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This MSNBC Clip Is Everything Ugly About Russia Smears

There’s a video clip circulating on Twitter right now that simply has to be seen to be believed, in which a gaggle of MSNBC pundits are seen furiously agreeing with each other that Tulsi Gabbard has incriminated herself by pushing back against Hillary Clinton’s obnoxious claim that she is a Russian asset.

I refuse to spend any portion of my life researching the name of whatever MSNBC show this was or the panelists it features, but here’s a quick breakdown for posterity:

“One thing that was interesting about Tulsi Gabbard’s response, I mean she went after Hillary Clinton, she was strong, she said she wasn’t gonna run as a third party candidate–she never denied being a Russian asset,” said a panelist MSNBC identifies as Kimberly Atkins. “That was the one aspect that was missing from her response, which, you know, you would think that would be within the first line or two. It was not there.”

“When Hillary Clinton says there’s a Russian asset and doesn’t say anybody’s name and Tulsi Gabbard goes ‘How dare you call me a Russian asset?’,” added some talking beanbag chair identified by MSNBC as Jonathan Allen.

“Wait, so Kimberly’s right, she didn’t say she was a Russian asset,” interjected another super excited panelist, possibly the show’s host but who cares. “To your point, Hillary Clinton didn’t name names, but there’s Congresswoman Gabbard going ‘Me! Me, me! Me!'”

Now, to be clear, all of these panelists are knowingly lying when they suggest that Clinton may not have been talking about Gabbard. Literally everyone knew that Hillary Clinton was talking about Gabbard from the moment news broke about her libelous comments, which, as Gabbard pointed out in a recent interview, was evidenced by the fact that all the news headlines about those comments featured Gabbard’s name. Clinton referred, using female pronouns, to a Democratic primary candidate who is a “favorite of the Russians”; nobody in the world thought she was talking about Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris or Amy Klobuchar, because those candidates have never been smeared as Russian assets, only Gabbard has. The self-evident fact that Clinton was referring to Gabbard was then quickly confirmed by a Clinton aide.

The panelists are also lying when they claim that Gabbard has not denied being a Russian asset; obviously if you call something a “smear” as Gabbard has consistently been doing you are saying that it is false. But that should not matter. Claiming that an evidence-free conspiratorial McCarthyite smear is true because the target of that smear did not prostrate themselves sufficiently to deny it is disgusting and shameful in and of itself. The burden of proof is always on the party making the claim, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If an extraordinary claim is made with no evidence at all, the party making that claim should be promptly shamed and dismissed.

One of the most infuriating things about the Russia hysteria which has polluted western political discourse is the way people keep getting away with side-mouthed insinuations and innuendo, saying things without directly saying them so that when someone responds to what they’re saying they can go “What! Why I never said that, but my my, it’s very interesting that you think I did?” Hillary Clinton knew very well that everyone would understand who she was talking about, but the fact that the target of her smear responded directly is being spun by her flying monkeys as something weird and suspicious instead of something perfectly normal and appropriate.

As much as I speak out against violence and aggression, on a personal level I find passive aggressiveness to be far more obnoxious than just confronting someone head-on. The appropriate response to someone making cowardly indirect accusations is to directly confront them and call out what they’re really saying and describe what they’re really doing, as Tulsi Gabbard did.

So let’s say directly what the MSNBC panelists above tried to get away with saying indirectly: MSNBC aired a segment in which panelists falsely claimed that Tulsi Gabbard incriminated herself as a Russian asset by responding to Hillary Clinton’s smear job. They lied, and they will get away with lying, because billionaire-controlled media like MSNBC is designed to manufacture consent for the status quo upon which the empires of billionaires like Brian L Roberts (whose parent company Comcast controls NBC) are built. Call the propagandists what they are, and shame these passive aggressive Red Scare tactics for the brain poison that it is.


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  • Ah yes, the old “When did you stop beating your wife?” trick.

