After days of ridiculous, hysterical garment rending by mass media talking heads in response to Senator Bernie Sanders’ utterly undeniable assertion that The Washington Post has displayed unfair bias against his campaign, people with extensive experience in the mainstream press who are fed up with the lies are beginning to push back. Hard.

Former MSNBC producer Jeff Cohen has published an article in Salon titled “Memo to mainstream journalists: Can the phony outrage; Bernie is right about bias”. Cohen details his experience with the way corporate media outlets keep a uniform pro-establishment narrative running throughout all their coverage without their staff having to be directly told to to do this by their supervisors (though sometimes that happens, too). He writes as follows:

“It happens because of groupthink. It happens because top editors and producers know — without being told — which issues and sources are off limits. No orders need be given, for example, for rank-and-file journalists to understand that the business of the corporate boss or top advertisers is off-limits, short of criminal indictments.


“No memo is needed to achieve the narrowness of perspective — selecting all the usual experts from all the usual think tanks to say all the usual things. Think Tom Friedman. Or Barry McCaffrey. Or Neera Tanden. Or any of the elite club members who’ve been proven to be absurdly wrong time and again about national or global affairs.”

Cohen’s exposé follows the phenomenal segment recently aired on The Hill‘s show Rising, in which former MSNBC star Krystal Ball and her co-host Saagar Enjati both detailed their experience with the way access journalism, financial incentives, prestige incentives and peer pressure were used to push them each toward protecting establishment narratives in their respective mainstream media careers. Ball said at one point she was literally called into the office and forbidden from doing any critical Hillary Clinton coverage without prior approval in the lead-up to the 2016 election, saying that in mainstream journalism jobs “you are aware of what you’re going to be rewarded for and what you’re going to be punished for, or not rewarded for.”

“It’s not necessarily that somebody tells you how to do your coverage, it’s that if you were to do your coverage that way, you would not be hired at that institution,” Enjati said. “So it’s like if you do not already fit within this framework, then the system is designed to not give you a voice. And if you necessarily did do that, all of the incentive structures around your pay, around your promotion, around your colleagues that are slapping you on the back, that would all disappear. So it’s a system of reinforcement, which makes it so that you wouldn’t go down that path in the first place.”

Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi has also jumped in to push back against the absurd denials of bias from the establishment media, publishing a new article titled “The Campaign Press: Members of the 10 Percent, Reporting for the One Percent–Media companies run by the country’s richest people can’t help but project the mindset of their owners.” Taibbi, an award-winning journalist with lots of experience in the news media industry, writes that pro-establishment narratives are advanced in mainstream press not because some explicit order is handed down by a media-owning oligarch, but because “We all know what takes will and will not earn attaboys in newsrooms.”

Taibbi writes the following:

“The news media is now loathed in the same way banks, tobacco companies, and health insurance companies are, and it refuses to understand this. Mistakes like WMDs are a problem, but the media’s biggest issue is exactly its bubble-ness, and clubby inability to respond to criticism in any way except to denounce it as misinformation and error. Equating all criticism of media with Trumpism is pouring gasoline on the fire.


“The public is not stupid. It sees that companies like CNN and NBC are billion-dollar properties, pushing shows anchored by big-city millionaires. A Vanderbilt like Anderson Cooper or a half-wit legacy pledge like Chris Cuomo shoveling coal for Comcast, Amazon, AT&T, or Rupert Murdoch is the standard setup.”

Taibbi is correct. Trust in the mass media continues to plummet, and these stupid, nonsensical hissy fits they throw whenever criticized are only making it worse.

What cracks me up most about all this is that the faux outrage over Sanders’ criticisms of The Washington Post was completely unnecessary for everyone involved. They could have just ignored it and let the news churn bury it, but they’re so insulated in their little echo chambers that they seriously believed they could get the public rallying to their defense on this. The general consensus was something like “Ah ha! Bernie did that media-criticizing thing that we all agreed nobody’s allowed to do anymore! We’ve got him this time, boys!”

