Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is now being slammed with $500 fines for every single day that she remains imprisoned in contempt of court for refusing to testify in a secret grand jury against Julian Assange. Next month it will increase to $1,000 a day.

Again, this is while Manning is also locked up in jail. It’s not enough to re-imprison a whistleblower who already served years of prison time, including nearly a year in solitary confinement, for taking a principled stand against an opaque and unjust grand jury system; they’re going to potentially ruin her life with crippling debt as well. The only way to make it more cruel and unusual would be to start waterboarding her or threatening her family members.

All for refusing to participate in a corrupt and unaccountable legal performance designed to imprison a publisher to whom she leaked evidence of US war crimes in 2010.

People see this. People watch this and learn from this, as sure as people watched and learned from the public town square executions of those who spoke ill of their medieval lords. And just like those medieval executions, many of the onlookers have been trained to cheer and celebrate at the fate of the accused; have a look at the power-worshipping, government-bootlicking comments under my recent tweet about Manning’s persecution for a perfect example of this. People have been taught what happens to those who blow the whistle on the powerful, and they have been taught to become quite comfortable with it.

And, of course, that is the whole idea.

Who is going to blow the whistle on US government malfeasance after watching what’s being done to Chelsea Manning? Seriously, who? Would you? Would anyone you know?

I think most people, the overwhelming majority of people, would opt out of the chance to give the empire a truth smack in exchange for years in prison, financial ruin, and seeing their name slandered and smeared around the world. Most people have too much to lose and too little to gain to take that risk already, and the war on whistleblowers and investigative journalists is only escalating.

And that’s just the general population. What percentage of people who’d be willing to suffer the draconian consequences of telling the truth about the powerful are actually in a position to do so? Most of the people who are in a position to expose significant government malfeasance are individuals who’ve already been selected and appointed to their positions because they’ve exhibited certain qualities that indicate loyalty and obedience. The bigger the secrets you have access to, the higher up the chain of command you must therefore be, and the more loyalty and obedience hoops you’ll therefore have had to have jumped through.

What percentage of this population, the population who has gained access to sensitive information by demonstrating loyalty and obedience, would be willing to face the harsh punishments which are inflicted on anyone who exposes the evil deeds of the powerful? Almost none. And the higher up the chain of command you go, i.e. the more significant information someone might have access to, the lower the probability of their blowing the whistle on any depravity they discover.

It’s a really slick double bind they’ve got us all in, if you think about it. Try to expose government malfeasance from the inside and you’re a traitor; you’re guilty of transgressing the rules of the position you’ve been entrusted with. You go to jail. Try to expose government malfeasance from the outside and that’s hacking, that’s espionage. You go to jail.

Either way, you go to jail. Directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

When is it possible to expose government malfeasance without going to jail? Why, when the government says so, of course.

And this has all been a long-winded preamble for me to get to what I really want to say here, which is this: think about how many government insiders aren’t whistleblowing.

Seriously, just pause and really think about that for a minute. Let it sink all the way in. We know about just a teeny, tiny fraction of the evils that our governments have been up to behind the scenes, because the people who are in a position to expose those evils and who are willing to do so are exceedingly rare. And, because of the public flagellations of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, we may be certain that they are becoming much rarer. We appear to be moving rapidly toward a world with no Chelsea Mannings at all.

The celebrated author, journalist and historian William Blum once said that “No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.” I have no idea how much the late Mr Blum knew or whether he was exaggerating to make a point, but if you look at what I’m pointing to here it becomes self-evident that at the very least what we know about government malfeasance is dwarfed by what we don’t know about government malfeasance. There are so very, very many disincentives for people to blow the whistle on the powerful, and so very, very many incentives for them not to, that it is a certain bet that there is exponentially more wickedness going on behind the veil of government secrecy than we realize.

If you looked through a tiny crack in the door and saw a thousand people just in that narrow sliver of your field of vision, it would be very silly of you to assume that there are merely one thousand people standing outside. If you can see that many people based just on a very small slice of the information you’d have access to if you were, say, standing on the roof, it would be safe to assume that there are a great many thousands more that you can’t see from your current perspective. How many thousands? You can’t see that either.

