Now that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is safely locked up in Belmarsh prison awaiting a US extradition hearing, Sweden has, for a third time, dropped its rape investigation.

“After conducting a comprehensive assessment of what has emerged during the course of the preliminary investigation I then make the assessment that the evidence is not strong enough to form the basis for filing an indictment,” said deputy chief prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson at a press conference in Stockholm on Tuesday.

This decision comes days after the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer began making noise about the Swedish government’s refusal to answer his questions on the many enormous, glaring plot holes in the investigation which began in 2010. These plot holes include “proactive manipulation of evidence” with the testimony of the alleged victim, a condom provided as evidence that had neither the DNA of Assange nor of the alleged victim on it, complete disregard for confidentiality rules and normal investigative protocol from the earliest moments of the investigation onward, disregard for conflicts of interest, Sweden’s refusal to provide assurance that Assange would not be extradited to the US if he went there to answer questions, statements made by the alleged victims which contradict the allegations, unexplained correspondence between Swedish prosecutors and the FBI, and many others.

None of which matters anymore. He is caged, and public support for him has been deliberately demolished. The Swedish parody of an “investigation” did its job. Assange took political asylum with the government of Ecuador out of fear of US extradition and was slowly squeezed off from the outside world, his own reputation, and his own physical health while the empire prepared its case against him, keeping him increasingly immobilized, silenced and smeared until he could be forcibly pried from the embassy in April of this year.

Once this was accomplished, all the feigned concern for alleged victims of sexual assault suddenly vanished, lining up perfectly with a 2010 article authored in the early days of the investigation by feminist writer Naomi Wolf who said, “How do I know that Interpol, Britain and Sweden’s treatment of Julian Assange is a form of theater? Because I know what happens in rape accusations against men that don’t involve the embarrassing of powerful governments.”

“In other words: Never in twenty-three years of reporting on and supporting victims of sexual assault around the world have I ever heard of a case of a man sought by two nations, and held in solitary confinement without bail in advance of being questioned — for any alleged rape, even the most brutal or easily proven,” Wolf wrote. “In terms of a case involving the kinds of ambiguities and complexities of the alleged victims’ complaints — sex that began consensually that allegedly became non-consensual when dispute arose around a condom — please find me, anywhere in the world, another man in prison today without bail on charges of anything comparable.”

Everyone who was familiar with sexual assault investigations knew that Assange’s case was being treated wildly different from any other, and anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty knew that this was because his case was different from any other: it was an investigation of a man who had embarrassed powerful governments. That was always what this was about. It was never about protecting women. The fact that the case is being flushed now that the imperialists have gotten what they wanted makes this abundantly clear.

And now he’s locked up for no other reason than a pending US extradition request, exactly as he anticipated and rightly tried to avoid. The ridiculous bail sentence he was serving has already expired, and the rape investigation everyone pretended was so important has been tossed aside like an old gum wrapper. As one reader put it on Twitter today, “So Julian Assange continues to be detained in a high security prison, having completed an extreme sentence for not meeting the bail conditions for a charge that wasn’t and won’t be made. All on top of the rules of asylum being cast aside to net him. This is rule of jackboot not law.”

“Let’s call this for what it is: an outrage,” the Defend Assange account tweeted after the news broke. “The road to Belmarsh and 175-years in prison was paved in Stockholm–and so it will be remembered. The damage done to Assange’s and WikiLeaks’ reputation-outing his name in an ‘investigation’ for which he was never charged-is monstrous.”

Monstrous it is. And monstrous the whole thing remains. They have maneuvered circumstances and narratives in such a way that they are now able to literally imprison a journalist for exposing US war crimes, right in front of us, while telling us we live in a free society. It’s like watching someone who’s supposed to be your friend reach down and start strangling your dog to death while looking you right in the eye and saying “I’m not killing your dog. I would never do that. We’re friends.”

They’ve locked him up. They’ve silenced him. They’ve broken his body. They’ve broken his mind. And now they’re trying to lock him out of sight forever, out of sight and out of mind, so we can all forget all about the evil things they’ve revealed about themselves.

But all that means is that now his fate is in our hands. Back when he was strong and bright-eyed and had a voice, it was easy to kid ourselves and say “Eh, he’ll find a way out of this. He’s the smartest guy around!” It was easy to lean on his strength in order to abdicate our responsibility to defend him tooth and claw from a globe-spanning oligarchic empire which seeks to criminalize holding power to account.

