May all of your illusions be shattered beyond your ability to reassemble them.

May you learn quickly from your failures and successes.

May life treat you how you treat life.

May you reap swiftly that which you sow, and may it be highly educational for you.

May all of the hidden parts of yourself enter the light.

May all of your unfelt feelings be felt.

May you have a crystal clear glimpse of your own boundlessness.

May you have a crystal clear glimpse of your own insignificance.

May your inner monologue cease and may you experience stillness.

May you experience the beauty of each moment that the babbling mind eclipses.

May you uncover the mystery that hides behind the veil of separation.

May you know true courage.

May you know true wisdom.

May you know true humility.

May you know true truth.

May you know yourself intimately, without disguises or distortions.

May you meet the world lucidly, without projections or prejudices.

May you perceive the world clearly, without filters or fantasies.

May your delusions disappoint you and may authenticity astonish you.

May everything you have constructed in untruth crumble before your eyes.

May life conspire to unmake every false object you have made.

May you live each moment fully, not for the goal of grandiose achievement, but for living itself.

May you truly, deeply see yourself, and find there what you’ve always been looking for.

May you be truly, deeply seen by someone else. May you let yourself be seen by them.

May you end your war against the feminine.

May you finally let in the enormity of what your mother did for you.

May you find a home in your body.

May your body feel at home on this earth.

May the earth feel your sorrow.

May you feel the earth’s forgiveness.

May the earth feel your gratitude.

May the earth feel your love.

May the thrum of the earth dance through you.

May you fall in love with that dance.







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50 responses to “A Blessing For Anyone”

  1. ‘May you end your war against the feminine.’
    ‘Masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are both stereotypical and limiting concepts to begin with, but if one were to speak that language, stereotypically ‘masculine’ virtues are neglected and suppressed no less often than stereotypically ‘feminine’ ones are.
    ‘May you finally let in the enormity of what your mother did for you.’
    Even if she did nothing but spend 9 months and give birth to me (assuming abortion wasn’t easily accessible or too invasive and dangerous for her taste), and somebody else, perhaps even of masculine gender, did all the work of raising me? I’m not saying that’s my personal case, but it is for many, and there are many horrible mothers out there, so extending this ‘blessing’ to everyone seems to be unjustified and motivated by an ideological striving to glorify the female gender.
    ‘May the earth feel your…’
    This blessing can’t come true, because the earth doesn’t feel anything, it’s a pile of rock.

    1. Maculine & Feminine are not stereotypes.

      Masculine and Feminine or Male and Female, as they represent, are biological sexes.

      Sexuality is a biological identification.

      It is gender that is a human made construct.

      A stereotype is an over generalisation, usually by taking the attributes of one or a small group and applying them to all or a much greater group. It is a falsity.

      Sexuality is not a falsity but a reality. All women share a particular set of biological attributes that define them, such as greater estrogen levels, a vulva, vagina, womb, and ability to be impregnated and give birth. This is a truth. Similarly, all men share a particular set of biological attributes, such as testicles, a penis, an abundance of bodily and facial hair & greater testosterone levels. This is also a truth.

      1. equating the male as a biological category with “masculinity,” which is a set of social traits, is stereotyping. obviously, stereotyping is a philosophical falsity that always falls short in explaining things. though majority of the male may be masculine (aggressive, competitive, of pack-mentality etc), there are biological males who are feminine (caring, sensitive, co-operative, etc). the biological categories shouldn’t and can’t be mixed with the social-historical-cultural concepts. those two universes of knowledge never meet. pure cognitive logic and heoretical mathmatics and physics is the third universe of knowledge / concepts that mix with neither of the previous two.

        1. theoretical, not heoretical. ugh.

        2. Now have a think about what you’ve written and, instead, write something worthwhile or that actually relates to what I wrote and the context to which it referred. As for ‘heoritical mathematics …’ Into what realm of fiction are you now leading?

  2. May you never forget, with regards to Marcy Whaletaler/
    She’s a self-confessed, source-burning, FBI informant, “journalist/blogger”.
    She claims Julian Assange worked with Vladimir Putin and Roger Stone.
    She platforms Aaron Swartz’s black widow (also an FBI informant) Quinn Norton.
    She platforms NFL/CTE/TDS booster “bmaz”, a lawyer too cowardly to use his real name.
    Her whole crew thinks Chelsea Manning should just “man up”.
    A pig wearing eyeglasses and lipstick is still a pig.