Pause and reflect on how much you know about the evils that your government has been guilty of. Maybe you’re just learning about this stuff, maybe you think you’re a hot shit conspiracy know-it-all, it doesn’t matter, because get this: however much you know, that’s just what you can see through the tiny crack in the door. Through the very small number of gaps in government secrecy where truth was able to shine through. No matter how much you think you know about the depravity of your government, it is necessarily dwarfed by what you don’t know.

This is why the US-centralized empire fights so hard to maintain government secrecy and shut down anything that is a threat to that secrecy. It’s because if we could see what’s really going on back there behind that veil of government opacity, it would blow our minds. And then they would never again be able to get us back under control.

Does grasping this self-evident truth mean harboring an intense suspicion of everything your government says and does? Most certainly. But the alternative is to live in a fantasy world. And an uncomfortable truth is always superior to a comfortable fantasy.


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48 responses to “Pause A Moment And Think About How Many People AREN’T Whistleblowing”

  1. “Working within the system means to become a part of the system. When you go into the voting booth, the only meaningful significance that your action will have is to show that one more person supports the state”. ~Mark Davis

  2. Been there, said that, but I absolutely love the way you say it. Bravo.

  3. BeaconOfAnonDim Avatar

    Staggering, isn’t it? We’ll probably never get official documentation on all the juicy tidbits that interest us, nor will we ever be given the intellectual primers that could prepare us for the massive difference in worldviews and agency in life that they operate in so fluidly. Oh well…

    We can at least start asking questions openly and unafraid. We can start by asserting our philosophical rights and go from there. Resistance shouldn’t go from zero to Chelsea Manning, and part of the reason collateral murder was such a flop was that it simply wasn’t understood as a war crime. It’s unfortunate, but people today need to be reacquainted with principals, rights, and law before we start on some aimless path towards insurrection or justice. We have the semblance of civilized society still and we should be using its’ relative stability to strengthen it further rather than watching it crumble before us. These desperate pleas, overly-complex measures, and ultimate failures have just become a bore and nothing has changed – the martyrs have all my sympathies but lets be real here. Seriously, send in the clowns. Good comedians are what the time calls for. Spirits need to be elevated if we’re going to take on the task of enlightening society. A slow and steady framework gets the job done safely, everyone laughs, and no one goes to jail. We start by embracing our humanity again.

    1. Your last sentence, “we start with embracing our humanity again”. What is it that encompasses our “humanity”, intelligence, love, honesty? All I know is the “might makes right” operational system of Gov. hides behind a veil of “Authority”. If we take this away from them and claim it as our own, I think they shrivel up and die. Sorry I understand the sentiment. I just think most people are doing the best they can already. This plea as so many others is to me just hope. Hope that some positive attribute or action of humanity will suddenly be amplified to some level that the power produced will chase away all the dark shadows. I just don’t think that is realistic. It could happen in a sense. It would have to have a prompt or trigger. I am sure after a terrible war the best of humanity will show through. What before the terrible war though? This is why I promote what I see as a Collective Intelligence as a solution. 1. It will take the “Authority” from the zombies 2. It may be evolutionary and allow humanity to actually live in a higher state. As it sits today though I just don’t see hope in some miracle of humanity suddenly taking hold of men and women everywhere and saving us all. This just produces a false hope and we become complacent trusting that goodness of “humanity” will save us. We already have plenty of goodness. There is a mean and historical deviations, but we still rely on “war” the art of deception as the fix all.

    2. I know when I post this “Collective Intelligence” mantra people just don’t get it. That is because it really would create a new environment for humanity rather than hoping the one we have now somehow changes in our favor. That is the way I see it anyway. Maybe I am wrong. If so, I wish someone could at least point that out for me and save me all the trouble. As many times as I have posted to Caitlin she still uses words like “wisdom” and “woke”. Let’s just all sit out in a field and wait for the Great Pumpkin.

      It is not really rocket science. And it really could start right here. Take this comments section. Is it important that my name is Clint and is what you think of me relevant to what I say – No, not really. Is my wit, sarcasm, or the hate and venom shown by some relevant to the conversation – No, not really. Is it relevant that this thread will disappear from view and become old news in a short while – Yes I think so. Is it relevant that we have a hard time pinpointing or highlighting the important perspectives, there is no organization or forward progress to pointt to. – Yes I think so. Is it relevant that human logic takes a backseat to other moderators and that there is no epistemological (philosophy of logic) reference in our discussions, fallacies run rampant – Yes., I think so. Does it really matter what I “think” when so many others have so many contributions to make -No, not really.