  • However much one cannot trust the msm, they do strike a point here. It’s not, in my opinion, a piece to smear T. Gabbard ( may be to a lesser degree ) or to promote H. Clinton , it’s the greater cause. Plain and simple, the Russians are evil. It is an undisputable fact. The narrative propounded and elaborated so many times, one has to be honest, that it gets under one’s skin. The mere mention of anything or anyone Russian does bring a feeling of unpleasantness. This is not a general rule, it’s a universal truth. Who’s going to question the fact if the Earth evolves around the Sun? With the platform set, you can get into details, who the bad who the most goodest – to put it in the words of A. Baraka.

    • In other words, a specific race is evil. Got it.

    • “It’s gotten under one’s skin,”has it? Better check that hackneyed brain of yours then! Your problem, not ours.

  • Yeah, but is Gabbard an Israeli asset.

    Meh. They probably all are to some degree.

  • This never ending bellowing about phantom Russian meddling, and condemning others who refuse to toe the establishment/permanent state agenda as Russian assets/dupes, etc., is eerily parallel to the “Witches of Salem” mini series now running on The Travel Channel. Ironically enough, the only real witch in this witch hunt is $hrillary herself.

    • More like parallel to anti-semitism.

  • Following links within links, starting with that nauseating MSNBC program, I arrived at a twitter thread (https://twitter.com/AaronBlake/status/1185196559941722113) so full of gloating, chortling, obnoxious hillbots gleefully poking and skewering logical, sincere Tulsi supporters that I finally saw the situation for what it is: bullies who think they’re on top taunting “the little people down below.” And then it hit me: the only way to knock this kind of pig off their perch is to push their snouts into truth itself: their queen is a loser. SHE. LOST. Say it again and again and again. Moreover, try as she might, she is unable to get the very thing she wants more than anything else in this world, and THAT is why she is so ugly and hateful toward every human being who stood, no matter how obliquely and incidentally, between her and what she wanted.

    That’s all it is. That’s all that’s going on. Revenge. That is the heart and soul of Russiagate. All the rest … the sound and fury that has blasted for months over the loudest most venal airwaves … are but the antics of flying monkeys doing the bidding of an angry, frustrated would-be queen. Nothing more.

  • It is true, that by the very general criteria applied, that Planetary Life Is A Russian Asset http://www.johndayblog.com/2019/10/planetary-life-is-russian-asset.html
    However, my personal avocado orchard, which we planted (finally) in Yoakum, Texas Saturday morning, is not in any way at all, a “Russian asset”. Got it? Not! Here are pictures of us planting at sunrise. http://www.johndayblog.com/2019/10/guacamole-fans-saturday-morning-at-600.html

    • Many happy returns on your avocado orchard, John. A long time ago, an elderly relative of mine owned several acres of avocados, which I loved to visit, only he always referred to it not as an orchard but a ranch. He was an avocado rancher. In some parts of southern California, they still refer to them as avocado ranches. 🙂

  • So I am wondering today if Joe Biden will end up like Spiro Agnew after all is said and done. Hopefully more and more U.S. citizens will become aware of how very evil our ” government ” actually is.

  • It’s not going to matter who wins the 2020 primaries or the presidency. Thanks to this BLATANT AND REPEATED LIE by HRC and Her Minions, DNC, DWS, DB, JP, Superdelegates, and the conspiratorial cooperation of Mendacious Media that “Russia interfered in our elections” in 2016, no one will believe who the 2020 winner is, even if there is a landslide win (Russia did NOT interfere in 2016, but HRC and the DNC minions damn sure did – there’s the email exchange that they planned to blame Russia for Her loss, I think in the Vault 7 documents; Assange published words She/they wrote/said which is why they hate Assange for telling the truth).