We can’t do that anymore. We can’t take comfort in Assange’s power, because he doesn’t have it anymore. His frailty now means we need to be the strong ones. We need to fight for him, because he can’t do it himself. We need to win this battle if we’re ever to have any hope of overturning the status quo that is oppressing us all and shoving us toward greater and greater peril. We can’t afford to lose this one. We need to fight for Assange like the world depends on it. Because, in a very real sense, it does.


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57 responses to “Now That Assange Is Safely Locked Up, Sweden Drops Its “Investigation””

  1. RT’s “Going Underground” interviews Barnaby Joyce: Extradition of Julian Assange to the U.S. would be a violation of Australian sovereignty

    Republished at

  2. This is what I thought about Sweden dropping the case. We saw something similar with Iraq’s WMD after the invasion. One of the people who spent the 1990’s promoting bogus accusations about Iraqi WMD’s headed the U.S. investigation into the whereabouts of these mysterious weapons. Now that the propaganda was no longer needed– Iraq was destroyed, this commission could safely conclude there were no WMD’s.

    It took Eva-Marie Persson years to conclude the Assange case lacked merit. What did she do during those years? Did she spend one year walking from her desk to the filing cabinet, one year removing the Assange file, one week reading each word in the report, 6 months for a lunch break, 6 months for a video game break, and 6 months to sharpen her pencil? How does it take years?

  3. “We need to fight for Assange like the world depends on it. Because, in a very real sense, it does.”

    Assange IS the voice of of all suppressed/repressed/ tortured/endangered people worldwide. Without his courageous expose of the Fascist/Totalitarian Globalists, who will speak out on our behalf? Who will replace him? Who has his incredible courage and outrage to attack corruption?

    Perhaps it is now “our turn, we the people” to be brave and outspoken, and hold accountable those “Gangsters” who are exploiting and plundering our planet and people, and grotesquely “silencing” those who expose them?? I vote for Caitlin to lead the way.

  4. It’s Julian today, and us tomorrow. Remember, all the power , violence and money pounded into Afghanistan, for 18 years…and they’re losing, the locals still run the show. Inept and corrupt, they can kill the messenger but it’s their downfall also. Nobody with any brains believes the bullshit anymore.

  5. “In Defense of Julian Assange”
    Speakers: Tariq Ali, John Pilger
    More speakers to be announced
    13:30 / 23rd November / Free
    China Exchange / 32A Gerrard Street / London / W1D 6JA
    Book contributors:
    Julian Assange, Pamela Anderson, Renata Avila, Katrin Axelsson, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Sally Burch, Noam Chomsky, Patrick Cockburn, Naomi Colvin, The Courage Foundation, Mark Curtis, Daniel Ellsberg, Teresa Forcades i Vila, Charles Glass, Kevin Gosztola, Serge Halimi, Nozomi Hayase, Chris Hedges, Srećko Horvat, Caitlin Johnstone, Margaret Kimberley, Geoffroy de Lagasnerie, Lisa Longstaff, Alan MacLeod, Stefania Maurizi, Craig Murray, Fidel Narváez, John C. O’Day, John Pilger, Jesselyn Radack, Michael Ratner, Angela Richter, Geoffrey Robertson, Jennifer Robinson, Matt Taibbi, Natalia Viana, Ai Weiwei, Vivienne Westwood and Slavoj Žižek.
    In Defense of Julian Assange – Edited by Tariq Ali & Margaret Kunstler

  6. Hi Caitlin

    I read this piece by Nick Miller in the Herald on the Sweden decision and was nearly sick. I don”t think I am up to a good fisking but I would relish a defenestration by your good self.

    Just when I think I might subscribe to Fairfax (the hedge fund ownership via Channel 9 was too much for me but they have broken several stories including the Crown high roller thing and with Nick McKenzie and Kate McClymont they have some very good investigative journos) they go and run something like this.

  7. We are still waiting for the announcement that he “died” of an accidental overdose or some other excuse in order to get rid of him for good.
    I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

  8. Assange was accused, after the act, of rape for not wearing a condom during consensual sex and jailed for life. JizzLane MaxHell was MADAM of Jeffrey’s Kiddie Whorehouse of Horrors, accused of raping hundreds of underage girls, yet she still roams free. Only in Orwellian Dystopia nightmares.