And all they accomplished in doing this was giving honest journalists an opportunity to inform the public about the insider tricks of their trade. You may be absolutely certain that the information that has been given to the public by Cohen, Ball, Enjati and Taibbi will remain in high circulation throughout the Sanders campaign in response to the increasingly shrill torrent of establishment smears, breaking the spell of mainstream media trust for all who view it.

All these damning insider criticisms of the mainstream American press are coming out at the same time a new Rasmussen poll finds that less than one third of the US population believes the story they’re being told by the corporate media about the highly suspicious death of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Despite the mass media’s mad push to tar anyone questioning the official narrative about Epstein as a loony “conspiracy theorist”, only 29 percent of those surveyed reported that they believed Epstein had committed suicide as they’ve been told, while 42 percent believe he was murdered. Never in my life have I seen such a widespread and instantaneous rejection of an establishment-promulgated narrative in the United States.

This is hugely significant. The entire imperial oppression machine is held together with aggressive plutocratic propaganda; the ability of the ruling class to manipulate the way people think, act and vote is the only thing stopping the public from using the power of their numbers to force real changes and create a new system that is not built upon endless war, ecocide and exploitation. The mass media propaganda engine is now at its weakest and most vulnerable point ever, and the narrative managers’ attempts to regain control are only exposing them more severely.

Power is the ability to control what happens. Absolute power is the ability to control what people think about what happens. Our rulers are rapidly losing this absolute power.

People are waking up.


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52 responses to “Mass Media’s Phony Freakout Over Bernie’s WaPo Criticism Is Backfiring”

  1. People are indeed waking up, and many of us are doing our small part to speed that process along. The controllers have all the big guns (like the media, the government, the courts, the military, and more), but we have the numbers, and if we can get any kind of exponential awakening started, the controllers will fall. Though we appear weak, we are many, and if we ever get united behind the truth, their deception will no longer work, and they will be completely vulnerable.

  2. I absolutely do not believe that “the power of their numbers,” namely the public, as in most of regular people, can bring about real change. What does that mean anyway? Does it mean ‘my’ real change? ‘Yours’?

    I do believe that widespread public pushback against crazy imperial foreign policy and class war policies of elites slows then down. At the very least, it forces them to take time to disagree with those disagreeing with them. That’s good, and since, for now it’s one of the few things (but not the main thing) that we can do in this war against light, it’s right to push back. Hopefully, much of that is informed pushback rather than the screaming in pain of the abused. Such noise is music to the ears of glory seeking abusers. Glory that is unseen isn’t glory. When we hurt, visibly and audibly, as a result of fascists’ fun and games, they are thrilled, now that they’ve self-modified and possess twisted desires and wants.

    Also, It’s a protection for one’s soul to care. And note: There’s a big difference between wanting to be seen as caring (everyone, good and evil, does) and actually caring.

  3. (D) some think stands for Democrat

    Nope, (D) is for(D)ivisiveness.

    Synonyms of Divisiveness:


    A day after Antifa took it’s violence into
    the streets of Portland Bernie joined in
    and declared WAR.

    Bernie Sanders:
    “We will go to WAR with White Nationalism.”

    The Democratic Party is the party of

    While the People are Divided and Distracted the Elite
    can continue to get richer and more bloodthirsty
    with their own foreign $wars$ against

    1. .. against … ?

      $wars$ against, what … now ?

      Pray, do, continue.

    2. Thanks Levi Tate I had not heard that Bernie quote. He was the one D I thought I might support, but that probably finishes any possible vote Still a little interested to see the party apparatus will allow it

  4. Peak Prosperity just wrote a piece about the sudden shift that happens when private knowledge becomes common knowledge. That’s what you’re seeing here. Our personal suspicions are suddenly validated and become mainstream.

