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The Only Thing Worse Than The World Dying Would Be If It Died Unseen And Unappreciated

ABC News put an article out the other day titled “Was Tulsi Gabbard’s nuclear war warning during Democratic debate hyperbole, or all too real?“, which makes a surprisingly reasonable appraisal of just how close we all are to losing everything all at once.

It’s a mainstream media piece, so of course it ends with a couple of think tank denizens claiming that Gabbard’s dire warnings during the debate are hysterical nonsense, but the first half of the article quotes authorities on nuclear disarmament confirming that we may very well be as close to nuclear annihilation as we were at the height of the last cold war.

Gabbard’s claim during the Democratic debate that we are at greater risk of nuclear war than at any time in history is entirely reasonable given the relentless escalations against Russia that this administration has been mounting, and is a perspective shared by experts like leading US-Russia relations authority Stephen Cohen.

In the face of mounting escalations, continuing US military expansionism, and flirtation with the possibility of hot war around the world, the possibility of a nuclear warhead being deployed by either side in the chaos and confusion due to malfunction or miscommunication grows ever greater. The increasingly desperate flailings of a weakening empire could set everything off in an instant. It is entirely possible that, when all is said and done, getting this very real danger into mainstream attention will end up having been Gabbard’s single most important contribution to the American political conversation.

Very few people have actually, deeply considered the very real possibility that we may be on the precipice of watching our entire world die as a result of nuclear war. They have not opted out of this consideration due to facts or scientific data, but solely due to intellectual cowardice. It is so much more comforting to hold onto the narrative that the risk of nuclear armageddon is a distant memory left in the dust of the early 1960s, and that since the fall of the Berlin Wall it has remained only a remote possibility held at bay by mountains of redundant safeguards.

If we somehow avoid nuclear annihilation, the looming threat of climate collapse remains. Taking all the data into consideration, without the overlay of cognitive filters needed to maintain the belief that rugged individualism will save us all, leaves little room for doubt that humanity’s current relationship with its ecosystem is completely unsustainable and will set off a chain of cataclysmic events in the near future if we don’t wildly change our behavior.

We may very well be sitting on the verge of the apocalypse. The end could easily come within a few decades or a few years. With this fact comes a tremendous responsibility.

The only thing worse than this world slipping away forever would be for it to slip away without having been fully seen and appreciated by as many people as possible. If we all spent our time obsessing over our own petty personal dramas with our eyes fixed on glowing screens in between now and when the shit hits the fan. That would be as close a thing to true sacrilege as can happen in the real world. I believe it is our responsibility as human beings to do everything we can to keep it from happening.

By all means, please do keep fighting to wake people up so that we can rise up against the sociopaths who are driving us into disaster. But for the love of all you consider holy please don’t fail to appreciate your time here while you’re doing it. Please don’t fail to take in the beauty and majesty of this remarkable blue planet as often and as much as you possibly can. Because you don’t know how long this will all be here.

Humans have been given the gift of consciousness. As humans we are not only able to absorb and react to sensory input, but also to have a relationship with that information. Our brain creates a stream of thoughts from this sensory information and we observe them. People make the mistake of believing that they are those thoughts, but we’re not, we’re the observer, and in knowing that we have a very powerful tool at our disposal. Once you realize you’re the observer of your thoughts and not the sum of them, then you also realize that you have the ability to change where you place your attention. This might be the only decision you can make outside of the patterns that create your thoughts, but it’s a game changer.

Let the stream of your thoughts babble on in the background like a radio in another room, and put your attention to what’s really here, beyond the labelling mind. How long has it been since you marvelled at the steam rising from your morning coffee? The play of dew on a flower. The sound and feel of gravel crunching under your feet. The thrum of traffic in the distance, the floofy little monster that roams around your house looking for warm keyboards to sit on, the fact you have hands. You have hands! Check that out. How weird are hands?? So much goes unnoticed.

Lift the veil. We spend so much time staring at a screen, and the rest staring at the screen of our mind. By placing your attention on what’s really here in any given moment, you’re developing a relationship with reality. And reality really craves that. She’s been right here this whole time putting on the performance of her life and we’ve been staring at her sightlessly consumed by the drama of our thoughts on our mind-screens. Let her dance for you a little. Let her show off. Ancient civilizations used to sing to the earth convinced that it enjoyed the attention. Pay her some attention, man. She gives you so much.


