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To All My Beautiful Email-List Readers And Website Users

Hey guys,

I’ve had a few complaints lately about people not being able to click through from the email to the website, or share from the website, or a few other things like that.

If this is you, try clearing your cookies. That seems to be resolving all the issues for now.

If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll see if there’s something more I can do.

Oh and hey, while I’ve got you here, thank you so much for all your support. Every read, like, share and forward helps me so much. I really appreciate you!

Keep fighting and shine on,


PS Here’s some links to how you clear your cookies on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Opera, Brave, and on your Android phone or tablet, or your iPhone or iPad.

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  • Hello Caitlin! I have written a similar article on the same topic..Hope it is useful for the readers. Kindly read and let me know if it’s ok or i need anything else to mention in it. https://thehottest10.com/clear-delete-manage-cookies-mac-ipad-iphone/

  • If you use Firefox you want to use Facebook Blocker to keep them from tracking you. You also want to use Google Analytics Blocker.
    I tried to tell my FB friends about FB Blocker and my post was censored. I tried to tell my friends that my posts were being censored and that post was also censored.
    I’ve had other posts censored and I’m telling you, Facebook will censor posts over political speech.

    • Interesting. I recently talked to someone who was very surprised to find a recently searched items list on their Google search page on their Android personal phone included recent searches they had done from their work computer, and vice-versa. I would think many people might find this alarming, since this person could have been fired for having confidential work searches on their personal phone, and we’ve all searched things on our personal devices we don’t want visible at work.

  • Clearing cookies for your web site resolved my Firefox problem with your web site. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • As long as we’re on the topic, I’d like to post some thoughts here about cookies.

    Google, Facebook etc. can profile you and using your data it can profile your friends as well. Which means “better” ads and propaganda for all of you. You might like this but some others might not. Here is a tool that makes things a bit more difficult for the technology giants.

    Ok so if someone uses Chrome – maybe time to switch to Firefox or anything but Google because Google does track you.
    For Firefox users here is an addon called Temporary Containers: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/temporary-containers/
    What it does is that it separates your tabs into individual entities so the cookies you have in one tab cannot be seen from another tab. So google, facebook and the big guys have some difficulty tracking you. Without this if you are logged on into facebook in one tab, in the other tab chances are the page you are visiting will tell facebook/google that you are visiting that page. This happens because that other page will download a piece of code or will use some facilities that Facebook/Google offers and the facebook/google code running in that other tab will have access to your cookie. In a different tab! Temporary Containers makes it a bit more difficult for this to happen. Not saying this is perfect, but it is a simple tool to get things a bit more isolated.
    Otherwise I delete most cookies whenever I close my browser (it is a setting, you can have an except for… list) and I advise everyone to do the same. Just to make profiling a bit more difficult. And if you do this, your cookies won’t hang around for a long time so some of these problems wont happen to you. I think in general rather than allowing all cookies except for some, a better approach might be to delete all cookies except those that you really need.

  • I tried to give you a like, Caitlin, but I couldn’t find a like button. LIKE.

  • Please, Caitlin, I’m not a guy.

    • Don’t be so pedantic and literal (and possibly auto-magically) offended.

  • I don’t use email service as it is already too cluttered for me. But your website is in my browser “News” folder and I use the link several times a weak. Only issue occasionally is slow server response, like 45 sec or so. That seems to have improved a bit recently?

  • Haven’t had a problem using Safari Caitlin.
    I agree with many of the comments already made above, like Michelle Pedretti’s
    i run a private FB group for progressives where we can have discussions and share without the haters.
    Often I share your great essays with my progressive friends there and other places.
    Finding real news and real truth takes effort and persistence.
    Thank you for your contributions for me and for all of us here in the U.S. and everywhere.
    Austin Texas

  • Just want to say thank you for helping us see the truth from within the Matrix surrounding us. Keep striking blows against the Empire.

  • By the way Ms Johnstone please thank your website designer and coder for a wonderful job. And Thank You, Ms Johnstone for all the great work that you do providing humanity with some very much needed sanity!

  • Please consider adding RSS to your website.

  • I posted about this on another article some time ago, and I just wanted to say I found the cookie deletion worked for me. I get the articles by email, and sometimes click to the website to leave a comment or copy the URL to share. I was finding all pages at https://caitlinjohnstone.com coming up blank, no error message. I ignored it for a while hoping it would resolve itself. I eventually figured out it was only on my main browser, Firefox, and not on my rarely used Explorer browser. I tried fiddling with settings to no avail. When I looked at my undeleted cookies list in Firefox, it was very long and obviously hadn’t been cleared in years. I didn’t spot a cookie for this site, but anything could have been in there. There was a ton of ad junk. Clearing cookies did solve the problem for me, and that was maybe a few months ago, and the problem has not recurred yet.

