James Le Mesurier, the founder of the White Helmets, has died. He was found to have plummeted from a height to the street outside his home, and authorities are reportedly calling it a suicide.

Le Mesurier has a history with British military intelligence and was fundamentally involved with an extremely shady narrative management operation geared toward manufacturing support for yet another imperialist military intervention in yet another Middle Eastern nation, so obviously any claims of suicide should be taken with a grain of salt no smaller than a Buick. But it is worth noting that according to Middle East Eye, Le Mesurier’s wife told police that he’d been struggling with psychological issues for which he was taking medications and had previously been hospitalized. Le Mesurier’s home was reportedly only accessible by fingerprint and no video footage of anyone besides Le Mesurier and his wife entering or leaving has been found.

Establishment narrative managers, for their part, have been floating the possibility that the White Helmets founder was murdered by the Russian government. The Washington Examiner has published an article titled “Did Russia kill White Helmets founder James Le Mesurier?”, calling to mind Betteridge’s law of headlines which states that “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” The BBC’s Mark Urban tweeted out and then deleted a thread (screenshots here) in which he cites an anonymous source who claims to have known Le Mesurier’s flat well enough to be sure that it’s not possible to “fall” from his balcony, then meaningfully pointing to a “black propaganda campaign by Russia and Assad media” against Le Mesurier. He apparently didn’t consider the possibility of suicide until later, saying he deleted his thread due to “new information”.

For more info on Le Mesurier and his White Helmet mates, I highly recommend watching this excellent half-hour video by James Corbett. It’s full of primary-source video footage indisputably confirming the organization’s ties to western governments and to violent extremist factions in Syria, and explaining how an allegedly “neutral” organization on the ground has been used to control the narrative about what’s been happening in Syria.

Pundits who’ve built their name on Syria narrative management have been expressing grief over Le Mesurier’s death, including Eliot Higgins, Charles Lister, Julian Röpke and Oz Katerji. Katerji, an especially aggressive imperialism proponent, was particularly stricken, acknowledging that this pervasively corrupt operative was actually a dear friend of his.

“It is with a deeply heavy heart that I do this, but I can confirm my friend James Le Mesurier, founder of Mayday Rescue of White Helmets fame, died at his home in Istanbul last night,” Katerji tweeted. “I am profoundly saddened by this, Jakes was a brave and decent man who saved countless lives. I will miss him. I am at a loss for words.”

Janine di Giovanni, who in 2016 authored a fawning puff piece on Le Mesurier and the White Helmets for Newsweek, tweeted, “Terrible news. James was funny, smart, brave,committed. He stood up to bullies. On the right side of history. Believed in the White Helmets, their mission, their drive for good. A loss to humanity.”

Journalist Jonathan Cook criticized di Giovanni’s gushing hagiography, tweeting, “This is what access journalism looks like: prize-winning war correspondents like Janine di Giovanni hanging out with ‘funny’ spooks like James Le Mesurier who’ve been responsible for stoking the very wars they report on – wars that have destroyed whole societies.”

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray has flagged the fact that Wikipedia’s imperialist narrative manager “Philip Cross” has made dozens of edits to Le Mesurier’s Wiki page since his death. Cross, who I’ve reported on previously, has made a more-than-full-time job of constantly managing the Wikipedia pages of both pro-establishment and anti-establishment media figures in a very pro-establishment slant; an article by Five Filters which you can read by clicking here documents how the “Philip Cross” account has been working morning to night with precisely zero days off toward this endeavor.

An article published by Murray last year documents the curious fact that although the serial Wikipedia editor had only about 200 followers on Twitter, he was followed by many high-profile narrative managers from huge British news media outlets like The Guardian, The Times and the BBC, as well as none other than James Le Mesurier himself.

Murray wrote at the time:

“Why then does James LeMesurier, founder of the ‘White Helmets’, follow Philip Cross on twitter? Why does ex-minister Tristram Hunt follow Philip Cross on Twitter? Why does Sarah Brown, wife of Gordon, follow Philip Cross on twitter? Why then do so the following corporate and state journalists follow ‘Philip Cross’ on twitter?”