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  • Thank you for this platform, Ms. Johnstone, for allowing us to voice our thoughts, no matter how strange or weird they may be. Where I am so lucky to live we still have the rare Moose visit, the lynx that took all of my geese, and the really rare shy bear “Paws up, don’t shoot.” We seem to have lost our beautiful Swallows that nested in our barn, one year we had three pairs and it was a delight to watch the babies learn to fly, they would grab a goose feather and carry it up and drop it and then catch it ten times before it hit the ground, that year in the month of August, the swallows headed South, and we had over 200 of them on the Power Line for one hour saying “Goodby!” How are we going to miss our animal friends, when all we are left with is National Geographic photos?

    • I do see, I have noticed how life is dying all around us. How many once common little things like beetles, isopods, flies, flower flies, butterflies, & millions of other little things are now gone. My flowers dripping with nectar wait in vain for the bees, flies & beetles that used to feed there.

      I also once had swallows breeding & raising their young on my little patch of land, no more. Their insect feeders & something we have done & continue to do is killing them off. Insect numbers have dropped by 80%, no wonder the swallows can’t breed here any longer.

      Without INSECTS, there will be NO flowers, no fruits, no veggies, no berries, no nut trees, no land birds, no freshwater fishes, no salamanders, no lizards & probably no humans.

      Yes, you & I are losing our swallows, & that is so dam PAINFUL!
      I miss them most of all.

  • Paying a second attention and a re-read of Ms. Caitlin’s article, to show I am complying with her plea to recognize something beside one’s own self. Every day when I wake up I look out my front window, and first I thank the Sun for sacrificing itself to give us another day of Light, then I look 50 miles away across the Cook Inlet to view Mt. Illiama, and I say “Thank you, Great Spirit, for bringing me to live in this magical place. I especially am thankful for this blessing after reading/listening to the so-called news. Which is already HISTORY the moment you hear it, too late, nothing can be changed, except we might be wise to change ourselves into gentle, loving creatures, maybe some so-called Aliens might drop in for a friendly visit, Maybe!!!

  • “In the beginning, the Creator told a Great Lie, because there was Nothing, Nothing at all, but the Creator Spoke, saying;”It Exists” and behold, in order that the lie of God might be God’s Truth, the Universe at once began to exist.” Unknown Author….I ask the Scientists what it is about Infinity, that they do not understand? They claim this Universe is Flat when they can obviously see it all Around Them. It is all Light Years away for the Universe’s protection, consider us white men with our Small-Pox blankets and our associated GREED. Who would welcome us to visit? How sad and lonely is a Greed won Planet…..

  • Just rattling along, as suggested, When the World Speaks, the people would be wise to LISTEN, but the people are not wise, and they reuse to listen to the voice of sanity even when shouted into their inner ears. Day, by day, trash floats into the worlds dumpsters, day, by day, the miners mine more ore, instead of reusing the original ore. Google EARTH for strip mines, world wide, if it works you will find that this living Earth is looking evermore like the surface of the moon. I saw an article on the World Economic Forum’s website that stated there was more gold in 100 tons of disposed smart phones, than in 100 tons of ore. I know this to be true, as I study mines, and a “GOOD” return on investment is 1/6th ounce of gold recovered per ton of ore crushed. Why else would the price of an ounce of gold be high? Basically this world is awash with gold, why in 2018 alone 159,328,372 ounces of gold were produced to fulfill world demand, mostly to hide it back in the ground in vaults, afraid of theft. If the hoarders were to free up the gold in their vaults, gold would become almost worthless, and we could stop the destructive mining in it’s tracks, something to think about out there in never, never land……

  • I’ll start off by stating, the planetary energies right now are rife for misunderstanding and aggressive communication.
    Today is the 40th horrible day without my Pretty Precious dog by my side.
    My petty personal drama is the horror and trauma of knowing I helped kill her by giving her the evil drug Deramaxx, which a – totally bought into the System trained human monkey – vet prescribed to her for pain from an injury.
    I have done nothing in my spare time since burying her, except stare at a glowing screen and get drunk a few times.
    I’m staring at the glowing screen learning more and trying to help get some information out that will hopefully help any remnant that may survive.
    The second half of this article was a bit preachy and presumptuous. The author needs to check into Agenda 21 to learn of the bigger picture of why our ecosystem is on the verge of collapse.

    • Look in the mirror, you are just one of 7.7 BILLION HUMANS burdening this poor planet. There are too many of us, it would take 5 more earths to support us after oil is used up.

      There is but ONE earth.