  5. Epstein: Neither murder nor suicide!!
    Just for fun, if Eppy was suspected of knowing a whole lot more than he had so far told his handlers, perhaps a stash of videos still in some unrevealed location kept as an insurance policy, he might well have been exported to some safe house for further conversations. Mind you, I won’t go so far as to say that plastic surgery is in the offing, with Eppy turning up in Tahiti in a few weeks looking like Humphrey Bogart (re: “Dark Passage”) That’s a little too much conspiracy even for me! (Why Tahiti, you may ask? I’ll leave that one as an exercise for the reader.)
    Considering the current state of things, oh boy do we need some comic relief…

    1. Eppy is just one of many such depraved operatives, moles, cells of Mossad / CIA. “they” definitely want to assure their minions that they are going to be protected and rewarded, not suicided, when caught in service. so…

    2. Does the Tahiti option require stuffing cotton balls in your mouth?

  6. New Bernie news.

    Sanders unveils proposal for massive overhaul of criminal justice system

  7. Apparently most of these Democrat Presidential hopefuls are merely hopeful that the free MSM publicity they receive while doing so will at least boost their own book sales. Run for President, write a book, get rich quick? If one cannot actually become royalty, at least one can collect royalties. 😉

  8. Many many many years ago I wrote stories for a couple of neighborhood weekly newspapers. I made noise with two of them. One was about the cab drivers who drove like possessed manics and the other was about the trains on public transportation. That last one brought up a NBC TV crew from Washington to interview me and the paper. The things that are the concerns of us ” little people ” are never on the table of our owners and masters so they continue to shove crap at us through the MSM. Here is an article that I am sure most of Ms Johnstone’s readers will appreciate:

  9. Your excellent resourcing, your stellar communication skills, your uncanny insight, leave me (who has been accused of cerebral brilliance over my lifetime (68 years)) aghast at how little difference my feeble efforts have made. You, Bright Star.. have made real the truths I could not effectively convey, compelling in a way I could not.

    I salute you, your efforts, and hope with all my heart, you truely and completely awaken the slumbering masses.
    God bless.

  10. (I am a Green voter)

    Bernie supported the Russiagate nonsense when the MSM was acting as the mouthpiece for the surveillance services and Deep State.

    Now Bernie has the attention of the MSM lie machine. Doesn’t appear to like it does he?


      linked op-ed was written by you-know-who

      “I sit in a weird space on the political left with regard to Senator Sanders because I have never been one of the nasty, vituperative lefties who constantly shit on Bernie and call him a “sheepdog” or anything like that, but I also haven’t been able to look past his dangerous capitulations to the establishment, so I tend to catch flak from both sides of the debate. I recognize how pervasively toxic the US political climate is and how sane Sanders is in comparison, but at the same time his relentless promotion of a blatant psyop designed to manipulate the public into consenting to geopolitical agendas which have been in place since long before Russiagate is a very big problem that needs to be addressed.”

      1. Wow…Caitlin sure has a way with words…

        In that same article last year where she called Bernie on the carpet for his Russiagate promotion, while otherwise having a solid agenda…she compared it to a ‘tiny piece of cat poo on an exquisite French cuisine…’

        That is fucking funny…and here’s the kicker…one has to wonder if some enterprising chef hasn’t actually tried such a ‘magic’ ingredient on those unbearable food snobs…

        They would probably eat it and love it…as long as they were unaware of the ‘ingredient’s’ true provenance…LOL

    2. It is likely that he never has liked it. The ever-pending gauntlet of media oppression would shape the range views that someone like Sanders will attempt to articulate. They will see a political need to sacrifice some views by surrender or compromise to better enable their capacity to prosecute selected other views against the wrath of the media leviathan. it is not possible to fight against near hegemonic push-back and defamation on too many fronts simultaneously. Too much of the false array of dirt is likely to stick politically. Then the person’s political identity and platform becomes completely marginalised. Which Democrats openly debunked the ‘Russiagate’ thing? Any, or was it just to hard no matter what one actually thought?

