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Going Rogue: Jack Ryan, Fake News And Biden’s Exploding Eye Gaffe

As promised, here’s the first reboot episode of our Going Rogue podcast, now in both audio and video versions!

If you have any questions you’d like answered in our next episode, leave them in the comments below.




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Latest comments

  • Off topic, but very damned informative is: “Wagging the Moondoggie” from: the Center For An Informed America, author Dave McGowen.

  • Finally got to watch your podcast and loved it, especially y’alls sense of humor! Was very laid back and informative.

    Tim is terrific. Lucky you to have found such a good looking guy who you can converse with so easily!

    Looking forward to future podcasts!

  • My boyfriend and I were so darn happy to listen to your podcast! Loved it. We felt like we were sitting in your living room listening to you guys rif the latest issues. I laughed – I cried – it was better than Cats. We live in Atlanta, GA, so not much opportunity to meet like minded people here in the deep South. You guys helped us feel connected. How about starting a meetup / sign up by geographical location – like the Rogue Warriors or something?? It would be incredible to meet others who dig what you guys are doing. We’d have little pockets of people all over the world. Thanks.

  • 1 acre of industrial hemp removes 20,000 tons of Co2
    The Canadian canola crop cancelled by China is 22million acres. Do the math.
    In a 90 day harvest cycle, 44 billion tons of Co2 would have been removed from the atmosphere

  • This was great –you’re both so relaxed it was nothing short of infectious– many thanks!

    Another topic you may consider entertaining are the profound effects the Self-Help industry –truly, the religion of the New Age– has had on so many of us since it exploded on the scene in the 70s.

    If this is of any interest you can get the topic rolling by reading a short chapter available from Albert Amao’s book “Awaken the Power Within; In Defense of Self-Help” [you will find this chapter posted in the product description of the book’s Amazon page]. In this particular chapter Amao refers to other relevant authors, such as Steven Starker and Steve Salerno; points-of-view that bring more aspects of this movement to light which are not always so positive and forgiving.

    Have a good one, and again, thanks!!

  • I hope this project goes well. I personally don’t enjoy the foul language. I wish I did. I ‘can’ live without this. The world – all of it – is a toilet. I will not join in.

  • It’s a good start, but – there’s always a but – there are a few things that need ironing out. For a start, I think Tim should engage your audience (the camera) most of the time rather than you, Caitlin, as it starts to become a distraction, for me at least. Nevertheless, you interact with each very well. My other bit of advice would be to introduce the background material you talk about in one form or another, either by quoting or using screenshots. I realise this is the first episode and look forward to more.

  • Caitlin, I hope your writing will not take a back seat to your podcast videos! There is less ego in your written work, much tighter focus, and a sharp clarity that informal banter just cannot deliver. Though it is nice to know you more personally through your live videos, the seriousness of our global situation demands that this be bigger than any personality show. Personality shows are what we get all the time in the U.S. with our presidential circus spectacular every few years (now practically every few hours). It’s effectively worthless at best. What we need is proper identification of the most serious problems for the vast majority, genuine investigation, relentless critical analysis, potential solutions, critical review, and a plan of appropriate action. Your written work delivers along these lines. Personality shows do not. They always become all about the person. Witness Alex Jones. If only he had stuck to just uncovering the truth…

  • Hi Caitlin, really enjoyed the podcast. Thank you for your courage in standing up to the establishment narrative. I can’t help but wonder how long you will be permitted to continue.
    It is so refreshing to hear views that reinforce my own as down here in Tassie I feel quite isolated as opinions are really quite conservative.
    I am going to resist the urge to self censor by asking if you are aware of the paper published by the Uni of Alaska Fairbanks on the collapse of Building Seven at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001? I did a Google search on news articles about it and apart from a couple of local sites in Fairbanks there is nothing, total silence. Do you find this censorship as unsettling as I do?
    I would like to recommend these podcasts to my old Mum but I hesitate as she would not appreciate your more colourful language. I mean this in the nicest possible way.
    PS: you have a lovely speaking voice.

  • ‘Going Rogue podcast’ doesn’t come up for subscription on the evil iTunes. Where do I get the podcast?

  • “The words of the prophets
    Are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls”
    And whispered in the sounds of silence”
    — Paul Simon, “Sounds of Silence”, 1965

  • Ms Johnstone I got an email from the Ron Paul Institute this morning where your article was praised. However their website is now down and ” under attack ”
    Dear Friends of the Ron Paul Institute:
    The above is the terse message I got from Stephanie, who handles the tech for our website, right as I posted Caitlin Johnstone’s powerful article, “Meditations On Twitter’s Silencing Of Daniel McAdams” on our website. It’s still not functioning. We don’t know exactly what happened. All Stephanie could tell me was, “so much traffic from a series of ip addresses that the server can’t handle all the requests. Denial of Service.”

    • Just checked. At 21:05 UTC, they appear to be up and running.

      Twitter is retarded.

  • Caitlin and TIm, as I started watching your video, the first thing I thought was that you both should have been born in early 1950s San Francisco, lived through its 1960s hippie era and eventually moved to this commune:
    Had that happened, you would now both be old farts like me trying to convince young people like you that you should use your resources not only to point out the flaws in the present arrangement, but to describe in great detail the world in which you’d like everyone to live.

    • People do need a goal to which to strive.
      It does help to counter the “There is no alternative” narrative by showing that there are alternatives, and that they would be much more pleasant places to live than here in the corporate machine.
      Build it, and they will come …….. does work.

  • Great first podcast, if that’s what I understood it to be. You’re a big part of the building
    of groups and of individuals who are attempting to take the mask(s) off the masked. And, like Jimmy Dore,
    you’re having fun doing it. Keep it up. I like your sense of fun and your approach to things. I was trying to come up with a Shakespearean quote but I can’t seem to summon one up. But how about this one from the Three Stooges: “Moe, Moe…I can’t see!”
    “Why not?”
    “My eyes are closed”.

  • Love you guys !!!

  • Thank you for sharing!

  • look into “the interview” by seth rogan and james franco, two of the untalented but connected ghouls in hollywood, full of hubris… yuk. the hollywood-cia-DoD-State Dpt-“think”-tanks (bruce bennett in this particular case) connection has been in full view for a while now. the ghouls do not need a new blacklist, one has been in existence for a long time and serving their agenda very well.

    well how else could this untalented group get so many gigs, produce so much garbage, forcefeed it to the people (through monopoly and assassination), and suck all the wealth out of the real economy at once??????

  • Haven’t listened yet but mention of Jack Ryan in the title has got to be about this:


    Did the podcast mention Jeff Bezos, fascist and tight friend of the CIA? This is an Amazon production – Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos.

  • “Rice*A*Romney….that must have Zombie Treat” > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com
    A satire, based on a century of actual history of the POTUS puppet shows, written as the Bain Bandit had Ron Paul delegates locked out of the 2012 RNC coronation. End feudalism now.

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