  9. The crimes of “America” are as dark and ugly as evil can contrive. Amerika is the enemy of all truth and goodness in the world.

  10. The Achilles heal in this whole trumped up and illegal fiasco against Julian Assange, is how the original leaked material was initially obtained from the DNC servers, because from the outset it was never hacked, but it was downloaded by Seth Rich, and passed on to Wikileaks.

    For some unknown reason this documented and proven fact appears to be a huge embarrassment and a truly incredible inconvenience to the whole political structure, the intelligence agencies and police states of the US/UK power structures.

    Otherwise what are they all so afraid of?

    Why can they not accept this truth?

    Why are they all in denial?

    We must all work to finally have this powerful yet simple truth legally recognised and universally accepted as the fact that it is.

    And then the very reason to harrass, disappear, threaten and imprisonJulian Assange may simply disappear.


    How can you fight darkness directly?

    Darkness only means that the light is not.

    It is an absence.

    Because there is no light, darkness is there.

    Don’t fight with darkness, create the light,
    be concerned with the creation of light.

    When the light is there, where will the darkness be then?

    We Are The lLght!

    Free Julian Assange!

    Free Chelsea Manning!

  11. I was taken back at Amy Goodman’s headline coverage of Julian Assange this morning. It could have been aired on CNN for it’s total lack of depth and understanding. I contacted DN this morning with the following and would encourage others to do the same: I have watched DN become highly controversy averse over the last four years but I was aghast to hear the headline story on Julian Assange this morning. It could have been heard on CNN for the total lack of concern and insight it provided. I saw the broadcast when Amy got mad at Assange and has since turned her back on him, but I would think she would have some sense of the tragedy that is occurring. A man has been destroyed and is a victim of multiple states. The precedent for press freedom is of the highest concern. Where on earth is DN?

    1. I disagree with your perception of Amy Goodman, maybe we could ask her how she feels instead of presuming we know. She continues to give coverage to the topic without the moral judgement. Please tell me the program you speak of in which you believe she was mad at him, thank you. I do agree she could cover this more extensively so I too will share my opinions with her. I strongly support Julian Assange, Wikileaks, transparency, Chelsea, ect….I have felt hopeless since the positivity that Wikileaks brought to transparency has been subverted by the world powers that be. Time to stand up and call BS spewed, causing a moral panic propagated by both parties (mostly the Dems) that continues to suppress transparency everywhere.

    2. All of mainstream “news media”, including Democracy Now, has been bought and paid for by the Globalists. DN, which I used to watch years ago, now reads the same “CIA” script as does CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. Amy Goodman is indeed a traitor now, like the rest of the news reporters, who are no longer “journalists”, but “paid pressitutes” (as Paul Craig Roberts calls them). However, Amy is particularly hard to watch now as an Orwellian mouthpiece, being that she was once so principled and humanitarian, and DC touted as a “moral voice”!!!

  12. I think you may be giving the various governments involved more credit than is due.

    My guess at the reason that Sweden dropped the investigation is because they don’t want the “hot potato” passed to them. Britain is in a bit of a pickle right now. They know what they’re doing is wrong, they made promises to Ecuador to protect Assange from the death penalty, and they know that the US charges are even weaker than the Swedish case. It could be a major problem if they send him to the US, and I’m guessing Sweden didn’t want that problem.

  13. Never believed this “convenient” story, just as I never believed the convenient smears of Scott Ritter being a pedophile soon after he started bringing the conspiracy of the US government to commit the crime of the Iraq war. It is nothing short of the weaponization of the law. Inequal justice for whistleblowers.

    Whole thing could be an Onion article.

  14. What happened to Julian Assange is a warning message to Journalists everywhere.
    There is no Freedom of the Press.

    1. Joe Van Steenbergen Avatar
      Joe Van Steenbergen

      And those journalists are paying attention. We seem to be seeing fewer brave souls willing to stand up to the power of states that can orchestrate this level of intimidation and imprisonment. Clearly, it would take an incredible amount of bravery and intestinal fortitude to do so, and, recognizing that may be the true purpose behind what we’re witnessing.