      1. You don’t have much respect for Bernie’s character.

        1. You don’t seem to understand what it takes to make headway up the political ladder within a corrupt system so heavily gate-kept by a corrupted media.

          I dont see how ‘character’ has any real relevance to the pragmatism that is required by such a system. Maybe you can explain?

          A salient point inherent within Caitlin’s post is that a more honest and transparently accountable media would better allow those political figures that might actually want to be more honest, and to display some of the character you vainly call for, to be able to without it causing their fatal immolation by a horribly bent MSM.

          1. You didn’t read what Caitlin said in the op-ed I linked to near the top of this thread.

            “his relentless promotion of a blatant psyop designed to manipulate the public into consenting to geopolitical agendas …”

            What the heck good is a candidate that promotes policies that he will never get, all the while participating in a psyop that risks WWIII and has, and continues to, right this very moment, killed and displaced millions?

      2. One problem with Russiagate is the DNC is almost completely supporting it. If you are a Presidential candidate risk possible wrath (funding cut off) of the DNC for not falling in line. Would like to see an in depth interview with Sanders on Russiagate and foreign policy. His foreign policy approach may be the only remaining issue for me. Need to end the US interventionism hegemony. Resort to diplomacy not the promotion of confrontation and violence.

  11. The real problem is that they cover election night. They literally control who is going to win. Remember when they were getting sloppy with the numbers in 2016, because it didn’t matter to them! We have a very real fascist problem and corporate media is its mouthpiece.

    “Nazi forces are not seeking mere modifications in colonial maps or in minor European boundaries. THEY OPENLY SEEK THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL ELECTIVE SYSTEMS OF GOVERNMENT ON EVERY CONTINENT-INCLUDING OUR OWN; they seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers who have seized power by force. These men and their hypnotized followers call this a new order. It is not new. It is not order.”

    ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

  12. It is a universal normative truth that individuals are responsible for their own actions.-written by Mr. Kenneth LaFave

    All I can ever feel lately about my government is very deep shame and sorrow for its, many, many victims. The United States is a Sadistic War Criminal:

  13. I have great respect for Mr. Taibbi, but he is slightly incorrect when he calls the media the members of the 10% defending the 1%. At least when measured by terms of annual income, many of those pundits are themselves members of the 1%. A study of 2017 data shows that 1% of annual income is $718,766 and that 0.1% is $2,757,000. In terms of the prominent talking heads and so-called journalists, many make over $1,000,000 a year qualifying the for the 1%, and the Rachel Maddows of the world are clearly a part of the 0.1%. Its the local news and wannabees who are only in the top 10% ($118,400 income).

    1. I don’t see a way to “like” your post, but agree completely. Brian Williams still gets $10 million salary and most of the political talk show hosts make over $1 million.

  14. Listening to a Woodstock replay today of the Who doing “We’re not going to take it”, and thought about Caitlin’s writing-

    “Listening to you I get the music
    Gazing at you I get the heat
    Following you I climb the mountain
    I get excitement at your feet
    Right behind you I see the millions
    On you I see the glory
    From you I get opinions
    From you I get the story”

    Sing along!

    1. Haven’t you seen the “news”‘ lately? Everything in the world is just fine. All that is needed to reach Utopia is just a bit more corporate freedom, corporate democracy and future-taxpayer-funded wars to protect “national” (private corporate) interests.
      But I see different future, and that right soon:

    2. Big smile …. from the same event …

      Country Joe and the Fish singing “Fixin to Die Rag”

      “Come on Wall Street, don’t be slow
      Why man, this is war au-go-go
      There’s plenty good money to be made
      By supplying the Army with the tools of its trade
      But just hope and pray that if they drop the bomb
      They drop it on the Viet Cong

      And it’s one, two, three
      What are we fighting for?
      Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn
      Next stop is Vietnam
      And it’s five, six, seven
      Open up the pearly gates
      Well there ain’t no time to wonder why
      Whoopee! we’re all gonna die”

    1. I find it interesting that Sen. Sanders is being more aggressive this time (compared to ’16) about criticizing Israel and foreign policy in general. I couldn’t say what is causing that, and I could imagine several reasons, but I prefer to call it The Tulsi Effect. Just by her presence, she is shifting the debate.