    Hillary’s toxic and lying statements about Russia and the 2020 election are enough to put doubts into the minds of everyone that our elections are rigged…, which they ARE – by the e-voting machines which can be pre-programmed or hacked (depending on the manufacturer), as well as by purged voter registration and voter disenfranchisement with odd ballots that never get counted. Exit polls in 2016 put HRC some 10++ points ahead of exit poll totals in some cases – probably were she got those nearly three million popular votes…, but she still lost in the Electoral College (thank heavens for the EC, in this case; HRC is a lying warmonger who would have been as bad, or worse, than The Donald as president). In countries that monitor elections, any discrepancy between the exit polls and vote total larger than 2% is prima facie evidence of a election fraud, the election is declared invalid, and a new election is done as soon as possible. Voter fraud is almost nonexistent in the US, but there is ample proof of election fraud in states with e-voting machines; they all need to be tossed in the nearest garbage dumps and replaced with PAPER BALLOTS.

    Unless a miracle happens and Bernie is actually elected in 2020, there will always be a cloud over the results of the election, and HRC and her minions and Mendacious Media will be at the heart of it all because She can’t believe she actually lost to a fucking game show host that she helped promote during the 2016 campaign because she didn’t think anyone would vote for him. Everything she touches or talks about is toxic and poisons the minds of the gullible fools who believe everything that lying warmonger says. HRC needs to go away, hide behind closed doors, and maintain silence for the rest of her unnatural life.

  • Yes this old man is wondering just what the ” United States Deep State ” would do if Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump face each other in the next U.S. presidential election?



  • Even Caitlin can’t match Howard Beale. But how much effect did what Howard said have on the next 43 years of US-fueled/led genocide-for-profit? (BTW, I’m surprised that any sane person over the age of say 20 still watches the MSM propaganda shows and I doubt that those who do will be reading Caitlin’ and Tim’s shooting-fish-in-a-barrel critique ………………. because Caitlin and Tim are so obviously puppets of Putin, so what’s the point? Use your keystrokes to descibe a better world, Caitlin and Tim, not to critique the present one; there’s a huge difference between the two.)

    • I agree with your remarks concerning the ‘effect’ we can have. We are really fighting a much larger, stronger adversary on their playing field, their home turf. Caitlin is just life support. I have only seen an erosion of our realities over the last 20 years, despite the efforts of Caitlin and others like her. Does no one ever question all the time and energy spent on comments sections like this not to mention the time reading and the angst. What do we have to show for our time and energy? Are we being productive and efficient? I really don’t think so. Then to play devils advocate, what good is it “describing” a better world if we have no means to get there. What I truly and honestly believe is that we need to change the playing field, we need to have our eye looking and our feet marching to that ‘better world’. For me that is moving from a world where conclusions are put forth by ‘individuals’ to a world where conclusions are put forth via a ‘collective intelligence’. That to me is the only answer. The right software reflecting this viewpoint would make all the time here so much, much more worthwhile. We would actually win. That is what I ‘think’.