      WE are why so much is dying, we occupy too much land, we cut down & burn too many forests, plowed too much land, paved over too much land, we have damed too many rivers, poisoned too much soil, we catch & kill too many fish, too much “bushmeat” is being killed to feed a constant supply of new human mouths.

      We are far beyond what our planet can sustain & that will be the cause of our collapse as oil declines.
      Oil is the keystone of this civilization, & it’s OIL that keeps 7.7 billion humans alive, for now.

  • Tune In. Turn On. Drop Out.

    In other words, see the world for what it is and be willing to listen to people who aren’t on TV who tell you about it. Then, drop out and have a party. Enjoy life. Don’t be a part of the war machine. Travel. Be Nomadic when you want to travel, settle down when you want to sit awhile. See the flowers, enjoy them, smell them, find a girl who likes them in her hair. Enjoy music. Dance, a lot! The good thing about not spending all your time making money is that you don’t then owe taxes the war machine. Some, but not so much. Being broke is good if you are having fun doing it. 🙂

    These are the methods that brought the War Machine to its knees and stopped the Endless War in Vietnam. It sounds simple, but when an entire generation does it together, the machine grinds to a halt and it really pisses off the bosses that want you to slave and die for them.

    But of course, they’ve gotten smarter and better at controlling people since then. So, whatever it is this time won’t be the same again, but something new that has to be invented. But still, telling people to have fun and be happy is a good narrative!

  • Thoughts, anyone, about the Agenda 21 plan (now Agenda 2030)? Is it a great idea but smeared in this article, or a bad idea? (Article seems might be a translation, but readable). I looked, it IS being implemented worldwide.


    Also, won’t fusion energy be a help if there’s a crash science-driver program?

    • LOL. I am old, with grey in my beard and on the other side of my first heart attack. But I remember back in the 1970’s when Fusion Power was going to be the great thing that would save us. I even wrote a senior paper on the topic when I was in high school. Now I’m old, but its still right around the corner! LOL.

    • Hello Margaret,
      I’ve looked at Agenda 21 just enough to be convinced that it is the evil ones plans to kill most of us. For someone new to this information I suggest checking out Deborah Tavares’ research on it. Her research is mostly about her state of California but you’ll get the idea.

    • Fusion energy will be of little help, like “renewables” they produce only electricity & none of the essential raw materials we now get from oil or by the energy contained in oil that makes large scale mining of raw materials possible. Electricity also can’t make more farm land, fertilize the fields or power farm machinery.
      With fusion, like “renewables” we could still end up with the lights on but still dead as a door nail from starvation.
      We have four major delemas, overpopulation, resource decline, environmental destruction & climate disruption, lack of electricity is not a major problem but it has certainly made life much more enjoyable & comfortable.

      • We are presently burning 25 million bbl’s of oil in one day, the first stop is to quit using plastic for anything, save your old bottles to hold water, because that (Water) is going to be in short supply soon enough. Floods here and drought there of vice versa. If only Mr. Greed could be laid down for a nap of a thousand years or so……

        • I’ve been doing that for decades & I bring my own reusable shopping bags, reuse plastic bags until they fall apart, drink tap water not bottled water & since we had salt intruding into our tap water, I now also save the clean fresh water in used plastic milk jugs when we have it. Rising seas guarentees more salt in our water in the future.
          Greed is behind so many of our delemas, how much wealth can one person USE?
          They don’t they just like to steal it from nature & the working class to see who will end up with the most lucre before we collapse.

  • When I awake this first thing I do is thank the heavens that the idiots have not yet blown up this planet. At 75 I can go about my business and be thankful for the good things that cross my path and avoid the bad things as much as possible. Deep in my heart I know that our species is likely doomed; but there is nothing us ” little people ” can do about it.

    • Nothing we can do about it? That seems a bit extreme. I believe it is more correct to say there is very little we can do about it. So we had best get cracking. Surely it is not too much to ask that we each do very little. If most of us do very little, it can add up to be more than sufficient to solve our problems.

      • “Many small people,
        in many small places,
        doing many small things,
        can change the face of the world.”
        — African proverb (saying of the Xhosa people)
        Wisdom from Africa on the Berlin Wall

  • Caitlin,
    Amen, sister. There is one thing I would add. Even more than singing to the Earth, we need to listen to her. We need to quiet all of the external and internal cacophony, and listen. No matter how smart we think we are, our human brains are not capable of comprehending the incredible complexity of the earth and her organism and how they interact to maintain life on this planet. We need to listen to the Earth and do what she says, because she is the one who knows.