  3. RE: A BLESSING FOR EVERYONE. Nice writing… but there is one critical mistake at the end where you blew it: You spelt ‘mAymen’ wrong. LaL

  4. A blast from the past:

  5. the “Ukraine scandal” is getting really interesting. the real is usually a lot more fantastical than hollywood movies. grabbing some more popcorn..

    1. Probably theater again.

      All of them from the mainstream establishment billionaire political parties have no legitimacy.

      They lost it all 18 years ago on 9/11.

      This is the event to investigate. No wreckages of airplanes in impact sites. Very strange.

      For huge lies like that to be accepted, we have to be in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus. As it was in the days of Noah, everybody is of bad faith.

      I have really really seen enough bullshit and I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Our Lord Jesus, which return could be any day now.

  6. Caitlin, apropos your drumbeat against the brainwashing of the citizenry by corporate media, here is a link to Max Blumenthal’s reporting on Syria:

    You and some of your readers may have seen the video already. For those who have not, Blumenthal discusses the degeneration of the popular uprising in Syria and its transmogrification by Wahabi extremists, etc.

    U.S. sanctions are merely punishing the Syrian people, not Assad and his tight inner circle.

    Let me return to Greta-the-Threat.
    Greta walked into the UN and pulled back the curtain, showing the man working the levers, and said,
    “You appear to be lying to us and killing our whole planet for short-sighted selfish reasons, which is immature”.
    This did threaten the elite narrative, pushing herd-austerity through carbon-pricing, wage arbitrage and other “market-mechanisms”.
    It also threatens a lot of personal narratives, because it demands immediate, “radical” change, and implies a threat.
    Greta clearly implied a future threat to all vested interests, certainly including us, dear readers.
    This is the seething, angry threat of the young-and-robbed, the threat of pitchforks and mass killings.
    French Revolution, Bolsheviks, Krystallnacht, Cultural Revolution, and Killing Fields come to mind.
    Greta is the first to raise this threat in America, and in the Imperial city of New York, at the United Nations.
    I think belittling her and trying to put her in her place won’t work, because she embodies the core archetypal threat message.
    I also do not think that counter-offers will be made soon, though many must be in consideration at various elite levels.
    The black flag threat of class violence against the elite rulers has been planted on a small hill in new York.
    There it flies.

    1. Get a life. Greta too.

  8. Thank you.


  9. Beautiful!
    May you feel the moment
    May you feel the air upon your face
    May you feel the beauty in silence
    May you feel the love in all things.

  10. Thank you, I really needed this 🙂

  11. And I thought you didn’t “pray” Caitlin! This poem gives the lie to that misunderstanding of you, and your unique version of spirituality.

  12. A utopia of being and uderstanding,The vale of eternal. .

  13. Thank you Caitlin. This sits so well along side your socio-politcal writing and brings some hope and beauty to contrast with the ugliness of what we do to each other and the world.

    1. Changing words because they include the letters MEN in that sequence is silly and futile.

      Amen basically means, ‘This is true’, just as Chairman means ‘Manager of the chair’. There are many examples and to change them does nothing to further the lot of women (or should that be ‘wo’s’? On the contrary, it accentuates the notion that women are somehow fragile, timid and trivial – which, of course, they are not.

  14. Not with prejudice, and certainly not in the legal sense of the word, but yeah, maybe nice and desirable, but I came up zilch on almost every single item that you enumerated, but the world that I was born into is a God awful place, and maybe the reason that it is that way is because others were born into even worse worlds than I was and are therefore incapable of experiencing the world as it could be but rather as they make it be. Anyway, nice, lovely poem, but too many of the fruits that God has created has gone bad, and must be sorted and cleaned, or totally discarded until the next crop comes in. Love your work.

  15. Loved this…thankyou .

  16. I will presume that since this is my birthday, that this blessing is actually just for me. Because I really like it. And it really is my birthday.

  17. Robert M. Lipshutz Avatar
    Robert M. Lipshutz

    How can someone with whose policy views I do totally disagree and whose overall perspective I feel is so skewed somehow write a piece that can reach inside of me? Not just one piece—but several. I may read you to usually disagree-but I read you.