    • I will describe one possible Golden-Rule-based alternative to the present economic system in which the vast majority of wealth and LARGE SCALE capital equipment are owned by a microscopic percentage of the population for its own astronomical profit, and I’ll resort to “human imagination” to do that.
      I want to take a mind trip. I want to compare two worlds – the earth on which we live and another planet that is identical to ours, except that in that planet’s solar system there has been a brief solar event whose radiation has not only instantly killed all of the people on that planet, but, amazingly, also slowed down the physical deterioration of any of the things that the planet’s deceased inhabitants created.
      Hearing about the calamity on earth’s twin planet, millions of people from our planet, who just happen to be unemployed ex-technicians from various professions (yes, a very competent bunch), jump into spacecraft and fly to that other planet. But, before they leave, they agree that ABSOLUTELY ALL of what is on the other planet will be “owned” equally among them and used for the good of all. (Yes, you’re right, that is exactly where I’m going.)
      Just like there is on this planet, there is an internet on the other planet, so the immigrants instantly realize that a so-called representative government will NOT be necessary …………. on the other planet. In that place there shall be direct democracy. People will hammer out important decisions amongst themselves using the internet as a means of virtually instantaneous, mass communication. (Ah yes, “human nature” will certainly be tempted in this new Garden of Eden.)
      There will be only one “nation” on one new world which will be called, simply, the world. There will be only one set of rules for all individuals. There will be no other nation to export to. There will be no nation to import from. Therefore, whatever economic system is decided upon will be of a design which can/will NOT be dependent upon either imports or exports. Human beings will either sink or swim together.
      After the new immigrants arrive on their new planet, using existing transportation systems, they disperse all over their planet so that they can get their new (old) machines up and running; fields plowed and planted; hospitals operating, etc. (Yes, it wasn’t easy. But with the common good in mind, people were successful. Just accept it for the moment.)
      The immigrants soon realize that it takes very few people (far fewer than immigrated) to keep the machines running, food on the table, etc., and, with some more design engineering, EVEN FEWER people will be required as time goes on. Not only that, but the products of these machines can be made to a much better quality then they apparently were previously, so these products will last far longer. As a result, it is realized that perhaps some of the huge machines can be operated far less frequently than they used to be. For example, automobiles soon come to be made much simpler, easier to fix and much more reliable. They have a far greater useful lifespan than they once had.
      The people enjoy leisure time, developing their artistic abilities, playing games and other non-productive activities.
      Rather than unfairly have the same small number of people constantly toiling on the machines, the people decide to divide up, or “distribute”, what little remaining HUMAN LABOR that is necessary to operate the machines, plow the fields, construct buildings, roads, etc. That is, EVERYONE has to work on the machines, etc., but for only a short period of time each year. And as the machines get improved and further automated, even LESS labor is required over time and, therefore, even MORE of each individual’s time is “free”.
      The newly-designed machines in this new world come to do almost all of the things that must be done, and the “profit” from the machines – leisure time and the actual products of the machines–is equally divided amongst all people, not hoarded by a microscopic percentage.
      Some of the leisure time is used for training all people in the variety of tasks they will be undertaking – everything from brain surgery to sewage treatment. Apprenticeship and training via video (just like Youtube on planet earth!) are found to be the ideal ways of training people. It is soon discovered that most medical and dental procedures can be either performed by robots or learned in a fraction of the time once thought to be absolutely necessary.
      Through apprenticeship and video “schooling”, the population becomes very knowledgeable, so they soon realize that by reducing their own population naturally, by slow attrition – by having only one or two children – the remaining population has even less to do (less water treatment, housing, electricity, food, everything), so their descendants have even more free time to themselves and the planet’s biosphere becomes more and more fit for human habitation, not less and less as it was becoming under the stress of the 8 billion and growing former human population.
      These people’s new-found religion is two-faceted — the Golden Rule and the continually-evolving simplicity, ease-of-use, and, most importantly, high-quality-construction and, therefore, long usable life, of the products they create. Unlike they did back on planet Earth, the immigrants now strive to manufacture things ONLY ONCE — things that with simple, inexpensive maintenance, last essentially forever.
      Transportation systems move people to and from the machines and other places where labor is needed, as well as moving people about the planet for other less practical reasons.
      Life is great in the new world.
      The End.
      My point is that there are possible ALTERNATIVE ways of living (economic systems) to the one in which we now live, but the only thing we are allowed to hear in our prefect Matrix of education and 24/7 propaganda is that there are NO alternatives available, other than the experimental ones that are at this very moment being literally dreamed up by the present entrenched powers-that-be (and their now TBTF banks) in order to serve only themselves.
      A discussion about the above could be the break in the vicious cycle of never-ending complaining about the present arrangement and the start of a very real better world.

      • A good deal of details from your dreamstory is familiar to me. We were taught something of the kind attending school in socialist Yugoslavia. They called it the next and final step – communism. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong, just seemed appropriate to add a piece of my own mind.

  • As a non-american my opinion is that Tulsi Gabbard is the only personality and president-hopeful,who would be able to save some of the international esteem and acclaim of the United States in the eyes of large majorities in any country on Earth,by her positions and the way she talks.All others would be useless puppets commenting events out of their reach,while the USA sinks in the shithole that it created for itself.She is your last straw for surviving the first half of the twenty-first century as a country.