  • Ms Johnstone I was delighted today to see one of your articles on the FFF daily which was taken from consortium news. You can be sure that the ” deep state ” is keeping an eye on you and your posters and slowing down your website.

  • I am convinced it is a spiritual battle.

    It seems there is something very concerning going on at the core of the earth and that explains in great part the actual climate change and volcanoes waking up.

    Spiritually, it means that it is becoming more and more difficult for the earth to bear the heavy weight of a sinful world which is becoming more and more sinful. (Keep in mind that Jesus told us that faith will be almost extinguished and that it will be similar to the days of Noah at His return)

    So, it seems that pressure and magma are coming from the core of the earth and affecting climate and maybe paving the way to some global natural disaster. This from Steve Quayle:



    The above statement is quite logical if you keep in mind that our society, which is the encore version of the days of Noah, put money and commerce before human needs so that you do not need to warn people of a coming danger because the only value people have in our days is to make the elites make money.

    Such a society cannot stand, especially before God. And you do not have to be a believer to realize that.

    For some time, I have been thinking that a natural disaster of global magnitude will put an end to this barbaric society. Knowing that many prophecies are telling us that the Second Coming of Jesus is very very near, I am not surprised to read things like that about the core of the earth becoming hotter and threatening the conditions on earth.

    I am not the only one who have seen enough and is fed up. It seems now that God is angry.

    I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus, mankind having proved to be unable to live without Him.

  • All ok from email to site, gladly.I am just cool with the idea we aren’t all shut down as yet.Keep it coming.

  • I run an Add-On in FireFox called Cookie Auto-Delete.
    Cookies can be used to track you on the web. Thus, I have this app set to auto-delete cookies after I leave each web-page.

  • Yea. We are holding each other up, “benches” as N. Giovanni said.

    But, um, the word you’ve offered has a tang to it.
    Though, on the other hand, so may benches.

    Pick out the slivers and relax, with attention, as much authenticity as is available.

  • Hi, all, I’m Caity’s web person, and so far, when people have emailed me with problems accessing the site, it’s been what Caity states above, or their technology has gotten old. One person got his computer upgraded and then the problems stopped. As Caity says, thanks for being awesome.

    • I led with “Sister Caitlin in Oz” on my blog post yesterday. I have been able to get her links through, but have trouble getting anything through on days before, of and after Democratic debates, 2016 and 2018 primary and election seasons, and so on. http://www.johndayblog.com/2019/08/world-starvation-war.html

    • Are you comrades just another ether racket..? You’re NOT a Tom Freely- like reality. Besides what’s all the consumer junk on your web site..! ‘Left’ of where..? Or just another wedge “conversation” in rollers..?.. Not a pinch on Julian gals.. Still, alms will flow to those who scrap & beg..! Motor-mouths INC. The authentic peoples left will prevail..! As it is still in Russia, China, Venezuela, etc..! Not in any matter so in reactionary OZ..!

  • Letting you know I’ve had no problem at all with that sort of thing.

  • the idea of YOU thanking US is rather hard to grok! I am so grateful for your seemingly never-ending insights…

  • Looking at all the comments and commentators, feel glad and privileged to be part of this group. And of course Caitlin you are a very special person, your work, labor of love whatever, will live on.

  • Yup, for some reason on my laptop the links to https://caitlinjohnstone.com don’t work (blank page), but then I edit the address to https://www.caitlinjohnstone.com and it works. Weird, but non fatal.

  • Do the above and get your favorite laptop the following freebies (yes, all three):

    CCleaner (free) and Glary Utilities (free) and PrivaZer (free)

    Run them monthly, weekly, daily or hourly – your choice.

    Also use Firefox and not Chrome, and use start.duckduckgo.com
    and NOT Google (for heaven’s sake!).

  • Thank you for being awesome. <3

  • Thanks, Caitlin. I’ve had this issue for months. I’d emptied my cache, but not my cookies, because I have a lot and need them.

    So for anyone using Firefox, you only need to clear the cookie for Caitlin Johnstone, not ALL cookies.

    Note that you have to save and start a new browser session for the changes to be visible.

    Thanks again!

  • You are one of my very favourites Caitlin, thanks for your valuable insights, courage and fighting spirit, perseverence, and generosity, because you share all your analyses, and your poetry, with a community of free thinkers who truly benefit, and surely draw inspiration at a time when – as you so rightly stress – the narrative is controlled by the elite. There was much more freedom of thought in academic circles in the 80s, when I was a student, than there is now… and even then! Orwellian is what comes to mind when I think of the current state of affairs …

  • Caitlin,
    I haven’t told you recently, or often enough, how much I appreciate you and your posts.
    Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank you.
    Uriel Carpenter
    Ithaca, NY

  • They’re after you. !!!!’

  • Love your Work. See Achilles Mbembe re Necropolitics.

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