To these questions I would add, why was Le Mesurier seen defending “Philip Cross” from someone voicing suspicion of him on Twitter after George Galloway offered a reward for information about the account? These questions have never been satisfactorily answered. And now this same account is frantically editing the Wikipedia page of his late fan James Le Mesurier. Some excerpts from the editing notes Cross has made to the page (note: according to Wikipedia, “RS” is short for Reliable Source):

  • not WH alone: “Unfounded conspiracy theories latched onto the White Helmets’ foreign funding and ties to Mr. Le Mesurier” and (earlier in the article) “who has been the target of repeated online disinformation campaigns”
  • Alternet is not considered RS, the article is by Max Blumenthal
  • this is the Assadist line which has no usable sources & should not be given undue credibility
  • rumour/conspiracy theory spread by non-RS

The article also has an editorial discussion section about whether or not it’s appropriate to have a “criticisms” section on the page, and how much any criticisms should be limited. Cross is of course intimately involved in this discussion as well.

There is an immense narrative management campaign dedicated to controlling what people think about what’s happening in Syria, aimed not solely at advancing the longstanding regime change agenda of the US-centralized empire but at protecting the credibility of the warmongering government and media institutions who the public is growing increasingly skeptical of in a post-Iraq invasion information age. If people become doubtful in the propaganda machine which greases the gears of war, then warmongering itself will become impossible to carry out without waking the masses up from the narrative control matrix they’ve worked so hard to lull us into. Without endless war, the empire will crumble.

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Narrative control comes before any other priority the empire might have; before resources, before land, before even war itself. Our rulers and their goons will protect their ability to control the story of what’s happening tooth and claw. It’s up to us to see through their lies and bring an end to the lie factory.


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33 responses to “Narrative Managers In Overdrive After Death Of White Helmets Founder”

  1. A bigger picture comment; the over reliance on the use of narrative control and other techniques of manufacturing consent, including but not limited to embedding intelligence personnel throughout the mass media outlets of the nation, is itself a telling clue. It says the government is routinely engaged in activities contrary to the wishes and needs of its citizens, knows it and actively continues anyway. This is an inherently unstable dynamic as the ongoing spectacles of Snowden and Assange clearly show. The outcries of denial and the persecution of truth tellers and whistle blowers is always worst when this accountability gap is greatest. There have always been narrative managers and spooks. It’s when they gain control of the helm of the ship of state that one knows we’re headed for the rocks. The question I leave you with to ponder is what can we do about it?

  2. I notice the UK press appears to be full of claims that anyone who besmirks these heroes and brave life-savers is a “Russian disinformation campaign.” I actually but on my mental HazMat gear and read a couple of those articles. I was looking for proof that the information about the White Helments is ‘disinformation’ and also the proof that this disinformation comes from Russia.
    I of course found neither. Both articles were really just pieces telling how wonderful the White Helmets were and how they save lives and exposes the evil crimes of evil Assad and evil Putin. There were sentenances about how they’ve been smeared by a “Russian disinformation campaign”, but zero evidence showing what is disinformation and zero evidence that Russia was behind the unproven claims of disinformation.
    To me, both of these articles were propaganda pieces. They largely exist for the people who only read headlines, so they’d get the message that the brave White Helmets were being smeared by the evil Russians. The propaganda piece itself was a simply a longer version of the headline, with details about the now dead Hero who founded the White Helmets.
    What do we really know about the White Helmets?
    That they were founded by a group led by a former UK army officer. This has been public record (if not blared in the propaganda), and now confirmed in the articles about his death. There is never any hint that what he is doing is not approved by authorities. And what he was doing was in complete compliance with UK foreign policy.
    We know that the White Helmets only operate in ‘rebel’ areas. We are supposed to forget and not notice that these ‘rebels’ are indistinguishable from the violent jihadists that have been attacking the west over the last three decades.
    We know that the White Helmets only expose what they call crimes of Assad and Putin. Despite operating in a war zone in areas controlled by ‘rebels’, they have never exposed any crime committed by the rebels. Anyone who knows anything about ‘war’ knows Gen. Sherman was correct when he says “War is Hell”. Any honest account of any war will include accounts of crimes committed by both sides. Any account that tries to say crimes are only committed by one side is propaganda.
    I don’t know about various pictures on the internet. These days, anything can be faked, so who knows about these pictures of White Helmets working with and alongside the Jihadist rebels? Real or Fake. Impossible to know really. I was really willing to see whether there was actual proof that all of the pictures showing this were fake. But none was offered. And that to me is also very revealing.

  3. Guilt must have overpowered him in the end.

    1. In CIA’s terms – Highly unlikely. British intelligence ( and I refer to the term covering both meanings of the word ) and guilt? You are definatelly a better man than I am for giving him that last human chance to repent. in my opinion he was probably epsteined. By whom… I cannot tell.

  4. “he’d been struggling with psychological issues”. No shit.