  • Russia has cancelled checks made out to both Bill and Hillary, Bill directly for speaking fees and Hillary indirectly into the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One assets. Did these two somehow miss out on the Ukraine fleecing in favor of Biden and Kerry? I doubt that. So, does this make them both an “asset” or simply sellout traitors? The Clinton’s have done quite well over the years either selling their political influence or simply extorting money from both foreign and domestic entities, sometimes with bloody “lessons” provided to those who failed to pay and play along fast enough. Progress? Is having an official “foundation” to collect bribes, pay for play, and extortion money (“BPE”) not more sophisticated than having a Red Chinese General actually getting caught carrying a suitcase full of cash into the Clinton White House? Is it the job of the Vice President to collect cash from lesser entities such as Buddhist Monks having suspected ties back to the PRC? Progress? The Vice President’s son gets the job of squeezing Ukraine and China for the BPE? Remember the Panama Papers? Did that data dump not also name names connecting foreign entities with BPE for the Clintons and DNC? Mainstream media, Congress, any government entity charged with upholding laws?… Crickets… all evidence totally ignored. Is US Democracy as currently practiced not the best form of government that anyone, from anywhere, at any time – can simply buy? Prove me wrong, please.

  • Tulsi endorsed Bernie in 2016. All the other women on the stage endorsed Clinton.
    Case closed.

  • Just wanted to share some lyrics from ye ole Peter Gabriel that seem apropos for our moment

    From The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, Fly on a Windshield

    There’s something solid forming in the air
    And the wall of death is lowered in Times Square
    No one seems to care
    They carry on as if nothing was there
    The wind is blowing harder now
    Blowing dust into my eyes
    The dust settles on my skin
    Making a crust I cannot move in
    And I’m hovering like a fly, waiting for the windshield on the freeway
    Echoes of The Broadway Everglades
    With their mythical madonnas still walking in their shades
    Lenny Bruce declares a truce and plays his other hand
    Marshall McLuhan, casual viewing, head buried in the sand
    Sirens on the rooftops wailing, but there’s no ships sailing
    Groucho, with his movies trailing, stands alone with his punchline failing
    Ku Klux Klan serve hot soul food and the band plays In the Mood
    The cheerleader waves her cyanide wand
    There’s a smell of peach blossom and bitter almond
    Caryl Chessman sniffs the air, and leads the parade
    He knows, in a scent, you can bottle all you made
    There’s Howard Hughes in blue suede shoes
    Smiling at the Majorette, smoking Winston cigarettes
    And as the song and dance begins, the children play at home
    With needles
    Needles and pins

    In particular “The cheerleader waves her cyanide wand” reminded of Killary’s present moment in the sun

  • Is the media going to ask the Biden’s, Warren’;s of the world there thoughts on Clinton’s comments. Sorry to say I do not think the majority of Americans will disagree with Clinton. Anyone teetering on American empire, or God forbid questioning Russiagate, is a Russian asset. They have bought the red bait, hook, line and, unfortunately, sinker

    • Are you mad, or just on shift in your CIA job?

  • Seriously, I think Gabbard may have a good case here for a slander lawsuit. Indeed, anyone who’s defamed in this way should check with a lawyer and, if there is a plausible case, maybe it should be their DUTY to file suit. And that includes even Republicans subjected to these Democratic smears.

    In Gabbard’s case, she could also make an argument for swift judgment, since the damage done will have a material effect on her campaign that should be limited if at all possible. It helps that the smear is on video and the facts are undisputed. As noted, even if Clinton didn’t name Gabbard, the widespread inference is that this is who Clinton was talking about and the resulting damage is plain, as revealed in this and other clips.

  • Anyone who doesn’t get that Hillary is every bit a psychopath as Trump ought to know now.

  • Just what is a “Russian Asset”?

    Anyone who says anything nice about Russia, apparently.
    Or anyone who criticizes the Mainstream Democratic Party.

    • Anyone that Russia can use to promote their agenda — with or without that person’s agreement, intent or even knowledge. Politicians are ALL somebody’s assets.