  15. MSM TV “anchors” are not the only VIPs who have undergone, and continue to undergo, a very rigorous process of Skinnerian behavioral natural selection through the use of careful “reinforcement” and punishment by their teachers, peers and bosses literally every day of their lives.
    Looking at them today, it is hard to believe that the monsters Bolton, Pompeo, Cheney, Agent Orange, O’bomb’em, Dubya, Hitlery and her wonderful husband Mr. Cigar, NuttyYahoo, Trustin Judeau, Micron, May, Johnson, Junker, Draghi, Duterte, Abe, Kim, Erdogan, Poroshenko, etc. were once babies squirted out of their mothers’ birth canals. It’s hard to imagine little Johnny, Mikey, Dicky, Donny, Barry, Hillary, Billy, Benji, etc. playing games in elementary schoolyards, having a great old time.
    The question that must be answered ASAP is just exactly WHY/HOW did these cute little infants turn into the monsters that they are today? Were there seminal events or personal revelations that eventually got them a free pass right into the halls of power? Did their parents, like the parents that have been in the news lately, “pull strings” using money, favors or promises to get them into Elite schools for Elite conditioning/training? (For example, does any sane person think that Dubya would have gotten into Harvard by competing with other applicants on a level-playing-field of academic achievement and excellence, rather than by virtue of his family’s omnipotent political pull?) And how did/DOES this education in “the ways of the REAL world” affect the behavior of the “students” who are so obviously unfairly advanced? Were/ARE they taught that “Nobody said life was fair. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and all you can do is to look out for number 1 and scratch and claw your way to the top — right over everybody else, if necessary.”
    What’s even worse to consider is whether the job qualifications for their present positions REQUIRED monsters to fill them. “No non-monsters need apply.” For example, will a true anti-war candidate, not a half-baked one like Agent Orange, ever be elected to the office of POTUS? Could such a “person” fulfill the qualifications for that office? So far anyway, the answer is no. Just exactly WHO decides what those qualifications for high office will be? Answer: other monsters who received a similar “education” in the ways of the completely-corrupted Elite world!
    IMO, at-one-time babies Ron Paul and Ralph Nader would NOT have continued the US’s perpetual wars had either become POTUS, yet they only garnered a few votes. Isn’t war or peace the most important question in a nuclear-armed world?
    Just exactly WHY can’t an anti-war candidates be elected POTUS?
    1. The vast majority of voters instinctively “knew” that these candidates didn’t stand a chance at winning, so why waste a vote on a loser?
    2. The vast majority of voters knew that monsters HAD (and still have) to be elected in order to MAINTAIN the present whatever-you-want-to-call-it “system” in which a microscopic percentage of the population owns or controls the vast majority of wealth and LARGE SCALE capital equipment for their own astronomical profit; and perpetual war is absolutely required to maintain that system. Therefore, Ron and Ralph, as nice people as they are, are not “qualified” to do what a POTUS has to do. (I suppose this should not be surprising in a country whose foundation was thievery and genocide.)
    With recent history as a guide, I think that is is almost certain that humanity WILL march right of the cliff of extinction. Of course once the inevitability of extinction becomes impossible for the Elite and their MSM slaves to obfuscate, the masses will seek the cause. What do you think we the masses will determine that cause to be? (Hint: it’s the most obvious “thing” in the world.)

    1. Kinda of a Hydra-like dictatorship, is probably the brief description.

    2. And one thing that was clearly shown by Trump’s feeble attempt to oppose wasting money or foreign wars is that these people are all relatively powerless figureheads. We clearly saw for one example that the President of the United States who is supposed to be the Commander-in-Chief of the US military was powerless to pull a few troops out of Syria. Compared to the real masters of the universe, who remain invisible above the stage pulling the puppet strings, a small-time billionaire who got elected President is relatively powerless to change the course of events.
      But that’s not to say that 10 million angry people in DC couldn’t change things. After all, we just saw (if we don’t get our news from corporate media), that a few hundred thousand of the some of the most powerless people in the USA were able to get at least a little change in Puerto Rico, and they aren’t done yet.

