The official trailer for the latest Call of Duty was released a few days ago, and it features the Syria narrative management operation known as the White Helmets depicted in heroic roles. Characters wearing the organization’s signature headgear are seen clearing rubble in part of the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

To give you an idea how popular the CoD franchise is, as of this writing the official Youtube version of the trailer has 27 million views.

To be clear, the characters in the game are most certainly intended to resemble the White Helmets of Syria, and their presence there is most certainly intended to increase support for and interest in that group. How do I know? Its game writer has explicitly said so.

“Kurosaki says he wants ‘Call of Duty’ to be spoken of as on par with the best war films, and he hopes ‘Modern Warfare’ will inspire fans to check out the harrowing and eye-opening documentaries ‘The White Helmets’ or ‘Last Man in Aleppo,” the LA Times reports.

The White Helmets are what legendary journalist John Pilger describes as “a complete propaganda construct“, an operation designed by former British army officer and private military contractor James Le Mesurier to manipulate the narrative about what’s going on in Syria. This excellent half-hour mini-documentary by James Corbett clearly outlines the way the operation is used to create footage implicating the Assad government in the slaughter of civilians via chemical weapons attacks and other camera-friendly war crimes, the mountain of evidence of their ties to literal terrorist organizations in Syria, and the western funding and media manipulations that have been pouring into elevating the outfit.

It’s a brilliant invention, really. Have a purportedly neutral group filming on the ground in “rebel”-held areas (where the White Helmets exclusively operate), and you can ensure an endless supply of footage which can be used to paint a longtime western target for regime change as a barbarian who needs to be ousted. And indeed, the extremist jihadist factions which overran Syria with the backing of the US and its allies nearly succeeded in toppling Assad prior to Russia’s intervention, and we may be certain that the agenda to control who rules over the geostrategically crucial region remains as intact as ever.

The pro-White Helmets propaganda is not Call of Duty‘s first foray into US military narrative management. As noted by journalist Max Blumenthal in April, an earlier CoD game depicted the assassination of the leader of Venezuela and, bizarrely, attacking Venezuela’s hydroelectric dam and energy grid with the goal of causing power outages like the ones the nation has been struggling with. Citing public information, Blumenthal documents how such games have been “developed with substantial input from America’s military intelligence apparatus”, as well as the CoD designer’s involvement with the Pentagon and the NATO narrative management firm the Atlantic Council.

People playing these games, mostly impressionable young men, are manipulated into desiring to accomplish the goals that are laid out for them in order to win, all of which involve killing and many of which happen to align with preexisting US military agendas. They are desensitized to mass military violence, trained to support and identify with US military campaigns, and taught that being a member of the military might just be a fun and noble way to spend one’s future.

Propaganda in video games doesn’t get the kind of pushback you see against propaganda in news media and movies, largely because the content in the games is generally only viewed individually by those who are engrossed in playing them. It’s this whole closed-off world that is manipulating minds with very little scrutiny compared to other forms of media, which is troubling, because the video game industry is so vast that for many years its earnings have eclipsed those of the movie and music industries combined.

This needs more attention. The sane, healthy response to learning that one’s government and its allies were arming and training terrorist groups in Syria would have been screaming, earth-shaking rage for months, accompanied by a demand for an unequivocal apology, immediate repair of all damage done, and war crimes tribunals for everyone who was involved. Instead, the news passed by with barely a whisper, and now when you see Syria mentioned it’s generally to condemn its president for fighting back against that unforgivably depraved act of regime change interventionism. This has been happening because people have been propagandized. Nothing will change until we find a way to help human minds unplug from the narrative control matrix and awaken to what’s really going on.


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20 responses to “New ‘Call Of Duty’ Encourages Support For The White Helmets”

  1. Very scary stuff. Thank you for this. Meanwhile I wanted to share this very weird young twitter profile that suddenly followed me, Mr Tolerance. In its own way v sophisticated. And posts a v creepy prepping for war in Iran video with robotic voiceover – with curious jabs against England cast in same role as Russia.

  2. analyzing one item at a time, one incident at a time, only to arrive at the same conclusion each time is… really tiresome….

    1. are you still expecting something different from the same monsters???????