  • Russia has had a long history enlisting American government officials as assets dating back to Benjamin Franklin and his interesting relationship with Princess Ekaterina Dashkova, head of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences and a close friend of Catherine the Great.

    I have not seen any evidence that George Washington was a Russian asset but one never knows. Certainly, given the heavy involvement of France in the American War of Independence, we can probably hazard a guess that he was a French agent.

    While these remark was meant to be sarcastic one never knows what the US mainstream media may do with them.

    • What the hell? The US mainstream media is, without exception, in the pay and under the control of the deep state. They are paid their outrageous salaries to lie for the empire and lie they do–often not well, but they lie every time they open their mouths. If they are not lying, they are ignoring stories that are critical of US empire dictates and hoping they will go away. But they won’t.

    • I am sorry that was centuries ago. Present day it is AIPAC & Israel that have bought off politicians. When can we start calling them out, no more antisemitism nonsense

  • What if being a Russian asset isn’t such a bad thing? In two of the the three major conflicts between the U.S. and Russia, Russia holds the moral high ground. In Ukraine the U.S. supported, financed and encouraged the overthrow of a democratically elected government. In Syria, Russian forces were invited by the sovereign government to assist them in their defense against a U.S. armed and financed insurgent rebellion. U.S. forces illegally invaded a sovereign nation in support of insurgents. The third major conflict, Russia meddling in U.S. elections, was actually not an international conflict, but a fantasy made from whole cloth by the psychopaths in charge to disrupt a democratically elected government. Meanwhile, the U.S. is “punishing” Russia, among a multitude of others, with sanctions for doing exactly nothing. No, Russians are not saints, but what the U.S. has become is downright terrifying.

    • Absolutely correct. Thanks for the post.

  • Hillary is an asset of Epstein and Weinstein supporters.

  • Clinton laughed at the thought of Qaddafi getting ass raped to death with knives.
    Calling a serving major a treasonous traitor, is as low as you can go.
    Tulsi’s got more balls than all the men who were on the Dem debate stage.

  • Dear Hillary,
    After watching the last Dem debate, I was disappointed by what I felt was a lost opportunity for Tulsi to call out Biden and Warren by name for their support of endless regime-change wars, and had all but written her off as a viable candidate. Imagine my delight when, seemingly out of nowhere, she received the greatest boost imaginable to her visibility and her campaign: a baseless smear from the most hated woman in America, who blatantly subverted the democratic process by buying virtual control of the 2016 primaries from the DNC for a mere $1.2 million per month, cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, and conducted the most arrogant, dismissive, and downright stupid campaign imaginable to put the Second Biggest Loser in American Political History in the White House, then cemented your legacy by denying any accountability and blaming a few Russian social media trolls for your colossal, incompetent corruption.

    It might be too much to ask, but if you could find it in whatever pathetic, wretched, disfigured excuse for a heart that you may yet possess to further expose your moral bankruptcy by continuing your infantile attacks on a genuine patriot, I would be most appreciative.

  • OMG, did Hillary ever deny being a pedophile?

    And yes, at the risk of agreeing with Trump, sometimes the press IS the enemy of the people.

    • Funny how it takes this happening for Democrats to give a sh*t about the Media bias, lies, distortions. Trump has dealt with this B.S. since before he was sworn in. The establshment media has been a major contributor to the ‘soft coup’ of a sitting President. The word, “sometimes” just doesn’t seem adequate.

      • If only Trump wasn’t blatantly and defiantly committing serial crimes live on national news outlets! You’ve got to use some tact, of which he has none.

        • serial crimes??? list them. Trump is Trump, no he doesn’t have ‘tact’. Any other person though would have curled up into a ball and died by now given what the ‘Liberals’ have put him through. I don’t mean just the media and DNC The rank and file have been help aplenty. Like you, can’t see the victim or the crime because you don’t like the victim. Liberals have from day one just made stuff up and labelled him anything that pleased them. The good thing is we all got to see them for what they really are. The jeanie of liberal hate, divisiion, selfishness and lies is out of the bottle. I for one can never go back to viewing them as simply ‘ignorant’. I am an independent voter who abstained as a Republican and gave you Obama, before you start going blah, blah, blah

          • just google it!

