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Intersectional Omnicide

Our weapons will be manufactured by corporations
that have pansexual CEOs and Muslim shareholders.

The bombers will be emblazoned with rainbow flags
and flown by empowered women of all colors
who will scream “YAAASSS QUEEN!” as the mushroom clouds arise.

The desert sand will turn to glass in the blasts,
and that glass will become a ceiling,
and that ceiling will be shattered
by a lesbian CIA Director.

People will be vaporized on the spot,
or watch their own bodies fall apart like sandcastles,
but they will never be misgendered.

We will march as equals,
white, black, Asian, indigenous,
and whatever miscellaneous extras we can find
(so long as they’re photogenic enough for Instagram),
arm-in-arm singing “Fight Song” in one voice
beneath a drone-filled sky
to the edge of extinction
where we will leap together
screaming “This is all Susan Sarandon’s fault!”
into the face of the abyss.

It won’t be pretty,
it won’t be wise,
but at least,
for one glorious flash,
we will get to feel like we really tried.







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  • Caitlin,

    Have you been channeling Suki Spangles’ poetry? Anyway, excellent stuff!


    S x

  • How are we going to gain control of this runaway government of ours? It’s time to rise up but how shall we begin? I like Tulsi. She beats the hell out of the options and I think if given half a chance, would beat the hell out of Trump!

  • Wow, Shannon. You said a mouthful! No pun intended.

  • Golf War

    With what
    do we bomb

    and balloons

    and jello
    Teddy bears
    to comfort

    cowering in basements
    we don’t

    anyone! Our innocence
    only has

    intentions – their

    are propaganda!
    How do we know

    really a child
    in that tiny

    Note: As a result of the Gulf War and sanctions some five hundred thousand children died in Iraq.

    Reporting from a cemetery in Iraq a western reporter actually questioned whether the “supposed” burying of slaughtered children was really just a propaganda ploy.

  • But at least with 5G we’ll have time to upload our melting selfies!

  • Please, Caitlin Johnston. Explain your comment about Susan Sarandon in this poem. This is a person I’m not familiar with. Perhaps one of your other readers can clue me in???

  • Spot on, Caitlin!

  • Amen, sister.

  • While eating beyond meat composed of GMO glyophosate-soaked chlorpyrifos-coated grains from dead zone-creating agrichemical fields in the dead Amazon.

    • Wow, Shannon. You said a mouthful! No pun intended.

  • Ignore all the meaningless crap of everyone’s identity rights etc. Vote for tulsi Gabbard who wants to stop all the endless wars. The rest is meaningless compared to this.

    • no Tulsi until she quits CFR, which Epstein also worked for 10 years, and condemns herself for having worked for CFR and the US military, not until she condemns herself for voting for the anti-BDS bill that criminalizes BDS-Hsrahell. no way. what has she done to end wars? posturing is free. actions cost real lives.

      • Good information. I have always liked Tulsi and feel her to be honest and sincere as well as intelligent and independent. The CFR and voting for the anti-BDS bill are red flags though. She is a Democrat and wants to outlaw civilian small arms which is a big hurdle for me as an independent. She was also a top dog at the DNC last election then quit (in protest I believe or assume) so it is surprising how little people ‘Democrats’ are aware of her or support her.

        • I support anti-BDS bills because it is discrimination in my opinion. As being a member of the CFR the best way to try to guide opinion against wars is to be on the council and try to be heard. Making views known inside the building is far better than standing on the street yelling while holding a sign.

          • Sounds good also. Too bad there is no way for truly well meaning people like those here to see all the perspectives and gain insight that they can work with. I do like Tulsi. I send all my liberal friends and family to postings about her. I was a Ron Paul Delegate so I know how the War party will go after her.

        • Read up on Tulsi connections with Hindu nationalists. The Intercept just a few months ago had a in-depth piece on that.