  • I do not understand why a woman like Ms Gabbard does not seem to know more the people in the ruling elite because she is in contact with them a lot.

    The people in the ruling elite have no intention at all for nuclear annihilation. They are as described by Sir Thomas More 500 years ago:

    “Therefore I must say that, as I hope for mercy, I can have no other notion of all the other governments that I see or know, than that they are a conspiracy of the rich, who, on pretence of managing the public, only pursue their private ends, and devise all the ways and arts they can find out; first, that they may, without danger, preserve all that they have so ill-acquired, and then, that they may engage the poor to toil and labour for them at as low rates as possible, and oppress them as much as they please; and if they can but prevail to get these contrivances established by the show of public authority, which is considered as the representative of the whole people, then they are accounted laws; yet these wicked men, after they have, by a most insatiable covetousness, divided that among themselves with which all the rest might have been well supplied…”

    So those elites does not want to destroy the world at all.

    What will happen I think, it is that some global natural disaster will put an end to life on earth as we know it, maybe an asteroid etc… or the Second Coming of Christ and at the same time, the final Judgement of mankind… and I think it is near.

    Keeping my Rosary close.

  • OK, what do we have here, a call for more “pause to smell the roses” moments while simultaneously harboring a high level of anxiety about the death and destruction of everyone and everything on this whole, obviously doomed planet? Not being a great fan of anxiety, I prefer to fully appreciate everything that SEEMS to be going on.

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

    Peace be with you, Namaste, Shalom, In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful… perhaps it is time for the spiritual to converge with the faithful.

  • Hopefully…out of nowhere and in the nick of time a galactic Arbuckle appears 🙂

  • I think everyone here knows the situation or we think we do. In reality I don’t think anyone understands what is going on. How does an intelligent species get to this point? The only solution I ever see here is the ‘Wake -up’ call . It is as if you had some terminal disease, like diabetes for instance. Then instead of going to the doctor and looking at your condition in light of the latest ‘Science’. You decide on positive thinking instead. You tell yourself that if you just stay positive and think and live a positive lifestyle you will all of a sudden one day just get ‘better”.

    My point? If we really want things to change then the first thing we have to do is acknowledge that telling ourselves hopeful ideas is not going to make it all go away or get better some day. Documenting it through journalism is not going to stop the train. This is a very large train on very well defined tracks. We have to resort to science.

    What is that? That is not letting this page get pushed off our front and center in two or three days from now. That is putting our heads together and breaking this down so we can understand it. We need to understand the sociological aspects. We need to understand the psychological aspects. We need to understand the historical aspects.

    The problem is we are like a patient with no doctor. We humanity are a single entity and we are sick. There is no hospital. There is not doctor for humanities ills. There is no outside perspective. So we just tell ourselves to stay strong, to keep fighting even thought perhaps it is fate, we just need to stay positive and perhaps we will turn that corner some day.

    That is why I am so super annoying. Because I honestly believe we need a new different perspective as humanity. We need to see a doctor, a really smart and well mannered doctor. I believe that perhaps there is a doctor we can go to and that is a Collective Intelligence.

    Or we can all just wait until Caitlin published another story documenting our demise so we can all moan and groan, thank Jesus and theorize on the great awakening. Sorry, I still think all this mara Krishna yoda, enlightenment, wake-up B.S. is just a delusional (yes comforting, here take a swig) desperate trapped in a corner little something we tell ourselves so we can smile for a moment whole lot of nothing. If I talk all day about how something say a car could be fixed but never buy the tools or actually do the work, will it just magically start up one day a take off down the road like Herbie the love bug (yes I am that old)? I just don’t see it. We need something new that will change the sociological and psychological dynamics of the human race and that is not Facebook.



    • Here I am attempting to wake-up the wake-up crowd to the idea that there will be no awakening. Ahh.

  • Caitlin, you are a wonderful teacher of a better Way. Thanks so much for your excellent lessons.

  • First time since 1953:
    “2019: It is still 2 minutes to midnight.”
    Timeline — Doomsday Clock — Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

  • Our lack of gratitude for the enormous blessings we have does indeed seem to be driving humanity towards losing it all. But you and I and many of the readers of this article are indeed very grateful for what we have. So is it really us driving humanity towards losing it all?

    Can sociopaths ever be satisfied? How many times of “winning the game” does it take for them to realize they don’t need to win any more, that they are rich and powerful enough? So what is really causing humanity to circle the drain? Is it our lack of gratitude, or is it the inability of ruling sociopaths to even feel genuine gratitude due to their lack of empathy?