  15. When I read the headline I immediately thought now was a perfect time to drop the false charges. Do these people think they are fooling anyone or do they just not care.

  16. They will not let him go, they rather will arrange an Epstein-esque suicide. Freeing Assange would be an incredible moral boost for the anti-imperial resistance and it would take tens of millions US$, an army of spies, agents, trolls, and thousands of articles in the establishment media to neutralize this moral boost.

  17. Perhaps the greater lesson is not how horribly treated Julian is, but how casually his treatment is administered, and willingly accepted. We have most definitely fallen off the cliff. I’m afraid our future is going to be so horrible, that what we face now will seem like the very best of times.

    1. Unfortunately, you are so very correct in your assumption.

  18. Dear Caitlin,

    The more I think about it, the more I think YOU need to be the one to lead the fight for Julian Assange’s freedom and ultimate vindication, including legal consequences for those who have oppressed him. No one expresses her/himself more eloquently or passionately than you. It seems you already have an ally in the U.N. maybe your association with it can encourage this perpetually underachieving body to finally grow some balls! I can think of no one better to lead this cause–and I will support you/him any way I can.


    Sean (a.k.a. author S.A. Hogan)

  19. Tell me one USA presidential candidate who is supporting Assange?
    (… Now someone said Tulsi Gabbard has given statements of support to Julian 0 When she was asked a direct question in an interview. This is commendable. However, I don’t hear her routinely making his case in stump speeches.)
    Anyway, with the possible exception of Tulsi, everyone running for president in the USA is a political coward – as it WOULD take a little courage to stand up for Assange.
    Of course, the U.S. President made prosecuting Assange a “priority” (per his former attorney general). This after WikiLeaks stories probably explain why Trump was elected in the first place.

    1. It would be nice if reporters asked these presidential candidates if they support Assange or not. If they don’t, why not? If they do, how have they demonstrated this support? Do they talk about this topic in their campaign speeches? If not, why not? Do they not think this is an important issue that affects the future of our world?

      1. I totally agree with you. I think this demonstrates the media’s corruption that they won’t bring it up.

    2. Jill Stein supported Assange when she was the USA Green Party’s presidential nominee in 2012 and 2016, and current USA Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins supports Assange.

  20. Thank you Caitlin.

  21. November 19, 2019:
    “Sweden drops 9-year-old ‘preliminary investigation’ into Julian Assange for a third, and final time.”
    — Hanna Jonasson, Assange’s legal team
    “Sweden has dropped its preliminary investigation into Mr Assange for the third time, after reopening it without any new evidence or information. Let us now focus on the threat Mr Assange has been warning about for years: the belligerent prosecution of the United States and the threat it poses to the First Amendment.”
    — Kristinn Hrafnsson, editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks
    “Today’s collapse of Sweden’s #Assange investigation was inevitable. Given its gross arbitrariness, there must now be a full investigation, and accountability & compensation for the harm inflicted on #JulianAssange”
    — Nils Melzer, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture
    “There is now no fig leaf of an excuse to continue to detain #JulianAssange. In any functioning democracy that subscribes to the rule of law, the Home Secretary would order his immediate release.”
    — Chris Williamson, Member of the UK Parliament
    “I don’t suppose an apology is pending from those who, for years, referred to Julian as ‘rapist’ and denied that the whole affair was about shoving him in a supermax US black hole for the crime of having exposed crimes against humanity committed in our name”
    — Yanis Varoufakis, Greek MP, co-founder of DiEM25
    “Swedish prosecutors have dropped the Assange investigation. Anyone who believed unproven allegations of sexual assault against a known target of western intelligence agencies was a fool. Anyone who parroted those unproven allegations as fact was a tool. . . .
    “Assange was given asylum by Ecuador because it was known that there was an international conspiracy to extradite him to the US. This was not a conspiracy theory, it was a conspiracy fact. As evidenced by the fact that Assange is now locked in Belmarsh fighting US extradition.”
    — Caitlin Johnstone, writer, journalist
    “Sweden today drops Assange investigation into sexual allegations. Never was a scintilla of evidence for the most phoney and obvious state fit-up in history.
    “I wait for the personal apologies from virtually the entire fucking mainstream media.
    “Julian jailed for publishing truth.”
    — Craig Murray, former British Ambassador
    Truth – Julian Assange

  22. There are people who strongly believe the acusations against him are true, and that the rest is just a campaign to bail him out:

    “Don’t Forget About the Julian Assange Rape Allegations” por Sady Doyle

    I’d like to hear your comment about it.