            “trump criminal acts committed”

          • Well said.

        • 1. If I have to google it because I don’t know what it is then it is not relevant. All I do is read news all day, I think attaching a crime to Trump is just the liberals wet dream. 2. Any search (which I did) would most likely bring up some liberal journalist, ‘ opinion’ and we all know how that goes. There are very few journalist I do trust. It is like finding a Tulsi Gabbard, they are very rare. Trump’s real crime was being elected. I did “google” it and it’s just a nothing burger, People compiling list of instances where he ‘may have’ stepped over the line, mostly in the distant past, not on “national news outlets” as you say. All Trump would have to do is throw a gum wrapper in the street and this would constitute a crime for liberals. Any small mis-step he may have made pales in comparison to the behavior of the left since inaguration. I see the entire aggresive Trump hating left as treasonous. There are people like Caitlin whom I read often. Sher is one of the ‘few’ . I want a big “I’m sorry” from the left for attempting to negate my vote because they want what they want.

    • The mainstream press (if you can even refer to its puppets as journalists or even reporters) is a propaganda vehicle for the deep state and nothing else. Turn off your televisions, through which come the mind-numbing tropes of the idiocdracy and the war criminals. Save yourself.

  • I’m afraid you’re missing the larger picture.
    It made absolutely no sense for Hillary to attack Tulsi EXCEPT TO BOOST HER CANDIDACY.
    Tulsi was going nowhere … fast. And Hillary’s collusion against Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primary makes a mockery of any pretense that she cares about protecting democracy. The futility of Hillary’s smear is further highlighted by the laughable degree of “Russian meddling” found by Mueller ($100k in facebook ads).
    Likewise, Biden has been boosted by Trump’s attack on him, saying that Trump fears him as an opponent in the General Election.
    Strange that Tulsi never confronts Biden about his role in the “regime-change wars” – her signature issue – but goes after Biden’s main opponents instead (first Kamala Harris, then Warren) .
    More here:

    • Psychopaths often lash out in ways that don’t make sense. I sense some payback on Tulsi for endorsing Bernie in 2016. Tulsi’s luckier than some others who have stood in Hillary’s way.

  • It bugs me too no end how the establishment critters lay claim that Tulsi Gabbard is an ‘Assad Apologists’ while I look upon Tulsi’s meeting with Assad as a construct measure towards establishing well needed diplomacy. I might add it is never mentioned that after Rep Gabbard met Assad she then met with his foes America’s allies. It was a fact finding mission. Besides that if Gabbard were to become president she would already have developed a detente etiquette that foreign leaders would gladly appreciate. I also believe Tulsi would show her toughness when necessary as she would gain respect that way as well. All these sour allegations and baseless claims made against the Representative from Hawaii I hope will only make her stronger and, build her following.

  • Laughing and congratulating themselves on the important “clues” they unearthed. She didn’t say she wasn’t! She knew Clinton was talking about her!

    As if it were anything but retribution for Ms. Gabbard exposing the machinations of the DNC to crown Ms. Clinton in 2016 in the first place. Bah!

  • These ” Enemies Of The People ” will someday get their just rewards; be they media heads or government officials.

  • Yet another dynamite and very important piece, Caitlin!! How you can write so many great articles and crank them out so quickly is beyond me. It takes me all day to write a one page critique on my facebook page, and then days or weeks pass before I do it again. And you have been having bad family problems to boot. Amazing!! Did you perhaps sell your soul to the devil or something?? I must say that you never fail to impress me, especially considering that all you write is also always right on the money in what it says!! I’m actually rather surprised that none of the more mainstream, but still generally “left,” journals has attempted to scarf you up. I sure would if I had a journal. [Hmm, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!] I suppose they would consider your opinions too radical to hire you. But then what is the TRUTH if not radical?? That’s why so many try to disparage your always earnest and always incisive work in so many cheap and phony ways. but some of us know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it. To us your efforts are nothing short of heroic. Keep up your appointed work in this world! Your essays are invariably brilliant, and don’t let anyone tell you any different!!