  5. Epsteined, meaning he is more likely to be alive and well somewhere like in Israhell.

    1. Talk about your proof-free conspiracy theories. Wow!

  6. How about some more information coming out from under that rock used to conceal the evildoing rampant within the United States government? Please peruse this:

  7. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    If it’s any consolation, the British can post-posthumously knight James Le Mesurier for “services rendered.”

    Also, America can award Mr. Le Mesurier the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    And the Europeans can declare him a Nobel Peace Prize Winner for next winner.

    After all, nothing says Western values like Democracy and Freedom than financing, sponsoring, and pimping for a glorified ISIS/Al Nusra Front/terrorist proxy group!

  8. Peter in Seattle Avatar
    Peter in Seattle

    You’re all familiar with Occam’s Razor, right? The proposition that, all things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the right one? Well this is a case for Hillary’s Razor — the proposition that, all things being equal, the explanation that implicates Putin and Russia is usually the most useful one.

  9. The yawning cognitive gap between our nomenklatura’s relentless self-promotion and its pathetic history of botched, humiliating failures in every single act of Imperial overreach, demands examination. Are we at Peak Hubris? When exactly should the hubris of a vicious, lying, sloganeering criminal state be identified as what it is, a cover for unhinged stupidity? – Mr. Paul Edwards in Peak Hubris here:

  10. Laying it out for all to see and to comprehend; the article explains just how the United States government deals with the rest of the world:

  11. So was he epsteined or not?

  12. So much lies in our days.

    As much and maybe more than in the days of Noah.

    This Century has begun with the greatest lie of the history of mankind (9/11) and the lies are non-stop since.

    But even if the liars wrote that there was plane wreckage in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11, it is impossible to believe that since there were no wreckages at all to be seen when you look at these scenes for a moment, even if you make your best effort to see those wreckages.

    I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus. Mankind has proved unable to manage the world.

    1. The strange theory that says that when a very heavy plane, loaded with passengers, luggage, cargo and fuel for a cross continental flight, would crash into a building at several hundred miles an hour …… and then be sticking out of the building relatively intact like a children’s cartoon. Or perhaps its supposed to be lying in the grass outside the building? Bizarre.

  13. Gee Whiz; another ” hit ” by the ghost who walks. Blame everything on those Russians. Our world is free:

    1. Interesting article and links.
      World’s most surveilled cities.
      London is number six in number of surveillance cameras per capita in the world. The first five are all Chinese cities.
      Atlanta is the first US city to show on the list at number 10 in the world.
      Chicago is number 13 and Sydney, Australia is number 15.
      Moscow is number 18 followed by number 19 Berlin, Germany.
      Washington D.C. is number 28.
      These numbers should be taken with a heavy grain of salt, naturally.
      “Comparitech researchers collated a number of data resources and reports, including government reports, police websites, and news articles, to get some idea of the number of CCTV cameras in use in 120 major cities across the globe. We focused primarily on public CCTV—cameras used by government entities such as law enforcement.”

      1. Should have included this line from your article:
        “The average person living in London will be recorded on camera 300 times in one day.”
        I expect that the number 300 is based upon **known** cameras.

        1. Or they say they ‘focus’ on public cameras. But of course, any time the police or spy agencies want pictures from a bank ATM camera or a store camera they get it. Usually just for asking, but always if they decide they want to get a court order.
          In the states, there has been a push to install door cameras that show who is outside the front door. Then the police make deals to hook up with the companies that sell these cameras and they are all hooked into the police networks. So, if your neighbor has bought one of these, you now have a police camera across the street looking at your house.

      1. Hmm…intended to post an appropriate image for your linked article
        which discusses 1984.
        Were you aware what the shadow of USA reveals?
        Hint: shadow is a synonym for surveillance.

  14. Isn’t it difficult to believe that our media would defend a child murdering organ harvester (and his organization), without knowing that that’s what they are doing?
    Seems a bit unlikely to me.

    1. Josh, a decade or so ago I trustingly read the MSM and believed that they were mostly doing real journalism and were ethical. I, like you, would have said, ‘surely not’. I suggest you keep reading journalists like Caitlin, checking links, and working things out. It’s not easy accepting that people and organisations we grew up trusting are actually 180 degrees from what we thought. It takes time to gather the info and it takes time to reverse long-held views and affiliations. Stick with it and, if you can, take some friends along with you.