      I hope you get the idea. I can’t call this all a waste of time, because there is value. I just see it as extremely inefficient with no stated purpose. What if our conversations were aided by an open source software that applied logic, a software devoted to gleaning the most trusted conclusions from the thoughts and perspectives of many. Constantly improved. It would actually be a learning tool. We might all start thinking logically, oh the horror. Why are we content after 20 years doing things the same way? Is this all just some sort of emotional exercise or release?

  4. So what’s in a name, really?

    “MANning”? Really? Proof once again that God has a delicious sense of humour.
    But you have to love this person regardless of any confusion thereto, and no, the video showing the slaughter in Iraq via helicopter gunship was not faked, IMHO, just an altogether too real experience of war turned bad, if that is not too redundant. But I digress.
    Reports are that Manning has been subjected to extended periods of solitary confinement. This, also IMHO, amounts to mental abuse akin to torture of the most heinous kind, period. This is not arguable to any knowledgeable person. Add to that the fact that he (now she) actually received a Presidential pardon only to have that ripped away by some “secret court” and one begins to suspect things have gone well beyond any hall of “Justice” and deep into a hall of darkness.

  5. If you have ” inner moral character ” any ” government job ” is going to conflict with your soul. I found this out the hard way. Some people ” join government ” with the intent to change things but they soon learn that this monster can not be changed; and they either get twisted into being corrupt, or they just get out of government! It will not be long before no one is willing to stand up to any governmental wrong doing and that is what our ” owners ” are hoping for.

  6. What we don’t know can seriously hurt us. True and accurate knowledge can guide us in the dangerous times we are navigating. Those who keep such knowledge from us are intending to do us harm.

    1. Miss Margaret Avatar
      Miss Margaret

      Good luck with that.


      Just read it, that’s why it’s here (& remembering Julian’s warning about AI being our greatest threat, iirc) so not nec. related to article, but wtf do you do if you can’t be sure if anything is true, or real, anymore?

  7. Compare the reaction of the people of Hong Kong to its “leaders” decision to extradite people to mainland China for prosecution and the behavior of the western sheeple to Assange and Manning being imprisoned, or the prospect of yet another of its government’s wars of aggression for corporate profit, and you instantlyy realize that only a poltically insignificant number of westerners are willing to get up off their fat asses and even protest ANYTHING, let alone spend some time behind bars for whatever cause.

  8. I would just add that Chelsea Manning is not a female (and I do appreciate his courage) and supporting trans ideology is supporting the war against women and children and our rights and safety. Something I wish Caitlin would investigate.

    1. I agree with you but it has nothing to do with the issue here.

    2. you must get paid for the task of distracting and dividing humanity.

      and the usual spooks are sabotaging this blogsite.

  9. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    Right on, Caitlin, as usual. How the U. S. government must envy their pals the Saudis! I can imagine them salivating over beheading teenagers in public squares.

    There are so many violations of law in the cases of Julian and Chelsea, I’ve nearly stopped counting. The vindictiveness of the government knows no bounds. I’m surprised they haven’t re-introduced the rack.

    Keep on informing the clueless, Caitlin. I do the same every chance I get.


  10. Has anyone else had trouble with loading pages from https://caitlinjohnstone.com from Firefox? For months I just get a blank page with no error message. It still works in my Internet Explorer browser though. Maybe there’s a Firefox setting that needs to be adjusted? But I have not had this happen to any other domain.

    1. You can not quote me about it but seems that quite a few people have ” sites blocked ‘ on their computers. On my computer the ” Rutherford Institute ” gets ” stopped ” no matter what browser I use. Sometimes when traffic is heavy to Ms Johnstone’s website it is slow to load.

      1. Thanks. I went into Firefox settings several times with no luck, until just now I tried deleting years worth of old cookies, and now https://caitlinjohnstone.com works. I have no idea what old cookie was the problem, or why it only affected this site.