          • This is why I do not believe politics is the answer. In fact politics is counter productive at this point. Politics is all about ‘leaders’. I want to make leaders obsolete. They are just individuals whose ‘thinking’ we endorse. Why not endorse the collective intelligence of humanity as a sort of human powered A.I. Why not endorse the ‘thinking’ of humanity when moderated by logic and the rules of logic. Leaders are a crap shoot. There are always unknowns, They are imperfect individuals and too much hangs in the balance in this day and age. That is why Caitlin has to write this article and why we should all be scared.


      • Do you know of any non-CFR pro-BDS presidential candidates?

  • Nice.

  • The issues we constantly squabble over are diversionary. Our world is rapidly sinking from the massive weight of the ignored elephants crowded in our shrinking living rooms.

  • There is a very simple solution …” No Planet, No Problems” -…we are working on it right now, as is perfectly explained with a quote on this website https://www.greenmedinfo.com
    “We spend billions of dollars searching for life on other planets and trillions of dollars killing life on this one!” It doesn’t make any sense to me, but, hey, what the hell do I know! I’m just a bloke who believes in the Seventh Generation Principle http://7genfoundation.org/7th-generation/
    this is an alternative solution! The choice is ours!

  • The Rainbow coalition are being played by psychopaths.. The threat of far-right white supremacy is an imagined enemy, the real enemy of everyone are the ruling oligarchs who are controlling the media from behind the scenes as they push a diabolical Jewish supremacist agenda of simultaneously demonizing white working class people by proliferating obsessive hate Trump derangement as they praise the inherent virtue of minorities of all stripes with manufactured Identitarian anti-racist outrage, and its all done non-stop 24/7 to keep everyone divided by the propaganda warfare and and distracted as they shadow box each others fake news enemies (racist Nazi white suprmacists vs a rainbow coalition of antifa Communists) – all so the most tribal, genocidal, racially supremacist and privileged social group with the protected status of perpetual victims that can never be criticized by anyone, can unleash apocalyptic havoc as it takes over everything in its messianic aspirations to rule the world forever. If only we weren’t such a bunch of brainwashed zombies who would rather see the extinction of all white people of European descent than ever be accused of anti-semitism by God’s chosen lunatics.

    • the reality and the truth will all sink in, in good time. in good time.

  • Caitlin…you’re starting to scare me more than I scare myself!
    The Whole Earth Catalogue was a dream of my generation (baby boomer), for some of us believers, we thought that the ending of the VietNam War would bring about a new recognition of reality with the success of anti-war movements. But this thought has passed with the likes of the current Democrates. Do we know we’re ‘on the eve of destruction’?

  • Mike Pompeo’s dream job:

  • No More War

    • BDS!
      consume less, and let the beast die!

  • Alas, The United States of America can be beaten:

    • And will be, economically if not militarily.

  • Aha the new world order with great visuals, Thanks Ms Johnstone!

  • The biggest issue that is not even an issue is the dysfunction of human societies. The people who should be at the forefront of the fight for a better future should be the sociologist. It is not about politics, religion, good guys and bad guys, it is about sociology and how individuals function within groups. Sadly, this is not even a topic as far as I know. Intuitively most people would say psychology would be next or #2. I do not believe this is true. The manner in which people ‘think’ and how they form conclusions, whether they do it as individuals or as in a ‘collective intelligence’ is the key to solving our issues. Human psychology would be a product of human cognition and interpersonal relations. Sociologist should verify the failure of modern man with modern technology and primitive societal norms. Caitlin, if you are reading here again the answer is a Collective Intelligence. Why? Because it will change how individuals relate to one another and the most important level, cognitively. Then they get “woke” and societal failures are not the threat they are now. Face it, most ‘people’ struggling in this world where human cognition, rational and logic are fractured and dysfunctional resort to self-serving and self-comforting delusions of all sorts and SOCIETY facilitates this. End of story. End of Us.