    1. Are you fucking kidding me? Have you even read the comments on the article you provided? Have you read the article Caitlin wrote? If you really wanted to know truth there are a lot of handles in Caitlins article for you to investigate.
      This whole case is so goddamn disturbing that i cannot handle willful or not idiots like you keep muddying the waters.
      If this was an honest question, the facts are here easy to atain.
      If not eat shit and die.

      1. Yes, I am aware of everything you mention and I would like to hear Caitlin’s opinion on people who strongly believe the accusations and the corresponding public lynch on Assange.

    2. And this is EXACTLY why large numbers of “socialists” (actually middle class Bourgie brats who, in reality, have contempt for the working class) exactly WHY you have disgracefully and wilfully ignored Julian Assange and turned your backs on him. Why?
      Because you’re All Completely Punch Drunk On Identity Politics. And further, you are so Gullible, you believe the smears in ‘progressive’ papers like The Guardian.
      There is vastly ample evidence Here @ Caitlin Johnstone plus a whole host of other sites like The Greanville Post, Information Clearing House, Global Research, WSWS. Lissa Johnson articles at New Matilda on Julian Assange are highly recommended.
      You know where you can stick your Post Modernist Crap, aye Pepe. How’s the cisgender theory going?

      1. Thank you for you insight, but I asked for Caitlin’s opinion, not yours.

        I believe she will be able to give a much more mature comment without misinterpreting my call for comment or my point’s of view on the Assange case and “feminist” trend in the “progressive” media.

        But I understand your emotional response which led you to the misinterpretation.

  23. There are people who strongly believe the acusations against him are true, and that the rest is just a campaign to bail him out:

    “Don’t Forget About the Julian Assange Rape Allegations” por Sady Doyle

    I’d like to hear your comment about it.

    1. Hang on, what’s your superiority made of to expect Caithlin to jump through every hoop dangled in front of her? Especially those which are in themselves absolutely pointless – why talking to stupids, she’s not the jackass whisperer.

      1. I understand your emotional response, but having some manners will help you better understand other people and prevent you from misunderstanding and answering questions which were not addressed to you.

        The way feminism and gender equality fight is abused and used as a tool for mass manipulation is a serious issue. The doctrine of seing everything as gender related or as toxic masculinity, which is propagated in the media and increasingly adopted by the mainstream, has become a powerfull machine for controlling public opinion.

        And if you think this is just some small unimportant detail that should be ignored, you are as blind as the people who follow that doctrine.

  24. The judge Mr. Assange has been facing in court in England has a blatant ” Conflict Of Interest ” behind the constant smears and belittlement that she displays toward him. Please peruse this article:

  25. And monstrous it still is. Absolutely correct Caitlin. And it’s also an outrage that so many self proclaimed socialists and progressives have stayed deaf, dumb and mute.
    I just checked all of the main Australian socialist groups Facebook pages just then.
    Not one word, Not one squeak. This story dosn’t exist (at the time of writing this). What Rats. They hang Julian out to dry.
    Yet again, the only socialist group that has reported on this; Sweden dropping its rape investigation has been the Socialist Equality Party via their WSWS site.
    I’m not a member, but will be helping them campaign to build support for both Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.
    I am very aware of the situation, however I just can’t sit back and do nothing. I refuse to bury my head in the sand like far too many have.
    Moral and ethical bankruptcy is far too commonplace these days. Enough.

    1. John Ricahardson Avatar
      John Ricahardson

      Well said Gezzah … I’m with you.

      1. I saw your comment below and fully agree John. I came back coz I forgot to say this: in my humble opinion, Aussie politicians, en masse, are the biggest bunch of jellified tadpoles at the bottom of a pond who are gutless, chinless wonders. Almost none of them have genuinely supported Julian Assange. Used Car Salespeople have more integrity.
        Regards the Julian Assange Parliamentary Group – why weren’t they doing something 4, 6, 10 years ago? Why only now?