  11. Regarding the brazen effort to shut down WikiLeaks and intimidate any potential whistleblowers, one has to wonder why this effort has taken on such a huge priority for our government. One suspects “they” are particularly afraid of even bigger lies/frauds that could bring down the entire “Status Quo” system so many benefit from. In other words, this is a proactive, pre-emptive strike to eliminate some even greater threat.

    It goes without saying, that “they” have taken measures to eliminate/reduce said threat by making sure all of the organizations that might have once did real investigative journalism are now a part of their “team.”

    They are leaving no stone unturned in their effort to protect themselves.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      That is why we need MORE whistleblowers, not less. Anyone in a position to expose this criminal government should be supported and encouraged.

  12. You can expand Caitlin’s point to the private sector as well. After reading the book “Bad Blood,” which chronicled the years of fraud at Theranos, I was struck by one point: Nobody who worked at this company, or had previously worked at this company, came forward as a “whistleblower.” This despite the fact that hundreds of people must have known that the company was built on a huge lie and that its leaders were psychopaths.

    Eventually, a reporter at the WSJ got a “tip” that the company’s claims were bogus. But this tip didn’t come from an existing employee, or disgruntled former employee, it came from some obscure blogger who figured it out on his own.

    Also, the entire board of this company was a “Who’s Who” of America, stalwarts especially from the field of politics. None of these titans of integrity either had a clue or were willing to come forward.

    Anyway, there are no doubt a lot more Theranoses (and Enrons and HealthSouths) out there as well.

    And I’m not even mentioning corrupt/worthless/sychophant school boards, city councils, etc.

  13. When I read great journalism like this I react as I assume most do with outrage and anger, fear, helplessness. All things good seem vulnerable to an untouchable malignant power. let’s stop for a minute though, these are all emotional reactions to the cognitive exercise of reading this information. Let us think it through? Why not get scientific about it? Can we work together methodically? What would be the best method? What is the real issue here? How do we deal with it in the most appropriate straightforward non-violent manner? Therein lies the real issue I believe, we are not sure what that is. We have hope, this or that changes. Hope is not action though.

    What are the elements of this great menace to our lives and liberties? This is how I see it, please correct me if I am wrong. This is nothing new. There are and have always been some “menace” to our lives and liberties. History is all about lives lost and people subjugated. So, anyway: 1.There is established power, great power decades, perhaps centuries in it’s formation. 2. There are individuals and groups of individuals who facilitate this power. 3 There is obfuscation of reality, which can be anything from religion, presentation( set, dress, haircut, social status), emotional entrapment, differences in perspective, differences in formed conclusions and beliefs.

    So which do we take on first 1,2 or 3? Where do we start and how do we progress? I say start with no. 3 which will erode no.1 which will defeat no. 2

    The weakness I see here is that this tower of power is all built on individual intelligence. We have the means today I believe to overcome the weakness inherent in the though processes and end results of individuals “working things out themselves” and “doing as they see best”

    Think of human intelligence as characterized by logic and rational as “fractured” into billions of pieces. Each individual uses and abuses it honestly and at times dishonestly. That to me is the problem and the solution.

    I “hope” people will give this some thought because as Caitlin pointed out, circumstance are not really going in our favor. We have been here before and it didn’t end well. See this link here for my solution. I hope it makes sense to you. https://medium.com/@whmilk/here-is-a-book-i-have-placed-on-amazon-and-smashwords-e864cc0e2c60

  14. One reason for not whistle blowing is compliance. People are conditioned to comply with authority. But just as rights have to be considered with corresponding responsibilities, so does compliance required judgement. An excellent example is this incident at a Mt. Washington, KY McDonald’s


    1. Thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard of that case.

      It shows how easily some people can be duped. Important to realise that none of us knows at what point we would have hung up on that ‘cop’.

  15. “Who is going to blow the whistle on US government malfeasance after watching what’s being done to Chelsea Manning? Seriously, who? Would you? Would anyone you know?”

    So, I have been following this road show since George senior decided to cut Iraq up in 1991. That was per-internet–when you actually had to write letters and I got some nice responses from Judy Woodruff, Ted Kennedy and the editor of the Wall Street Journal–they all complimented me on my writing skills–and then told me not to worry–everything was under control.