  3. “Nothing will change until we find a way to help humans unplug from the matrix…” It is very difficult to induce humans to unplug from a matrix that they have been indoctrinated in from birth. They will fight you tooth and nail to prevent you from doing anything that might lead to them unplugging – after all, they are identified with the matrix, they think it is who they are. They equate your taking away their matrix connection with an attempt to kill them.

  4. Video Games, like the Internet, were from their inception an MIC project, so no wonder the idiot masses were so easily brainwashed into the love of (virtual) killing. The MIC rules everything, and if you call them out on it, they target and kill you. Several good books out now on the MIC/Hollywood/Gamer connection. Evil Empire Rules!

  5. The White helmets leader Raed Saleh, was denied entry into the USA due to “terrorist communications” on April 19 2016. A cameraman for the White Helmets was also refused entry into the USA.
    The USA paid the White Helmets $125 million to do what they do in Syria, I wonder how much they paid CoD to put them in the game….

  6. I think Russia has developed some games of its own to push against this. The Venezuela game was designed with advice from Oliver North.

    This game is out of 1984; citizens of Oceana are participating in ritualized aggression against the Eastasian enemy. The CIA probably can’t directly design these games, because of the law against propagandizing Americans, which Obama partially lifted.

  7. To the ” governmental and moneyed elites ” all of the people everywhere are just ” expendable ” worthless trash to be exploited in every way possible 24/7. Their entrenched system indoctrinates us to always perform as they wish us to. Brainwashing children is the first order of business. I ( like everyone else that could not afford private schools) was forced to attend ” public schools ” but back in the 1940’s extended families took care to ” school and raise their children despite societies brainwashing ” and that saved me from becoming a mindless robot. Instead of our species advancing; we are mostly trained to hate and kill one another in every way possible.

  8. I warned Canadian friends about the White Helmets; this from the Toronto Globe and Mail:

    Some of the famed White Helmets, a group of volunteer humanitarian workers the Canadian government helped rescue from war-torn Syria, have arrived for resettlement in Canada, and more will be on …

  9. Call of Doody encourages support for more militarism in the brainless masses.

    1. C Thomas Payne Avatar
      C Thomas Payne

      “Call of Doody” … Thank you. 🙂

  10. I recommend the article, ‘Robert Stuart vs the BBC Saving Syria’s Children: Was the video footage ‘real’ or ‘staged’.

    Robert Stuart has done a lot of work on this particular piece of BBC propaganda. A paragraph from the article:

    It’s a David vs Goliath story. A former local newspaper reporter, Robert Stuart, is taking on the British Broadcasting Corporation. Stuart believes that a sensational video story about an alleged atrocity in Syria “was largely, if not entirely, staged.” The BBC would like it all to just go away. But like David, Stuart will not back down or let it go. It has been proposed that the BBC could settle the issue by releasing the raw footage from the event, but they refuse to do this. Why?

  11. BDS everything and everyone that supports the evil system, as much as you can.

    grow, make, barter, conserve, share, repair, recycle, simplify as much as we can.

    1. and let the rest run its course.

      1. but no… our way of life is not for negotiation…. like baby bush said…

  12. How can we ever get enough people to unplug,as you say here, when the PR system is so experienced, relentless and cleverly tied to the dog eat dog survival mindset embedded with capitalism ?

    1. everyone do whatever we can, without guarantee of anything. unplugging is the best way to build the safety net around you and your loved ones!

  13. Yet again – you lay it out so well, Caitlin. But the liars are in charge – owned by their media junkie/vested interest mates – even now in Australia bashing down the doors of journalists and of our own Australian Broadcasting Corporation news gatherers to take, reframe/insert/add to and/or delete – the ugly Dutton chap – a vestige of the corrupt police state of dictator Johannes Bjelke-Petersen. The lies emanating from the US – its WMD programs, its wars on so many fronts – the movies have become the country – one of the ugliest and most tyrannical now on the planet.

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      The most Evil, vicious, corrupt and incompetent regime in our history-and growing worse by the day.

  14. Random Castagna Avatar
    Random Castagna

    Why not ? After all, US schools allow military recruiters on their grounds in order to persuade naive young people to join the service and bring glory on themselves. They never tell them about the deaths, atrocities, PTSD, maiming, and life-long guilt and shame that accompanies it, or the fact that these wars are conducted to make the rich become richer.. If they were honest, NOBODY would ever sign up except for a few sociopaths. Video games are just an extension of this.

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