    3. @ Ishkabibble,
      When I was a kid, some kids really liked to torture frogs to death. Did you know those kids? I would grab the frogs and run put them under a house.
      On a lighter note, perhaps, and answering your implied question: “How can anything ever change”, here is something really good from Epsilon Theory. When everybody knows, that everybody else knows that the emperor is naked, everything changes abruptly.
      The public unmasking of Harvey Weinstein as a serial rapist (that’s the word, people) is an archetypical play of the Common Knowledge Game, and recognizing its dynamics should open everyone’s eyes to how other high and mighty people and ideas can take a fall…
      But there was never a Missionary. There was never anyone willing to shout the information so loudly and so publicly that it became common knowledge. That’s what Rose McGowan did, and that’s the power of Twitter and modern celebrity — to establish Missionaries and create common knowledge.
      Once that common knowledge was created, once all the private holders of all of Weinstein’s dirty secrets believed that everyone else believed that he is a serial rapist, then everyone’s behavior changed on a dime. His publicists and lawyers and partners and colleagues and board of directors and wife were shocked … shocked! … to hear of his behavior, and certainly would no longer be representing him or working with him or associating with him ever again, even though NOTHING had changed in the information they already possessed. Ditto with Weinstein’s other victims. Their behavior changed, as well. That’s not a knock or a slam on them. In the absence of common knowledge, staying quiet — whether you’re an abettor or a victim — is the rational thing to do. In fact, this is what Weinstein and his abettors count on, that their threats and shaming and bribes will set up a Hobson’s Choice for victims. Sure you can go public, but no one will believe you and then we will ruin you. So yeah, go ahead. It’s your choice. Of course no one goes public, because a Hobson’s Choice is not a real choice. Only a victim with Missionary power (and that’s a really rare thing) has the option to not just go public with the story — because simply going public is not enough to change behavior — but to create common knowledge with the story.

  16. if they were “mostly of that ilk” kyahika, they wouldn’t be so united in smearing him. try to think before posting.

    1. Take time to fully read my comment. They are united. It is just some of MSM actually support Sanders so they have broken from the crowd to give him support. After all about 15 or 20 percent of Democrats support him. Doesn’t it seem reasonable he has similar support among the MSM.

  17. I hope the cracks in the MSM wall grow but I am not as optimistic. Looked at another way the polls can be “reported” as showing 58% do not believe Epstein was murdered, which may be the way MSM will tend to present the “facts”. And the public has been on the other side like this before as with the assassination of JFK. Nevertheless the silver lining of Trump’s election is the exposure of media propaganda such as that seen with the Russiagate Scam and the persecution of Assange.

    But MSM dominance is not going away, and DNC corrution is not goiing away, any time soon. With the superdelegate ace up the DNC sleeve the best result we can realistically hope for is Liz Warren for 2020 (a great improvement over Obama IMO), but if they can manipulate the results to a more Clintonesque candidate it will be driven as such.

    1. In the 2016 election, it was very clear that the majority of Americans voted against the corporate media. The corporate media had a uniform message that said that everyone had to vote for Hillary. And yet the people didn’t do what they were told. Even though Trump disgusts me, I consider that to be a good sign as the power of the corporate media machines is weakening. They tried to tell people how to vote, and a lot of people did just the opposite, even when it meant voting for a disgusting creature like Trump. That is not a sign or great strength.
      Which leads to the general advice that we should keep kicking them while they are down, because the future of humanity depends on a massive change in this world which the voices of the comfortable-as-it-is 1% will oppose.