    But if you look today at what is happening to our children: Forced vaccinations [a primitive from of medicine], 5G [90 billion micro waves per second], GMO’s [now legalized thru-out], Chemtrails [aluminum is actually good for you], the social media smut [Cosmopolitan FB the Rusty Trombone], the Educational curriculum [minimal skills for robotic jobs], etc., etc..

    I also am old enough to have watched the mothers of my childhoods friends–after struggling and scraping to raise their boys–send them off to be butchered in some meaningless war. in other words people–if you don’t stand-up to this Zionist machine, which desperately wants to eliminate as many useless gentiles as possible–your children–your heritage and your culture–are at extreme risk.

    My mother’s youth was destroyed because of the manufactured depression of the Rothschilds–now the lives of my two boys are at risk as the Talmudic Zionist sets us all up for Armageddon. What’s it going to be–Mr. and Mrs. [and all of those confused beings in between] America–continuous war–or a better life for your children?

    It’s your Call–you are more than than the meaningless descriptors that currently define you–you are a spirit in a human body–as powerful as any other being on this planet: Seize your legacy, let you voice be heard, be the ones that we have been waiting for.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      You lost me as soon as you criticized vaccination. That is ignorant and anti-science. A great many of us are alive today because of vaccination. Would you prefer to see the return of polio? I grew up in the 1950s before the Salk vaccine and there were kids in my classes wearing huge braces to enable them to walk. People were required to be installed in iron lungs so they could breathe. People died.

      1. canadien lucide Avatar
        canadien lucide

        You are very naive. The vaccines of today are not the vaccines of 60 years ago. At that time, government had reasonable regulations of the vaccine industry. Would you entrust the leaders of the tobacco industry or Monsanto to inject anything inside the bodies of your children without any control on your part; because that is what we have today with the big pharmafias.

        A team of researchers at a Italian university have found that, of the 40 vaccines destined to humans, all were poisoned: aluminium, mercury, formaldehyde, nanoparticles, cancer cells, retrovirus, ..

        The globalists have been saying and writing for years that they want to eliminate 95% of humans to “save the planet”. What better way than poisoning vaccines with retrovirus and making them compulsory by law.

        Vaccines are like food, a matter of national security for every nation: they should be under the control of public officials and government.

  16. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    “Most people have too much to lose and too little to gain…”

    Well it depends of what is important to you… Remember the words of Our Lord:

    “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?…” (Matthew 16: 25-27)

    The ruling elite, sadly for many of them, seems to have made their choice. But it is never to late to change course. Knowing that the famous prophecy of the popes tells us that Francis is the last pope before final Judgement, time seems to be short now, so it is time to go to the essential.

    We have to pray in these difficult times, especially the Holy Rosary.

  17. As usual Caitlin a well constructed and concise explanation of the situation.

  18. Important article Caitlin. The power elite is in damage control doing extreme things. They consistently work at manufacturing consent for their actions even if with their pointed guns, as “necessary for your safety”.

  19. Somehow I am reminded of the slick lying Obama, who actually had the chutzpah to campaign on the need to protect whistleblowers to preserve our Democracy, then proceeded to set a record doing the opposite. Words often times cease to have meaning when they come out of a politician’s mouth.

    How far can things go with the government? Perhaps the worst is in plain sight and well documented. Firebombing and Nuclear bombing Hiroshima/Nagasaki to deliberately kill whole population centers of ordinary citizens. When you think about a high percentage of those killed were tortured beyond imagination before they did die.

    On the yet undocumented side is Annie Jacobsen (see Joe Rogan #1299) contention that all this Area 51 alien (nonsense IMO) had a real root in a secret military program that surgically altered “handicapped” children to make them look like aliens, which supposedly was a response to the Soviet Union doing the same. Its hard to imagine a doctor so depraved to participate in such a thing but then again the Nazi’s had multiple Joseph Mengele types so precedent had been set back in this time frame.

  20. Is there no remedy in US law against the concept of a process of ongoing fines for each day of refusing to testify?
    Surely the appalling injustice of telling someone they will get an additional fine each day that they refuse to testify is tantamount to bribing a witness? Could any testimony from Chelsea Manning even be admissible in this situation?