      1. In America, after Vietnam, Watergate, and the assasinations of JFK, RFK and Dr. King, there was a brief period of “Glasnost” where we the people actually got a small glimpse of what the Deep State was doing. One key part of this was hearings held by Sen. Church. Search for internet for information about the Church Commission or Church hearings. Here is one piece that details what was learned about “Operation Mockingbird” where the CIA worked with various journalists and news agencies. This was both about intelligence ‘gathering’ and about using those media and reporters to spread pro-CIA propaganda. A famous American columnist named Joseph Alsop was only one of many, many names revealed to be working for the CIA.
        This was only slightly cleaned up, on the surface at least, and any attempts to reform this situation certainly ended when the Cheney regime (put into power against the votes of the American people who voted to elect Al Gore) said ‘the gloves were coming off’ after 9-11.
        Search for Church committee or Church commission and find stuff today’s media won’t tell you. Here is one article I quickly found after reading Josh’s comment. https://www.sgtreport.com/2019/10/operation-mockingbird-a-third-of-the-cia-budget-went-to-media-propaganda-operations/

  15. It is obvious. Hillary Clinton called Putin and had them do an Epstein Special on him. Now the question is why did she do it.

  16. the person who had the easiest position to kill him, or monitor his activities, is his wife. wonder what her background is.

  17. The Western criminal regimes blame Russia almost for everything. Why not blame it for the alleged killing of the founder of a Western financed and sponsored terror organization, which called themselves “White Helmets.” These terrorists were embedded into ISIA and the al-Nusra front and were disguised as paramedics and were immediately on the scene when their colleagues from al-Nusra or ISIS committed chemical or other terrorist attacks. The British secret service agent, James Le Mesurier, played with fire. His deadly mission ended in Istanbul. All the fingers point at Russia, as usual. It’s easy to blame a foreign country for the heinous crimes the so-called democratic West commits regularly. And the fawning state-run and or private media, who are all owned by plutocrats, know it already; “The Russians did it”! But where is the evidence? Where are Sergei Skripal and his daughter, who was allegedly poisoned by Russian agents? No evidence either. MI 5 and MI 6 are criminal, and terror-spreading organizations whose words are worthless. Without the large Western controlled propaganda machinery, nobody would listen to them. To his funeral, representatives of ISIS, al-Nusra, the White Helmets, and their sponsors from the US, Great Britain, France, and Germany should show up.

  18. It is all about corruption, and corrupt politics. These days the internet router is the fix ready to be put in place. The rest is down to intent.

    For example:-


    Then we can start fixing stuff for real imho.

    1. What is an “Internet router”? And how is that a ‘fix’ ready to be put into place? The link you posted is quite incomprehensible, and mainly seems to contain a clip from an old Jack Nicholson flick. Its a good movie, and its from the post-Vietnam, post-Watergate, post-Assassination time in the early 70’s where Hollywood was producing movies that didn’t just echo the Deep State. But it is really quite unrelated to “Internet routers” or anything of that like.
      But thanks for reminding me about Chinatown. Its is a good flick and in this age where Hollywood produces nothing but junk, I’m always on the lookout for an old film I can enjoy for a couple of hours. I’ll have to watch it again. 🙂

  19. I’m sorry if anyone is upset by this – but I have no sympathy for someone who set up such an evil organisation full of jihadist butchers that has hoodwinked so many gullible, and downright naive people in the West.
    Especially those belonging to the Faux Left groups and the Liberal types who praised the White Helmets as heroes, and who cheered on terrorists, believing they were ‘staging a revolution’ in Syria.
    These same people also believed there was no regime change operation taking place as well.
    Despite all the evidence to the contrary.
    Perhaps it was indeed suicide Caitlin, or perhaps he outlived his usefulness.
    All I know is the White Helmets staged false flags, faked chemical weapons attacks and murdered people, including children, to appear in their snuff movies for the priveleged in the West to lap up, and tut tut about, and wag their finger at.
    The propaganda matrix hard at work.

  20. Folks committing suicide by falling off a building usually means the CIA whacked them. Controversial folks who run afoul of the narrative usually end up falling off a multi-story parking garage in DC or Baltimore or end up in a dumpster in Delaware. Sorry to hear about his death, but I’m not really surprised. If the mask is beginning to come off the White Helmets, the “alphabet agencies” start removing their tracks.

    1. I, for one am not in the least sorry to hear of his death. I call it justice delivered. Similarly, I couldn’t care less, whether it was suicide or a hit, though in all probability, the latter is far more likely. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Good riddance.

  21. Not just all that you said here, but Mint Press News not too long ago reported that the White Helmets in addition to being a defacto military group were engaged in the kidnapping of children for their body parts. Very well documented.

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