    Who has the power to push the nuclear war start button? Is it us little people, or is it rich and powerful sociopaths?

    “The fact is — and it was a fact that witnesses evaded for most of the hearing — the president of the United States has no legal obligation to heed any adviser on this score. He can launch a nuclear attack at will. And much as the four-star general in charge of Stratcom or the civilian secretary of defense might muster opposing arguments, they are not even in the nuclear chain of command. The order goes from the president to a one-star general at the National Military Command Center, and straight from there to the officers manning the ICBM silos and the nuclear submarines who would turn the keys and launch their missiles.”

    Oh-oh, haven’t all of our presidents been rich and powerful sociopaths, owned and operated by even richer and more powerful sociopaths?

    It looks like we need regular psychological testing of all people in high positions of power and control. Otherwise, we’re all going down the drain, sooner or later.

  • The Mahamangala Sutta, SN-II.4,,,(True Happiness)
    Thus have I heard, on one occasion, the Blessed One was dwelling at Savatthi in Jetta’s Grove. Then, when the night had advanced, a certain deity of stunning beauty, illuminated the entire Grove, approached the Blessed One, paid homage to him, stood to one side and addressed the Blessed One:
    Many gods and sentient beings are eager to know what are the greatest blessings, which bring about a peaceful and joyful life. Please, Tathagata, will you teach us?
    The Buddha answered in verse:
    To be free from those who are foolish
    to be present with those who share wisdom
    to honor those worth honoring
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To live in harmony
    to plant seeds of goodness
    to realize that the path followed is correct
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To have the opportunity to learn and grow
    to be skillful in the work performed
    to practice the precepts and speak with kindness
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To be able to serve one’s parents
    to cherish family and friends
    to have a vocation that brings joy
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To be honest and generous
    to offer support to others
    to live a life of blameless conduct
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To avoid unwholesome acts
    to be free from intoxicants
    to cultivate wholesome thoughts
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To be humble and polite
    to study and discuss the Dharma
    to be grateful and content with a simple life
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To remain steadfast in every endeavor
    to maintain equanimity during adversity
    to have regular contact with monks and nuns
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To be diligent and aware
    to understand the Noble Truths
    to realize the true meaning of Nirvana
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    To live in the world
    with a heart undisturbed by the world
    to end sorrow and dwell in peace
    —This is the greatest happiness.
    Those who are able accomplish this
    will not be vanquished in any situation
    and will find true happiness
    within the purity of their own nature.

    • Much appreciate the beauty and meaning of your comment. Thank you Elkojohn.

    • Thank you Elkojohn. Beautiful thoughts. True understandings. Those who ignore the teachings of Buddha and other spiritual exemplars, are left with only the dregs of their empty materialism and selfishness.

  • When I was in my twenties, quite a few decades ago, I remember starting to feel a sense of dread – of looming disaster of some sort. That feeling has never left me, or at least when it did it was not for long. For ages, I didn’t have a clue what was causing me to feel that way. I could only speculate.

    Now, it is all too clear. The threats to us come from so many directions. The threat of nuclear destruction has been there all along, and has never gone away completely. And now we have the threat of climate warming, and species extinction that will require a hell of a lot more to reduce than just taking a few madmen’s fingers off the buttons.

    It really seems as if we will destroy ourselves and our planet one way or another. For the threats to reduce, a lot of people have to wake up and face the very unpleasant and frightening facts. But to make them wake up may require extreme action, the type that most countries are repressing more and more.

    The real tragedy is that we are losing our ability to take action to preserve the human race and our planet.

  • If a nuclear war started I would plant a tree.

    I would do that the same as we all should be doing anyway since we’re faced with a planet that desperately needs more trees even if there wasn’t climate change which there definitely is..

    Even if I knew all life would cease I would plant a tree some may say as an act of prayer, someone may say as an act of defiance, some would say as a way of bonding with the web of life and making sure the planning, hope and determination for life to continue is there until the end and some may say as an act of apologizing to Earth and all life she sustains.

    Call it what you will but that’s what I’d do.

    Lots we can all do, so many things in so many ways to peacefully move us to a safe and peaceful place for all, but we can’t ignore we need to stay connected. As in the article which says so well and millions of other ways, don’t lose connection, don’t lose the ability to feel awe especially with things easily not even noticed.