    1. Did you see Chelsea Manning’s letter to the judge responding to his direction to “reflect” on her opinion of grand juries? I was amazed at how little I knew about how grand juries worked, and why they are completely unjust. I think I should try and agitate my congressman to abolish grand juries, but I’m sure he’ll put my message in his “ignore” pile with all the rest.


      1. That long and very interesting Chelsea Manning’s letter to the judge says for example:
        “Secret proceedings lend unearned legitimacy to prosecutorial decisions that protect the powerful against accountability and over-punish the marginalized. It is not surprising that members of the defense bar are generally unsupportive of grand jury proceedings. Even the Department of Justice released a report acknowledging that ‘grand juries are notorious for being ‘rubber stamps’ for the prosecutor for virtually all routine criminal matters.’ . . .
        “Grand juries can also be used to coerce defendants to give up their trial rights and take pleas, both by threatening to indict for more severe charges than are warranted (which we know can be done easily), or by threatening to call a defendant’s loved ones before a grand jury as witnesses. The very threat of the secret proceeding is in itself terrifying to people. The secrecy of grand jury proceedings fuel paranoia and fear, running contrary to our ideals of open courts and stoking our disdain for secret testimony. I find, when I explain the secrecy of grand juries, people are often truly shocked that they are constitutional, and frequently compare them to the Court of Star Chamber. . . .
        “Only two common law systems of justice use the grand jury: the United States and Liberia. Even within the United States, half of the states have dispensed with the use of grand juries. While they reliably end with indictments, they do not reliably end with justice. . . .
        “During the McCarthy era, when people were publicly interrogated about their beliefs and associations, the public was eventually outraged, and the McCarthy hearings are widely seen as a disgraceful episode of modern history. This kind of questioning, however, routinely happens under the grand jury system. Due to the secrecy of grand juries, the public is less aware of it, and less outraged, and therefore, it continues without interruption. However, this is because they are unaware it is happening and cannot feel its effects.
        “The investigative grand jury as we know it was developed in the wake of McCarthy, during the Nixon years. It was developed purportedly to battle organized crime, but was promptly used to subpoena members of anti-war groups, the women’s movement, and black liberation groups. Prosecutors issued subpoenas in conjunction with grants of immunity, in order to compel testimony, and routinely had resistant activists imprisoned for contempt. For instance, while federal agencies were investigating the Puerto Rican independence movement, several community organizers refused to comply out of solidarity with their communities. They were arrested at gunpoint for contempt of court. Senator Ted Kennedy was not shy about expressing his alarm:
        “‘Over the past four years, under the present administration, we have witnessed the birth of a new breed of political animal — the kangaroo grand jury — spawned in a dark corner of the Department of Justice, nourished by an administration bent on twisting law enforcement to serve its own political ends, a dangerous modern form of Star Chamber secret inquisition that is trampling the rights of American citizens from coast to coast.’”

  21. Mr. Bill Blum had eight books published about government malfeasance in a period over thirty years.
    I foresee the day when free speech will end in the US as the noose to control internet traffic tightens around our necks.
    We all will be forced to submit to having a Big Brother control our every move.
    Even cameras in the bedrooms to control population.
    We are destined to lose the United States of America and begin the Nanny States of the America(s).
    But it may come down to US bankruptcy before that happening.
    On the USA’s present course it’s a lose, lose situation either way. That is if climate change or a nuclear triggered event doesn’t get us first.
    Let’s all have Cait’s back, and drop her a buck or two.

    1. “That day” has already arrived!! Big Brother is already running amok in our lives! We are already being controlled by way of propaganda (TV/internet); spy cameras; computers & cell phones (tracking); forced vaccines (population control); “natural disasters” (HAARP); poisoned air/soil (“solar radiation management”); poisoned foods (GMOs); poisoned medicines/ treatments (chemo/radiation). The list of Big Brother’s assaults & plots to remove most of us from Mother Earth is endless! The goal? To inherit the earth for its Elite Ownership, what else? To be sure, only a smattering of us will be left behind to serve and satisfy its smug, narcissistic grandiosity.

  22. Chuck Nasmith Avatar
    Chuck Nasmith

    Truth is so UnAmerican.

  23. Veterans Today insists that Julian Assange is a Mossad/CIA asset. Is this possible, feasible, definite? Yet, they’ve avoided articles that commence after his jailing. Why? I’ve also heard Ed Snowden is also some kind of intelligence plant. Can this also be legit?