        1. Thanks Gezzah … I think you are far too generous in your assessment.

  26. This is like when you only have one dog and there’s a big pile of poop in the the middle of the floor; no one is saying anything, because they all know who’s poop it is.

  27. I’ve been becoming increasingly concerned that Julian might not have the best legal counsel. I keep wondering – aren’t there ANY legal avenues for at least getting Julian’s prison conditions improved? Obviously a maximum security prison is totally unnecessary for a remand prisoner, and solitary confinement is totally unjustified. And very restricted visiting ‘privileges’ – why? What’s more, we know Julian was suffering the effects of lack of sunlight while in the Ecuadorian Embassy but he’s being kept indoors 23 hours/day. As I have often said, in Australia even the worst serial killer (eg Ivan Milat) is kept in better conditions. Surely there were grounds on which Julian’s conditions could have been appealed? And how about appealing on the grounds of the obvious bias and conflict of interest of the presiding magistrate/s? If Julian has the best legal representation available, is there nothing on the books they could use to even make a gesture on his behalf? Criminals who commit the worst crimes seem to get numerous appeals to different/higher courts – Julian seems to have consigned to Belmarsh to die without any legal follow-up.

    Do any of Caitlin’s readers have the legal knowledge to throw some light on these questions?

    1. On possible conflict of interest, this article by Mark Curtis and Matt Kennard sets it out:

      Conflict of Interest: Julian Assange’s Judge and Her Husband’s Links to the British Military Establishment Exposed by WikiLeaks

      The entire system is set up to ensure he dies in prison – Belmarsh or the US.

    2. The legal system is a charade, a carefully constructed playing field for sociopaths to play a game of power and control. David Irving vs. Deborah Lipstadt (a most repulsive bigot) clearly demonstrated how sociopaths use the system to crush their righteous opponents. The Nuremberg Tribunal is another odious example. There is no justice in this rigged system. Just like fake news dominates the mainstream media, fake justice dominates the mainstream legal system. We are brainwashed from childhood to believe that we have a free press and a just legal system, but the truth is the polar opposite. The world is not as it seems. Evil reigns, but carefully hidden behind a mask of good intentions.

  28. For following US government diktat, Sweden is getting, and will continue to get, exactly what it deserves on its streets, in its schools and in its no-go neighborhoods.

    1. Christopher Beamis Avatar
      Christopher Beamis

      You know what sucks though? It isn’t “Sweden” getting anything, it’s innocent ladies and others getting rapped and mugged, who had nothing to do with their govt employees’ crimes against Assange.

  29. In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.
    – Charlotte Despard

    The first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man.
    – Huey P. Newton

    One revolts, finally, not for what they can achieve, but for who it allows them to become.
    – Chris Hedges

  30. The major vassal nations, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and others have been sucking on US teets for some time now. And, those teets are starting to shrivel up.
    It’s about time the vassals show a little bit of spine to save some face. Starting with Sweden, where this all began.

    1. Spine? Also shrivelled up, a long time ago.

    2. ‘Sucking on a teet’ suggests that the sucker at least gets something flowing from the teet. In this case Australia just bends over for zero reward.

  31. Not just the British.
    Australian Governments of both persuasions have long shown themselves to craven servants of the fascists on the Potomac.
    The Swedish Government has brought its county & its people into disrepute, while the British got there a long time before. Australian governments have shown themselves to be impervious to shame, so shallow are the morals & principles of our political leaders.
    It is at such times that I’m certain that many of my fellow Australians share my sense of shame.
    Julian Assange is better than all of us.

    1. Assange is a hero, and will soon be a martyr. He is indeed better than all of us.

  32. The British do not have the courage to resist *anything* the US wants. What the US wants is to imprison Assange and torture him to death for having the temerity to expose the crimes of the US oligarchy, and in this they will succeed.

    1. They may not succeed if Jeremy Corbyn gets into No.10. This is just one of the reasons he’s the subject of a constant smear campaign.

      1. The CIA and UK’s military intelligence will not allow Corbyn to get into No.10. Mike Pompeo said as much to the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organisations.
        Poor Julian – I’ve noticed a lot of journalists claiming that he is not a ‘proper’ journalist and therefore deserves to be charged with hacking. I would say that Julian is a publisher more than a journalist and his incarceration proves we are living in a fascist era.

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