  • It’s been dying for a long time & most people didn’t notice.
    Now even the INSECTS are disappearing!
    Whens the last time you saw a NATIVE BUTTERFLY?
    Did you see any YOUNG SWALLOWS this year?
    They can’t breed here any longer, not enough INSECTS to feed them & their young.

    We are pushing to extinction HUNDREDS of species EACH DAY!
    Hear any FROGS lately?
    How about CRICKETS?
    About the only life I hear here now are HUMANS, BARKING DOGS, CARS, TRUCKS, MOTORCYCLES, AIRCRAFT, LAWNMOWERS, DIRT BLOWERS, CIRCULAR SAWS, CHAIN SAWS, HEDGE TRIMMERS, VACUME CLEANERS & a few HOUSE SPARROWS a alien bird, the only butterflies left are CABBAGE WHITES, another ALIEN pest species.
    I don’t live in a city, I live in a rural area.


  • The world is heading toward a definite end according to what is written in the Bible. While some things in the Bible are hard to understand, and there may be certain major calamities that occur prior, based on the words of Christ there will be a certain amount of “business as usual” at the very end. Every person who has ever lived and died will be physically resurrected from the dead and reunited with their disembodied spirits which still exist.

    • Religion, perhaps a response to a human spirituality we do not understand, is a total creation of man. Period, end of story. Your little para. Is all you have to contribute unless you are going to start reading from the Bible. Totally useless. How do I know? Because I was once just like you. Also, yes John there are Advanced Alien life forms circling our planet as we speak. No you can’t go there. Yes, there are Sociological factors influencing all this insanity. No you won’t go there. Yes, there are psychological factors influencing this insanity, but no you won’t go there. All the suffering and human tragedy you wrap up in a little triumphant package. You don’t need an inquiring scientific mind or fight. Because it is already written and the fight already won you say. Totally useless. Self-delusional, self-serving, all encompassing religion.

    • I’m sorry to have to tell you this John, but you have been lied to.

      Those books in the Bible were written thousands of years ago by ignorant priests & only some of the more useful stories were included in the Bible.
      They believed the earth was flat with angels on each corner, they believed that the sky was a solid dome with the sun, moon & stars fixed to it, that disease & mental illness was caused by demons, devils, evil spirits or unclean spirits & they claimed Jesus could cast them out & heal people, they even believed that the stars could fall from the sky.
      Most of us know by now that that is ALL WRONG.

      It was written there that Jesus would return, in glory, with the father & the people he was speaking to would LIVE to SEE IT ALL!
      We now know they didn’t, Jesus didn’t return & never will.

      I will never understand how some seemingly intelligent people can be so ignorant about what is real & what is only a myth.

      It’s this weakness that has led us here, too many people strongly believing in things proven to be false.

  • inconceivable how the general public just puts the reality of nuclear weapons out of mind. it’s like they got all these “things” going on and they just never stop to think or maybe they do. I don’t know, haven’t really ever had anyone I know express concern, which is shocking. Then I live in the Bible belt and pretty much all the “Christians” have for as long as I have been around, I’m in my 50’s just sort of accepted “armaggedon” They almost look forward to it. They see it as inevitable and Christ will return. Kinda sad.

    So really, how do we “wake them up” ? What angle do you take? Why the apathy? So many questions.

  • Great article Caitlin !

    Amazing how I seem to be on a similar wavelength. Thanks for articulating conundrum. Could it be simplified and encapsulated by saying “The world is “going to hell in a hand basket” so “gather ye rosebuds while ye may” ?

    That works for me , but what about future generations ? Don’t you think the worlds only possible saving grace would be an accelerated consciousness expansion ? Amazing things happening in the world of quantum physics, turning scientists into mystics almost over-nite !

    Yes, we create reality with our consciousness and it’s now been scientifically proven that we have the ability to shape our world and affect it in a physical way with our thoughts and observations , both individually and collectively. Sounds mind-bending , but it’s something I knew as a kid, and didn’t need anyone to teach me.

    Let’s hope that (as some believe) it won’t be necessary for aliens to revisit and save us ! But I’m not sure we can continue to rely on good old American ingenuity and self reliance and pull ourselves up by bootstraps. Mud’s too deep ! Have to learn to tap into incredible power of “the organic matrix” of the divine energy from which ALL exists !

    Maybe we can talk to “The Donald” about this. He seems willing to talk to anyone.

    Sending you positive energy and ALOHA !


  • It’s always a great idea to stop and smell the roses!

  • It’s not a stretch to believe the earth enjoys our attention, especially needed now after what we’ve done to her!

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