    1. Petra Liverani Avatar
      Petra Liverani

      When you see the state that Julian is in after emerging from the Ecuadorian embassy it’s obvious he’s not a plant. However, like all of us, he’s been duped. I haven’t looked at Edward Snowden but I strongly suspect he’s a plant. Chelsea, Adrian Lamo, Ben Griffin (“ex”-SAS officer who goes around “explaining” the Collateral Murder video) and Ethan McCord (the rescuer of the children in the video) are all agents. The Collateral Murder video is a fake.
      See my analysis of Chelsea, Adrian, the video and an article about Crazy Horse 18 beyond their Collateral Murder exploits.

    2. Petra Liverani Avatar
      Petra Liverani

      What’s also good to understand is that from Pearl Harbour to the 1980 Bologna station bombing to 9/11 to the controlled opposition implemented to undermine Wikileaks to the Christchurch shooting and many, many, many other events there are commonalities.

      For example, with the Collateral Murder video Reuters supposedly issued a FOIA to request the footage. This is BS, of course, as the video is a fake. Reuters is in on the act.
      Similarly, the New York Times supposedly issued a FOIA to New York City to release oral testimonies made by first responders about their experiences on 9/11. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/12/nyregion/city-to-release-thousands-oforal-histories-of-911-today.html

      This is BS too. While this may sound counterintuitive there is a propaganda campaign targeted at 9/11 truthers who recognise controlled demolition. What they want is for the truthers to be all focused on controlled demolition while keeping them averted from the equally important truth that death and injury were staged. While this key truth is hidden the whole truth cannot emerge. See propaganda campaign directed at truthers and evidence that death and injury were staged on 9/11 here:

  24. Earth’s ruling 0.1% have repeatedly stated that only 600 million can live on their planet. In order to exterminate 90% of all humans, they must have 10% loyal lieutenants. No matter how compartmentalized these enablers are, some must realize that those who hell bent on 90% genocide, might then decide to make it 91%….


  25. Petra Liverani Avatar
    Petra Liverani

    The media is telling us that Chelsea is being slammed with fines but, of course, if she’s an intelligence asset that will be made up. I’m really not sure why you’re so convinced that she’s a genuine leaker, Caitlin. It makes no sense to me. I have to admit I didn’t suspect her for a nanosecond all these years myself but then after the sight of a glamour photo which seemed to have a lot of money behind it aroused my suspicion and I started to dig a little it became obvious she’s an intelligence asset. Of course! As soon as Wikileaks appears on the scene so will the controlled opposition. And so after looking at her Wikipedia entry, Adrian Lamo’s Wikipedia entry, watching her first interview after her alleged 7-year jail sentence with Juju Chang of ABC’s NIghtline, watching the Collateral Murder video over and over and reading a Telegraph article on further exploits of Crazy Horse 18 it became beyond obvious that we have been taken for a very big ride by the power elite.

    The thing is though they always tell us, they always push their hoaxery in our faces with ridiculousness, implausibilities, contradictions, things that don’t add up, etc and we can see how they have such a chortle over their duping of us, how they get so much enjoyment out of it. Surely, you don’t want to wilfully be their dupe, Caitlin? I mean, we’re all duped without knowing it but when you’re alerted to the possibility of being duped don’t you want to ascertain if you are or not so you can put yourself in the position of no longer being duped?

    And if you really want to help Julian don’t you think you should do a little digging yourself on this matter? Hypothetically, if what I claim is true, then don’t you think that will help Julian’s case? Shouldn’t you at least take a look, Caitlin, so that you can determine for yourself if they are hoaxing us or not? Will you wilfully keep your head averted? What are you afraid of?

    1. The important thing about Manning’s situation is the chilling message that is being broadcast through the MSM about the abuse that a whistleblower can expect. Whether or not she is secretly a CIA asset performing in a school play that is sending that message is, relatively speaking, unimportant. If potential whistleblowers remain silent because they don’t want to suffer like what is being portrayed in Manning’s case then the hiders of truth win. It’s the message being sent and it’s effect on thousands of potential whistle blowers that’s important, not the possibility that Manning is actually a CIA tool.