  18. Beautiful blessing! Thank you!!

  19. Thank you, Caitlin. You have taken some simple blessings and made them more cogent and significant.

    I’ve only followed you for about 3 months but I find that you have a rare talent for seeing through the veil propagated by the elites of the world. And, you are skilled at making the resulting knowledge easy to understand and digest.

    Be well.

  20. The title gives this piece away. There are no ‘blessings’.

    This poem, (though it is doubtful that it deserves such a designation) is nothing more than a platitudinous list of supposed ideals that have little, if any, relationship with reality. It is typical of the ‘pretty’ memes & vacuous quotes, enhanced to capture attention by the use of fancy backgrounds or the inclusion of one or more images presumably considered to represent or relate to the text.

    Such presentations are designed to appeal to those who cherish and even live within selective myth, such as the religious, the superficial, the simple-minded, and those troubled enough to grasp at any straw for a way out.

    Sadly, all too many give undiscriminating acceptance to such trite and cliche platitudes. I doubt very much that civiisation will improve in any truly significant way, such as moving beyond war to solve difference, until the human race moves beyond the realm of myth and attributing human tendencies, particular those which cannot reasonably be defended, to mysticism and the mysterious ways of non-existent mythical entities.

    Only when we accept reality, both individually and collectively, will we provide ourselves with the potential to grow and build a better world community and therefore a better world.

    1. Hi Roger,
      I see you don’t get it. This is actually a fairly specific set of blessings, typical of Buddhist compassion meditation, rephrased a bit.
      The “blessing” is to see the disparity between conceived “reality” and experienced life quickly, clearly, and to cast off delusions through that short-loop feedback.
      May your path be true, Brother.

      1. Oh, of course, ‘I’ don’t get it. What else would a myth believer say of me? The reality, however, is that there is nothing to ‘get’,

        Thank you for what I’m sure you meant with kindness but there is no ‘path’ on which to be ‘true’, just as there is no ‘true’ at the end of any or every particular path.

        This sort of pseudo meaningful belief is typical of what creates ignorance, misplaced zeal, condescension, unparalleled egotism, and ‘privileged access’.

        It has blocked human progress again and again and is why we still think that wars are solutions and that difference is something to revile.

        It also why, in completely absurd fashion, so many millions, if not billions, profess to believe in an omnipotent entity that was responsible for creation and is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. Ludicrously, when that entity causes or allows disaster or tragedy, those same believers then call upon that entity for help. This type of paradoxical delusion is what comes of giving credence to nonsense such as this shopping list (‘poem’) patronisingly confers on its readers.

        1. Beware lest your overly sharp knife cuts your own throat!

        2. ” in completely absurd fashion, so many millions, if not billions, profess to believe in an omnipotent entity that was responsible for creation and is all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. Ludicrously, when that entity causes or allows disaster or tragedy, those same believers then call upon that entity for help. This type of paradoxical delusion is what comes of giving credence to nonsense such as this shopping list (‘poem’) patronisingly confers on its readers.”
          It’s not a blessing that requires an external God; quite the contrary.
          It is a blessing to awakening into unblocked conscious awareness.

    2. Are you so cynical of love that you can’t even pray to the rocks and worms around you, or let others do so in peace, even if just in jest?

      1. My study of what is commonly referred to as love and my experience of it as an emotion has shown me that it as a false concept.

        It’s acceptance and even admiration for it in our culture (and others) is one of the great confidence tricks. The notion of ‘love’ is a misleading and destructive concept that almost inevitably leads to unhappiness, misunderstanding, uninterest and, even worse, hatred and abuse, even fatality.

        The sooner we discuss the use of this term and the discrepancy between its common definition and understanding, the sooner things will improve.

    3. Beware lest your overly sharp knife cuts your own throat!

      1. Thank you, Mike, for your repetitive comment. I did read it the first time.

        I fail to see its relevance, though I can suppose one, nor do I see any need for its repetition. Your comment appears to paint my words as arrows or barbs or some form of attack and intent to harm Cailin and others who have praised her piece.

        I would rather you explained to me why you think that such is the case and therefore warn me to avoid my views rebounding and attacking me.