    • In my old mind ” the human solution is Respect”. If you do not respect another human being it is impossible for you to see or hear anything being said to you. If you respect others, others will eventually learn to give you respect in return. From there solutions to anything that comes up can be found!

      • The only problem there is that respect is secondary to power. Power is what it is all really about. It is the struggle, the accumulation, the distribution, the management, the safeguarding, preservation and maintenance of power that most people are concerned about. Respect pales in this light. Power allows you everything your little heart desires. Respect is only a courtesy that ‘may be’ returned in kind. Respect is circumstantial to society. Human power comes primarily from the human intellect. This is why a transition from Individual intelligence to a ‘collective intelligence’ would be so revolutionary.

        • Clint if your objective is to rule or bully over other people you are quite correct. However if your aim is a level of harmony and honest interaction then respect is needed before that can happen!

          • I just believe in human societies surviving and thriving comes first and takes means (power). Harmony and Honest interaction just don’t seem to come to mind when I think of what most people want. Basically they are looking out for numero uno.

      • Tell it to an African American!

  • YIKES!
    ” Hello, Kali, well hello, Kali, it’s so nice to have you back where you belong…”
    “I’ve been appointed,” says the Trumpster, commander and chief of the end-times express.
    “Hooray we’re all gonna die…”
    Bring on the booz!

  • Sad…and too true.
    George Carlin talked about giving up and letting it all go; that it was too late for the seeds of good will, love, kindness to flower into a reality even remotely worth living for.
    Also true.
    But, some people—the die-hards like you, Caitlin, and a political writer near me named Andrew Stewart—keep at it…one courageous or thoughtful act at a time!
    And you’re to be commended for that. Just not sure that thanks are in order! Maybe we’re supposed to be one of the experiments that failed? Your work merely prolongs the inevitable, and makes it more stressful, by rousing the sheep from their slumber.
    Have you considered that?
    In your defense, Carlin actually argued that “giving up and letting go” freed him to watch the spectacle unfold with unjaundiced eyes.
    But, if anything, it only intensified his razor sharp critique of our ideological and semiotic failings (both personal and social)—which makes me think his cynicism was merely a mask for his wounded idealism.
    An old story.

    • What is broken is human logic and rational. We operate as have needed for the last tens of thousands of years of a ‘perception based’ cognitive system. If there was a Saber Tooth cat in the bushes. You may not know definitively 100% but you better act fast. Humans were even more dangerous. Is he or she lying and are they going to kill me or are they sincere and really want to help? Please see my post below. If you know someone who can code or a whale in a crypto governing society. Have them read it also. There really is I honestly believe an alternative to just doing what humans have always done, (now just with planet killing weapons) and it is a Collective Intelligence. The problem is getting people to understand something completely foreign to the human experience, not tied to human sociology, psychology, self esteem, self worth, know advantage or any aspect of life today or in the past. That is so difficult, and no, good will, love and kindness will not save us. Those are all artifacts influenced by the world as it is. We must escape cognitively first and not as individuals getting ‘woke’. Not going to happen either. We must all step forward together.


    • look around and check out who has built his or her academic and political career on the “post-modern”, “post-marxist”, “post-structuralist”, “post-colonialist”, “post-communist” rubbish… practically all of the academia, the press, the political class, the cultural class, the entire intelligentia… it was all by design, a very “organic” process. they have built their shiny new world on top of the smashed rubble of what was humane and good. we need to withdraw ourselves from the foundation of their shiny world, we need to shake the monkey off humanity’s back. we need to shatter their shiny new world order, by all means and at any cost.

  • That is both incredibly funny and sad, capturing how our society can be both so progressive and diverse yet still so murderous and unforgiving.

  • For a moment I forgot how to spell poignant, but be the time I had remembered it was time to move on to piteous.

  • LOL. That will be about the extent of the effort. You and maybe 0.0001% of the population tried to do something it; the rest were out for themselves.

  • It’s bedtime. Maybe I will receive a different dream from that one.
    In the morning I’ll harvest okra.

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