religious dictates effects on women, children and family, I humbly suggest you take a much closer look at Judaism and Islam. It is no small irony, that comparatively speaking, Christianity looks positively saintly when it comes to women’s rights.

    In Israel, orthodox jews routinely, literally force jewish women to the back of the bus, or off all together such is their disdain for the opposite sex. Muslims of course cover their women from head to toe and also treat them as second class citizens.

    As far as indoctrination is concerned, both Judaism and Islam subject their children to far more intrusive and abusive religious “indoctrination than the overwhelming majority of Christians today.

    And yet, what are the America people bombarded with from the zionist controlled media and Hollywood on a daily basis? Why anti-Christian rhetoric slandering the virtues of the traditional American family unit of course. Wake up people.

    Caitlin, you are quite clearly guilty of aiding and abetting here. If one considers this style of rhetoric with its endless barrage of thinly veiled attacks on what remains, despite the best efforts of the zionists, and articles like this one to destroy the bedrock of our society, the traditional Christian patriarchal family unit, I can make a strong argument questioning your motives.

    1. Because anytime anyone points out a bad father that must be an attack on traditional families and also means that they are a zionist with bad motives, too.

      Got it.

      1. Hmmm

        This article is a classic example of Yellow journalism and doesn’t have a damn thing to do in the literal sense with “bad fathers”.

        The fact remains that zionists have long controlled the US Main-Stream Media and Hollywood is irrefutable. zionists have made no bones about the fact that a jewish only empire called israel comes first, last and always for them.

        And in order to put that empire first, last and always, the zionists have been busy trying to tear down the biggest obstacle standing in their way here in America: The traditional, patriarchal, Heterosexual, Christian Family unit. Why? Because that family unit knows that the political ideology called “zionism” is evil, exclusionary, racist, bigoted, and hateful making it contrary to everything America stands for.

        Zionism is controlled by violent, ultra right-wing, jewish supremacists that have never hesitated to express their hatred and contempt for America and its Christian based value system. Which by definition means in no uncertain terms SID, from my perspective as the head of a traditional, multi-generational, Christian American family, zionists really do have “bad motives”……And zionists, as well as those that defend it, really are a threat to America and the American way of life…

        1. Dear Dddddearborn,
          “Just a reminder to all the haters out there; it was this very same family unit which built this great nation…..”
          God must be very proud of you…

          Clearly you are right and all others who don’t agree are all wrong!
          What does that feel like?

          1. Hmmm

            Feel free to hang on tight to all those emotions. I prefer to stick with the facts…..

    2. Peter in Seattle Avatar
      Peter in Seattle

      I’m sensing a straw-church fallacy at work here…

  15. It’s almost if Caitlin is writing a story about the USA. Naw, that couldn’t be true.

  16. Hey Dad, What is the only country to use Nukes on people? Answer, #1 (repeat).

  17. We live in a horribly abusive patriarchal social reality. We are taught to accept and worship our abusers. They are never wrong, if there is problem, it is always our fault. All of their outrageous abuse is “for our own good”. If we revolt against them, it just proves we were “bad” as they constantly told us. The Stockholm syndrome leads us to identify with our abusers and justify their hateful behavior against all who defy their rule. And so it goes in the great USA day by day…..into Apocalypse

  18. Thanks as always, Caitlin, for providing a smidgin of hope in a morass of nastiness.

  19. Faruque Malik Avatar
    Faruque Malik

    Then one day, the doors and a wall of the house are broken open by the rebellious inside. The mom is strangulated to death by a cord of the redundant security camera. The dad, upon arrival, is brick batted by the rebellious inside. His hands and arms are hurt and legs wounded. Limping, he runs away to sail to those Isles, seeking asylum from where the family had come from. But the Isles are also being buried under Dad’s debts and their own carbon.

  20. Brilliant writing Caitlin

  21. David Plimmer Avatar
    David Plimmer

    That is a classic Caitlin…

  22. Cling in paranoia onto all you’ve got.
    Righteously refusing to evolve.
    Resisting change unto implosion.
    Extinction preferable to admission of error

  23. About twenty years ago, not so far from where I live, there was a small town bully. He beat his wife and threatened and assaulted his neighbors and his behavior got worse and worse over the years. And then in the middle of town, in the middle of Main Street, in the middle of one fine and sunny day someone with a shotgun shot him. Dead. Or maybe several someones with shotguns shot him, dead, as he stepped out of his pickup truck.
    And the police, who could never quite seem to figure out any way to put this bully behind bars for all the threatening and assaulting he’d been doing to his neighbors over the years, got real interested in bringing his killer(s) to justice. They tried and tried to find his murderer(s), but curiously there were no witnesses. Not one single person saw anyone shoot that bully with a shotgun in the middle of town, in the middle of Main Street, in the middle of one fine and sunny day.
    I go through that little town fairly regularly and stop occasionally for something to eat. The local diner has excellent pies. And the people I’ve met there are polite, well-mannered and soft spoken. As am I.

    1. You’re referring to the Ken McElroy case. Yep, it really happened and just like you say.

  24. “They don’t get out much and they have to spend their free time listening to scripture readings about how exceptional their family is.”

    I wonder how this abusive father was indoctrinated to believe in those scriptures in the first place and who does this abusive father works for to get the security equipment?

    A good piece of artful and expository prose nonetheless.

  25. Ms Johnstone The United States government is 1000 times worse than an bad dad in my humble opinion!! As a matter of fact I do not believe a word exists in the English language that describes how evil, slimy, and detestable the United States government now is!!!

  26. Barry KIRKWOOD Avatar
    Barry KIRKWOOD


  27. How come only a half-word to describe the MSM?
    You know, sometimes I wonder if dad is getting pressured from his bosses at the factory, and that’s making him behave badly?
    Not that he doesn’t have his own inherent faults, though.
    Oh, and it was nice of you to not mention anything about the rats running about the ‘house’.

  28. Charles Robinson Avatar
    Charles Robinson

    Well the Allies won the Second World War and we all live in peace now right? Wrong. So why? Because The First World War and the Second World War were started on lies.
    The Germans have been so wronged in history. How it is taught in history by the allies is not how it started in WWI nor contiuned in WWII. Is there any question from this music that the Germans were a threat to mankind? But the allies knew they could not compete fairly, industrially, with the Germans. So the horror commenced instigated by the lesser types. Just like the old Saturday Night Live comedy skit with the duller Bill Murry cave man killing the smarter cerebral Steve Martin cave man with a rock.

    1. Thanks, Charles. Just when you think the world is too awful, there’s sublime Mozart to keep you hanging on a bit longer.

    2. You are correct. History is not only bunkum, it’s a pack of lies — always has been and always will be since it is written by the conqueror.

  29. What a perfect analogy Caitlin.
    If anyone decides to really pay attention to what is and has been going on, they go “hell yeah” when they read this.

    Well done.

    Now if we can just find a way to get rid of the father and let the kids take over

  30. Rod Serling had a parable about this, in “It’s a good life.”

  31. Reo Alexander III Avatar
    Reo Alexander III

    Caitlin, you hit the nail on the head with this one…this is America!

  32. Agnes de Bethune Avatar
    Agnes de Bethune

    Not that I ever doubted it, but this is the proof. YOU ARE BRILLIANT!

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