        My comment was not an attack but a brief statement of my opinion regarding what I see as the state of affairs and my disappointment that Caitlin, whose views generally I find stimulating, would descend into platitude that can only be praised by sycophants, and those conditioned by empty rhetoric dressed up as serious dialogue.

    4. Roger, we are so far from the world you want, what we all want, that any criticism of a way to better ourselves under the present bubble we live in is a waste of brilliance. The must be a road that take us into a better world community, a better self. This is the road we should discuss, not the past knowledge we know to be flase.

      1. sorry for typos…

      2. The world that I would like and, if I read you correctly, most if not all others, too is paradoxically one that is simple yet difficult to bring about.

        Such a world depends on putting others first, on taking responsibility for oneself *and* others, and for putting aside false principle, law, rule, action and belief in favour of compassion, caring, an understanding that satisfaction and contentment derives from feeling, acting honestly, and giving more than one takes – not from amassing assets, fame, fortune or false reverence.

        The past is no more false than the present. The difference is that our knowledge, understanding, ability to reason, experience, experimentation, study, and the success and failure that such has brought about is cumulative and therefore considerably more vast than ever in the past.

        Unfortunately, despite that reality, although the totality of our knowledge has increased, it seems that we have chosen to act on the advances with any determination and effort, in the realm of technology, science and the material.

        In terms of applying what we now know about the universe, about our planet, about the natural world, about what it takes to sustain us, and about our own make-up, it is as though we have learned little or nothing for we act, in the main, just as human beings did many thousands of years ago.

        My explanation for this is that our knowledge has built from an inherent human curiosity to understand. In early human history, much less was understood about everything, whether in the natural, cognitive or emotional domains. That which wasn’t understood still had to be explained and so it was attributed to mythical gods, and spread by sooth-sayers, witch doctors, and such and became the commonly accepted explanation for much.

        Eventually, ‘rulers’, i.e. those who had the might to control by force and the mystics, i.e. the soothsayers, wise-men, prophets, and eventually priests, got together because they saw a powerful way to control the mass of people that was far less stressful and costly by capitalising on the abeyance to these (mythical) gods and organising groups around that. Those groups became our religions and churches.

        That inherent human curiousity and need to understand was thus satiated for most but not all. So there was a split. Those who simply needed an explanation and a ‘belief’ or ‘faith’ on which to base their lives, became the religious. The religious institutions developed to be the moral arbiters and advisers and protectors of emotion, self, and ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’

        Those who were not satisfied with the explanations continued to search for them and split off to become the scientists, technologists, scholars, students, thinkers, philosophers and seekers after ‘truth’ (if there is such a thing).

        And so it is today that we can split the atom, put human beings into space, land on the moon, cure many previously highly destructive and fatal diseases, speak on miniature devices to someone on the other side of the World and fly from London to New York in hours, take pictures of the brain and other areas within the body and conduct amazing micro surgery. We even know that the Earth is round! (Please don’t be pedantic, I know that it is neither a perfect circle or sphere but it definitely not flat.) So our knowledge has expanded exponentially.

        Over the same period, however, despite our knowledge in the pseudo sciences of psychiatry and psychology and the true sciences of neurology etc. change in our ability to communicate clearly, to accept and celebrate difference, to collaborate to understand and overcome or combine cultural identity and to offer sensible and genuine compassion, caring, assistance, and peace to all – has eluded us.

        Criticism is never a ‘waste’, particularly when it exposes a characteristic so insidiously instilled into us that most of us no longer recognise it but actually believe it to be sound or true. Effectively such utterances or writings become the homilies of the time.

        I can’t speak for Caitlin. I can speak to her. One way to do that is to comment or criticise, particularly where and when I see that (obviously from my viewpoint) she does herself an injustice, and worse still, reinforces the notion of home-spun philosophy (which is really empty words) passed on to so many other uncritical sycophants and followers.

        “A blessing for anyone” is just such a trigger.

  21. Fucking perfect. Thank you Celtic Dakini.

  22. This got me. Good. Thank you.

  23. Thank you Caitlin. This is a truely inspiring blessing. One without a second. Not two. Live the mystic life, and be at peace with all things.

  24. Caitlin

    There you go – yet again – expressing and putting into words the largely inexpressible – and all of it so positively and richly healing in outcome!

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