      1. Great comment! I agree 100%. “They tried to tell people how to vote, and people did the opposite, even when it meant voting for a disgusting creature like Turnip. That is not a sign of strength.”
        No, it isn’t a sign of strength, which is why the Elite have to get total control over what “information” members of their herd are allowed to “consume”.
        The problem for the Elite is that what they are ordering their MSM and political slaves to say and write is now becoming so incredible, ridiculous and crazy that even semi-conscious people with only one functioning brain cell can tell that what they are seeing, hearing and reading is a bald-faced lie. So they look elsewhere for information that more conforms with/”fits”/describes/explains the reality that they see around themselves.
        One thing that Turnip has done well is to confront the lie factories and the liars (today’s ‘reporters” and “journalists”) right to their faces, right in front of the MSM’s cameras and right on Twitter. This is another reason why the Elite and their MSM and their political slaves are out to get him, by hook or by crook or by impeachment or by …………you know. This is a fight to the death and we all get to watch it on our internet-connected devices. Fanastic, yet at the same time downright terrifying.

  18. Awakening is usually a slow process, but the MSM are pushing their reliability beyond the gullibility index of the average American. Let’s hope that something snaps in the zombie trance of the majority, and they decide to throw the lying bastards out! (But don’t hold your breath – keep working to help this saving change to happen.)

  19. Way too confident, there will be no change. If anything were by some miracle to happen, the establishment would just move their Plan B, forward by a few years and have all of us exterminated.

  20. Oh … I should add, Rachel Mad-cow should go back and pick up her unexploded ‘bombshells’.

  21. I said before and now again, MSM news papers are expensive print bathroom tissue. There are softer alternatives for the outhouse. I quit a major daily publisher a couple years ago after two of its editorial publishers printed detail that were unproven, as fact, in one week.
    Guess the subject … yep! … Russia!
    I’d subscribed for 27 years and don’t miss it.
    I used to listen to NPR, while driving or doing indoor tasks. Trusted it do much as to break the knob off the radios.
    No more of that noise! It sounds too much like government propaganda. It felt like brain washing to me. Soon they’ll be broadcasting in outer space, where sound doesn’t carry.
    I’m tuned-in to a shitkickin’ station now, and it’s so much less frustrating.

    Where to now? INTERNET!

    Let’s hope “THEY” don’t get the ‘FULL’ power to control our voices there … or control our minds by putting something in the water.

    1. If you like listening while you work or drive, there are a lot of “shitkickin’” podcasts to fill your listening hours with ‘real’ news and analysis.

  22. In all these things I like to follow the physical rule of law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And the oligarchs did not get to where they are by sitting in the corner licking their wounds. So what’s to follow from them? I so much want to see. How badly do they hate Bernie? To them it’s existential, a doubt they they will still be able to amass more and more billions.

  23. I just wish that everyone on the left would start talking about a BDS movement to boycott corporate news, especially MSNBC. If there was even a short-lived boycott of a few weeks, it would force the toadies in the corporate newsrooms and their bosses to reconsider their business model. If no one is watching, and no ad dollars are coming in, then there isn’t much point in continuing the psyops.

    I haven’t watched a cable news show, or any other corporate TV “news” show in over 10 years, and I sure don’t miss it at all. I get real news and opinions from much more reliable sources, including Caitlin. Stop watching folks. Starve the beast and the world will be a better place.

    1. Agreed. And stop using Google and its fellow information censors – there are good alternatives which deserve your business.

      1. Such as Ecosia and Startpage.

      2. their business model is defrauding advertisers for ad dollars. google / facebook / amazon defrauding the rest of wall street… is a dream come true to people in main street, as long as main street engages BDS.

  24. Pushback. LOL. Of course big liberal Bernie has some supporters among the MSM since they are mostly of that ilk. He is just having his believers trying to defend him. None of them would even think about writing articles like this to defend a conservative.

    1. indeed. if sincere, Bernie would have written a bill to stop all tax dollars and WMD from the US to Israhell yesterday.

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