    • Amen, to that, sir!

    • DR. Fusfield,

      The Consortium News has featured Caitlin Johnstone along with their other
      stellar contributors. A great website, highly recommended .

      • Seconded

        • Seconded again.

          So pleased to notice that Caitlin’s fame is spreading, eg she’s getting mentioned in Sputnik’s ‘Faultlines’ which I listen to via podcast .

  • It is long past the time for people like Gabbard, Stein, et. al., and those who support them, to bare their fangs and claws…. to breathe and spit fire. There is no good reason to continue being civil beyond the barest minimum. Trying to “play nice” doesn’t get you anywhere and only invites white hot contempt and incessant abuse. This is verbal and psychological warfare and the establishment/permanent state, as exemplified by the scummy weasels in the MSDNC video clip, are never going to give up. We don’t have to be as tough as “them”; we have to be tougher. There can be NO compromise as it will rightly be seen as weakness. As Lee Camp says about whether this war can be won: “Whether they’re right or wrong, we have to keep fighting.”

  • There are a little under a million people in this country who disagree with you Caitlin. Isn’t that what the viewership of MSNBC is right now most of the time. The entire station is a money losing operation but still broadcasts. That should tell you their main aim is not to turn a profit, just spout nonsense.

  • As I am directed to pose:

    Call the propagandists what they are, and shame these passive aggressive Red Scare tactics for the brain poison that it is.

    but, um,
    the commentators are not Barb and Ken. Is that relevant?

    • um, maybe the flying monkeys flinging feces has to do with how little is left in the ugly witch’s petty cash box.

  • In the first half of the 1950s, Edward R. Murrow stood up to and exposed the vileness of Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn, and the virulent red-baiting and witch trials they created. It is to the everlasting honor of CBS that they allowed Murrow to do this, and he will forever be one of the most courageous journalists to ever speak into a microphone.

    Today, we have a “liberal” media outlet that has been central to the promotion of Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and all the red-baiting that has accompanied it: against Bernie Sanders, against Jill Stein, and now against Tulsi Gabbard. But they’ve taken on the wrong person in going after Gabbard. She’s her own Murrow, her own Joseph Welch, and you can be sure that she will fight back with everything she’s got. They and Hillary Clinton and the entire corrupt media and rotten to its core DNC will rue the day they smeared Tulsi Gabbard. They may have collectively struck the match that brings down the paper tigers.

    • Wasn’t Ike getting irritated by the drunk and his admixture of legalisms with virulence?

    • In the 1950s it was the FBI and its tools who were doing the red-baiting. Back then there was a major turf war between the FBI and the CIA. When Murrow stood up against McCarthy, he was doing so on behalf of the CIA, as CBS was very loyal to Langley..

      Nowadays, it’s the CIA itself that’s engaging in the Russia-baiting, on behalf of the Deep State’s Superdelegate Party..

  • A sour dried up old prune worried about a younger contender , and then being analysed by a bunch of infantile mindset of try hards …
    Rather watch ergot form on rye ! Tulsi they’ll next want to drown & burn you .

    • Tulsi = Dorothy, and the MSM pundits are the winged monkeys sent out by the Wicked Witch of the West as her enforcers.

  • Gabbard was magnificent today in her repudiation of Hillary and challenge for a one-on-one debate. (which Hillary will, of course, succeed in avoiding) I don’t know which is more distressing: that these media sacks of shit will continue to get paid big bucks for these baseless slanders, or that millions of my “fellow citizens” will believe them.

    • What passes for news and analysis anymore–ignorant, unjust, rotten, dishonest, lazy, transparently biased–and that is just for starters. How low can we sink (in continuing to take this swill seriously)? How low can our media sink (in pretending that what they do has any integrity)?

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