      1. Petra Liverani Avatar
        Petra Liverani

        You’re right but I think also it’s important to establish that she is a CIA tool and that the Collateral Murder video is a fake. These facts should help Julian in his case, no? I mean, maybe they won’t but no one will confirm with me whether they will or not so until they do I keep pushing them.

        Also, the more established how hoaxed we’re being the better because we are being massively hoaxed. See my website – https://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/

    2. “The media is telling us that Chelsea is being slammed with fines but, of course, if she’s an intelligence asset that will be made up. I’m really not sure why you’re so convinced that she’s a genuine leaker, Caitlin.”

      Perhaps you are the intelligence asset, and not Chelsea?? Are you their dupe, and paid to attack Caitlin’s opinions?

      1. Petra Liverani Avatar
        Petra Liverani

        Are you familiar with the concept of “controlled opposition”? Vladimir Lenin famously said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

        Do you think that the power elite would, as a matter of course, try to implement controlled opposition to undermine Wikileaks when it appeared on the scene?

        Do these things not cause you any disquiet?

        — We are told that, for at least part of her time in prison, Chelsea spent 22 hours a day in solitary confinement. On her emergence from jail we see her in glamorous photoshoots in the MSM looking extremely happy and carefree and we see her in interviews with MSM treated very sympathetically – we could say that she has been feted by the MSM. Feted by the MSM? She doesn’t look anything at all like Julian when he emerged from the Ecuadorian embassy.
        Her interview with Juju Chang (member of the Council on Foreign Relations) seems very, very carefully managed and contains answers by her which do not match “whistleblower prepared to go to jail for their words” and some other anomalies. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSx1VG8UnF8

        — Her Wikipedia entry (and Adrian Lamo’s) contains all kinds of anomalies (this is a typical feature of hoaxing by the power elite).

        — The Collateral Murder video contains all kinds of anomalies such as far too many callsigns and audio not matching visuals. The explosions look as though they could easily be faked.

        If you don’t look, you won’t find, will you? It’s like the accusation made of NIST when they said there was no evidence of explosives in the collapse of the buildings on 9/11. They saw no evidence because THEY DIDN’T LOOK FOR IT despite the fact that there were many other signs of controlled demolition.

        Despite my raising it many times in comments and on twitter Caitlin has not looked to examine any of the points I raise. She keeps her head steadfastly turned away from all the evidence I mention. She insists that I present my proof in tweets (I’ve done that now) rather than simply going to my webpage where I present my case clearly. If you wish to argue with me then you need to look at my case, you cannot argue out of thin air. If you look at the evidence then please come back and argue with me but if you don’t look at the evidence where is your argument? No one, so far, who’s looked at my page has argued with me about the argument I make. Not a single person. If they don’t agree they choose to stay silent rather than to have a discussion about it. Why would that be? They think that by ignoring the truth it isn’t there. Of course, it’s still there, it hasn’t gone anywhere.

        Caitlin is all ready to call false flag when she’s not emotionally invested in the story told by the media – all ready there but when she’s emotionally invested in her belief about poor-Chelsea-whistleblower-locked-up it’s a different story. And that is PRECISELY what the power elite rely on. They rely so heavily and conveniently on people being emotionally invested in their stories. To be “woke” though as Caitlin claims to be you must – at all times – be dispassionate in your analysis. You cannot afford to be “invested” in any way in their stories. You need to be able to change your mind at any moment according to the evidence presented to you.

        1. Petra Liverani Avatar
          Petra Liverani

          Actually, rather than say be “invested in their stories” I should say invested in your beliefs about their stories or invested in any belief at all. If you want to see the truth you cannot afford to be invested in your beliefs in any way at all. You must always be open to changing them according to the evidence.

  26. Perhaps a really big group of ethical journalists (and unethical ones who repent and want to make up for past sins) could confound this corrupt system by publishing leaks or whistle-blower material all on the same day and issuing a ‘come and get all of us’ challenge. And keep doing it, day after day, to show they will keep doing their job and will not be stopped. A bit like a Yellow Vest journalists collective movement. Too big to jail.

  27. Chelsea Manning’s courage is unsurpassed. There are no words adequate to express my admiration of her and no words adequate to express my disgust at those who continue to persecute her.

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